Zach’s crimes against the People – “He’s hurting your chance at a better future”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: Zach & Cody
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

BB16-2014-08-18 16-57-23-533
4:58pm Cody and Christine Hammock
Sharing stories Chit chatting.. not cuddling straight up chit chatting

BB16-2014-08-18 17-09-15-448
4:56pm Derrick grabbed the chess set and sets it up in the living room so they can play chess during the watch. After checking with Production he finds out he can’t.

BB16-2014-08-18 17-12-02-168
5:08pm Backyard Victoria and Frankie.
Frankie – We’re all beasts here
Frankie – Donny is a BEAST 3 POV’ a HOH and How many BOB’s?
Cody and CHristine over on the hammock help them say he’s won 2 BOB’s
Frankie – So 6.. I thought it was more
Frankie says he’s been trying to tell Zach things change week to week so you can’t cling on what a person did weeks ago
frankie says the producers this season had no idea about the game. They never thought the BOB could be used like they used it.

BB16-2014-08-18 17-17-02-798

5:10pm Caleb listens in on Donny and Derrick talking in the living room while on the neighborhood watch. He doesn’t hear anything of worth.
Caleb crawls downstairs
Derrick – Dude you think you’re slick.. you’re not slick bro
Caleb – What are you talking about
Derrick – you aint slick dude we’re sitting here we could hear you creeping
Caleb – I just got out of the bathroom
Derrick – Ohh I know
Caleb – Are you kidding me..
Derrick – I am not kidding you .. alright bro
Caleb – I don’t know what you’re talking about.. you said you heard me creeping
Derrick – I didn’t hear anything
Donny – I think you are just getting paranoid
Caleb – I literally just came out from pooping..
Donny calls Caleb Creep mode cowboy

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BB16-2014-08-18 17-48-51-327
Derrick says he heard Caleb up there” You’re a ninja.. hey if you are not going to own it I get it”
Caleb – I have no idea what you are talking about owning what
Donny – Creep Mode cowboy
Derrick we heard you creeping around up there
DOnny – you have your boots on
Caleb I had my boots on the entire time.
Derrick – You might be a good ninja but you’re not a good liar.. CREEP MODE COWBOY hashtag that f***r”
Caleb admits to creeping.
Derrick says he wishes he knew Caleb was listening to them he would have said “F** beast mode Cowboy if I win HOH he’s going up”
Caleb – I like to do that kind of stuff to see if I still got it
Derrick – you do
Derrick – this is the one I’m going to watch right here.. Creep mode cowboy
Caleb – how about Stealth mode Cowboy
Caleb gets on the floor and shows him how he was creeping, “I could see donny with my right eye.. “

BB16-2014-08-18 18-05-42-423
5:40pm Victoria and Frankie backyard
Frankie about zach
“you understand there is no more hope for your game so for you to attack us means you are attacking people you said that you loved. like there’s people he said to me I really liked this person .. i’m like great then leave them the f*** alone..
Frankie – “Your game is over.. your game is done anything you say from this point further is now personal because you have no game left.”
Frankie – “You are just trying to f** over people PEOPLE.. HUMAN BEINGS and their chance for providing for their families providing for themselves providing for KIDS for whatever it is”
Victoria – Whatever reason
Frankie – “you are just trying to hurt people personally because your game is done.. it is over you have no hope..  that’s actually really good I’m going to use that if he tries.. that is exactly how I feel.. anything that comes out of his mouth right now is to personally hurt someone because there is no hope for his game.. NONE whatever.. all he wants to do is take people down with the ship and if that is what he wants to do he an evil spiteful shmuck “
Victoria says she doesn’t feel like the best game player. Frankie feels the same.
Frankie says when he lost his grandfather he had to change the way he played the game “Made me aware of the humanity that was happening outside the house and how much I gave up to be here”
Victoria – Zach has attacked me so many times
Frankie – He says Horrible things
Frankie – I f***g hate her she’s a waste of space, How’d she get on the show.. sh1t like that
Frankie – “He’s laid off the women battery as of late.. I think he’s realized it’s not the best strategy.

BB16-2014-08-18 17-57-17-164
5:53pm Christine and Cody
Agreeing that the watch is stupid they don’t want to do it anymore moments before Derrick was in the living room asking Frankie if he wants to go on the watch it’s only been hm and DOnny.
Cody – I loved amber
Christine – That last week I liked her there was 4 things I didn’t like that she did.
Christine says Amber was very full of herself it was hard to handle.
Christine – Brittany knew she was hot but she never talked about it..
Cody – She didn’t
Christine – that is what made her even hotter
Christine says she makes an extra $50 a week from tips. They use it for date night, Bowling and dinner.
Cody wonders what their life will be like 4 weeks from now.
Christine – dear Jesus please don’t let there be a buy back amen
Christine talks about her manager that doesn’t believe in Jesus whenever he losses his keys she says Dear Jesus the next place he looks he’ll find his keys if he finds it he becomes a believer . “He’s the coolest manger on the planet.. he’s the coolest guy on the planet”

Talk goes back to the patrol, CHristine “F patrol “

BB16-2014-08-18 18-26-05-676

6:31pm Derrick and Christine on patrol 

Talking about their wedding. his wedding cost 18500 her wedding cost 2500

BB16-2014-08-18 18-34-51-556

6:33pm BBQ Frankie and Caleb
Frankie – At this point he’s hurting People his game is over
Caleb – from here on out i’m telling him Zach you’re wasting your time
Frankie – All he’s doing is hurting the people that got him this far.. he’s hurting the people.. He’s hurting my chances of helping the people I’m trying to help.. .. he’s Hurting your chance at a better future, he’s hurting Cody’s chance for a better future, He’s hurting Christine and her husband.
Frankie – he’s not trying to help his game his is f*cked all he wants to do is hurt people that’s not him.. I really don’t think that’s him.


Does Frankie have many BB fans?

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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177 thoughts on “Zach’s crimes against the People – “He’s hurting your chance at a better future”

    1. Does anyone else just want to bitc* SLAP Frankie into the future. HE really is the worst example of not even just a gay man or a man but of a human being I think I have ever seen on BB. Most have some sort of redeeming quality but literally Frankie has ZERO redeeming qualities. I wonder if his whole entire family comes off as trashy as he is? If I had kids no way would be they listening to this vile person’s sister? Hope his actions have bad repercussions for saying the things he says about the blood of babies and oh yeah he wants to build schools in Africa! Calling BS on that one or he would not make comments like that!

        1. Frankie will be that creepy gay man at age 60 that wears make up to hide his wrinkles and go after young gay men and pay them to be his companion….

        2. My BB wish….Zach returns in the buyback, Frankie subsequently finds himself on the block and gets evicted. As Frankie starts to walk out the door to meet Julie, Zach says “Hey Frankie!”….Frankie turns and Zach begins to twerk and sing Ariana’s song “I got one less problem without ya! One less One less problem!”

          Just imagine that in your head….TV GOLD!

          1. i know if production has anything to do with it Zach will b back i just hope he does not waste his second chance i just can’t wait to see the bitch frankies face when he learns its a buyback and Zach comes back and Zach wins HoH that will totally b worth watching this shitty season hurry up thursday

      1. I think that what we’re seeing are Frankie’s (I’m serious, so I won’t even call him Francine) true, true, TRUE colors. Not pink, blue, chartreuse or purple…..but dark, dark grey. He’s a mean person, and one wholly centered on himself. I’ve given him the benefit of the doubt all summer because I still believe he has God-given talent…the operative words, God-given; but he’s spoiled, overly nurtured and has apparently been given too much freedom of choice. Not in his sexual preference, which is anyone’s human right, but in his rights to expression. If I had parented him, I would have stopped the over-indulgence and focused on what it is to be a human being. He has become nothing but a gay-cliche. *steps down from her soap box*.

        1. The VAST majority of people who have been and ever will be on this show are vapid fame-whores. Frankie is no better or worse than Derrek, Cody, Christine or Victoria or even Zach, for that matter. They all have undeserved egos, despite being dense and, in Victoria’s case, fucking dumb. And the fact that Frankie is gay has nothing to do with who he is as a person. I know gay men who fit the cliches and stereotypes of homosexuality who are still very good human beings. He’s just a shitty person.

      2. Can’t stand frankie now but I can find a few redeemable qualities with him. Two people I can’t find any are Christine and Caleb. Christine is like the wicked witch of the west. Looks and sounds like her with that cackle. She’s a nasty, mean, girl. And Caleb is a delusional, dumbass, nutjob. I had my last straw with him after he told the story when he attacked arabics at a bar after his tour.

      3. He almost makes Colton from Survivor seem tolerable. But not quite. Two peas in a pod. Was Coltons last name Grande as well? Vile.

    1. Every year ppl day worst season ever I dint think it’s the worst but it’s not the best cast no one smokes so no smokers alliance everyone is fake so they play nice with each other Zachary would of been great last season!! Donny is the only guy worth rooting for

      Btw men win big brother because usually the woman don’t watch the show so girls alliances never take off because woman belive they can coattail ride ie amanda last season Cris and vic this year Brittany Haynes was the worst at it I’m a guy but would love to see a legit 4 person alliance all girls shit this season it would of worked with caleb and cody in there wondering around chasing women like horn 13 yr old kids

      1. Yes, I can tell you’re a guy. Women alliances don’t work because (1) they cast too many weak, vain women (2) women haven’t traditionally been brought up to think in terms of teamwork with each other but rather competition against each other. Also, I’m willing to bet there as many women who watch the show as men, if not more.

      1. Why would production have Zach look at rule book if they knew he could find a way to stay. I think he may stay after all and put up another hg. Talk about expect the unexpected.

        1. Not actually sorry that Zach is going home, he made the same mistake as Nicole and he should went home for that. Nicole had told him his entire alliance betrayed him and he went back to them and contributed the ouster of a potential ally, granted Nicole wasn’t smart as well but after learning that people are against him he should have learned that he is at the bottom of the pecking order.

          As of now I’m hoping that the jury who would return (hopefully Hayden) wins the next HOH shake things up. You know that players are stupid because they know that Derick has created many deals and is safe yet are not acting on evicting him. Honestly thought that last year was bad but this year is so unwatchable, at least last year we saw some great strategy and planning, this year has been predictable and a snoozefest.

        2. Maybe the person affected has to ask for the rule to be enforced? So If no one asks for the rule to be enforced production does not intervene?

    2. Frankie makes me sick. Zacks future is just as important as anyone else’s in the game. Frankie is just pissed that Zack is reminding the house how untrustworthy Frankie has been, that’s why he is calling zack a hateful liar.

      I can’t wait to see Frankie on the block next week.

  1. So it looks like with only vic and chris left, for the 3rd year in a row, and for the 11th time in 16 seasons, another guy will win bb.

    1. No girl out of this bunch deserved to win. Nicole had potential but she still doesn’t realize Derrick is the mastermind. Christine is a miserable person who is just happy to be with the cool kids and I don’t think Victoria even realizes there is a game going on. She just wants to look pretty.

      1. “Victoria says she doesn’t feel like the best game player.”

        lol….I almost fell off my chair on that one.

      2. Funny thing is she not only fails at the game but she also fails at looking pretty. I can’t believe how ratty her extensions look. I’m tired of her looking at herself. She’s not that attractive. Brit and Amber were beautiful and they didn’t look at themselves as much as her. I get it once in a while but I mean she does it all the time.

        1. She”s very young for her age & incredibly insecure. I feel sorry for her- her mother sounds like a piece of work & she’s obviously been made to feel her worth is entirely tied to her looks.She is not unattractive but her lack of confidence makes her seem silly & vain.

      3. Even after Hayden was voted out and Donny told Nicole that Derrick and Frankie were running the house, she still said she trusted Derrick and would go after Christine if she got back in the house. Proving my first impression of her as being a dumbass was correct.

  2. Really? Frankie? How is Zach hurting Christine and her husband? The only person hurting her husband is Christine herself. You can add Cody as her side-kick.

    1. Every time Frankie opens his mouth, shit comes out so don’t be surprised. He just says whatever comes on his dirty a** mind which often makes no damn sense.

  3. Never thought I would say this but is it possible Caleb may have doubt with his alliance members? Or am I dreaming.

    1. I think Caleb has had doubts since he told Nicole “you are not a liar”, there just not a whole lot he can do about it. I really think he would like to vote for Zach, but like he told Zach, he would go up next week. The only thing that could possibly happen, Zach gets saved from eviction because of the renom rule, Victoria would probably go up and go home, and either Nicole or Hayden comes back in, then we would have a game.
      Last night I think Caleb overheard Derrick and Donnie talking about TA, that was why he was sneaking around again.

      1. I highly highly doubt Caleb heard anything about TA. If he had he would have squealed to frankie or it would be obvious to the guys that he knew. And if he did hear something Caleb isn’t bright enough to put two pieces of logic together and connect TA and the missing clothing.
        That sneaking was hilarious . Shows how delusional he is. He thinks he’s like a ninja and it’s funny that both Derrick and Donny heard him and he still thinks he was going all stealth mode.

  4. Simon, LOL at the fact that you had to post that Christine and Cody were not fondling each other….because otherwise we assume they are!

    1. IDK, they have held off some today, didn’t touch much at all while others were around. But once they went to the rock room alone tonight she couldn’t keep her hands off him. I noticed too that even then Cody barely touched her. I think Cody is more concerned about the Zing than Chris is.

    1. Tomorrow is a new day! I’m sure he can and will do something even more disgusting each and everyday until he gets thrown out on his ass!

    2. I hope Frankie did not come on this show to gain fame or more followers, because he is going to be in for a rude awakening when he gets out. He’s going to be shocked like Aaryn was last year. He is beyond arrogant, and ignorant,

      1. I agree with you he’s in for a shock when he sees he is not a true fan fave and most people disliked him. But regardless he will still have a bunch of new followers sadly.

    3. Why would you hate him? He’s doing to Zach what Zach has done to others. That’s Karma!

      I cant help but think the hatred towards Frankie and love for Zach is somehow related to their sexual orientations?

      1. That’s a really stupid comment to assume that. You must be a 13 year old Ariana follower. Frankie is pretentious, delusional, egomaniac. Besides zach acts gay anyways so don’t think many people care about the orientation of either of them. In the beginning I was hoping the zankie romance would blossom but zach is too good for frankie.

  5. It’s ok, Frankie, there is no need to over sell it. We are pretty sure Zach is going to be evicted, we don’t need to have you pile it on like that.

    in any case, isn’t this just a delay of something they’d planned to do earlier, then didn’t?

    I am so glad there is a buyback, for real. They are convinced they aren’t going to do a wall (is that where they stand on the wall and try not to fall off?) because there will only be 7 of them. Surprise, there will be 11. Yay.

      1. sorry, i was meaning in the competition itself, not back in the house. They were saying oh, we can’t have a wall comp because there is only 7 of us. But with the 4 evictees doing a buy back, a wall comp would actually have 11 people on the wall. the 4 evictees, and 7 remaining HGs. The 4 compete against each other, last one standing goes back in the house. Which won’t be Jocasta. which hopefully will be Hayden.

        i can see Caleb working with Hayden, and Zach, with Donny, so am bummed that Zach is going out this time.

      2. No remember last yr when they did the base ball one. It was Judd and two other ppl and Judd was the last jury member to get the # of balls. So he re-entered back n the game.

        1. That was the comp where in one of the pictures it looked like production pushed one of their feet off and made them fall?

          1. Ummm don’t remember that happening. How would production be able to do that with a wall behind the contestants? That doesn’t make sense.

          2. Yes, that was the conspiracy theory. Helen says it never happened – she just had the wrong shoes on & they were bothering her. I think once they are out of the game a lot of them don’t really want to go back in again knowing they stand little chance. They’d rather enjoy the jury house collecting their stipend.

      3. 11 start….the last jury member goes back into the game….the last person is HOH. So glad Frankie can’t play….he would murder an endurance comp!

    1. I really hope Zach wins the buyback and How and gets Frankie and Derrick nominated! Caleb is so dumb I’m sure Zach would have no issue convincing him, Victoria and Donny that Frankie or Derrick need to go asap! Cody and Christine have no chance of winning unless it’s both of them in the finale so I’d take either of them. I’m hoping for a Zach and Beast Mode Cowboy finale!!

      1. Would really, really like to see Zach return and finally listen to/work with Donny to get Frankie, Derrick etc out. So afraid Zach will come back and fall under Derrick’s spell and Frankie’s blanket.

  6. Frankie: “He (Zach) says Horrible things, things like II f***g hate her, How’d she get on the show.. sh1t like that..alot of women battery as of late”
    Did Frankie forget he called Nicole a c*** just one hour earlier?
    The sad part is, I think Zach still likes Frankie and will be besties with him outside the show, I really hope he never talk to him again!

    1. With Zach what you see is what you get. They’re reason for wanting him out is so irrational. He’s loyal, unlike Frankie what you see is not what you get. They want him out because of his antics, I think production will fix it where he comes back, because without Zach on the show there is no excitement. If any of the other three houseguest comes back it would still be kind of boring. With Zach coming back he will be a loose cannon and throwing them under the bus and being obnoxious because he knows he is guaranteed safety for the week. All he has to do is fight hard to help Donny win POV if Donny doesn’t win HOH. It would be good for Zach to come back and Derrick, Cody, Christine, Vic, Caleb or Cody win HOH and think they are going to get rid of Donny and Zach comes back and win the POV and use it to save Donny. The look on the houseguest faces would be priceless. That would be a show to watch even if it is rigged by production. Other wise the houseguest are boring.

      1. My hope is that on eviction night Zach calls for the Rules to be enforced which means he is safe and Frankie has to put up someone else right then. The look on Frankie’s face will be priceless. He should put up Derrick but will put up Victoria. Victoria goes home. Zach stays in the game. Hayden wins the buy back and comes back in. That leaves Donny, Hayden and Zach against the others and it’s a whole new ballgame.

      2. If Zach returns, I am afraid that he will not see the truffles for the pig snout. He will probably align with DePrick as he does not realise the extent of pig snout’s treachery and control over the other hgs.

        1. I don’t think he will side with Derrick and Cody, because for one regardless on who wins HOH Zach will align with Donny.
          If Donny wins Zach will align with Donny
          If Derrick wins HOH Frankie will PLAY nice with Zach and tell Zach it was Derrick that wanted him out last week and this week. He will blame it all on Derrick (Remember Frankie doesn’t know Derrick and Cody wanted him out yet)
          If Caleb wins knowing Zach is safe, and Derrick will not want Victoria up, Frankie again will try to get Zach’s vote against Derrick or Cody, because Frankie is not going to want Christine to go. Again Frankie will be the one to tell about Derrick
          If Cody Wins he can’t get Zach out and probably won’t put Chris up and Derrick will tell him to not put up Vic, but to put up Caleb and Frankie. Again Frankie will talk to Zach and spill his guts about Derrick
          If Chris win it’s just like Cody winning except she will put up Vic with the plan to backdoor Frankie or Caleb. Again same ol story Frankie will spill his guts to Derrick
          No need to mention if Vic win, but if she does her win is Derrick’s win.
          This is all contingent upon Donny winning POV or Zach winning POV to save Donny.
          Zach may act stupid, but he’s not stupid. He knows what’s going on. He will not walk back in to that house and side with Derrick, because Frankie will make sure of it to take the blame off of himself. Frankie will throw Derrick under the bus, and Donny will be right there to verify it all for Zach.

          1. I don;t think Frankie will throw Derrick under the bus if Derrick win the HOH, frankie would never throw HOH under the bus.

          2. What makes you think Zach will be safe. People are under the impression he will get a week of immunity, he doesn’t. I can definitely see him coming in & aligning with Derrick against Frankie. By Thursday Derrick will convince him he had nothing to do with this – it’s all Frankie.

    2. I love the irony of it all. Frankie is the one who says nasty comments all the time yet he calls out zach for it. Zach says things out of immaturity but it doesn’t come from a place of hatred. And he’s right about victoria she is a waste of space. But frankie says things maliciously like what he called nicole. Completely uncalled for and wth did nicole do anyways to cause that ire from frankie. Geez.

  7. Is Frankie’s guilt setting in cause he sure is hell trying to convince himself that Zach is a bad person. He keeps repeating himself over and over to everyone. Newsflash Frankie you are the most horrible person ever. Wait until you find out Zach has more fans then you and several times this season was trending on Twitter for his survival. Frankie you are a LOSER!! #Zachattack RULES!

    1. To experience guilt one must have a conscience & be able to feel real emotion. Frankie is just a vile shell of a person.

  8. do Frankie have fans not many them his sister fans
    Christina in trouble more then any body hyden Nicole or zack come back
    with Donny hoh you knew she going up why whould you throw a comp when you know
    you could be safe I be like people 500 thousand dollor on the line it no way im doing that
    we all hope Donny wins hoh this week with returning house guess Donny you can do it belive we belive that
    a good person like Donny could win hoh this week production true big brother fans please Donny hoh this week please

    1. I think true big brother fans do not want any interference from production. Just let the best players win. It is a game, and while they all play different styles, I think for the most part they are decent people.

  9. It doesn’t matter who comes back in the house this week. They would still face a 6-2 house (if they work with Donny)!! When Zach gets put out Thursday, this will officially become the worst season ever. Donny and the returning HG will be out within 3 eliminations, which would leave NO ONE to root for. All because these people are sheeps to Derrick’s shepherd, even the great and awesome Frankie.

    1. I know it seems hopeless but if Zach came back and him and Donny won HOH one week and then the next week the other person won HOH and repeat that several times they could take out the other 6. It has happened before where the HOHs win back to back to back. That would be good if that happened.

  10. What has zach even said? Frankie is acting like he is going around telling everyone everything but he said one thing like this morning… Please show Frankie being a dick on the actual show

    1. Cbs does a terrible job editing. They won’t show Frankie for the piece of shit he is. They should have never put him on the show. They don’t want to piss off his sister’s fan base so they’ll edit him as the funny flamboyant gay guy. I don’t think the casual viewers have any idea how rotten he is.

  11. I hope and pray Zach comes back in and him or Donny win hoh. I don’t want Nicole to come back cause she will be kissing derrick’s butt like she always did. I like her but she isn’t going after Derrick who is running the house. She thinks Frankie is controlling the house. Seriously? After everything Derrick did to you.

    1. I really wanted zach /hayden/Donny to work together but looks like that wit be able to happen. I’d like hayden to come back over zach bc he said in an interview he knows now that Derrick is the mastermind. I’m worried that zach still doesn’t realize it and that he would for some reason trust frankie again and get screwed. For some reason he idolizes frankie and idk why.

  12. The way I see it is Donny is the shoe..Deprick is the dirt on the bottom, Skankie is the irritating piece if pink bubble gum (that you notice the most), Cotex is the piece of toilet paper and Ratine is the shit on that toilet paper. Hoping Zach/production finds a way to stay in this game. I would love to see Zach and Donny go to the end!!

  13. OMFG, Frankie and Christine disgust me so much. Their conversation above at 5:40 is over the top. Do they not now they are talking about themselves. I would like to take those 2 put them in a room, tie them up and duct tape their mouths so that they can’t talk and then I would spend hours and hours telling them exactly what horrible and disgusting people they are. This season, with these people is getting to be to much. They are so nasty. I understand the game is lying and what not, but some of these people are just to much. The things that come out of Frankie’s mouth is vile and offensive.

    1. You just said you’d like to tie up and duct tape someone’s mouth in the same sentence as talking about them for being horrible and disgusting…

  14. I’m back to save Zack……The more posts that are used on this BB rule not being followed the more apt they will have to enforce it.

    We need team Donny-Caleb & Zack to start up!!!

  15. damn i despise frankie and christine more than the rest,she says she hates donny,s guts,bitch america hates your damn guts and frankies guts.they are so stupid .thanks just had to release the anger.

  16. why is production not doing something about what Frankie is doing and saying? Talk about slandering someone. TIME you them to setup and put a stop to this deranged idiot (Frankie). Just because his sister is a singer who care.

  17. Frankie and Christine may not be saying racist things but they are really just as vile and demented as some of them last year.

    And when Frankie goes in with the overkill it seems to be more personal and not game play. I think he wants attention on the episodes not that he doesn’t get enough (unfortunately). And he would find a way to take a Team America challenge and make it to something sinister.

  18. All you Frankie haters are just homophobes! Get over it. Gay is here to stay and it’s NORMAL!!! Flamboyant gay men rule and you all need to get used to seeing them because this is real life!

    1. Frahnkie’s sexual orientation has absolutely nothing to do with his character. If he was heterosexual and acted the same way he does now people would still rip him a new one.

    2. I’m gay, and I’m calling you out, troll.

      No one, NO ONE hates Frankie on these boards for being gay…at the very least, it’s not their primary reason…here’s a few of mine:

      -Frankie is a hypocrite, calling out Zach for fighting to stay in the game, when Frankie went to ridiculous lengths to do the same, including but not limited to revealing his “big secret” that he swore he wouldn’t do. Too bad Zach can’t reveal he’s really the Duke of F’ing Wessex and escape criticism the same way Frankie did.

      -Frankie has no game, he’s personally evicting the one person who wanted to go to final 2 with him since day 1. His “big reveal” also shouldn’t have stopped anyone for a second from making him target number 1. Any other season, with a house of people with brains, would have sent him packing. This loser got placed in a house full of star struck kids, and still won’t get close to taking the money home.

      -Frankie is a disgrace to the gay community…he fondles the men in that house like a WH*RE in heat, and knows that in the real world he’d never get away with it, but because it’s a game, and because we live in an uber PC society where everyones afraid of the “homophobe” label, they all let him do it. It’s disgusting, and borders on sexual assault.

      -Frankie is vile, the things out of his mouth are so hateful that only Aaryn last season really compares. The things he says about Zach break my heart, no one deserves to be talked about like that, especially someone like Zach, who made himself vulnerable to the guy on national television. Zach was the ONLY person who cried for Frankie after his grandfather died, and this is how his friendship and devotion have been repaid.

      -Frankie lacks respect and decency, saying Jocasta could, “go kill herself” after she performed his grandfather’s funeral is just one of many examples where Frankie, without any real justification, says unnecessarily hurtful things about people who have shown him nothing but kindness.

      -Frankie makes for bad television. He and Zach could have gone down as the best duo in BB history, instead, this whole season feels like a bad dream I want to wake up from. Not to mention his pseudo celebrity status has tainted the integrity of the game.

      Get over yourself. While I have no doubt that you are either an Ariana Grande fanatic or just another troll, you haven’t a leg to stand on, Stumpy.

      1. Wow, well said, Nick! I think it’s interesting that both of AG’s pets/favorites from this year and last (Frankie and Amanda), have not been liked by the viewers.

    3. Do you have issues with reading comprehension? Roughly 90-95% of the negative comments pertaining to Frankie have nothing to do with his secular preference. Most of us could not care less about what goes on in his bedroom. It’s the garbage spewing out of his mouth that people take offense at. It’s beyond poor sportsmanship the way he is behaving…game or not…his moral compass is in the toilet.

    4. As a gay man, you saying that all Frankie hate is homophobic makes me sick. Not only are you stupid and dead wrong, but you are also devaluing the seriousness of REAL homophobia. Frankie has proven himself to be a vile human being outside of playing the game. Please get a clue and shut up.

    5. and the survey says your wrong the gay people I know don’t do the fairy queen style or like it paints them in a bad light

    6. I do not disrespect anyone for race or sexual preference, but Frankie does not get a free ride just because he is gay. No one should call a woman the “C” word! Just as I believe no one has the right to call him the “F” word. What counts in the end is how we all treat each other.

    7. If everyone thought like you do, gay people would be able to get away with murder. Thankfully though, they’re held accountable for their actions; just like everyone else is.

    8. I hat to point this out to you but…. most of us who are repulsed by Frankie are gay.
      It is not Homophobia… he is just a repulsive human being.
      Christine is an equally repulsive human being.
      When their time comes to be backstabbed as they exit the house… house guests will say the
      same thing to them…. don’t campaign it is what the house wants… enjoy your remaining time here, you have no hope….. then crap talk about them to justify their eviction. “Frankie you need to stop you messed up your own game.”

  19. Frankie is the worst person. If I were Zack I would NEVER speak to him outside the BB house. Just reading what Frankie says about him makes me sick. And I cant believe how stupid all these people are! Trusting derrick so blindly. At this point the only one left with dignity is Donny. I wish Victoria would open up her eyes and see the alliance that’s right in front of her face – but of course Derrick will probably hold her hand and help her float on to the final 2. He thinks himself a genius in a house full of idiots.


  21. Crusty is a weird christian, praying one minute and cursing the next. Frankie is so damned delusional. Almost everything he says about Zach can be used on himself. BTW has anyone checked out #HOHSuiteSpot on twitter yet? It’s hilarious. Frankie going to realize he is on the shyt end of the stick if he ever reads them.

  22. A few things:

    – Frankie, Cody, and Christine are going down as some of my least favorite houseguests ever (along with Aaryn, and Adam, that creepy drug dealer who won BB9). As much as I dislike players like Rachel, I have mad respect for her as a person…I have none for these idiots. Delusional, moralless hypocrites.

    -The Detonators are the worst alliance in BB history. Turning on it’s members every week, and can’t follow a single course of action for more than 5 minutes. The Brigade and The Friendship at least had solidarity..and seriously, you have no idea how much it pains me to credit The Frienship for anything.

    -Zach and Donny are the only likeable people left in this game. After they are gone, we are left with the adulterer, her pansy callboy accomplice, the dirty cop, the fame WH*RE, the ultimate floater, and the creepy, stalker dimitted cowboy.

    -Cancelling my feeds ASAP, and I honestly don’t know if i’ll tune in next season…these last two years have just taken the game to a really ugly level…Ian might go down as the last respectable person to win Big Brother.

  23. Frankzilla & Crustine are gonna be in for a rude awakening when they get back into the real world! I can’t stand those 2 twits!!!

  24. I think that Frankie is shooting out so much BS that he is actually starting to believe it himself! He is the definition of delusional. It’s like watching a train wreck. I really hope this is game and not who he really is, because if it is he kind of sucks as a person.

    1. To keep both Frankie and Caleb’s delusions of fame going, maybe they can do a reality show of the inpatient psychiatric treatment they will need when they get out. Two Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest?

  25. So I read that Frankie’s family is saying on Twitter he purposely violated the renom rule to save Zack. Looks like the whole family is FOS because we all know that vile thing called Frankie was not trying to save Zack by breaking rules. It also said Devin had broken the same rule during his HOH and production did nothing. BUT maybe that’s because no HG called him out in it. Perhaps Zack will call it out and something can be done. Please please please! If that happens and someone else gets put up, maybe just maybe the houseguest coming back in the game can team up with Zack and Donny and so something, anything, please oh please let some drama go down!

  26. A better future? Did he really say that what a tool. Thinking the shit with Zach goes back to there 1st meeting when Zach realized where Frankie grew up. Uptown assh@le. Zack had his number and Frankie knew it. Better future…. Scam artist

  27. I hope Vapid Vic stays over Chrusty …….Did anyone see Frankie popping his chest zit last night with his hands? If ya wanna talk about “hurting ” people Frankie, you need to look in the mirror or at least wash your fkn hands! He gave graphic detail about his zit, having a head and oozing all over and then had the audacity to put his hands in a bag of candy. Caleb is totally oblivious and goes in to get the same candy, lol.

  28. Every time fakie opens his mouth more verbal diarrhea spews out. Production please give this ailing piece of crap some immodium!!!!!

    I can’t wait for him to be on the block and see how gracious he will accept his fate. This guy is so full of himself. He’s said more vile and demeaning things than Zach!

    I really hope that zach will put a kibosh in his plans on eviction night with the renom rule and fakie has to put up a replacement nom. How will he backtrack his venomous actions and words with Zach when he comes off the block? Zachy baby..wanna cuddle and spoon and forget the last 24 hours? It was all part of my master plan to keep you safe. Besties?

    Sorry..threw up in my mouth bit writing this. LOL

  29. So guys let’s be honest. Is the renom rule a realistic possibility? Why would zach read that book on the day of all these rumours ? What do u guys think? I hope it happens.

    1. I was thinking that maybe he was reading the book to see how far he could go in destroying people’s games or just to see what the limits of chaos he can cause.

    2. Zach was reading under the Legal section. Nothing about renom. You can go back and watch what sections he was reading, they zoom in. Things like slander, confidentiality agreement, Non disclosure.

      Not sure what exactly he was looking for. Problem looking what are the boundaries if he decide to harass the house guests at night like Eveldick.

  30. production if its somebody that should be hoh this week we think it should be Donny
    he the only one thinking about zack check on him in how can anybody be against
    a good man like
    Donny hoh this week thumbs up if you want him to be
    thumbs down if you don’t

  31. Frankies grandfather would be turning in his grave if he knew the way Frankie is acting.. Dude is beyond PATHETHETIC

    1. **PATHETIC

      DAMN, I hate typing with a touch screen phone, I always mess something up, and I can’t edit on here… LOL

  32. Christine looks like one of the muffets! How dare she talk about Donny? Her husband is dumb as fuuuk. That skank wan

    Christine looks like one of the muffets. That bich is pathetic!


  33. Can’t believe he called Nicole a c#$t. How is that playing the game? How is his sister going to defend that?

    1. I seem to remember late last season Andy and Spencer repeatedly using the C word to describe Helen, Aaryn and other female houseguests who already were gone. They never used it to describe Gina Marie, but a sure it was because she was making them her Chicken Parm. I thought last years group couldn’t be topped for vileness, but Frankie has managed to accomplish the feat all by himself. Now that’s something to brag about.

  34. I think that Frankie has spun so far out of control that he has made it impossible for CBS production to try to pull anything out of their bag of tricks to save him when he gets the boot from the house! He has done himself in!

  35. A great buy back would be if two jury members had a BOB against two current house guest to see who gets to stay. It would bring back Hayden/Nicole or Hayden/Zach or even Zach/Nicole over Frankie and Christine.

    The power dynamic would be flipped on its head.

    1. That would be the greatest twist ever, but with this being the Frankie Show, I don’t think they would do that,, Ariana’s tween fans would turn away from her and CBS if her vile brother would get evicted. Production can’t let that happen, but as a poster mentioned, they’re running out of “tricks” a.k.a “rigs” for him. His non-existent celebrity has inflated his ego, the HGs isn’t going to take it much longer.

  36. It’s especially annoying to hear Frankie rationalize that Zach is supposedly so horrible bc he’s messing with their games and taking money away from people who have families and kids, etc. News flash Frankie there’s only going to be one winner and Zach has just as much right as anyone to have his preference. The way Frankie’s talking you’d think there’s the potential for multiple winners based on merit. His arguments are so distorted.

    1. Notice how Frankie invalidates Zach’s protests/arguments because Zach is bringing up stuff from past weeks and Frankie says those examples are too old to be used and accepted as valid. But notice too that when Frankie wants to make a point about Zach being disloyal, Zach being a liar, Zach throwing him under the bus, Frankie feels free to pull anything and everything that Zach did (or did not do) while in the house. Frankie likes to make the rules and he likes to be the only one to break them when it suits him. He’s using every flim-flam excuse to justify him acting like a real JERK to make him feel okay. But it’s not okay. It’s not even good game play.

  37. Wow…Frankie saying we’re human beings and Zack is messing up his game and messing with his family that he’s trying to win for…Uh, Isn’t Zack a human being and didn’t you mess up his game by putting him up and take away from his family…you sorry excuse for a human being!!!

  38. #RenomRule has been trending twitter and was the #1 term worldwide overnight. I hope there was a reason that Zach was looking in that rule book, and I hope that Frankie doesn’t just put Victoria up and vote her out if he does have to name a replacement – but he will. This will be interesting if this comes to light. So hoping. Then bring Hayden back! Would love to see the boys club dissolve, and I know Christine is with them (she did say she used to be known as man voice, MV). Shake it up, shake this group up!

    1. The problem with this happens to be if the only way to save Zach using the rulebook only gets rid of Victoria is just that, it only gets rid of Victoria. This has to be a big eviction. It would be more beneficial if enforcing this rule automatically evicts Cody. He is one of the original nominees anyway so I don’t see why not instead of having to go through the nomination process once again and Caleb has the power of veto, so this leaves Cody in the hot seat.

      1. Getting rid of Victoria is the equivalent of getting rid of Cody. They are both equally useless & both minions & parachutes of Derrick. So, it’s not a waste. I would actually laugh my head of after all the time Derrick has put in cultivating Victoria & listening to her pathetic whines. He;s be forced to choose which minion to keep as well.

        1. Unlike Victoria, Cody has verbal influence. Victoria is the one being swayed while she cannot start and blow up an idea to get other people on her side. Cody on the other hand can do some damage (especially with Christine). Isn’t he the one that brought up -it’s time to get rid of Zach-bubble? I can’t recall but I think he’s the one that mentioned it first.

  39. It amazes me that people keep referring to Cody as a “vagina” ” pee sitter” etc. so you are calling him a girl as an insult? That’s kind of offensive to women. Find some other insult. Using “girl” as an insult is insulting all women as well. Just sayin.

    1. Thank-you – I’ve said this several times & been shot down for calling people out on it. It’s become so prevalent I’ve just given up & decided to let people just look like jackasses with their comments because they’re not going to change obviously.

  40. I love that the word “vile” was used so many times to describe Frankie in the comments!!! Those letters can also be used to spell evil–which is what Frankie has become.

  41. If Frankie’s dream is to have his own TV show,You Tube empire etc., why does he continuously let his disgustingly repulsive mouth run in hyper drive? The public and entertainment industry execs don’t like so-called talent to be affected by verbal diarrhea 24/7. His convos and comments are so often filled with such vile remarks and images that it’s hard to imagine he’s a decent human being. In talking about Nicole just prior to her eviction, he referenced a “slimy, slippery condom” etc. in talking about her desperate attempts to stay in the BB house. ( I don’t see any good reason for giving a complete quote.) He’s talked about poop covered dildos coming out of his a** in relating BB business or situations——Just way beyond gross. Nobody in the BB house or Production has asked him to stop being so crass and classless. Now he’s bullying Zach and always flapping his mouth about Zach’s lies and dangerous behavior which threatens everybody and their game. It’s he who is so over-the-top and should be out of the game. His half-sister, Ariana, is the one getting an undeserved black-eye because her half-bro is not the media darling he delusionally thinks he is! As far as his plans for using the 500K or any other winnings he might have coming his way for charitable work, that’s become a big question mark,too based on comments he’s made to other HGS. Frankie, while you’re at it, drag Derrick out of the BB house too, when they kjck you out!

  42. Zach should call out Frankie say that he has no integrity because they’re in an alliance, yet he put him up instead of a non-alliance member, Vic.

  43. Remember when Frankie told everyone that when Donny put in the last bone he heard someone behind the wall (production) clapping? First of all, how would he know b/c he couldn’t see what was going on during the competition, could he? And secondly, they could have just been clapping for the winner, not just b/c it happened to be Donny. I think Frankie was just pissed and was trying to start sh*t so that everyone would be paranoid about Donny. Some ppl said that it could have been the hg in jury b/c they get to watch what goes on in case they come back into the house. That would be interesting, and I wonder what all they get to see b/c that’d be a huge advantage. Anyone know?

  44. Whomever was involved in casting the last two seasons needs to be fired. It truly has been hard to watch and I used to love this show. Look at the people we have left!!

    Caleb – dumb as dirt and one restraining order away from jail.

    Christine – if she leads her life the way she plays this game she is screwed. Her poor husband!

    Frankie – his sister must be livid he is killing her career. What a piece of trash!

    Zach – still don’t get how he is a favorite to win. He is very immature and rude.

    Victoria- OMG, I feel sorry for the poor bastard that marries that train wreck. Holly high maintenance.

    Cody – good looking guy that has no man card. Not much upstairs but he is pretty so he will be fine.

    Derrick – I don’t want to see him win but at least he is smart, has a family, and a actual career. I can’t say I like how he is playing the game but at least he has a chance in life compared to all the other rejects this season.

    Donny- you can’t help but love him. If they picked one good houseguest it was him. He is very odd though!!

    My point is please do a better job next year CBS.

  45. FRANKIE IS DISGUSTING!!! He turns nasty to people who he knows are going while he stick his nose up the winners side’s butts! It’s beyond a game! You can tell mr charity (for which is getting paid) is a nasty ass#0le

  46. If production does discreetly let Zach know about the renom rule since it’s trending so high right now I wonder if he could keep his mouth shut. Maybe they could just let him know right before they go live. I do not believe for one second that Frankie did this on purpose. He would not be spewing such vile comments if he did.

  47. I was a big supporter of Frankie until this moment. I was always trashing many of you who trashed him. At this point, he is showing his true colors, a spoiled rich brat. I guarantee this will hurt his sisters career. And that is sad. And belive it or not, I will promise on anything he was my favorite HG until this night. Zach was the one player he COULD not turn on, and he did. JMO.

  48. Just a thought regarding the renom rule and the lockdown…

    CBS / BB can change the rules at ANY time. Is there any chance that during the lockdown, production modified the rule book to state that it was up to the HGs to call out the HOH on it– and only then would it be effective basically covering their (production/CBS) asses because others during this season have also been told they would be the renominated HG before.

    Sometime after the lockdown, I believe, Zach was in the storage room reading the rule book. I believe production is leading him in that direction– so that Frankie has to nominate another HG during the live show.

    That means Zach and Donny would stay and Hayden would return.

    #ZONNY <3

  49. I love Victoria tonight. Walks over to Christine and Cody and asks if she can run her hand through Cody’s hair. Christine says she will move and then starts banging her head with badmition racquet as she watches Victoria rub her hands through Cody’s hair. Christine couldn’t even look. Then it got worse when Frankie(not wanting to be out of the action, lays next to Cody and rubs him). It was so obvious Christine was jealous of both of them and wanted to swat them both with the racquet. She is a very bitter cackling hen.

  50. In all honesty, I found Frankie interesting in the beginning of the game. I thought he was entertaining, and wanted to find out more about what he was really like. I have to say that now his true colors are showing in full force, that I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time trying to figure out who the “Real Frankie” was!
    Things better get shaken up fast, or there will be a Cody/Victoria/Derick Final 3. I am praying that Zach comes back and teams up with Donny, and that Beast Mode Cowboy sees that he can’t win as long as Derrick is in the game. A Zach/Caleb/Donny final 3 would be awesome!

  51. I can’t believe there are people the voted for Nicole for Americas favorite! She was so useless and her voice was so annoying!

  52. When would this renom rule have to be announced? During the live show maybe?
    I sincerely hope Frankie magically has this “up his sleeve” the way his sister has been talking on twitter, I would def have a diff opinion about him if he knowingly told Zach he was being nominated to actually save him.

    Zach has totally grown on me and has become one of my favorites. I would love to see a Zach/Donny/Hayden alliance!!

  53. Unfortunately, Production eats this crap up of “former bff’s turning on each other”, is why I expect production to not do anything to save Zach from eviction. If there is going to be any production rigging, it will be for Zach in the buy back. I just hope he doesn’t screw it up.

  54. As long as it doesn’t cross the line into racist or homophobic insults, then everything else is on the table basically. BB 15 had far more women who swore more then men and called each other every name in the book like Gina Marie, Amanda, etc.. So why is the C word such a big deal when A-Hole isn’t? Trash talking is not such a big deal these days anyway. Most adults have heard far worse at work for example. It doesn’t matter if it is a man trash talking a woman or a woman trash talking a man these days. That barrier was torn down a long time ago. Would you be so offended if it was a woman saying something vile about a man? Probably not.. There lies your problem.

  55. Frankie is a disgusting pig, everyone at my job and myself are waiting for him to be evicted. He wouldn’t know the truth or loyalty if Zach slapped his disgusting face!!!

  56. Go home Frankie, I really think he has gotten this far because he’s Ari Grande’s brother, I can careless about her and him!! Big brother needs to stop cheating for him, I hope Derrick or Cody back door him!! Go home Frankie, go home!!

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