“I know I’m going home but at least I made one big move in the house” -Sin

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1:16am Sarah talking to the camera
Sarah – just me now Big Brother.. how you doing.. I got my Cafe press shirt on..
Sarah – Canada i’m trying to make this work i have a lot of obstacles here.. I’m doing a lot of BS’ing which I hate.. kissing a lot of a$$es not defending people.
Sarah says she wants to make big move she wants
Sarah – YA i’m been on the women train.. I don’t hate men I like them.
Willow joins her. (really hard to hear Willow)

1:16am bathroom Bruno, Zach and Bobby

1:18am HOH Ashleigh, Kevin and Pilar
Ashleigh saying they have the numbers to get out Sindy so if she puts up Bobby it’ll be fine Sindy will go home.
Pilar mentions Bobby’s Veto
Ashleigh doesn’t think she should talk about it because they always get in trouble she thinks Bobby wasn’t supposed to mention it.
Pilar wants them to protect her tomorrow because she’s going to be mauled by Sindy. Pilar tells her she’s leaving towards Sarah and brittnee it’s the safest bet.

1:20am The goblins and Zach

1:30am Brittnee and Sarah

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-24 22-57-47-259
1:49am Willow, Bruno and Bobby
Willow asks them if there is a couples alliance
Bruno – there probably could be..
Bobby thinks the Chop shop is more genuine
Willow tells them that Zach is in Ashleigh’s ear.

Willow got a slop pass during the POV sounds like she came in a close second.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-24 23-04-51-338

2:07am Sindy, Brittnee and Sarah
Sindy crying feels it’s futile. Brittnee knows Sindy fought hard to get back in the game. Sindy says if she wasn’t here Godfrey would be gone.
Sarah tells her to play it cool until the Veto Ceremony they might put someone up they can work to get out., “They might put someone else up to throw us off” Sindy points out that the chop shop is still together it’s so obvious.

Willow comes by gives Sindy a hug says she got in trouble because she wasn’t wearing her hat.
Sindy – I know I’m going home but at least I made one big move in the house..
Sindy says canad would have hated her if she didn’t
Willow wonders why she’s hasn’t got called in the Diary room she came in second in the POV. The girls have all noticed Kevin gets a lot of Diary room time. Willow hints he’s Canada’s player.
Sindy “They told us if we’re not good in the DR we don’t get any air time”

Sindy tells them Canada doesn’t like Zach.
Brittnee – I’m surprised
Sindy – just because he’s good looking no .. He plays a great social game but he’s a snake because he makes an alliance with everyone in the house .
Sindy start to tell them about her time in the side show where everyone was cheering like crazy when Graig said he’s taking out Zach.
Sindy mentions there was ‘Team Bruno” there 6 people wearing white shirts were standing up cheering.
Sindy – the fact people were cheering more for Zach to go than Bobby that says something

Sarah tells her to talk to Pilar before the Ceremony be honest about the vote but make sure she doesn’t mention Sarah/Brittnee’s name
Sarah wants Sindy to try and get Bobby put up because he has the secret veto if Bobby uses the veto then they should put Bruno up Sarah calls bruno the tae kwon do master.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-24 23-27-50-429

2:40am Pili and Asheligh
ASh – just go with your gut
Pili – I already drew the line right
Ash – yup you drew the line now you have to fill it in
Pili thinks this week is double eviction.
Ash says then godfrey will go and once he’s gone “they are all gunning for B and Sarah”
Pili – This next HOh is so important.. an I can’t play
Ash – you could win the second on which is nice ..
Ashleigh makes it clear her ultimate goal is final 4 with kev, “Could you imagine 2 showmance in the end.. That’s never happened before”
Pili points out they’ve never had 10 people in the house before. They were down to 11 and Sindy came back.
ASh – Ya and the week after we’ll be down to single digits
Pili – that’s crazy ash..
Pilar asks her who is best for their game the four of them to be a pawn.
Ash – there’s no way your pawn is going home this week.. Sindy is gone
Ash doesn’t see her, Kev, Zach flipping all Sindy can Flip is Bobby, Sarah and bruno
Ash – 3-3 you’re the tie breaker
They forget about Godfrey, Asheligh doesn’t think Sarah will flip on Brittnee.
Pili – that’s a good reason to put her up as a pawn Sarah will never go against her.
Pili says they have 4 votes for a fact and only 3 for them.
Pili wonders if Canada votes this week who would go home. Ashleigh thinks it’ll be Sindy “She’s sassy.. I dunno maybe they like her”
Ashleigh says Bobby and Bruno think they can reel him in but it’s not going to happen.
Ashleigh says her and Zach are going to put Bruno/Bobby up because they want the final 4 to be the Diapers
Ashleigh starts to coach Pilar on what to say to Brittnee “B you’re a 100% a pawn and you’re a good pawn … B the people that flipped last week on GP will not flip on you.. just use that as an excuse”
AShleigh adds she can tell brittnee if she put up Bobby or Zach the house would flip.
Pilar wonder what she should say if Brittnee asks her why Sarah didn’t go up
Ashleigh – Be like it was ultimately between you our Sarah and i litterly did like eenie meenie minie moe

Ashleigh – oh my god how fun would it be if the four of us were not on slop and had a massive sleepover up here..
Ashleigh adds it might make the house think they couples are together.

3:00am Asheligh tells Pilar that Bobby is possibly lying about the veto because there’s no way he would be allowed to tell people about it. She adds that Bobby is now saying production isn’t allowing him to talk about it. She wonders if they should flush the veto out by puting him up. She suggest they talk to Kev and Zach about it.

8am – 8:40am Big Brother blocks the feeds…


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OMG it was hilarious when Pili asks Kevin how do you know God is safe and kevin blanks out for a sec and then says coz he won the POV. Listening to their conversations is so painful LOL.

Moronita Pilar

She is the worst!

See also the discussion between her and Ash in which they go through scenarios after God uses the veto on himself and completely omit God from the votes.


Okay so apparently Pilar said she was accompanying her friend at the casting call and then they saw emmett and jillian there but you had to take a number to get a picture with them. So she did and now she’s here. She’s talked about it on the feeds a couple of times but they cut it off before she finishes the story each time

No wonder why she even aske Kevin why Godfrey is said this week smh


NO SINDY Canada HATES ZACH because he’s such an arrogant shit!

Canada would not steep that low to hate a player simply from a gameplay perspective!


Wrong move sarah sindy should push for willow no body cares about she is playing all three sides bruno sarah and zach. She probably could convince bruno to vote willow and the ssb could still live. She probably won’t have the votes if stuck with bobby because Bruno will keep bobby


oooooohkay. Now it’s Sarah who pulls a JP and has a monologue to Canada: “I’m doing this for you, Canada!”
Seriously? Stop. Just stop.


pilar = bb’s most useless player (placeholder)

how the eff did she get on the show…-_-


Ash and Pili are so useless they are headless chickens always needing Kev and Zach to think for them. They even get to be jury…how frustrating.


I wish they would try to flush that veto, Sarah, Brit, Willow and God would vote out Booby. But I don’t see it happening unless Kevin pushes for it, and he’s not doing for anything. I hope the diary room is going over scenarios with him.


I am perplexed. Why do they not talk about Bobby’s (fake) veto? Whenever he or anyone else, but mostly him, do talk about it they say they should not talk about it because he is not allowed to talk about it.Wouldn’t they notice Big Brother is NOT calling them out? Is this not a hint that he is lying?

This will never happen

If Bobby were up, why would Kev join the God, Sarah, Brit and Willow team instead of Bruno, Ash and Zach? He’s sitting pretty in the Ash Zach Pili Kev alliance, which looks the most loyal to him at this point


Ashleigh and Pillar chances of winning = 0. They are even hated by Canada and exposed as dummies tsk tsk.

Moronita Pilar

The Imbecile Woman will screw Ash-The-Blonde, SSB and herself up, and will spoil the show to all of us in the process. She is a deranged person who should not be sitting in the BB house. Zach-The-Fin-Nose might as well sleep through the next few weeks and wake up to compete when the Top-5 time comes. Zzzzzz…

Willow OTOH is floating like a duck. She’s really completely useless in the house. She’s not entertaining, clever, skillful or strategic — a complete disaster.


It is so to bad Pilar was not the one in the vault task.


Kinda disappointed in the cast for not realizing that Bruno, Zach, Ashleigh, and Willow have not been on the block as of yet. BB16 Derrick gameplay all over again. Yawn.


Dear Pilar
My brain cannot afford to hear you talk ever again


I’m with you one hundo on that!!
Pili quote ” ya, ya, ya.. I know, I know, I know right?”


I cringe at the likely hood of the Chop/Diapers merge being the remaining players after this.

another name

hey simon, what would happen if willow won hoh?
would she actual appear on the episodes?


Pili: ‘I wish I could put up myself’

Uhhhh….. 8/


I wish Pili WOULD put herself up or better still, just leave already.


I finally found an obscure upload of the Side Show with Jordan’s eviction! Peter RUTHLESSLY SHREDDED Jordan to bits, calling him out for disrespecting BB and the game. To Jordan’s credit, he took it all graciously, honestly, and with a genuinely humble, self-deprecating humor. I have to admit, that really redeemed Jordan in my eyes. I’m still very curious to see how Peter treats Zach, especially when Zach was such a douche to him on Twitter before Zach was even cast for the season.

I can’t stand hearing/reading Ashleigh’s game talk anymore. I just can’t. She’s worse than Pilar to me. Ashleigh’s attitude is right up there with Jordan’s and Zach’s but it’s even WORSE because she has NO basis for it. At least Zach and Jordan HAD game. Ashleigh clings to her status as Zach’s girlfriend and thinks that makes her important, worthy and a good game player.

another name

I am not making an anti-Jordan comment. he’s no longer a contestant, he got blindsided. his arrogance was annoying, so I enjoyed the blindside but i’m not going to kick him when he’s down.
that said, I think he was actually in fan mode having a full on fangasm because the bespectacled airhorn was shouting at him.
I think most of what peter had to say about Jordan wasn’t about Jordan’s game, but more about the whole eff you big brother incident. did viewers so much care about that incident? not really. but if peter’s still going on about it, i’m guessing production took more exception to it than the viewers.
Jordan, to his credit, was a very well mannered recipient to peter’s roasting comments. I think we’re pretty much in agreement, fred.


Zach is such a sore loser, he is always talking about making big jaw dropping moves and calling Peter Brown a pussy and then all he talks about is getting rid of Sarah and Brittnee, who by the way flipped as much as Bruno and Bobby but he seems to forget that. Its painfully lame. They are all such bad game players this season, zero deep, zero iniciative

another name

to Zach’s credit (something people don’t hear from me often, but credit where credit is due) the idea of keeping in bobby and Bruno’s good books is smarter than aligning with sarah and britt. who can be more aid to Zach? bobby and Bruno. they can win comps. sarah and britt are far less likely to win comps than bobby and Bruno. that’s not an insult it’s a based on current statistics representation. which two are easier to manipulate? bobby is easier to manipulate than britt imo. Zach believes in Bruno’s loyalty more than he believes in sarah’s.
it’s a better move for Zach to stay close to bobby and Bruno than britt and sarah (keep you friends close, your enemies that can actually get you closer, and aim both at the enemies that you think can’t do you as much damage, but you trust less). it’s a good play.


When Double Air Mattress (Ash and Pili) try to talk game, all I hear is the hiss and “sqeee” of escaping air from a small leak…

Yes, I said it

I really don’t care if Sarah or Brit go on the block.
The fact is… They both suck at comps anyway.
I just want Sindy safe this week because she will fearlessly go after the chop shop