Nomination Ceremony Results! “I’m going to crush you in the Battle of the Block!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: Derrick HOH Winner 2: Frankie
Battle of the Block Winner  ?/? Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: ?& ?
Have Nots ?and ?
POV Players ?

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10:30am – 11:50amBig Brother blocks the live feeds for the nomination ceremony to take place. When the live feeds return – we learn that Frankie nominated Donny and Christine and Derrick nominated Caleb and Cody. These nominations were determined last night by drawing skittles out of a hat so that Frankie and Derrick could deflect any blame.

Nomination Ceremony Results:
Derrick Nominated: Donny & Christine
Frankie Nominated: Caleb & Cody

The Plan: Christine is being told to throw the Battle of the Block to ensure Donny remains on the block.

When the live feeds come back – Derrick asks still nothing? (Getting the new team america mission.) Donny says nope. Derrick says I just hope that it doesn’t have anything to do with voting or nominations. I just hope its something easy. Donny agrees.

In the earth room – Cody comments that last night Amy (Production) was whispering and got Christine all hot and bothered. Christine says love you Amy! Caleb jokes I am going to crush you Cody in the battle of the block!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-15 11-53-36-905

BB16-2014-08-15 12-03-09-134

12:03pm Donny alone eating. In the rock room is everyone else. Frankie is talking about twitter, youtube and instagram.. groan

BB16-2014-08-15 12-12-00-291

12:11pm Caleb, Cody, Derrick and Christine
Caleb is joking around saying dogs can read.
Caleb – Dogs are smart they are even smarter than animals
Everyone laughins
Caleb – I meant to say smarter than humans.. ahh I need sleep.. listen there’s dog that are smarter than humans deer are 10 times smarter than humans, turkey smarter than humans
Cody – why
Derrick laughs says humans end up on top.
Caleb – I’m not saying they are book smart
Caleb explains that Animals can sense people miles away..
everyone laughing.. Claeb continues a story about Dog reading and animals being smart.
Caleb – Dude if you had a IQ test up against that deer it would make you look stupid

BB16-2014-08-15 12-22-51-113

12:25pm A new cuddlemance


BB16-2014-08-15 12-39-32-253

12:39pm Derrick, Frankie and Caleb
Derrick Donny was not happy with me a Frankie this morning
Caleb mentions Donny saying “So I guess we’re choosing them by Skittles” Caleb shrugs..
Derrick – You guys better f***g win

BB16-2014-08-15 12-57-41-227

12:59pm Kitchen Derrick, Caleb and Victoria

(Zach is BOB competition host)

Derrick is making a big deal about Frankie winning four HOH competitions. Victoria corrects him says Derrick and Frankie have both won 3 because Derrick threw that one HOH to Frankie.

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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They should have a scavenger hunt in the house for Cody’s balls for the BOB. I mean no one would win but still….


ROFLMAO…good one, Allie!


Easy, they’re in Derrick’s pocket.


Allie…BEST. Comment. Ever. I actually laughed out loud….and hard.


This thread made my day. Very funny literally laughed out loud!


Omg hilarious @ no balls to be found!

Go Raiders!


There in Derrick’s back pocket & Christine’s hand…..lmao

I am Cody. I require a toilet seat to sit down and pee

if cody stays on block somehow it will be hilarious to watch him fall apart

I can already see him claiming he really took one for the team here. meanwhile talks of getting rid of Zach, if Zach says ANYTHING to ANYONE then oh my gosh, he is talking about me, he has to go. Cody is SO JEALOUS of Zach’s air time its freaking hilarious.

cody is the biggest weenie in BB history, I hope he goes down that way. EVERYONE needs to know how big of a total wuss this guy is.


I don’t like Cody, but what’s wrong with sitting down and peeing? Is it a demasculating thing? I don’t think it lessens your manhood in anyway. In fact, it’s just more hygenic because you avoid splashing everywhere,


its totally fine. go for it. its moreso that he talked about it so openly. he is just such a putz.


I guess real men don’t pee standing up, or don’t talk about it. Why does it reflect on him to talk about it? Most everyone in the house reveals odd stuff about themselves that you normally wouldn’t tell people.


You get air time by being nominated, therefore playing BoB and/or POV, AND winning any of those things, plus HOH. Has Cody done much of anything, other than caved under to nominate someone he said he wasn’t going to nominate? no, so why should he get any airtime, he’s become blah.

Caleb on the other had, now that Amber is gone, I’m OK with him getting farther in the game. However he won’t because even tho he’s a hunter, he can’;t recognize the two closest to him are snakes lol

If Christine has an ounce of sense (not shown any yet, but she might have some hidden) she will work to win BoB with Donny. She has to know as the girl and lowest on the BS squad, with this many left, if Donny is more likely to win POV than she is, she will be a target of opportunity. No one needs her more than they need Victoria, for example. Same with anyone they put up if Donny were to come down, if they put up Victoria, why wouldnt they take the chance to get that other person out, they may not get another, and Victoria will still be a vote and a body that doesn’t win anything. Why keep Cody at this stage when winning is what gets you to the end.

Donny isn’t going to stop any of them from getting to F4, if they don’t take their chance now to get Donny winning the BoB or POV, to give them the chance to get someone else out. I think Zach brought that up, even if it is Christine.

Derrick and Frankie are still so short sighted about the Team America its’ stupid. Is derrick telling us he’d rather get rid of Donny, win 2nd place and have the 50k plus the 10 or 15 k they got so far from TA, just to get someone out who is unlikely to target either of them, considering TA is his only alliance? If they protected him, there is no way either one would be nominated by him, plus he could be used to get the others out before they go out. It is the biggest flaw in Derricks’ game, imo. His intense focus on getting Donny out, he’s been doing it almost from day one.


You make lots of very good points. I never thought of it that way though. With Donny keeping Derrick and Frankie safe and using him to get the others out. That’s a really good point. However, I was under the impression that Donnie did want Derrick out. I know he says he doesn’t trust him. He’s told Nicole that numerous times. So given the opportunity I think Donny would go after Derrick and he’s already said he’d take a swing at Frankie when Nicole nominated him last week. If you were right than yeah, it would be dumb for Derrick to want him out. I thought the biggest flaw in Derrick’s game thus far was by wanting Nicole out. They could have gotten Donny out then, and the whole house would’ve been ok with that. Nicole was not going after Derrick or Cody so they should’ve kept her to go after the others. I think they’re all forgetting that eventually they are going to be going after each other. And when that time comes it’s best to have some outsiders to sway things your way. They’re making a mistake by getting rid of all them. Derrick would’ve had Nicole and Victoria as extra votes to evict whoever he wanted (Zach, Frankie, Christine, etc). Getting rid of them is only hurting him. What’s his plan for the final 6 anyone know? Are they just gonna draw Skittles to determine who of the alliance goes home each week? After Donny and Victoria are gone? LOL. Well, not even after Victoria, bc I think she’ll stay awhile. They’ll be going at it sooner than that. I am curious though. Bc I think it breaks down like this: Derrick, Cody, Christine(with Christine having more loyalty to Cody) and Frankie, Caleb, Zach with both Zach and Caleb having more loyalty to Frankie than each other. IDK tho bc I feel like I never really know where Caleb’s head’s at. He could be on the Derrick side of things. Anyone know? I don’t have the Live Feeds this year so I don’t know if they’ve discussed this or not. I am curious to learn though. I think Derrick, Cody and Caleb(bc I like him) should’ve used some outsiders to go after Frankie, Christine, and Zach. But that didn’t happen:(


You got this, Donny!! If Frankie could win BOTB, so can you!!! I believe in you!!!


You forget, they said Production helped Frankie. One more thing whose Amy in Production and why is she getting Christine bothered?


Amy works for us – and since we are in control – you’ll have to wait to see what we have planned.


Perhaps Amy is fond of Cody and Christine hates that

Master Roshi

IYes Cody is on the block. If Christine throws the BOB comp I’ll hate her. And I hope Donny stays and wins Hoh and backdoors either Derrick Christine or Frankie. The detonators will turn on each other soon. Sry to the ariana grande fans but Frankie sucks


Victoria is useless even as a pawn.

My dream scenario: Cody/Caleb lose and Zach wins the veto and doesn’t use ’em.


I’d like to see Donny win the BOB and Victoria win the veto use it


Derrick will talk her into using it. Pointless. Donny BOB winner and Zach Veto winner (and he doesn’t use because they always talk about getting rid of him). He teams up with Donny and talks Christine into being on his team. Frankie will flip in a heartbeat. Eh, who cares as long as Donny stays.

can I please

get someone to tell Zach the extent of the stuff said by cody about him. Zach knows he is not his friend and he hates him, but I wonder if Zach knows just how much he envies him. I bet he sees him like Zach Efron, totally cool and way too popular for the two of them to be in the same room. man that zac(H)

CODY SUCKS. PLEASE GET RID OF CODY SOON. PLEAAAAASE. I will actually root for derrick when Zach isn’t dominating his ### in comps, if he drops derrick on his face and realizes Zach is the PERFECT final 2 partner. why is no one seeing this.


I am sure many people are asking that same question


When is the next BoB? Donny needs to win!


Later this afternoon from what the HG are talking.

its interesting

Zach is in Dr Will’s spot. no one really talks to him(this is without boogie). they don’t really take him seriously. there is a huge target on him, but by the week it seems to get smaller and smaller. somehow week by week you are amazed that he is still in that house. Zach has done this while being quite the challenge threat. if Zach didn’t fold under pressure, and open his yap to every person(although maybe that is part of the game that makes him so hard to believe but at the same time hard to remove from the game) he would be looked at as a much bigger challenge threat. but Zach is easily smarter than derrick/cody/Frankie in comps. will be verrrry interesting to see if Zach can somehow pull this off

my worry is, even if someone comes back, stupid Nicole will complain about Zach to hayden and ruin it, when hayden returning would be best case IF he is willing to see that ZACH needs to be his partner. screw “numbers” and the two of you need to team up.


I think Hayden is smarter than that. Zach is willing to flip. Lesser of the evils. Plus him and Zach got along better than Hayden and anyone else in the house.


These people are seriously insulting donnys intelligence. He knows that he’s up next to a puppet who will throw it. Everyone here makes me sick, but I really hope zach wins hoh next week because I have no doubt he’d make a big move.

Don't Wake Donny!

It just makes me sick that nobody has EVER attempted to work with Donny (if you don’t count Devin’s 5 second alliance with him). He has literally been on his own from day one and has tried numerous times to talk to people without pushing too hard so it wouldn’t get around that he was searching for an alliance (smart!). But it’s like the houseguests took one look at him and decided he wasn’t worth their time. You can see it all over his face how alone he feels in there. What’s crazier is that the other outsiders never even formed an alliance with him (house full of idiots this year!). If Donny just had a chance (without the stupid BoB twist) he would really shake things up and get out a big player…and have no fear in doing so. He is the smartest player in that house, but without even one person behind him there’s nothing he can do but try to win comps.

It’ll take a miracle for Donny to make it to the finals, but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed. If production intends to keep manipulating this show, then they need to at least stop favoring these wannabe celebrities (Frankie) and help out the players that the real viewers (not little girls only watching to see a celebrities brother) actually want to see win.


I think Donny is isolated bc he’s very very shy and socially insecure. The comments he’s made about people not talking to him is negative self-talk that is typical of people with social anxiety. Seems he was trying at first to fit in but as time went on he gave up, esp after his comfort people left. Then he started to feel alienated and begun grumbling about everyone being so loud and immature and not letting him sleep. People don’t come into the house to be well rested. He knew he’d be playing with young kids. I really like Donny and feel for him, esp since I suffer from social anxiety myself. But I can’t say that he’s been ostracized. He seems to have isolated and alienated himself.


I disagree – when one of them bothers to actually sit down & talk with him he’s sociable & funny – like with Nicole this week. Unfortunately none of them bothered except Hayden & then everyone assumed they were in an alliance together. Devin screwed him over by making that alliance, throwing him under the bus & then starting all that crap about him really being a Harvard Medical professor or a military genius making him appear shady which Derrick has constantly reinforced. Then you’ve got the lovely Christine declaring him a perv to the girl sheep so they stayed away plus most of the girls were too busy trying to get in with the frat pack. He had a pretty good relationship with Cody at 1st, but the group mentality that has labeled him a schemer now has him hating Donny. He may not be as extroverted as some of the others but he’s not socially awkward at all — go check the early episodes. They have definitely ostracized him in large part due to Derrick’s manipulation of his sheep to think that Donny is untrustworthy & so they stay away from him.


Caleb is also a wanna be, he makes me sick the way he talks since he knows all and has done all and constantly looks at himself in those mirrors. I am sure production laughs at this tool.




Last season was much better than this crap. If Frankie or Derrick win, I’m done with BB


If Derrick wins we should call this show “Pig Brother”.


you are too funny! your name should be Cleverly Anonymous!


I can’t stand christine and she would be an idiot to throw a competition at this point in the game. If she do I hope Donny win the veto and they send her ugly behind out the door or Frankie get sent packing. Poor Donny, these ppl think they have good social games but they treat Donny so horribly.


Agree, Christine is an unworthy player as is Cody. The others are playing the game but I for one can’t root for any of them. And for someone to compare any of them to Dr Will’s playing or Boogie’s is stretching things too far. These are low caliber players except for Derrick but I don’t want him to win. I like Donny & Nichole. Zach is a child & needs meds or else he’s on too many. What a baby, his parents should have punished him when he threw fits. Immature.

The Blowup...

I really thought there was going to be a “blow up” in the HOH room last night, but figured it would’t happen, despite Derrick telling us so…. I hope this whole plan blows up in everyone of their “secure” faces. Too much appeasing going on! This is Big Brother, after all. The game being played is too predictable and safe. Someone needs to throw a wrench in this mess!


It really fries me at how they ostracize Donny. I could never be in that house and totally, blatantly ignore someone who eats alone and sits alone day after day. What a bunch of assholes they all are.

I actually feel like I’m watching “Big Brother: High School Edition”.

I hope hope hope that Donny finds a way to make it to the end AND wins America’s Favorite. He’s the most decent person to ever play this game.

I just love that man.


to ostracize someone is bullying behavior


It’s so horrible the way they treat Donnie as such an outcast. It’s painful to watch. How could any human act that way toward another. Especially a nice person?? I know it’s half a mill but show SOME compassion. This is nothing less than a quiet form of bullying. They never ask him to play pool, eat with them or join in anything. Other than Zack, the ones left are simply awful people. They are all MEAN GIRLS!


I think Donny has America’s Favorite in the bag.


I certainly hope you’re correct, yet I trust that a certain sister of a certain “social media mogul” in the house will beg her fans to vote for him. One of the most unpopular guests to be chosen as America’s favorite — an utter travesty in my book.

Counter Attack

How about we all tell our friends on all social media to do us all a favor and vote Donny Americas Favorite on BB 16 and ask them to tell their friends and so on and so on. If that non celeb Ariana can do it why can’t we…………

Kathy B

From your mouth to God’s ear, Thumper.


Love Donny as a person, but Derrick is a better player – so far. Wish that would change. Come on, Donny! Shake things up!


Derrick probably is a better player, but he got some significant advantages by being in the huge alliance that is running the show because of the BOB crap. It’s allowed him to take the leadership role & manipulate them all so they can;t think without him.

Michael from Canada

The irony is that Devin, who became a bit of a nemesis in Donny’s eyes, actually cared about him more than most of the HG’s did. He was one of the only people to talk game with him, and legitimately cried over doing wrong by him. If he was there, Donny would probably have another friend in the house (if he could get over Devin’s betrayal).


I blame derrick. he and cody freak out if you spend more than 5 minutes with Donny. they will start talking about it. “did you see Nicole, she was with Donny for like 30 minutes bro”

Loves Donny

I will Something happens and Cody goes home this week. Fingers crossed.

Loves Donny



I would love that too. Not only would that mean Donny is safe but it would take a solid ally of Derrick’s out. I will laugh so hard if Cody goes out on a week Derrick won HOH.


I wish there was some sort if way U could verbally assault Frankie, Derrick, Cody, and Christine on behalf if Donny. He is such a sweet man and those lying S.O.B’s are doing whatever they can to alienate him. Its so disgusting. I just want to call Frankie a cum dumpster to his face. PLEASR VOTE FOR DONNY TO WIN AMERICAS FAVORITE!!!

Pee sitter is worthless

Cut his azz CBS. Theres nobody left for him to cuddle with. He’s already fake confronted every houseguest in his head. Your already editing him out of the main shows. His storyline is now him trying to pick up girls in production in the DR. Worthless. Losing a donny or a zach or even a frankie or god forbid a christine at this point in the game would be losing a player that can actually make a move. Cody is like a dingleberry on derrick’s asscrack. He’s so far up in derrick he could probably tell you what his bowel movement will look like. I’ve never seen a more submissive “beast” in my life. What a joke


Cody…at least he will go down as a pee sitting wuss and a complete douche with no backbone who loved to smoke people in his dreams and think of how cool zac efron is. He had such potential until he started opening his mouth. worst good looking BB male EVER. I prefer jesse, at least he tried to play the game. Cody just grabbed onto Derrick’s balls and never let go


At the top of the page you say —->Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
then further down you say —–>
Nomination Ceremony Results:
Frankie Nominated: Donny & Christine
Derrick Nominated: Caleb & Cody

so who did derrick nominate caleb and cody or donny and christine?


hello? i want to know bc if derrick has crusty and darling donnie he can backdoor frankie


For the first time in my Big Brother career I don’t give a fcuk who wins the season. I hate them all expect for Donny and Zack.

And why are people hoping for the fruit loop dingus to return to the game when she will not go after the snakes Derrick & Cody who are the reason for her annoooooyyyyyyinnnng azz to leave the house.


Do NOT want Nicole back – I thought she’d bought a clue, but no – on the Jeff interview she’s saying Frankie is the one manipulating everyone & getting everything he wants. How can she be SO clueless? She’s even been told straight up it’s Derrick.

Roisen Dubh

Nic is the biggest dingbat this season. this entire cast is gonna feel stupid when people on the street walk up to them and tell them they are by far the dumbest group of people to ever set foot in that house.


I couldn’t agree more – bring back Hayden because Hayden said it was Derrick who was the leader. Hayden didn’t call him out because he knew he had a chance to go back into the house.

Reading about Nicole is so annoying. After Zach tried to get Derrick and Cody to keep Nicole, and Derrick put an end to this, Nicole told Derrick that she thinks she can get the votes (Derrick, Victoria, Zach, Cody) and Derrick said he doesn’t think she has the vote, that people are not telling her the truth and leading her on, or something to that effect.

So Nicole surmised that her downfall was trusting Cody and she again hates Zach because he was playing around with her feelings. She went on and on about how Cody can’t be trusted, being a dirty player; little did she know that he just didn’t have the courage to do what he wanted to do.

Keep Nicole in the jury. Let her ruminate about what could’ve been.

Nap time!

Time for simon and dawg to sleep good this week .. It’s gonna get intense soon .. Catch your Zzzzzzzs!!


Hopefully production can throw Donny a bone since they all know Christine is throwing the comp like Caleb did with Frankie make it winnable for one person to do .

also good job by Victoria by not taking the bait by Julie and mention Ariana Grande Frankie looked so pissed that nobody mention his sister when Julie kept asking wat was the biggest thing u found out this week..


She is either an evil mastermind able to see through the bait….

Or too dumb to remember who Frankie’s sister was


Yessss I was so glad Victoria didn’t mention her. That’s exactly what Julie wanted to hear.


Poor Donny, he looks so lonely. I just want to hug him.


Derrick sold America out! He’s only taking Donnie out because be he’s taking out the ones be knows will beat him. This guys loyal to no one.. Not even America. He wants one thing only, 1/2mil, and is willing to play a real dirty game to get there. Irks me, because I know the truth the houseguest don’t.. He reminds me of a bully.


I like how in the previous post Derrick and Frankie are like, Donny only cares about his game that is why it is ok for us to get rid of him. When in all actuality that is exactly what they are doing. Donny is not playing their game so they are rationalizing away their guilt for betraying America. Tools…. I can’t wait to see there faces when Donny wins America’s favorite (fingers cross).

Michael from Canada

I don’t know how it works, but with America’s favorite, you should be able to vote twice; who you want to win, and who you don’t. Then they subtract the haters from the fans and use that total. That way Frankie wouldn’t win on account of his sister.


It’s a shame that most people don’t realize that Big Brother is more of a game and not a popularity contest.

Please do something production...

Last year I remember Amandas alliance running the house early but they did something that quickly derailed it and it completely crushed the alliance. This year there are no twists or ‘interference’ from production. Are they saving the twists in case Frankie goes up?

Leaving Donny on his own for as long as he has been almost seems cruel.

As much as I would like to see something happen, I really don’t see anyone opposing Derrick from here on in. If it comes down to Frankie or Derrick, I will hope for Frankie only because of his ‘Africa mission’. This is a very bland year.

All that being said, I certainly enjoy coming here and reading all of the posts. Thanks Dawg and Simon for all of your hard work.


I thought derrick and frankie had agreed that Derrick would stay HOH in the chance of an endurance comp next HOH. anyone know why frankie decided to put donny and christine up first then?

Mu Guess

To keep TA – Christine is going home.


NOOOO I was really hoping for a “backdoor Frankie” week!!! He or Christine needs to go, and if not it would be interesting to see what would happen with Derrick gone, but that will never happen since everyone is so clueless about how powerful he is. 🙁 Hopefully Christine won’t throw it now…


I trust the parents of these rude, deplorable nitwits are proud of their offspring. Did you bother to teach them manners and compassion? I think not and they are a reflection of their upbringing. I realise they are playing a game but not one of them has the decency to speak to Donny or include him in something unless mandated by BB. You are all rude and crude with a very nasty attitude.


Derrick nominated Donny and Christine and Frankie nominated Caleb and Cody.


Those people don’t even have relevant conversations. I know Donny is ready to go home.


Bet Donny would if could really go home and not just the jury house. Watched him talking to Zach the other night in the HN room about how alone and leave out he feels as a tear slipped down his cheek. Heartbreaking!!!


Derrick is so damn cocky it’s unattractive.

Beast Mode Cowpie

Frankie’s strutting around like a peacock is even worse. Ever since he “saved himself” (thanks a lot, production) and got to reveal his big news, he seems to think he is invincible now. As though he already has the game sewn up. His ego is bigger than Derrick’s and Beast Mode’s combined, and that is BIG.

What Arianna thinks of Frankie

Apparently NOT much. In a long article/interview in the NY Daily News, the pop star neglects to even mention her “media mogul brother” Can;t imagine why?


Frankie is the offspring of Richard Simmons! Both a couple of flamers!


There’s a Billboard article where she mentions him some or maybe they asked. But she responds in a normal matter of fact way nothing like how Frankie acts about her which really is quite insulting to the other house guests and nauseating with the way he goes about using it for attention and his own self worth in the game.

Donny and Nicole

I really do not want donny to go home this week, i want someone like cody to go, that means (if its americas vote) nicole will be back in the house, with donny!!!

Pink Skunk

I know I’m being redundant, but wgaf: ‘ I LOATHE SKANKIE, DERDICK, CRUDTINE, AND CODY-PENDENT!!! These people are despicable ! Donny, the lone warrior left in this house of horrors! Dang, please throw him a bone…Derdick is a pompous a$$ who thinks he is adored by America. Skankie elevating himself to ” bigger than Johnny Depp” Arghhhhhh….just busted another blood vessel


When was the last time they had a “challenging” HOH? I could be wrong so that’s why I’m asking but I don’t remember this many weeks going by without some physical challenges in previous seasons? Even for POV or something. They all seem pretty easy or just the stupid questions one like last night


Last night when Julie was talking to Nicole after the eviction, and the subject of who was playing the best game in the house, Julie (inadvertently?) said it was derek.
The fix is in.


Poor Donny. It makes me so sad for him. I’m his age and I would have been the first one our or self evicted for doing or saying something to put these twits in their place. The self-restraint Donny shows is amazing.

Why the hell would Donny believe a word out of Derrick or Frankie’s mouths? And why the hell would Frankie be all indignant that he didn’t buy when told they are putting him up and want him to win, etc. Unreal. They make me sick. Just be upfront with Donny. He knows you want him out and it’s just insulting all of our intelligences.

I hope Donny wins BOB, but you know Christine will follow along with these idiots and throw it. Sadly, produciton isn’t going to give Donny a BOB he can win on his own. Donny’s only hope is winning HOH.

Roisen Dubh

Donny made a huge mistake last night. He should’ve cornered Derrick and said” Cut the shit, I know you’re the brains. You keep stringing me along like this, I go to jury where me, JO, Hayden and Nicole will have a real long talk and guess who gets screwed out of 500k?” That would’ve rattled Derrrick’s cage beyond the point of no return.

Adrenaline Rush

OMG if Donny spoke up like that, wow. That would be awesome. C’mon Donny overhear something and go off on Chief Wiggum. That is a block of votes Donny could influence while in jury house.


Did anyone else notice that Frankie already knew the answers to the HOH questions? He was grinning and pointing to himself before Julie even said anything about pink hair and the next question he was counting off a’s and b’s on his fingers while the question was being asked, he counted a second time to make sure he chose the right answer. The game is rigged for him to stay in it! I don’t care that his sister is a semi famous, Nick star, (one who was let go), or that Frankie has a dozen followers on his Mogul network, he shouldn’t be given the answers.


Anonymous, I’m just trying to figure YOU out from one of your post you say how you “Hate Derrick” and on the other, you’re commending him on his win and HOH – This is what you said, (Derrick is playing this game the hardest out of everyone on it and has been since day 1. Stop hating! Get a life! I hate to even post on these things because people are so petty about it. It’s a TV show and GAME. Don’t hate the player and if you hate the game stop watching and bitching about it).
You’re just as bad as the HG – one minute it’s one thing and the next minute it’s something else. What’s your point maybe I’m missing something (not trying to be mean, just confused, these post were posted today) please explain. Thanks

Michael from Canada

It’s not the same person. Anyone who doesn’t fill in a name is called Anonymous.


Anonymous is anybody who doesn’t put a name in. Not necessarily the same person.

Who Dat?

Lance, I think there are several different people who are posting as “Anonymous” so this individual may not be the one who wrote the comments you’re referring to, here.


Thanks, from one name will do me – I am who I am, I don’t understand since we don’t know the people anyway but who am I to judge. Thanks for the Heads Up

Frankie Has A Sister

I too had the feeling that Frankie had been prepped by production for that contest. He did seem to know the answers before the questions were even fully asked. Everyone else was listening hard and concentrating intently; Frankie was up there mugging and larking about. Production, I think, handed this HOH to Frankie because they wanted him to have it.


Everyone else was listening hard and concentrating on the questions; Frankie was just mugging for the camera and larking about as if the completion was a cakewalk for him. I think Production handed him that HOH on a silver platter.


Good grief, another Frankie-hating conspiracy theorist. Go back and watch the tape, the questions were asked when Frankie started indicating he knew the answer… just because he knew the answer before the A/B option was given only means that he studied and memorized the announcements . Julie asked what was the fourth thing to pack… and that’s when Frankie started pointing to himself because knew it was his hair dye. He simply needed to wait to hear if the answer he already knew as A or B. Same with the time question… the question was asked about what time … and he started signaling with his hands 3:24, because he knew the time. Again, he simply needed to wait to hear if the answer he already knew as A or B.


she didn’t need to mention the pink dye, she had already asked what was the fourth thing to pack… and at that point he knew the answer was his dye and that’s why he started pointing to himself.
And he wasn’t counting off A’s and B’s, he signaled three fingers, then two fingers, then four fingers (3:24) as soon as he heard her ask “what time…”


I hope they have the same rules as before on the competition for the four eliminated because that would mean they can’t be evicted for the week they return. I hope the click gets out after that with no chance of returning.

pants on fire

I just heard that Skittles is going to change it’s name so that they won’t be associated with cowards who can’t even make a decision as to who to turn on. The BOB has been absolute BS with the way they can throw it and work around it to still get out who they want to get out. Maybe a good idea to begin with getting 4 noms but what a disaster it actually turned out to be. With each passing day…the 6 are despised more and more!!


Not sure if this was mentioned already but I found it funny on last nights episode how Julie Chen tried to get Victoria to talk about Frankie’s sister with her question. Good thing Victoria isn’t to bright and just went on about emotions and stuff. I found it funny how that backfired!


Every time “Zach” comes out of Cody’s mouth I wanna kick him in the vagina even more. He is SO jealous that Zach is loved by America it is almost laughable. And the fact that Donny knows that Derprick lied to his face is amazing because that just goes to show that Donny knows what’s going on around there and will try to prevent it in the most subtle of ways. I honestly believe that Donny could persuade Christink to NOT throw the BOB comp. But then again she has no soul so she probably will lie to his face and then go grope Cody the Walking C*nt some more. And if Nicole gets to Hayden in jury and rags on Zach to him then if he (or God forbid Nicole) come back then they will go after Zach, a potential ally, rather than Derprick, the piggy puppet master. If Nicole f*cks things up for Zach then I will be p*ssed beyond belief.


Cody does not have a vagina. Please don’t insult women by implying that Cody’s behaviours & actions are because he acts like a girl. I would guess he belongs to your sex.


I am 72 years old and have watched season 1 thru season 16 B.B. This is by far the worst bunch of liars and backstabbers ever. Season 1, people actually had morals and I enjoyed it very much. The younger people were not as ruthless.


Season 1 was boring as hell, i think you mean season 2 was fun as hell, the 1st season was just a popularity contest and not a game.


I hate when production blatantly steps in at times trying to force a preferred winner to the end. But they aren’t above doing it. So too bad the BOB isn’t a puzzle and whoever the top two to win would be safe.. But this is called Big Brother and there are things they could do to make it more challenging (or I assume there are) and interesting since the gang thinks they have it all figured out. I don’t get where all these twists were unless they meant the BOB which literally people are throwing, or teamed up with weak players that you may not even like, and has weaken what HOH truly means and stands for as it’s reflected in those crappy HOH rooms.


Is anyone else using the term “fruit loop dingus fooligan” now?

Michael from Canada

I thought it was hilarious how casually Zach said “hey froot loops, it’s time for the POV ceremony”.

echo 1

I believe that’s what Moonves called the Director of Casting of BB 16!!!!


Fruit Loop Dingus Busta Fooligan. It strikes me funny, Zach is funny. He’s a good spirit, a sensitive dude.I wouldn’t be using it at my age though


Im sick of derrick and frnkie saying we need to get donnu out because he wont do some of tje team america missions saying hes only playing for himself yea all of u are playing for urself, dont use donny not feeling comfortable doing something out of character to cost him his game…i hope donny saves himself in bob then wins veto so cody or caleb get sent packing then hopefully hayden comes back n zach donny and hayden steam roll the rest of them


Oh I forgot, I want to thank Nicole for that little flash she gave us when she stood up to plead her case to stay.


I think Derrick has made the first mistake that could cost him dearly if he makes it to the end. He picked the nominations for BOB by drawing skittles out of a hat. Derrick will argue to the jury that he played a very behind the scenes, strategic game. I just feel like some of the jury will take offense to him stating that because he picked the nominations this week with skittles. You can just tell that Donny was frustrated when him and Frankie explained to Donny about him being nominated by skittles. I can just imagine what Donny would say to people like Jocasta, Hayden and Nicole in the jury house when discussing Derrick’s credentials for winning this game. Don’t get me wrong, Derrick has played a very good game so far, and in my opinion probably the best, but I just don’t think this was a very smart move for him long term. Yes, he isn’t upsetting the other members of his alliance (Cody, Caleb, Christine, Frankie, Zach) by picking some members to be nominated and others to not be nominated, but I just don’t feel like he is really owning up to the moves he is making in this game. What I’ve come to see in Big Brother and Survivor finales is that the contestant that owns their game strategically, socially and physically seems to always have a better shot in the end because the jury is more receptive to that than someone who gives credit to other people for the moves they made in the game, and I just think picking skittles out of a hat isn’t owning your game.


I want to see how Derrick reacts when the same skittle nomination picking tool is used when he isn’t HOH.

Roisen Dubh

And that my friend is why Dr,. Will is the greatest. He owned his game from day one up to the finale. He didn’t kiss the jury’s ass but antagonized even more. He reminded them it was BB and not summer camp.


Derrick is very good socially, as he should be since he was trained to do these types of things, but his strategy is lacking IMO.

pants on fire

I’m still waiting for the 6 to sit up in the HOH room singing Kumbya!! Not a nut sack amongst them!!


Dawg, I love the term you used, cuddlemance, but the photo that went along with it made me want to hurl!


Dawg is that a typo? Didn’t Derprick nom Donny & Ratine?

bow tie guy

I hope Jocasta comes back just because it’ll be so friggin hilarious!!!!