Big Brother Spoilers “we hate you BeastMode Cowboy, Zach we love you, Frankie you’re disgusting”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: Zach & Cody
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

BB16-2014-08-18 21-51-17-217

9:45pm Frankie, Donny and Zach Pool
Zach – To all you strong great competitors and Victoria.. that’s all i got right now.
Frankie – there is absolutely a buy back..
Zach – there’s not
Frankie – There’s 4 weeks to get out 4 people.. there will be a buyback and a double eviction like last year.

BB16-2014-08-18 22-07-38-082
10:07pm HOH Victoria and Cody
Victoria is going to cut up Zach’s pink hat and give him pieces of it bit by bit. She says the pink hate is hers so she can do whatever she wants with it. “it’s my hat so nothing can happen.. I can do whatever I want to it” 
Cody – Do it
Victoria – he’s a evil person.. whatever if he is the saboteur and those were his tasks to do whatever yesterday was not a task.. it’s him trying to get TV time
Cody – Or him as a person
Victoria – all the people who played dirty in this game are either sent home or in Jury
Victoria -god knows what he can do to me
Cody what can he do to you
Victoria – who knows
Cody – he can’t do anything
Victoria – he can take boiling hot water and pour it on my face
Cody – What!
Victoria – He’s already getting evicted
Cody – That’s assault you can put boiling water on someone face on purpose..
Victoria – he will defiantly do
Cody – he can’t harm you physically in any way.
She brings up that Zach has been calling her useless and other extremely horrible things.
Victoria says Christine and Cody are really close
Cody says when Nicole left the house she said “ I wasn’t lying about Christine”
Victoria knows Christine has been talking crap about everyone..
Cody she was saying she cannot stand to be around frankie and now that frankie won HOH she’s all over him
Victoria -says Christine will do anything for the money
Victoria thinks Caleb and Frankie are a team.
Cody says Caleb’s reputation as a competition beast is the wrong.
Cody – Frankie and Donny are the only true beasts in Comps.. Frankie is hands down all around if he’s in a competition i’m like ohh shit.. caleb’s not a beast what has caleb won.. .

COdy says week two Derrick and Cody saved Zach..
Cody says the second time Zach was nominated if COdy and Derrick would have kept their mouth shuts Zach would have gone home.
Victoria says Christine hasn’t talked to her at all this week
Cody – I don’t think she’ll vote me out over Zach

BB16-2014-08-18 22-24-24-337
10:19:50pm Cam 2-3 Backyard Pool Zach, Frankie and Beast mode
Someone outside the backyard walls shouting (Flashback it’s tough to hear, personally I think they said something negative about Frankie, Positive to Zach unsure about Beast mode) )
Caleb Heard – “we hate you beast mode cowboy Zach I love you and Frankie you are disgusting.”
Frankie heard “I heard Cowboy, we love you Zach and Frankie you’re the best “
Zach heard you’re the man Beast Mode cowboy, Zach we love you and Frankie you’re the best..
Donny joins them.
Zach – We hate you beast mode cowboy Frankie you’re disgusting..
Frankie – I heard Frankie you’re the best but I could be wrong
Zach doesn’t think people will go out of their way to say “Bad Sh1t” (You don’t know BB fans)

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BB16-2014-08-18 22-44-09-160

10:41pm ROCKROOM Cody and Christine
They think Donny will put them up given what Nicole was saying.
Cody starts telling her about “talking sh1t” to people during Soccer games. “Sometimes t would get me out of my game I would talk so much sh1t”
Victoria joins them says she was going to cut up the Pink hat Zach wears. It’s her hat she wants it back. The only thing is she has to take it when he’s sleeping
Victoria says Zach is a piece of sh1t

BB16-2014-08-18 23-07-36-841
10:57pm Zach and Frankie
Zach saying he was still wearing his Gator shirt when Derrick’s hat went missing.
Zach says he wasn’t the saboteur, He knows it wasn’t Cody and Derrick.
Zach – I can’t wait to find out who did it”
Frankie – Ya me to

BB16-2014-08-18 23-19-07-404
Zach playing Jenga by himself, Seems happy
Frankie comes in and molests him. Frankie in Zach’s ear – “I got you h@rd”

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134 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers “we hate you BeastMode Cowboy, Zach we love you, Frankie you’re disgusting”

    1. Someone tweeted at #BB16 an amplified clip of the shouts outs…sounds like it was:
      Beast Mode Cowboy we hate you.
      Zach we love you.
      Frankie you’re a F*** face.

      1. Someone needs to spill the beans about Derprick being an undercover cop – put that over the wall when everyone is in the backyard.

  1. Of COURSE, beast mode heard they love him. He thinks EVERYONE loves him. OMG

    And that picture of Zach at the table breaks my heart. I hate them for what they’re doing to him. Bunch of cowards.

    1. That isn’t what Caleb heard Teri… Caleb Heard – “we hate you beast mode cowboy Zach I love you and Frankie you are disgusting.”

      1. Just proves how narcissistic and delusional Frankie is that from “Frankie you’re disgusting (or a fu*kface)”, which kind of sound similar, he hears “Frankie we love you, or Frankie you’re the best”
        He is so use to getting attention because of his sister’s fame that he has actually brainwashed himself into thinking people like him.

        1. I was on the feeds at the time and have also gone over the clip a few times. I still cant make out the beginning but it is a man’s voice who says …..?.we hate you and then clearly says Zach we love you Frankie your disgusting.

  2. I can’t wait to see Vic’s face when she finds out that she’s been played the whole time by Derrick. Man, Frankie, Cody and Christine are really pieces of shit, the kind that get stuck on your shoe and never comes off. Good job Zach, putting that bug in Lee Harvey’s head and now he going around the house looking like a fool trying to sneak around. That might’ve given Donny a little wiggle room. Derrick looks like he’s worried about how he might be portrayed, will it mess up his game? We’ll see. This is gonna be one bitter jury when it all comes out.

    1. Played by Derrick? Maybe, but what other options did she have? Without her devotion to Derrick, she may have been gone weeks ago. The Donny/Nicole/Hayden/Jacosta alliance that never really formed couldn’t save themselves, much less help Victoria. She has gotten much further than her ability in competitions or overall social game warranted, so I’m not sure she really can be upset when she finally does go. In reality, there is no one Derrick would would more want to take to final 2 with him. She loses the jury vote to everyone else in the house or in jury except for maybe Jacosta.

    2. Of course the little puppy dog decides to stand up for herself against Zach when the whole house is coming down on him. And I too can’t wait for her to get a dose of humility.

  3. wtf is wrong with Victoria. she is one of the many reasons I can’t deal with this season

    Zach has been the nice one to you. you are a freaking dimwit. he openly mocked you at one point and you were clueless, and that was him still being the nicest of the entire house to her behind her back. at least he did it to her face. and it wasn’t malicious. this stuff is all really malicious. they even had a talk about the hats and how Zach wanted to wear the hats when he got out to be recognized, it was funny

    she not only won’t listen to anything he says about other HG”s, she listens to EVERYTHING said about Zach

    I just don’t freaking get it, they seriously act like he is evel dick, and he hasn’t done anything remotely close. freaking Nicole with her “he wants to play evel dick’s game” comment she made about 15 times

    can we just have an all stars season and only invite Zach and Donny from the past 2 seasons?

    1. I’d like to see McCrae. I think he would’ve played a pretty good game if Amanda didn’t sink her hooks into him.

    2. Ok how is zach nice to victoria he insults her any chance he gets he makes sexual comments tells her to suck his D—! He’s rude I don’t care for victoria but truth be told he has been at her since begining.

    3. Victoria has no backbone and if she goes to f2, I will puke! She has zero self-esteem. Zach has always been nice to her and here she goes being mean. It rubs off being in the house. Go ZachAttack!

    4. Zach is a pretty nice guy at times, but I wouldn’t say he’s been nice in general. He does throw around a lot of insults and says outrageous things, but I respect the fact that he doesn’t do it behind their backs he says it to their faces. It makes me believe that he’s not really sincere in his rudeness, but rather just trying to get a rise out of the other HG’s. He’s always been on board to wreck whatever havoc anyone might suggest, but it’s not because he’s malicious, it’s because he knows that he’s entertaining and as long as he’s acting like a fool they will see him as a fool, but he’s actually one of the smartest people in the house. Next to Derrick (and possibly Donny) he reads people (the house) better than anyone, and Derrick is a professional.

    5. I totally agree. I really think production failed miserably this year with Team America. It totally disadvantaged
      players like Zach who are exciting to watch. What a terrible gain for the boring three muskateers.

    1. I totally get the reference haha and like the characters zach is the cool one and Cody is a total wuss but minus the brains

  4. cody telling Victoria to cut up the hat

    how the heck does Zach continue to get blame for TERRIBLE BS, and yet these people all do awful crap to him and his game and his stuff and its totally cool

    I freaking loathe team America, and Frankie Grande

    1. keep it up. you’re right on. I got to say if they evict Zach and he doesn’t come back, I won’t be watching anymore..
      I mean Donny is great but he’s really boring to watch. Still even if they lose me as a viewer, I hope he wins.

  5. I was reading on another board, that somebody amplified the sound and that you can clearly hear:

    “Caleb, we hate you! Zach, we love you! Frankie, you’re disgusting!”

    1. You were reading another board? How very dare you!!!!!!! :)

      OMG so they said they hated Caleb and Frankie was disgusting …Whoa. Glad Zach heard they love him. Poor guy, the way he was sitting there when Frankie was all over him….*PUKE*. Caleb takes that kind of stuff to heart and now hes going to think everyone hates him poor SOB. Of course Frankie wont think anything bad about himself because hes so self absorbed that he wouldn’t think anyone would not like him..

    2. On the amplified clip I heard over on twitter sounds clearly like they are saying. “Frankie you’re a F*** face” but then again they could be saying “disgrace”

  6. Frankie is so delusional if he actually thinks someone said we love you Frankie. Someone needs to yell into the house again and set his dumb-ass straight

    1. Knowing that production is in a jam with not trying to be too obvious in helping Zach, and their ratings, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had something to do with the shout outs. It can’t be that easy to get on the lot, and isn’t it just the most opportune time for that to happen? Just a thought.

      1. Interesting that the people outside the BB house- who can’t see in the backyard- shout comments about the 3 people who happen to be out playing pool… Hmmm???

        1. I live right by the CBS lot so if I’m watching the feeds and see everyone is outside, I could leave and be there in 3 mins and most likely, if they’re playing a game of pool, they’ll still be out there.

  7. That’s Victoria’s biggest move so far.
    She’s called everybody evicted a ‘piece of shit’ or something equally awful.
    I can’t wait to see when she learns how much she is disliked and disrespected.

  8. I wish the Renom Rule would apply to Zach and he would be safe & possibly Hayden comes back in the game & works with Zach, and Donny.

    1. Exactly! If Zach comes back after being evicted, then it is kind of a moot point anyway – no one will work with him, save Donny – MAYBE – and he’ll just be voted back out.

      But if they used the renom rule, since they like interfering anyway – do it in a positive manner for a change, ya jack asses – then they could get someone back in to work with Zach and Donny and actually make the season interesting; rather than just having Derrick and Frankie running the show.

      I don’t want to see either win at this point. Derrick has played a good game, getting everyone else to do what he wants; but it’s been boring, and he’s been in charge pretty much the entire season.

      Does anyone else think that is completely lame, and uninteresting?

      And Frankie deserves what Karma is going to serve him – production could at least redeem itself and get involved in the right way for a change.

      1. Love Zach. He’s the only one that had the balls to take any of those alliance members out.
        Can’t stand Frankie. He’s so phony. How could anyone want to follow a creep like that.

    2. I wish this would happen. I’m also praying that they do a separate HoH bracket for the jury members to get back in on Thurs. Whoever wins that is one of the HoHs. Would finally make 2 HoHs and BOB interesting.

      You know this house sucks when after Zack and Donnie, the next person I want to see win is Caleb. Derrick has played a great and dominate game, but its mostly because the other house guests are awful at the game. And he plays it like a scumbag. Using the grandfather thing with Frankie, using Team America with Donnie, using his daughter with the girls. At least Frankie knows and isn’t ashamed he’s playing dirty. I’m dying for someone to blow his game up. Otherwise the next few weeks are going to continue to be boring.

  9. why cut up the hat? I really don’t get it. what did he do to you Victoria? really her being there when Zach is going to get sent packing gives me mixed emotions.

    1. she should never have been cast on the show. whoever made that final decision should be fired.
    2. at least Zach gets to go away from these crazy people other than donny, and vote for who deserves to win the game, which is anyone but Frankie or Victoria or Cody or Christine…ok pretty much Derrick has to win despite my distaste for cops.

  10. I can see no redeeming qualities in Fakie. He’s always pawing Zach, and saying are you hard now – ew, what a pig. With all that he has done to Zach, he has shown what a vile, disgusting person he is. I hope more fans do some more shout outs, but more clearly.

    1. it’s sexual harassment, if you ask me. if a heterosexual male was there doing to women what Skankie does to those guys, it would be unacceptable.

  11. So basically the only game play we get from Victoria is her damaging her own hat. Awesome. Keep on floating Vic! Creep mode cowboy has the best hearing of the bunch. I have no doubt they said Frankie is disgusting. I can’t wait til he gets booed on his way out. I hope there is actually a twist tomorrow during the live show so that Zach can somehow stay but I have no doubt production will have the best day ever bringing Zach back into the game (fingers crossed) I dislike all of the detonators I don’t even know who I want gone first. #zachattack #teamdonny

  12. What is wrong with this kid Fakie???? STOP touching and rubbing yourself all over Zach you disgusting poor excuse piece of trash! Ya really got nerve after all your trash talk.

    If you’re so hard up…. Go release yourself in the shower.

  13. so voting the guy out wasn’t enough, lets also cut up the hat I willingly let him wear all summer. yeah, that isn’t at all mean or anything. seeing how you complain about him being mean, if Zach cut up Victoria’s clothing, she would threaten to sue. give me a break. you let him borrow a 3 dollar hat and cut it up the week of his eviction?

    you suck Victoria, I hate that we can’t just all get a vote and vote you out for providing nothing. at all.

  14. Wow they should be ashamed on how they are treating Zach. I only hope zach comes back on Thursday and wins HOH, and I would love to see their reacting . These people are bunch of 12 years olds stealing hats . #teamZach and #teamDonny

  15. I’d rather not see Zach have to take this abuse anymore, that will no doubt be edited to make Zach look bad somehow(good luck with that CBS).

    I hope jocosta wins on Thursday, and CBS gets what they deserve. a house with no one interesting in it, and a returning HG that brings as much to the table as Victoria. or even Nicole, she is a totally overrated moron, I had high hopes that she was a really intelligent player but she proved to be a really young highly emotional fruit loop dingus.

    1. I agree about Nicole. She easily should’ve been the power player this season. Unless the comeback comp is speaking in tongues, You’re wish for Jo going back in that zoo cage ain’t happening. I’m starting to think they’re gonna jack up the jury. There’s no where else for the show to go.

      1. Nicole reminds me of Danielle from Season 14: clueless to what is standing right in front of her. She doesn’t deserve to come back.

  16. am I crazy to wonder why they won’t keep Zach? he is good at comps but totally falls apart in crunch time. he has no real ally, at all, not even close because Cody sucks so bad. I wish he would confront cody for being a total pussy and a terrible bro. when he gets the entire picture, he is going to go INSANE in that jury house for a few minutes before he is totally OK with not being in that nut house.

    sadly, they will just edit it to make him look dumb, and Frankie to look like a brilliant game player. as a fan of first 2 times russel hantz, mike boogie and dr will, and many other “reality TV villains”, I can safely say I find Frankie’s play to be pathetic. PATHETIC.

    he is the Colton of Big Brother.

      1. yes let me state that, I mean in the game. I totally empathize to the best of my ability with what he is dealing with, I wasn’t trying to make this about the very nice man who died. nothing but respect there, I was strictly talking about his game, which never really included his BF who was in an opposite tribe.


  18. “He’ll burn my face with boiling water” Where are we??? Easy Victoria, he might be a little weird but hes not crazy……Sheesh.
    Did I mention I cant stand Frankie!! OMG what is wrong with him. Its like he is using the fact that Zach likes him (whether it be a friendship or a Bi thing who knows who cares point being..) in a weird way. Just so he can touch him and molest him up knowing that maybe Zach might think he has a chance to stay if he puts up with it. Either way Bi or straight the way Frankie touches Zach makes me ill. I don’t care if Zach was playing a long with it or enjoyed it before. Doesn’t look like hes enjoying it now. Even when its reciprocated sometimes Frankie just goes to far with it. Hes just a gross little shit.

    Did someone really yell they didn’t like BMC?? I figured people were getting used to him. True statement……
    “They don’t know BB fans” hahaha……No they don’t do they :P

  19. OMG that pic of Victoria is scary as sh*t! She is one crazy delusional chic. Afraid Zach will poor boiling water on her face? Seriously? B*tch he’d be doing you a favor! (hahaha, just kidding.) But seriously she’s crazy!

    1. ‘I’m melting!’. Her and Christine are witches – looks, Christine’s cackle and Victoria’s behaviour. Both of ugly as sin.

  20. so this is who Frankie thinks he is on his twitter page. I mean….there is a word for this, I just don’t know which one fits best. the man is over 30, and calls himself…a belieber…on top of his producing and directing that I didn’t know about

    “Actor/Singer/Dancer/Producer/Director/Host/Philanthropist/Person/Personality/ Youtuber/Smiler/Belieber/Arianator :)”

    1. Frankie’s sister Ariana is good friends with Justin Bieber, he knows Justin through his sister. Caleb is very impressed with this and hopes that Justin would help him with his music career. Nothing wrong with Frankie being a fan of Justin’s either, his fan base comprises of both young and mature fans, but I have noticed that since everyone knows who Justin Bieber is in that house that Frankie has name dropped him quite a bit. So it’s not just Ariana who Frankie is name dropping.

  21. what would make someone think Zach would do something violent? then you have cody sitting there acting like Zach would do those things, and that production would try and stop him

    WTF is with these people. Cody, you are supposed to understand that you need Zach, he was your friend, and is one of the few you can beat in the end, because unlike outside the house where Zach is awesome, he is HATED by the jury, there is no win in BB16 for Zach unless he is sitting next to BMC. that is his only shot. so to be so OK with sending him home, and to be a catalyst for the BS going on when you weren’t even part of Team America or any of that stuff, how does that make any sense? he wasn’t on TA, and still he wants Zach gone that badly? what is cody’s deal?

    all of these people hate Zach because he is popular, its unbelievable.

    1. Other than rub his hands over every woman in the house, including a married whore, Cody has done nothing! His game play is to hang behind Derrick. He has no clue that Derrick plans on taking Ms. Prissy to f2 and not him. Wait until he finds out he has been played by Derrick. Floater much! He is excess baggage right now and should be the one going to the jury house and guess what, he ain’t coming back either!

  22. Victoria….Vic…Victim…Boiling water really? The grand prize money isn’t enough to buy that dumba$$ a clue.
    A moment of silence now for the pink hat.

  23. You know what would make this game better? Making these guys compete for a spot on the jury. Let’s face it, BBUS has really gone down the tubes over the last 2 years. The people they pick don’t want to play the game. All they talk about is the stipend money. They know once they make jury, they still get paid and live in a booming house. That’s the train of thought now and it’s really destroyed the game. These guys make Jeff look like an Einstein. God, you’ll never know how much that hurt to say that. Technotronics-need I say more? Okay, clown shoe. But I do have to give him props, he’s a more than decent interviewer. Make these people earn every second CBS foots their bill. The only smug a-holes we would be subjected to are the ones that can back it up. I love BB even this season even though these guys ruined the integrity of the game by throwing pretty much every BOB comp, abusing the BD, and making it high school to survive. These guys aren’t even floaters, they’re something much worse. Make them compete for jury, wouldn’t you love to see the first person that got thrown out still have a chance to get a say so on who gets 500K? Especially if that person got done dirty?

  24. I seriously thought I heard Frankie you are a f* ck face lol, could be my bad hearing or cuz I wish I was out there saying it

  25. Victoria is such an idiot, she did some of this when Devin was in the house, said he was going to stab her or some stupid made up BS, I think she just is dying for attention, wants the boys to protect her, but there is nothing to what she is claiming Zach MIGHT do. Don’t get me wrong I do not like Zach for a second but hew is not that crazy, and to put that on him is wrong, she is labeling him as violent when he just has a big mouth.

  26. Laughing my head off listening to Cody make up stories about the times he confronted Zach really shows how pathetic he is

  27. Burn it down, Zach! Burn it down!

    Zach needs to go out with a bang, and then win the buy back, it would be so epic. Hayden w/out Nicole will get sucked back into Derrick’s mist. To a certain a degree, Zach probably would too, but he would most definitely be gunning for America’s most hated houseguest, Frankie.

    1. No way, Hayden knows the deal, it’s Nic who get sucked back in. Hayden would be Derrick and Cody’s worst nightmare. He’ll put them on blast at the very least.

        1. Whoever comes back, I wish they walked in with the HOH key yelling who wants to see my HOH room and they are HOH for the week. All the house guests would be scrambling and back peddling their bs.

  28. sooooo Victoria thinks Zach is going to touch her. Victoria: “If he touches me, he will be in handcuffs!” uhm……..

    this has got to a point where you start to get really annoyed. you are basically saying zach is the type of person to throw hot water in your face, touch you, destroy your stuff….what the heck are you talking about? I understood the fear of a Willie Hantz, I have never seen Zach do anything that even comes close to a violent act. wait, he hit amber on accident mid celebration. LOCK HIM UP

  29. What these people are doing to Zack is way worse than any of the perceived slights they think they have received from Zack. He has a sense of humor!! Everyone else is so insecure. If they are so worried about how they are being portrayed here are some suggestions: Stop bullying Zack and Donny. Stop the grope fest Crustine, Cody and Fakie. Stop the whining Vic and Cody. And for the love of God stop mugging for the camera Fakie and Deprick!! Oh and take off those stupid fake glasses. I hope production gets Zach a new pink hat before his return.

  30. OMG, OMG, OMG….I have to go to sleep, but I can’t!! The more you guys add about this dipshit witch, the crazier it gets! Now she thinks she’s going to get Zach in jail by the end of the night? Who on God’s green earth does she think she is? WHERE does she think she is? In a sorority house? I seriously just CAN’T with that little girl anymore!! Vicky’s Mom & Daddy!! Come pick up your daughter!! Immediately!!

  31. Is peeing on someone’s stuff against the rules? I would love to see Zach piss all over Victoria’s shit; especially her fake hair.

  32. the hat thing, and how many HG’s were for it, makes me even more sure how jealous they all are of zach. when you are in that house you have to notice how often Julie asks questions, I think BB screwed zach again. not just with TA stuff, but by making him such a focus, Julie asking him a question EVERY Thursday…their inability to keep people off the lot and their own people quiet. these HG’s know too much. way too much. remember how clueless Erica was for the longest time in BB7? one of the best seasons ever because secrets remained secrets. the second someone mentions a Frankie nom, Frankie is called to the DR, and then he goes to that HG and hugs them or talks to them. I mean CMON

  33. This atrocious behavior towards Zach is not worth $500K. In his shoes I would self evict.
    Did they all take a crazy pill at dinner? Zach kept to himself and does not merit this treatment. ZachAttack has been subdued … leave him alone. don’t poke the bear …ZachAttack will surface and bite back.

    Fakie puts him on the block. starts spewing hateful things like euthanizing Zach with a slow drip, needs to crush him of any hope and dreams. In 16 seasons of BB this is the most vile treatment and trash talk of someone on the block. your unwanted molestation of the male HGs are unbearable to watch.

    Why would Zach even bother to waterboard your face with boiling water Victoria? Are you withholding vital game information? or have a major game move in jeopardy? lmao … you’ve done nothing all season to warrant any attention. you’re a non factor.

    this is such a frustrating season where 90% of the house is delusional about their self worth!!!!! ugggggggggh

    Thank god for the Donny!! the only one who didn’t sell his soul and humanity for $$$.

  34. I love zach, everyone who’s vile to him can go jerk off I love zach so much he makes this season, without him this would be probably be the worst season ever. Go zach you frootloop ! we all believe in you. If you do get voted out this week then you better get back in the game or i’m not watching if zach leaves.

  35. Wish those over the wall screamers would get themselves a bullhorn so the HGs will know exacting what is being said instead of letting them using their delusional selected hearing.

    1. I actually like the fact that they don’t know and I wish no one would shout to them and clue them in. I want these jerks to be totally blindsided when they step outside their little fantasy world where their vile, cruel and vicious behavior has no consequences and they feel so superior and ‘adored by America.’ I want them to be totally unprepared for the richly deserved cr*p that they are going to get hit with when they walk out that door. They don’t deserve a heads up.

    1. Right. Zach has always teased Victoria throughout the season so he should be fully prepared if she strikes back at some point. Zach is not innocent and I don’t think he wants anybody to think he is. He gives and he expects to get in return. He has pretty much terrorized most of the women this season,whether he knew how harsh he was (its all about perception) is debatable.

      With that being said, since Victoria is so traumatized, maybe she should self-evict and we won’t need to have Zach leave. She serves absolutely no purpose in the house whereas Zach actually does play the game.

  36. Don’t worry guys, Zach’s going out on a bang. Vic and Christine are in for a real rough week. All the Zach haters better pray he doesn’t use the renom rule. He’ll blow it up and go down with the ship. I counted ten people still in the mix and Julie said it was gonna be a 7 person jury this year. Is this the twist she’s been talking about?

  37. Does anyone else wish a giant crow would swoop down and carry Victoria away? She is just SO out of touch with reality.

  38. frankie is such an effing little queen. totally sadistic and delusional. caleb and zach both heard the person say that frankie is disgusting, but frankie true to form lies about what he heard. cant wait for that pink haired sissy to step back in to the real world to find out he has more haters than new followers. of course he will try to lie his way out of that like he always does.

  39. Victoria has extensions in her hair and was crying on Derricks shoulder other day saying they are starting to come undone and her head is bleeding from them… so i find it funny she wants to destroy the pink hat when she doesn’t have any hair .. and christine is a Witch .. Vic Christine isn’t talking to you cause your hanging around her toy boy .. lol

    1. I dont get that since she has them all out when she washed them. They are not glued or weaved in they are removable, so remove them and shut up you insecure witch.

  40. Friends and family, we are gathered here today to pay our deepest respects to PINK HAT, whose life was CUT short by a crazed, scissor wielding psycho .PINK HAT was a kind and loving accessory who devoted her short life to Zachattack. She shielded him from the hot and blistering sun, taking the punishing heat herself in order to protect Zach. When the cruel and heartless Skankie vilified Zach, PINK HAT sat atop Zach’s head, staring down the Pink Poodle, whilst giving Zach the courage to face his betrayers. She gave Zach his naughty boy image yet led him to befriend the unfairly ostracised Donny. She was a good friend to and protector of Zach. She was too young to die and we must wonder what type of sick mind could be so callous. We can however take comfort knowing that never again will PINK HAT be forced to sit on top of fake extensions and a bloody scalp. Zach rescued her from this horrid fate and she devoted her life to him.
    The police do have several leads as to the perpetrator but she made her escape with the aid of several crows which flew her over the walls of the BB house.
    Rest in Pieces, PINK HAT.

  41. Okay come on now it’s Big Brother! Lying, backstabbing and manipulation is all part of the game. Each person you hate on just means that they are playing a great game so far. Zach’s issue is that he was too quick in letting his opinions out too soon. Had he played it cool earlier on and used what he knew to better his game he would still be in the comp. This is coming from some one who loves Zach as a person, however his game sucked. Hopefully he gets the buy back and uses that to his advantage. As for the hate on Frankie, I personally think he had a great game so far. He’s lying to those who he deems needed and manipulating those that aren’t useful into a herd for use later. Do I think Zankie will be friends outside of this house. Yes you could see that they have a very strong connection and it wasn’t until a few weeks ago when decisions for best all around game for each was made. Please keep in mind it’s a game and try to keep the hate to a minimal. It’s easy for us whos’s not in the house to say they would play one way but once there things always tend to change. If contestants want to stay active and win they MUST play the game. That means getting your hands dirty.

    Truly I wish frankie backdoor’ed Derrick who has been the true manipulator this entire season but he decided on what’s best for his game at that moment. I hate the fact that it had to be Zach but case in point it is, all I can do now is hope Zach wins the Buy back.

    1. clearly Frankie is a conniving fool. I can’t stand him anymore. Zach was too nice to him.
      He backstabbed the only guy that loved him and truly respected him. Frankie’s game sucks and no he is far
      from a good big brother player

  42. Looking at the photo of Frankie’s face in the one screen capture above, Frankie DID hear what was shouted outside the fence but his huge ego won’t admit it. He’s pretending they said he was loved when he DID hear the opposite.

    What a despicable, disgusting poor excuse for a human being. His sister and fans must be so proud to see the real Frankie.

    Also, what grown man continues to call himself Frankie?

  43. “Cody – Frankie and Donny are the only true beasts in Comps.. Frankie is hands down all around if he’s in a competition i’m like ohh shit.. caleb’s not a beast what has caleb won…”

    What does this make you Cody?

  44. My heart broke when i seen zach at the table playing jenga by him self i love zach can’t wait till he comes back and shakes up the house

  45. I am beginning to think that it is the the Evicted Houseguest yelling at them. I think they are living in the walls and F’ing with their heads.
    I think that Zach is going to jury, I do not think he is coming back unless it is an Americas vote and even then it would be very tight with Hayden.
    After last years cast and the blow back from that I think that Victoria will get punished for the destruction of the hat. She may even replace him on the block…. production needs an excuse to save Zach now. Zach has been wearing it so much I think it has become his property. At most it is starting to feel like bullying. Victoria is a delusional girl, her bubble will burst when they all find out about the Americas Team and who is on it. I think it will hurt Derricks and Frankies games the most. People will start saying that their Team America alliance is why Donny is still in the game also they will know it was not Zach but Frankie, Derrick and Donny that pranked them.

  46. BTW Big Brother does not give a damn about letter campaigns or Social Media Campaigns. The threat of lost viewers does not matter a bit to them. It has never operated with that way of thinking. I do not think that will save Zach at all unless the backlash from last year is so bad they are terrified to make too many waves.
    I can’t wait for someone to tell Frankie that his sister spear headed a campaign to save Zach when he put him up for eviction with the plan to get rid of him.

  47. Besides Donny, I have a hard time to “watch” (let alone “like”) any houseguests currently left in that house. I find them very vicious and despicable. Am I normal?

    1. Yes you are normal. This season has sucked! Zach and Donny are the only cool ones in the house. It’s a shame they didn’t work together more

  48. Last night’s BBAD was disturbing… First off Victoria asked if she could play with Cody’s hair, then we see Cody stroking Frankie’s arm while Vic massages his head as Christine awkwardly watches while hitting herself with a badminton racket, later to top off the ick factor we see Cody grab some lotion and use it as he stick his hands down his pants right in front of Victoria up in the HOH room.

    What is wrong with these HGs? As if it wasn’t bad enough with Zach telling Frankie he wants to bang him, he would have done anything for Frankie including suck his dick (during the calling out Frankie on his lies argument) and he’s in love with Frankie not that THAT makes him gay or anything then we have Cody claiming he has a man crush on Zach Effron (not that THAT make him gay or anything). I’ve never seen as much “man love” as we have had this season (especially with voting out every girl). Not to mention that every vote is a “house” vote which infuriates me even more.

  49. Cone on! I can’t be the only one who thinks Zach is a complete tool right? Everything he’s done has compromised his alliance and his overacting for the camera is just nauseating. He thinks he’s on Dr. Will’s level of game playing but he’s just an idiot whose 15 minutes of fame are way beyond over.

  50. Ok screw this hot mess zankie shit! Frankie talks about his love for Zach and he is like a little brother to him or boyfriend…bull shit! If he really loved him, he would have never EVER but him on the block. I don’t care if you tell me it’s the name of the game, if you really truly honestly love somebody you would never do that shit. Zach would not have done that! Frankie is making up excuses saying Zach ruined his game…bitch you ruined his game even more, and he still forgave your sorry pink, two faced, monkey looking ass. All in all, Caleb needs to exit the damn building, Frankie is just making me want to slap him dead across the face, and Zach is actually the sensitive, nice, forgiving guy in the game. Forgive me for having MORALS but I was raised by humans and not whatever demons raised these things. I personally do want Nicole or Zach to come back in the house this week when one of them get the chance and literally shit on everybody’s game up in there! I have never been so heated in my life!
    I couldn’t be I this game bc I would have raised Hell! I don’t care if I get kicked out. Kick me out please before I bust every body in there wide open!
    Zach just make a comeback and win it! Please!!

  51. The nastiest season yet… with some of the stupidest people. Caleb says that he’s as smart as Hayden. Well, DUHH… Hayden rides a tricycle for a living. Haha. Christine is just an out and out tramp with really ugly dentures. When Zach goes tonite, I’m not gonna watch BB any more because it will have lost it’s fun… unless there’s an America’s Choice to bring back a guest and it’s Zach. At that point you’ll really see some of the remaining houseguests faces turn white with panic. Christine should be going out of the house tonight instead of Zach… and get rid of that phony laugh of hers. Frankie is 31. Really? He jumps around and screams like a six year old that should be on medication. And most of all, B!tch Mode Cowboy has to get outta the house. NOW! He’s boring as heck, and nothing but jive comes out of his mouth.

  52. I can’t get through at the moment nizagara 25mg ug “He can’t undo the damage. I know he wishes he could,” Avant said. “But you have to let it go because it will create an atmosphere of the whites in this corner or the blacks in this corner. We definitely don’t want that as a team or a society. The only way we can handle these things is to release yourself by forgiving.”

  53. On another call megalis price That said, Popova should update the text on her site to “ad-free (but with affiliate links)” and end this playground for critiques. She does a brilliant work curating and blogging and it earns the money – be it from links or donations.

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