Power Of Veto Meeting Results! “The only thing I could base it on was co*k size, sorry Cody!”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: Zach & Cody
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

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11am – 11:45am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Veto meeting to take place. When the live feeds return we learn that as the Veto holder Frankie used the veto to remove Caleb from the block. As Frankie is also the head of household he then nominated Zach as the replacement nominee.

Power Of Veto Meeting Results:

  • Frankie used the veto on Caleb
  • Frankie nominated Zach as the replacement
  • Either Cody and Zach will be going home this Thursday

11:45am – 12pm When the live feeds return – Zach is in bed in the earth room. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Frankie says I am shaking! My whole body is shaking, my heart is pounding. Cody hugs Frankie. Frankie tells Caleb you owe me one! Caleb says I know. Cody says I know my lap dance was better! Frankie says you both tired to give me good an@l but I’m sorry. The only thing I could base it on was co*k size so sorry Cody. In the living room – Derrick is on patrol. He tells Christine that someone is trying to get paid and I’m not going to let it happen. Christine tells Derrick she will get her husband Tim to delete the negative messages. Derrick jokes well you had 1000 messages I deleted 999 of them. Christine laughs. Out in the backyard – Frankie talks to Cody and Caleb about how Zach was trying to campaign hard this morning. Saying if I get him further I’ve got his vote. He’s never kept his word so there’s no way I could do it. Caleb says I wouldn’t have said that, I wouldn’t have said whatever you want.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-18 11-54-35-039

12pm – 12:25pm Cody asks Caleb how do you think he will be all week? Caleb says Bi-Polar. Cody says up and down. Caleb says yeah. Caleb says just yesterday he was happy to just be here. Caleb brings up how production called him (Zach) in there asking if he’s okay. I don’t know what that was about. Caleb tells Frankie .. thank you for using the veto on me bud! Frankie says your welcome. Caleb says I wanted to say I would do the same for you but not with so many people around you know. Frankie says I know the same holds true. I am not coming for you in this game Caleb. Caleb says the only reason I said I was coming after you was because they said you wanted to put me up. Frankie says its not that I wanted you up. I just didn’t want myself up. Cody joins them again. Frankie says that the thing with Zach is he tells you what he’s thinking.. Zach gives away his hand but blames it on someone else. Frankie says I feel so much better now. Caleb says I will look at Zach and tell him everything he says goes in one ear and out the other. Frankie repeats the part of his speech where he said its time for Zach to meet Julie. I just had to shove it in his f**king face. Cody tells them how Donny came up to him this morning and told me to watch out for the pecking order because of the veto being used on you (Caleb). Cody says Donny is a schemer .. he’s been one since the beginning. He’s been doing that with Nicole and Hayden. Cody says Donny told me make sure you don’t tell anyone .. because I’m alone in this game. Caleb says I don’t know how many times he’s told me that. Frankie says with Zach every time he says something we just need to go talk to the other person. That way we shut it down and he knows he can’t say anything. Caleb says I am telling you right now I don’t want to put Donny up. I want to backdo*r him.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-18 12-16-37-048

Derrick tells the camera – Hashtag BB16 Neighbourhood watch

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-18 12-18-35-028

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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126 thoughts on “Power Of Veto Meeting Results! “The only thing I could base it on was co*k size, sorry Cody!”

    1. I don’t know if #RenomRule which is trending on Twitter will be enough for the producers to enforce the renomination rule that states that a house guest can’t be told they are going home. But Zach has been studying the rule book so I wonder if that could be a surprise twist coming up on Thursday where Zach will bring that up at the eviction ceremony and wants a decision made if Frankie broke the rule or not? I wouldn’t put it past production that they hinted to Zach to study the rule book to see if there is a way he could “save” himself. That would be epic! Especially if it catches everyone off guard and the decision is made that Frankie broke the rule and has to make another nomination thus voiding his nominating of Zach. This renomination rule “violation” is causing controversy among BB fans right now. Don’t forget that Frankie says he knows the rules and even Ariana has stated that on Twitter, so maybe Frankie is throwing Zach a lifeline but can’t tell him directly?

      1. Nope…I’m not buying what she’s selling. Frankie has no idea. If he did and truly wanted to help, he could have leaked/hinted to Donny. Arianna and publicist are trying to stop Frankie from looking such an arse. It was nice of production to give Zach a rule book. But….he has Attention Deficit Disorder…..with Hyperactivity….how long will it take him to find that rule? Esp as he is so easily distracted.

  1. These people are ridiculous. Frankie you are such an idiot. Just hand the money to Derrick now. Boring Boring Boring… He doesn’t even have to fight for it. The dude will spend the entire season never having gone on the block and if he does go on the block nobody will vote to evict him – ever – even down to final 3.

    1. Just simple good game play. Derrick deserves the money more than anyone in that house. His BB social game has been one of the best.

    2. This backdoor will be viewed as the stupidest move by any house guest of he season. Fakie just lost 500K and likely 50K as well. I really hope his move comes back to bite him on the ass and that Zack returns.

      1. Back dooring Zach is better than back dooring Victoria. I mean at least someone is finally making a move although I wish it had been Derrick instead.

    3. “He’s never kept his word so there’s no way I could do it.” And the hypocrisy continues. And i’m starting to think Cody is as dumb as Victoria. Maybe you should have listened to Donny dumbass. The only person who may take you to F2 is Derprick. Sad how someone like Donny has fought so hard, is likeable, not an asshole, and good at comps, and as far as i’m concerned, deserves to win this show, but Derrick (most boring contestant ever), who’s only skill, is lying, will win it.

      1. I like Donny and all, but his social game should be ashamed of itself, and I don’t agree that he would be a deserving winner at this point in the game. He goes to bed 4 hours before everyone else and gets up 3 hours earlier. In Big Brother, most alliances and game talk happens at night. By not integrating himself with the rest of the group and forming some solid relationships on BOTH sides of the house, he’s left himself in this position.

        Having said that, should he find a way out of the situation that he’s in now (6 on 1 if you count Victoria), he’d be a very deserving winner. Just not seeing it happen though.

  2. what a bummer, Zach is pretty jerky, but smart and totally fun to watch… which is a hard combo to achieve. I honestly can’t stand who is left in the detonators. perhaps Zach will win his way back in the house and team up with Donny. a guy can dream, right?

    1. Hey may be a loud mouth, but he is harmless. Actually, I think he is quite genuine and direct and contrary to all the crap said about him, played this game quite honestly. He is not good at manipulating like Fakie and Pig Face because he has a genuine personality.

      1. I think he has more heart than people think. He got very upset when Frankie said he was playing for charity. He was crying and saying he could not compete with that. I hope he stays somehow!

    1. They don’t allow the audience to boo the evicted houseguests. It sucks because there are soooo many who deserve to be boo’d

      1. Have you forgotten the audience reception that Aaryn got last year when she got evicted?? Plus the audience was very vocal with their distaste when Julie Chen read out of some of Aaryn’s homophobic and racist comments she made in the house which Aaryn first denied then said her comments were taken out of context.

    1. Talking about rules I’ve been asking and no one has given me an answer: When Caleb took “Amber’s” bunny slippers wasn’t that considered stealing or what. Don’t they have rules about stealing other HG items? Wasn’t he also messing with her makeup brushes? Someone please explain. Thanks

      1. She let him wear them and asked for them but he lied and said he couldn’t find them when she was leaving so its not like he stole them. I’ve heard and would believe that she doesn’t want them back after hes been wearing them for weeks straight now.

        1. Naw, I wouldn’t want the stinky bunny’s back either, I just thought when Julie brought it up I thought Amber said “can’t I have my slippers back” . Thanks for the updated information

    2. I’ve seen the rise in renom outrage, but what rule did Frankie break? Why should prodction make him renominate? I’m not a Frankie fan, but curious as to the rule based reason.

      1. no, you can’t tell b4 nominations. And, this rule has been enforced b4 in season 12 brendon and britney —> hamsterwatch.com/bb12/081310.shtml <—-

        maybe we can make production do what we want and #renomrule
        cause i think it would be great tv with the return of hayden to work with zac and donnie and take on the detonators

  3. OOOH Boi. This season is good and bad. Not sure who I am voting for. So far Donny. I just want to hug him, hes so quiet, calm and seems like such a nice guy.

    1. Zach don’t give up!!!! He could stay!! It would be hard but he’d have Donny’s vote, what he needs to do although I hate it would be kiss Frankie and Caleb’s ass. If he managed to win them over there is a possibility he could get Victoria! Stay 3-2. Will this happen highly unlikely… But it’s possible if zach tries!

  4. When Zach leaves on thursday, I hope The Audience cheers him loudly and yells “ZachAttack, ZachAttack!”
    That would piss off Christine and her girlfriend Cody! lol.. Frankie umm your rap is week man! Zach’s poems are way better than your fruit loop dingus rap hahaha

    1. The audience is definitely going to be cheering a lot louder than people in the house will expect. They all think the “detonators” are loved by the people and are doing the viewers a favor by getting rid of Zach.

      The HG’s are in for a rude awakening, especially Caleb, Cody, and Frankie. Christine is already aware America probably hates her.

    2. He only did the rap to TRY and one up Zach’s poem/speeches. God forbid anyone try and be funnier than that unfunny bitch Frankie! It had to have been like a knife to his gut to hear people screaming over the wall for Zach! I bet that’s when he decided for sure that Zach had to go.

    1. Yeah? And who’s gonna vote for him to stay? Only Donny?

      Frankie is SO STUPID! No wonder Broadway didn’t work out for him (yeah, you need brains even to swing your body on stage!), being a Youtuber that makes 4k a month is plain ridiculous when living in NYC, and dropping Ariana’s name will only take him this far. He has ZERO integrity. Game or no game, Zach has always found forgiveness in him to offer Frankie and the last should me more appreciative of this. Hopefully we’ll see him taking his sorry ass to jury and we’ll see Donny taking AFP from the mega @sshole b!tch ever. He thinks he can be one of the dudes, but this pansy will always sit on the curb when dealing with people like Caleb, Cody-Mangina, and Derrick. Silly boy… just wasted a major chance of being known for having made a MEGA move. He could easily manipulate Christine and Caleb (also Zach) into voting Cody out… he didn’t even need to bother saving Caleb and telling Derrick to take a seat.

      But oh my… so many wishful thinking wasted on a moron called Frankie Grande.

      1. My son looked up the “moguls” utube account. Didn’t he claim to have over 1.5 million followers? It’s more like 243,000ish! The only videos that he has posted that get a big number of views have his sister in them. He is beyond fake! Frankie and the beast mode cowboy deserve each other…they can go off and live in their pretend worlds together.

        1. Yeah… he’s a nobody. And if he was mentioned on NYT is probably because he knew someone or has a god PR that is connecting him with such mediums. He’s RIDICULOUS!

          I wish there was a way to post gifs on this comment section. I’d use a frame from the famous Bed Intruder video: “You are so dumb… you are REALLY dumb!”

          Yeah, Frankie… that’s what you are!

      2. You forgot to mention what a salacious, disgusting pig Frankie is. Most of the things he says and does just make me want to go ewww…

        1. I thought that – at this point – that goes without saying. He’s disgusting. Really wonder if his family is okay with him being that way. If they are, that says a much about them as well. Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    1. I thought he looks cute and nerdy with the glasses. Without the glasses, his pig nose will be the centre of attraction.

    1. I don’t get why everyone wants Nicole back in. She said she would go after Christine. Therefore, going back in the house and be useless again. Get Hayden or Zack back in. They’ll probably have the brains to finally listen to Donny and hopefully save this boring ass season.

  5. Could this season be more predictable?


    Cody and Derrick Final 2
    Derrick Wins

    Worst season for twists (none).

  6. What a sorry excuse for a human Frankie is. If Zach is the one to go he needs to be the jury member back in the house with automatic HOH and kick Derrick and Frankie’s asses.

  7. This is just sick!
    The sad part is that most of the jury will likely vote for Freakie or Deputy Dickhead Dictator if they are in the F2.
    I pray they are taken out, but it seems as though every HG is oblivious to what is going on. Even when they are told they just seem to idolize these assholes.
    Please someone give Donny the benefit of the doubt and start playing this game. You know…in it to win it and not give in. What a bunch of idiots! Donny is the exception and I hope he is the one that rules in the finals!

  8. Loyalty this alliance has none!! This should be a wakeup call to all other alliance members except Frankie and Derrick who control the whole game your next! Why are these idiots playing for 3rd 4th 5th and 6th. If Frankie can turn on his best friend in the house this fast who says he won’t throw some other alliance member under the bus next week. If they don’t get Frankie out next week they have just handed Frankie 2nd and Derrick 1st place! These houseguests need to grow a pair!

    1. Which is why it bothers the crap out of me that no-one can keep their mouths shut. Do Caleb and Cody feel so secure that they need to rat out everything Donny says to them? Or do they just don’t care about winning & are happy enough doing jack-all in the game to 5th place & jury? Did it ever occur to those dimwits that if they turn on Frankie & Zach they’ll turn on you & maybe you should get a backup plan? Morons! Total morons!

  9. Most twisted summer ever? Oh I get it… Its pretty twisted having america watch some of the most hated contestants in history continue to advance. If Zach goes home can we go ahead and wrap the show. Cut derrick the check these idiots are handing him the game knowingly.

    1. Did anyone watch last year? Those people not only were racist pieces of crap but bigger bullies than this year! Frankie is a horrible person (ain’t no doubt!) but last year I had to stop watching until Jeremy and Aaron were voted out. Talk about assholes!

  10. Well as much as it sucks that Zach will be gone, for entertaintment reasons only. I’m hoping Hayden or Nicole come back with the buy back. I just can’t see Zach having the balls to really turn on Frankie. If he comes back Frankie will di*k ride him and Zach being young and dumb will fall for it. He will believe the bs and still be loyal to the guys. I can’t see Zach saying c’mon Donny me and you vs THEM. As much as I would prefer Zach there then a lot of the real floaters! My gut tells me Hayden would try harder to get them out even if he had to risk losing the final two. And on another note Victoria really needs to go before she’s winning that 50k to shop for bows and hair..

  11. Fr@nk!e knows he can’t beat Zach in the popularity dept, and he’s being extremely VINDICTIVE for Zach calling him out that one evening he announced his stupid-@rse crap about his sister and such ( attempts to overthrow Zach’s popularity with the public and to win other house guests over .)

    Fr@nk!e is a low-life, and words alone can’t describe how much a scumbag character he is.

    *BB Miracles for Zach please!*

    1. It doesn’t need a miracle to save Zach. When Julie Chan announced one jury could come back, I immediately thought the production would bring back Donny or Zach if they got evicted. They know sooner or later these two will be ganged up and evicted, they have well prepared for the situation.

      Sorry Nicole and Hayden, you two are not the production’s favourite. And jocasta, the production has even forgotten you’re in the jury house.

  12. Ok I don’t want Zach to be evicted. But if he goes, when now get the opportunity to see Frankie’s expression when Julies says there is a Buyback. Frankie is going to sh*t himself on live tv.

  13. Yeah, Caleb probably wouldn’t have said whatever Frankie wanted BUT he is going to shower with he and Cody……hehehehe

  14. The problem with the ReNom Rule is Big Brother no longer publishes the rules for the game like they used to… I have not been able to find any rules for Big Brother… apparently they do not want the public to know the rules at all anymore. So the ReNom rule could no longer exist.

    I also think Big Brother has always had the idea that they can change those rules at any time. So I think saying Frankie broke a rule by telling Zach he was going on the block, and then putting him on the block is a rule break or technicality… We will never know. I think every Season there are multiple rules breaks and the punishments are not set in stone. So Zach is going Home… tah dah. Not a shocker in a Season of NO Loyalty.
    Christine or Caleb are probably going to be on the block next week and a backdoor of Frankie.

    1. A long time yet before Thursday. Keeping my fingers crossed that Zach stays. You never know….maybe the door won’t open. I would pay money to see the look on everyone’s faces.

    2. I don’t have the live feeds but I read on another blog that Zach was looking at the rulebook when Frankie came in. Maybe he is checking about the ReNom rule.

  15. I hope it winds up being Cody leaving. Hate watching him. I really want Hayden back, he got so screwed. Donny win this upcoming HOH! Hayden, if you are the one coming back – you need to be a comp beast!

  16. Watching the live feeds from last night when Zach and Victoria are talking about her Jewishness, her game, her business, her being liked or not after she gets out.
    So she says she ‘runs shit’ out of the house and people stare at her and check her out and she is tough.
    She cracks jokes with her Jewish friends when they stay up all night – wow what an animal she is.
    He tells her not to read the social media comments about herself but he can’t wait.
    Really – I just would be so tempted to smack this girl upside her head about how she is really perceived – not how her mirror tells her she is perceived.
    Truly delusional and one of the most dull and uninteresting people ever on Big Brother.

  17. my fav HG Is screwed, when really he was in a good spot IF Frankie, who should have been his ally, tosses him out

    such BS man. throwing away the game unless production is the real ally of Frankie, which is the only reason you give away your best player to jury like this when you still have 5-6 more people to remove.

  18. the alliance talks like Zach screwed it over

    if you remember the brigade. you would hear the guys say stuff like- Lane-“I have brit in my back pocket”, he says it in the HOH room, trusting his allies to understand that early in the game you need people like that who you can string along and use.

    Zach did the same thing with people like Donny, saying he had them in his back pocket, and his alliance would freak out, tell someone they shouldn’t, and oh Zach is such an idiot

    its like….they call Zach the sabatour….I feel like Team America, Frankie, Cody have all sabataoged Zach’s game more than he has anyone else’s. its total BS. Team America is Team Screw Zach ATTACK, and it sucks. he never had a chance to play the game because of TA, Cody and Frankie.

    1. The TA tasks are lame, but they in no way screwed Zach – he did it himself by opening his big mouth & aligning with backstabbing idiots.

  19. cody sucks bad he need to go every word comes out of his mouth is about Donny next thing we know he be asking Donny out .run Donny run

  20. why have they not done a memory comp, or a pandoras BOX?

    you do a memory comp before Veto, and Zach gets the some crazy power because he WOULD win that.

    or, give Frankie a Pandora’s, he gets to spend time with Ariana Grande. then give him a room with Devin stripping(Devin must have his ears and mouth covered completely so no game BS for Frankie)

    meanwhile, a Power finds its way into the house, and Zach gets it. or Donny gets it and uses it to save Zach ATTACK.

  21. This is turning out just like last season.
    I WANT NO ONE LEFT TO WIN (except Donny but he doesn’t have a chance).
    Last year the Red Rat won, this year probably Porky Pig.
    These Team America missions have totally screwed Zac.
    Production needs to make up for it with a
    Pandora’s box or hide an extra veto.
    Hopefully 2 come back on Thursday Hayden and Zac and team up with Donny.
    Wishful thinking.

    But come on Pandora’s Box!!!!!

  22. we need a non eviction week. have Zach basically find out all the people against him, then the sound is made, Zach is on the ATTACK, HOH ready, AND you have someone return

    look at the numbers, you need them to keep Zach and Donny in that house. then you need 1 or 2 people to return. even if you do some doubles, it gives a real shot to get rid of those weenies who may go the entire game without ever facing any real trouble

    cody whining about how tough its been, or whatever, shutup cody, wtf are you stressed about. you screw Zach over for no reason other than you are jealous of his air time, and how many POV’s he has played in, not realizing how freaking lucky you are to still be in that house and never face a legitimate nomination. this week he knew Zach was going home. he is a pussy.

  23. to send someone home like this, who has done nothing but take blame for stuff he never did all freaking summer, be told how great his stupid speeches were then those people went and bad mouthed him when he thought hey, aren’t we in a freaking alliance with like 10 people left. SMH

    then to do it so dirty. I mean, no BOB, no POV, WTF? you backdoor him? because you are afraid of how he will react? BS. you did the same to 3 other people. its crap. you only did this in the past when people escaped the block multiple times or were a serious threat

    Zach can’t even win the game. America doesn’t get to vote, he has never had a true ally in that game, Donny is sadly the closest thing he has had to a true ally, and they are getting rid of him like this. such BS.

    and the edit, I can’t handle Frankie’s edit. it is driving me insane. CBS you are totally pathetic for that BS.

  24. The way this season is going, maybe Derrick will suddenly decide it’s easier to beat Zach than Cody and convince everyone to change their vote. I can dream. LOL

  25. I have never come across a more vile, filthy mouthed , deplorable person as Frank. He is nothing but a total waste of humanity.

    1. The mouth on Spencer last year was unbearable for me. Same is true for these kids this year. The filth is unreal. Don’t know how Donnie has made it. I would have put my head in the oven long before now.

  26. so is CBS going to honor the rule? I mean, they did tell him before Veto. multiple people told him. renom rule? is he going to get off the block on thurs and force Frankie to make a sudden decision to nominate someone(Watch him wuss out and nominate Victoria)

    1. That’s what I think as well. But perhaps the rules have relaxed since BB12 when the renom rule was last applied? If it is in the books, but is not enforced unless a house guest makes a point of it, then we might see Zack wait til the last moment on Thursday at the eviction ceremony to ask production if Frankie broke the rules by telling him he would be the replacement nominee ahead of the POV ceremony.. It would make for great television and cause chaos in the house if Frankie’s nomination of Zach becomes void as a result of production upholding the renom rule and Frankie then has to nominate someone from the detonators.

  27. who steals someone else’s thing? I mean….Zach’s thing was to give these raps and stupid speeches.

    the problem I have with this, is Zach does it in good fun and with no real bad intent. Frankie has been talking about Zach like he wants to put down his neighbors annoying dog. its disgusting.

  28. The word Co*k. Wither it is meant as cork for head on your shoulders or for the other one. Frankie is right on both counts Cody does have the smaller one. That being said, some of the stuff these people talk about is truly vile. The only one who has any class is Donny. Sorry I’ve rethought the first comment and it is really a toss up between Caleb and Codie’s Co*k. Neither seems to be playing with a full deck and I really don’t speculate on the other as Frankie seems to do that enough for everyone.

  29. its so obvious Frankie is jealous of Zach’s fans. its hilarious, really. if he only knew the live feeds percentages and how little we like him. we love Zach. Zach is our new Hero of the live feeds.

    to take his trademark season move, and use it against him when he is your freaking ally. I mean…can someone please somehow save Zach and shove it up Frankie’s _________ and yes, I left a bigger space because its been such a highway for the populace.

  30. Frankie said that he based it on c*ck size…I guess that means Frankie is going to win because he is just one giant dick!!

    1. Cody’s nude body behind the see through glass shower doors have gone online already from the live feeds and it seems he has nothing to be ashamed of. I actually think he is a exhibitonist because it seems he has showed his rear end on the live feeds more than any other house guest.

  31. I would think Zach will be eliminated Thursday. Lets hope he begins to raise hell and make Frankie Derrick Cody and Christine so upset and nervous they lose their cool. It wont take to much to push the beef jerky cowboy over the edge . With that in mind Zach will rock the boat or maybe capsize it before he leaves That is what will be worth looking for the next 4 days and nights! T hen he should be the one to come back to start more anguish and panic!!! Align him self maybe with Donny and pick off Derrick and Frankie leaving the others to fall in place I doubt many would vote Christine Cody or Caleb the 500K or the 50K Just a thought

  32. BMC drives me insane. he is so delusional, so clueless, he should NOT be in this game. can we get people who actually understand the game next year please? its so obvious when derrick and Frankie start talking how much they understand production and how the game works, where guys like caleb are clueless, have no real future plans with this game, and actually thinks he will just win competitions if he gets in trouble, not understanding that with 4 backdoors this year once Zach leaves, how freaking hard would that be to happen to him?

    Frankie dumped Zach for BMC. and he thinks it bothers Zach, it doesn’t, its just STUPID. its like Frankie felt Zach screwed him by not being impressed with who he is, and by feeling betrayed by his efforts to evict him. he thinks he has both of them wrapped around his finger, when Zach hates Frankie, and BMC is just wanting to go to an ariana grande concert and go backstage.

  33. I’m thinking…and HOPING…that Christine & Caleb are next on Derrick’s radar. I think he is just greedy enough to want to continue getting TA money. If Hayden comes back & aligns with Donny….Donny has a chance FTW!
    Fingers Crossed!!!!!

    Donny FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Officer Wiggum is gonna be surprised when his game gets exposed. I went back and watched a bit of Season 14 and Officer Wiggum Is no Dan G. Victoria may be as clueless as Danielle when it comes to men but I don’t see her going to the final 3. I think that the buy back will flip the house with Caleb becoming the power broker and possibly Christine playing spoiler and voting Officer Wiggum out

  35. I have learned that although many of these people are totally clueless to how to play this game….

    they ALL are very good liars when it comes to blaming it all on one person, and somehow getting away with it. everyone lies, and is so gullible at the same time, that its a deadly combo that just leads to constant deceit.

  36. If Zach goes this week, hopefully he comes back and aligns with Donny and steamrolls this house. A Zonny final 2 would be amazing! But a part of me wishes that both of them get evicted only because they are to epic to be in a house with the rest of those scumbags….

  37. I swore up and down week one I was NOT going to like Zach…..he was cocky and a spoiled brat.
    As the weeks have wore on I remained determined to not like him….yet his witty one liners, adorable smile and genuineness toward Donny have made me develop a bit of a crush on the bad boy…..
    Yikes!…..did I just admit I like him……….crap………

  38. Wish CBS would hire people that post here as production!

    Big Brother is supposed to be entertaining. How is production going to allow the only source of entertainment to be evicted?

    Zach is the only enjoyable house guest. Zach makes Frankie tolerable. Zach is the only person that makes Victoria relevant (by joking around with her). Zach is the only one that reaffirms many of the opinions viewers have (Christine’s strategy would not include a perpetual state of fondling Cody, and, making a mockery of her marriage).

    Production needs to give Caleb insight that would allow him to repeat over and over again “Cody has not done anything for this alliance. Cody was not volunteering to go up on the block. Zach was up on the block when I (Caleb) could not figure out how to grab one of the pulleys in a manner that would ensure Frankie’s loss. Zach will have my “back” more so than Cody.”

    Production needs to enlighten Frankie with the possibility that Zach made sure Frankie won that BOB. Pointing out to Frankie that at the time, the house wanted Frankie gone – pointing out to Frankie that he is “bright” and realizes that the probability of him winning that BOB alone is low – Zach by “pretending” to struggle allowed Zach to save Frankie without making the house upset – why would Frankie support the idea of voting out Zach?

    I do hope that Zach is saved. Production can work on shaping the thoughts and actions of HGs via DR, a pandora’s box, or simply having Chenbot announce on Thursday “Frankie must nominate someone in Zach’s place as Frankie broke Big Brother Contestant Rules by telling Zach he was nominating him.

    Thanks to all the OBB posters – you guys have great ideas that BB should use. Thank you both Simon and Dawg for such a wonderful site!

  39. Cody looks like Queen Mode Cowgirl with his pink scarf!! Hey pardner’ order me up a set of balls and some dignity while your at it ! Throw in a spine and some high heels too!!!

  40. Frankie is just mean. He wanted to rub it in Zach’s face he is going home. Seriously. It isn’t enough you out him up. I feel bad for Zach. Hearing him beg to stay was really sad and those fools (frankie and Christine) turn around and laugh at them. I can’t wait until it’s their time to head out the door and beg for their lives.

    Cody, STFU! You have done zero in this game and all you do is talk $hit about Donny. You’re the one that should be going home because you are right up there with Jocasta and Victoria.

    1. Cody has won the least amount of comps out if everyone in there!! If Victoria is a floater than what does that make him??? He made me so mad when he ran back and ratted out Donny!!!

  41. In theory Zach could blow up a few peoples’ games and shake things up. But unfortunately he has acted like such a nut job all summer that he has no credibility. He could totally blow up Derrick’s game to Victoria (in fact he sorta tried that already) but it was too easy for Derrick to reel her back in because Zach has no credibility (and Victoria is too blinded by Derrick’s BS). He could’ve probably gotten people like Christine and Cody to rally against Frankie, but no one trusts Zach enough to make any big moves with him. He could’ve aligned with Donny, but chose not to. If he wasn’t so volatile he might have had a chance to rally a few votes to get Cody out this week, but it’s far too late for that. He certainly was entertaining to watch though. Maybe he will get to come back in, but I doubt he’ll be able to last long. Would love to see him win HOH and take out Frankie though.

  42. Again, really not understanding the hate for multiple people on here. They’re just playing the game folks. Other than Christine calling other people ugly, no-one this season has really done anything deemed hate worthy. The honesty police really need to take a peak back at every winner and list one person that weren’t at least a part of a lie to the other houseguests, especially some of the top players:
    1) Dr. Will (seriously? best liar, and player in BB history)
    2) Dan (Dan’s mist is rather famous)
    3) Evel Dick
    4) Mike Boogey (lied repeatedly every season he’s been in)

    My favorite quote of the season is from Hayden, in response to a statement by Victoria:
    Victoria (in a weepy, whiny voice): “I’m just so sick of all of the liars in this house. Who does that?”
    Hayden: “People that play Big Brother.”.

    1. Dr. Will & Evel Dick did it to their faces- Will had charm that Derrick doesn’t. Dan was not nearly as hateful. Boogie has been roundly hated by many for being vile. And none of them tried to lie to us, they included us.

  43. This season is a massive epic failure on so many levels, the fact that the show has pandered
    to a different demographic has proved that BB has jumped ship. The TA missions quickly
    resorted to hiding clothing seems very childish and not clever ( REALLY PRODUCTION?)
    I hate comparing oranges and apples but the UK and Canada missions are way more clever
    and fun without having to pay out $ to the HG.
    I never expected production to bend rules to save a favorite but honestly if they aren’t seeing
    what we are seeing, then as far as I am concerned, BB deserves all the backlash it is going to get!

    1. Short memory? Short sighted? Short on BB………………
      Last season was way worse than this snore fest. This entire season I haven’t been sick to my stomach once. Last season was the flu 24/7!

      So Zankie gone….. maybe only til Thursday’s second comp to see which of the 4 return. Put yourself in Zack’s shoes a minute. Who do you work with if you do come back? Frankie is out of the question. Others will burn their bridges between now and Thursday thinking he is gone for good 100%. Good time to bring this up……. I have yet to hear anyone talk about jury votes and respecting those evicted as a result. Even the Derprick game lacks BB depth. Funny but Caleb seems to be temporarily moving up the pecking order. If you presume that Derrick and Frankie have to go at it at some point then Caleb looks 3 on both boards. Frankie/Christine versus Derrick/Cody. Leaves Victoria, Donny who I think split 50/50 with Donny going Frankie. Just the returning HG who goes with Frankie I think unless Zack with Donny. Donny still has a significant roll if he keeps comping up.
      Back to original HOH format since Frankie can’t compete he could easily be out after Zack unless Christine wins. I’m saying it again Victoria is getting the same ride Talla did in BB Can 1 that means F5 or 4 easy. Derrick wants her F2 IMHO. Though I have no idea why he thinks Donny is good for his game. I think Donny is the one guy who can beat Derrick in the finale.
      Jury: Jocasta, Nicole, Hayden, Zack(1 comes back) Right now Donny has 3 votes and Zack not sure versus Derrick. Derrick just needs to get Donny out he wins F2 versus anyone at this point. Donny needs to HOH or POV down to F4 then fates in his own hands. Don’t think he makes it unfortunately

  44. The only reason Caleb wants to backdoor Donny is bc he can’t beat Donny in a veto competition. Cody is scared too. Those two just sit in the house and run their mouths about what they’re going to do or what they have perceived themselves to have done in the game. They are a joke!!!!!!

  45. Guys having a fat conversation…. Frankie and Zach are in the bathroom and talking about it being boring and why they are eating/gaining weight. Frankie says he’s fat, Zach says he’s so fat right now and Frankie again says I’m fat……… I’m sure he was waiting for “no you’re not” and it never came.

  46. Frankie is more vile than Andy and Amanda combined imo . The racial slurs were horrendous last year but I find Frankie’s continual sex talk, humping, and innuendos very offensive as well. He makes gay men look really, really bad. What’s sad is I really liked his sister , but he’s ruined that for me as well.

  47. I was always a Zach fan but never a Zankie fan. Frankie from the get go was always attention seeking and manipulative and doesn’t like it when he is not the center of attention. I’m so hoping for a ” hail mary” and Zach stays. I’m rooting for Donny cuz he is against all odds. Frankie made a fatal error in the game by putting Zach up, he’ll regret later on for sure. Frankie is under Derrduck’s spell like everyone else except Donny. Look’s like it’s Funkie and Derrduck in F2. Pass the puke bucket.

  48. Poor Donny – every attempt he makes to talk some sense into these idiots gets reported right back to the snakes. Are they complete idiots to not know that sometimes it pays off down the road to just keep some information to yourself. No wonder Donny doesn’t try harder, every time he does he gets this kind of response.

  49. yes this whole cast is STUPID AF…. but maybe just maybe we can only hope they turn on derrick who has all the power like they did amanda last season when we all thought she was winning the whole thing. fingers crossed!

  50. Any one else get the feeling production wants Zach to play against Nicole, Hayden to ensure neither get back into the house? It’s strange but I think they are wasting Frankie’s HoH so that Zach wins the comp and the next HoH to stir up the house. America wants a flip already BB!

  51. You can say what you want, hate who you hate, dissect the game play and hypothesize who should do what, but at the end of the day (literally), we are still watching, reading and venting. We continue to give this show it’s ratings, shame on all of us! LOL

  52. frank just went from an ok to an I hate u for doing this to ZACH!!!!!!!! EVERYONE USE #savezach to show our support for that awesome man! HE DESERVES TO WIN!

  53. this twist is so stupid. they need to let america vote for who goes and who stays for part of the season or we need to do americas player where we vote to keep someone safe.

  54. Donny, I would say, has this season 95% figured out. Unfortunately, he is in a situation, where he has absolutely no help, so he cannot discuss game without throwing himself under a truck. He knows he cannot trust much anyone, and we have seen him try to get through to a few of the houseguests this season . They all were too blind or aloof to take what he said other than a grain of salt. Even Nicole let me down…. being a fairly smart player, she allowed herself to be manipulated, and spoke to the wrong people. When she should have heeded the advice of Donny. The outcome of her eviction would probably not change, however, her jury persuasion in the house would definetly have opened the brains ( assuming they have some ) about who really was lie’ing and manipulating people. Right now, every time someone gets evicted, its… OH ! I trust Derrick. Even the 6 are bamboozled to the point they all think keeping him is good for their game. It just goes against any form of common sense. They know getting blood on hands will make the jury mad at you. They know Derrick has hidden all of his, and its obvious the jury is going to vote for him over the others. The only split decision, I see, would be Donny/Derrick, as the houseguests would be torn on who to give victory to. Common sense would dictate Donny, because he really has won a lot, and he’s been alone keeping himself in the game. Unfortunately, Donny NEEDS a Hayden.. ( not a nicole or Zach or Jacosta ) to come back in and flip the house. If he could get one person to trust him, he could open the floodgates on the truth of the backstabing done by the others. Pretty soon, the Detonators would be having Straw Man debates constantly because they cannot defend a lie. At least America got to see a proper edit of Christine on the Primetime feed Sunday, and how she really is. America is going to label her a jezebel. Not to mention CBS really threw the lowdown on how she was helping C/C in the BoB by giving them bones. If you noticed, every time Donny put a bone in, he felt for how many others were there. Each time, he counted only his. The live feeds showed him telling Frankie ” Now I know how you felt “. I have no sympathy for her. After what she done to Nicole, and the coddling as a married person, even when its not part of the game… she deserves to lay with the pigs. I think America has their 2 villains this year. Christine and Frankie.

  55. I share no ill will towards any of the houseguest. Living in a codition of no human interaction might take a toll on people. As far as game, derrick is playing the best, obviously. What sets him a part from everyone else is that he is actually making moves when he is not in power or immune to eviction. Everyone else has waited until something like that happened. Unlike Derrick, Frankie has lost control of his lies to the poibt where it confuses him. Christine’s problems is she lies for the benefit of someone else, not her own, but she has set a good base with the four guys, so she should be good for at least another week.If zach comes back, i could see him winning hoh and taking out frankie, but after that, he would lose fire and thats when the others would get him. Cody has put himself in a good position where the least amount of work is required. The fact that Derrick panics makes him work, which allows cody to not do that much work. Also, it doesnt hurt to be the best looking guy in the house. I see Victoria like a saw Talla in BB CAN. Shes a vote, but wont start playing thw game hard until the final weeks. Caleb is not as involved in the game as the other bomb squad members are. He mostly listens to what the others say and goes a long. Which is fine for team dynamic to just let one person be in charge, but some decisions made as a group do not benefit him at all. Plus he walks around as a threat to the house, which will put a target on his back. Donny’s problem is that no move is being made until hes on the black or hoh. I wish he would have been more involved, and i thjnk TA gave him the confidence to start forming alliances. But his heart is always in the right place and he is a good competitor. To me, the one who will win is Derrick because no suspects him and he plays all situations cool.

  56. What Frankie did to zach taking advantage of zach after zach unknowningly took the fall for team America is complete crap. Frankie should be ashamed of himself. Putting Zach up his best friend in the house is cruel and better yet Frankie took Caleb off the block to only to replace Caleb with Zach. Caleb probably won’t take Frankie to the end, I think Zach would have. Go Zach Go!!!!!!

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