Frankie gives us a lesson on South Africa SPOILER it’s like District 9

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: Zach & Cody
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

BB16-2014-08-18 19-10-05-861
6:48pm Frankie and Donny
Frankie thinks thursday will have the Jury play in a HOH and the remaining houseguests play in a HOH. Two winners and the last week of BOB, “I don’t think they will do what they did last year”
Donny – Hayden hanging on that wall
Frankie – I think he would come back
Donny Zach is going to sleep his week away
Frankie thinks Zach is going to try.. I just hope he’s not malicious about it..
Frankie – Donny can you believe we did it (TA TasK)
Frankie – THey told me it had to be a clothing item so I had to hide something of Christine’s.
Donny – Oh now
Franki – I did it already.. her moccasins
Donny – After the fact they told you that
Frankie – Ya
Donny – OK
Frankie – Did you knows that clothing item
Donny – maybe it was stated like that.
Donny mentions about Frankie glitter not being an article of clothing.
Frankie – THey didn’t have a issue with that.. because I wore it..
BB16-2014-08-18 18-55-33-135
6:50pm Living Room Caleb Christine and Derrick
Talking about possible end dates
8 people in the game 5 people need to leave. they figure this week is buy back and next week is double eviction.
Derrick – I just didn’t think there was buy back this year
Caleb – America might vote someone back in the game.
Christine – I’m so screwed.. Dear BB Gods please don’t let there be a buy back
The go through some scenarios Christine gets more and more scared at the idea of the buy back getting HOH on return.

BB16-2014-08-18 19-11-17-856
7:11 dinner
They are talking about places to eat and when restaurants mess up your order. Caleb and Frankie say they are very nice to servers and restaurants. Caleb say when he got back from Iraq he saw how other people lived and it changed how he was.
Frankie says when we was in south Africa they always got the order wrong for food.
Frankie tells them about apartheid in South Africa “In south Africa there was Apartheid, Slavery basically.. they had slavery up until 20 years ago”
Frankie – “In south Africa 20 years ago Slavery was legal.”
Frankie goes on to explain the pencil test police officer would do to people to differentiate which class they belonged to, Black, Coloured or White.
He says “During Slavery” the people were restricted in their education. once Nelson Mandela ended apartheid it became mandatory that they all had jobs. Explains that all the people that were educationally repressed had to be given jobs.
A lot of jobs available were service jobs.
Frankie – the first time i was in South Africa I was ignorant of all this.. I n a restaurant literally everything is wrong .. like it’a always wrong.. always wrong.. It’s always wrong.. It’s always wrong.. It’s always wrong.. I was really frustrated in the beginning”
After Frankie came back from the apartheid museum he put two and two together.
Frankie asks them if they’ve seen District 9.. it was filmed in south Africa. “that is exactly what is was like 20 years ago”. Cody jumps in says “South Africa is mostly white.. right”
Frankie says Cape town is the most beautiful city but really troubled politically.

BB16-2014-08-18 19-38-26-364

7:33pm Pool, Frankie, Cody and Caleb
Caleb says “THey” are saying this week is a buy back the following week is a double eviction
Frankie – who’s they
Caleb – Christine and Derrick
Cody – that is what they did last year a buyback and a double eviction.
Derrick comes in Caleb tells him to share the number with Frankie
Derrick says the show ends September 18th. There’s 4 weeks and 5 people to evict if there’s a buyback. If there’s is no buyback there’s 4 people to evict and 4 weeks.
They agree it’s too boring to have no double eviction.
Derrick – We have 31 more days..
Frankie – lets hope it’s a slouching and shuffling competition .. hey I love you still.. god comes first.. will anyone like me to go to sleep.. does anyone have something hydrating..
Derrick laughs it’ll be the best buyback ever all of them will be cheering if Jocata wins.,

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BB16-2014-08-18 19-40-21-775
7:40pm Zach like a boss

7:59pm Frankie and Zach Kitchen
Frankie – Did you like my speech you didn’t say anything
Zach – it was good
Frankie – you’re still my favorite person on the planet. . I think my family and roommates come first

BB16-2014-08-18 20-26-30-094
8:11pm Hammock Victoria and Derrick
Victoria – last night was the worst feeling for me I couldn’t stop throwing up.. I think it was everything that is getting to me
Derrick asks about her head she says it’s feeling better.
Victora – what are you thinking about
Derrick – I’m always running things through my head.. sometimes it’s game sometimes family sometimes both just like you just like everybody…
Derrick tells her there will be a buyback followed by a double eviction..
Derrick – “It’s going to be crazy these last weeks..
Victoria – usually there’s sides..
Derrick – Could be or could be something completely different
Victoria cannot believe that Zach said all those mean things about her. Derrick tells her not to worry “who cares don’t lose a wink over it”
Victoria thinks her last chance to win HOH is thursday if she can’t win it she’s going home.
Derrick tells her it’s going to be endurance she has to win it.
Victoria – if it’s endurance i’m extremely confident..
Derrick – If you don’t win HOH you are going on the block..
Derrick says if there’s still two HOH’s it’s best to get nominated so they can compete in the BOB.
Victoria – Donny’s a beast man

BB16-2014-08-18 20-30-54-761
8:31 Like a boss
(Like him or not when he comes back into the game on Thursday it’s going to make for some of the best feeds of the season. especially given how much Hate Frankie is spewing about him)

BB16-2014-08-18 20-42-22-249

Me watching them watching Cody watch Caleb play pool

BB16-2014-08-18 21-17-10-266

9:21pm heaped together chit chatting..

9:30pm Frankie and Christine. Jenn city was allowed to wear her hood in the diary room but I have to take mine off.  Donny and Zach are playing corn hole.

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Cody- Delusional PAB (Pus*y Ass B*tch)
Christine- Disgusting, jealous, and delusional skank
Frankie- Pathetic fame-hoe who is a vile vile person
Caleb- Stupid, creepy, and also delusional
Derrick- Egotistical asshole

Hate you all and cannot wait till you see that you five are the lowest rated and most hated houseguests this year. Even crazy ass Devin is rated higher.

Beware of Crows

My BB wish….Zach returns in the buyback, Frankie subsequently finds himself on the block and gets evicted. As Frankie starts to walk out the door to meet Julie, Zach says “Hey Frankie!”….Frankie turns and Zach begins to twerk and sing Ariana’s song “I got one less problem without ya! One less One less problem!”

Just imagine that in your head….TV GOLD!


I love it crows! Your scenario totally beats mine. I was thinking Zach could find a fedora and a quarter. Lean on the wall with the hat tipped, flip the quarter over and over and say, “you messed up Frankie. You got no friends Frankie.” In a 50s gangster voice of course.


Or Zach should say, “Hey Frankie, it’s all about p*nis size.” (take that – snap)




I love it crows! Your scenario totally beats mine. I was thinking Zach could find a fedora and a quarter. Lean on the wall with the hat tipped, flip the quarter over and over and say, “you messed up Frankie. You got no friends Frankie.” In a 50s gangster voice of course.


Whoops! So sorry for the double entry. I’m computer challenged! Back button isn’t good. Check.


That would be freaking golden!!!!


Careful Frankie, don’t use big words like apartheid around Cody, he might get confused!


“He was a lonely ghost uttering a truth that nobody would ever hear.” -1984

Almost like George Orwell was foreshadowing poor Donny’s role in the house.


“Big Brother is like a sleep-away camp for sociopaths” . Jordan Peele


If zack doesn’t win the buy back I’m done with this season


I wonder would Jocosta come back and continue to float. lol


I mean coast not float


It would be really funny if Jocasta came back, won HOH, put Derick and Cody on the Block and ended up making the biggest move of the season. We would all be speaking in tongues.

Judgment Day

I hope you are right and Zach walks right back in but I’m expecting a tossup between him and Hayden with a very very small chance for Nicole. Damn I hope whoever comes back somehow gets some power and send these a**holes running.


Omg i am so sick of seeing and hearing about Frankie. I want him gone lol


I love Victoria tonight. Walks over to Christine and Cody and asks if she can run her hand through Cody’s hair. Christine says she will move and then starts banging her head with badmition racquet as she watches Victoria rub her hands through Cody’s hair. Christine couldn’t even look. Then it got worse when Frankie(not wanting to be out of the action, lays next to Cody and rubs him). It was so obvious Christine was jealous of both of them and wanted to swat them both with the racquet. She is a very bitter cackling hen.


Have I missed something in the last decade?? Since when do ADULTS all lay on each other like a litter of kittens….all tangled up, petting, licking and pawing each other? I’ve honestly never seen anything like it! Beam me up, Scotty.


LOL Great comment Suze!!! Agreed!


Uh oh, I forgot about the 70’s….. (But that was a little different…hehe…ahhh the good old days). Am I showing my age? Don’t care.


My university age daughter does that with her boyfriend. He lays all over her (in public) and she plays with his hair. I hate it. Must be a result of toxic drift from one of the world’s catastrophes in the last decade.


So do my nieces with their boyfriends….we at least had the decency to go behind our parents’ backs….with smoked filled rooms and Led Zeppelin in the background. Geez…..what’s wrong with kids these days??
I’m playing, people….. 😉


At least the people you’re referring to are in a relationship. These people are A) just “friends”; B) barely know each other; and C), Christine is married – and NOT to Cody! (LOL)


Boring after dark, someone drive by and say love you Zach and Donnie, hate you Frankie!


Apparently someone did just yell into the backyard to Zach, Frankie and Caleb.


Better yet, someone drive by MY house and call me out for watching this crap.


Or a fly-by with a banner that says “STFU, Frankie.”


I can’t wait to watch Zach return and tear apart this house! If he isn’t the one who returns I can only hope we see him in an All Star season with people who would actually treat him with respect. And Frankie…you are complete scum. Its one thing to play a game, and another to play hard and dirty to win, but dragging someone who is( well was now) your friend through the mud and completely disrespecting/shaming them is the lowest of the low. He just can’t handle the fact that America loves Zach and not some wannabe manchild trying to live off his half sisters fame.


Scheron, let’s hope Zachattack will fight back in the buyback…


If Zach goes I hope the audience yells Yeah Zachattack, boo houseguest!


the house already knows we love Donny…. someone yell out don’t trust derrick, he is a cop. ill give them 100 dollars…


What’s the address? I’ll do it for free. I live in norcal so that would be a nice road trip to socal for me.

Teri B

OMG…..that would be amazing. I swear if I knew where the house was I might just do it (I live about 75 miles N of L.A). This season is killing me. Thank the GODS for Simon and Dawg. This is the ONLY thing saving the season for me!


I know how to get to the house, but I don’t know the address.

Having said that, I can’t figure out how people are able to yell over the fence. The house sits on a studio lot – I can’t see how you could get close enough.

Someone needs to buy a megaphone and yell. 🙂


Careful Frankie, your delusion is showing…


I want someone who will align with Donny.

Dead looking Jewish Hag

Vicmoron is pretty confident she’ll win HOH.
Oh but she’s pretty sure that she’s the hottest girl in the house – actually Christine at this point is more attractive and alive.
Victoria looks dead. Her beady eyes are creepy and she thinks she’s playing a stellar game. Can’t speak English properly, is stuck to Derrick’s dick and still touches people who don’t want her to touch them. Yuck.


Hey!`Are’nt you one of those nasty bitches from last years BB? How’s it going? Got a job yet? I heard they’re hiring at the DQ!


You are an ass.


How fluent is your Hebrew?

frankie dont know nothing

Apartheid was not slavery…..


I know, what a moron. I haven’t been there, and I’ve never visited the
museum, but apartheid was not ownership of slaves. It was more like
a caste system based on race. Still disgusting, but he really should
know the difference. And this is just a tiny part of Africa.


Thanks Simon and Dawg for the title gave me a good laugh!

Frankie is such an a$$ hole...

Frankie is such an a$$ hole…


hahaha your entry titles are the bessssst!!! LOL!


Hey Chef Frankie, veg oil has a higher smoking point, not boiling.


When did the people on this site become such cry-babies? What is with all these people losing their shit over Zach of all people potentially going home?

He’s a sexually frustrated fratboy who has major issues with women and barely plays the game. Maybe that’s a big demographic on this site, I don’t know.


I can’t speak for anyone else, I just think he is funny and entertaining to watch. Plus, we all love an underdog and he seems to be in a bleak situation. I wouldn’t feel the same way if Frankie were in Zach’s position but hey, I’ll readily admit to my hypocrisy! Quite frankly, it literally is what it is at the end of the day.


Zach shot himself in the foot too many times. He did an Andy. He would have a conversation with someone and then squeal on himself. He blew it doing that.


I’m from Texas and I’m still holding out hope that is fleeting fast…..Wake up Caleb, listen to Zack and move towards Donny. Derrick is running shit , but not a single evicted member has seen it.


I say Derrick or Donny deserves the money. The rest of the people in this house seem more intent on garnering airtime than actually strategizing. I felt that last season however with the racists was the absolute low point of the franchise. I would also prefer that BB would stop putting these effeminate, venal gay guys on the show. Without even thinking, Ragan, Andy, and Frankie come to mind. Personally, if Donny exits this show with some bucks and his good name intact, he will be a winner even without winning the 500Gs.


Other than Donny and Zack at this point of the game I can’t stand any of the others. I hope Nicole, Zack, and Hayden or better yet two of them come back, or “this game is done” Boring all season. The worst is Victoria! First no game at all. Second I can’t wait until she reads the post about herself. Derrick played her so bad. Then she sits there this week talking about how bad Zack is trying to hurt her game, again what game. She has been the stooge of this season. Come on BB do something, or do what you said “the most twisted summer yet” so far it has been the most boring and predicable season yet.


I completely agree! Where are all the twists? The motto is expect the unexpected, but these houseguests 100% look for everything that has happened in past seasons and call it. Make all new rules. Shake it up. Something!

V!ctor!a is n0 @ngel!!!

I couldn’t believe my ears when V!ctor!a told Cody in HOH room (about 10.05pm?) her intention to cut up Zach’s favorite pink hat to pieces, before handing it to him en route out.

Either these house guests have gone crrrrazyyy bored in the house, or it’s just their true nature slowly emitting when opportunity permits.

Insane!!! She’s trying to deliberately hurt Zach, hitting where it hurts the most!!

*Take heart, Zach!!!!*


After all the unprovoked, malicious misogynistic bile he’s spewed at her for weeks on end? He’s lucky if that’s all she cuts up.

Jewish Hag

After all the overconfidence about her looks, gameplay, and ‘virginity’, I’d say she deserves a lot of bad-mouthing.
Claiming she plays an ‘innocent’ game as she calls it.
Crawling into Derrick’s bed, and being a total bitch.

Hey, Frankie

Evidently people are outside the house right now and yelling; lets hope that they drop some juicy info for these morons to ponder…


Thank you to whoever drove by and yelled, I give you an A! Do it again tomorrow night!


If they did the same thing last year, buyback followed by double eviction, then what would be the twist if they did the exact same thing this year. If the buyback is this week and that person gets to be one HOH, it won’t matter b/c the other HOH will have their noms throw the comp so they lose and remain HOH and the buyback HOH will be backdoored anyway. Thats why this whole double HOH “twist” this season was so stupid, and I can’t believe production didn’t see it.


I will say to their credit they seemed to figure out (a tad late) that the BoB wasn’t going the way they intended, so they made it possible to win alone. Imagine if it were a free for all from the beginning. Talk about hg’s sheeting bricks!


Really, she is back to pawing all over Cody, Tim, do you really think Cody can help her game, he does nothing and has no power! Wake up!

pants on fire

I stopped watching BBAD when they started to concentrate on the 2 of them with close ups…freaking turns my stomache!!


God. You people are unreal. What did Tim do? He has eyes and ears, he knows what’s going on and I’d say he’s really hurt about it. The last thing he needs is people throwing it in his face. He has done nothing. Leave him alone.
Last year on bbcan, Jon was all over Neda and he had a girlfriend and everyone kept asking the girlfriend what she thought, they even went so far to ask her what she thought on the show. Poor girl was a basket case. He came out and broke up with her and went straight to Neda. Everyone was gushing about the “cuteness”. Personally I think the only one who gets tortured by people are the spouses who do nothing wrong. My thoughts on it. Put yourself in their shoes.


Have you seen what her husband tweets? He says it is all for gameplay. To me, that’s BS. Cody is just a floater and Christine is enjoying the ride with him until they are both gone.


That’s a defence mechanism. He is trying to justify it. We all know it is no tragedy. Cristine ligit adores Cody. Same with Johns gf. She took the high road and said ” me and Neda will be great friends”. It’s too bad.


Tragedy = strategy. Autocorrect!


Okay production, if you are going to step in again….. Let me lay it out for you! There is only one person left in the house who has never been on the block, yet has had a hand in everyone being up. I so hope Derrick meets the same fate as Amanda, she thought she was sitting pretty. Don’t get me wrong, I think Derrick is playing puppet master, I just want some drama. If I was in the house and had any sway( I know I’m not in there, and we know more than they do) I’d love them to flip it, and keep Zack. Zack wins HOH and puts up Derrick and Frankie……toss a coin and let the chips fall!


So true about Derrick never being put up and no one mentioning it! Unless Donny did. He would know. Yes he’s playing an exquisite game. Does he have hypnotic powers? They want Victoria out and suddenly he gets them to want Zach out. How does all that happen? We want to see the underdogs have a chance, at least temporarily. Those guys are like one pack of coyotes bullying and ostracizing the weaklings. Me no like.


They always ostracise the one who they want voted out. That picture of Zach eating alone is sad.


its only just now Tuesday. it will get really bad by Thursday. shame on you Frankie. over 30 acting like a spoiled 13 year old


He probably was a spoiled child.


Donny needs the coup d tat.


Agreed, something please!!!!!!!!


Please someone remind me what the coup d tat and the diamond power of veto were about


I guess Christine hasn’t learned a darn thing rubbing all over Cody Again and again. Then Cody lying there rubbing on Frankie on the couch. Victoria even getting in on it rubbing Cody hair. What is it with this cast!?!?!?!?


If this cast actually liked each other they would of already had an orgy.


Of course the first on would of been an all male orgy just like their alliance. Oh, and Frankie.

Another Anonymous

If Zach is going to play the renom card I wish he would go around the house this week to get as much information as he can so he can use it against them later. Hopefully it will help him figure out that Derrick is running everything.


Poor Zach. Frankie was seriously on some type of murderous stalker rampage following him around the house like that just waiting for him to say something so he could 1) yell at him and 2) use it to his advantage as a reason for everyone to hate him and send him home. Its sad when all the other houseguests are so far up each others asses that you aren’t even able to campaign with any of them. Seriously one sad group of people and one very sad season. I find it much more entertaining to read the feeds here and talk strategy with ya’ll….. a lot more game going on here than in the bb house!

The truth be TOLD!!!!

Am very happy to see Zach’s fans drove by the backyard (again) yelling they love Zach. May and may not be the same people who yelled they love Zach not long ago. Glad that Zach heard it though.

Love the other two comments about Fr@nk!e is disgusting and they hate beastmodecowboy!! (They both heard it too)

:: H!lar!ous!!!! ::

*Go Zachary Colin Rance!!!*


That really was a great moment. It turned the mood of a completely defeated man right around.

I hope it’s enough to help him win his way back in and send Frankie packing.


It made me feel good watching these damn feeds. I was just about to give up on them and then heard the shout out.


What am I missing about Cody that Christine and Victoria cannot keep their hands off of him. It’s so weird!
Victoria is so CLUELESS it’s kinda pathetic.
They all think they are playing BB, but they are being played by Derrick.

Think Twice, Christine

Earlier today, Christine mentioned that once she’s out of the BB house, she’s going to open up a special email account so that she and her fans can communicate back and forth. I’m sure she’ll enjoy that. BWAHAHA…

Beast Mode Cowpie

Her and Tim will be the only ones using that Email address


I feel bad for Zack being blamed for so many of TA tasks and he does not even get a piece of the pie. Frankie dogging him out like yesterdays cheap whore from his one night stand bathhouse escapade. Zack really valued his friendship even before he new his so called “celebrity status”. I can only pray that he is aloud back and safe for a week or HOH to do the work everyone else is scared to do. Frankie even said he would use TA money for the “so called Africa schools”not his winning money, come on now! This guy is straight up garbage! If Zack can’t win I hope its Donny!


They should make Donny or Zach find a secret dpov that’s in the house like they did for Allison in bbcan2


can someone please yell derrick is a cop… yell something game related…


Hope not. That is one of things I am looking forward to at the finale. Just see their expressions knowing the person they trust so much was lying since day one.


Christine is a slut. Again she is rubbing Cody’s and giggling like a fool. She just can’t keep her hands off him. Her husband should dump her on the show. She’s just a pig. Frankie needs to go. Can’t stand to look at him. He has to go. I’m sick of his insecurities and bullshit. A classic wanna bee. The show does not need him. Once zack goes u lose the only turkey entertaining and funny young man. Can’t help but smile hen sack takes off. Really a nice guy. True heart of gold.


Sorry for the typos


What don’t u like. Christine is a big waste of time and space What a terrible example of a married woman


i was reading on another site how when zach was talking to caleb outside, frankie came out and was yelling at him and was eating and spitting food. and i couldn’t help from laughing b/c the first image that popped in my head was the character chris kattan did on SNL. the gay monkey character. and it totally reminded me of frankie. i think the name was something like Mango. thats who Frankie reminds me of, Mango. FRANKIE…IS….MANGO!


Jeez the Zach fans on here are a little misguided… I like Zach too but hes kind of getting what he deserves… He’s been terrorizing that house since DAY 1! I will admit it is very entertaining but what goes around comes around Zach! He always picks on the people “littler” than him. Remember last week when he taunted Nicole to no end? He CONSTANTLY picks on Victoria… Yet another woman. See where I’m going? I like Zach too but MAN i hope Nicole wins this buyback and shakes up that house! I am prepared to get a lot of thumbs down from zachs rabid fans…


Its not like he doesn’t deserve it. What goes around comes around. He just doesn’t deserve it from Frankie. The way Frankie is acting all holier than thou like his sh#t don’t stink just makes me sick. He is the last one that should be talking. The hgs really got carried away on something Zack didn’t even do, I thought they were going to lynch him.


The same thing can be said about Nicole last week! Her best friend Christine backdoored her… so this is the exact same situation as last week. What makes Zach so special?


How in the world Frankie got voted in for Team America. He is not likeable, his sister ought to be ashamed of being related to him.

Jr high cast?

Victoria wants to take back her hat while Zach is sleeping. She wants to cut it up?! How Jr high! Christine is totally agrees. Vic said she could have him beat up! What kinda piece if shit is she? This show just gets worse by the minute. Also, if she tried to grab the hat off and if Zach touches her, she would get in trouble with production since she would had to initiated it. Go ahead, I dare you bitch! She’s taking this thing with Zack too far and trying to fit in by complaining now. Eeeewk and Chris and Cody are gross! Cant stop touching each other!

pants on fire

Cody and Vic up in the HOH…Cody puts some lotion on his hands then goes down to put some on his junk, lays on the bed and touches the head phones…ever hear of washing your hands?


What did they yell when they drove by?

Michael from Canada

Apparently someone amplified the sound, and the exact quote was:

“Caleb, we hate you! Zach, we love you! Frankie, you’re disgusting!”


Simon what time did Zach, Caleb, and Frankie get yelled at in the backyard by someone outside the house. Would like to go back and watch it.


I thought the show was filmed on a TV lot at CBS. Maybe that was earlier seasons? Where is it filmed now? I get the banners flying overhead but how are people getting that close to the house that they can yell things over the backyard? Can they throw things over the fence? I remember in the first few seasons the banners flying above being a big problem and the houseguests being told they couldn’t look up, as ridiculous as that sounds. I am surprised that they film in a space that has outdoor access to begin with, or at the very least that it isn’t covered by screening, etc.