Big Brother Spoilers Week 8 POV Results “I don’t want my pastor to see that”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine
  • Nicole was evicted from the House
  • Derrick and Frankie won the last dual HOH’s of the season
  • Derrick nominates Donny/Christine, Frankie nominates Caleb and Cody
  • Christine is set to throw the BOB so they can get Donny out this week
  • Donny wins the BOB competition on his own Gets safety for the week. Caleb and Cody are on the block
  • The plan is to evict Victoria, POV players picked:  Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine
  • POV started at 5pm
  • Winner of the POV is Frankie


BB16-2014-08-16 20-10-39-696

Frankie won the POV. Chrsinte’s Zing hurt
Frankie – You guys are secure in your marriage.
Christine – I don’t want my pastor to see that
She adds taht she can explain anything to Tim her parents and Pastor not as easy.
Derrick – I’m married and as a husband YOu have done Nothing offensive and COdy hasn’t done anything offensive

BB16-2014-08-16 20-21-09-606

8:15pm Frankie and Zach
Frankie says Derrick is going to have to be the one to tell Victoria she’s going to be nominated.
Sounds like caleb was the right behind frnakie in the comp.
Zach volunteers to do it Frankie says NO

Frankie – You go a great tan I’m surprised you get so much sun living in your sisters shadow.. ZiNG

BB16-2014-08-16 20-26-07-211

8:26pm Storage Room Frankie and Caleb
Frankie says he’s going to use the veto to save Caleb.. Caleb says Derrick and Cody are on board with Zach.
Caleb – If we do it it’ll tear the house up.. When you think about it Victoria is harmless..
Frankie – I know I know I want to make sure everyone is on board.

BB16-2014-08-16 20-35-44-203

8:34pm FIREROOM Victoria and Cody
Victoria rubbing his back
I’m going to get boos when I walk out.. THey said I wasn’t playing the game..
Cody – I feel bad for her
Victoria – Hey it takes two.. SHe knows what is acceptable she knows.. she wouldn’t cross that line..
Derrick comes in they agree there’s no chance Frankie will use the veto on Cody over Caleb.
Derrick says there’s no way Cody was going to beat Frankie in the competition, Derrick was watching and his execution was flawless.
Derick – Donny was in the lead for a couple minutes.. Caleb finished second”
Caleb joins them.. “One day one of my comps will come up so I can beast mode through it”

Derrick – I’ve never seen more mental comps in a row

BB16-2014-08-16 20-48-26-153

8:46pm FIREROOM Caleb, COdy and Derrick
Talking about the options is either Zach or Victoria goes home.
Caleb says after his conversations with Frankie he thinks he wants Zach gone.

Frankie comes in they talk about getting Zach nominated. Frankie says he’ll talk to Donny to prep him. Caleb and Cody mention Donny coming to them asking for alliances. Frankie tells them he’s fully down with getting Zach out it’s been on his mind all day. Frankie is searching for a word to describe what he’s going to do with Zach.. Not kill but…

Caleb and Frankie leave. Derrick says that is the couple they got to beat Frankie and Caleb. Derrick thinks they can do it they just need to win HOH next week.
Frankie comes back “I want to euthanize Zach” give him the slow drip.
Frankie leaves.. Derrick says Cody has Christine on lock. Cody Disagrees says Christine floats to who ever has the power this week she’ll be with Frankie.
They agree Frankie is a Beast in competitions this year he’s won a lot more than Donny.
Derrick – WE need to get DOnny out.. he’s going to go with Frankie.. “
Derrick – YOu have my word as a man you are not going home this week.
Derick says this week is in the bag next week they get Donny out followed by Christine and Victoria.

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BB16-2014-08-16 21-05-46-915

8:51pm Bathroom Christine and Victoria
Victoria – Obviously nothing is out of the line you know your husband.
Christine – I’m such a touchy feely person and that is something time HAs had to get use to
Victoria says if Time had a problem he would have hinted it in the letter, “He Said how amazing you are”
Christine – He doesn’t even talk to girls.. I don’t want his to play into his insecurities
Christine – He’s my best friends in here I was just having fun.. Everything I do with Cody I do with Derrick.
Victoria says she can’t get upset Victoria would have said something if she saw something.
Victoria – If there was a little bit of doubt he would have said it in the HOH letter.
Christine – Zing me all you want but don’t bring my husband into it my family”

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Good God… is this season over yet?



I was so close to calling it. Hopefully Frankie doesn’t waste his hoh on Victoria.


Looks like they want to get rid of anyone that will potentially work with Donny, which is Zach. So, I hope that really get rid of Victoria. Derrick’s sole purpose to get rid of Donny is because Donny will win if final two. He know’s no one will vote for Cody/Victoria in the end so keep them on his leash. That’s a good strategy.

Team Donny Here


yeah, if he was really smart he would use it to put derrick up.


Victoria may be a waste of an HOH, but if Frankie was smart he would get rid of Victoria, to help cripple Derrick. Why would he keep Victoria in the game along with Cody when both of them are loyal to Derrick. Why would he get rid of Zach who is loyal to him? That is a dumb move on his part, because Derrick has two people in his pocket, Cody and Victoria, and Christine would turn on Frankie in a heart beat. Zach and Caleb are more loyal to Frankie than anyone in the house right now. I understand Vic is a waste of an HOH, but for Frankie’s future in the game it would be wiser for him to get rid of Cody or Vic this week.


Frankie wasted his last HOH if I’m not mistaken. He doesn’t make bold decisions.

Cackling Hyena

Between Derrick’s mist and BMC’s b.o., no wonder Pinky cannot think straight. He should leave Zach alone.
#WildCard #FearTheBeard #ZachAttack


I’m realizing I just don’t care anymore and this is so different than “big brother sucks” 0r Frankie is a troll smurf.

I’m having more fun in my real life. Sorry they have to suck at theirs in the game. Hope they appreciate their life out of the game?

I appreciate all the thoughtful and interesting comments from people here!

And Simon & Dawg, you rock!


BB17…….I LOVE everything you just said.


Ha…my thoughts exactly. These boards are more fun to read then watch the feeds.

If Frankie were to do a HUGE move right now, like backdoor Derrick, this season could get great. Derrick and Cody on the block would be the best week of the season.


best week all season, for sure


come on production make it happen.


I think it’s fair to say, by a vote of ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Derrick you have won Big Brother 16!


Nothing worse than all of these stupid comments of people saying how boring this season is or how they’re not going to watch the show anymore. Don’t like it, don’t watch. It’s that simple. There’s no need to announce it to people you don’t know. Every year people gripe about how awful the show is and feel the need to make a public statement about it….but truth be told they’re still watching like the rest of us. sigh


This season is 100 times better than last season.


it’s a forum to voice opinion. Why do you want to control what people say?? They could be bored but enjoy reading these and commenting. I, for one, stopped with live feeds because there were boring. I like reading and I’ll watch broadcast just to see what DR sessions… and the live show.

When you have only one person smart in house, controlling things, it is boring. You have to admit it’s nothing like several seasons back when the HG’s were smart and balance of power would constantly shift.

DerrickNeedsToGo - NOW!

Yeah, sure, we still watch even though it is boring…Three times a week, my friends and I get together on BB nights to watch the show, share stories from the live feeds, and party. The parties this season leave a lot to be desired. There is a lot of “what if…’s”. Zingbot brought some fun and we are really hoping that Derrick “gets to steppin'” really soon. None of us like him although we all thought he started off with a good game. His egotistical attitude and nasty remarks have ruined his game.


These people are going all crazy over Kathy Griffin, Wow!


Do these people have the most understanding spouses in the world? I don’t think mine would be so understanding!


I wonder if Derricks wife would think it’s ‘not offensive’ if Derrick was rubbing on the same girl for weeks as Christine rubs on Cody?

Glad she got zinged…I can’t wait to hear what it was.

Maybe Christine was so against Amber and Britney because they were hotter and she wouldn’t be able to be acting like she does with Cody if they were there. All of these women have been ridiculous in one way or another. BB’s casting this season has kind of been an insult to woman. 🙂


Ratine was so jealous of Amber Brit and Nic. She was so glad to get rid of Amber and Brit and was happy to send Nic out because NoBallsCody was giving Nic more attention to Nic after Hayden left. Ratine doesn’t want her pastor to see Zingbot but I’m sure her whole church knows or has seen what she’s been doing with NoBallsCody. There’s even a YouTube of her…err…pleasuring herself.
If she feels bad now just wait until she gets out of the house.


OMG these house quests are so clueless, Christine has been all over Cody all game!!!! Cody has been all over every girl, it has been sickening to watch. Glad Zing Bot called them out. You get what you sew. And if Zack does go (I hope he doesn’t at this point) because he would go with Donny and whomever come back in and blow this game up. Come on big brother do something, we are running out of time to make this game interesting. Maybe as I have said before, they can bring two back and run a double evict to level the game. We can only hope at this time. Loving all the nervous talking around the table.


Christine said “Everything I do with Cody I do with Derrick.”

Uh…I don’t recall Christine ever cuddling with Derrick and running her fingers through his hair. She is in for a rude awakening when she rejoins reality.


I don’t remember Ratine ever jumping on top of Derprick or laying in bed next to him with her hands moving under the covers, etc etc etc


Even if she’s doing the same with Derrick that’s even worse! The more the merrier. Sorry it doesn’t justify it. Victoria was kind considering she has talked about it with Nicole and even the guys notice.

Geez Louise

My husband would drive his hind end to that big brother house, stood near the backyard, and yelled for me to stop rubbing on the dude that sits down to pee!!


Thanks, I really needed a good laugh!


If my husband saw me pawing, hugging, rubbing, petting, and holding on to another man, and espcially if he saw on the feeds, me pleasuring myself even if it was undercover, he would ride to that house and jerk ME out of it completely! I mean, how stupid are these people? Don’t they realize that virtually every move they make is displayed for everyone in the world to SEE? Surely, even if they weren’t familiar with the game, someone should have TOLD THEM THAT! In my opinion, if you don’t know the game, you shouldn’t be chosen to play!

Nicole Fan

lol Christine is finally getting a wake up call, im happy the bitch is sad and humiliated


Now that christine realizes that she is being portrayed to be all over cody, let’s see if she will stop all her nonsense, and respect her husband and act like a respectful married woman.


They were in the fire room talking about it and Ratine jumps on the bed next to NoBallsCody and starts rubbing on him while she’s saying that was an unfair zing. The Ho has no clue.

C'Mon Frankie,,,

Backdoor Derrick!!!
Sending Victoria home is a waste of your HOH,
although it does hurt Derricks game as well…


Yes! if Frankie puts Derrick up I might actually gain some respect for him.


Production won’t allow that to happen, because of someone coming back. I think they want to save Derrick and Frankie to see the looks on their faces when someone come back and hopefully try to get them out. Whoever comes back will be safe for the week, and hopefully Donny wins something next week HOH or POV and force them to take sides, because I don’t think Victoria will go home next week either


Good! I’m glad your Zings from Zingbot hurt you; and now you probably know how Donny feel after all the hurtful things you’ve said about him and other houseguests that were evicted! Do I feel sorry for you? Hell to the no!! That’s what you get for being a hurtful bitch…Bitch!!


BK48 — enjoy all of your posts!!!!!!


Thanks, Taylor, you’re too kind…hugz!


Perfectly said – thank you,


…and cue the “rigged” commentary…

anyways, I feel Derrick is a bigger threat to the game overall than Frankie, and would love for somehow, someway, Zach and Donny to convince Frankie to backdoor him.

Getting rid of Derrick would do more to shake things up than to get rid of Frankie at this point. Cody and Victoria’s lifeline would be gone, and new alliances could be established.

Not to mention the return of a previously evicted HG.

Derrick this week, Cody the next. Then Frankie, Christine, and either Zach or Victoria.

Go Donny!


I just hope Derrick goes before Victoria. It would serve him just right.


Time to take a shot?

Left in the house………. Caleb, Frankie, Zack, Cody, Derrick, Donny, Christine, Victoria

Interesting discussion this. Frankie and 2 noms cannot vote. Cody and who on the block. Lets try Derrick up 1st. He needs 3 to stay over Cody. I put Victoria a solid stay for Derrick. I actually think he gets Christine to. Zack, Caleb and Donny need to vote to evict Derrick. I think Derrick stays based on personal relationships in the house. Backdooring Derrick is only a smart move if you have the votes. Not there IMHO. So it’s as advertised, Zack or Victoria. Victoria never gets the votes if nomed week over. Zack gets 3 how? Never happening if he is up he’s evicted.
Back to backdoor Derrick for a minute. If Christine saves Cody and Donny gets on board they need 1 more vote. Victoria and Caleb would leave Zack deciding. Victoria and Zack leaves Caleb deciding. No Christine and it’s not happening. Christine, Donny and 1 more can’t shot and miss.
Best for Nicole and Hayden is evict Victoria they then battle to see who gets back in. Also very good for Donny as well. Derrick will target Zack. Zack gets back in all H E L L breaks loose after the Frankie betrayal. Might be the start of the end for Frankie’s game. It’s a very big decision for Frankie with a non player and an unstable HG. If he is smart he gets rid of Victoria not Zack!


So now she’s worried about what her family and hubby will think? Just a little slow.


She doesn’t want her pastor to see the Zing. She doesn’t realize that her whole church must know by now that she’s been rubbing and groping NoBallsCody from the moment the other girls were booted.


Dammit was hoping Beast Mode Donny would pull it off. Oh well, expect Derrek to be in Frankie’s ear heavily to backdoor Zach using the well Victoria is weak in competitions and thus making it easier to the finals kind of excuse. Either Frankie backdoors Zach which would only hurt Frankie’s game IMO or he puts up Victoria which is the best case since her leaving would make it much easier for Hayden or Nicole to come back in the game and team up with Donny and Zach. Lets just all hope Frankie sees through Derrek’s BS and put his ass up.


Fakie was counting the jury votes last night and realized that no one who has gone to jury would vote for him. He needs 5 to win and he already lost 3. Maybe he’ll realize if he backdoors Zach that’s 4 that will never vote for him and he’ll have just lost the game.

shutup derrick

do you spend each day seeing what they have and haven’t done? she clearly has crossed the line multiple times. its not the hugging, its the rubbing and stroking.

and Frankie, if you backdoor Zach this week, you are hands down my least fav HG ever.


In other words – foreplay.


Frankie’s going to use it right? So Victoria’s gone?

Nooooo Frankie

Don’t back door Zach. What a dummy. I’m so sick of what the group wants.
Omg. Thus is one sad cast.

Geez Louise

Christine, I’m sure your pastor is already disgusted. I know I have been.


she’s just been excommunicated


Nothing offensive?
… I would have all her shit packed ready to go when she got home if I was her husband. Then I would tell Cody that he needs to take his ass up to Auto Parts because I’m about to beat the breaks off his ass!!

Irked by the stupidity!

Bwaaahaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! Lolololol…LOUDLY!!!


It’s none of your concern.. In other words it’s none of your business or any one else for that matter what married couples do with their vows. If Christine’s husband Tim is fine with what he sees and if appearing to make out with another man on Christine’s part will ensure they both have half a million dollars in the bank after the show ends then that’s just fine.. A few moments of being uncomfortable compared to having $500,000 in the bank is not that difficult of a decision to make for most couples. No sexual contact was made between Cody and Christine, so stop making it out to look like it has.


Wow just because you think its okay to Ho your wife out for $500K doesn’t mean most people think its okay.


Is that you Tim?


Yo Frankie! If you want to win, make a move now..
Derrick & Cody
Someone please tell Frankie how much Derrick wanted to backdoor him


Actions speak louder than zings, Christine. I’m sure if your pastor has been watching your gross lovefest with Cody, the zing probably came as no surprise.


Maybe her pastor recommended the zing.

Oh Great....

Now we get to watch Frankie dance around the huge game move putting up Victoria!
Wow, power play….nobody will see it coming….he will really show his hand now…


I mean the big moves of this year were getting Jocasta and Victoria out.

I wish they would listen to themselves if they truly believe that Jocasta and Victoria are the big moves. It would certainly sum up how bad this season has been…lol

ream underdog#donny

donny save please vic has to go so ha/nic can come back easy win


Well that was fun while it lasted. About one night.

Christine is delusional

Christine is smoking crack if she thinks her behavior with Cody is acceptable. You can’t blame Cody….he’s single and “working the vote”, but she would NEVER do that with her husband in the same room so why does she think it’s okay when he’s not? I don’t buy for one second she is working Cody for his vote, or she’d be doing it with all the guys like Cody is doing it with all the girls. She’s just getting attention from someone she considers out of her league and her needy ass self is soaking it up. She probably thinks she has a future with Cody outside the house. Pathetic! It’s like the nerdy girl in high school who thinks the football jock really likes her. NOT!!!


I have to disagree with your thought “can’t blame Cody”. Geesh, he has no morals or he would not be doing that! That’s like saying a girl “asked for it.” Get a life!

Alot of Lies Are Happening Julie

Is Victoria curled up in the a ball crying? I’m sure the next update will show us that she is. Can’t wait. She is such a disgrace to this game.


Both Ratine and VapidVic are a waste of estrogen. So sad BB cast such weak women this season.

Lady bug

Well that’s sucks!!


Seriously when will someone from this awful alliance go home!? The Detonators are kind of like the Brigade only they’re all unlikeable (not including Zach). I honestly don’t think Derrick is willing to lose Victoria and will probably push Frankie to use the veto on Cody and then send Caleb home.


They are going to backdoor Zach which is the stupidest move Fakie can make. He knows there are 3 people in the jury that won’t vote for him and now he’s going to send Zach out which would make 4. Five votes wins the game so if Zach goes there is no way Fakie can win.

pants on fire

Frankie will be a coward and put Vic up when he should instead make the big move and put Derrick up against Cody!!


If he doesn’t he’s just thrown away and chance to win.


That’s right, BigKenny! Aw, widdle Christine is hurt by the Big Bad Zingbot? LOL, suck it, bitch!!


If Frankie can avoid being manipulated by Derprick and keeps the noms the same then Cody the Walking Vagina is definitely going home IMO


Lol!!! Poor Christine she just now figures out that she doesn’t want her pastor to see her spooning another man on national tv!!!

Kathie from Canada

I guess we are back to the Frankie show until Thursday. Damn. What are the odds that Derrick can put a big in his ear to back door Zach??? Hope Victoria is for sure going home!!!!

Kathie from Canada

Make that a bug in his ear. Gotta love autocorrect … not



On a less of a good note, I’m sad Frankie won cause that means an easy week with Victoria walking out the door.. So sad. Happy that Victoria leaving though

Kathy B

Nothing offensive? Gee Derrick, I’d love to hear what you’d say if you watched your wife holdinghands or laying in bed with another guy night after night. I have a feeling you wouldn’t be telling her “oh it’s okay, honey, it wasn’t offensive.” Ya big crap weasel.

Let me take the opportunity to also say that I don’t think Production interfers as much as people speculate, but that said, I do think they have dropped hints to certain HGs that they aren’t coming off as well as they seem to think and that viewers have been quite vocal in their opinions of them. Just a thought.


THANK YOU FOR FINALLY CALLING HER OUT… I follow her husband on twitter and he thinks Cody is shitty but doesn’t give a damn about Christine flirting… He thinks it’s fine.
They deserve each other.


What is his twitter name????

Twitter name is


MV says

HIs twitter handle is “I like to be humiliated on National TV because I have no self-respect”
and my wife is a bony, big -nosed, man -voiced, back stabbing bitch!

But seriously its Timstinks


its @timstinks seems liek he doesnt think she has crossed a line but maybe hes hoping the 500 000 will cushion the blow. im sure if the table were turned she wouldnt appreciate a hot chick rubbing up on her husband! and the onus is on Christine she is the one who is married not cody, its not his marraige to be concerned about. #teamdonny



Like no joke-that’s it.


I can’t bring myself to troll the poor guy, but I do enjoying watching him deceive himself so much


Tim might not like Cody as a player or person but if he is fine with the innocent cuddling that is going on, and it is just that.. NO sexual touching has ever occurred between Cody and Christine. You would think that some of you would come to your senses and realize it’s none of your damm business to pass judgment on what a married couple do with their vows. This ganging up on Tim & Christine by disturbed individuals is disgusting. Work on the problems in your own relationships first before you cast judgment on others. My guess is most of you are oblivious to your own problems.

A Nonny Mouse

If that were the case then why the hell is she crying from a zing? It obviously touched a nerve and caused her to deny deny deny. If you read her blog it would be obvious that her marriage is of great concern to her and if that were the case she wouldn’t and shouldn’t be that physically demonstrative towards Cody.


Oh sh*t Frankie is already talking to Caleb about backdooring Zach.

There goes one of Donny’s potential allies.


It is interesting to be worried about zings being aired and not worrying about the actual cuddling that aired.


Yeah ok Derrick, like I’ll be fine with my wife rubbing up on another man. Anyway, I’m sick to my stomach that Frankie win but I’ll take it. I believe that he could backdoor Zach if forced to, but I also believe that he won’t do it because he still believes that Zach will take him to the end (which isn’t true). There are a lot of different scenarios on how it’s going to be played this week. I’m hoping that he’ll make his own decision and not being influenced by Derrick. Just backdoor Derrick instead. Lol


So does this means he won’t use the POV, and keep Caleb, or will he use it on Caleb and back door Victoria? I hope he leaves the nominations the same, getting Victoria out is such a waste of an HOH ( no blood).
Let’s hope the BB gods are listening again, and give us real fireworks. Maybe Cody and Derrick on the block will get the house scrambling a little.


I would like this a million times if I could


Jesus Derrick, if that’s really how you see Cody and Christine’s behavior, the you are a horrible husband. Not to mention what that says about your discernment as a cop. No more mister nice Monster!


He’s actually said previously to other HGs that he think the Christine /Cody stuff is very inappropriate. He’d not going to say it to her face though when she’s distressed.. He’s looking for jury votes and is the master of BS. But in no way does he really approve of why the cuddling .


He has also made comments about Brittany and others talking about their personal lives, saying it shouldn’t matter on whether they deserve to be there, only to turn around and make the comments about his daughter. He’s a total hypocrite, which I just find to be a rude behavior.

Caleb teeny-weeny

What did zing bot tell Christina thathas her so worked up…… Got to be good she dosen’t want her pastor to find out LOL Hummmmmm could it be anything to do with being in bed with Cody constantly let me see maybe or that her hands are always under the covers maybe or that her hands are always roaming all over him maybe I think maybe it’s all three does anybody know I would be really grateful for an answer


Per zingbot’s twitter – Hey Christine, I tried using your name as my Twitter password but it said you were too easy. Christine, what does your husband think about you being all over Cody? It’s all over! Ziiiiing. Christine you are like the first slice of bread, everyone touches you, but nobody really wants you. Hey Christine, the only thing less meaningful than your word in this house… is your wedding band. ZINGGGGG. Hey Christine! When you get home, your marriage will be… detonated!
BUT I love the ones about Caleb – Caleb, I’m gonna let you finish but GinaMarie is the greatest stalker of all time! When Caleb saw Amber it created this years biggest showmance… until Frankie saw a mirror. Hey Caleb! Amber called….nope, nevermind. She didn’t. Ziiiing!Hey Caleb, I heard you’ve got a big date waiting outside the house. The court date to receive your restraining order. Ziiinng! Caaaaleb, I hope Amber’s TV is facing a window so you can finally see how creepy you were all summer. Hey Caleb, I asked Amber what you looked like in the house, she told me “a restraining order”.


Loved Frankie’s Zing, can’t wait to read the rest. Why is Derrick lying? Any husband would be upset seen his wife touch another man that way!

I hope

Victoria goes home, because its not Donny or Zach, and it gets rid of the last true slug who has never played a second of the game. not one freaking second. I wish she would have self evicted. but getting rid of her now is the last chance imo or else she turns into Danielle for derrick, I am NOT ok with that. Get rid of derrick’s SECOND side piece. as his number one Bi$$$ is cody.


Victoria was never going home like I said its a vote for derrick said he would turn only way see went home is if Zach won and used it and not even sure then think they would have done caleb last minute with derricks help


Omg and Frankies Zing! Cannot wait to hear the rest of them!


Which b!tch a$$ Ariana fan gave me a thumbs down?!?!??!!?!? Put on your big girl panties and keep you opinions to pop culture. This site if for BB fans. Don’t make me be a troll please, cause I will. I will get on twitter and Instagram and post every screenshot and quote and clip of Frankie’s despicable behavior this summer so fast you won’t ever be able to take them down before a new one goes up. Seriously, no more mister nice Monster. I might just have to make a vine of him dry humping the boys, or him talking about how Super Star the bitch is. Guess what, I looked her up. She’s a nickelodeon kid, and we all know what kind of behavior they end up exhibiting before long. Apples don’t fall far from the tree they say.
Rant over…..for now.


Just so we are all clear, I am a Bisexual male, so spare me your homophobic comments. That said, time for another Frankie rant for all my haters.

If I had a child (I do have younger siblings) who where to look upon Frankie as a role model because of his sisters status, I would be mortified. He’s the type of horny touchy feely deviant that even I AM afraid of having to deal with at a club or party. He has behaved like a deviant, and worse, like an entitled little brat. His behavior is that which is giving this country and it’s citizens a bad reputation globally.

Disrespectful, deviant, and hardly humble. When he starts to show some class, I will happily eat my words.

Big Brother might be ‘just a game’, but a lot of his words and actions transcend it, and have little to do with Big Brother itself. I’m using big words so you dumb ass teenagers might actually learn something.


Well said! My exact same thoughts on Frankie. I find he is inappropriately touchy feely. And don’t think he woulda gotten away with it with another cast. And is obviously a self obsessed, fame whore who overrates his own self.

It's just a TV show

Down votes make you far too emotional….maybe you need to take a break. Like seriously.


Never heard of Ariana but I gave you a thumbs down because you’re acting like an idiot. Cheers.


You know what, maybe you are right. But I feel the way I feel and I can’t help that. I’m sure you are prone to your emotional weaknesses to. But to call me an idiot is hardly accurate. Or are you that perfect? I have the tongue and tact to put you down if you wish to use such simple slurs. I am infallible in my convictions once I have settled on them.

For one to think that social media (which is what reality tv is in essence) does not have an outward impact on society I’ve quite an undeveloped perception.

It is hardly ‘just a tv show’
The Walking Dead is just a tv show. Big Brother is just like every other reality television show that involves REAL PEOPLE and not some fictional characters. Sure some might be persona’s and have levels of fabrication to them. But the reality is that they coexist with us.

So pardon me for finally having reached my breaking point and taking what meager actions I can to voice out against such depravity. This is my generation, Frankie, Christine, Victoria, Zach, Caleb. No one is perfect but I sure as hell try to be the best possible person alive. Not for prestige or pride or any other reason but simply because decency and respect is the ultimate homage to the life and beings that we are. I doubt any houseguest can say the same of themselves. Look at how vapid out poor society has made Victoria. Sure people my be ditzy or simple, but such things do not limit ones potential to be a bright, caring, and compassionate soul. Society limits it.

Speak whatever arguments you will, but calling me an idiot is hardly a suitable sword to take up against a me. I am the SlopMonster b!tche$, hear me roar. I am the King of Trolls, and wisdom is my crown.

Please do better.


Hail SlopMonster! I bow to you, Word Wizard that you are! Beautifully astute comments! How I would love to be your friend. . .


Please do! I would love for those without feeds (or seek out spoilers) to see the real Frankie. I liked him at first based off of the show but after reading this site I find him to be a truly disgusting soul. I hope he realizes this after the show and tries to change for the better.


Come on Frankie, use the power of veto on Caleb and backdoor Derpric.

Zach Attack

Frankie is already considering backdooring Zach. Why am I not surprised? I hate him.

Frank and Beans

Christine is so upset that she starts crying and runs straight into Cody’s arms! Really!! This stupid B***h deserves everything she gets.

if frankie

who is basically CBS’ puppet, gets rid of Zach

I am done. I have no reason to watch this #### show. I will just give this website clicks. cmon, keep Zach. stop being a freaking idiot.

Little Willie

Whoever leaves this week has a chance to get back in the game.


To me that’s almost irrelevant though. Go back and watch the feeds, Zach was the first, and to my knowledge only houseguest, who cried for Frankie the night his grandfather died. He deserves Frankie’s trust more than anyone, and if Frankie of all people backdoors him, this season will irreversibly go down as one of the worst ever. Beyond cruel behavior from these houseguests the last couple of years…little concept of gameplay as well. Frankie shouldn’t have to think hard before concluding Zach is still his ally, where as several others in the detonators clearly are not. They are doing exactly what zach feared that they would. Is Frankie just an idiot for thinking he’s not out the door next week by derrick or cody’s hand?


Derrick, she’s “done nothing offensive”?! I’m married as well, and if my husband cuddled with another woman, stroked her hair and let her sit on his lap, we’d have serious problems. It’s beyond offensive and not in any way “strategic”. It’s not Cody’s fault either, it’s up to the married person to keep their hands to themselves.


Backdoor Derrick NOW



"feedster" rolls eyes

Can Derrick go an hour without kissing someone’s ass?? Yes, they HAVE done things offensive to her marriage which is why ugly 20 year olds shouldn’t use marriage to overcome their insecurities. Derrick can stfu sometimes! Still rooting for him, but he’s becoming increasingly irritating.


I’ve liked this season up to now, but now it’s getting boring. If Frankie puts up Victoria–that’s it. He’s making it too easy for Derrick to win this season. I would like to see Derrick somewhat work for it during the second half of the season. If I was Frankie, I would form an alliance with Donny, Victoria and Christine. And then I would replace Caleb with Derrick. As much as I am a fan of Derrick, I would like to see Derrick get evicted this week. Frankie would have the votes: Donny, Victoria and Christine (all he needs is 4!). If he doesn’t get rid of Derrick–then at least get rid of the other guys, such as Cody, Caleb or Zach. But….Victoria. What a waste of a HoH.


Make that all he needs is 3!

(oo) Derrick's Pig Snout Nose!! (oo)

Well will the pink feathered lil’ pony make a BIG move and put up Derrick? Come on Flankie, do it, do it! I’ll bet (albeit, I don’t have live feeds) Derrick is kissing Flankie’s a$$, telling him don’t put up my wife…..(my bad) Victoria, Derrick, “Don’t backdoor Vicky yet, cuz we can “put her up on the block next week”, and she is a bad player”!, same ol’ crap Derrick has been saying for 5 weeks now to save his little puppy!

Bye Bye Cody, pack your panties, you’re going to jury, cupcakes!


told you derrick would get them to get Zach instead of victoria

Fruit Loop Dingo

BBAU begins on September 8. At least you’ll have a worthy BB to look forward to, considering what a joke BBUS has turned into.