DONNY – “would be wonderful if they busted up before I was gone.. so I could watch it”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: Zach & Cody
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

BB16-2014-08-19 15-21-15-014
3:16pm Backyard Derrick and Donny
Derrick saying if there’s another battle of the block they are going up for sure.. He really hopes they end that twist.
Donny says there will be 6 people playing in the HOH THey agree if it’s endurance they are not going to win it. Donny says Frankie is good at everything it helps them if he can compete with him.
Derrick – He’s a HOH beast
Donny -there’s nothing he’s not good at.. there’s always someone with him.. I don’t know how he gathers his thoughts..
Derick It’s his social game
Donny says Derrick has one person following him around Frankie has 3
Derrick says he’s been pushing Victoria away lately and she’s getting the message.
Derrick says it was good in a way that Christine and COdy got called out by Zing Bot because they really dialed it back a lot lately.
Derrick says if it’s single HOH Donny would be safe next week, “Unless we’re missing something I don’t see you going up there”
Donny – Everyone is thinking it’s them.. it’s the nature of the game
Derrick – you have my word if I win and it’s a single HOH you are not going up.. I plan on winning and you have my word… he’s a beast I Don’t want to put him up there.. Is all I have to say

BB16-2014-08-19 15-36-07-758
3:35pm outside lockdown
CHit chat..

BB16-2014-08-19 15-40-29-200
3:39pm Victoria, Derrick and Christine
Victoria about Zach – Just don’t f** with me..
Victoria saying he can do whatever he wants to her game wise but he crosses the line with the personal attacks all day long.
Victoria says she’s going to give Zach a piece of the hat. Derrick laughs says give in a piece when he walks out the door.
Victoria wonders if there will be a buyback if there is she’s screwed. Derrick tells her there will definitely be a buyback this week.. either way if Zach comes back into the game he’s goign to be putting Victoria up. Derrick doesn’t think Zach will beat Hayden he’s assuming there will be a buyback competition like BB13/15 but here also could be a america’s vote
Christine is really worried if Zach or Hayden comes back she will most likely be their target if they win, “it’s so skerry dangit “
Derrick tells her he’s got her back he’ll protect her. (Gives her a hug)
Donny joins them they start chatting about past competitions. Derrick mentions in one he told DEvin “Hey dude whats that on your neck” Devin ran to the glass to see the reflection. Derrick – “And he still beat me.. that dude was a beast and intelligent we learnt that the hard way”

BB16-2014-08-19 16-07-22-188


Donny reads out about the dartboard – “Houseguests This dart set is yours for the next 24 hours. At the end of the 24 hours you will need to return the darts to the storage room each week you will receive the darts for a new 24 hour period the dart board will remain in place for the rest of the season and must remain in it’s spot”
Donny points out “it’s just merchandising like everything else we’ve gotten”
RAndom games of Darts begins

BB16-2014-08-19 16-07-03-190
4:06pm Zach getting in the way of a dart game

BB16-2014-08-19 16-16-33-461
4:16pm Caleb and Derrick
Talking about last night shouters. Caleb says he thinks Zach was right last night the person shouted you’re the man beastmode, Zach we love you Frankie you’re the best. (Actually what was said was more like we hate you beast mode cowboy, Zach we love you Frankie you’re disgusting )
Caleb says regardless what was said he’s going to go home get 30 or 40 thousand fans and take his biggest fan on a hunting trip. Derrick says they have to think positive

BB16-2014-08-19 16-25-10-639

4:22pm Backyard Christine, Cody, Frankie
CHristine is saying her mom has problem been in a trillion fights with “Feedsters” already
Christine – You know the one good thing about the zingbot…. a lot of people are going to start following Tim @timstinks
Frankie – @timstinks
Cody Tim you rock
Christine @timstinks

BB16-2014-08-19 16-34-25-232
4:34pm Storage room Zach and Victoria
Zach – You’re still thinking about it..
Victoria – ya
Zach – what’s there to think about.. you know you are not going to wear it again.. it’s all dirty it’s all nasty i’ve worn it all summer
Victoria – I can wash it
Zach – why wouldn’t you just give it back to me .. if you are not going to wear it
Zach – You’re not going to give it back to me are you
Victoria – Zach
Zach – whaT
Victoria – If you are going to torture me I dunno .. If you are going to keep pressuring me obviously not”
Zach – So you’re not giving it back to me
Victoria – I said if you keep pressuring
Zach – so I can f*** your sh1t up
Victoria – Zach how old are you
Zach what
Victoria seriously
Victoria – how old are you
Zach wants to know if

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BB16-2014-08-19 17-10-32-517

4:44pm Zach and Donny
DONNY – “it would be wonderful if they busted up before I was gone.. so I could watch it”
Zach says once he goes it’s 5 vs 2, Beast Mode, Frankie, Christine, Cody, Derrick vs Donny and Victoria.
Donny – they won’t put up Victoria
Donny – you know how they stack up when they get to five
Zach – Cody and Derick are together
Zach – Frankie and Caleb are together
Zach – Christine will go with whatever makes sense
Donny – that’s dangerous for Frankie because Derrick has Victoria
Zach if you survive next week.. and you can pull Derrick and Cody on your side you’re golden.. And I think they would they don’t want to compete against Caleb and Frankie
Donny – cause they have proven themselves beasts in HOH
Zach – you need your luck to come it will come at the right time.. You just got to believe Donny .. your luck will come at the right time
Donny – Lord I hope your right zach
Donny –  i’ll believe.. it’s a little overwhelming.. there in there having a great time
Zach – they don’t even know Donny is in the house
Donny – they come out here and they sit on that couch if I’m sitting on this one
Donny – When they take pictures they want me to take their pictures.. Sad aint it we’re not in high school we’re grown ups I’m a grown man..
DOnny says his only chance is if the 5 cracks before they get him out.
Donny – who is the biggest target
Zach – Frankie
Donny – who will protect him when you and I are gone.. nobody.. that might be a chance for you Zach.. He’s ought to think about that.. I would..
Zach – you mean flip the votes
Donny – Don’t mention flipping the votes.. don’t mention keeping yourself.. .. just paint him as the biggest target.. What are you all going to do when Victoria is gone, Zach is gone.. donny is gone..
Donny – Frankie is the biggest target you can even lie and say you’ve heard them say they are going to get rid of Frankie.. Do it in the most sincere manipulative way you can he’s already paranoid.. I know if I was in his shows I would be nervous.. no one can sit beside him.
He’s played the game flawless..  social, physical game wise they he’s also put on a good show.

BB16-2014-08-19 17-18-25-233

5:01pm Storage room Cody and Derrick
Cody- I got to talk to you about a conversation Donny and I had all morning
Derrick – bad or good
Cody — Ahhh you’ll decide

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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I love how, despite everything, Zach is still totally respecting Frankie as a player. He knows the score and has real class. It sucks that Frankie is such a shallow dbag, because if he’d really stuck with Zach those two could have been unstoppable – Frankie’s got a great social game and is a killer in comps. Stupid Frankie. Oh well.


I don’t think that’s the case I think he wants Frankie out and because he might not be able to get him out he want someone to take him out for him. He wants Frankie gone.


I didn’t mention Zach’s current motives. Regardless of what he wants NOW, he still clearly recognizes and respects Frankie’s game play.

Also, had Frankie remained loyal to Zach, things would have played out quite differently, and we’d dealing with a completely different set of circumstances.

While what you say is true, it’s really a thought in itself, and not apropo to my original statement.

Incidentally, as an aside, people who are upset at Frankie’s so-called betrayal of Zach should really consider what you’ve posted. If Zach wants Frankie out, Zach fans can’t really get mad at Frankie for wanting Zach out.


Sure not reading that. The convo with Zack and Donny was golden. Zack has a little BB gamer in him. To late so sad. His assessment of who stands where and even stating Christine will go to the side in power is spot on IMO. Donny notes right away Victoria is in Derricks pocket.
Further Zack saying if Donny gets in with Derrick/Cody he’s golden is pretty much true. Derrick says Donny here better for his game for a reason. Competing against Caleb/Frankie tough. Derrick controls Victoria he might buy himself a couple weeks. Especially if he wins HOH. The Frankie option is pure genius in this regard. 3 comp threats together might run the rest out of the house. The flaw is I think Caleb still has split loyalties to Derrick/Cody.
Any way you cut it Donny better approach someone about something ASAP. He’s running out of lives. Really hope Zack comes back.


Is there any chance whatsoever that on Thursday Julie Chen could say Frankie you broke the Renom Rule by telling Zach, and therefore you have to replace Zach with another nominee because Zach is safe this week? I know it is probably a pipe dream that it will happen, but trying to keep hope alive so that maybe Zach, Donnie an perhaps Hayden could come back in the game and clean all the rats, skankies, piggies an crustines out of the house.


exactly is the rule? And if it’s a rule and it can be broken with no consequence then why keep it as a rule?. If there is such a rule then it should be followed. And if it means that Frankie broke the rule then he should be punished. I’m still not clear exactly what the rule states


Stupid everyone but Derrick. Geesh, would someone besides Derrick please grows some balls? What a bunch of rubes. Let’s all run back to Derrick and blab because we collectively are a bunch of gutless wonders. Except Donny. He has brains but his social skills kill his game play. Too little too late. So as long as Derrick can keep all their “balls” in the air, he will win.

Did I fail to mention Vapid Victoria? Does anyone even need to?

Big Sister

Has anyone else noticed that these ridiculous HGs all seem to have that “come to Jesus” moment when they are on the way out? THEN they have the audacity to come to Donny. If they hadn’t been so hellbent on ostracizing “the old guy”, they just might have seen the value of working with him.


That’s right, Cody Kotex, run to Daddy Derrick and tell him all about Big Bad Donny…you snitch! If you were in prison, you’d be dead if you snitched!!!


I agree Cody is a dumb floating bitch!!! Who has zero taste by allowing that disgusting housewife Christine to perpetually massage him. He is Derrick’s doormat. Does anyone who is at the bottom of the alliance have the common sense to realize they ought to take advantage of Donny and Victoria and flip the house now!!!

I totally agree, but....

Victoria will never, ever go against Derrick! She has fallen in love with him. She lights up every time she is near him. He let it happen, encouraged her, and hugs her all the time and says “I love you” back when she says it. He is almost as bad as Christine. I said almost.

Cody has been a floater from day one, he hasn’t done anything in the game except run back to Derrick or frankie with things being said. He hasn’t ever won anything. Hope donny wins HOH this week and puts all the Detonators on the block . Hope he also wins power of veto so he holds full control of who stays. ROOTING FOR DONNY TO WIN!!!!


Donny’s plan is working. He’s planting those seeds with Cody and Caleb (yesterday) because he knows and want them to tell Derrick to get Derrick off his game and all paranoid. Donny told Frankie he wants to talk game to him later. Donny is working them. All season Donny didn’t talk game with no one and they have each noticed it and commented on it, but now he’s talking to the guys one by one to cause paranoia between them and it’s going to work. I bet Frankie will pay it attention whereas Caleb is now paranoid and snooping around, and Cody didn’t’ believe it but Frankie like him or not will listen and pay attention to what Donny says. Look at how Derrick all of a sudden is spending more time with Donny and Donny is talking game about him to everyone of the guys but not talking game to Derrick at all outside of TA. Watch Derrick get paranoid and it’s going to cause everyone to notice and take what Donny said into consideration. At least Caleb and Frankie anyway. If only he can pull it off before Thursday then Zach won’t be the one leaving and Cody won’t be the one coming back either


Cody Kotex is the best thing ive heard all week….thank you for those two words!!


Oh how I would love for Donny to figure out a way to get pussy boy Cody kicked out on Thursday!?!? Then either Nicole or Hayden get back in and team up with zach and Donny!! It would be epic


That would be Awesome!!! It would be absolutely epic, please can someone from production please reprogram these stupid house guests.


I usually just lurk and read comments but this one had me laughing for a minute. Love the thought of “reprogramming stupid houseguests” . . . well put


That is what Donny is working on now. He’s planting seeds to get people paranoid. Remember he spoke to Caleb yesterday about Derrick, Cody today about Derrick and he told Frankie he wants to talk game later (and guess about who? Derrick). He told each one of them not to say anything he said or use his name. He knew they were going to run back and tell Derrick, He didn’t sit back all season and observed for nothing. He want them to tell Derrick to get Derrick paranoid. And he just told Zach to plant that seed with Frankie but do it strategically. Once Zach talk to Frankie and Donny talks to Frankie, and Frankie starts counting the numbers he has I wouldn’t be surprise if Cody goes home Thursday. Watch Donny work his magic. Just hope it works, because he’s definitely trying to save Zach without mentioning he is trying. He knows if he save Zach and someone come back will join him then him and Zach and that person can take over the house and Frankie will follow suit. Caleb will be at the bottom of their alliance against Derrick Cody and Christine with Derrick being at the top of the list. I didn’t forget about Vic, but like Donny said she useless at this point, he wants Derrick out first.

So predictable

Of course Cody will let Derrick decide-urgh


Noooo Cody, don’t do it! Keep it to ur self!


Stupid this late in the game not to keep some things to yourself for your own use. Hope Cody goes soon!


I bet after this experience Donny will never watch TV again. I think these dopes soured him. I like how he keeps planting seeds. The eternal farmer.


And, how ’bout Donny stating (to no one in particular, because no one gets his gems of brilliance) that the dart board is for marketing purposes like everything else in the house. OH YES hamster watchers, YOU TOO can own your very own Big Brother piece of shit dart board for only $39.99 + tax and handling!! Be the first one on your block to own one…….make your friends and relatives jealous with this flimsy piece of crap brought to you by the makers of the flimsy cardboard BB Corn Hole Set!! Make your neighbors green with envy!! Hurry, though, supplies are limited!!!


I think he was referring to the house guests marketing themselves; ie Frankie’s YouTube videos and his sisters album, Caleb’s wish to be on another “reality” show, Cody’s need for more people to “escort”, etc.
Probably why so many of them aren’t doing much to try and win.


Respectfully, Wisconsin, the actual word he used was “merchandising”. And, yes, they do have merchandise for sale on the Big Brother website. Hats, mugs, etc. ALL with the BB logo on them. They’ve been promoting and selling the BB corn hole set for five or six years, now. If you look closely ya the dart board, there’s a BB logo in the left hand corner. Do I think there will be some kind of question or comp to promote it? You betcha! But can YOU or I buy it? You betcha! We’ll see, I guess. Thanx for your input.


*at* the dart board


Oops!! Found it! It’s on their site for only $34.99!! My sincerest apologies, your Big Brotherness.

Big Sister

Ugh! I just saw a commercial for the media mogul’s sister’s album. Please somebody get him out of the house so he can help her further her music career–Oh, I forgot, she surely doesn’t need his help since she is a bigger star than Beyonce!


Yes Cody spill those beans!! Donny needs to go Cody and derrick/frankie for f2, I think derrick will win tho cuz he’s played the best game but I’m totally happy with that

I want Nicole to come back into the game and get Derrick out! He is a mastermind like Dick. He is a cop and he knows how to minuver peoples minds. Donny has been on the block almost every week and has gotten himself off. I think Donny has played the game well and should win


Hopefully Hayden and not Nicole, she already said if she comes back she going after Christin? So dumb! Hayden is the only one that knows what’s going.


We need u dani donato to go against this house!!

We hate you Beast Mode Cowgirl

Wouldn’t it be great if they revealed at the vote that Frankie violated the rules by telling Zack he was going home and made him pick a new nom on the spot. Wishful thinking…… #Team Zonny


Cody is such a bit@h, and a dumb one to boot. All of them (the dumb/fake squad) is consciously playing for 2nd place except derrick and Frankie because they know these two are controlling everything yet they make no sound moves to stop them. If Donny makes it to f2 he deserves the money because they would have continued to try and fail to get him out, he’s won many competitions, and lastly he knows what’s going on in the house and have tried to tell people and they are to dumb or arrogant or both to listen to the wise bearded man. Donny ftw


Cody, you ignorant slut…


Oh my dear Lord!!!!! THAT completely caught me off guard and made me laugh! Great timing, buddy. Still laughing….. Thank You


There may be a few people a little too young to get it, though. But, heck, I’m a little to old to get some of their stuff, too. 😉


Classic SNL, can still see dan saying that to Jane.


Can I like that more than once? As a BB fan I was insulted by drawing Skittles for noms. Grow some balls and make some INDIVIDUAL decisions. Everyone seems to be doing what is best for Derrick’s game.


Ahhhh…you decide Derrick because I’m too stupid to think for myself.

Jimmy 64

I think if Nicole comes back she will go after Frankie and get that
rat out of the game.


I am not sure whether she has learned a lesson or not. Much as I like her I am afraid if she goes back in she will again believe everything she is told and just do as she is told.

Cody's vagina lips

Drip Drip Drip……….Cody can’t contain his lips……lil pus is getting all wet and can’t wait to open up to Derrick…….hope Zack get Frankie to flip the votes and kick lil soccer boy out here


There IS one thing Zack can do to flip Frankie. And Frankie is ready for the transformation. Takes Bromance to a whole new level.

AA Battery

Derrick is dominating. Zach and his idiot fans are in emotional pain. This is a good season.


I’ve respected Derrick’s game almost all season. Steady, methodical, well thought out. Of course these nitwits have made it easy. Never on the block, everyone’s buddy, manipulated the situation to his advantage every week. Somewhat boring but effective. Last week I would have agreed he should win even though fans have been turning on him more and more (out of sheer frustration and boredom?)

Lately though Derek’s getting increasingly unlikable as he gets close to the end and more paranoid, and an Unofficial part of the social game imo is getting and keeping the fans behind you; entertain us with SOMETHING. He treats Victoria like a disposable piece of trash when it’s clear she adores him. I’m no Victoria fan but really? She’s a person. And Derek’s such a hypocrite about the Team America thing when it comes to Donny.

Still yeah the jurors should vote for him over Cody or Christine or Victoria. At least he’s playing he’s just being a douche about it right now.


Of course the dumbass Cody is going to tell his master everything. Such a puppet! His family must be embarrassed because I am embarrassed for him and he ain’t even related to me, thankfully! Disgusting.

Pink Skunk

Cody about to deliver Donny’s head to King Joffrey er Derrick. We knew that was coming. I’m hoping and a prayin ( can ya hear me Jacosta) that Zach can pull a miracle out Thursday ( hoping that it’s the renom rule) and we have a big shocker. It sickens me to hear how ostracized Donny feels with that other group of a$$holes. I hate them. Wish I was in shouting distance of that backyard too. first shout: ” Derrick is a cop” PLEASE have Zach stay, Hayden return, Snagglepuss leaves ( replacing Zach heh heh heh) This season is in dire need of redemption. With the exception of Zonny, those people are very shallow and vile.


This is a great comment. Thank you for expressing exactly what I am feeling. They have truly alienated Donny and it just isn’t right. I felt really bad for him when he Was crying on the bed and said,” what did i do to Make people so scared of me. i cant imagine how difficult it has been to be in that house for him. CBS better do something about this because the good guy who has competed his ass off deserves to WIN. Derrick is no great mastermind, these house guests are spineless followers. They make anyone who has half a thought look like a genius.


Nice cliffhanger… but we all know Cody is going to rat Donny out


:-). Cliff Hanger! :-). Funny, Slop Balls! Y’all are in rare form, tonight! I love it!


it pretty much doesn’t matter what Donny says to them he’s everyone’s target so good for him trying to get ppl paranoid.not like they weren’t really going after him anyways the only ppl playing this season are Donny derrick and Frankie and Donnys the only one that’s constantly had a target on him TEAM DONNY!!!


WHY is Cody the biggest pusssy to ever play Big Brother? WHY?! Go run to Derrick and let HIM decide whether or not it’s bad? WTF? Man these HG are stupid this year… Hope Nicole or Hayden come back and shake that house UP!!!

If they only had a brain...

These people are the most dysfunctional group I have ever seen. Even the so called Super Fans. They think because their alliance has stayed in tact that it will remain. I can’t wait to see how this plays out once they realize that Derrick has everyone in his back pocket. This week was the perfect time to get rid of him and they didn’t. So now I hope Donny and Derrick are final two.


Just because one can sit on the couch and stuff their face with
Doritos while watching BB … does not make you a super-fan!
I have watched many chess matches, It does not make me a
chess champion. Real super-fans actually understand something
called strategy. Which no one in the house seems to understand.
Why is everyone acting like scum DerICK is so smart? Compared
to a box of rocks … I guess he is! Team Donny FTW!

Big Sister

Because the majority of them have only binge-watched a couple of previous seasons. They are not super fans. They don’t know about the feeds, OBB, Joker’s, Hamsterwatch, etc. The self-proclaimed superfans in the house are making “superfans” a dirty word! Though I don’t care for him, Derrick is the only one to have any idea how to play the game.


Since Co-dependant outed Donny to Derrick, Donny should get to Derrick before Cody. Donny should act like he knows Cody ratted him out about their conversation and say he was testing Cody to prove he was right about Cody and Derrick having a final two. He should also let him know he is aware of everything else going on (all the side alliances). This could possibly leave an opening for Derrick to maybe want to work with Donnie since it’s time to start turning on Frankie, Caleb, Christine. Victoria is absolutely worthless. Derrick knows Donnie can win competitions that he and Co-dependant can’t. Thank you, Zack for spelling it all out for Donnie. Now he really knows everything. Just wish you had done it last night. Victoria cannot get to final two! She is the most worthless person I have ever seen.

Nana B

Here he goes…Cody running to daddy Derrick to tell him what mean old Donny had to say to him this morning. Get a rope! Little asshole!


Give me a break…..the biggest target should be Frankie. He is a dirtbag and thinks he deserves to win the big money. Like him or not, Derrick is playing a great game…trying to keep everyone as friends and still throwing people under the bus. He is manipulating Frankie…not the other way around.


As expected, Cody is ratting out Donny to Derrick. Cody is so weak!!! He could have kept that convo to himself and use Donny’s insight to help him make decisions over the next couple of weeks. Instead, he’s just relegating himself to a spot in the jury.


Is this the first season where BB recruited ALL High School graduates, because that’s how I feel with this bunch. Such whiney, bitchy people who don’t know how to treat people right AND play the game for themselves… BB NEEDS to give us an All Stars season because the past 3 seasons now have been flops and I’m just done with it.


Did they graduate from high school?


Beast Mode said he went to college and even had a 3.6 GPA. I was shocked he even know what a GPA was.


Was that before he went to West Point?


Thanks for your stupid comment.


You;’re right…I never considered it before, but it makes sense. A lot of the HG’s have said that they went to college for a year or two, but most of them never graduated. Out of sixteen, maybe six are college grads.

This probably explains why they’re all such bad game players…when it comes right down to it, they’re just not that smart:)


Cody you are a little sniveling weasel!
Yes Derrick, we all know that you were terrified of Devin. If Devin was still in the house, you would of been sent packing along time ago. Devin would of worked with Donny, and Donny would of told him what a snake you are.


Donny talking game now is making this week more suspenseful. I hope he and Zach can at least sway Frankie to keep Zach this week, then go after Frankie and Derrick!


That’s it Donny….get someone else to run around and do your dirty work for you. “But don’t mention my name”. I can’t wait till he finds out they have all been comparing notes on his activities. Do this and that but DON’T MENTION MY NAME.


I posted this comment on the CBS big brother site, but wanted to post it here.

Dear CBS, Rich M., and Allison G.,

I also like many have watched BB since 2000 and am a super fan. However, I have been disappointed in things the last few seasons.

1. Brendon had to follow the rules and nominate Ragan instead of Brittany, once he told Brittany in advance she was going up besides Lane, it was then redone for TV to make it look like the conversation never happened ( At least the rules were followed)

2. When Porshe had to reverse her nominations of Rachel and Jordan because of Pandoras Box, and had no choice but to put up the only ones left eligible to be nominated.

Now these last 2 seasons the constant racism and hatred of the houseguests towards others was almost unbearable to keep watching. But there is no rule stating that a houseguest can’t be racist and hateful. Actually I am surprised Allison G. and Rich M. still had a job after that season.

This year is taking all the above and do nothing about it!

1. Caleb should have not been allowed to go on the reward once he decided to sit out the competition.

2. Christine cheated and handed Caleb a bone in the last BOB, an obvious example of cheating and then bragging about it in the DR, she should have received a penalty nomination for cheating. What if that had been the bone that would have helped Caleb and Cody win the BOB.

3. Victoria GAVE the pink hat to Zach, essentially making it his property. Then production telling her it was ok to destroy it to piss of Zach, which was his property at that point. It is also worth noting the feed was blocked when she asked for a knife and began destroying the hat.

(Last time someone played with a knife, they were removed from the house, (Re: Season2).

4. The constant bullying of others in the house, to the point it has become difficult to watch. In case you didn’t know bullying is a big problem right now and those watching it on BB just encourages this problem. There is a difference in lying and backstabbing in a game like BB and actually bullying people and their reputation to be seen by millions. I realize this is more of a houseguest problem, than production but some of the bullying tactics have included threats.

5. Allowing team America to use Zach constantly to accomplish their missions, encouraging him to start arguments, blaming him for everyone’s items being taken and so on. On the mission to steal items and start a patrol it never said to try to convince the missing items on a houseguest.

6. Lastly, but most importantly, the whole Renom controversy. Not directly telling a houseguest they are going to be the replacement nominee for the veto and would be voted out by everyone. It’s one thing to be vague and say you don’t know what you are going to do with the veto while you are also HOH, and directly breaking the rules by saying you are the replacement and leaving, and production doing nothing about it. ( Production at least corrected it in season 12 with Brendon telling Brittany)

If you read ANY BB message boards you will see just how many of your viewers are furious with how nothing is being done to resolve these problems. The whole Renom thing was the leading message on twitter with over 32,000 just hours after Frankie broke the rule by telling Zach he is going up and leaving.

Allison G. and Rich M. do the right thing for once and fix this problem Thursday by having Zach come off the block and have Frankie have to nominate either Derrick or Victoria for eviction, or have Christine put up for cheating and Victoria for destruction of property which was no longer hers.

All of us as fans are hoping that production finally starts doing the right things when rules are broken. These rules were enforced in the past and should continue to be enforced. Otherwise it becomes an unfair playing field for the houseguests when rules are ignored and things changed at the last minute to give production favorites an advantage over others. ( Ex.Rachel and Jordan)

I sincerely hope you are listening to the viewers and reading their comments. If not then hopefully CBS will fire Allison G. and Rich M. and find producers that will start making things more fair for all houseguests.


Thumbs up x 1000. Well said.

Zack get a good lawyer and sue them for $500,000

Go Zack


thank you for the taking the time to research and write this post. believe or not, corporations do read the comments sent to their websites, so we can only hope yours is at least passed on to the appropriate persons.


Dear Sir/Madam




Do you think we care about your comments? Ratings are good. Leave us alone. Yours, CBS.


Earlier today…..
Christine told Victoria that (when she was in the DR) production didn’t care what she had to say.

NEWSFLASH Christine !!!! It ain’t JUST production…… NO ONE cares what you say.


Look, Zack is gonna be evicted this week. The buy back could be a bigger twist than just a normal buy back. What if it is a double eviction and double buy back? Could that happen? That would flip this whole game upside down and make it interesting again. Hope that Zack and Hayden return if this happens.


Cody, do you really have to run to Derrick every time Donny says something to you?… Come on grow a pair !!


Hate how Frankie again used Donny, just like Chris did last week, to take “their” pictures leaving him out of almost of them.


They are heartless.


Please eject Fakie already from the game. It is no longer fun to watch with him in it!

renom rules?

What do you guys mean by references to the renom rules?


Cody is doing exactly what Donny wants him to. Donny is smart and knows every persons game without anyone telling him. He knew cody would run to Donny.Donny and Zach are trying to create a crack in the group in efforts to get Zach and Donny to stay in the house verses some of the others. I can’t wait to see Zach talk to Frankie abt how he’s a huge target. I really hope something bad happens within the detonators I want to see some drama.

Mister E

I love how Donny is planting seeds with some of them. It can work 2 ways. He can get someone on his side, or (what I think he is really trying) he will get them to turn on each other. He is being very smart about it. He has nothing to lose and I think zach will realize he has nothing to lose also. Go Donny Go!!!!!


I wondered how long Kuddling Kotex Kody could hold it in. I’m not saying this just because it’s Donny, but that’s one thing about these group of emotionally stunted middle school mentality adult that has made the game less fun to watch. At first I thought maybe they are too young but that’s not really the case. It’s just them. It’s more fun when the play field of intelligence is miles apart among people. They don’t hold just a little bit to themselves to ponder it to see if they can use it for their advantage or to be clued in about someone. As long as they feel they have and emotional connection of trust than they don’t seem to easily accept that just maybe the person is a snake. You don’t have to immediately turn on the person but what’s wrong with keeping a little for yourself before whoring out every piece of information you get? Victoria did the same thing last week when Zach told her some useful information. Instead of processing it she tells Nicole. Nicole did it to Donny more than once. Caleb was basically duped by Frankie and knows he’s a liar and got Amber out and now he’s borderline his b*tch so he can get some social media followers and “meet” Ariana and Justin Beiber. Even as ruthless as Christine can be it only seemed to be towards other women and people she hates. A lot of cowardly dysfunctional game play this year.


Cody is such a bone head. Obviously he is not thinking or playing to win. This detonators group is so pathetic and desperate to not get evicted. It will be so nice to start watching some of them walking out the door. Oh and the boos please everyone boo the living sh-t out of them!! that will make me so happy.


Pathetic? They lasted this long, that’s not pathetic in my eyes.
How dare they be so desperate to not go out in a game worth $500K, only the best players are eager to go out, like Lawon of BB13.

Sick of this Crap

Cody’s plan is to ride Derrick’s butt to second place and 50K. That has been his whole game since Day One.

echo 1

Where they getting the all stars from!!


fuck yes derrick , Donny is going for your ass if he wins hoh on Thursday…. derrick and Frankie u guys should be paranoid… if Donny send derrick or Frankie to jury the house would blow up and change the game completely…

echo 1

Still trying to figure out what makes this the most twisted big brother ever! No excitement, no endurance, no drama, no two sided game play, no suspense, no showmance, no reason to watch, no season 17 and no Mas

Your statement is more accurate then you know

Go echo!!!


Donny could just pull off some major damage if he keeps this up. We all know the blob of an alliance can’t go much further together,so its time to start destroying the numbers.

If he manages to pull off an HOH win,things could really get interesting.

Paranoid Patty

Between Donny’s seed-planting and the recent shouted remarks over the backyard fence, some people in the house are beginning to feel a lot less confident. And hooray for that.

Jimmy 64

The only way I think Jacosta could get back in the game is if she
was playing by herself . Go Hayden or Nicole .

Kathie from Canada

I’m trying to think outside of the boring box. What if Donny is getting Derrick’s attention so that they could team up, vote out Cody, and save Zach. Play off of Derrick’s paranoia. That would mean Hayden’s return is almost a given. Victoria is still a vote. Caleb might even run to the power. With the numbers, this group could focus on booting Christine and Frankie. Once that is accomplished, they could then turn on Derrick and eliminate him. I know it would never happen, but it would be interesting for sure. Otherwise, we know how this season will wrap up.


production its really really really sad that all these
young people is against that old man Donny
ask a fan everybody should have a chance
Donny didn’t have a chance since day 1
with team America team you will think but they trying to get
him out too
that’s why we ask fans will love for Donny to get some kind of power
he desiver it more then anybody
what derrick an Frankie doing to Donny
is wrong
production you heard the fan over the wall say Frankie I cant spell it but you know its bad
we all want Donny to get some power to keep him in the game
derrick an Frankie don’t need it they already safe ask you can see
from all us fans production if Donny goes home before cody Christina and cleab this show will never be watch
again what christna did bob was wrong giving the bone to cleab I know you seen it cause we did in the other time cleab sitting out then get a award what happen to big brother is fair I think them two should not play
for hoh this week it not right please anything you can do to help Donny please do us fans or watching please help Donny


Here is what Donny might be doing.
First he talks to Caleb and lets him know he is bottom of the BB totem pole
Then he talks to Zach (Before the PoV and gets Zach to share a small amount of information.)
Then goes to Cody and talks to him about Derrick, Caleb, Frankie, Christine and that Victoria is the
Gina Marie of the Season. He then says are you going to play smart or just go home.
(This will make Cody to run to Derrick)
Cody runs to Derrick and shares the information but not to Christine and Frankie.
Next the seed will be planted in Frankies head that he is a huge target.
He has taken everything that he has learned by quietly watching and listening to them and planting those seeds.
He has just given Zach a way to stay in the House. One thing he has probably noticed is that these guys are extremely paranoid…..
If the next step after planting these seeds is to spend as much time with Derrick and Cody as possible. Expose them as a team… refresh their memories on who really was talking with Nicole and Hayden. Get Frankie and Christine extra extra paranoid about Derrick and Cody…. have those seeds planted. tend to them and possibly by Thursday Zach may have his votes to stay and evict Cody.
Christine, Caleb and Donnie to evict Cody
Derrick and Victoria evict Zach
they can justify that at least Cody has a chance to return even though he is terrible at comps.
It might work… this season has two things about it…. They are disloyal, paranoid, lie and prone to abrupt changes of course. At the very least if Hayden, Nicole or Zach return they will slip into chaos.

Donny may have purchased two weeks with this possibly more.

Another Anonymous

I like that scenario except I would make one change. I would hope that by Thursday Frankie and Christine are so paranoid about not having the numbers that if the renom rule is applied Frankie puts up Derrick. He would have Zach, Donny and Christine’s votes to evict. Now, that would make for a great show and could help redeem the season.


Wishful thinking. I wish it would happen, but I do not think any of these house guests have the guts or the smarts to pull something like this off unless Production intervenes. Only Donny is a true BB player, but he is out gunned unfortunately, and unless something major happens next week, it is likely good bye Donny.


Next season they need to:
1. Cast people in various age groups.
2. Nobody headed for Hollywood “stardom”.
3. Stick to their rule book.
4. Forget the BOB.

Sick of this Crap

Agree with all that Moondance, especially the age groups. It was strange to put Donny in the house by himself as the only person over 40 because it is human nature even for someone in their mid 30’s to look at a person with a 4 as the first digit of their age as part of a different generation, even if that person is just a few years older ( isn’t Derrick 36 and Skanky 31?? ). That guaranteed Donny would be an outsider and have virtually no one to work with in the game. That’s one reason why I think he has played very well to have survived so far.

Michael LB

It’s strictly generational, those in their 20s will cluster together, 30s together and so on. They have similar cultural references, are at the same point developmentally and life stage, and so on. By throwing a single person in the house being either so much older or younger they will automatically be an outsider. Then, when you add in a player with Donnie’s social awkwardness, he’s going to automatically be the outsider.
I completely agree that the next season might really benefit by having a cast that has significantly greater age diversity (and more than one token gay or one token Asian might be a good idea as well).

I Dont Understand Why People Like Zach

I dont get why people like Zach. To behonest I think he believes that he can just be mean to people and they will be stupid enough to keep him around. Zach you are NOt Will Kirby. Or even maybe he thinks he is some twisted version of Dan Gheesling… dumbass. Also, hes just going to stick with Frankie cu he has some crush on him. The real fruit loop dingus is Zachgetback…….to your house…haha