Big Brother 17 Commercial – It’s Not Summer Without Big Brother!

In just 2 weeks the first of the two night première airs on Wednesday, June 24th at 8pm on CBS. The second episode of the two night première will air on Thursday, June 25th at 8pm. Leading up to the première there will be two live feed exclusive VIP chats with the first being today with Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur and the second chat will be held on June 15th with Frankie Grande. The exclusive chat session today was a joke in my opinion as it wasn’t a video chat with questions like last season

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Caleb tells Derrick if I roll into jury Frankie’s going to say “I told you, you should have kept me!”

1:30pm The live feeds return. Derrick and Caleb are in the fire room talking. Caleb says I knew when we had Frankie upstairs, I knew he was going to rock the boat with that one. Derrick asks as far as what? Caleb says when he was like I am just going to tell him I’m not voting for him. I was like oh god! Derrick says I’m sure they (production) didn’t like that. Caleb asks upstairs? Derrick says in the walls. Caleb says you mean what we told Frankie? Derrick says yeah. Big Brother says you’re not allowed to talk about production. Big brother blocks the feeds, when they return Caleb says yeah I trust him. I trust him.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Cody “You’ve been talking about Amber and yourself for 90% of this game!”

9am Big Brother blocks the live feeds to wake up the house guests. Up in the HOH room – Cody is talking to Derrick about the decision to evict Caleb today. Cody says we’ve been playing a game of big brother. You’ve been talking about Amber and yourself for 90% of this game! I’m obviously not going to say that but. Derrick says no, its the truth though. Cody says this move he doesn’t.. Derrick says I think he knows its coming he expects it. Cody says but if you know the game you know that if you’re in the final 4 and there’s someone like her.. I’d be like and I’m sitting on the block. I’d be like I’m f**ked! Derrick says that’s why she got brought this far.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Derrick says big day tomorrow about to play Grim Reaper!

12:10am UP in the HOH room – Cody, Derrick and Victoria are hanging out talking. Cody wonders if Jeff will be a fan of theirs. Derrick says he thinks Jeff will be a team Donny fan. Cody wonders if people like Boogie makes a surprise appearance. Derrick says at the after party like Rachel’s thing, absolutely I think he’ll be there. Cody asks do you think they’ll look at us and be like losers, you guys are rookies! Derrick says I think they’ll be like nice game but you’re not at my level yet. And you would be like am I though!? Am I though!? Derrick says Boogie won All-Stars! He’s kind of a big deal! The talk about the POV competition today. Cody says it was his favorite comp of the season.

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Big Brother Spoilers final POV “they always save the Winner for last”

Derrick is called in to the Diary room. Memory wall shows Victoria and Caleb nominated. Caleb and Cody still chit chatting in the living room. Caleb is talking about a christian school he went to. Victoria is packing.

9:20pm In Dallas the girls would rather jump in a jacked up diesel truck over a Ferrari any day.. my Ferrari is a jacked up diesel truck.

Caleb wonders if Derrick is slaying things to her to make her feel safe. Cody doesn’t think so. Caleb mentions that Victoria seems happier than she should be.

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LIVE FEED SPOILER LEAK – Evicted house guest & HOH Winner REVEALED during the live feed BLACKOUT!

11:54am – 12pm During the live feed blackout there is a leak where the live feeds are turned on showing the house guests moving around the house. The leak reveals that DERRICK WON the HOH competition last night after FRANKIE was evicted from the house. The house guests are dressed to play in the veto but have NOT yet played!

Up in the HOH room – Derrick is putting on a back brace under his red veto shirt. Derrick then heads downstairs to the living room.

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TIE DYE Shirts & Cody says I don’t hug people in the morning because they smell like sh*t.

8:40am – 9:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Cody says I hope we get something HUGE or a DOG!!! Cody says he couldn’t sleep last night until he finally passed out. Caleb joins them and drops an elbow on Derrick. Caleb says the backyard is locked down. Caleb and Cody head into the storage room and find that big brother gave them all tie dye kits to make their own t-shirts. Frankie joins them in the kitchen. Caleb says bing-bong. Cody says I don’t think the door bell is ringing any more. Caleb says was that the reason we had to make sure everyone was up… tie dye shirts? Cody says I love tie dye shirts.

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Derrick “I’m not going to make a mistake. If I lose, I am going to just lose. I can’t afford to f**k up.”

12:45am Derrick wakes up and heads into the bathroom. On the way back he runs into Frankie. Derrick says its not happening (sleeping). Frankie points at Victoria getting up too and agrees. Derrick says he tried but couldn’t fall asleep. Derrick heads outside. Victoria heads outside right behind him. Victoria asks why did he wake up. Derrick says why are you so concerned with him? Frankie joins them. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Derrick is talking to Victoria alone in the backyard. He tells her that she has to be careful.

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Caleb plans to tell Frankie he’s being evicted “see ya you screwed me GO”

9:54pm HOh Caleb and Cody
Caleb wants to tell Frankie he’s going home. Cody says he doesn’t care either way. Caleb tells him the reason Frankie is getting evicted it because he was throwing them under the bus earlier in the game. “If had never done anything to me at all this game would have ended up a little different… see ya you screwed me go”
Cody – he played his game and he only cared about himself. .
Cody adds when Frankie knew he couldn’t keep playing by himself that is when he started in on the loyalty with the guys.

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