Before we strike “I think we should wait for 2 more people to go for sure” -Zach

POV Holder: Godfrey Next POV April 29th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: Sindy and Brittnee Godfrey
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin.
Host is Sarah

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-27 20-34-37-928

11:40pm HOH in the tub Ash and Zach
AShleigh is sore. Says she might not be able to walk tomorrow her butt is so sore.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-27 20-39-51-092

11:35pm Sarah and bruno
Sounds like at one point Big Brother asked them questions like who is their closest ally and who is their biggest threat. Sarah has been comparing people answers she thinks it might be a question in the HOH.
Sarah – “Just so you know my closest ally is B my biggest threat is Zach”
Big Brother keeps getting mad at them.

Sarah brings up that Zach came up to her and said you be neda and I’ll be Jon, “I was like F*** this sh1t”
Bruno and Sarah were both amazed that the houseguest nominated Risha in the beginning, They felt it was going to be a popularity contest with showmances.
Bruno – I can’t stress enough how bad we need it Wednesday
Sarah – both of them (Assuming it’s double eviction)
Bruno – 100%
Sarah points out that once Zach or Kevin leave their girlfriend will have no one
Bruno – They’ll have the other girl peel and Ash are tight
Sarah – AShleigh has been surprising me how much game she’s talking..
Sarah says Pilar and Ashleigh have been letting people do the work for them so if Kevin/Zach go they will be lost.
Bruno – they are only doing it now because they realize they are f***
Bobby comes in Says he doesn’t want to leave it at one person from the Diapers he wants them all gone.
Bruno – lets work together to get all 4
Bobby says once one of them goes home they will scramble
Burnio points out ahta AShleigh is starting to talk to people now
Sarah – it’s a little late

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-27 20-51-33-681

11:44pm Kevin, Willow, Bobby and Bruno
talking about who they are going to get rid of if they win HOH. (Keeping up the ruse they are all allied)
They say they have to get rid of Godfrey, Brittnee and Sarah.
Bruno, Pilar and Kevin. Bruno is chatting them up telling them about the final 7 plan how everyone is working towards that goal.
Kevin says once they get down to 7 “Good luck.. “
Bruno- I love that we’ve all come together we have to do this.. once it’s 7 good luck
Pilar – ya ya.. we have to vote against each other eventually.. you guys have to win HOH you must..

11:56pm Bedroom Willow, Sarah and Willow
Bruno says it makes more sense that Double eviction is this week but it doesn’t have to be this week could be next week.
Sarah thinks Bruno is right the more they assume it’s double the greater chance of it not happening.
They start complaining about how dirty kevin is Sarah says they need to give him one towel, one plate, one sheet and put hi name on it. “Kevin this is it that is all you can use.. one set of sheets.. Every set of sheets if f***g stained to sh1t and I know it’s one f**g person F**g disgusting”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-27 21-05-58-738

11:54pm HOH The Diapers
Zach wants to win the HOH so bad and not even give Godfrey a chance to play for POV.
Kevin says he just had a chat with Bruno/Bobby were totally up for final 7.
Ashleigh wants them to get rid of Bob/Bruno because Sarah/Brittnee are worse at competitions. Pilar agrees B and Sarah. Zach says if Bobby/bruno win HOH they will take a shot at Brittnee/Sarah
Zach warns them about Sarah says she’s a very good social player. SHe wants Ashleigh to watch what she says to her.
Zach – if her (Sarah) and B get split up we’ll take the other one and run with her
They start talking about splitting up Bobby/Bruno./ Zach says if they get rid of Bruno, Bobby will not have anyone. If they get rid of Bobby, Bruno will form an army against them. Zach says once they strike on the house they have to win every HOH or they will go up.
Zach – If we can wait those three weeks.. I think we should wait for 2 more people to go for sure because then we’re at 9 .. you know.. at that point it can just be a slug battle.. If we jump the gun on the strike and anyone else wins it they will put us up. (Zach harnessing his inner Helen)
They talk about how there’s only 4 weeks left so two people need to go per week.

Zach – week by week.. We really gotta get God out of this place.. Bobby and Bruno are going after Sarah..
Pilar – this HOH it really doesn’t matter if the 7 of us win.. er 6
Zach – seriously doesn’t
Pilar – once he start we have to win otherwise they’ll come after us
Zach – for this double it will be four voters to send someone home.. after that it’s three. so if one of us are in power we control who goes home.
Zach says Willow will vote out Godfrey next week. Zach adds if next week they can get Godfrey on the block after the POV they can get him out the door.

Kevin brushes his teeth by jams the toothbrush down his throat so he gags. Says that is where all the bacteria is.
Asheligh says she has no gag reflexes
Zach – neither does Johnny
Kevin – that he was very proud of
(Feeds block in the middle of this video)

12:20am Pilar and Kevin kissing
Conversation about Kevin’s girl back home called Chantel says she was a real Cougar.
Kevin – you can’t go 85 days without talking to a person in this situation.. great girl Chantel.. wonderful… she’s a true cougar… she’s turning 30

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-27 21-29-39-853

12:30am Willow and Sarah Cuddles
(Again feed 1-2 audio is cut happens most nights)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-27 21-50-45-413

12:43am Willow and Pili HOH
Willow saying it’s sad they never got anything for the “Car thing”

12:48am Sarah gets a bottle of wine for her and Willow Hides it near the pool

They agree to get wasted on the bottle of win and be hung over tomorrow

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-27 21-54-21-441

Final 2 deal is made.
Willow calls Kevin Dennis the menace says he needs to go.
Sarah – where did old Kevin go he’s completely changed.
They feel that Bobby and Bruno are legit.. its the nomances vs the Showmances. Willow is a bit worried something else is going on.
They begin to compare notes with on the various alliances in the house. They do not care for Kevin and Zach.
Willow says Zach spits on her when he talks, “Zach’s the worst piece of sh1t to me in life”
Willow says Graig never talked to her like Zach did. Willow brings up when Zach told her to go make him a sandwich, “you have to say please” they think it’s gross that a 22 year old guy doesn’t say please.
Sarah says all the people in teh game are nice people it’s the game that’s driving them nuts. Willow points out hat none of the guys respect her.

Feeds go down @ 1:10am ..
(Sarah is a have nots so not sure what’s up with the special treatment. From what I gather Sarah went into the DR asked for wine and got it so she could have a date with Willow)

1:50am Feeds only showing sleeping houseguests. Feeds 3 and 4 which are on Sarah/Willow probably making out are cut.

1:53pm Pool Willow and Sarah

Sarah is going over game decisions involving the week her and Johnny were up. She goes over her gummy bear strategy talking
They kiss.. Sarah tells her she loves her
Willow says the boys you to say everything that comes out of Sarah mouth is poison.

Willow – do you know who has more respect the Jews in a concentration camps
Sarah – don’t say that
Willow – Zach’s the worst
Willow says she takes back what she said

Willow says Jordan peed in the hot tub and cried about it
Sarah says not to say that becuase the life feeders
Willow says it again so we can hear it.

Sarah breaks the wine glass.. party ends

2:18am Bathroom Sarah and Willow
chatting about Brittnee’s HOH. Sarah says she truly wanted Bobby gone at the time.

Video of Willow’s Jew comment (People are asking)


There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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Zach’s gonna be in final 3 like “i think i should wait for one more person to go before i strike….”


LMAO! He’s kind of naive, but he’s going to get evicted very soon and I can’t wait.


Wait a minute, I know Sarah is a have-not… arent the rules have nots can not have wine???


BB production pet Sarah drinking wine when she’s a have not. Why don’t you just give her the money as well BB and end this charade. I hate how much BBCan rigs it for their favourite. They did the same in season 1 for Gary and tried their hardest to make Gary win but thank you Topaz.

Plus an hour ago Sarah wanted to throw Willow under the bus if diapers won the HOH and now shes best friends with her. Then she goes on rants about how Zach and Jordan weren’t faithful to her…I absolutely despise her.


She was having a conversation with Britney about Willow, not like she was going to anyone else and saying anything about her. Sarah knows brit doesn’t trust Willow so she was saying that just to show Brit she doesn’t trust her fully either, even though I’m pretty sure she does. Zach and Jordan were playing everyone in this house, and they’re game got exposed, if you actually are comparing Sarahs game to theres that pretty shitty because those 2 thought they were kings in this house that would call everyone else an Idiot and were already basically deciding who they wanted to take to final 3 with them. And if she wasn’t faithful to Willow why would she tell her every conversation she has with anyone? Stop getting so butt hurt, I’m sure your probably a Zack/JP/Kevin fan and now that the power has shifted you don’t like that. Sarahs playing an awesome game and she outplayed the idiot newport alliance.


The only person that outplayed the Newport Alliance was Graig – all of which while he had already been evicted.
The MVP and most influential player in BBCan3 is the guy who said he wanted to go back into the BB house only to self-evict.
Take that, Canada.


Same here. I can understand her strategy of spewing hate on everyone and not really be loyal to anyone, but it’s the level of hypocrisy I can’t stand.
She’s always talking about stuff others are doing and how horrible they are for doing it, when she’s way worse.
Again, if she was only saying that to other HGs, I’d see it as part of her strategy, but she’s also saying that in the DR.
I’m also not surprised BB gave her wine to help seal the deal with Willow.
I thought watching JP ‘romance’ Sindy was creepy, but watching Sarah touch Willow’s face and be ‘ambiguously flirtatious’ with her really gives me goosebumps.

Nanny Stater

Sarah is a typical liberal, its ok if I act two-faced and backstab you because i am a person with high morals, but if you do it to me you are a slimy rich fox news loving one-percenter in wall street and the corporations back pocket who is worse than Harper and George Bush!!!!

LOL i love observing and laughing at liberal hypocrisy


lol giving sarah wine is not “rigging” for her to win. you are jumping to conclusions, there is no correlation there. if they were rigging things, naeha would still be in the house. she’s a fan favorite.
put yourself in sarah’s position. she found out that for the first few weeks, literally everyone she thought she was aligned with was actually against her (except britt) and they voted out out her allies one by one. she obviously feels like she needs to play willow, zach and everyone else since they have clearly been playing her. even pilar this week continued the trend of targeting the girls on “that side”. sarah is just playing the game and gets annoyed of people just like everyone else. she always says “i’m at fault too” when she’s complaining… she’s just human.

another name

they probably gave wine to celebrate the fact that willow appeared on an episode.


Finally realized who Zach reminds me of…give him a monocle and he’s the spitting image of The Count from Sesame Street. “We have ONE, no…TWO, no…THREE more evictions til we make a move…ha ha ha!”


he reminds me of “Woody” from Toy Story


And as Zach sits there and counts candies…while Kevin Cookie Monster tries not to eat them all…Ash and Pili are those idiot alien muppets that just say, “Yep yep yep yep yep…uh-huh…uh-huh.”


BBCan needs to be more strict with the have not rules! And willow is just the little RAT in the house and the Diaper alliance are so stupid to see it!!!! # team kevin

Moronita Pilar

I love LOVE LOVE Sarah! She’s the GOLD of BBCAN3.

Kevin is the biggest disappointment in the BB history (BBUS and BBCAN combined).


Sarah talks production in to giving her a bottle of wine while being a have-not. THIS GIRL’S GOT GAME!


Best social game in the house. Plus her not doing well in comps means she’ll be targeted later which gives her more time to create social chaos in the house.


Geez Zach. You’ll still be waiting to strike at people in jury.

Sarah doesn’t just throw people under the bus to anybody like other HG have done. She does it to specific HG so they will think she doesn’t trust the people they don’t trust. It’s a smart tactic for social players.

another name

I thought sara said ‘if they (diapers) win and willow tells them I was after them, i’ll tell them it was her plan and I was just listening and nodding my head to go with the flow. we don’t need her for numbers anyway.’
did I get it wrong? if I misheard, please disregard.


isn’t it 90 days?

another name

while it isn’t always reliable, the wiki page says 10 weeks.

another name

the season is 70 days long, right? and bobby ‘found his veto’ on day 34ish? and the diapers believe the veto is good for this week and two more. so they genuinely believe he got a veto that lasts until day 50-55ish of a 70 day season? I don’t think i’d believe that.
i’m guessing this year’s have not room power will be revealed when there are 8-9 houseguests left if bb follows form from bbcan2. Allison found hers when they were down to 8-9 didn’t she? she had it when sarah/ Kenny were evicted.


Damn Willow go get it girl hahah


I really really really reeeeeeally hope Bruno and Bobby are lying about going after the diapers…. I cannot stand another week of a Zach controlled house.


Willow and Sarah by the pool….. UGH, that’s an hour of my life I’ll never get back.


i just dont understand how out of touch this group of people can be(zach, ashleigh, kevin, pilar). did they learn nothing when jordan got evicted?. I think the biggest shocker might be kevin. For a poker player you’d expect him to be better at reading faces and things like that..unless he’s not very good


from his intro montage, it looked like he was an online poker player. so no face reading necessary. they also showed him living alone with a hired housekeeper, so i don’t think he’s used to living with others or taking care of himself (sarah commented how dirty he was). kevin mentioned that he was extremely religious growing up and was probably pretty sheltered, so i wonder how much life experience he really has. he comes off as naive to me, sort of introspective instead of critically thinking about those around him. pili is also pretty naive. she hasn’t developed her critical thinking. i think that’s why kevin and pili get along so well together, they are so laid back.


yeah, i didnt really read the profiles i or watch videos, i like to go in blind and base my opinion off what i see. really does sound like the last kind of person you’d expect to be playing this game..maybe this will end up being good for him.


i this point you cant even call bobby the dumbest person in the house anymore with those 4 still around


Is it just me or did Brittnee lose a lot of weight?


Brittnee who??


More like… Ashleigh who?


Lol… so true, we could certainly add a few more names to that list too!
But yes… she does look like she’s lost some weight, slop induced I would think.


So the Triple Eviction disappeared, eh?

Sarah is awesome.

During her comedy stint, she was being strategic and exposing truths. Zach won HOH and POV after that because Sarah said he is Captain Canada but can’t win a freaking comp to save his life. She is very smart unlike Pillar who seems like have mild autism and a brain of a 4 year old. Ashleigh is playing Allison’s game, more focused on a boy than winning, and after the show ends her boy won’t even give her any time. Kevin is the biggest flop, from fan favorite to a creepy guy romancing a mentally handicapped Pili,


what bothers me is that people are saying that kevin’s in the wrong for using his showmance with pili, completely ignoring that sarah’s basically cheating on her boyfriend (it counts that she’s making out with willow all the time, since she is queer). And willow was irrelevant during the first half of the game, and now she’s just an idiot who doesn’t realize that she isn’t sarah’s #1 as long as brit is in the house. Willow is finally trying to play the game, but she’s sloppy for someone ho claims to be a superfan, way too emotional and all over the place.

Zach needs to stop delaying making a big move. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

And yeah, strategy wise, Pili’s not the best. But she’s not mentally handicapped by any means, and she’s been in top 3 for basically all the HOH comps so far, not to mention that she crushed the last one.
People need to realize that right now, they’re basically handing Bruno the game.

another name

hey uhm. I’ve been asking myself if it’s wrong for kevin to use his showmance partner. strategically i’m thinking all’s fair. morally i’m undecided. if his emotions for her are genuine i’m less inclined to be morally angered. if his emotions are fake i’m still strategically all’s fair but morally what a snake.
i’m not sure if sarah and her partner consider her relationships with other women as cheating. last night she said he drove her on her dates. maybe it’s a nonconventional open relationship (I am not condoning endorsing or excusing).
we’ve been hearing snips on feeds that Ashleigh, Zach, willow, and kevin all had relationships when they entered the big brother house. they were told to act single.
in the past week willow and Ashleigh have actually made attempts to play. Ashleigh imo has waited too long and gotten too comfortable in the showmance to actually do anything for herself in terms of building a back up plan. willow is playing a milder Jordan game at the moment. she’s moving from person to person gathering intel and only giving up minor details to her targets. the problem is what happens when her targets figure out she’s playing that game: look where Jordan is. but that might be too big a move…
I agree that the ‘we should wait’ approach is not the best approach. yeah, you can’t jump out of the gate declaring enemies, but chronologically it’s past the half way point, and he wants to wait until week 7 or 8 to make a big move (I believe he secretly hopes someone else will do it for him so that he doesn’t tarnish the image he believes he projects).


Should Ashliegh survive the attack on the Diaper’s, then both Bruno and Sarah will try to scoop her up (or ‘pull her in’), for the attack on each other. Right now Bobby is the only one that has expressed targeting all the Diaper’s.


Whether said in jest or not, it’s not cool for Willow to compare the disrespect she feels given by Zach to the same as the disrespect shown to Jews in a concentration camp (my grandfather liberated Dacau 70 years ago).