Big Brother Spoilers Team America Task “watch some sh1ts gonna go down tonight”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

BB16-2014-08-17 17-12-34-046

4:40pm Cody, Donny and Caleb
Talking about the cigarette price differences state to state. Donny says supposedly it’s 10 dollars a pack in New York. Caleb says where he’s from it’s 3.40 a pack. Caleb says they should use their suspend buy a flat bed truck worth of cigarettes and sell them in new york.

5:00pm Caleb tells them he was almost cast in Johnny depp’s pirate movies as a member of Johnny’s depp’s “Crew” .Explains that in the movie Johnny Depp had a posse of people in many scenes.
Caleb – you would have seen me with johnny depp throughout the movie.. I have really good connections
Says the deal fell through because the person he knows what was going to get him hooked up got pregnant and had a miscarriage. . (Feeds cut so we don’t know the full reason) Caleb wants to go to acting school after the show is over. He thinks once you are done acting school you can get rolls in CSI
Caleb – kinda stinks when we get out of here we’re stuck with CBS for a year.
Caleb says he’s been mistaken for elijah woods many times. (Just random chit chat about movies)

5:17pm Zach joins DOnny and Caleb tells them the stand your ground law in FLorida
Zach tells the George Zimmerman story, “African american guys walking with a hoodie with his hands in his hood.. George Zimmerman thought this kid had a gun.. George Zimmerman went to the kid blah blah blah..
A fight started George Zimmerman pulls a gun and a kid was killed.
Caleb – they got in a physical fight..
Donny – I don’t know about that
Caleb explains that they got in a fight the guy got on George ZImmerman smashed his head the guy got away and shot him
Caleb – THey called it self defense in a way..

BB16-2014-08-17 17-24-53-781

COdy looking for his blue hat. Looks in the fire room and HOH
Meets up with Frankie in the HOH Cody – I think we have a hat thief.. I’m going to go on a search party..
Frankie helps him out they start marching though the house searching for COdy’s hat.

Cody tells them he wore it all last night and took it off before bed. COdy says it was Hayden’s hate he gave it to POW POW but POWPOW said COdy could have it. Cody wonders if Hayden told production he wanted his hat back and they came out in the middle of the night and took it.
Zach – Impossible..

BB16-2014-08-17 17-45-08-163

5:40pm Zach and Frankie Pool Table
Zach says Victoria goes to the Diary room every single morning theres a saboteur.
Frankie – and their mission was to take COdy’s hat.. Oh and Derrick’s hat
Zach – ya.. watch some sh1ts gonna go down tonight..
Frankie thinks it’s someone playing a prank he doesn’t think it’s a saboteur it’s probably Victoria.
Donny joins them says the prime suspects are Christine and Victoria. Adds that he’s the third suspect “hashtag bearded bandit” Zach – Christine and Victoria are working together.

5:56pm House meeting All the personal items missing are starting to be noticed.
Cody says he “crushed” all the rooms couldn’t find his hat.
Zach – Someone is doing some work around here..

they start finding things behind a drawer.. Cody is thinking it’s Aryan and Amanda’s from last season after everyone gathers up they figure out it was POW POW’s stuff.

Mass confusion as everyone discovers something is up..

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6:06pm Zach finds out his GAtor Shirt is missing

BB16-2014-08-17 18-21-55-455
The first Neighborhood watch starts everyone gets suited up.
Christine points out that Production must be in on this because they are never aloud to play with the helmets before.
Zach says Victoria is the saboteur she’s the only one not playing the real game. Christine says Zach is hiding the stuff.

Everyone is blaming Zach and Vciotira, Zach tells them they have until 10:30 tonight to find their stuff or he gets paid.

BB16-2014-08-17 18-39-37-324

6:40pm Everyone blaming Zach for taking the stuff.. Zach goes to take a nap everyone follows him they want to make sure he doesn’t take anything else. Zach plays along..

6:44pm Fire room Caleb, Zach and Derrick
Derrick and Caleb tell him they are not going to leave Zach’s side until he brings out their stuff.
Zach – I Swear to god If I go on the block because you guys thinks I’m the Saboteur..

BB16-2014-08-17 18-46-08-251

6:45pm BEEHIVE
They’re convincing themselves that Zach is the Saboteur. Frankie goes through a bunch of things that Zach did that was unusual. Frankie says they won’t need to have the meeting tonight with Zach they can roll him being the saboteur into beign this weeks target.

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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As much fun as this is to watch I feel bad for Zach because this is now turning into a perfect opportunity for Frankie to use this as an excuse to nominate him. I am pissed. #saveZach


This is Donny’s big chance to flip the house…. Admit to Team America and blame Frankie and Derrick and let them all fall apart….. he was the only one that didn’t want to do TA. Maybe he can turn some people his way.

This is just a game, right?

I dont think he can admit to TA yet. There is something about a contract, they have mentioned it before….but I don’t thunk they’ve said the specifics. However, Donny did want to do TA.


He has been uncomfortable with TA for a while…. and do you want to win 20k or 500k. How much will everyone trust Derrick and Frankie after he spills the beans. At least start dropping some hints to Zach.

Love Zach

Cant believe production is allowing this kind of mistreatment of Zach. Shame on you


Are you kidding? I like Zach, but he has mistreated numerous other houseguests this summer. This is another smart game move by Derrick, I can’t wait until they tell Zach he’s going home on Thursday. See you never.


Mistreatment? There have been worst things that have happened over the seasons.


Thumb up if you hate the rat frankie

Team America sucks

This mission has gone terribly wrong. What seemed like a fun prank, Frankie has them convinced he is the saboteur and they are berating him nonstop. He isn’t even getting paid for these BS TA missions. It’s completely ruined whatever game he had left and they will use this as an excuse to nominate him for eviction.

TA unfair advantage

This year sucks. Totally unfair for great players likes Zach and Nicole.
Its totally orchestrated by Production anyway. And what’s worse is TA gets money for their stupid pranks.
How unfair is that for the other players who don’t. Using Zach, blindsiding him. I love watching Zach’s game play for what it is. Pure game play. He made Big Brother a lot of fun. Production wants Frankie, Donny and Derrick at the end—Team America. It was totally totally predictable from the beginning. This is why this year sucks. Not bothering anymore with this stupid show.


Ah, if it wasn’t blaming this on him, Frankie would have found something else to blame him for. He’s a dead man walking, regardless of TA….unfortunately.


This is kind of mean of Team America but really a brilliant plan. This way it’s all good as their plan was to get Zach out, so now Frankie doesn’t look like he is the bad guy. Even though he pretty much is. Zach just walked into this one.


Really… because i thought they’ve ganged up and cornered the poor guy. Love Zach. Too bad. America loves you big time 🙂 Not watching if you’re not there


That may be the gayest picture of a cowboy I’ve ever seen. Caleb… do not sleep on your back tonight around Frankie.

mr ed

Warm up the butt cream !!!!! Sausage party tonight !!!!

Bb fan

I was thinking Cody looked gay with that pink whatever but neither one of them are true cowboys maybe broke back mountain cowboys…lol

think again’s ok for him to sleep on his back, it’s just not safe for him to lay on his stomach ????

This is just a game, right?

This might be one of the most ignorant comments I’ve seen. Congratulations.


Zach goes home I am done watching

Kathie from Canada

Simon, do you think Derrick may be the best BB player ever, or has he just lucked out with a houseful of turnips??


I think it’s a little of both. We’ll know for sure when Derrick collects another 500k when he wins BB Allstars!!! Too easy for him. He might even win America’s Favorite!


he’s got a chance to come back, but in a way I was hoping he (or Cody) would be the ones out, because they could give a bunch of info back to the rest of the jury. Or they could have, but it is my understanding evictee #4 doesn’t get to talk to the other 3 prior to (or during?) their comeback comp. What i do like about a comeback comp is that i think they are safe for the week so can’t be put up (but i might be wrong.)

it will be this thursday for HOH, and i think everyone is right that it will be an endurance type of comp, and will most likely be similar to Helen’s year where they are standing on the side of something and have to stay on, so it won’t complete during the show time.


At least they got a fun mission. To bad, once again, Zach is taking the fall. Frankie should be ashamed. Zach really cares for him. And he takes any opportunity to humiliate and deceive him (Zach).

This is just a game, right?

It’s a game!!!

Zach/ Donny Fan

Clearly an unfair one where Team America stipends are concerned. I feel bad for the other house guests who are not only cheated out of the monies but are played as fools. Production get real!


Hasn’t anyone told these people not to tease the caged monkey’s. This is going to totally unhinge Zach. Let the show begin. I hope Donny tells him about TeamAmerica. BOOM!


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there it is.

Called it once again.

Team America AKA Team Screw Over Zach strikes again.

It’s so ironic how this supposed Team America only seems to screw over the person that America loves the most (along with Donny of course) each week in Zach.

TA is a complete and utter bust. From now on any potential TA or Sabeteur or whatever needs to be chosen after the game has been played for a few weeks already so that duds like Frankie and Derrick dont get the privilege and protection that it offers.

True Team America from this season should’ve been Zach, Donny, and Nicole.

Zach/ Donny Fan



I just wish Frankie could revert back to his original form and scurry off with the other rats of New York. He’s a bigger rat than Andy. I stopped watching BB16 episodes because I HATE seeing his smug face. If he wins MVP because Ariana Grande’s fans vote for him, I’m gonna be so f**cking pissed. He really ruined this season for me, and this is coming from a hardcore BB fan

Save Zach

So I LOVE Donny but I’m pissed that he is going along with this prank & I’m pissed that they are all harassing him please America let’s #SaveZach


He’s going along with what all of them are saying. He even suggested it might be him. Zach set himself up to be blamed for this & even is playing along – that’s all fun & it wouldn’t hurt really hurt him. However, TA should have done the deed & just kind of stepped back instead of pushing one particular person (sort of like Donny suggesting Christine, Victoria, himself). Really, this is all in fun & I’d rather see some of these than some of the others that have been done/suggested. Frankie overly pushing Zach & then saying he’s going to use it as a excuse for nominating him is pretty low, but he’ll just look like an idiot. He was nominating him either way for whatever personal vendetta he has against Zach (jealousy for the attention imo) so nobody will buy that excuse anyway.


I would love to see Freaky push Christine off of Cody and so he can start massaging him.

Within 30 seconds Cody would blurt out, :”Gee this is the hardest I got in the house”

Christine races out of the room in tears and Caleb is pissed since Freaky is two timing him.


You should post that on FanFiction. All those horny pre-teens would eat it up


Frankie IS a horny pre-teen


I think that is SUPER WEAK. Hey we’re putting you on the block because you hid people’s stuff. Really? What a joke!



Zach/ Donny Fan

Go Zach and Donny. Only two guys i like watching. Derrick is playing a good game but I won’t watch anymore if Zach goes. No more excitement if he goes. All the rest of them are boring


I believe Donny’s still in this game bc of Derrick. I like Donny but his social game has been terrible.


Derrick’s nose is much cuter on his daughter. She is adorable. This year’s guys are so wimpy and stupid which is a shame cause Cody is hot but has no balls or backbone and Caleb is hot but is psycho stalker whose easily manipulated. Wish they had better personalities to go along with their hotbodies and cute face. Anyway since they don’t I can’t root for them. Zack is too funny. Hope Donny wins it all.

Butter Face

I want to ask the men/guys here: do you think Victoria is pretty?
Exclude her body please – face only.
Thanks for answering.

I'm a dude

No going by her face alone she is not pretty at all. I think its the nose. I am very surprised she has not already had it fixed. Really its her personality that makes her the most unattractive. But like all guys I would hit it at least once given the chance.


Pretty much.


LOL guys are so funny……yeah she’s ugly but I’d hit it at least once. Gotta love the honesty. XD

Big Jim

Nothing special but not ugly


Oh no! Zach’s the a saboteur. You better bdoor him now or he will take all your things…


Am I missing something here? I thought Zach was just pretending to be good with Frankie but secretly wanted him out, right or wrong? If that’s the case then Frankie is definitely the first to strike before Zach does it to him so I understand, even though yes we all know Zach is one of the fan favorites. If not then oh well…..that’s the game.

It would have been awesome though if Zach was the one to get rid if Frankie.


Partially true. Zach would takae Frankie to the top 5, and then try to get him out then. Thing is that Frankie has a better shot at winning by trusting Zach for the time being though and getting out Derrick or Cody. Unfortunately, even Derrick has Frankie wrapped around his little finger just like everyone else not named Zach or Donny.

Thus Zach and Donny must go according to Derrick, and whatever Derrick says goes so Frankie will shoot himself in the foot to better Derrick’s game, but not his own. He just doesn’t know it.


Derrick used both their grandfathers deaths to solidify a bond between him and Frankie,according to Sunday’s BB episode. There’s nothing like taking advantage of a death to forward your personal ambitions!

This is just a game, right?

Some of you people are acting as if this was real. Lighten up! The fact is that Zach couldn’t care less about you, nor does CBS care if you stop watching BB. It’s a game….the point of the game is to be the last person standing…no matter what. It’s BB…u lie, cheat and steal….it makes for fun and good television. Some of you guys clearly can’t handle it, so maybe it’s better that you do stop watching. If you can’t understand that it’s a game….you are probably better off! Now….Go Derrick Go! Like him or not, he is playing the game better than anyone in the house and has been since the beginning!

You changed your screen name?!?!

Welcome back smd Nicole !!
We have missed you and your waaaay too many (let me just scroll on by this one too) comments.
However, you didn’t have to change your screen name,
we thumbs down you then, and we’ll still thumbs down you now…


Production pretty much owes Zach a reset at this point.


Just watched the episode. Dont buy derrick at all saying donny isnt his target. Team america means nothing we know you know hes popular derrick. Nice try


Poor Zack, he going to end up evicted for this. If he goes, I hope he comes back to get some revenge … That would be fun to watch!!!


Zach is going to get evicted, but not for this. Zach was already lined up to go & the sheep herd was all on board.


Anyone tired of Frankie’s “Big Brother Patrol” sing-song? Yep. Me, too. Although the feeds have been quite funny (Zach discovering his missing Gator shirt was hilarious), this whole thing messing with Zach’s game will come back and bite Frankie. How can he not realize that evicting Zach will most likely be the downfall of his game? Frankie will follow Zach out the door next week if he’s not careful… I still hold out hope that Frankie has a few tricks up his sleeve for Derrick and his crew, but that is slowly dwindling. Tomorrow will tell.

This Season Blows

Isn’t there a rule against using production as a strategy? So why is Frankie being allowed to do it?

Donny pls

If Donny told everyone about Team America, the targets on Frankie and Derrick could become huge, and everyone could potentially go against them. As much as this is a long shot, it is very much possible. Donny has nothing to lose at this point.
DONNY FTW I swear he works miracles

Maria L.

This has been brought up many times… IE: ( why doesn’t Donny blow up TA. ) Donny, Frankie and Derrick cannot tell anyone about TA, because if they do…they will forfeit all monies earned.

Male guest (America): Let me tell you what we're dealing with....

I have a different understanding.
Joey read her Team America nomination aloud on air, in episode.: A Team member could choose to disclose their being chosen on the team or not.
The secretive first meeting of the team was a script to create a spy-vs-spy theme for the episode in which it was aired. Didn’t negate what Joey read.
So, I believe Donny COULD disclose Team America without loss of money already earned.
However, SHOULD he?
I don’t think it would help Donny. Consistently, house guests consider money made during the game — especially that much money, as “unfair.” Donny would be in the same boat as Derrick and Frankie: The other HGs think, “Punch their ticket “PAID” and get them out.””
Would the disclosure help Zack? He would be cleared for taking other people’s stuff, but that is now the reason, it wasn’t the cause of putting him up or voting him out.
Would it be a distraction? Prompting Frankie to nominate Victoria? Prompting the other HG to demand Derrick be the replacement Nomination?
I KNOW! DONNY TELLS ONLY ZACH AND THEN THEY BLACKMAIL FRANKIE into putting up Victoria.. vote out Cody …. Flip Victoria… form an alliance with Hayden… and vote out the others until only Zach and Donny are in the final two.!!!

Michael LB

I don’t think this is accurate, if I remember correctly when Joey was the first TA member she was told that she could either keep it a secret or tell the other houseguests. At this point I don’t think Donnie has much to lose: he is target number one next week so if he tells the others that he has been working with Derrick and Frankie he might at least throw some attention off of himself.


He can’t say who the others are. I’m not even sure he can say there are others.


I’m sure it’s already been said but, I wonder what would happen if you tied derricks hands behind his back…you think he would stop talking??

Derricks hands have a mind of their own

Ahaha… So true I just noticed it on tonight’s show and I couldn’t stop looking at his hands constantly moving


Zach is the only one who makes the show interesting. I am going to be so upset if he’s evicted. Every single week I have been disappointed with this season. Zach better come back!!!!!


its not derrick this time its Frankie
I don’t blame Donny nethier cause they not hoh or pov Frankie is
I think by nom zack he lose the whole game
it will be hard for him he got to keep wining like Donny did an doing
I think derrick is going to want to work with Donny now secretly
if Victoria wins I think she put up cleab an Christina
derrick know he made a wrong choice putting Donny up he will try everthing to make sure Donny trust him watch

Fickle Frankie

After all this Frankie is still trying to get Zach to have sex with him. He just humped him and told him on the feed, “Can we just at least have sex now? Are you gay? Is that one of the things? C’mon! Pretend you’re straight? You’resabotaging my game!” Seriously Frankie. I hate you.


This is sooooo funny, I’m laughing out loud at the feeds and these comments.

Eric Stein

Victoria looks like the troll, Station, from Bill and Ted’s bogus journey.


I thought they were not supposed to make it seem like it was a saboteur or production took the stuff?

Derrick for the win

I sure am going to miss Zack, hope he comes back in, he grows on you.


I just want to slap the shit out of that fugly btich Christine!!! Whining about poor Donny being her mortal enemy…no bitch, you ARE your own mortal enemy!! Can’t wait to see what was said to you that made you cry!! I really wish I was there this season, they’d have to expel me from the game for full body contact because I’d slap that bitch so hard that her glasses, tattoos, and ugliness would fall on the floor, kick Cody in the twat, kick Caleb in the balls (if I could find them), slap Derrick in the face with a pound of bacon, shave Frankie’s hair completely off and drop kick his ass into the toilet!! Go Team Donny!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!


Just when I thought Christine couldn’t suck any more than she already does, we have to see how she threw the competition and was so proud of herself in her diary room session. She couldn’t find a way to help Donny but still managed to find Cody’s hand in the dark.


Christine is such a ho bag!!

pants on fire

Yeah, just watching that play out really sucked!! To watch her actualy handing bones over to the guys was gut wrenching. Just when I think I can’t hate one person any more than I do…she stoops to new lows!!! Donny’s got most of it figured out…too bad the numbers look like they will never turn his way.


Hopefully Zach does go home….because then he can turn right back around, back into the house to tear them apart and send that pathetic Frankie OUT the door!


Couple of thoughts.
Has anyone noticed that Derrick has said, jokingly, two times “I’m a cop” and a day or so ago he asked Christibe “do you think there’s a puppet master in the house this year?” (Like Dr Will or Dan)
These things sound like a guilty conscience to me.

Also, Frankie’s HOH letter that was read on the air had something in it about his sister hosting the whatever awards.
Isn’t that considered “news from the outside world”?


Are you kidding??!! Derrick does not have a guilty conscience. He has no conscience. He thinks he’s being clever toying with them & “trying” to be funny for America.


They should hid Cody from Christine so we can see her reaction.


This is entertaining to watch.

victoria's future

Wonder if Victoria is going to use whatever money she gets from this to buy a new nose and a boob job??


Will someone post the name of the organization where one can donate to Donny to help for his eye surgery I had it but can’t find it. Thanks


Don’t donate anything until he’s out of the game or donate it to his gf or someone he trust because it could a scam.


I wonder if there are other blogs that have Frankie supporters…and if so I would like to go give them hell. He has to be the most annoying person in reality tv history. Watching him put on make-up…and Victoria gets crap over it? Frankie is a joke of an adult and the only fans he will ever have are his sisters fans.


Most annoying in reality TV? Have you ever watched the Kardashians or any episode of Real Housewives?


Wow I am really disliking this season now. Frankie is a snake. I want him derrick and Cody gone asap. I keep thinking of when donny went to hayden and Zach and wanted to form an alliance. They could have changed the whole game if they had done that. If zach goes home the season will be so boring. #savezachattack #screwthedetonators

Language barrier

It can’t just be me – I just got through a series of 10 videos on you tube Derrick and Victoria – she crawls into his bed (tramp) late at night and hugs him way too much. She’s such a little bitch.
So after watching this, I can barely make out what she says when she speaks – she speaks through her nose or something and has an unidentifiable accent. Just me or anybody else?
I think she’s an underhanded little c&&t.

Kathy B

I’m so tired of people saying it’s only a game – yes, it’s a game and not real life, but even mobsters have a code of conduct. There have been so many times that Production should have intervened but didn’t, like Caleb’s behavior with Amber, Caleb refusing to play BoB with Frankie (he shouldn’t have gone to the football practice, and don’t think that Frankie hasn’t tucked that incident away for future use), Christine trying to help Caleb…all these things should have resulted in some sort of punishment – slop, ice room, not being allowed to play for POV -SOMETHING! If I had a wish, it would be 2 HGs come back. That would really have Derrick peeing in his pants.


Ugh this episode sucked. The ENTIRE season everyone has been against Donny. I don’t care if it seemed unrealistic that he won that BotB challenge in the dark by himself because they all deserve to be played. I wish this season had a reset button (now that’ll be a twist). Bring everyone back and try it again, but then again it’ll probably have the same result since everyone except for Donny/Hayden are oblivious to Derrick and Frankie controlling the game.


Caleb,never have we heard the words Best and I so many times.I am the Best competitor,hunter,football player,looking,ETC ETC.OMG,thinks he is gonna be a Beast Mode Star after BB.Love it when houseguest roll their eyes whenever he goes on a i am the Best speech.He is gonna be an unhappy cowboy when BB16 comes to an end.With the Amber craziness,grinding on Frankie,and his out of control ego.He will be forever known as Beast Mode Creepy!!!

new to BB 14

Who wants too see Calib or Christine exit the house with Donny as the HOH?
Poetic Justice since both Christine and Calib say they are targeting Donny!!

This Season Blows

Can anyone explain what the appeal of Donny is? He’s the biggest bore in a cast full of them. I’m not a huge Zack fan but at least he’s somewhat interesting.

Chilltown 4 Life

Zach has been the most entertaining houseguest of the season. Not the greatest game player. I can easily see him being back on Big Brother in the future.


These are by far some of the stupidest, and most cowardly people I have ever seen in my life. I’ve lost count of how many people have been backdoored this season. Only people worth watching left are Zach Attack and Donny. I’m almost convinced that this season is made for Derrick. There’s no unexpected at all this season.


WAIT. are you seriously complaining about backdoors?!?!?! thats part of the game – its the BEST part of the game. its not cowardly at all, its brilliant. Do you think they should tell the people they’re going home? NO! If they do that, it gives them time to campaign & blow up their game.

you cannot possibly be a TRUE big brother fan if you HATE backdoors. it keeps everything exciting.

You only like Zach & Donny because they’re funny, but their strategy has been TERRIBLE. Derrick is playing the best game.

Best game players of BB16 **possibly the ONLY game players of BB16**