Big Brother Canada Season 3 Finale Summary and Results

Final 3 Jury Twist.

The Final 3 are locked in the vault where they have to decide on who to evict from the Jury house. They must all come together on this vote it has to be unanimous. AS a result of this vote the Jury will go down from 10 to 9. Ashleigh proposes they both pick two people they want to keep on the Jury. She picks Zach/Pili, Sarah picks Willow/Brittnee. Godfrey doesn’t think this is the best approach to take says he doesn’t have two people. An argument ensues but is cut short to be shown on the Wednesday show.

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“I’ve put in a lot of work, a lot of covering her (Sarah), I’m not even guaranteed final 3” -B

8:00pm HOH Ashleigh, Brittnee and Godfrey
Godfrey and Ashleigh chatting about the season and past houseguests..

Godfrey called into the Diary room leaving Brittnee and Ashleigh. Ashleigh says she’s so nervous about these next couple days but also really excited.
Brittnee it’s hard to know it’s almost over.. It’s been really hard.. I miss my family and friends so much that is the one thing Zach and I bonded on.

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POV Ceremony results “I’m not packing my bags yet” -Z

9:45pm Hot Tub Brittnee and Zach
Zach tells her “I’m not packing my bags yet”
Brittnee laughs says she wouldn’t expect anything less
Zach – so what you are saying B I don’t have your vote
Brittnee – Right now no.. whats your argument
Zach – I don’t have a argument .. because . . well you know I got to ride one thing and one thing only.
Zach – what have I done in this game

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