Frankie – “Blame everything on Zach .. We got one more chance to use him”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

3:00pm Derrick and Frankie
Derrick wonders who Donny puts up in the case where he wins the HOH. Frankie thinks it will be Caleb/Cody and Christine. Derrick is nervous he would go up. Frankie tells him Derrick is the only person in the house he trusts fully, he trusts Caleb but he’s too easily manipulated.

Derrick says they were put into this game for something bigger than Big Brother they were given Team America. Adds that he’ll never put Frankie up. Derrick says he wants to go to the end with Frankie he’s happy with the 50 grand plus the 20 he made from stipend/Team america that’s 70 grand not bad. Frankie agrees says he feels the same way with Derrick wants to bring him to the end. Derrick tells him next week the best case scenario is for him to win HOH it’ll be like Frankie’s HOH.
Derrick wants to start hammering out the team America tasks.

BB16-2014-08-17 15-22-48-853
3:16pm Backyard Caleb and Derrick
Caleb – I started watching season 8.. so far this game is so twisted.. Dude this one is completely weird from what I’ve see
Caleb – I just.. umm.. I dunno.. I proved something to myself yesterday that competition was not physical at all it took brains and I almost won it.
Derrick – you already won a brain competition you have nothing to prove
Caleb – that was the hardest competition we’ve had
Derrick – they’re going to get harder.. this point of the game sucks it doesn’t get fun anymore.. the pressure.. you go home 10th or 12th it’s OK you were close but now we’re getting close.
Derrick is worried if he gets nominated up against Christine he’ll go home, he’s unsure about where all the votes will go.
Caleb – Christine will go home dude. Frankie, Cody and I will vote for you
Derrick – Frankie and Christine are close.
Derrick says as long as they are both not up on the block they will be fine.
Frankie joins them says the 4 boys need to get together and tell Zach.
Caleb – I’ll be there for moral support and bodyguard
Frankie is going to give Christine and Cody the option to be there for the Zach talk.

After some silence Frankie mentions that Victoria is in the bathroom alone staring at her self in the mirror.
Frankie – I wonder if they are trying to get us into a normal schedule.. they tried really hard this morning..

BB16-2014-08-17 15-31-50-533

3:31pm Donny, Cody, Christine
Chatting about how awesome the movie Old School is.

Donny saying they are in the twilight zone. Victoria came outside put a clean towel and a pillow near the pool. Walked over to the hot tub stuck her foot in and laid down on the backyard couch.
Donny – you seen varsity blues
Cody – ya that’s the first movie I saw boobies in..
Christine laughs..

(chits chat.. )

BB16-2014-08-17 15-44-16-714

3:44pm Frankie, Caleb and Christine
Frankie says they are going to have the meeting with Zach after dinner. Frankie says Zach already knows he’s going up. Zach knows what Frankie’s best move is and that is to take Zach out.
Frankie says Zach turned the entire house against him. Reminds them that he’s nominating Zach for the three of them they know if Zach wins HOH he’ll put up two of them. . Christine calls Zach a baby.
Caleb – Zach only cares about Zach he’s shown that.. he won’t put up weak players
Frankie – there’s nothing weak about us
Caleb – I proved myself yesterday.. they asked me in the DR how does it feel to be 1 light bulb away from winning a mental comp.

BB16-2014-08-17 15-58-50-745

4:00pm Frankie and Derrick
They will tell Zach he’s going home tonight after dinner. Everyone will know Zach is going home. Tomorrow morning they will and put the message on the mirror.
Frankie – Blame everything on Zach being pissed he’s going home”
Frankie – We got one more chance to use him
Derrick- thanks Zach
Frankie – thank you
Derrick – So all we have left is Donny’s visor and Cody’s hat.. Do yo think we should throw recycling bits in the recycling bin because it’s empty “
Derrick says this was a fun Team America task. Frankie says the neighborhood watch can also be a zach watch. Everyone will thinks he’s up to no good.
They start going over the past tasks they think they’ve won ones they didn’t

BB16-2014-08-17 16-16-15-592

4:16pm Derrick and Christine
Christine will attend the meeting where they tell Zach he’s going home.
Christine saying she wants Donny out So bad.. They start speculating if BOB is next week. Derrick thinks Fans would be pissed if they had another physical competition for HOH.

BB16-2014-08-17 16-26-52-650

4:27pm Storage room
Donny has his visor and Cody’s hat that’s everything. Frankie says they are going to put the message up on the mirror in the morning and blame it on Zach. Donny is worried people will blame it on him because he’s up early. Frankie points out that Zach stays up late so teh story holds. Donny wants Frankie to wake up early so they can discover the message together.

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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thats it for me.

this isn’t gameplay, this is total BS. so they get to continue to screw over Zach, who has no say in this whatsoever, because of some stupid twist that ALL SUMMER ha screwed over the same HG?

BB is officially removed from my recording list. I won’t be watching anymore this year. Frankie can “euthanize” my fav HG and really one of the only legitimate human beings left while CBS continues to rig the game for Frankie and anyone with Frankie

was a fun season, but this is it for me. I won’t even be watching feeds. CBS is cancelled, TVGN is cancelled(goodbye sorentinos previews) and Ill come to this site and give it clicks/amazon.

bb16 is dead to me. the season that they gave the game to Frankie and because of it derrick got an unfair advantage for the ENTIRE game. its BS.


Cool story brah.

it is hard

it is ok to get rid of Zack as for Frankie’s game as he is going to turn on to Frankie anyway. but I think for now, should get rid of Victor if I was Frankie as V is Derrick’s people, not F’s , not the whole Detonator’s


Ha ha. For me it’s a terrible season just because the ‘ villains’ are winning. A game is good when there some justice here and there. Yes Derrick and Frankie are playing a good game but they are my villains and it sucks I might never get to see them squashed. Everything works out for them always. Would be nice for them to sweat a lil bit.

But damn, no matter how bad Big Brother is, I will stop watching it the day it is cancelled. It’s my summer indulgence.


Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but I think this is one if the best seasons! So much stuff going on all the time. And, as someone who has followed big brother for awhile and have been faithfully using this site, every year and every season of every type of big brother, people are complaining about the lack of entertainment. There’s truthfully so much entertainment this season!


Sorry queen bee, that was meant for “that’s it for me”


BB16 should take a page from BB Canada, when the bully’s and villiam were winning to much bb made canada hoh for one week and we nominated two of the villian’s and that changed up the game for good. After that it was much better to watch.


Yeah losing those Sorrentino’s previews is a tough one.


Donny should just out team America honestly. He has nothing to lose, everybody wants him gone and his only potential ally Zach is about to go. If he were to do it he could get the house to flip on Derrick and Frankie and gain him some allies


I totally agree. I stopped watching last year after all the bullying with Amanda. This year has been horrible. There is no game play. Just a lot of back stabbing, lying, deceit and manipulation. Derrick is a smooth talking and I hate the way he is using Victoria who should have never been cast for this season. I also hate how Donny has become enemy #1. He has tried to play the game but everyone turns on him. It’s sad to see how they gang up on players each week. It’s nothing I enjoy watching. I want to see a game where there are true alliances where people are winning comps and pulling their alliance members off the block etc. This is NOT game playing. Derrick use to be my favorite player…..he is now one of my least favorite.

I am done

I actually plan to write CBS to tell then exactly how they lost a fan of 16 years because of Frankie grande and BB16.


I don’t think stopping to watch will fix this, we need to continue to watch but be vocal about our opinions. In a weird way I think they do kinda listen…a few years ago many people were complaining about all the returning vets and then they stopped that and now the last 2 seasons have been completely new people, and they’ve stopped making big fan interferences (i.e. jeff’s cout detat which completely changed the game etc.)

Production needs to wake up

Well said “I am Done”. I totally agree with you. I can no longer look at these fools any more. It is so sad that the casting has been so poor over the past two seasons. It’s a great idea to write to CBS and express your concerns. I used to love this show and the whole concept. Recently, it has taken a drastic turn for the worse. I am not angry….. Just very disappointed!!!!!!


I don’t mean to be rude, but seriously, writing Cbs? I can’t believe people are so involved with big brother that they actually loathe people they don’t even know. I bet Cbs gets letters left, right and center from crazy ppl who are fed up with one thing or another. I’d say they have a grand ol laugh at the messages and toss it in the trash. The same people who say they are “done” every year manage to come back season after season. Think about it, big brother is more popular than ever! If it wasn’t and the ratings were low, then they might take your opinion into consideration. But let’s be real here. They don’t give two flying f@&s what you think.


Exactly. Not a huge frankie fan either when it comes to the game. He’s disingenuous and playing a bit of a dirty game. But, it’s just a GAME. Doesn’t make him a bad guy outside of the house.
The vitriol directed at some of these houseguests is ridiculous and embarrassing.


I started watching 3 years ago always thought it was a stupid show im not always happy with the show but its more addicting than crack especially with this site love it


I just find it entertaining to watch the show on CBS to see how production is trying to slant the game – what things they are editing for the “viewing” public as compared to what is being shown both on the live feeds and HERE on this great site.


BB is not more popular than ever because in the first few years they had incredible ratings and then AG came on board and ratings did drop quite a bit and does CBS win most night in the ratings yes but it is also because look at the reruns it is up against. Anyone could get decent ratings with the other shows that are against it. This season is awful and think even CBS would agree that BB needs a huge overall. Also, tweens are watching this season because of the A. Grande connection, but tweens do not buy products that are advertised which is what keeps shows on the air so CBS is probably well aware that this season will have some repercussions.

Caren in Canada

You might want to check your facts there buddy, this past few seasons BB has been way down in ratings! That is why they put a Frankie in there, hoping to reel in a new demograph of viewers in Ariana fans! Lets be honest BB is not the game it was a few seasons ago! It has gotten much uglier, and so much more cut throat! Which if played decently would be enjoyable, but these people obviously have no moral compass! To intentionally lie about ones character, slander ones name, just be downright evil is not the way to play this game! Fine lines people, fine lines!


women and men kill there spouses for less than 500k everyday think the money erases the lines just a thought


Ya right. So I guess you are forgetting about evil dick and boogie, etc. they were way more ruthless and said things that made people feel like shit. He definitely had no “moral compass” sure, he said Stuff they probably wouldn’t get away with saying on tv today. I can’t even remember half of the first big brother players. However, I remember them all in the past few years. Social media have definitely played into that. Anywho..


Dear Huh, you obviously never worked in TV or the media. Of course they care!! Esp if they get a shit load of mail on the subject.

Quick story: last season I was so pissed at the racists rant I called head of HR at CBS. I complained that these people are employed by CBS and should be held accountable for their actions like any other employee. You might think that’s nutty ( maybe it is a bit) but she actually got back to me and felt the same repulsion. It was kind of cool.

It’s the same with politicians. People write, they listen. They don’t live in a vacuum!!!


I totally cannot stand looking at Frankie! Derrick is one cocky mutha fawker, can’t stand that either. I hope for BB sake that Donny wins HOH and puts those arrogant bastards up.


Not only is Frankie backstabbing Zach he has the gull to say that he wants to use him “one last time” to cover Team America’s tracks and act like Zach is some crazy guy he needs protection from. Ugh I can’t believe I ever liked Frankie. He is a terrible human being.


This nasty play by Frankie can’t be a surprise. He was in the thick of it when they backdoored Amber. It wasn’t enough to just put her on the block and evict her, they had to make it vicious. Zach participated in that and now he’s going to be on the receiving end of it. I’m waiting for the day Frankie get the exact same treatment. He might feel invincible, but he’s not.


Shut up Frankie. The fans are pissed you exist and that your a** is in that house. A**hole!


the problem for me is ive had plenty gay friends at work but they don’t do the fairy flipping around hugging and touching everyone I seen several queens like Frankie but overall I gay people I know damn sure don’t like being portrayed like that because its annoying to everyone else sure hes a nice guy but the queens want attention that why we don’t act that way


If they take Zach out, then he should come right back when a House guest gets to return. Please Let Zach back in on Thursday and be automatic HOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would be AMAZING!

so derrick

are you going to make more threats behind Zach’s back for “America”. remember everything you do is for us, at least that is what you say. you represent first responders everywhere who like to beat people up in alleys

cody being in that house while Zach goes for….WHY IS HE GOING? seriously. Frankie, this is the most pathetic eviction I have ever seen. you are getting rid of an ally right now because he has fans. you are seriously evicting someone because he is popular even though he stands no chance of winning the actual game

you do it with no BOB no POV, no chance to fight for his life in this game. I would LOVE to know what he did other than your dirty work that deserves this type of treatment.

blame it all on Zach, whatever, you call that gameplay all you want, I call it being a total pussy and taking advantage of production giving the freaking game away. I am finished with big brother. 10 years I watched and I am now done. this isn’t chilltown type stuff, this is weak sauce.


How is this different than Chilltown? I recall them backstabbing everyone, using them and taking pleasure in the pain and embarrassment of other houseguests as well.


Because they never pretended to be good people. Dr will was always honest to the viewers about what he was doing and why. Frankie talks to the viewers like we’re the idiots he is playing with and he thinks he is America’s favorite.


Absolutely agree with Lane. Dr will was funny and his DRs were hilarious and it seemed like we were “in on it” too. Plus, he and other greats had more strategic sense. He was more sincere to us, while being manipulative to the houseguests. IMO.


Because Dr. Will was so likeable, and it was pretty well understood that they were not evil in their real lives. Frankie seems very malicious and backstabbing in real life. Also, last night Frankie made a comment about tons of men wanting to have s@x with him and i’m honestly wondering what they see in this oompa loompa.


Another issue with Frankie is the unfeeling way that he’s continuously turned on Zach. It would be different if he seemed to feel badly about cutting Zach but just couldn’t risk his erratic behavior and big mouth. But you can see that he has no sympathy for the guy at all, even though Zach totally loves him. No one wants to see bros turning on bros. No matter how awful Chilltown was to the other HGs, they had a sincere kinship with each other. Frankie acts like he has that with Zach, but it’s not sincere. As for Derrick, he has none of Dr.Will’s impish charm. Whatever Will did always came off as harmless boyish pranks, whereas Derrick is very serious.


Anonymous, I agree with you about Chilltown. Game wise yes but in Big Brother it’s all about who people like and who they don’t, same with me..
If my hero screws the bad guy over I’m thrilled, but if my villain does the same thing I’ll be super pi$$ed, lol. We have to admit people are pissed because it is happening to people they like but when Caleb was planning to throw BOB to get Frankie out people loved it. It’s normal though, we root for those we like despite how good or bad their gameplay is. If the same was done to Donny there’d be outrage, especially if he lost because of that.

So I say Donny win HOH and screw Frankie over, but if Donny gets screwed over, hell no.

It’s personal. Game wise I know Zach himself dug a hole for himself, truth is he can’t be trusted and he himself relishes kicking a person when they’re already down. So for that I don’t feel for him.


Anonymous, you are the voice of reason here. Amazing now everyone forgets that Derrick is doing the exact same thing as previous big brother legends, just in a more respectable way. He’s more mature and trained as a cop so he is used to talking to people calmly and he has good intuition. Don’t hate the player, hate the game! Go derrick you beast!


Derrick isn’t up against All-Stars he’s up against a bunch of mannequins. Will came into the house being the only player to have won before, that’s a huge target to start with. Not to mention Will didn’t pretend he was doing America any favors. Derrick says BS like “I’m voting out Nicole because of Team America” or whatever he said the other night. We know you are going after Donny, don’t try to play us like the fools in the house.

um not true

Zach chose not to go on the block and let beastmode toolboy take the bullet. He is smart and can do math and see how things could play out since he knows not to trust frankie. I don’t feel sorry for zach he could have gone up and played in BOB. With that said I will miss zach as entertainment but honestly in real life he comes off to me as looking very immature and self entitled.


Every time I look at Crustine, I want to throw her in a vat of bleach to get rid of the tramp stamps.


I want to throw that bitch in a full septic tankl of nasty ass shit!


Well, that’s a really mature statement! Lol


Ah she deserves it..the bitch! LOL!


Glad to know you feel so strongly about her to say such a thing. I bet she doesn’t think about you at all.


Simon and Dawg, do you guys operate and write from inside the Big Brother house? I’m just curious.


Oh I see! Wow, such hard work for you either way. Thank you for responding!


By far one of the worst most set up seasons I’ve seen so far. I’m over it.

Frodo on Steroids

How much do you want to bet that the whole choosing Skittles to see who would be nominated was a paid advertisement/product placement by Mars, Inc. the parent company of Wrigley, the company that makes Skittles.

I am as sure about this as I am the Christine is gonna be sweating at church when she gets home.:)

Teri B

Kind of hard to believe Derprick doesn’t think of Zach as a number any more…….just sayin.


Everyone except Donny fully trusts Derrick… This house is ridiculous.


I think that donny is smarter then all the hg because he did not fall for the lie that frankie and derrick told him go team donny


You are so right. As much as I absolutely despise Frankie I thought he was smart enough to see that Derrick is running things & now is not the time to “unite”. But he’s so self-absorbed he’s convinced himself he’s running everything & they’ll all be happy to go to the end with him & take 2nd place. Seriously, you believed Derrick (I’m playing to feed my daughter) means that??? He’s as snowed as the rest.

How low can you go?

Just when I think Frankie can’t get any lower, (he wanted to euthanize him earlier) he’s now trying to tarnish Zack even more??? This guy was the most loyal to Frankie before the potential flip and now he takes joy in trashing Zack. I really hope Zack can get back in Thursday, but the odds seem stacked against him (Hayden can be good at physical, and Nicole is good at mental)


I am just glad that Donnie is safe this week, and I don’t care which one of the other ones goes home. I hate it when they throw competitions and not just throw them. I mean Christine actually helped the other team not just not helped Donnie. ( I don’t foresee the BOB competitions coming back again after this season) .

Would love to see Nicole or Hayden come back and work with Donnie and hopefully win some competitions so that they can get Frankie out. Caleb out. and I don’t mind Cody or Derrick so much I would rather see one of them win.


Since Christine was trying to help the other team – shouldn’t that earn her a penalty nom?


Frankie is a idiot.

frankie is a coward

frankie is only hurting his game if he gets rid of zach… either way as long as he doesnt make final two i am happy! same with christine!


Frankie and Derrick talk about how they’re so loyal, but Frankie already turned on Zack (and everyone else in the house) and Im feeling more and more like Derrick will dump Cody in F2 for Victoria.


If Derrick wants to win he should dump cody and take Victoria to the final 2 . He would garauntee himself 500K if he takes Cody you can’t be sure i still think he would win, but it wouldn’t be a slam dunk.


what’s left to watch after zach leaves? BORING


Um…. watching Frankie getting fucked over my Derrick will be fun to watch… they are all going to have to turn on each other anyway if Zach and Donny happen to leave next.

Yes that means none of these people left will be popular, but it will be somewhat fun to see them throw each other to the wolves when they have no one else to go against.


Christine only wants Donny out because he has enough morals to know how she has acted with Cody, groping, stroking and laying on is not right for a married woman. I believe he has actually made some small comments about it. How she can say she hates him is beyond me. He has done nothing to her. She is just upset for getting called out on her behavior. If she thinks America thinks it is harmless she will be in for a rude awakening. As for Derrick , yes Donny is the only one in the house that knows what he is about and that terrifies Mr. Derrick, therefore he runs Donny down behind his back and smiles to his face. What an A**


“Caleb – Zach only cares about Zach he’s shown that.. he won’t put up weak players” Are you kidding? No seriously. These people are soooooooo hypocritical. Also they are blind and stupid since they don’t realize that Derrick is the one that wont put up weak players (Vic and Cody). I can’t even watch the live feeds anymore because the shit these a-holes spew is so beyond gross.


“Derrick says they were put into this game for something bigger than Big Brother they were given Team America. ”

My eyes were rolling so far back in my head I almost couldn’t keep reading the rest of this post.

TA Sucks

I really hate Frankie and Derrick.

mr ed

Two pieces of SHIT !!!!!!


Wow. I knew Flakie was a soulless piece of human shit but I don’t have words to describe how much lower he has sunk. Now he wants to make Zach’s week worse by framing him for something he didn’t do. Him and Deprick laughing about it is truly the worst example of human depravity I have seen all season. They have crossed the line and shamed their families. As a father and an officer of the law Deprick should know cruelty to someone’s child in unacceptable behavior. This has nothing to do with game play. Zach is already out in their minds. What a miserable example he is setting for his daughter. I hope Donnie won’t go along with it. And finally the money they get from this malicious act will be tainted.


This has been the season of aneurysms.


What does Christine have against Donny? I recall her saying before that she hates his guts. What an evil witch.


Cause dummy Nichole told Christine that Donny was trying to get her out, he didn’t trust her, and was trying to clue Nichole on to Christine’s loyalty to the boys!

Pink Gonads

Oh foolish Christine, moral enemy Donny? If you only knew that Cody and Derrick are planning your exit. You may go down as one of the most despised BB contestants ….ever


Worse than alisson from bb4?


This season is fake. Production is going to make Frankie be in the final 2 just so his”pop star” sister can be at the finale….. oh and let me guess,special performance of her new single???? Worst season ever


I highly doubt Frankie has any real friends in the real world the way he has shown to carry himself. Other than his little sister of course. He’s a disgusting piece of trash the way he talks about people in the house. Talking about euthanizing Zach, his ally, with a slow drip. What an a$$hat this tool is. I would love to see Zach come right back in and win HOH and get Frankie the F out!

Can't stop watching bb

I can understand how Donny got on team America , but how did Derrick and Frankie !!??…..


We didn’t know them back then.


It comes as no surprise that Derrick has no qualms about framing an innocent man for something he didn’t do. He give honest cops a bad name.


I have a strong feeling that this is the real Francie in and out of the house. Selfish and conceited. Will screw anyone to get ahead.


What do you think? Thumbs up if you genuinely believe Zack will win the comp and get back in Thursday OR Thumbs down if you think he will lose it

it's rigged

Production rigged the buy back comp last year – and they will do it again this year. Remember “the hand” that tapped Helen on the foot JUST before she jumped off her ledge – that was production. They wanted Judd back in the house last year – and they already have it figured out which houseguest is coming back this coming week.

TA Sucks

I lose a bit of respect for Donny if he goes through with blaming Zach for taking the items.


Zack is the perfect pansy to blame it on. Everyone will think he went berserk(once again) and stole the items in spite.


Wish we could get to see diary room videos besides what is shown on tv. If someone actually said the ” 1 light bulb away from winning a mental comp” to Cody, that is pretty funny


Sorry. Meant to say Caleb not Cody

Jesus & Nem

If the do indeed vote Zach out, Id pay cash money for both he and Hayden to return in a twist… They could hook up w Donny & wreck the shit out of the house


Oops meant to Caleb


Does anyone else wonder if something is going on in Frankie’s warped up mind? The way he speaks about Zach with such hatred makes me think that this is revenge on something personal. This is far removed from gameplay, to completely screw someone over so much. I hate the My little pony peacock edition idiot.


Frankie made a comment that Zank turned the house against him last week, I’m assuming that something that Derrick put into his mind.

BB Fan

I am so irritated with Frankie! I hope that one of those boys takes him out next week. What would be really amazing is if Zach got back in the house and was HOH and took Frankie out. Give him a dose of his own medicine!

The Greatness

I agree, Frankie is both stupid and a coward! I did not care for Zach in the beginning however I have really started to like him. Christine is DISGUSTING! Vic does not bother me much other than not being so bright. Cody is HORRIBLE! Caleb is not so bad as compared to earlier in the season. Donny is cool and Derick is NOT!


Pink Troll and Pig Snout are so full of themselves. I keep thinking of the convo they had about being the “daddies” of the house and it makes me laugh. They are acting like jealous little brats who have no clue what “grown a$$ men” would do in their situation. Here is a clue: In battle once you have defeated the enemy you do not demoralize or humiliate them. Bullying is also not something a man with confidence would condone. That is why if anyone is still wondering they dislike and fear Donny.


If Zack does go out this week, production will some how find the way to get him back into the game next week. Don’t forget production is the true “mister”.


I think Christina going home next
Donny will some how win hoh
then put up derrick and Christina
then win pov keep it the same send Christina home
then Nicole win hoh that’s right I think she going to win back in
an put up derrick an Frankie
Frankie wins pov she put up cody
cody goes home
cleab wins hoh
put up Donny Nicole
Donny wins special golden power of veto
saves himself
cleab put up Victoria
Nicole goes home
derrick wins hoh put up Donny an cleab
cleab wins pov save himself
Donny saves himself too cause golden power of veto
Frankie in Victoria on the block
Frankie goes home
Victoria wins hoh nom Donny cleab
Donny wins pov
derrick goes up
Donny sends derrick home
final three Donny cleab Victoria
Donny wins first
cleab wins second
Donny wins third in
takes Victoria to the end
in Donny wins big brother 16 that’s what us fans want production


Watching the show tonight makes me loathe Derrick even more. Stop trying to play us! You want Donny out. He is your target and playing up the whole TA thing just sounds so unauthentic and nauseating! I really hope he doesn’t make it to the final two. He is a d@uche!


The only reason Derrick is saying he doesn’t want Donny to go home (for his personal game) is because he knows we are pulling for Donny to win the game. He couldn’t stop talking about Donny being the underdog after Donny won the BOB by himself.


Lol. Watching BB at home with my 3 yr old daughter sitting by me. Then she asked me if Frankie and Victoria can come to our house to have a play date with her. First, I was surprised she knew their names and she actually know them too. She said Frankie and Victoria are her favorite. I asked her why, and she said she likes Frankie’s hair becos it’s pink and she likes Victoria becos her hair is long like rapunzel’s. Lol. Every time Frankie talks she laughs like crazy. Omg.

Caren in Canada

OMG thank you so very much for that comment, after watching tonights episode, and feeling utterly frustrated and disgusted by this bunch of low lifes, that made me laugh so hard, cause that would be about Frankie mentality level! Your comment was well appreciated I really needed a good laugh!


If Zach doesn’t win the competition to come back into the house im done with this crapshoot of a season. And im sure many others will too.


I love that they are bringing up Christine and Cody’s weird relationship! No one buys your flirting to get further because Cody is a big zero and has no power in the house!

Irked by the stupidity!

I know right?!!! I wish I could have been there in the DR to tell her “nice try!” I think it’s mighty fishy that that clip made it in to tonights show after she gets called out, Zinged, asks them not to air the Zing and then crys last night on the couch to Derrick about not wanting her family and pastor to see it. Honestly, that’s not the only thing she should be worried about. She’s vicious and mean. I would be more worried about my pastor knowing THAT about me.


The Diary Room clips tonight are making me laugh


This is complete bs. Derrick is like so desperate of winning this game. 1. He mentioned that if Zach takes food off of his daughter’s mouth, he would beat the snot out of Zach. 2.He considers Team America free money. 3. He’s not nominated as of yet = high chance of winning. HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU NEED. YOU’RE A FREAKING COP. YOU PROBABLY EARN MORE MONEY THAN MAJORITY OF THE HOUSEGUESTS.

btw, stop criticizing people about their looks and family when you won’t stop talking about your own family. hypocrite..

Michael LB

Again, again, again this is not a contest of who needs the money the most but who played the best (at least in theory). The game isn’t a charity case for the most needy; if so, let’s just cast unwed mothers, the recently unemployed and seniors on fixed incomes. Everybody, regardless of how much they have in the bank, could find something to do with an extra half mil.


That’s exactly why Derrick’s comments about doing it for his family & he/she is taking food out of his daughter’s mouth are so much crap. First, he ran others down for doing it (like Devin & Britney) & 2nd, as a “superfan” he should know better.

Team zach

I’m furious..
I cannot stand Derrick and Frankie .. Jerks!!!

You got GOT

Production finally did one thing right by finally putting Christine in the spotlight for her “hidden showmance” with Cody on tonight’s episode. Sorry Christine, but I’m sure your husband ain’t fooled into thinking you all over Cody is strategy


Wow, I can’t believe the hate on this board. It’s a game.


I know, this comments section is where the butt-hurt come to whine about how horrible it is that their favorites are losing to great players. Derrick is going to go down as one of the greatest social players this game has had. Frankie has won half the comps he’s been in and is dominating socially and mentally. The constant, delusional, personal attacks on Frankie, Derrick and Christine are truly ridiculous. This is a game, if you play it you get your hands dirty. If you are too stupid, lazy or complacent to make moves you go home.


That’s the whole point of BB – entertainment. If you don’t get invested in the characters it’s not entertainment. What do you expect, people to just watch it dispassionately like it’s a National Geographic Special on the hunting techniques of the hyena? Trying to act like you are above that TrueFan means you’re not really a true fan, just supporting the person who’s on the winning side regardless of how they do it. We want to see entertainment & that’s not what this season is.


I don’t want Zach out at all, but if they do backdoor Zach, and he comes back into the house, that would make for some good tv! Derrik is playing a really good game, but it’s getting boring to watch.