HaveNot Competition Results! “It was like you were trying to take aggression out on me”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 24
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 12-26-35-928
Pilar’s nominations will be today!
The Havenots this week are: Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey

12:40pm – 3:25pmBig Brother blocked the live feeds for the HaveNot Competition to take place. It was a soccer related competition. When the live feeds return – Zach is laying on a bed in the bedroom. Pilar is wearing a referees outfit. In the kitchen Bruno comments to Willow you didn’t get crunched too much did you. Willow says no. Godfrey says it was fun knocking people down. UP in the HOH room – Sarah comments that she is a havenot this week. Pilar comments to Sarah that she doesn’t know who to trust any more. In the bedroom – Pilar tells Zach that she is going to nominate Godfrey & Sindy. Zach heads to the bathroom and tells Sarah and Brittnee that he is sorry. Sarah says we don’t expect you to throw it. (Brittnee is also a havenot.) Brittnee says some of those hits were pretty hard. It was like you were trying to take some aggression out on me. Zach says oh no, I’m sorry!

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 12-26-14-465

3:40 – 3:55pm In the bedroom – Bobby and Zach start whispering. After Zach tells Ashleigh we’re still going to be okay. Zach heads to the storage room and talks to Bruno. Bruno asks you don’t think Pili will put one of us up? Zach says no. Bruno says she talked game with me for the first time. I’ve never talked game with her before. Zach says here’s the thing Pili and Ashleigh are super close. Zach says I told Ashleigh to work her a$$ off to keep Bobby and Bruno off the block. Bruno says as long as we’re on the same page that’s awesome. Zach says we are. Bruno leaves the storage room.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 12-48-01-902

Willow puts on the Bear mascot head from the havenot competition:

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 12-52-21-002

4pm In the HOH bathroom – Ashleigh tells Pilar to talk crap about us. Pilar says I hate this. People are going to hate me. I never want to be HOH again. Ashleigh says the more they don’t know the better. Ash says just say you can’t trust me game wise. Pilar says I know you’re in two alliances. Ash says yes but you and Kevin are at the top. Then Bobby and Bruno because we need them. Ash says where does Willow stand. I want to trust her. Pilar says I can’t trust her. Not one bit. Ash says if I was to talk to Bobby and Bruno and say lets stay close to each other. Ash says Kevin will be down with it even though Bobby was after him. Ash says I’ll go up to Bobby and tell him that Godfrey knows because Sindy has a big mouth.

In the bedroom – Sarah complains about how Kevin has been in the diary room for 45 minutes and she pressed the button 3 times needing an advil and they knew that. She says that she thinks Kevin threw the havenot competition. Sindy says that Canada won’t be happy if Pilar has the opportunity to flip the house and she doesn’t. Brittnee says that if Bruno and Bobby actually think they’re staying over Ashleigh and Pili …then they are lost.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 13-11-18-440

Out in the backyard – Ashleigh goes up to Bobby and Bruno and tells them that we need to work together. (Zach, Ash, Pilar, Bobby, Bruno, Kevin) Bruno says he is down with working together.

In the storage room – Zach tells Godfrey if its you and Sindy on the block I am voting out Sindy. Godfrey says do you really think I am dumb enough to tell the house who I am going after? Why should you and I go after each other? Zach tells Godfrey the one thing about this game with me is that there are no hard feelings about anything. Godfrey says same with me. Zach says the game changes every day. Godfrey says I feel bad I didn’t get to say goodbye to JP. Zach says I swear to god when I put you up my original plan was to do a b@ckdoor. Godfrey says it was a risky move and I hope by me calling you out shows where the house stands. Why should we go after each other. If I go out.. who do you think is next? We’re taking out the strong players. Ashleigh is guaranteed a spot in the final 5 yo! Guaranteed!! Zach says they’re smart they’re pinning us against each other.. its smart. Godfrey says if I go up on the block again and I say I am coming after you .. they would probably keep me again. We’re on the same page bro. Godfrey says there were 5 votes cast … they pretty much told you they’re coming after you.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 13-13-52-448

4:15pm – 4:40pm UP in the HOH room – Ashleigh tells Pilar, Kevin Bobby and Bruno that the chop shop is over. They agree to all work together. (Ash, Pilar, Kevin, Bruno, Bobby, Zach)


There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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the prediction table is back to normal, no longer triple eviction. what a mess


Maybe it is supposed to be for the week after Pilis HOH and someone goofed and put it up to soon.


Finally a cure for insomnia!! Watching Pilar & Ashleigh speak


The princess and the Pili.


On twitter someone saw “nominations today” on their tv screen.


Why is Kevin number one on the polls?
Name one good game move he has made?
All he does is lay around and suck face with Pili … so sick of watching it.


It’s not always about big game moves. Sometimes it’s about positioning yourself correctly.


ive been getting the message: {{errors.data.message || ‘The server is not responding right now. Please try again.’}} everytime i go to the big brother website and i can’t watch live feeds, or vote for anything such as who won hoh, pov, and who was evicted. Any ideas how to fix this?


try to clear your cache


great thank you!


WHY DO PEOPLE STILL LOVE KEVIN?! He hasn’t done ANYTHING other than make out with a brainless girl.


Well my way to save the season PARTIALLY could work out since Sarah and Brittnee are have nots. Problem is Kevin/Godfrey are in there too. Poor Sarah it’s back to back weeks of being a Have Not for her.


Brit and Sarah being have nots is my saving grace: They won’t be targeted for a while because they’re so useless in comps, despite them throwing everyone they ever pretended to work with under the bus on a regular basis. At least I get to watch them whine and pout about the food and not only all the other HGs.
Everything they constantly accuse the others of doing (Sarah in a very hateful way), they’re guilty of way more. Yet they have this holier than thou rhetoric about “we are good. they are bad.” Hypocritical rats is what they are.


who is there to like now that JP is gone?? … Guess I will move over to cheering for Bruno.
Pilar is such an idiot I hope her HOH is over ASAP.

Hey guys!

Kevin just said on the feeds to Pilar that she makes him level headed. And she said: what?


im losing respect for kevin by the day


So happy that Kevin is a have not now we don’t have to see Pili and Kevin in the HOH 🙂


He’s running interference with the Havenots.


britnee is dead on. if bruno and bobby think they will stay over pilar and ashleigh they are fooling themselves. they are do dumb to see that siding with SSB is the smarter move. Thats not even me , as a fan of those 3 saying that. if they got to final 6 with those 3 they would win hands down. They take those 3 out and guarantee they will follow the girls out one after the other

Im not sure why they are so willing to believe a side of the house that wanted them out a week ago and will take them out a lot earlier than a side that genuinely wants to work with them and would take them a lot further in the game

Kenneth Chow

Its simple i think…if someone on the other side is in power, you need to work with them…also the bigger reason is Bruno hates Sarah….


no you dont. you work with SSB and godfrey and you have them out numbered 6-5, even if you lose one its 5-5. you dont have to kiss the ass of the side in power especially when you know that those 5 will drop you first

Kenneth Chow

Bruno does not know that though…they believe they would stay over Ashleigh and Pilar…for some reason. ..


So unless Sarah or Britnee win the next HOH, the next two people going are going to be Sarah and Britnee..


This season is very paint by numbers.

Annoyed BBFan

The most ironic thing about this new alliance is that Godfrey was the one who spilled everything to Bobby and Bruno, yet this new alliance of 7 doesn’t even include Godfrey. If Sindy goes this week, and then Brittnee and Sarah in the next week (assuming the two evictions thing is still in play), this could make for an incredibly boring season of Big Brother.

Kenneth Chow

After this whole week, everyone is just going to go back to playing into Zach’s hands…another boring predictable week and we get a cast filled with people that does nothing but make weak moves…WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!…its week 6…halfway through the game after seeing what kind of player Zach is, people continually go right back to him…why???…*URGH*…i wish i was in the house…


i honestly dont get the fascination with him. gamewise he sucks. he doesnt have a very good read on it at all..as demonstrated by his best friend leaving by his hand.
and as for physical attraction..no. he’s ugly and his body isnt even that great. personality wise he’s nothing special
so ..i fail to see his appeal in any way


And he can’t read his lines in the DR very well. Overall he is just boring and not good TV.
To bad JP set him up so well.


I’m just hoping that some miracle occurs and sindy, sarah, and brittanee are off the block and they win hoh next week.


i bet Bruno thinks that since Zacks brain JP has left, he is more moldable and will go back to the bros (CS) instead of targeting them. Which i have to say is probably true. Zack don’t have the guts to turn on Bruno at this time. (and Bobby)

Ariana Grande stinks!

Watch this last video and tell me why she [Pilar] should not be considered as mentally deranged!
Plus the way they kiss — yuck yuck yuckety YUCK!

I will NEVER understand why the fin-nose Zach is considered handsome.
That face is fugly for so many reasons… He compensates by showing off his abs but looking at that face and adding to all that a cocky attitude — YUCKERS!


He’s got a 500HP Supra even I would consider giving him a kiss for a drive 😉 lol


HAHAHAHAH Glad im not the only one noticing that fin nose. And its like ear torture listening to Pillar, her and ashley thinks they are so cool and smart when they are actually boy hungry dumbos.


…and I bet you are just a babe, right?


So there’s a NEW Chop Shop of original members Ash, Zach, Bobby and Bruno and they’ve now replaced Greg with Kevin and Willow with Pilee….

I’m thinking they should call themselves the Numbskulls or Zach’s Lemmings



It boggles the mind why Kevin keeps leading the poll….why are people enamoured by him?!?!?! Because of week one? I didn’t even like him then…okay so if you’re a poker player….shouldn’t you be an expert at reading people?! Pretty disappointing…watching him with Pili is about as enjoyable as smashing my head against a wall. Unfortunately the only 2 smart people left in the house; Sarah and Sindy are hated because they’re women(Bruno!) …these people are just going to flip flop and run around like chickens with their heads cut off….no one to rally them….no one to lead. There is only loyalty between the 2 boring showmances….YAWN!!


How is Sindy smart when she pretty much ruined her own game not once, but soon to be twice by talking way too much.
It’s actually pretty smart for Kev and Pili to stick with the Chop Shop for now since they’ve made it pretty clear they’re going to turn on each other very soon, and both Bruno/Bobby and Zach/Ash will need their votes. Might as well take a shot at the Sindy/Sarah/Brittnee alliance since they are tighter then any alliance right now.


LOL at this point, if that merge really makes it to final 7 or whatever, the show will lose tons of viewers. The show is currently just doing fair since its departure to Global, and it will just continue to go down the hill if nothing else is picking up.

Really TBH, it’s just a matter of miscast with this season.
-Kevin, is clearly NOT a “superfan” the way the show tried to paint him. Not that I think he didn’t watch the show at all or anything, he probably just watched the show casually. He’s too overrated. He hasn’t even done anything gamewise that stun the house.
-Ashleigh and Pilar, I don’t know WHERE ON EARTH the recruiters found these two. I give it two weeks after the show is over, people won’t even remember them.
-Bobby, who I assume is just also another recruit, just look at him! the guy is completely irrelevant to us watching at home. He literally gives us NO REASON to root for him whatsoever. So off he goes.
-Brittnee and Sindy, I think also a couple recruits, but at least they both know how to please the viewers, which makes them massively root-able. So that’s something right there.
-Willow, Zach, Godfrey all I believe applied for the show so I can assume that they didn’t just enter the house with clean slate. Kudos to them for that. The thing is, none are playing to win so far. Willow is clearly not playing for 2nd/3rd place, while Godfrey and Zach will have a tough time making it to the end unless they pull of a chains of comp wins.
-Bruno and Sarah, I strongly believe are perfectly cast to be on BB. Too bad they have to ride with this cast.


They all applied.


Brittnee & Sindy sure as heck don’t please me…

Brittnee did one thing in the Big brother house and other than that has done nothing & Sindy keeps blowing her own game up by talking too much.

A good player pleases me… Like Bruno. Someone who is smart &I knows what is going on.


i said this once and i will say it again PILAR is an imbecile ….i wonder whose the idiot that cast her into BBCan?they should be fired effective immediately or they should do the honorable thing and kill themselves.
plus i barely understand her…and it not coz of the accent, its the stupidity masked in an accent of incoherent mumbling and rambling….. UGHHHH I JUST CANT RIGHT NOW!!!
she keeps asking kev and ash what she should do….PILAR here is a hint THINK!!! ..i know this will be hard for you do so i wont ask you to play the game because then i would be asking for a miracle …WORST PLAYER EVER!!!!
PILAR makes Victoria from BB16 seem like a genius .
What really hurts me is that so many people wanted to be part of this cast and Even the ones that were evicted wanted to play yet PILAR doesn’t even know why she is in the house (except maybe to suck the air out of kevins lung ..you thirst bucket)….and then she gets to be part of jury, what BS is that …not fair …I hope canada gets the power to be HOH and decide whether the person goes into jury. because i really believe pilar does not deserve to play or be part of jury… pilar’s behavior in BBhouse is setting women back 1000years …PS incase this rant isnt clear let be known to all that i HATE pilar.


Perhaps Canada will get to nullify a jury vote. If we are smart and Pillar is in Jury, she would be the one choose. If she can’t think why give her a vote.


“Let’s play man”….I heard that from BRUNO like 455. Times yesterday eh?


I’m going to be honest and say that I have NO CLUE who’s telling the truth in the house and who’s lying anymore. Other than the obvious Kevin/Pilar and Zach/Ashleigh and Ashleigh/Pilar, I have no idea who is loyal to whom.

What do you guys think? Who’s really working together and who’s being honest with who?

DeAnne 1233

Where is the alliance named ‘Tweedle Dum’ with everyone else being labeled ‘Tweedle Dumber’?


With Kevin as a Have Not he won’t be distracted by Pillar and he will have time to process the question that he keeps asking. If Bobby hates Sindy so much, why would he band with her to vote out JP.