Frankie says Derrick you’re the new Brittany.. that means you almost have to f**k Cody!

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: Zach & Cody
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-21 13-38-17-412
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11:30am – 1:37pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the HOH lock down in preparation for the live eviction / HOH show tonight.

1:37pm – 2:30pm In the kitchen – Caleb is talking to Cody about what he should do in his speech tonight. I know I couldn’t memorize something and if I had told one of you guys I would have asked you what my next line was. Just get up there and speak from your heart. Something will come to your head before tonight. Caleb heads to the bathroom to trim Derrick’s hair. Cody asks Frankie about his speech and Frankie says he just starting thinking of words that rhymed. Frankie says you know what I was thinking .. what if they hire stand in’s for us? Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return – Frankie is washing dishes. Frankie says I am going to go to every doctor when I get out and say check me! I know I have mold in my lungs among other things .. this is not the cleanliest place I have ever lived. Big Brother asks them to clean the house. Frankie says what do they think I’m doing? Caleb asks Cody and Frankie ..have you heard them building out there this morning. They all say no. Caleb says that’s what scares me. Cody hopes its the endurance wall with the pool in front of it. Big Brother tells Derrick to put on his mic. Frankie says Derrick you’re the new Brittany.. that means you almost have to f**k Cody! Cody says I wish. ah what an a$$hole. I hate myself. Frankie says I told you 7000 time to get on that. Cody says it might have been more than that. Frankie says what’s wrong with you. And you said she has kids .. I’m like she has 3 dogs.. women with kids have lots of s*x. They like it!

2:30pm – 2:45pm Caleb starts talking about his drunken bar stories. Frankie says I don’t leave my drink any where! Because I’ve been trained not to. I think I’ve been roofied before. Caleb says I know I’ve been roofied before.. I have videos of me in a field chasing cows with writing all over my body. And I don’t remember a bit of it. But it was my friends birthday and I probably took 8 or 9 shots. I’ve done that before and I was just drunk. I had eye liner written all over my body. That’s the story I told before about my craziest drunken moment where I woke up in a cow field. I can’t wait for electric cowboy again.. I am going to walk in there and be like a celebrity. Like I am going to be the next Channing Tatum. Frankie says I was thinking about how bad I want the pen!s the other day.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-21 14-38-06-345

2:45pm – 3pm Caleb starts screaming in the kitchen – I feel like a BEAST right now!! I’m looking and feeling like a MONSTER!! He says who knows what we’re doing tonight, we could be throwing a frog in a dag gone Frog in a Froot Loop for all we know!”

Zach doing some last minute campaigning..
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-21 14-51-25-110

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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To much HATE in BB & too much HATE on these boards.
We know everyone that posts on the site likes and watches BB no matter who is in the house.
Simon & Dawg have a great platform to communicate with other fans.
Allot of people really think their playing by watching that is creepy in itself. As a true fan you root for scheming, manipulating & comp play.
Half the posts say their done with BB, so be done. Enough already!!!!

wrong is wrong

you are….wrong!

people say they are done with CBS. done with Big Brother on CBS, done with the edit. ETC. that is not the feeds, and that does not stop many from giving this website clicks/amazon.

why do you care so much? I actually watched up to a certain point, said I was done, and guess what? I haven’t watched the CBS or After Dark or Feeds since. I just read here, because I respect what they do and still wonder how Zach ATTACK is doing.

stop worrying about what everyone else is doing.

Wrong Shmong

You’re a fool. I am sure you only read this site because you respect what they do. What a load of shit.

Rachel's nipple

One love Zach ATTACK!


Settle down, Rose.


Don’t hate on the haters… it doesn’t make you any better than we are. We like judging over good and evil, it’s part of the Big Brother experience and something that we wait to do every year. You don’t have to read the comments, it’s easy, just choose to do something else!


Please don’t read these blogs if you disapprove of their content.
I choose to post with restraint and never use profanity or talk about a houseguests’ physical attributes. That is how I feel comfortable contributing to this blog. Others enjoy complaining and hating, creating lots of creative nicknames for hgs, being horrified that this must be the stupiest, meanest cast ever…it’s part of their fun!
I am an adult and I watch the show with my teenage boys but they do not know I read this blog. Why? Because I do not think they are mature enough to deal with the content here.
If you are offended by what people post here, choose another blog….make a mature decision for yourself!


Hate, I hate the smoke that Cody’s blowing up everyone’s *ss. Telling Christine she was the hottest girl in the house this year and Victoria was next. Please don’t insult my eyes. Not to hate or be mean, but Christine is the most unattractive girl in big brother history, period. She can flirt all day and night with all the boys because she knows her dork husband won’t do anything when she gets home. After viewing his photos, this dork couldn’t get a date in a womens prison. I think they should do DNA testing on her and hubby. I think she married her brother, the likeness is scary.

CODY calls out DONNY [NOT]

When Donny enters the room the rats scurry!!
A wise Chinese man said “if boy have small front bone-boy have no back bone”


The reason they scurry is guilt from the lies they’re telling.


They are scurrying not because of the lies to Donny. The guilt comes from getting caught. Those geniuses of BB-16 underestimated the Good Ole Boy. The whole season Donny has been pretty perceptive in the figuring out department. He has had a difficult time implementing all that knowledge. Nicole caught on to what Donny was selling, but it was too late when she’s sitting in the chair next to Julie C.. She could help him if she returned. Don’t let her little girl voice deceive you, she’s pretty smart. Especially after the fact.

Pinnocchio Obama

I’m hoping that whoever comes back into the house joins Donny and they can go on a run and evict these guys who are in power now.


A wise Chinese man say….
Man with hands in pocket not crazy, just feel nutz


Donny’s Pecking Order:
#1 Derrick: “the Brains”… has you put on the block, makes you think you deserve it and then trys to comfort you. Soon to be living in Montana in a witness relocation program.
#2 Frankie: talentless “wannabe a pop star” with Peter Pan Syndrome. Will hump a sack of potatoes if it will further his “career”.
#3 Victoria: a vote for whoever talks to her that day. Believes crows can carry 500 times their body weight
#4 Caleb: Hoping Frankie can introduce him to Justin Beiber. Likely to be to be raped on a reality tv show. Possibly Redneck Island
#5 Cody: Likes to be petted like a puppy. No boundaries, likely to be mudered by an estranged husband or boyfriend.
#6 Christine: Always looking for approval from people who would push her out of a moving vehicle if somebody better came along. Divorced and bitter by age 35. Spends rest of life with 20+ cats that live with her.
#6 Donny: Always available to be on the block for your convenience. Thinks he is old now, actually lives to be 106 years old.
#7 Zach: Cute, fun to play with. Not house trained, will probably pee on your carpet. Ends up marrying rich widow that is 40 years older than himself.


that was too funny almost spit my food out


That’s the funniest thing I’ve read on here this whole year. Thanks for creating it.

I loathe Frankie.

Dawg- do you think there will be 2 twists with 2 people coming back? What are the chances of a penalty to Christine for cheating or Frankie for the renom?

Thanks for all you do dawg ad simon! These houseguests are boring because they feel safe! Just like Donny said.


Best case scenario tonight: Hayden Nicole or Zach returns and one of them or Donny wins HOH
Worst case scenario tonight: Jocasta returns…and Cody wins HOH
I swear Cody is all bark and no bite. He is basically a neutered dog.


My best case senario is House Guests have HOH comp for only (1) HOH and the Jury Members have a comp for 2nd HOH.


you can wish all you want but it ain’t gonna happen. no more 2 HoH’s and no more BoB’s.


Actually, the way this season have been going, I’m positive that’s how it will go, 1 current HG get HOH and 1 returning HG gets HOH… I just hope Donny is HG HOH, then they could wreck shit…

Zach Attack

Tonight can make or break the rest of the season for us. A nic/hayden/zac return and HoH with Donny could lead to one hell of a final month. A jacosta (no offense) or Bomb squad HoH could kill the rest of the season :\

Arya Stark is a Badass

A neutered dog is still loyal. Cody would not put himself up for the alliance.

Irked by the stupidity!

Just had to give you a”shout out” because YES…Arts Stark IS a badass!!! #gameofthronesrocks

Irked by the stupidity!

*Arya – damn you auto correct!

Michael from Canada

Which Stark would be the best at BB? I think Sansa would. She’d be on everyone’s good side and would have a showmance with a comp beast. She has the best social game by far. Jon would be outcasted like Donny is. And Robb would start out great, win lots of comps, but would make a terrible lapse in strategy that would cost him his game.


It’s clear as Christine’s nose and Vic’s hair extensions that Cody is a eunuch. His primary purpose is to serve his master Derrick, then the needs of the female harem.


Lmao@Eunuch. Hahahaha.

donny -fan

stinky pinky is the sickest person ever.he makes me want to vomit evertime he opens up his fifthy mouth.




Please go f*ck yourself.


I’m gay, and have been in a committed relationship 7 years. It’s not homophobia. Frankie makes me sick too. I hope Zach gets back in that house and ruins Frankie’s and Derrick’s games. They deserve it! They are ugly people inside and out.


So now we are “homophobes” with an “illness” because we won’t suck another mans penis???

donny -fan

i mean everytime


“Frankie says you know what I was thinking .. what if they hire stand in’s for us?”…What could he possibly be talking about???

Someone Get Me a Coffee. Right NOW.

Frankie thinks he’s a star.


I think Frankie is hoping he can have the glory of winning BB but not the day to day grind of being in the house. He would love it if he just got to come in for the live show and flaunt his stuff for J.C.


jmt Frankie never mentioned ariana is his half sister so its half the deal he thinks it his 2 different fathers use mothers name ariana dad is named Edward butera

Michael from Canada

That’s a pretty stupid thing to say. My little brother has a different father but he’s just as much a sibling as my other two are.

If they grew up together, they’re brother and sister, and that’s it. Just the same as if one of them were adopted. The fact that they have different fathers is completely irrelevant.


I want hayden to come back cause he said Derrick and Cody are his top targets.


Go get them, Donny! Win HOH and make them sweat, don’t reveal anything, and make them kiss your ass all week long, NOTE TO CBS/BB: give Donny the DPOV or Coup de ‘tat!


At this point in the game Donny deserves any type of award they have to offer, he has been ostracize, talked about, lied on and demoralize. Yes, he deserves it all and a rest from them youngins. Team Beard


And he has always been respectful to production. I think they appreciate that. Even Derprick has begun to ignore and curse production.

The Snortmeister

Derrick uses the F-Bomb more than anyone else in that house.


my biggest fear is that whoever gets back in the house will be bamboozled by these a-hole clowns and belive all the crap that they spew !!!


So true, bren! Nicole has done that so many times that I definitely don’t want her back in! She is a simple minded moron who kept believing and buying all their bullcrap!
Jacosta was nothing but a lump of dehydrated, constipated sickness so her coming back would be a waste.
Hayden or Zach would be the two that might make a difference if they came back in!!!


So true, bren! Nicole has done that so many times that I definitely don’t want her back in! She is a simple minded moron who kept believing and buying all their bullcrap!
Jacosta was nothing but a lump of dehydrated, constipated sickness so her coming back would be a waste.
Hayden or Zach would be the two that might make a difference if they came back in!!!

Irked by the stupidity!

Agree…and if s/he does, s/he will get exactly what’s deserved. If the winner comes back in a fool, they’ll get the only thing these HGs have to offer – f*ckery.

BB Bitch Ain't Got A Hair On His A$$

My dream twist – Combined HOH/Buyback Comp & Frankie gets to compete. Comp called ‘Grab A Life Vest’. Rachel would host.
First one of the eleven to finish wins HOH.
Next seven to finish go back into the BB House.
Last four BOOM to the Jury House!

Jeff could have as many as four people in an exit interview tomorrow.
Victoria would ask Jeff “I’m still here, I’m still playing, right? Do you have Zingbot’s phone number?”
Derrick would slap the bag of M&Ms out of Jeff’s hand that he tries to give them as a parting gift!
Cody is so pissed off about the M&Ms he can’t wait until he wins All-Stars and call Jeff out.


HA… Cody calling anyone out… Good One..


Last season every sentence of every houseguest was analyzed and picked apart to find if something offensive was said. Everything they said was talked about. How can Frankie get away with acting like a 16 year old school girl. Everything he says is about sex and the guys in the house. Disgusting person.


The gay agenda is being pushed hard in this country. Frankie is doing his best to show what his branch is like. That would be The Twinker-belle gays. But he loves you soooo much!


Gay agenda? HA HA HA. What backwoods did you just come out of. You are kidding right? You seriously don’t believe there is a gay agenda….next thing you will be talking about is that BB is ruining the youth of our country. Yeah, blame the gays because deep inside you are jealous and secretly want to be gay. I think you may have a crush on Frankie. It’s cool, I won’t judge you if you are playing Arianna Grande songs and twirling around your bedroom with a picture of Frankie in your hands. It’s all good. Resistance is futile. The gay agenda has come for you


Which is why I think BB has about had enough of Fakie. They can’t show most of the footage of him. Even his edits for the show are changing. And any parent of a tween following his sister’s social media should definitely block Fakie.

Derrick's (non) Game

Derrick IS NOT the genius everyone is portraying him to be. He SEEMS like he is playing a “good game” but in reality, he is the true definition of a FLOATER. He has not made any major moves in the game. All he did was just go along with what everybody has been saying and repeating it all to whoever was in power.

The week when Nicole was HoH and Zach was on the block, it was Cody who decided at the last minute to keep Zach. Cody is the second most paranoid person in the house (behind Frankie) and because Cody heard that he was going to be targeted by Christine, he got parnoid and started “investigating” if the rumor (aka the truth) told to him by Nicole was really true. He then told Derrick and both of them (moreso Cody, with the help of Caleb) “figured” they were being “tricked” by the imaginary “other side of the house” alliance.

Derrick’s only move in the game is obtaining information from Cody and directing Victoria to do whatever he wants…THAT’S ALL HE HAS DONE. In both of his HoH’s he “played nice” allowing others to pick nominees for him. When it came to targets, he NEVER had a target, he just jumped on the bandwagon and voted with the majority. I guess it is “the best game” if you FLOAT, and brag to others and AMERICA how you were the one orchestrating an eviction. In all honesty, he doesn’t deserve to win b/c he has done nothing this season but gradually claim credit for each eviction while whispering sweet nothings to each person as they walked out the door.

Sound’s like Derrick is playing Andy’s (Season 15) game (and not Dan’s game as Derrick would lead you to believe): Donny is his Elissa, Frankie is his Amanda, and Christine is his Helen. Derick’s only “game” move is not making enemies (just like Andy).


It’s working.


I don’t entirely agree. I am not a Derrick fan, but he is very good at manipulating these dumbos. His main “strategy”, however, has pretty much been anyone but me on the block. Big moves? No. But effective at keeping himself safe….for now.


is manipulating people years younger than you and lacking in life experience really any great accomplishment? Derrick never fooled Donny, and he wouldn’t have fooled the greats of Big Brother. Derrick had this game handed to him, and the protection from Team America was icing on the cake. I almost hope Derrick comes back for another season, just so I can watch him get sent out the first week by the real All-Stars.

I say almost, because I’d rather have Zach come back for All-Stars over him. Heck, I’d rather see Donny or Frankie come back over him. Who am I kidding, I’d rather see Nichole or Hayden back over having to stare at Derrick’s smug pig face.

Kathie from Canada

To me he is just a pant load of reverse psychology. If the others were astute, they would have caught on quickly and been able to anticipate his every move. Instead. They wallow in their love affairs with themselves and are just satisfied to be able to say they spent a summer in the BB house

The Snortmeister

With the exception of a few, most of these BB16 houseguests’ names will be forgotten in a year’s time. If they haven’t played a memorable game, they simply won’t be remembered.


So masterminding just about every decision in the house makes him a floater? Sounds like the opposite of a floater to me.
I get it, he’s made the game boring as hell this season (honestly I think this season is far worse than last season, which has grown on me after a second viewing despite the horrible people that patrolled the house, it was entertaining) but he is clearly running the show.

Irked by the stupidity!

Derrick is actually playing the game of a Don and doing it very well. Made-men report to the Don and he makes the decisions and gives directives but never gets his hands dirty. Derrick made the first move by getting Devin out – he was methodical and firm, and has earned the respect he gets. He set the tone early in the game. Well played. Trusted, respected, and smart. Like him or not…those are the facts. He’s a BB Godfather. He’ll have his day in court.

Team Derrick FTW.


Derprick was trained by the government to do just that. Make friends with the young and stupid, get them to trust you, set them up and send them to jail. Its how he made his living. So its not a stretch that he could do that in the house with these fools. Except Donny who never bought his bs even with TA.

The Truth

Don’t let your dislike of Derrick cloud your judgment.

Do yourself a favor and read what some of the best have tweeted about Derrick — that includes Dick, Dani, Ian and Dan. They all agree that Derrick is killing it in there.

Or we could just listen to someone who’s never played the game and believe that. Whichever you prefer.


Think how different the season would have been if the outsiders listen to Devin

Lawon's Special Power

Or if the girls listened to Joey


Go donny, win this HOH, please! – make these losers start turning on each other.


#Team Donny

Really looking forward to the bully Zach being voted out. I do hope he blasts the houseguests before he leaves.


The fact that you can look at the way Christine has talked about every girl in that house, the way Derrick has ostracized Donny and talked down to Victoria, and the way Frankie has treated Zach, and still claim Zach is the bully, makes me sad. You clearly haven’t payed close enough attention, and have heard only what production has wanted you to.


Love Donny, but he’s too nice to be stuck with these snakes. Not big on pink haired rats who dance around like 12 year old girls everytime something happens. Don’t like pignose much either but he’s playing a hell of a game. Oh wait… also don’t care much for the hypocritical Christine. Cody and Victoria do nothing at all and caleb needs to learn that just because a lady isn’t interested in him doesn’t give him the right to become an obsessive stalker. Zach’s prolly gonna be gone so pinky is my least favorite.. by far.
“Internet mogul”??!!?? Gimme a break.


It was fun chearing for Donny all season, but im afraid his luck is about over…. the only way Donny stays another week is he wins hoh or the returning house guest win…. Donny will not last til the end…. :{


He can still win POV or the returning HG can. Since the returning HG usually is safe for that week it would be another chance.

Yeast Mold Doucheboy

I think Caleb was roofied today.

I'm back

Jerk or not Derrick is playing the game. He’s not a floater but a social player. He’s a master of manipulation. I hope Zach returns and Donny wins HOH. I’d be ok with Hayden too.

Land Mine

Derrick isn’t playing the BB social game. He’s psychotic and doing it just for kicks. He gets a special tingle when the people he’s manipulating use mob force and gang up on people even when it’s not even BB game related. People that applaud him either have the same disturbing mindset that he does or not seeing this for what it is just like the people he’s manipulating. He’s not just manipulating but he’s attacking on a personal level. So he may be playing a game but it’s not BB. They did it to Nicole, they did it to Zach and he’s going to try to do it to anyone that’s his target that week. His behavior is causing a ripple effect that’s been escalating through out the weeks and he enjoys it. If things keep going the way he doesn’t want them to he might explode. He said this was the first time things haven’t gone the way he planned and he’s starting to unravel.

Kathie from Canada

I see him more as a total control freak. The minute he feels the slightest threat he retreats in paranoia and then begins lashing out with senseless lies and smears. Maybe because he is a cop, he will not stand for a challenge to his authority … I don’t know what it is, but it makes him unlikable to many.


BS, Derrick is just working with dummies, everybody is giving him way to much credit, and his alliance is giving him the game, BB just wants to see jurys jaws drop when they find out he is a undercover cop, it is so scripted , Derrick will not ever be back as an allstar, because he is not!

ok so I am NOT "Yeast Mold Doucheboy"

I love coming to the website and you get someone else’s login name. the names are hilarious.


I got a question for yall does anybody else laugh when Cody say he’s going to call somebody out? in Cody’s mind he’s already called out Donny, Zach, Amber, Britney, Nicole and Devin. this guy cracks me up everytime he gets worked up he says im going to call this person out. only thing I see is SCRAPPY DOO when Scooby holds him by the coaler and Scrappy say let me at him let me at him ill rock’em ill sock’em lol.

that’s why me and my friends call him SCRAPPY DOO cause he’s all bark NO bite .


I’m gonna start a go fund me campaign for Donny because he won’t win but he deserves to!


I hope someones comes to realization Cody is all talk and no walk. He needs to get booted asap. I hope he doesn’t make it to the finals because honestly what has he done? Fondled and groped all the females? I hope he gets to see what a p*ssy whipped d-bag he has been portrayed as all season!

I’m hoping Zach and/or Hayden get to come back and either/or get America’s favorite.


I have a neutered dog and he has more balls than cody


Christine is going to be majorly disappointed at that news.


How is it possible that CBS put together a bunch of followers to play this game? Nobody has a brain of their own… They have to discuss ‘their’ target? What happened to putting up 2 players and letting the others decide… The Most boring season yet.. “Bitch brother” has a great rat in Christine and a sob in Cody… Can Frankie be more annoying? …

Russell Hantz

Is Caleb my blood ?


Wouldn’t it be great if Julie would wear a pink hat tonight and give to Zach when he comes out! Live audience yell as loud as you can! Go Donny!


That would be awesome! I heard that others are asking people in the audience to wear pink hats too!


all we wish for big brother production is a Donny hoh tonight the fans a go crazy


As much as I adore Zach and his crazy ways, I believe he is going to be evicted tonight. Lord help us as we will need to listen to Cody complain about how pissed he was having to pack his bag! The only hope that Zach has tonight is if CBS shocks everyone at the last moment and calls out Frankie for telling Zach he is going home forcing him to do a renom. That would make great TV as Frankie would be pressured to put someone on the block with no time to think about it and most of the other house guests would be forced to show their true loyalty. Unfortunately, I’m sure Frankie would nominate Victoria. But you never know, He could come under his over-the-top spell and nominate Derrick for the utter drama.


The other idea would be “expect the unexpected” and tell everyone that the eviction will be done by the HOH competition. Of course, this would need to be a endurance challenge. Have all remaining HG and the three evicted HG compete. The first current HG to fail is evicted. Of the three evicted HG, the one to last the longest is brought back in.

Zach Attack

Fakie’s twitter account has been hacked! ahahahaha #fuckfrankie #unfollowfrankie

all in the family

Christine and Tim are 1st cousins and Cody is Big time GAY….


any chance production pulls the renom rule?


There’s a “sneak peek” picture / drawing of the upcoming juror buyback competition on the cbs site!
Looks weird, but not physical… If anyone can explain what it’s supposed to be, let me know!


Shuffleboard darts maybe for the “Comeback Fight”?


It looks like a Dumb Luck Comp…. my guess is that Hayden, Nicole , Amber and Jocasta are doing that.
It is probably a comp that even Jocasta might win to be fare….. My guess is that production is confident that Zach is going to be evicted…. I think they want someone as wink as possible to battle Zach so zach may not have to go against Hayden.
They might do like the did Brendan V. Lawon in Season 13… brendan battled the other evicted house guests then did a quick competition with Lawon and then returned into the house. Production may have Zach in mind so they will not do the torture wall thing like they did with last years house guests.

Just A Guess

Looks like some kind of 4 way table shuffleboard where they’re all trying to end up with a puck closest to the center. They must get quite a few pucks judging by the size of the boxes behind each player.

Teri B

I saw that and I agree…..weird. I haven’t been watching as many years as most of the people on the board here, so I haven’t seen anything like it…that I can remember anyway. I’d like to know what people think it is or might be.


i think with this cast, derrick got extremely lucky. his gameplay is perfect in a house full of idiots. he really hasnt had any true stresses in the house. with a smarter cast, he would not be in such a great position. but he is in a house of idiot recuits, idiot live feeders [jocasta and christine] and just pure idiots. donny and zach are my exceptions, but zach sadly has made some bad game moves.

i’m hoping that derrick realizes that he needs to get frankie out sooner rather than later just so i can watch the feeds [i refuse to watch them with frankie dancing around like a boy crazy middle school girl]. derrick has pretty much paved the way to the $500,000. only person i see not voting for him would be cody, who would be bitter that he takes vic instead of him. WHO WOULDNT?

caleb is really bugging me with the whole beast mode thing. he never wins anything but flexes his muscles and says how he can dominate everything.. and then loses. id love to see him be the first or second out of an endurance comp.

if donny wins HOH i want him to put christine and another alliance member on the block. i’d love to see her be so confident that theyre keeping her and then she walks her big nose out of the door.

i pretty much hate the entire house with the exception of donny and zach. i’m actually starting to like Vic more just because everyone else is so awful. and she was the first one i detested because she walked in and called herself the prettiest in the house. big brother is not a beauty pageant.

waka waka

Talk about nerd herd part 2


This is for you Derrick…you will prob win this game, as you are working with a bunch of dead
brain cell idiots who you can guilt trip manipulate
with arrogant condescension, but do not insult my
intelligence as the viewer by talking to me the
same way! Your true self showed through with the
verbal and now physical threats . you don’t fool


And don’t forget trying to throw Donny under the bus on national tv for not blowing his game with the TA mission. Even Julie said she agreed with Donny turning it down.

BB Bitch Ain't Got A Hair On His A$$

No wait it should be: Next six to finish go back into the BB House.
I was crying so hard from Caleb’s drunk cow story I couldn’t do the math.


Derrick saying donny doesnt trust him…, why should he? Derrick has done nothing but bad mouth him and frankie is not any better. I feel so bad for donny, it’s difficult to be on the outside. These people are just mean and karma is a bitch, she will rear her ugly head at all of them…hopefully sooner than later.

Where's the yellow school bus when you need it?

Frankie went from insulting Brittany to all mothers!
He tries to make a snide remark regarding the cleanliness of the place he’s living in yet it makes no sense since he’s the one living there and not keeping it clean. It’s like his mouth just opens and flies come out since there is no thought process in what he says. He can’t find anything else to do other than making repulsive sexual comments or insult other people. Same goes for the rest of his mean high school clique. They are way worse than Regina George and the plastics. The person that wrote the book wasn’t evil enough to conjure anything like the sort we are experiencing with BB16.

A Nonny Mouse

Kathy Griffin said on Letterman last night that the house stinks. That these half-lifes would sit in their own filth and not catch the smell or acknowledge that there is a stench pretty much sums up this whole season.


Cancelling my feeds as soon as zach walks out that door tonight.


he’ll most likely be coming back in with the twist


I think you are right (you and Dawg are usually on the money with predictions), the treatment of the houseguests still makes it hard to watch. The way Zach and Donny are treated and talked about is pretty disgusting. It’s clearly not to be funny or entertaining, just mean spirited. I give props to you and Dawg for listening to these people all summer. You guys don’t get enough reimbursement for all your hard work.

Beach girl

My greatest is Frankie is going to win Big Brother. Derrick has flaws but of those left in the house he has played the best game. Cody has won nothing, he Caleb and Victoria are floaters. Christine has won a couple but she floats also. Donny…..don’t know if he will survive next week. His only hope is if he wins HOH. CBS may see to that. All that is left are Frankie, please no, so Derrick for the win.

Kathie from Canada

Frankie wasn’t careful the way Derrick has consistently been about securing jury votes from the evicted players as they were leaving. I’d have to give the edge to Derrick in that department.


“Caleb says I know I’ve been roofied before.”

How many beers did Caleb state he can drink and not get drunk the other day?

interesting thought

I’m hoping tonight is the night where all jury members play in the HOH. With 2 HOHs it could possibly allow 2 jury members back in if they win. So we could get Zach and Hayden/Nicole that could control the nominations.


Someone on the last post said something about Christine getting a penalty nom b/c she helped Cal/Cod? Is that true anyone?

new to BB 14

results from tonights vote

Frankie as HOH cant vote

Calib evicts Zach
Derrick evicts Zach
Christine evicts Zach
Donny evicts Cody
Victoria evicts wait she had to run out of the diary room to ask derrick again who to evict Victoria evicts Zach

By a vote of 4-1

Zach exits the house later reenters the house as HOH teams up with Donny puts up Frankie and Derrick veto competition Frankie wins veto uses it on himself Zach replaces Frankie with cody derrick and cody aka the hitman are on the block together next Thursday house votes to evict cody cody walks out tells Julie Chen I didn’t go off on Donny because I’m a much better person then he is Julie Chen in unison with the audience say Bull S**T you big fraking Pu$$y


I love the hideous still pictures of Christine you keep getting LOLS. I can imagine how smelly that house is. No one cleans and the thought of using that bathroom…..Gack! They need to do what BBCAN2 did with the house guests and make it a “cleaning game” like you would with children haha.


BB-US Production to Diary Room HG:

Pro- We need an HG to clean the bathroom.
HG- HOW MUCH $ DO I GET to clean the stink out of my own toilet?


Zach for People Magazines 2014 “Most sexiest man alive!”

yeast mold sowgirl

The only way this gets interesting is if Derrick, Cody and Vic go to final 3,cody wins and sends Derrick packing. At the final 2 Deputies come in the first with a restraining order against Caleb from Amber and the second with divorce papers for Chris. Its a 7-0 vote for Victoria and Cody throws a fit like the 2 year old he is. Donny is revealed as Americas Favorite and Chris gets zero votes. Frankie and Zach announce their engagement and Derrick is waterboarded for all his lies.


I love how when Christink and Cody Kotex talked with Donny they talked about making moves and actually USING their brains and I had hope for them to shed Derprick’s mist, but then they turn right around and tell yah Piggy Puppet Master and are basically saying, “Me? Grow a brain and make actual moves? How absurd! Derrick, tell us what to do!” It makes me sad and disgusted. And I think with Zach looking in the rulebook, rumors of production telling him to (I doubt that part), and the way he got real chill again is I think that they may enforce the renom rule right there on the spot. That would make for killer TV. And some of the HOH ideas that people mentioned above are really good and I want them to happen. But that would make things “unpredictable” and “interesting” and “not according to Derprick and Fakie’s plans” and everyone knows that CBS can’t stand for any of those things to happen