Battle Of the Block Competition Results! “Old DON The Competition BEAST MONSTER!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Frankie
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

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5:45pm – 7:10pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Battle of the Block competition. During the nominations this morning Frankie nominated Donny & Christine. As the other head of household Derrick nominated Caleb & Cody. The night before Frankie & Derrick devised a plan to remove the guilt of their nominations by drawing skittles out of a hat the night before. The plan included Christine throwing the competition to ensure Donny stays on the block.

Battle of the Block Results:
Donny and Christine WON!
Derrick has been dethroned as HOH
Frankie remains the Head of Household!

In the kitchen – Frankie talks to Zach about how he’s excited he gets to play in the Power of Veto Competition. In the bathroom – Caleb is showering and says “Old DON the competition BEAST MONSTER!” Derrick comments on how he hopes they get to see Zing-Bot tomorrow! (Zing-Bot is entering the house tomorrow to ZING the house guests and host the POV competition.)

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-15 19-13-41-966

7:20pm – 7:30pm In the kitchen – Frankie says I can’t believe Christine didn’t even find one!! (Christine was supposed to throw it and it sounds like she did.) Caleb says I yanked one out of her hand. Frankie asks really!! He laughs! Caleb says yeah I was playing dirty! Caleb says well just got to win the veto tomorrow! Caleb goes to the bathroom and comments to Cody… well you and me on the chopping block. Cody says just got to win the veto. Caleb talks about finding bones during the competition. Caleb says it seemed way bigger than it was. You had to crawl in and it entered up into two rooms. I felt like the size of a large house. Caleb heads to the kitchen and says when they turned the lights on the whole thing was like the size of the bathroom. Caleb says he got in trouble for using the light off his activity tracker. They told me I couldn’t. Yanked a bone from Christine, got in trouble! Zach says you would! Caleb says beast mode got to do something!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-15 19-24-48-350

7:30pm In the fire room – Caleb says that Donny knows Victoria is the target right? Derrick says yeah. Caleb says in my defense I didn’t put any of them in. I couldn’t figure it out. I just handed them to Cody. Caleb and Caleb leave the room. Derrick and Donny go back into the fire room. Derrick congratulates Donny. You’re safe for another week! Now we’ll get Victoria out. Derrick says I hope I will play in the veto to keep myself safe. Derrick asks if Victoria would have done well in that one. Donny says it definitely wasn’t a muscle competition. Derrick goes to leave and says I’m not going to act too excited. Donny says sure.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-15 19-32-21-681

Alone in the fire room – Donny cries ..
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-15 19-38-05-938
In the bathroom – Christine hugs Cody and tells her that she tried! She laughs about Caleb grabbing one of the bones from her. She whispers America hates me… I’m so screwed. Christine talks to Zach about how she thinks she’s screwed. Donny knows I threw it. Zach says I think you’re fine. Frankie and Caleb joins them. Christine says he knows I threw it. I found 6 bones but told Donny I couldn’t find any more. Caleb says they’re not letting us play team BOB’s. Zach asks was it hard? Christine says no! I would have had it if I tried.
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7:50pm In the HOH room – Derrick tells Frankie he (Donny) doesn’t trust us. Frankie says he has no one else but us. Derrick says ultimately I want to work with the guy. I’ve wanted to since the team america thing. Derrick says my feeling is if he trusted us he would tell us that he knows Christine threw that competition. Frankie says he kind of told me. Derrick asks what did he say? Frankie say he says now I know how you felt when Caleb threw it. Frankie says when he comes to talk to me I will tell him that there are definitely people in the house that want him out but not me or Derrick. Derrick says its such a waste of an HOH to get Victoria out. Derrick says if Donny gets me out he deserves to win the money. Derrick says I would love to see Cody, Caleb or you win the veto. We’ve got to win it and take one of those bad boys down. Frankie asks would you use it on Caleb? Derrick says yes. I am close with both of them and would rather not have to make the decision ..but I would still rather have the veto.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-15 19-49-05-730

7:54pm In the storage room – Zach tells Caleb Victoria is going home. Caleb says I feel like Donny had a device in his ear telling him which way to go. Zach says Donny won the BOB by himself DUDE! Caleb says Donny wins competitions in the light and the dark .. I don’t believe he’s just a janitor. Zach says he is such a beast!

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Hate to burst your bubble, but now we need either Donny or Victoria to win PoV tomorrow. (Assuming either of them play in it that is.)


aren’t donny and christine safe from being put on the block by winning BoB? derrick is not safe lol wonder who frankie’s gonna put up if the PoV is used? hope he puts up victoria..she’s just a vote for derrick.


So is NoB@llsCody. So Donny should keep them the same and get with Zach. He already told Zach he doesn’t want him backdoored. And if Hayden comes back next week it could be Donny/Zach/Hayden against these a@@holes!! Team Donny!!

Cough, Derrick!

Donny is safe this week, he doesn’t need veto But would be delicious if he won it and used it to save Cody. Derrick said that if he wins it, he’s keeping the noms the same. I have a feeling Derrick will be working overtime to save Victoria this week.


Donny safe but could win the POV and use it on Victoria and that would put the pressure on Frankie to lose either Caleb or Cody. Neither one of them can think for themselves


It’s deliciously ironic that you call those 2 out for “not being able to think for themselves”, and yet you want Donny to win the Veto and use it on… VICTORIA. Who’s not even on the block. Ouch. You da man. LOL.


0ne of the alliance members are going home because derrick will do everything possible to keep Victoria, they will truly see derrick does not have their backs and then it will be all out war.Derrick does not want to lose his extra number and will convince everyone to get rid of caleb instead. I hope victoria does go, but derrick will work his lies on everyone, except for donny, because donny knows he is the biggest liar in the house. I hope donny or zach win.

parks and rec SUCK

YO i think they should backdore derric or vicktoria

(00) Derrick's Pig Nose (oo)

BOOOOOOOOOM How Ya Like That Bomb Squad?

Pack your panties Cody, cuz your going bye bye!

Has Derrick ran to Donny yet and congratulate him yet…..buddy, buddy, buddies?

Cackling Hyena

Not so fast. As it is right now, Cody has the votes to stay (Christine, Derrick and Victoria, and possibly Zach and Donny).
Now if Ariana Grande’s brother is really smart as he is touted to be, he would make up a speech like this after the POV is played: “Derrick, I will honor your wishes to keep Victoria safe this week. Unfortunately, there is not that many options to nominate (just Porky and Zach)…so POP a SQUAT.”
#WildCard #FearTheBeard #ZachAttack
Donny’s Tears: I can feel how bittersweet it is for him to WIN. He constantly has to battle to stay in the game. And the other cackling hyena throwing it…..smh.


Christine should have thought about America disliking her a loooooooooooong time ago.


Let’s see Christine is married right, what explaining will she have to do when she gets home to her husband after being all over Cody

Kathy B

“America hates me” – first time Christine has been 100% correct. And truthful.


Aaaaand….that’s why you don’t pick a skittle out of a hat, you fruit loop dingus! Donny whooped your a$$. Now Cody and Caleb get to squirm, I’m so happy!!!!


Well it obvious that production rigged it for Donnie to win. WHERE are all those conspiracy theorists now that claimed the BOB was rigged for Frankie?? Where have all of you gone? Oh right!! Frankie is gay so that means he could never have won a competition on his own.. Literally on his own.. Other than being a nice guy, there is nothing else Donnie has going for him that will ensure he is in the final 5.

Worst Cast Ever

People don’t like Frankie becuase he is a fake, not because he is gay. His constant mugging for the camera and overly wrought excitment for everything that happens is tiresome. And let me clue you and Frankie in on something else. You can’t refer to yourself as famous and an internet mogul if you’re in a house with 15 other people and no one has a clue who you are.


Please, please, please let Donny win POV or even Victoria because even if she takes someone off the block one of the other losers would go home, and then let either Hayden or Nicole come back in the house and win every HOH with Donny until all the snakes are gone. That would make a season worth watching and Donny and Nicole or Donny and Hayden final 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


NoNothingNicole did not do anything when she was in the house for 50+ days and was HOH 3 times and did not do a thing but listen to Derrick, she was a waste!!! Most of us were glad to see her go and hope she stays gone!!
She wasted 3 HOH’s!! I can’t with this naive girl. She was told so many times about Derrick and still saying in her exit speech she trust Derrick sooooo much!! I’m done! I won’t be wasting my vote on her it will be a snooooze fest!


I can’t believe you think I did nothing in this house. I was the one who for two straight weeks tried to get Frankie out! The first week he was the backdoor plan, but he won the POV. The next week I nominated him with a pawn to throw the BOB, but he won it on his own. I may have failed in getting my target, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying to make a big move. And no one else in this house has tried to make a big move except me!


Zach called it out, Nicole is a FruitLoopDingus. I tried to watch her exit interview with Jeff, this girl is just out there I could not get through the whole interview. I thought it was me but the comments underneath said the same. This girl needs is no better than Victoria. If she does come in the house my vote goes to Victoria and that’s BAD!!


I like Nicole – she’s a sweet gal. BUT – she STILL doesn’t get it even after leaving! All 3 of her HOH reigns were run by Derrick and all 3 turned out to be disasters. How many times does she have to be clued in by Donnie? How many times were the pieces handed to her by other hg’s as well – ie Victoria/Zach but cant put them together. Instead, this girl keeps heading back into the flames rather than steer clear and form an alliance with Donny. Hayden caught on immediately after the Zocasta fiasco and kept his true thoughts close upon hearing he had a chance to come back. Julie said it before he had left the house. My only question is why did Hayden not inform Nicole & Donny to watch out for Derrick/Cody. By the sounds of it there was plenty of time! Because of all this, I want to see Hayden back in – NOT Nicole – she’d be drawn back in to Derrick with her weak mind


Unfortunately, Hayden told Nic to trust Cody. She didn’t really…..but she told Donny what Hayden said.. All Don could really do is shake his head. As soon as she found herself on the block, she told Donny she should have listened to him about Cody. For some reason, she is still in the dark about Derrick


What would make this win for Donnie just a little bit sweeter is if Cody or Caleb leaves and Hayden come back in the bye back and smokes these BS clowns.


“Buy” Not Bye LOL typing to fast! LOL love this Big Big win for Donny.

Yoda's Assistant

Yoda wanted me to remind you of his warnings. LOL

Yoda says:
August 12, 2014 at 8:58 pm
Strong with Obi Wan KeDonny, the force is.
Uses Jedi mind tricks on the other house guests he does.
Mensa he is.
Doctor of Medicine he is.
Special Forces he is.
Fear the beard, you should.


Won’t really be any fireworks unless Donny or Victoria win POV. If anyone else wins POV, they simply take either Cody or Caleb off and Victoria goes up and goes home and everything stays the same.

These people are stupid as hell if they don’t get Frankie out of this game asap. Nobody has a hope in hell of beating him in the final two. He’s the stronger player on every front right now. The chances to get him out are going to get worse and worse every week. Next week, he needs to go.


Crapolla……Zach’s not in the Veto comp. Didn’t even pick him to host. He’ll be the only one inside. I don’t have a good feeling about this. I think he might go up as the replacement. The only hope he might have is for Donny to win it. Derrick will put the voodoo on the others to keep the rest…especially His princess.

Cry Donny Cry

All you people just like Donny because he’s a nice guy. I’ve got news for you, this show is not about letting the nice guy win. It’s about making a good alliance and not having to fight for your life every week because you have people backing you up. It’s called a good social game…


Knucklehead, we want Donny to win to add some excitement to this lame season. So Derrick is best player.. who cares!.. it’s boring TV if you don’t have any competition.

And wtf is wrong with wanting a nice guy like Donny to do well then these self centered fame whores?? It’s not like the old days of BB… this new breed is all about their image and Facebook likes and Twitter followers. zzzzzzzz

Derrick bragging about how many Twitter followers he’ll have after this. Please. Would you really want to follow Derricks boring ass twitter feed. yikes.


Well cry Donny Cry….sorry but in this season of one group running everything, it’s nice to see someone going against the grain, and Donny has won when he REALLY needed too. It just happens that he is super nice. So sorry if a few of do not agree with you. I for one feel this game has been sooooo boring and one man right now is our only chance for some entertainment. If Hayden or Nicole comes back hopefully we will get this thing finally moving. Second I love how when Frankie had to win the BOB by himself I didn’t hear Derrick go all “its ridged for one person to win” But Donny does it and he’s saying “it takes the strategy out of BOB, it was ridged if one person can win” Poor Derrick! LOLLLLL Not!!

Don't Wake Donny!

Is that what the game is all about, Cry Donny Cry? Do you have the BB rulebook in front of you or something? BB is about getting to the end…PERIOD. It doesn’t matter how you do it. You may have your favorite method for the houseguests to make it to the end, but there is no “right way”.

Considering the circumstances, Donny actually HAS played a pretty good social game. He has attempted to make alliances with a few different people but no one took the bait. Other than Devin (for about 2 seconds) no one has ever seriously considered aligning with him. EVER. It was like the other people in the house took one look at him and decided he wasn’t worth playing with. The bad social game would be where Donny scurries around and pushes forming an alliance with people who he knows won’t honor it and will likely tell the others that “hey, Donny is running around trying to get in an alliance with everyone”. His perception told him to just sit back and keep his mouth shut….again, considering the circumstances that was the best move he could make. Anything else would have sent him out the door weeks ago.

If Donny had ever got numbers behind him, he truly would have been a force to be reckoned with in that house. No one is more perceptive than he is, he is not afraid to go against “the house”, and has surprisingly shown to be a competition beast. Derrick just has better powers of persuasion and that’s about it.


If Donny wins the POV the house will erupt! It’s about to get awesome!


No Words! So happy for Donny! He’s safe for the week and now will be rejoined by the returning HG from the Jury (Hopefully Hayden, who will be returning with a vengeance for Derrick and Cody)


All you people just like Donny because he’s a nice guy. I’ve got news for you, this show is not about letting the nice guy win. It’s about making a good alliance and not having to fight for your life every week because you have people backing you up. It’s called a good social game…


There are so many ways to play Big Brother. Having a powerful alliance that keeps you safe is one way, but winning competitions almost every week to keep yourself safe is another perfectly good way to win. Everyone has an opinion on which way is better, but Donny’s way seems to be working well for him. Also, being nice to people and not backstabbing anyone is another strategic way to play the social game since you build up a lot of admiration from those in the jury (as Donny has done).


First you post as Cry Donny Cry and then repost the EXACT same dribble as Anonymous??? lame


Yayyyyyyyyy. Donny! Donny!! Donny!!! A true Phoenix. Wow. Unbelievable.


Now if Donny or Zach play veto and win and don’t use it!! Send cry baby or me monster out!


Yippee for Donny! Would love to see Cody go home. (If they were smart, they’d take this opportunity to backdoor Derrick, but, well, we know they’re not.)

Queen Catia

Too bad they don’t have the guts to backdoor Derrick ~ he is gonna win the whole thing if they don’t evict him…


Hahaha they said it would be an easy week… I hope Cody goes home, he’s worthless



Get rid of Derrick

Bye Victoria

Not team Victoria, but team lets make something happen!

Goodness, i hope not. What a waste.


As much as I have come to dislike Frankie, Frankie is not that stupid. Nicole and Christine, yes. Frankie, no.

Evict Derprict

No, Get rid of Derrick. GET RID OF DERRICK, NOW!!!


They won’t get rid of her…she is an easy win for whoever sits next to her in final 2


Zach and Donny not on the block? is this real?


I hope Zach manages to stay off the block!


I’ll bet those wusses WILL find an excuse to put him up. Pls let HiM win the veto. Victoria’s not going anywhere with Derrick around.


Unfortunately Zach is at risk here. If Derrick gets in Frankie’s ear…we all know he would prefer Zach gone over Victoria. I wish Zach would realize his precarious position in that alliance. They have turned on him twice already!


And, with Zach’s body language lately, I think he’s ready to jump ship. My hope is that with Hayden’s agility, he’ll be the one to beat the others out in Thursday’s comp, come back, team up with Donny and Zach and we’ll actually have a fair game. Here’s to hoping!


Yes, Go Donny you Beastmaster!!!! Now if Frankie backdoors Derrick… Let the fireworks begin!!


dawg you said Frankie put up Donny and Christine that would make derrick hoh guess derrick actual put them up


We still love you Dawg. Let’s hope there is something really fun for you and Simon to watch.


your still top dawg


Derrick: Oh well, it is what it is.
Cody: Fycking Donny, he tricked us into fycking putting him up so he could fycking win and be safe all fycking week, what a fycking schemer.


No way! Did Cody really say that?


Nah, but it is representative of a good old fashioned Cody bitchfest.


That’s some funny shit! Hahahahahaaa LOL


BlackFish: Best comment of the night! LOLOLOLOL


Cody will whine non stop all week. I wish he will be evicted.


Ah, be easy on Cody, he is probably menstruating and not feeling well this week.




Beast Mode Donny!!! Thank goodness!


Don Juan does it again! YES! YES! YES! Now come on Frankie and keep ZachAttack safe PLEASE!!!


Love Donny! Way to go.


Yay Donny! So happy that Derrick’s plan failed; I am tired of his overbearing, king of the castle attitude.

Go Donny!!


Lovin' It

Way to go, Donny!!


LONG LIVE DONNY! You’re the only one left I’m rooting for, I hope you get HOH next week and put up Derrick and Frankie. Screw Team America, they don’t have you back why should you have theirs?


That’s the first time Derrick has ever looked pissed! Yay Donnie! Bet Cody needs a new panty liner.


Don’s worry Cody has the panty liner on lock, endless supply his BB game this summer is sponsored by Caefree Maxi Pads. BB Fun Fact: Did you know that Cody also tused be a model for Summer’s Eve & Massengill douche products, Calzone scented. He really is a twat & he had the nerve earlier one day this week on the live feeds to call Donny a useless player. Irked my nerves when I heard that shit.


YOu have the HOH’s and the nominee’s switched


Great job Donny. Take that Derrick.

Hairyanus Grande

Besides being a Media Mogul, I provide polyester hair extensions to privileged Florida girls.. Please pre-order my new album, “Dryhump Everything”


LMAO – literally just spit my tea all over my computer with this comment! Gotta clean it now – BBL lol

Donny Fan

Best news ever! So happy for him! #TeamDonny






Alright, Alright, Alright ya’ll got to keep that noise down I can’t hear myself think


donny is a beast hope he wins

Caleb's Head Scarf

YES!!! Oh my gosh, this is seriously the best thing to happen in the house all summer. If Frankie were smart, he would backdoor Derrick, but I don’t think he has it in him. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong, but I doubt it.


I really think Frankie would love back door Derrick but I think he would worry about what America would think about him doing it. After all Frankie and Derrick have both been setting it up in their DR’s to have a reason to back door Donny but not each other.


Muhahaha. Pretty funny that these houseguests think they’re gonna intenionally throw something 3 days in advance and big brother won’t do anything to even the playing field.

Donny FTW

YEA!!! Go, Donny! So happy for you!

Let the scrambling begin!


Go Donny!!! Yes!!


Perfect result!

If the gods are awesome….somehow Victoria will win veto!


Or, Donny could win it and leave the nominations as is LOL

The Beard



Derrick face is priceless

Jimmy 64

Way to go Donny you are the beastmo cowboy not Caleb .

Da Beard...

YES, YES, YES !!!!!!
Wooooo Hoooooo 🙂




But if Donny and Christine won the BOB, isn’t Frankie supposed to be the dethroned HOH? Or is this a twist for this BOB?


Derrick nominated Donny and Christine. Donny and Christine won the battle of the block. Doing so, they dethroned Derrick as HOH and therefore, Frankie remains HOH.


Ohh. Thanks for making it clear to me. I thought it was Frankie who nominated Donny and Christine. Good thing it was Derrick because he wanted to stay HOH. I wish Donny wins veto too and keep the nom as is. At least Donny has nothing to worry about this week. I really feel sorry for him, the way the others are treating him. Always making him cry. These people are just mean.


I get so upset watching what is happening on the show. To be so rude to Donny by ignoring him and calling him names behind his back is so awful that I can’t watch or read except when there is a comp. I keep remembering back to when Brittany had the soccer challenge and Donny was the one to sit with her and support her. He is truly a beautiful person. I am happy he just won but am torn because I think he will be in such a better place when he leaves.


I hope Donny goes all the way to the end and that his speech goes something like this. ” I bet you never thought to see Ol ‘Donny up here did you? Week after week you kept putting me on the block and I kept taking myself off. What a shock that someone so old could do these things. Let me tell you 41 is not that old. Frankie your going to be my age in not so many years. I spent most of this game on the outside looking in. A few of you talked to me but really most of the time it was like I was as interesting as a tree stump. No one wanted to talk game with me and so I am here and you all are out there to decide if I deserve $500,000 or $50.000. I really don’t care too much what you all think I am worth. Right now all I want to get the hell out of this house and get home to my family, friends and my beautiful Christine; the people who love me and really don’t care what I walk away with here, as long as I leave knowing I have my pride and integrity. Thank you and God Bless America.”


I know:((((( everyone but Zach are just total douch bags to him.


Sweet Justice!!! Hopefully Frankie will make a power play and backdoor someone other than Victoria if the veto is used.


If Donny won shouldn’t frankie be dethroned and Derrick still be hoh how you have it written?


I was confused for a while too but this is how I understand it – since the people that Derrick nominated won BOB he’s the one to be dethroned…if the people Frankie nominated would have won then he would have been dethroned. They want the other HOH’s nominees to win so theirs stay on the block. Does that make sense?





Love Donny

Yah!!! Way to go Donny!


Yay donny! Suck that derrick! Ahahahah!

Poodle girl

Way to go Donny!! You the Man!! I hope this has bitten Derrick in Victoria’s butt!


Go donny old man got some heart.


Yes Donny!!!! Now keep Zach off the block and this will be a sweet week!!! Well as long as someone other than Victoria goes home. Send Derrick packing.

Cody's worst nightmare!

I can’t wait to watch him squirm!!!


Shocker of the season ! Now watch Victoria win Veto and I will laugh my a$$ off.


No! Derrick will just get her to use it on Cody and Zak will be leaving.

beard follower

Im so happy! go home derrick and cody