Battle Of the Block Competition Results! “Old DON The Competition BEAST MONSTER!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Frankie
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

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5:45pm – 7:10pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Battle of the Block competition. During the nominations this morning Frankie nominated Donny & Christine. As the other head of household Derrick nominated Caleb & Cody. The night before Frankie & Derrick devised a plan to remove the guilt of their nominations by drawing skittles out of a hat the night before. The plan included Christine throwing the competition to ensure Donny stays on the block.

Battle of the Block Results:
Donny and Christine WON!
Derrick has been dethroned as HOH
Frankie remains the Head of Household!

In the kitchen – Frankie talks to Zach about how he’s excited he gets to play in the Power of Veto Competition. In the bathroom – Caleb is showering and says “Old DON the competition BEAST MONSTER!” Derrick comments on how he hopes they get to see Zing-Bot tomorrow! (Zing-Bot is entering the house tomorrow to ZING the house guests and host the POV competition.)

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7:20pm – 7:30pm In the kitchen – Frankie says I can’t believe Christine didn’t even find one!! (Christine was supposed to throw it and it sounds like she did.) Caleb says I yanked one out of her hand. Frankie asks really!! He laughs! Caleb says yeah I was playing dirty! Caleb says well just got to win the veto tomorrow! Caleb goes to the bathroom and comments to Cody… well you and me on the chopping block. Cody says just got to win the veto. Caleb talks about finding bones during the competition. Caleb says it seemed way bigger than it was. You had to crawl in and it entered up into two rooms. I felt like the size of a large house. Caleb heads to the kitchen and says when they turned the lights on the whole thing was like the size of the bathroom. Caleb says he got in trouble for using the light off his activity tracker. They told me I couldn’t. Yanked a bone from Christine, got in trouble! Zach says you would! Caleb says beast mode got to do something!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-15 19-24-48-350

7:30pm In the fire room – Caleb says that Donny knows Victoria is the target right? Derrick says yeah. Caleb says in my defense I didn’t put any of them in. I couldn’t figure it out. I just handed them to Cody. Caleb and Caleb leave the room. Derrick and Donny go back into the fire room. Derrick congratulates Donny. You’re safe for another week! Now we’ll get Victoria out. Derrick says I hope I will play in the veto to keep myself safe. Derrick asks if Victoria would have done well in that one. Donny says it definitely wasn’t a muscle competition. Derrick goes to leave and says I’m not going to act too excited. Donny says sure.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-15 19-32-21-681

Alone in the fire room – Donny cries ..
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-15 19-38-05-938
In the bathroom – Christine hugs Cody and tells her that she tried! She laughs about Caleb grabbing one of the bones from her. She whispers America hates me… I’m so screwed. Christine talks to Zach about how she thinks she’s screwed. Donny knows I threw it. Zach says I think you’re fine. Frankie and Caleb joins them. Christine says he knows I threw it. I found 6 bones but told Donny I couldn’t find any more. Caleb says they’re not letting us play team BOB’s. Zach asks was it hard? Christine says no! I would have had it if I tried.
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7:50pm In the HOH room – Derrick tells Frankie he (Donny) doesn’t trust us. Frankie says he has no one else but us. Derrick says ultimately I want to work with the guy. I’ve wanted to since the team america thing. Derrick says my feeling is if he trusted us he would tell us that he knows Christine threw that competition. Frankie says he kind of told me. Derrick asks what did he say? Frankie say he says now I know how you felt when Caleb threw it. Frankie says when he comes to talk to me I will tell him that there are definitely people in the house that want him out but not me or Derrick. Derrick says its such a waste of an HOH to get Victoria out. Derrick says if Donny gets me out he deserves to win the money. Derrick says I would love to see Cody, Caleb or you win the veto. We’ve got to win it and take one of those bad boys down. Frankie asks would you use it on Caleb? Derrick says yes. I am close with both of them and would rather not have to make the decision ..but I would still rather have the veto.
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7:54pm In the storage room – Zach tells Caleb Victoria is going home. Caleb says I feel like Donny had a device in his ear telling him which way to go. Zach says Donny won the BOB by himself DUDE! Caleb says Donny wins competitions in the light and the dark .. I don’t believe he’s just a janitor. Zach says he is such a beast!

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341 thoughts on “Battle Of the Block Competition Results! “Old DON The Competition BEAST MONSTER!”

    1. Hate to burst your bubble, but now we need either Donny or Victoria to win PoV tomorrow. (Assuming either of them play in it that is.)

      1. aren’t donny and christine safe from being put on the block by winning BoB? derrick is not safe lol wonder who frankie’s gonna put up if the PoV is used? hope he puts up victoria..she’s just a vote for derrick.

        1. So is NoB@llsCody. So Donny should keep them the same and get with Zach. He already told Zach he doesn’t want him backdoored. And if Hayden comes back next week it could be Donny/Zach/Hayden against these a@@holes!! Team Donny!!

      2. Donny is safe this week, he doesn’t need veto But would be delicious if he won it and used it to save Cody. Derrick said that if he wins it, he’s keeping the noms the same. I have a feeling Derrick will be working overtime to save Victoria this week.

        1. Donny safe but could win the POV and use it on Victoria and that would put the pressure on Frankie to lose either Caleb or Cody. Neither one of them can think for themselves

          1. It’s deliciously ironic that you call those 2 out for “not being able to think for themselves”, and yet you want Donny to win the Veto and use it on… VICTORIA. Who’s not even on the block. Ouch. You da man. LOL.

      3. 0ne of the alliance members are going home because derrick will do everything possible to keep Victoria, they will truly see derrick does not have their backs and then it will be all out war.Derrick does not want to lose his extra number and will convince everyone to get rid of caleb instead. I hope victoria does go, but derrick will work his lies on everyone, except for donny, because donny knows he is the biggest liar in the house. I hope donny or zach win.

    2. BOOOOOOOOOM How Ya Like That Bomb Squad?

      Pack your panties Cody, cuz your going bye bye!

      Has Derrick ran to Donny yet and congratulate him yet…..buddy, buddy, buddies?

      1. Not so fast. As it is right now, Cody has the votes to stay (Christine, Derrick and Victoria, and possibly Zach and Donny).
        Now if Ariana Grande’s brother is really smart as he is touted to be, he would make up a speech like this after the POV is played: “Derrick, I will honor your wishes to keep Victoria safe this week. Unfortunately, there is not that many options to nominate (just Porky and Zach)…so POP a SQUAT.”
        #WildCard #FearTheBeard #ZachAttack
        Donny’s Tears: I can feel how bittersweet it is for him to WIN. He constantly has to battle to stay in the game. And the other cackling hyena throwing it…..smh.

        1. Let’s see Christine is married right, what explaining will she have to do when she gets home to her husband after being all over Cody

      2. Aaaaand….that’s why you don’t pick a skittle out of a hat, you fruit loop dingus! Donny whooped your a$$. Now Cody and Caleb get to squirm, I’m so happy!!!!

        1. Well it obvious that production rigged it for Donnie to win. WHERE are all those conspiracy theorists now that claimed the BOB was rigged for Frankie?? Where have all of you gone? Oh right!! Frankie is gay so that means he could never have won a competition on his own.. Literally on his own.. Other than being a nice guy, there is nothing else Donnie has going for him that will ensure he is in the final 5.

          1. People don’t like Frankie becuase he is a fake, not because he is gay. His constant mugging for the camera and overly wrought excitment for everything that happens is tiresome. And let me clue you and Frankie in on something else. You can’t refer to yourself as famous and an internet mogul if you’re in a house with 15 other people and no one has a clue who you are.

    3. Please, please, please let Donny win POV or even Victoria because even if she takes someone off the block one of the other losers would go home, and then let either Hayden or Nicole come back in the house and win every HOH with Donny until all the snakes are gone. That would make a season worth watching and Donny and Nicole or Donny and Hayden final 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. NoNothingNicole did not do anything when she was in the house for 50+ days and was HOH 3 times and did not do a thing but listen to Derrick, she was a waste!!! Most of us were glad to see her go and hope she stays gone!!
        She wasted 3 HOH’s!! I can’t with this naive girl. She was told so many times about Derrick and still saying in her exit speech she trust Derrick sooooo much!! I’m done! I won’t be wasting my vote on her it will be a snooooze fest!

        1. I can’t believe you think I did nothing in this house. I was the one who for two straight weeks tried to get Frankie out! The first week he was the backdoor plan, but he won the POV. The next week I nominated him with a pawn to throw the BOB, but he won it on his own. I may have failed in getting my target, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying to make a big move. And no one else in this house has tried to make a big move except me!

          1. Zach called it out, Nicole is a FruitLoopDingus. I tried to watch her exit interview with Jeff, this girl is just out there I could not get through the whole interview. I thought it was me but the comments underneath said the same. This girl needs is no better than Victoria. If she does come in the house my vote goes to Victoria and that’s BAD!!

          2. I like Nicole – she’s a sweet gal. BUT – she STILL doesn’t get it even after leaving! All 3 of her HOH reigns were run by Derrick and all 3 turned out to be disasters. How many times does she have to be clued in by Donnie? How many times were the pieces handed to her by other hg’s as well – ie Victoria/Zach but cant put them together. Instead, this girl keeps heading back into the flames rather than steer clear and form an alliance with Donny. Hayden caught on immediately after the Zocasta fiasco and kept his true thoughts close upon hearing he had a chance to come back. Julie said it before he had left the house. My only question is why did Hayden not inform Nicole & Donny to watch out for Derrick/Cody. By the sounds of it there was plenty of time! Because of all this, I want to see Hayden back in – NOT Nicole – she’d be drawn back in to Derrick with her weak mind

            1. Unfortunately, Hayden told Nic to trust Cody. She didn’t really…..but she told Donny what Hayden said.. All Don could really do is shake his head. As soon as she found herself on the block, she told Donny she should have listened to him about Cody. For some reason, she is still in the dark about Derrick

    4. What would make this win for Donnie just a little bit sweeter is if Cody or Caleb leaves and Hayden come back in the bye back and smokes these BS clowns.

    5. Yoda wanted me to remind you of his warnings. LOL

      Yoda says:
      August 12, 2014 at 8:58 pm
      Strong with Obi Wan KeDonny, the force is.
      Uses Jedi mind tricks on the other house guests he does.
      Mensa he is.
      Doctor of Medicine he is.
      Special Forces he is.
      Fear the beard, you should.

    6. Won’t really be any fireworks unless Donny or Victoria win POV. If anyone else wins POV, they simply take either Cody or Caleb off and Victoria goes up and goes home and everything stays the same.

      These people are stupid as hell if they don’t get Frankie out of this game asap. Nobody has a hope in hell of beating him in the final two. He’s the stronger player on every front right now. The chances to get him out are going to get worse and worse every week. Next week, he needs to go.

    7. Crapolla……Zach’s not in the Veto comp. Didn’t even pick him to host. He’ll be the only one inside. I don’t have a good feeling about this. I think he might go up as the replacement. The only hope he might have is for Donny to win it. Derrick will put the voodoo on the others to keep the rest…especially His princess.

    8. All you people just like Donny because he’s a nice guy. I’ve got news for you, this show is not about letting the nice guy win. It’s about making a good alliance and not having to fight for your life every week because you have people backing you up. It’s called a good social game…

      1. Knucklehead, we want Donny to win to add some excitement to this lame season. So Derrick is best player.. who cares!.. it’s boring TV if you don’t have any competition.

        And wtf is wrong with wanting a nice guy like Donny to do well then these self centered fame whores?? It’s not like the old days of BB… this new breed is all about their image and Facebook likes and Twitter followers. zzzzzzzz

        Derrick bragging about how many Twitter followers he’ll have after this. Please. Would you really want to follow Derricks boring ass twitter feed. yikes.

      2. Well cry Donny Cry….sorry but in this season of one group running everything, it’s nice to see someone going against the grain, and Donny has won when he REALLY needed too. It just happens that he is super nice. So sorry if a few of do not agree with you. I for one feel this game has been sooooo boring and one man right now is our only chance for some entertainment. If Hayden or Nicole comes back hopefully we will get this thing finally moving. Second I love how when Frankie had to win the BOB by himself I didn’t hear Derrick go all “its ridged for one person to win” But Donny does it and he’s saying “it takes the strategy out of BOB, it was ridged if one person can win” Poor Derrick! LOLLLLL Not!!

      3. Is that what the game is all about, Cry Donny Cry? Do you have the BB rulebook in front of you or something? BB is about getting to the end…PERIOD. It doesn’t matter how you do it. You may have your favorite method for the houseguests to make it to the end, but there is no “right way”.

        Considering the circumstances, Donny actually HAS played a pretty good social game. He has attempted to make alliances with a few different people but no one took the bait. Other than Devin (for about 2 seconds) no one has ever seriously considered aligning with him. EVER. It was like the other people in the house took one look at him and decided he wasn’t worth playing with. The bad social game would be where Donny scurries around and pushes forming an alliance with people who he knows won’t honor it and will likely tell the others that “hey, Donny is running around trying to get in an alliance with everyone”. His perception told him to just sit back and keep his mouth shut….again, considering the circumstances that was the best move he could make. Anything else would have sent him out the door weeks ago.

        If Donny had ever got numbers behind him, he truly would have been a force to be reckoned with in that house. No one is more perceptive than he is, he is not afraid to go against “the house”, and has surprisingly shown to be a competition beast. Derrick just has better powers of persuasion and that’s about it.

  1. No Words! So happy for Donny! He’s safe for the week and now will be rejoined by the returning HG from the Jury (Hopefully Hayden, who will be returning with a vengeance for Derrick and Cody)

    1. All you people just like Donny because he’s a nice guy. I’ve got news for you, this show is not about letting the nice guy win. It’s about making a good alliance and not having to fight for your life every week because you have people backing you up. It’s called a good social game…

      1. There are so many ways to play Big Brother. Having a powerful alliance that keeps you safe is one way, but winning competitions almost every week to keep yourself safe is another perfectly good way to win. Everyone has an opinion on which way is better, but Donny’s way seems to be working well for him. Also, being nice to people and not backstabbing anyone is another strategic way to play the social game since you build up a lot of admiration from those in the jury (as Donny has done).

  2. Yippee for Donny! Would love to see Cody go home. (If they were smart, they’d take this opportunity to backdoor Derrick, but, well, we know they’re not.)

    1. Too bad they don’t have the guts to backdoor Derrick ~ he is gonna win the whole thing if they don’t evict him…

      1. I’ll bet those wusses WILL find an excuse to put him up. Pls let HiM win the veto. Victoria’s not going anywhere with Derrick around.

        1. Unfortunately Zach is at risk here. If Derrick gets in Frankie’s ear…we all know he would prefer Zach gone over Victoria. I wish Zach would realize his precarious position in that alliance. They have turned on him twice already!

        2. And, with Zach’s body language lately, I think he’s ready to jump ship. My hope is that with Hayden’s agility, he’ll be the one to beat the others out in Thursday’s comp, come back, team up with Donny and Zach and we’ll actually have a fair game. Here’s to hoping!

  3. Derrick: Oh well, it is what it is.
    Cody: Fycking Donny, he tricked us into fycking putting him up so he could fycking win and be safe all fycking week, what a fycking schemer.

  4. LONG LIVE DONNY! You’re the only one left I’m rooting for, I hope you get HOH next week and put up Derrick and Frankie. Screw Team America, they don’t have you back why should you have theirs?

      1. Don’s worry Cody has the panty liner on lock, endless supply his BB game this summer is sponsored by Caefree Maxi Pads. BB Fun Fact: Did you know that Cody also tused be a model for Summer’s Eve & Massengill douche products, Calzone scented. He really is a twat & he had the nerve earlier one day this week on the live feeds to call Donny a useless player. Irked my nerves when I heard that shit.

  5. Besides being a Media Mogul, I provide polyester hair extensions to privileged Florida girls.. Please pre-order my new album, “Dryhump Everything”

  6. Alright, Alright, Alright ya’ll got to keep that noise down I can’t hear myself think

  7. YES!!! Oh my gosh, this is seriously the best thing to happen in the house all summer. If Frankie were smart, he would backdoor Derrick, but I don’t think he has it in him. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong, but I doubt it.

    1. I really think Frankie would love back door Derrick but I think he would worry about what America would think about him doing it. After all Frankie and Derrick have both been setting it up in their DR’s to have a reason to back door Donny but not each other.

  8. Muhahaha. Pretty funny that these houseguests think they’re gonna intenionally throw something 3 days in advance and big brother won’t do anything to even the playing field.

  9. But if Donny and Christine won the BOB, isn’t Frankie supposed to be the dethroned HOH? Or is this a twist for this BOB?

    1. Derrick nominated Donny and Christine. Donny and Christine won the battle of the block. Doing so, they dethroned Derrick as HOH and therefore, Frankie remains HOH.

      1. Ohh. Thanks for making it clear to me. I thought it was Frankie who nominated Donny and Christine. Good thing it was Derrick because he wanted to stay HOH. I wish Donny wins veto too and keep the nom as is. At least Donny has nothing to worry about this week. I really feel sorry for him, the way the others are treating him. Always making him cry. These people are just mean.

  10. I get so upset watching what is happening on the show. To be so rude to Donny by ignoring him and calling him names behind his back is so awful that I can’t watch or read except when there is a comp. I keep remembering back to when Brittany had the soccer challenge and Donny was the one to sit with her and support her. He is truly a beautiful person. I am happy he just won but am torn because I think he will be in such a better place when he leaves.

    1. I hope Donny goes all the way to the end and that his speech goes something like this. ” I bet you never thought to see Ol ‘Donny up here did you? Week after week you kept putting me on the block and I kept taking myself off. What a shock that someone so old could do these things. Let me tell you 41 is not that old. Frankie your going to be my age in not so many years. I spent most of this game on the outside looking in. A few of you talked to me but really most of the time it was like I was as interesting as a tree stump. No one wanted to talk game with me and so I am here and you all are out there to decide if I deserve $500,000 or $50.000. I really don’t care too much what you all think I am worth. Right now all I want to get the hell out of this house and get home to my family, friends and my beautiful Christine; the people who love me and really don’t care what I walk away with here, as long as I leave knowing I have my pride and integrity. Thank you and God Bless America.”

  11. Sweet Justice!!! Hopefully Frankie will make a power play and backdoor someone other than Victoria if the veto is used.

    1. I was confused for a while too but this is how I understand it – since the people that Derrick nominated won BOB he’s the one to be dethroned…if the people Frankie nominated would have won then he would have been dethroned. They want the other HOH’s nominees to win so theirs stay on the block. Does that make sense?

  12. Yes Donny!!!! Now keep Zach off the block and this will be a sweet week!!! Well as long as someone other than Victoria goes home. Send Derrick packing.

  13. WOW I totally didn’t see this happening… Looks like One of the core Bomb Squad will be leaving this week… Looks like The future divorcee decided not to throw the comp. Bad Christine no Cody-Rub for you LOL

    1. OK, nevermind, they updated while I was typing that… Donny won by himself… Seriously WTF is up with these comps that can be won by one person? Production trying to keep TA in the game?? Hell with it, DOnny is a BEAST.. Fear The Beard…

  14. That’s awesome, so great. Donny is completely safe for the whole week. christine should be kissing his ass for saving her as well. there is no way, if he won the veto, that she wouldn’t be going home. No way, they would never miss that opportunity to get her out while they have the chance. given they wouldn’t have donny, caleb or cody to put up next to her, if derrick sweetalked to make sure victoria doesn’t go home (not winning anything is a plus), zach would be the only other thing, and donny wouldn’t vote out zach if he had a choice between zach or christine, i don’t think.

    anyway, super glad you guys did this great update. Now Derrick can pretend he’s up for another week of TA and doesn’t want Donny to go home.

  15. The ideal situation for the POV is Zach wins it (if he is drawn) and takes BMC off the block and the pink pony nominates Derrick! Yes or Yes!

  16. Woohoo! Donny you saved yourself again! I went on the feeds at a point where I didn’t know who one and it seemed like everyone was at a wake. I then went back a bit and Christine is saying “I can’t even be happy” and I knew Donny did it! It’s too bad Christine was saved. I just hope Zach doesn’t get back d@@red!

    Imagine if Derrick gets back@@red……..

  17. it’s obvious that production are setting up the final 3 to be TEAM AMERICA. Caleb is gone this week if he doesn’t win POV.

  18. “Cody and Caleb are going to smash Donny and Christine in the BOB”—Derrick. Eat a d1ck- sandwich, Derrick!!! Way to go, Donny!

    1. I think she actually competed in this BOB. She said before she wouldn’t throw any competitions. She jusde maybe sucked at this comp and BMC also played dirty , he anked a bone from Christine, ha admitted it. But I don’t know for sure. We have to see her DR’s confession and footage to know bettter

    2. No, Christine threw it. On twitter BB updates that I just read, Christine mentions how she tried to help Caleb out in the comp, but then production yelled at them.

      1. And later Caleb whining about it, saying he does think it is fair that production won’t let people in an alliance work together. That Caleb is because it is suppose to a 2 against 2 comp not 3 against 1 you fruitloop dingus!

  19. YES!!!!! Donny is safe for the week! Let’s hope that someone other than Victoria gets evicted because then that is going to be a boring week (but that is probably what will happen.) but at least Donny is safe!

  20. I had a feeling Derrick wanted to backdoor Frankie when he told him it would be better if Derrick stayed HOH this week because next week would probably be endurance and Frankie would be best at that. So much for being sly. I don’t want Frankie to win by any means but I think it would be great to see the second “HOH” getting evicted. It would be interesting to see Derricks flock walk around not knowing what to do without their leader.

    1. Perfect Week = POV used and Derrick goes up, then the sheep turn on the shepherd and he heads off to talk with Julie and the jury. No chance he’ll return, he hasn’t won anything this season. If he is exicted, he’ll be sure to cry about the sheep taking food out of his daughters mouth.

  21. HAHA GO DONNY! I love how everyone thought Caleb and Cody would crush Donny but nope XD. Caleb needs to get over himself and Cody…well Cody was never much to begin with. I’m just so ecstatic to see these guys finally truly squirm. Im kinda happy Christine is safe to because that means no easy week for them! As long as Zach doesn’t end up on the block, then this should be the first interesting week since the Devin reign.

  22. This occurred to me when Frankie and Derrick became the HOHs. Frankie knows that the house wanted him out last week. He also knows that nothing happens in that house unless Derrick is pulling the strings. If the POV is won and used, Frankie has the perfect opportunity to backdoor Derrick. As a result Derrick’s daughter will face the possibility of malnutrition, but Frankie will be closer to realizing his dream of building schools in Africa so that the children of Africa can learn to proper way to apply glitter.

    1. Lol! This is the best line, “As a result Derrick’s daughter will face the possibility of malnutrition, but Frankie will be closer to realizing his dream of building schools in Africa so that the children of Africa can learn to proper way to apply glitter.”

    2. Now, you know you’re wrong for that but you’re right. Feed the children in Rhode Island and teach the children if Africa

  23. Wow, Beast Mode Cowboy was as good as Christine (wo was throwing it) during that comp: he added nothing to the table. What a comp beast. LOL. Donny alone beat Cody alone. Maybe Caleb should call an alliance meeting to reassure them he wasn’t throwing the comp on purpose, but that he IS just that useless?

  24. God answers prayer!! I am soooooo happy, I could cry. Now, can Donny please win POV and not use it?? Can Hayden come back and get with Donny and hopefully get Zach to join them? Christine doesn’t deserve to be off the block for saying she hated Donny.

  25. I wish Frankie was smart enough to backdoor Derrick but sadly he’s a dumb ass! I’m worried zach will be back doored… But if somehow let’s say Victoria goes home and Hayden comes back and forms an alliance with Donny and zach… Great week for me lol!

  26. I’m so happy and excited that Donny (and Christine) won BOB. I am literally jumping up and down right now as well as posting this comment like a f**king maniac. OMG, thank you so much for keeping Donny here for another week (with Chrstine). I hope they send Victoria out the door on Thursday. She is the most carefree houseguest I have ever seen on BB. And Hayden or Nicole may have a chance to return next week if they compete against Vic and Jo. I want one of them to work with Donny, Christine and Zach to evict 4 douchbags left in the house: the pussy, the cop, the BITCH MODE COWGIRL, and the brother of the mega mega UNKNOWN superstar. I hope Hayden or Nicole won’t target Christine because she’s the vote for them. If she’s evicted, they won’t have a chance to fight back

  27. I honestly thought I was going to login just now & read how Donny & Christine lost blah blah blah! This was my first real shock of the season!! So happy for Donny (too bad that means Christine is safe). Unfortunately all this means probably is that Victoria is going home. Unless Frankie decides to do something big himself (rather than always just talking other people into it)!!

    1. This was my first thought. Can derrick convince frankie that getting zach out is the best move for his game? This is the chance to get derrick or cody out!

  28. I’m so happy Frankie remains HOH even though I hate him I know he probably won’t put up Zack & my Donny is safe and hopefully Hayden or Nicole comes back & Derrickor Frankie or Christine will be gone

  29. Oh good God let there be some great backstabbing – get rid of the dirty cop faking his poor starving daughter story.

  30. Seeing Donny crying sucks!

    Derrick is such a d&ck. Telling Donny how proud he is of him and that he won’t act excited when he leaves the room. You didn’t seem genuine talking to Donny and he knew it. You weren’t happy for Donny!

    Donny won the comp all on his own! WTG Donny! Team Fear the Beard is behind you!

  31. This is so stupid. This stupid Donny had it rigged for him to win. Dont worry Cody. That big meanie Donny will be dealt with soon enough.

    I so mad right now. Production rigged it somehow cuz they just want to cheat for Donny for excitement. My BAE Cody should punch that old creep in his face, but actually no cause he need to stay so he can win the money and become famous and start an acting career or something.

    But this old creep Donny will be evicted next week n I will laugh and laugh when it happen. Cody could just smile next week when he see Donny walk out the door then he could make fun of Donny so Donny leave the house in tears as America boos him for his interview with Julie.

    It actually good Donny stay this week cause now when his creepy self get evicted next week there no chance for him to come back and he can go cry and be a creep in the jury house forever.

    1. Not sure if serious or not. If you are serious though I understand you are entitled to your own opinion, but your opinion is wrong and I hate you.

      But really, you’re kidding right?

    2. It’ weird to see the whiny’s fan here. And it’s even weirder that you’re Mr. Beard’s anti fan. You and BMC are really alike. Very obsessive and b*tchy, You’re gonna get a lot of thumbs down

    3. Firstly, learn to write English properly before posting anything, you moron. Secondly, don’t u be ragging on our Donny. So happy Donny won and is safe for the week. You heard that, Dony Aint Nice, Donny is SAFE for the week!!!!!! Yayyyyy!!! Donny for the win. Fear the beard. :)

  32. I am SO happy for Donny. I felt really sad for him all day today because I knew that b@itch Christine was going to throw it and Donny was all on his own and I was sure he’d end up losing but nope Donny came out on top and did it all on his own! You go Donny!!

  33. Really Caleb? You have to play that dirty to send out the oldest and kindest person in the house. BMC had to do something? Yeah you did nothing at all except stealing your “girlfriend”‘s bunny slippers and can’t throw a competition. Wonderful. No wonder you’re BITCH MODE COWGIRL

  34. I don’t understand all you Derrick haters! Is it because he happens to be playing the best game this summer?!?! I agree that Donny is a beast at competitions, and I like the guy. But geesh, quit hatin on Derrick!

    1. F Derrick!! He’s not playing the best F’ing game!! Just the sleaziest and now it is finally catching up to him!! He looks and feels like a fool now. Hopefully, he gets served up this week by Frankie. His bullshit about he always wanted to work with Donny is just that; BULLSHIT. Now he IS starting to believe his OWN lies bc he KNOWS Donny doesn’t. But what Derrick DOES know is his time may now be at hand. YES!!!

  35. I would love to see either Donny or Victoria win the POV. Can you imagine the AS* Kissing that would happen. Then I would like to see them leave the nominations the same and let Beast Mode or Whiny go home. Please let Zach have a drama free week and align with Donny and whoever returns. A girl can dream….

  36. Yay Donny!!!! Hopefully Nicole or Hayden come back into the game and take over the house! Super excited!! The game is gonna get interesting again!!!

  37. It was not a fair BoB comp as Cody was on his period. And Christine’s husband now knows that Christine may be Lesbian as she has an attraction to Cody.

  38. Oh, have you not heard? It was my understanding that everyone had heard.

    Ohh, well, the BEARD, the BEARD, the BEARD IS THE WORD.

  39. Frankie said to Derrick in the HOH room he believes Donny respects Frankie for how he is playing the game and will come to talk to him. Ha! That is funny Frankie!

  40. Well good stuff for Donny fans. Now, Zach fans will have to sweat it out until the Veto ceremony. I can just see Derrick, Caleb, Cody, and Christine marching up into the HOH room demanding Zach’s head. Derrick has put in too much work to let Victoria go. It will be either Caleb that goes if Veto is not used, or Zach. It also depends on how Frankie feels about Zach in the game at the moment.

    1. Zach is definitely in trouble. He better hopes he gets to play in and win the POV.

      I know people would think it’s a waste to evict Victoria, but she needs to go. Let the Bomb Squad have no one else to hide behind. Let the civil war begin.

  41. Yay Donny! For the best fireworks, here’s to Zach winning another Veto and shoving it in his alliance’s face by not using it!

  42. Omg, now that Donny won the BOTB, Derrick is trying to do damage control, because he knows the live feeders will be watching. He’s trying to blame Donny not wanting to be part of TA and that’s why they put him up. He’s claiming they would’ve had his back if Donny didn’t turn against TA. Derrick and his fricken reverse psychology bullshit is getting so tiresome. We can see right through you asshole, so stfu!. Poor Donny crying the fire room by himself. It must feel awful to know no one wants you around and that they are throwing comps too.

    1. That lying prick saying he’s wanted to work with him all along & he genuinely wants to keep him. You’re not fooling him & you’re not fooling us. Whining about the BOB – what’s the point if only one person can win it blah blah blah blah.

  43. Daddy Derrick “Vicky.. You need to get some rest and I’ll bring you your dinner, cuz tomorrow you REALLY, REALLY need to win veto, you my girl?”

    Vicky… “Ok daddy, will you hug me?”

    Daddy Derrick…”Don’t cry, go night, night now, you gotta win because I need you sitting next to me in the finals because I’m a weak b!tch!”

  44. OMG, Derrick and Frankie’s convo is too much. They said Donny is the underdog (true) but they are playing a great game and Derrick said not being villainized. Maybe not by production, but you two are villains all on your own and the live feeders know it!

  45. My heart breaks for Donny; he should have earned the other HG’s respect by now but they still seem to treat him like dirt. This should have been a time for him to celebrate, but he went into the FR room and cried. He obviously realized Christine was trying to throw the BOB. Christine, Derrick, and Cody are swine! One can only hope the get their just desserts. Remember tomorrow morning to flush twice; it’s a long way to the BB house!

  46. Donny is loyal, honest, strategic, and a comp beast… These fools were
    all to stupid to recognize what a good teammate Donny would of
    been. Instead they choose to align with clueless, backstabbing, estrogen riddled wimps
    Let’s just hope the disgusting perv Stanky puts slimeball scum DerICK on the block or Victoria wins veto. Team Donny FTW

  47. Long shot but sure would like to see Donny win 500.00 thousand and America fav. Then let’s watch these boys cry!!!!!

  48. Derrick actually had the audacity to just say to Frankie: “I wanted to work with Donny because if America is behind him we’d be there with him all along.” What a slithering, slimy, excuse for a human being! I love seeing the worm squirm!

  49. Derrick is right, it’s a waste of an HOH to get Victoria out. Perhaps Frankie could turn around and put him up if the Veto is used on Caleb.

    Now that would be good TV!

  50. AWESOME!!! Way to go Donny!
    Take that mr mogul wannabe and same for you top cop…no offense to all of our good, honest law enforcement officers.

  51. YES! Donny you’re a true champ!
    Now hopefully Zach,Donny or Victoria win PoV and keep nominations the same.
    I would love to see Cody the b!tch go and hopefully he isn’t one of the jurors to come back into the game.
    I’d like to see Nicole and Donny back together in the game but, she’s too naive and gullible and doesn’t see that Derrick is the one pulling the strings. Hopefully Hayden returns and takes Derrick out with a vegeance.
    It’s been hard to see Donny alone these past few days but you can tell that Zach is the only one with a heart and he does care about him. Hopefully the returning juror,Donny and Zach can form an alliance and take out the rest.
    Also, Frankie won’t be able to compete in next week’s HoH so hopefully it’s his time to go next :)

  52. YAYYYYYYYYYYY I’M SOOO happy Donny won the Battle of the Block! ;))
    AWWW so sad to see Donny cry, it makes me want to cry too :'(

  53. IN YOUR FACE DERF*CK ! That rat Chrustine isn’t as stupid as I thought, she told Zach and Cody, ” America hates me, I’m screwed” You’re damn straight , we do ! GO DONNY! Hope Donny can win the veto and keep the noms the same ! Thinking Mangina might be heading out the door heh heh

  54. I hope those were tears of relief, not sadness from Donny. He really is good people. They talk about how smart he is. Why so surprised Donny KNOWS Ratine threw it? I’m glad she knows we think she’s a rat and dislike her! Hopefully, Tim got disgusted and ignored her request to keep her Twitter feed hate-free.

    How funny would it be if Caleb won PoV and the house flipped and voted out Cody? Ratine would be beside herself, while Tim laughs it up at home. The Hitmen would be no more. I would say backd**r the pig nosed, arrogant, 21 Jump Street dressing cop. We all know that ain’t happening. *sighs*

  55. production we want to tell you thank you for Donny
    in we are happy Donny safe team America all the way Donny win win win
    for us we are going for you all the way

  56. Caleb says I feel like Donny had a device in his ear telling him which way to go.

    Awe, the goofy nut-case cowboy isn’t playing nice in the sandbox!!

  57. I can NOT say how happy I am right now….I mean, SUCK IT Derrick and Frankie.

    Now if only Frankie would be smart enough to put Derrick on the block.

  58. So so happy for Donny. But I don’t want to get complacent just yet, he might still get backdoored if one of the nominations wins the veto right?

    1. Only way to explain someone having so little understanding of what is going on this far into the season. Win BOB = safety for the week (and has all season long)

    2. NO, Donny is SAFE this week, cannot be renominated or “backdoored” because he won BOB…..on his own! Christine, you are despicable and yes, you are screwed darlin’, America hates you

  59. I hope those are tears of relief, not sadness from Donny. I’d hate to think these morons broke him. They say how smart he is. Why so surprised he knew Ratine threw it? I’m glad she knows we dislike her. Hopefully, Tim stopped honoring her request to filter her Twitter out of disgust.

    How fun would it be for Caleb to win PoV and the house flips to vote out Cody? Ratine would be beside herself, but Tim will get some deserved laughs.

    I would say backd**r the pig-nosed, arrogant, 21 Jump Street dressing cop. We all know they’re too blind/dumb for that to happen. Now, if we get Hayden a return trip to rejoin Donny, the summer may be interesting, at last!

  60. I’m pretty sure that next week is a double eviction week and week 11 may also be a double eviction week. I hope Donny can get through it and use it to send home the boomsquad

    1. And sour grapes Derrick says – Yeah well they wouldn’t if they were trying to win this for their family. Wasn’t he one of the vocal ones complaining about Devin’s I have a daughter.

  61. I hate to burst anyones BB Bubble…. but Frankie is in NO way ballsy enough to save Caleb and put up Derrick… He jus isn’t… it would be a huge game changing move to separate Cody and Derrick, but it will not happen. If the PoV is played Victoria go’s up and then go’s to jury. If the veto is unused… Caleb NOT Cody go’s to jury.

    The thing is they should have played the game with Donny….. but they didn’t do it. Cody and Derrick would be in a better place right now if they partnered up with Hayden and Donny.

    My biggest wish is Frankie makes a huge move and replaces Caleb with Derrick. Then they send Derrick or Cody to jury….. unfortunately this is not a Season of Big Moves. There isn’t even really other sides of the house… They all just Float and talk crap…. now Donny is safe Frankie and Derrick are talking about floating over to Donny… but he does not trust them… I wonder why? Perhaps he paid attention.

  62. I know I’m gonna get hate, but the same thing with battle of the block happened last week. Both Frankie and Donny won by themselves, from what I see, but people are hating Frankie and loving Donny for it. I’m a huge Donny fan but it doesn’t change the fact that there is a double standard between the two

    And I’m a part of that double standard. GO DONNY!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes, I was one of those mad last week at production but now that they have shown us they will do the same for others it seems more fair. Their design of this game and stopping Chris from helping the other team is comparable to them stopping Caleb from getting back into the game last week.

  63. Derrick saying its such a waste of HOH to send Victoria out… you” re right Derrick, they should get rid of you instead…

  64. Derrick, we know you are very concerned about the feeders and providing “good tv” for all of us. You know what would be good tv? Like like your comrades before you, make a sacrifice, put your ass on the block and get yourself evicted.

  65. There is one more thing that has been bothering me. How little must Caleb think of Donny to think he must have had an earpiece telling him where to go. What exactly has Donny done that Caleb thinks it’s okay to say it. I choked up a bit after last nights show because Donny is my second fave(Go Zach). When he was crying in the HN room and Zach had a nice moment in the DR, I thought man this must be exhausting for Donny when you have no one. I saw someone else post it and I couldn’t agree more-why has no one tried to align with Donny-even secretly. He has proven time and again that he is a competitor and would be loyal. It’s just disappointing to see someone like Cody who has literally floated to this point not have to sweat but Donny has to fight every week.

  66. Clarification: The first person selected to be in Team America was JOEY. I’m not sure what order the others were selected, but that means the final selection was made because Joey was evicted.
    Because these were made so early in the game, viewers didn’t see what these people were like yet and I believe they would not have selected Derrick given more time; maybe even Frankie.
    Donny remains steadfastly a man of character and I believe he still would have been chosen.

  67. Christine, news flash, u r on an internatinal “hate me” list….it is not only America that hates u but Canada as well. Way to go Donny

  68. this is the only week (and the last one) where this BOB twist is finally compensating an underdog ! yay Donny!

    Caleb and Cody nominated yes!!!!!!!

    1. Best case would be that the nominations stay the same and they both get to sweat it out. Cody would be the best one to put with Hayden,Jocasta and Nicole. Hayden and Nicole would be the only ones with a strong fight to get back in. Jocasta and Cody have no clue on what to do without someone else directing or carrying them in this game

  69. Do the math with Derrick… He has a masters degree, been a cop for 10 years and went to college on a full ride scholarship??? Did he graduate high school when he was 12? He is only 30 years old.

    1. Maybe he got his degree when he was
      pretending to be fellow students friends
      then stabbing them in the back
      Ruining their lives over a little pot or e
      when its his own bosses who are at the
      top of that pyramid of profit
      DerICK is one of the lowest forms of humans
      it’s no wonder him n Stanky are working together
      *funny note .. Stanky already pegged him for a snitch/cop

  70. if zach is evicted and he comes back, i dont think hell ever trust cody/derrick/frankie
    but im super curious to see if one of the detonators gets evicted and returns (god forbid) that they comes back angry. if a betrayal happens, i would be happy for the returned detonator and zach to relate on the back stabbing….and maybe team up. very interested.

    even if victoria leaves…derrick is weaker, and better shot for hayden or nicole. so im cool with that too. finally, a possible obstacle in derricks game. well see if he can handle it like donny has. boy is he patient and strong willed. im in awe of his strength and control.. for real.

    1. If either cry baby or me monster comes off block, would love to see Christine backdoored and see Hayden and Nicole laugh hysterically when they see her!

  71. I knew it wouldn’t be long before Derrick plants a seed to keep his Victoria. He wants her to play for POV so she won’t use it and he can’t be put up on the block and voted out. They still underestimate Donny. He might not have numbers but he has smarts.

  72. Yes Christine, you’re right America doesn’t like you and I sure as Hell can’t stand your nasty tail.
    Thanks you Zach for giving Donny Kudos, we wish you well also. Did ya’ll read what Christine said someone clap in the background when Donny made it. Even some of the crew LOVES Sir Donny!!!!!

  73. Donny/Victoria wins POV.
    Nominations stay the same.
    Cody evicted.
    Hayden return from jury.
    Donnie/Hayden vs Christine/Frankie/Derrick/Caleb.
    Zach wins HoH jumps ship joins Hayden/Donnie.

  74. Yes I know it’s mean but I can’t wait to see Victoria cry again.
    She is an all-around loser of big brother and doesn’t even know how to answer questions on camera successfully (Thursday’s show). What an epic fail choosing this spoiled little Jewish brat who is terrified of everything from clowns to animals (every variety) to heights.

  75. ‘… plan to remove the guilt…’

    You don’t seriously believe this do you? The reason they draw skittles was solely because no one wanted to throw the comp and put themselves in danger of being evicted. Absolutely nothing to do with guilt.

    Anyway, hope the POV is not used and rat faced cowboy goes home.

    1. Now that you mentioned ‘rat face cowboy’…thought I would throw this in. Caleb was picked to play veto, and said to Derrick, that he would trip Donnie and smash his face, just so he doesn’t win. Wow, how is this for a bunch of sore loser’s! I truly am disgusted, with this bunch of Neanderthals!

  76. I really wish they works turn some of their microphones off when some of them eat. It is so annoying to hear the chomping and mouth smacking of some of them…

    1. Especially with housemates that are not liked. Every time rat faced cowboy starts stuffing his face I want to pull my hair out.

      Considering the house is ant infested maybe BB should force them to only eat at the nomination table.

    1. I’m afraid you are correct…. they’ll dump everything on Zach…. still holding out hope him and Donny can team up

  77. PLEASE Zach or Donny win the veto!!!!!! I would love to see Cody go home but I’m sure it would be Caleb if noms stay the same…. Really hope Hayden gets back in that house!!!! He & Zach could team up!!

    1. This seems to be a pattern of Caleb making stupid physical threats. He talks way too much. Will he kick ass with bunny slippers on? What a TOOL!!!!! I pray he goes home soon and is never heard from again on reality TV. By far, one of the biggest (delusional/stalker) me monsters I have ever seen!!! AND the girls said he didnt brush his teeth for the whole 48 hours connected to Victoria and his pits smell, gross!!! Poor Amber

  78. I’m so happy Donny’s safe!!!!!! He just needs to win this veto hold onto it send Cody home even though I think he would have the votes to stay though it would be interesting to see who Frankie would put up if Caleb or Cody comes down. Everyone knows sending Victoria is a waste and Frankie’s not stupid he knows Derrick is a threat but he would have too many targets on his back if he put him up it would be a great move. He’ll end up putting up Victoria she goes home and that’s just one less vote for Derrick at some point. Hopefully Hayden or Nicole come back work with Donny and get these guys out one by one but Nicole isn’t as smart as I thought as it seems as though she still doesn’t realize derricks running the house she’s too focused on Frankie. Donny zack or Hayden/Nicole for the win!!!

  79. Yeah enjoy this while it last Donny fans cuz your precious old pervert man will be sent packing next week n then he will have no chance to get back in.

    lol, you all so happy now n i cant wait to see your tears next week when the BAE Cody win the HOH and kick Donny out on his butt. I will be luaghing so hard when it happen n I hope Donny has tears in his eyes when he is evicted. He called my BAE Cody a crybaby but he was the main one crying like a girl when he was saying that he got nobody in the game to play with.

    Lil crybaby Donny. You got no one cuz you not BAE like Cody. You just a old creep.

  80. I don’t care if some of these comp’s are rigged. Just seeing pig Derrick looking miserable is priceless. I hope Pig Derrick goes home. but if he doesn’t, he’s going need twork hard to keep his Girlfriend Victoria or his floater butt buddy Cody safe this week.

  81. Maybe the house guests will realize Donny is Americas Favorite. They said someone behind the wall clapped win Donny won. They also said production told Christine to not give bones to the Caleb. So production is trying to protect Donny. They know if Hayden comes back, they could team up and do some damage.

    I am ready for some drama.

  82. You know Crustine feel like a piece of crap since Donny won BOTB by himself. I really hope Cody goes or Derrick get backdoored by Frankie; and really, really, really really hope and pray Donny is the sole HOH next week to put up Fakie/Crustine. I’m so sick of those two poor excuse for human being so much that they give me gas! On a more personal note, DonnyLuverNYC, I’m so glad we’re back in touch after ten long years, I’ve missed you, girl! I can’t wait for you and your fiance to come over for this Sunday for dinner with me and my partner, watch Big Brother, cheer for Donny and make fun of the other losers in the house (except for Zach). And also, thanks for defending me…they really made me feel bad for voicing my opinion, but like you told me, “Don’t care what the motherf#$kers say, be true to yourself!” For now on, I will stay true to whatever I say and don’t care what others have to say about me! Love you, girl and see you Sunday afternoon…hugz!

  83. Honestly, I don’t think anyone would like Donny if he was the same exact person with the same exact personality but without the beard/if he was 23. People only like Donny for his beard and his age and if somebody who was younger won all these competitions fans would hate them because they would assume they are an awful person like Caleb or Cody.

    1. Wrong! We like him for kind, honest, loyal person he is. He doesn’t make vile comments about others just to be mean. He refused to vote with the house even though he knew his friend Jocasta was leaving. He showed more compassion and encouragement to Britt when she was doing her soccer penalty that anyone else in house. AND he is a competition beast…..What’s not to love???

  84. Hopefully Donny will win the POV and keep the noms the same and either Cody or Caleb will have to go


    Donny needs to sit Zach down and tell him to cut the mouthing off shit and make a pact to go for the Final 2. They will need to grab whoever comes out of the sequester house and convince them to join them (should not be hard at this point)

    The key would be for Zach to keep his mouth shut for at least 1 or 2 weeks so they can pick off Derrick and Fakie.

  85. They will rue the day they ever picked an orange skittle for Donny – he said orange makes him mad.

  86. I really CAN’T explain the feeling I get when I see that picture or watch Donny on TV crying by himself alone in a room especially when he doesn’t deserve it. He’s my favorite player this season, I don’t care what anyone says. Derrick’s followers just target him because he couldn’t care less about fitting in and is actually trying to play the game without just handing Derrick the 500k. If Zack can somehow team up with Donny I would be the happiest BB fan.

  87. Okay let’s try to understand this groups thought process…First Donny is a mastermind then he’s stupid because he only won 1 HOH then he’s a mastermind but he’s too stupid to know that Fakie and Derprick are out to get him. I just can’t…

  88. I hate that Christine is safe, but I’m glad Donny is. If Frankie was smart he’d put up Derrick as a replacement of Caleb. Then work with Caleb, Zach, and Donny to get rid of Christine, Victoria, and Cody. Then we have final 4 where POV is everything.

  89. I only recently started following the updates on this site and love reading the comments. Priceless!! I would say about 1% of you have a clue as to how this game is played. I love it, and I will continue to follow just for the laughs. The only 3 players who stand a chance of winning this game are Derrick, Cody, or Hayden. (Caleb stands a slight chance if a BB “Twist” goes his way at just the right time) If you don’t understand why……..nm just continue your ignorant posts lol. And FYI, production has no interest in seeing Frankie win this game. That should be obvious to anyone who has watched. Also, If the selection committee wants to do an IQ test when selecting candidates for future seasons, as many of you have suggested they should in your fascinating posts recently, they could eliminate a lot of people just by glancing at the posts on this site. Thanks Dawg and Simon, best update site I have seen as of yet!!!

    1. Well, aren’t you just a cute, adorable little person! Does your mommy and daddy know you’re up this late trolling on the big people’s computer? Please comment some more… made me laugh…..but don’t get any pb&j on the keys now…..

  90. I agree the best scenario would be for Donny to win POV and keep it the same (even though he doesn’t need the POV for himself). Boy would that tick them off. They need to come down a notch.

  91. Way to go Donny! I would love to see Cody go this week. Fingers and toes and eyes and everything crossed this happens! I would give big kudos to the boys if they smartened up and got him OUT! I really dislike him

  92. So just like last week with Frankie, Donny won the BOB all by himself. So just like last week all the comments are going to be about how production fixed so Donny could win it by himself…right guys….guys? …crickets…

  93. I have watched BB since year one. Noone else has gone from the person I most hated to my favorite. Caleb is hilarious and ever since Amber left, he is easily the most real person in the house. And entertaining.

  94. It’s funny how every week these “brilliant” players come up with “foolproof” plans to get their target out of the house. They wanted Zach out, he’s still here. They wanted Frankie out, he’s still here. They wanted Donny out and surprise surprise he’s still here. When are they going to realize they aren’t as in control as they think they are? Derrick is playing the best game so far, but that’s really not saying much. Donny and Zach need to team up and find a way to take Derrick out before he wins this whole thing.

  95. Christine knows America is not a fan of hers…Shocker? America loves Donny!
    I feel so bad for Donny. He knows that he is alone and must win BOB or Veto to stay safe. It’s time these boys to fight it out.

  96. For the love of God, send Caleb’s ass to the diary room for at least two hours every night beginning at midnight! Lyrical genius is about the dumbest idiot ever! There is NOTHING funny about this narcassist moron, Zach is funny and much better to watch for entertainment.

    Victoria wins POV. Why?……
    B/c then Zach will know that he’s at risk of being backdoored and will blow up everyones game. Zach will have to turn to Donny for help, and Donny plants seed about Derrick needing to go and the better option. Zach then goes to Victoria for help to not use pov and inturn tell Victoria she can’t trust Derrick bc the plan was to originally backdoor her. Zach will also go to Frankie and persuade him to put up Derrick over him if pov is used. Derrick will learn that he might be put up if pov used, will beg victoria not to use it, which will piss off cody and caleb b/c hes not using it to save one of them. Then the whole house will be pissed at Derrick and he will go home. And if not, no one will trust him and will know that he is working with Victoria

    1. Living in a fantasy world…. But you just keep hoping buddy!!! Haha comments like yours are why I love this page. Maybe ignorance is bliss :)

      1. if Victoria wins, this is very likely to happen actually, b/c then its bt zach and derrick. and if derrick feels he can’t convince frankie to put up zach over him then he’ll have to convince victoria its too risky to use pov which will piss off cody and caleb. would be very interesting and finally an exciting week. but yeah, we can only hope for something interesting to actually happen on this stupid show

    2. Uh ok – first of all EVERYONE KNOWS DERRICK IS WORKING WITH VICTORIA. He’s the only one doing so. She doesn’t believe there are any other alliances in the house except for her and him. She’s that dense – too much hair (long story).
      So your scenario is wonderful but everything Zach tells her, she immediately goes to Derrick with. She’s riding his dick or giving him elbow jobs or something and she’s not listening to anyone else. Second; and this is the most important – VICTORIA CAN’T WIN SHIT!

      1. well actually, victoria never went to derrick after zach told her about his other alliances, zach outed himself. also, i don’t think anyone knows just how close derrick and victoria are, not even us, but i do believe he might keep her over one of the guys b/c he knows that he can beat her in final 2. but lets face it, she can’t win shit on her own, so she is totally indebted to derrick to do anything in that house so she’ll probably do whatever to keep him no matter what

  98. Good stuff! Keeping things mildly interesting at least.

    Lets say Cody or Caleb win veto, pull themselves off. If Derrick can convince the group/Frankie to back door Zach, it would further solidify him as this season’s mastermind. Like it or not, it’s the truth. Derrick does NOT want Victoria leaving the house. Getting the group to keep her, when it’s obvious it helps only Derrick’s game to do so, would be impressive!

  99. Donny is a great men his family must be proud I know we are
    go Donny go we are rooting for you all the way
    we cry when Donny got on the block by team America member derrick
    now he safe we jump up and down that’s the kind of men you want your son to be like when he grows up
    treat people with resepect in care for people fellings that’s what Donny does he care
    that’s why he always have a fan in me thank you Donny you a great men we all rooting for you

  100. Caleb is very sensitive, naive, and insecure. While Amber was in the house, everyone called him a “creepy stalker” just because of his looks. On the surface, he would look like a typical “stalker” because everyone assumed because he was muscular and quiet that he also might be violent. From the beginning, I could obviously tell Caleb was an insecure, very devoted Christian who really wants a shot at fame to better his very close knit Christian family. I am glad to see that now that he feels comfortable, everyone can really get to know him. Unfortunately for Donnie, Donnie is more guarded and still no one attempts to try to get to know Donnie on a personal level unless they are “on the outs” (or on the block) isolated from the rest of the house.

    In the beginning everyone loved Cody, yet hated Zach and Caleb. Halfway through the season, the perceptions have reversed. Everybody that trusted Cody (only because of his looks) and Derrick eventually got burned. All those who would have put even 10% of that same type of trust in Caleb and Donnie probably would still be in the game. It goes to show, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

  101. Am I missing something? If Frankie nominated Donny/Christine and they won BOB, how is he still HOH? Also, why did Derrek nominate Cody?

    B/c with her safe Zach will know he’s at risk of being backdoored and will start flipping the house. Zach will go to Donny for help, and Donny will plant the seed about Derrick being the better option to go. Zach will go to Frankie and persuade him to put up Derrick over him as replacement nominee. Derrick will probably sense this considering Frankie and Zachs relationship and will then tell Victoria not to use the veto. Caleb and Cody find out and get pissed at Derrick, they will all tell Victoria she can’t trust Derrick b/c original plan was to backdoor her……and VIOLA! THE WHOLE HOUSE IS PISSED AT DERRICK, THEY CALL HIM OUT, AND HIS IS BACKDOORED!

  103. Cody wins, removes himself, puts up Victoria or Zach
    Caleb wins, removes himself, puts up Victoria or Zach
    Victoria wins, removes Cody, puts up Zack
    Donny wins, removes Caleb, puts up Derrick
    Christine wins, removes Cody, puts up Victoria
    Frankie wins, removes Caleb, puts up Victoria (outside shot at making a big move putting up Derrick)

    Donny, Christine or Frankie need to be the winner and I really like their odds. Besides Caleb they are clearly the 3 best competition players in the BOB. If Donny won it would be the best thing for the show going forward from an unpredictability standpoint.

    Would love for that whiny little bitch Cody go home. So sick of him crying over every little thing then turning around and talking about how he would punch everyone in the face. Dude is so charmin soft it’s not even funny. It was hilarious earlier in the season when he talked about how his brother would think he was a bitch if he backed down to Caleb and then he did just that.

    1. I’m not sure if I am reading you right, but if anyone of these scenario’s plays out Frankie will make the decision as to who will go up as a replacement. I don’t see Frankie putting any one up except Victoria or Zach.

  104. So i know most people hate derrick, but the reason no one has even flinched to get him out is because he is playing the best game! Everyone trusts him and hes silently munipulating everyone without detection. Even though he was te mastermind behind many evictions, hes always nice during the goodbye messages because believe it or not thats an amazing strategy to help the jury pick him in the end! Personally i like zach because hes crazy and adorable an i like donny and nichole as much as the next person BUT DERRICK DESERVES TO WIN. And likely will do so.

    1. i completely agree. derrick isn’t necessarily playing the best game, its that hes playing the only game! no one else has done anything or has come up with any strategy whatsoever. so its been everyone playing derricks game this entire season. which is why its been so pathetic and boring!!!!!

  105. hopefully after this week, they will finally realize that they can’t all win the show and that they have a harder chance of winning (meaning the votes will be split) if they go up against one of their buddies. Derrick knows this, thats why he’s got Victoria. Donny needs to convince one of them to work with him to final 2 b/c he can win comps and he won’t get votes b/c no alliance members in jury house

    1. Duh! But Donny sucks at this game. Why does no one on this site realize that!! He is going to win America’s favorite… that is it. He gets “3rd place” for being a nice guy. Nothing wrong with that, but don’t expect him to make a “big move.” Donny does not make any moves…..the comments here are priceless!!!!

  106. Saw this coming yesterday. If only Zach stayed up with Donny! I knew production would make the fan fav win this BOB.

    Now I think it is very likely Zach could be backdoored. However Frankie stays HOH now, if Zankie is truly back this would mean Zach is safe this week.

    Let’s hope Cody goes!

  107. It’s so funny how no one is complaining about production fixing this and threatening never to watch again. Usually it’s in every other comment on the update. Would love to see Cody or Caleb go. They’re both just as useless as Victoria. Anyone thinking Derrick will do anything to save Victoria this week is sadly mistaken though. He’s getting pretty sick of her and will most likely have to pick a new Danielle S14 if he wants to keep playing “Dan’s Game.”

  108. It would actually be best to send Victoria home this week and give Hayden a better chance of getting back in.
    If Caleb is voted out but then wins the comp to get back in, Master Derrick will convince him that they voted him out because they knew he could beat Hayden and nothing changes.

  109. So when Frankie won BOTB by hisself everyone screamed cheating. But when Donny wins it, everyone is happy lol. You live feeders are too much. Lol

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