Victoria “I would take a knife! If you ever did anything to hurt me your pen!s will be gone!”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

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1am Up in the HOH room Caleb says do you think its best to tell him Monday morning right before. Christine says it would be better, less time for him to terrorize. Caleb says do I think it would be better if we just tell him and not blindside him? Maybe, I don’t know. Derrick says I really don’t care how he reacts at this point. We will have to live with him for two day anyway. And no matter if he goes on Thursday or in two week he is still going to lose it. Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they return. Christine says Derrick I think you’re cute. Derrick says I can’t wait for my diary room with him to be like thank god my wife married me before she realized I was ugly. Caleb says so Caleb how do you feel about being called beast mode cowgirl? Caleb says during the whole Devin thing he told me not to touch him if he hits you. I am sorry if Derrick puts his hands on my I would straight punch him in the throat. It would be the sickest fight in Big Brother history! Big Brother unlocks the backyard. The house guests run outside. Caleb and Cody play pool.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-17 02-37-54-771

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Up in the HOH room – Frankie is taking a bath and talking to Zach. Frankie says Kathy Griffin is a bada$$ b***h! Guess how many f**k’s she gives! Zero! Zach says I can’t believe we met Kathy Griffin!! She is literally my idol! Zach goes to listen to Frankie’s music.

bandicam 2014-08-17 02-06-28-561

2pm Out in the backyard – Zach and Cody are playing pool. Frankie says I can’t believe that Kathy Griffin was standing literally right there!! It didn’t happen! She was not just standing right there!! Frankie says that she said about Caleb – You and Amber have something in common. You think she’s drop dead gorgeous and she wants you to drop dead. Zach tell Caleb that he was laughing along with it. Caleb heads inside. Frankie says I really hope he realizes it too now.
Frankie says Zing-bot called you a froot loop dingus loser! “You know what’s cool about being unemployed and doing the gator chomp after graduating college … NOTHING! You froot loop Dingus loser! ZING!”
Victoria asks she said loser? Frankie says yes. Christine asks he said Froot Loop Dingus that’s Awesome! Frankie says Kathy’s zing to you while staring at me was perfect. Derrick says I think there would be some girls in the world that would choose me over Cody. Granted maybe only 5 but there’s got to be a few. Caleb comes out with his cowboy hat and the 5K medal necklace.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-17 02-21-56-975

2:35am Christine is laying on the backyard couch reading her HOH letter from her husband Tim. Christine rolls on to her back and starts crying.

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2:45am – 3:25am Derrick joins her and asks if she wants to talk about it married to married. Christine says yeah. Derrick says it was brutal what they did. BRUTAL! Christine says I can’t believe they did that. Derrick says your husband loves you. Derrick says I am married and I don’t see anything wrong with what you’ve done. I’m sure you husband is okay with it. Look at me I was basically called the ugliest guy in the house. Christine says it is driving me absolutely crazy. Christine says Cody feels terrible too. Christine starts to cry. Derrick hugs her and tells her she’s done absolutely nothing wrong. Christine says you know what gets me in the letter is where he says “Don’t forget about me” That makes me feel terrible that he would think I would. I just don’t want Tim to be embarrassed either with his parents and friends and family. Derrick asks have you asked about them to not play that part? (not play her zing on the episode) Christine says I know no matter what when I get home things will be fine but I kills me that Tim feels sad right now. Derrick says Tim sounds like a ball buster.. Like how he will probably want to kick Cody in the balls. Christine says with Tim and I there was this guy that used to touch my leg and he hated him. He took forever to tell me. Derrick says Cody is a very touchy feely guy ..maybe just pull it back a bit with Cody. You don’t need talk to Cody about it. It’s not like your cheating on your husband and I don’t think for a second that the zing was about that. Christine says I’m aware of it now. Derrick says yeah and you can fix it, I can’t fix my face. Christine says your not ugly! Derrick says being here you realize how much you love Tim and this is a glimpse into life with out him. Christine and Derrick say together and it sucks! Derrick says your going to get a razed when you get out. Christine says I just don’t want to get if from his family and my pastor. Derrick says I don’t think you would. Christine says I am just a really touchy feely person. Derrick says its not like you’re sleeping alone with someone. Just reel it in a bit. Derrick says the thing that gets me is that people are talking about it in DR’s. Derrick reads her letter and says its nothing but positive. I read it like when you win some money.. don’t forget about me. You don’t want something so small you don’t want it to trip you up. When I beat you I want to beat you at your best. Christine says you’re funny. Derrick says I don’t think I’m the ugliest guy in the world but its a joke. We’re all good look people. They wouldn’t have made that comment about me if they didn’t believe I could take it. I think that there’s enough common sense in my brain to know that I can look over to my right and see Donny.. you know?! Christine says this is true. Christine says I told the counsellor that that the only way I would get a divorce is if he cheated on me. And he said the only way he would divorce me is if I tried to kill him. Derrick and Christine laugh. Derrick points at his wedding ring and says this is all that matters. Derrick and Christine end their conversation and hug.

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3am Cody and Frankie are playing pool talking about Zach being the replacement nominee. Frankie says I am hoping he goes down like a wounded soldier. Cody says I know that when it happens Zach is going to try to wreck you against me. But at that point I would be like you’re going home, I’m working with him.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-17 03-12-33-437

3:15am – 3:30am Up in the HOH room – Zach talks to Caleb. Zach says today worked out perfect! Zach says can you imagine it being us 6 and then us 5! That would be a fun week! Zach says thats a 20% chance at 500K! Caleb and Zach say they’ll take those odds. Caleb says only 1 person can win! Zach says I just want to stay here as long as possible. Caleb says everybody does! But if it was me this week I would be like okay send me out and give me my 18K! I would love to see the jury house. Zach says I am just happy that Victoria is going to be gone. Caleb says yeah now is about time! Caleb says my time to win is going up .. I think the only one that could hang on with me is probably Frankie. Zach asks you don’t think I could? Caleb says nope. Zach says me neither. Caleb says if I go next week .. Zach says you’re not going. Caleb says I wouldn’t go mad. I am an easy guy. I would be happy I made it this far. From here on out I know if I don’t win HOH I am going up on the block. Zach starts talking to the camera about getting down to the final 5 and battling it out. Zach tells Caleb we’re guaranteed to stay until at least day 70!! Zach leaves. Caleb says that kid is crazy!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-17 03-29-33-592

3:35am Victoria and Derrick are talking on the hammock. She tells him that Frankie told her he’s putting up Zach. Derrick asks he told you that? Victoria says yeah. Derrick hears Zach talk about the Germany trip with Cody. Cody’s talking to him about Germany but he’s going to be voting him out on Thursday. We’ll see how he is with everyone after he goes up on Monday. Victoria starts crying about how her hair fell out and she’s taking medicine for it. She says her head was hurting so bad and bleeding. Derrick asks is whatever you have permanent or is it something that will go away? Victoria says I wear clips (for her hair extensions) and I literally wear them all day long and they’re digging in and I’m bleeding! Derrick says what’s more important you appearance or you health. Victoria says I know but we’re on tv! Derrick asks you don’t think they’ve not already seen you at your worst? Victoria says I can’t even look at myself in the mirror with out them. My hair is just such a big part of me. Derrick asks was it an accident or something? Victoria says no. I don’t want to say. It was just so sudden and there were no symptoms. Derrick asks was it cancer? Victoria says no. Derrick says well that’s always good! Victoria says it just sucks because its bleeding.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-17 04-01-12-304

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Ha. Well I comment would have sweetened your “first-ness”.

Ok Derrick has just shown his true shallow self. This is nothing about game. This rant is about everyone’s inflated ego in that house (except Donny who seems to be just the opposite).

When Derrick was comforting Christine about the zings (his was about not being the attractive guy in house) he said “I just have to look over at Donny and know it’s all a joke”. Or something like that

So vapid and shallow these people are. Derrick you aren’t “hot” in the classic sense on the outside but what makes you UGLY is your shallow inside.

I personally would put you and Donny about the same level as outward appearances go – although I think Donny is going to surprise when he shaves and will clean up real nice). But what makes Donny literally way more attractive then you is what’s inside. His warmth and kindness are examples of qualities that really do make someone attractive.

Can you imagine if Derrick did look like Cody?? He’d be even more of a d*ck with that ego of his.


Sorry Derrick, but Donny is a good looking man. All he needs is to shave and wear some better clothes. More importantly he has a heart of gold. Derrick on the other hand has a pig nose!


I can’t stand that stupid nose…and notice how he wrenches it’s piggly glory when he’s with Victoria. They make a cute couple.


She got the perfect face to remove the hidden remains of constipation if you use it to wipe ur arse with . Derrivk is a cops of course he’s got an infatuated ego . Imagine him with a gun how much he feel all mighty and powerfull . He’s a pig that actually look like a pig .
Zing bot should have made that his zing to him


I’m not a fan of beards, but I think that Donny is a nice-looking chap…he has pleasant features. Derreck….not so much.


I wouldn’t be so quick to jump to such conclusions. I highly doubt Derrick meant that Donny is ugly. Donny with his ragged beard is at present very unattractive. I wish I could trim that beard to make it more attractive. When Donny leaves and cuts that beard I have no doubt there is a very attractive man underneath. What Derrick said was he understood it was a joke . I don’t think either Donny or Derrick are ugly , I do see Frankie and Zach as extremely ugly people. Frankie’s claim to build schools can’t change that. Ugly has nothing to do with looks, IMO. I also think Christine had no idea what her actions in regard to touching Cody looked to others. We don’t always see ourselves as others do and it is evident that BB is showing us how they want us to see it so we can have a reaction. The more reaction , the better for their ratings.


Derricks reference to Donny was just another rationalization about the zing. It’s bothering him a lot and he’s obviously been wondering why he was targeted when Donny is technically less attractive than Derrick right now bc of the beard. The issue is that Derrick is the only one of the young well groomed men who is not good looking. He has one of those faces that could be seen as cute, average or ugly, depending on the viewer. He’s probably had enough positive comments over his life from people who find him cute, to think he’s on the good looking side. So this really goes to the core of his self image. Can’t say that I feel badly for him though, lol.


he has had that beard for a year didn’t have it before im sure girlfriend has a a lot to do with it I didn’t like beards my wife loved them so I had a beard and she took care of business below the belt worked out well just a thought


Here’s a room full of people who care:



No youtube shit here k?

Donny the king


Cough, Derrick!

I’m surprised how bothered Derrick is with the Zingbot’s comment about his looks. He’s mentioned it to everyone in the house. Who knew he was so thin-skinned.


Yeah it’s funny how he keeps going on about it and then ends each time he says something “well it doesn’t matter. It’s just a game and they are just joking” and then continues to goe on and on about it.

I guess it was the perfect zing. I think he thought he had it all going on with his new little beard, his hipster hat and his fake glasses. He constantly checking himself in mirror. Lol


He mentions it to throw off the house of what the zing really meant. It’s not about his looks. It’s about his hiding behind the guys so no one sees what he’s doing.


Yeah right! That is definitely not what the zing meant. There was no hidden meaning.
He meant Derrick is not as good looking as the other guys, not that he’s ugly, but just ordinary.


I actually think Donny is better looking than Derrick, the unmaintained beard just throws him off! Also I think Donny is in better shape than Derick!


I agree. I think when Donny shaves he’ll look pretty good.

The only thing Derrick should be copying regarding the young guys is their muscle building. He’s got all the time in the world, his body is doughy…hit the weights dude!! Caleb would be more then happy to show off his trainer skills.

Nicole shaving Derricks back was one of the grossest scenes this season. Lol.


Yelling does little to get your point across. Derrick is a person who probably has feelings like everyone else. He may think he looks good but it is only superficial. Nobody looks more foolish ,to me, than Frankie. The guy has no boundaries. He takes over what others have won (HOH room) is now wearing Derricks hat. He may think he stands out but he looks like a thousand flamboyant gay men. His actions are a sad representation of someone who says he was protecting his sister’s image by lying. I don’t think Derrick’s response to the joke is that surprising. The people who don’t get insulted when they are insulted are the ones I would be concerned about……….no feeling, no sense. Donny is a nice guy and maybe that is why people are over reacting? Zingbot may have picked up some of the crudeness of some of the houseguests? Zings are not funny if they are meant to hurt people. I don’t think the zing at Derrick was anything but a joke and Derricks remark about Donny was an observation about his scraggy beard. Nothing more.


A light bulb finally goes on ” Christine realizes that maybe cuddling Cody is wrong “. But still feels it’s ok to hug it out with Cody. Guess hugging is allowed.

Cough, Derrick!

So hugging not allowed either? How about high-5s? I’m not fan of Christine’s, but makes me nervous when people judge women so strictly. It was obvious Christina wasn’t behaving sexually with Cody. It looks more like how someone would behave with a pet.


Cody does remind me a lot of a Pomeranian…


What gives you the right to insult my poor little doggie? He is much better looking than Cotex. 🙂


and I just might add that my precious pom does NOT sit down to wee.


Cody, IMO, looks more like John Travolta than Zach Ephron. Cody is the ultimate floater in this game. He is sneaky too.


Well Cody does act like a kitty or another word to describe cats, so makes sense. I saw the hug and seemed to be a very close one in my eyes, but maybe that is who she is, but she is humiliating her husband and family with those actions, but I still feel Cody is batting for Frankie’s team. Hope Zach can turn something around and stay, he seems the only nice one to Donny.


Its not quite the same thing as a pet. But if Cody had balls he would probably lick them.


There’s not a darn thing wrong with hugging, I hug men all the time – but damn, not that kinda of hugging and holding anda touchinin if Christine was doing it with the other guys then there would be nothing said but Christine you’re stuck to Cody like glue, peanut butter at the top of your mouth or a booger when you have a bad cold. Maybe I missed something – you cry for a few minutes then you go back and wanna do the same thing – Whatcha gonna do with her Tim? Whatcha gonna do


Someone mentioned that last year? BB Canada? sent the evicted houseguests to live in the walls of the house rather than an actual different house. That way even though they were evicted they still knew what was going on in the house. Is it possible they are doing that on BB US this year and THAT is who applauded (from behind the walls) when Donny won the BOTB?


No that’s not what happened.. BB Canada 2 had 3 potential house guests living in a secret room inside the BB house that the other house guests were unaware of. Then viewers decided on who would enter the house. They did get to spy on the other house guests in the house and were given clues about the other house guests and a slight advantage going in.. Allison won and entered the house. I think it maybe it is the jury house members who are spying in on everyone in BB 16 and that twist will be revealed later on.


If the jury members are spying on the hgs that would be the best, and really the only twist this season. Somehow I can’t imagine that prod would think that far ahead.




That makes perfect sense to me. Getting Derrick out makes everyone ‘s game better. No more dictatorship.


They are all (except Donny) so misted by king derrick to see past the fog. When the fog clears they will have that uh huh moment as to why they lost and he won.


Would be the best thing but even if he were thinking that to himself. .. He knows he wouldn’t have the votes. Donny and Zach are the only two that would maybe view him out vs. Cody, Christine, Caleb, Victoria


“Vote” him out


CrazedCaleb will do whatever Fakie wants and so will Ratine so now is the time to strike.


I have said from the beginning that to me it seems like Frankie is in love with Caleb and it clouds everything he does. This is literally the dumbest thing he could do not to mention the show will become even MORE BORING – which is hard to imagine

Dawg or simon – if they do have a buyback does that mean another double eviction or not necessarily? Do you guys know?

Kathy B

I have a big issue with Frankie stating he wants “euthanize” Zach and watch him go down like a “wounded soldier.”. Extremely poor choice of words, and I’m surprised Caleb wasn’t offended by the soldier remark. It shows that Frankie has absolutely no conscious regarding the damage words can do – unless the vitriol is aimed at the LGBTQ community. Shame on you, Frankie.


Caleb’s mind is so clouded by meeting Frankie’s sister he can’t think past his thoughts. Wasn’t Jocasta the one that did something nice for Frankie when his GF passed and when she walked away he supposedly said something really ugly – it was either Him or his sister. Either way it goes the Grande Family (mind you, I don’t know any of them) think they are privilege to say mean, hateful and ugly things about people at any given moment.


zactoria> zankie


What I don’t understand is why Frankie is so determined to screw Zach by backdooring him? What did Zach ever do to him game wise?
I cannot believe Derrick is sliding by another week! Lord have mercy.
The saddest thing is that of Zach gets evicted on Thursday and gets voted back in, he will only go after Frankie guns blazing when he should be going after Derrick. I wish Donny could tell him the truth about Derrick.


There is a bit of time for Frankie to change his mind. I am a little surprised zach isn’t the slightest bit concerned. I think Donny needs to talk to Frankie and lay out how Derrick would win over him.


I think you answered your own question “why is Frankie so determined to screw Zack by backdooring him”? Because literally Frankie wants to screw Zack by backdooring him!


lol Good one Snookums. I’m so lame it took me a second to get that. The ‘literally’ helped. 🙂


Fakie is still upset that Zach wasn’t so impressed by Fakie’s fame…err…sister’s fame that he forgot about Fakie going after him. He’s also mad that the people driving by the house yelled We love you Zach! After all its supposed to be the Fakie Show.


I’m guessing someone told Derrick that pig snouts were ugly. Rofl…


DePrick is talking with Crustine about Zingbots remarks ” there’s enough common sense in my brain to know that I can look over to my right and see Donny.. you know?!” So DePrick really thinks he is better looking than The Don? He needs to look at a photo of Donny without the beard. Swear to god, The Don could model for any of the agencies. He is one very good looking man.


Their whole conversation was ridiculous! Derrick telling Christine as a married man he sees nothing wrong with what they are doing. That’s BS. Derrick doesn’t hide his anger that is always boiling under his skin and I bet if he saw him wife that physically attached to another man he’d be pissed!


He won’t be pissed and break His jaw and her Jaw, let’s not forget he’s a jaw-breaker


Derrick doesn’t care if his wife acted liked that? Have you seen his wife? Someone posted their wedding pictures from Newport Magazine.

mr ed

Deprick could be a spokesmodel for Hillshire Pig Farms !!! His face looks like a piece of balogna anyways.Beast Mode Moron could pretend he is a wild boar and hunt him down in the house for something to do! Give him a stick and away they go !!!!


No one is picking up on the fact that it isn’t about Derprick’s looks. Its about no body seeing Derprick hiding behind the fratbrats and running the game.


I completely agree. Derrick’s zing can be taken on several levels, and he’s overtly focusing on the superficial — his less-than-good looks — so that no one peels back the layers to expose the truths that lie beneath the surface.


Gosh I really hate Fakie!!!!! I know it’s BB but ya got have some humanity. It shows that this freak has no loyalty or understanding of what friendship means by the disgusting way he talks about taking out Zach. You can eliminate a player with a little class and without using degrading adjectives like euthanized with a slow drip. That’s torturing someone. There’s no compassion in that act.

He needs to go!!! I can’t wait for his delusional bubble to be busted when he finds out that he’s not as well liked and beloved as he thinks. He’s a real piece of human trash. Grow up and act your age.


I actually feel sorry for Victoria if she is suffering from sort of ailment that causes her hair to fall out. I am hoping that production will come up with a plan to ensure that Zach stays in the house similar to what they did with Allison on BB Canada 2 when she found the secret POV that could be used for 3 nominations, which could be used even after the regular POV. Something like that would ensure that Zach was safe for a few more weeks and would keep viewers happy knowing he was staying and also had immunity and could wreck havoc upon the house with little consequences. I am hoping all this talk is just for show from Frankie, and that he does plan on keeping Zach and blindsiding someone else because as a Zankie fan & #ZackAttack fan I will lose what respect I have for him if he follows through on nominating Zach.


I think Victoria might have alopecia. Her hair may be falling out in spots. Many people get this from wearing tight braids /weaving They fact that her head is bleeding could be coming from the clip on to tight and the hair is very long and perhaps heavy. I wish she would take them out and wear a hat for a while.

Alopecia affecting a lot of people. Not sure but that’s what is sounds like.

In any event I want her gone before Zach


The only thing about alopecia areata is it takes all hair out eyebrows and everything – I’m not seeing where her eyebrows have been affected – I thought the same thing when I read the post earlier (old beautician). I’ll look a little closer. It is something a person can live with but they really need to be comfortable with themselves, and Victoria is not. One of the acts on American Has/Got Talent has it – she said it took her a while before she could accept it now she does and lives an accepting life.


We have an IT tech at work that has it. No hair at all, no eyebrows or eyelashes. I curious though, every time someone brings it up she says she doesn’t want to talk about it. I guess people are all different. I know even when I had cancer and lost most of my hair due to chemo I had no problem telling people, even strangers, what the problem was.

Big Sister

Sorry to correct you, but there is more than one form of alopecia. It runs in my family and it can be in a localized area no bigger than a quarter or even larger. You do not lose all of the hair on your face or on the rest of your body.

Cough, Derrick!

Early in the season, when Victoria was using the HoH bathroom in the morning, she told Nicole that she got a short haircut and hated it because it made her look ugly, and BB wanted her to get extensions for the show. Now she’s saying her hair is falling out from a disorder? You can see her in the morning when she’s putting in her extensions, that she has plenty of hair, it’s just shoulder length. If she had Alopecia, patches of hair would be gone at the scalp. Alopecia doesn’t make your hair shorter.


I saw Victoria in one of her “naked” moments in the live feeds when her extensions were off. She looked quite attractive without that heavy load of hair weighing her face down. She’s insecure about her looks because she thinks looks are everything, In life. Hence all that heavy makeup and the hair obsession. I hope she can get past all that as she matures.


From what I have seen when she is washing them she has multiple pieces. At least she try not wearing all of them at one time, maybe that would help with scalp bleeding. It actually looks really fake anyway when she wears them as a braid over one shoulder, way too thick for natural hair.


For those complaining about who is being backdoored, this is the week that they let one of the jury members back into the game; Zach does have a chance to reenter.


But we wanted Zach and Donny safe so Hayden could come back and shake up the house. This way even if Zach or Hayden come back they don’t have the numbers and Donny goes home. Then its game over. Plus getting Zach out is the stupidest move Fakie could make. This is his chance to strike at Derprick and get him out while he still has the numbers. And right now even if Fakie is in the F2 there is no one in the jury that would vote for him. Zach won’t if Fakie boots him but Derprick might.


OMG! I freakin love Zach! He is funny as hell! I love that he made a comment to Cody about Christine and then said “What? Too soon?” I hope if Zach is evicted he comes back in and teams up with Donny and maybe Caleb by letting Caleb know that there was an alliance with all the guys that did not include him and he is next to go out of the group. With the 2 HOH twist gone and Frankie unable to play, it would be 3 against 3 (because you can’t really count Victoria). They could easily take Frankie, Derrick and Cody I think since Cody can not win anything and Derrick has only won 1 comp. A girl can dream.


Zach is awesome! He cracks me up!


J says:
August 17, 2014 at 5:55 am
OMG! I freakin love Zach! He is funny as hell! I love that he made a comment to Cody about Christine and then said “What? Too soon?” I hope if Zach is evicted he comes back in and teams up with Donny and maybe Caleb by letting Caleb know that there was an alliance with all the guys that did not include him and he is next to go out of the group. With the 2 HOH twist gone and Frankie unable to play, it would be 3 against 3 (because you can’t really count Victoria). They could easily take Frankie, Derrick and Cody I think since Cody can not win anything and Derrick has only won 1 comp. A girl can dream.

Yeah I think you are dreaming. Victoria is hopeless at comps but she still has a vote and Derrick controls that vote. Caleb you can’t count on, he’s on team Frankie at the moment because 1: Frankie is taking him off the block this week and 2: Caleb thinks Frankie can and would be able to help Caleb’s “career “, Not realizing that Frankie’s career is almost non existent. For my dream It would be much better to get rid of Victoria so she can take the damm extensions out and quit tweezing her face constantly, Zach would still be in the house and Hayden returns and they team up with Donny to wreck havoc in the housel


Opps. Sorry I copied and pasted J’s comment so wouldn’t wander off the topic and forgot to delete it when I finished my comment. Need more COFFEE!


Frankie is as sorry as they come. He is a lying POS.
Karma will bite him hard in the ass, JUST WATCH!

Zach's Pink Hat

I’m a little lost. Did the ZingBot say something to Christine about her and Cody and that’s why she’s upset now? Or did something else happen regarding her and Cody and that’s why she’s crying?


The zing basically said she was a hoe


Zingbot called out Christine and Cody for cuddling and having her Husband watch it. She got really emotional and super awkward with Cody and she has been crying ever since reading her HoH letter from her husband and finally realizing she messed up.


Basically zingbot called Christine out for cuddling, touching, and fondling Cody, and embarrassing her husband on national tv in the process


Kathy Griffin doesn’t = good ratings! I am looking forward to hearing the ZINGS.

I can’t believe it took a ZING for Christine to worry what people thought of her and Cody. She can convince Tim of anything, like your not in love with Cody and that just because you look like you are all over each other every sec, it’s just TV magic?

It sucks Frankie is going to backs@@r Zach. I love that you posted Ariana Grande wanting to send Frankie telepathic messages to backd@@r Derrick. Maybe if we all think that at the same time and direct the thoughts to Frankie he would hear us? I think sending Zach home is another easy and lame move. A big move is taking out the big players! I can’t believe Nicole left think Frankie was running the show.

I’m still thrilled Donny is safe this week and even though TA mission is lame, he gets to be excited about and involved in something. Team Fear The Beard!

I really don’t want to see Zach go home, but maybe he’ll come back. Zackattack!


If Zach goes Donny may not make it another week. There is a fund to make sure Donny has enough $$ to get the eye surgery he talked about in the pre-show interviews. Its expensive and even with his TA $ he’ll have to pay CA and NC taxes and Fed taxes as well. Even if every Donny fan gave $1.00 he could be sure to get the eye surgery. And you have never heard Donny talk about needing the money for surgery to get sympathy unlike Mr. Your taking the food out of my daughter’s mouth or Mr. I’m giving the money for children in Africa (wink wink)

I heart Donnie

Any chance that the Giveforward link could be posted here and there among the comments on Big Brother’s Facebook page? That page gets a lot of traffic, and a lot of Pro-Donnie folks would see it there. it would be great exposure for the fund drive…


Maybe if we Donny fans just “salted” the comments section of the BB FB page with the link to the GiveForward fund-raiser, the word about it would spread far and wide. Spread the love around.


That would be great. I don’t use FB or Twitter so cannot help there. How do we get the word out to other BB websites?


thanks for mentioning again Jax. I was just about to post a reminder but shall wait for a couple more updates. The fund is only at $220.00 with no activity today. Your are correct. If all the huge legion of Donny followers gave $1.00 it would go a long way to helping with his surgery. Something tells me he probably helps his brother as he can. I don’t imagine disability benefits pay that much.


Donny ‘ s brother isn’t on disability. I believe they mentioned that he is a school teacher. I will still donate to the Donny fund though.


I really have a problem giving to internet fund raisers like these as there is no guarantee the money ever gets to him. You heard of scam one all the time in the news. I would feel better and donate if a fund was set up by his church or someone he knew.


Can Victoria get anymore annoying? Can Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine & Caleb get anymore Repulsive? Poor Zach & Donny trapped in hell with these scumbags!!! Just when you thought BB16 can’t
get any worse!!!


Zach needs the DPOV or something or he’s gone. Please give him something!!!!
I don’t understand either why he isn’t more worried. They’ve done it twice in the past, his alliance doesn’t have his back.


I think Zach is really worried. When he and Donny talked about it before the POV Donny told him to just stay calm and see what happens.

TA Sucks

After this eviction, allow two houseguests back in. Let those two be the new dual HOHs.


I would LOVE two houseguests coming back in. Now that’s a twist…never been done before that I know of. 1 houseguest coming back in is just so predictable. I would want Hayden and Zach (if he actually gets evicted) to come back in. Anyone other than Zach evicted–Hayden and Nicole to come back in.

I would only want Nicole to come back in if Hayden was there, too. That would give hayden more ammo to go after Derrick and Cody, which he said would be his #1 mission if reentering the house. Nicole is just clueless. Watched her live chat with Jeff, and it was dismal how little she knew.

echo 1

Zach(if eliminated) would be the perfect and logical choice to return and create havoc and have a vendetta. That would give the game a reason to watch. Frankie and Derrick would not sleep if that happens LOL

Love to hate it

It’s amazing that these house guests have no clue as to the amount of things shown. Like where have you been? Doesn’t really matter if Christine asks the diary room to not show the zing on the episode, everyone has seen what she has done and it has been discussed on multiple forums for quite a while now. And by her husband too. I read that he had to ban a few people off his twitter account for the constant bashing of his wife and her behavior with Cody. A few of these dumb house guests have even said that they thought the live feeds were just on for a couple of hours a day?? Seriously? You need yo know and understand a game before you try playing it! As for Christine, the damage is done girl, let us hear the zing!!


It amazes me that people have such short-term memories. Just the other night the house called out Ratine and NoBallsCody about the groping and suddenly everyone is saying its not that big of a deal. If the whole house called her out why would she think her pastor and church would only know about it if they see Zingbot. They just do not get the whole 24/7 concept.

Love to hate it

That’s true… Forgot about that


Can’t feel sorry for her in the least. She put herself in this predicament. She also needs to sit down and remember all the nasty, vicious remarks she has made about other hgs. The Zingbot has not treated her any differently than she has treated others in the house.

Zach for President

Well Frankie, this is your defining moment. You came on Big Brother to achieve your status in pop culture riding Ariana’s fame. Now it’s do or die, so you might want to consider some things –

Do you think being disloyal for a second time to someone who has been loyal to you is the best way to gain the acceptance of a loyal fan base, or for even continuing further in BB?

Rachel put her stamp of approval on Zankie, not on Frankie? ankie without the Z is just Zzzzzzzzzzz……

Rachel & Kathy Griffin both have obligation to their community and fanbase to tolerate and even encourage your flamboyance to the point of ignoring your molestation of males on the show that would be considered criminal if it you were targeting females instead. Hell, America’s ready to crucify Christine (portrayed as hetero) for inappropriate contact.

Do you think making the cattiest move possible and evicting Zach will put you in the same league as Kathy Griffin’s playbook? Well then do it, but I guarantee you that there won’t be enough of your fame left for Kathy to even joke about you.

And the lady that got you on BB in the first place, Ariana, appears to be much smarter than you & wants Derrick gone, not Zach. Do you think Ariana’s publicist will ever allow Ariana to be publicly associated with her loser brother after you flush your BB game and pop culture status down the toilet? I’d bet Ariana’s publicist is desperately trying to get Allison to fix this disaster before tomorrow’s veto ceremony.

Well then, if you still feel confident about destroying Zach, then by all means go for it. But God help your sorry ass when you pull that toilet lever because there’s only one person going down the drain, and nobody with any humanity left is gonna help you, you POS.

& at the end of the day (everybody say it along with Zach) – BYE BYE FRANKIE – SEE YOU NEVER!


I’m hoping Fakie realizes that Cody is a vote for Derpig and not for him. It would be awesome to see everyone’s reaction Monday when Fakie nominates Derrick, and says it’s his only guarantee to send Cody home.


Maybe Ariana will “telepathically” appear before Frankie in the DR and tell him he should backdoor Derrick……

echo 1

Would be a game changer if Arianna would give an exclusive in house 2 hour concert LOL


She is already doing the finale…I wonder if a Frankie guaranteed win was part of the deal CBS made with her. Maybe Frankie doing so good in comps is because the DR is prepping him ahead of time.


I think it’s time for good ole’ production to do their magic.


I believe it said something along the lines of Christine being popular with all the boys…except her husband Tim.

I think it’s great she got called out. Now she’s rethinking everything they did together and how often they were intwined.


Once Zach goes, if he doesn’t return, that’s it for me til finale. I’ll already know every eviction after. Derrick and productions pet Frankie final 2. Victoria while completely harmless doesn’t deserve to get a free paid vacation over any competitor. Derrick will never get her in the final 3. Derrick would. literally have to “move mountains” to help her win every comp.


The way Frankie’s mind works, the only only ting that could change his mind is if he gets a BJ from Zach.. Zach, pucker up, it’s time to bust out that closet and give Frankie what he really wants. It’s for the chance to win 500k. We can keep a secret.. LOL


I hope Zach comes back and smokes you fools!!!


we want Donny hoh this week please production


From what I can gather, the zingbot called Caleb, Beast Mode Cowgirl, told Derrick he was ugly, told Donny he had no social game, told Frankie he was living in Ariana’s shawdow, and brought up Christine and Cody’s groping. Not completely sure what was said about the rest….


Zingbot didn’t tell Derprick he was ugly. He said he couldn’t see him because of all the good looking guys in the house. It was about Derprick hiding what he was doing and using the guys and no one seeing it. Of course these fools didn’t understand the zing.


This season can not end soon enough. This may be one of the worst seasons yet!


Fakie has had it in for Zach for a long time. Backdooring Zach is something personal with him. It is not a strategic game move. It is almost as if he is taking out all of his rage at playing second fiddle to his sister on Zach. In Zach he sees someone who is naturally funny and likeable in his own right. Zack is someone who doesn’t need to ride someone else coattails. The pink glitter troll not only wants to hurt him he wants to crush him. He gets angry if anyone suggests that BB fans love Zach. That says something very sad and pathetic about Fakie that he wants to destroy a free spirit that has been nothing but kind and loyal to him. I hope someday Fakie looks in the mirror and sees how empty his soul truly is.

Victoria FTW

Last week when they were trying to get out Zach Derrick went into the DR and
came out and “decided” that they should keep Zack.
Let’s hope Frankie gets called into the DR and “decides” not to backd**r Zach.
Frankie wants to be CBS reality celebrity like Jeff and Rachel.
He knows that you do what production wants.
Rachel in her interview with Julie said that she (code for CBS) loved Zankie.
If production wants Zack to stay Frankie will do what they say.


Rachel looked like a fat mess.


Come on Frankie! Really! Get rid of Derrick! This might redeem you a bit if you do, and it would be a huge move! Keeping Cody is also stupid! Ever hear of personal space Cody? I also think it is funny that the Zing Bot called Christine out on it. What did you think Christine? I know I’d be beyond pissed if my spouse was all over someone in the house like you are with Stody (stupid Cody). Did you really think it was okay to be touchy feely with someone when you are married? Finally, I really like Zach. He has grown on me these past few weeks. I would love it if him and Donny secretly paired up. If Hayden comes back, then they can all three team up and level the playing field. The only thing is this stupid TA thing. What a fraud of an alliance. They would vote Donny out in a second. Team American my ass. Again Frankie, the biggest move would be backdooring Derrick. Get a clue.


It looks as though kathy griffin replaced zing bot and she made the comment about cody and christine.


She crying because her conscious is beating her yo death.
She is well aware that Tim is jealous of guys touching her. She admit this.
How much more would he be jealous to see he laying in bed cuddling, rubbing, stroking and sitting between Cody’s legs? And her looking up at him like the wicked witch of the west side of a garbage dump.
Derrick I know you trying to console her, but you walking on thin ice with your wife down playing it like it’s ok. You know it’s not that’s way you say “maybe just pull it back a bit”. Hmm
Keep Victoria off your back cop.
So yea go ahead and cry Christine. Cody is not your baby.



“Wicked Witch of the West Side of a Garbage Dump”



A few days ago Derprick said if it isn’t intercourse it’s not sex. If in Derprick’s eyes all this groping is okay for a married woman than you have to wonder how Derprick behaves on the outside.


Totally agree with you, Denise2. The guilt is really killing her because she’s a shady character and probably was like that before she married Tim. Ive ever known girls like Crustine and they wish they were popular with the good looking stuck up jagoffs like Cody; and they be all over them. I’m in a relationship with the man I love and if I were on BB, there’d be no way that I’d disrespect my partner that way. For a so-called “Super Fan”, she should have known the cameras are on her ass 24/7 and what you say and do is for all the world to see! Now she’s crying her craggy eyes out because of what her husband, her parents, her in laws, her pastor, and the world see her as a “horny cheating slut”! I do not feel sorry for her and she now is feeling karma biting her bony skanky ass!.


There have been a ton of married women in that House.
Christine as a Super Fan should have known better. I really have NO sympathy for Christine and Cody, they are grown adults that should know what would be said about it, especially as a Super Fan.
Her husband is the one I feel sorry for. He has been attacked by Fans on Twitter and Facebook and probably attacked daily back home in Arizona.
The fact is Christine should have known better, especially because she has her best friend in the house telling her that she did not want to get to physical and kiss Hayden because people say mean things.


High five, EricCA!


I hope zach gets evicted so he wakes up then gets himself back in a tears this house apart!!! He will get Frankie out or go down trying if he got evicted and got back in!


Did Christine tell Derrick that he wasn’t ugly? That’s a good one, I thought they had mirrors everywhere in the BB House. Maybe Christine should look into one of them.


Derrick should be the one sitting next to Cody….. but
Frankie has been talking about screwing over Zach since Devin was still in the House.
Frankie also feel that Zach was the one that was helping Nicole in her plan to get Frankie out of the house.
Derrick has managed two things in this game A) Never being on the block and B) Never being talked about as a person to be nominated. The closest he has ever come is when people say “Cody and Derrick have never been on the block.” In most Seasons those two things that would be a red flag to people in the House to put Derrick up. Instead he points out people like Brittany, Amber, Frankie, Zach, Donny, Hayden and Nicole as bigger threats than him. He has successfully managed to turn other alliance members against each other.
The funny thing is I don’t think it is Derricks Great Social Game I think it is more other players not paying attention. He has gotten lucky that he is in a house of House Guests that have NO LOYALTY and that they ALL LIE (except Donny, Victoria and Zach). In most Seasons a player like Derrick would have gotten evicted by now…. gone. Why do you think that NONE of THEM want to work with Donny… He wins comps and he is smart? Why? It is because he is a decent person and seeing that only makes them see what a dirty game they have played. There are two things people hate in other people 1) People with their personality defects, it will drive them crazy. 2) A person that is better than them…. it drives them crazy.


It’s like they where hypnotised before they went in “Do everything Derrik say’s”!

Kathie from Canada

Every week things go from bad to worse! Honestly this has become a difficult season to maintain interest! Production needs to smack these houseguests up the side of the head and give them a serious wake-up call! Yawn. I’m going back to bed. lol


these people disgust me, not worth watching without zach.


I know people will probably vote for Donny for America’s favorite but I honestly think Nicole,Zach,Caleb, or Victoria should win. Your thoughts?




What the hell did Victoria and Caleb do to earn that?


it just doesnt make sense. frankie is bound to know that he loses a vote by evicting zach. he has to know that.

i truly feel frankie would go the “easy” route and evict victoria. or “make a move” and not use the veto.


I think we all know if Zach goes this week he’ll come right back


Will every one PLEASE rethink what ZingBot told Derprick! He didn’t say he was ugly. That’s just Derprick’s spin on it. What ZingBot said was there were some good looking guys in the house. Oh Derrick I didn’t see you there. Which means Derprick is hiding behind these good looking guys and no one is seeing him!!


Production really needs to talk frankie into putting derrick on the block instead…. Zach better get back in that house if he leaves on thursday

just me

Victoria is a cry baby she has nothing to give and nothing to add
Derrick is playing a good social mind F@@k game on people
Donny I want to win
Frankie is just a want to be
Zack is a good person deep down he just is an aggresation personailtiy (can not spell)
Cody is a wasted place just like Victoria
C is a wounded love puppy
Christine is a girl that has nothing she wants all the pretty girls out to make herself look better
At least this year we do not have all the ugliness of what people where saying, but its boring and shows that production is leading the whole thing.
Donny is so real and a true person that I wish he would win he has done this on his own all by himself GO DONNY GO


i want zach to win, but if he doesnt then i want anybody BUT derrick or christine. those two are the biggest two faced liars this season. they always say how wonderful they are but they are the biggest liars and hypocrites. especially derrick. he goes around saying he is honest with everyone and does not lie, but he is as guilty as frankie for wanting zach out a few weeks ago. it is interesting to see that frankie took all the heat for that, but derrick, cody, and caleb were just as much in to backdooring zach as frankie was. be interesting to see if frankie nominates zach a the replacement nominee (in place of caleb coming off the block) and if zach actually gets evicted. the house will be really boring without zach.

Michael from Canada

Caleb was firmly against backdooring Zach. In fact he’s probably the reason why it didn’t happen.


they are going to have a hard time hiding that bunny slipper… caleb is always wearing them….. did they get Zach gator shirt last nite?


Did Team America make a mistake in taking Christine’s stuffed animal? I thought it specified an article of clothing, not just a houseguest’s possession.


Christine works at Starbucks right? Makes sense because, in my experience…. I’ve never seen an attractive person working at Starbucks. Why is that? I’ve been to several of them all over the country and they’re all very below average in the looks department and they’re all very snooty. It’s so weird…. If you wanna meet at a physically unattractive person with high self-esteem… go to Starbucks!

Murphy's Law

Interesting conversation on BBAD last night between Donny & Zach…Donny talked in great detail about brother Tommy’s disability & how he performs daily activities ..Zach hung onto every word with mouth wide open. Donny loves his brother dearly and is proud to openly share his story. LOVE this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope Donny and Zach stay in touch after the show. I think Donny has been very good for Zach. And I think Zach now sees that he really can be more than just the clown.