Sindy calls HOH Meeting blows up the Chop Shop wants to form “The Underdogs”

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8:49am HOH sindy, Kevin and Pilar
Sindy tells them she’s going to bring Brinttee, Godfrey and Sarah up so they can have a chat. They collect in the HOH.
Sindy tells them to restrain from screaming when she tells them, ” I couldn’t tell you this until one of us were in power”
She explains that they were all sequester together and were able to compare notes.
Sindy says there’s an alliance called the chop shop, “Bruno, Zach, Bobby, Willow and AShleigh.. their goal was to take everyone down”

Sindy says she was the 5th person to evict JP she says she had to do it for numbers “We are the underdogs”
Sindy – I know you aren’t going to put up Zach and Ashleigh
Sindy says Ashleigh’s target is Pilar
Adds that Bobby told her while he was in Vault he vote a secret veto. Sindy is suggesting she puts up Bobby and Willow wo flush out Bobby’s veto.
Sindy points out that Bobby and Bruno went against the chop shop to vote out Jordan.
Sindy says they have the numbers right now they are the underdogs, “we need godfrey to stay.. we need to stick together”
Sarah chimes in that Zach had two plans one to put up Kevin another to put up Bobby/Bruno
Sindy – We’re the underdogs, Canada loves us for being the underdogs
Sindy says to Pilar taking out the Chop block is one the biggest moves in Big Brother History
Keven – That’s crazy.. it’s a lot to digest
Godfrey comes in Sindy fills him in with the Chop shop, “Bobby and Bruno are coming after you”
Sindy says she pushed for Godfrey to stay because Jordan was on their side and they needed the numbers, “WE can call ourselves the underdogs”
Godfrey knew something was fishy because “They” were always going after Graig’s target’s
Pilar is shocked “Guys we can’t do this.. when are nominations”
Kevin – I can’t believe that name where did they come with the name Chop shop
Sindy brings up the veto that Bobby says he has. Godfrey doesn’t believe it.
Sindy says they should put Bobby/Willow up and if Bobby has the POV put Bruno up.
Sindy calls the chop shop the “The Biggest secret in Big Brother History”
Ashleigh come sin brifly to break up the meeting. Eventually everyone leaves except for Sindy, Kevin and Pilar.
Sindy start coaching Pilar what they should say to Bobby and Willow when she nominates them
Sindy – I was the reason why JP left.. he was working with Zach and he would go against us
Sindy tells them that the audience doesn’t like Zach she mentions while she was on the sideshow they said they were going to take out Zach and the crowd went crazy.
Sindy calls this a game changer.
Pilar says he can’t physically put Ashleigh up. Brittnee comes up says it feels weird now. Pilar wonders why Sindy didn’t tell them last night. Sindy points out that everyone was up her butt she didn’t have a chance.
Brittnee – I feel so played right now..
Pili – this is a zoo
Brittnee – this isn’t a zoo it’s a jungle
Kevin points out it makes sense why Graig shut down because his alliance turned on him.
Brittnee says Sindy is good at this game.
Sindy doesn’t think she’s good says she got lucky to get this information.
Brittnee – I feel so dirty right now
Sindy says Zach/Jordan and Ashleigh were working together and Zach had a final 2 with JP

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Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-23 06-18-36-006
9:18am Godfrey and Bruno Bedroom
Godfrey tells him Sindy is up in the HOH saying Bruno, Graig, Zach, AShleigh and Bobby were all in an alliance. She want them to put up Bobby.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-23 06-42-41-473
9:43pm AShlsigh and Godfrey
Godfrey tells her he’s gong to take his bike to teh chop shop get it fixed up get it going Camera switches to Zach adn Sarah.
She’s explaining the vote last night. Says that Jordan was manipulating her. Zach feels bad that he went on his HOH. Sarah doesn’t think he should points out that Jordan threw that Veto. Sarah mentions how Ashleigh, Jordan and Zach would not let her in on conversations she was closer to them that Brittnee at the time.
Sarah says she adores Zach and Jordan. Camera switches to ASheligh and Bobby in the bathroom. Ashleigh says Godfrey brought up the Chop Shop..
Bobby – I’m telling you straight up right now it’s not coming from me and Bruno.. I don’t know what to tell ya.. Bruno tells me everything ASh.. there’s no f***g way.. it must have came from Willow or Zach. Bruno comes up AShleigh fills him in that Godfrey knows about the Chop Shop.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-23 06-59-28-596

10:00am Bobby and Ashligh
Bobby swears to God him and Bruno never sold the Chop Shop to Godfrey. He thinks it was Willow. Zach and Bruno join them. Ashleigh – Godfrey knows about the chop shop
Bruno – I swear to god I didn’t tell him
Brnuo asks Zach if he told JP
Zach says no
Bruno suspects Sindy say goodbye messages

10:05pm Pilar and Sarah
Pilar – I thought I could trust ASH I guess not I really trust kevin that’s it
Sarah – you can trust me.. I trust you and Kevin
Sarah says she’s gotten close to Kevin ever since he was on the block

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-23 07-15-25-572

10:17am Sindy and Brittnee

More chop shop talk.. sindy says they need to put up Willo wand Bobby yo flush out the veto if Bobby does have the veto they need to backdoor Bruno. Sindy adds that PIlar won’t go after Zach and AShleigh so they have to do it. Sindy thinks they can get them out during a instant or Double eviction.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-23 07-22-07-639

10:23pm bedroom Bobby and Zach

Bobby says Godfrey just filled him in Graig told Sindy about the chop shop They have to stick together now. Zach – F***G rights we have to stick together.. it’s all about winning the comps
Zach tells Bobby he can talk to Pilar and Kevin
They assume the entire house is talking about it now. Bobby says they have to deny it “F***g Graig what a sore loser”

10:23pm HOH Willow and Ashleigh
AShleigh says Bruno and Bobby must have told Godfrey about the Chop shop. She doesn’t believe it was sindy.


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“Godfrey tells her he’s going to take his bike to the chop shop get it fixed up get it going”

Laughed out loud. Love Godfrey!!!!!!!


i just hope they keep this hilarity in the edit. Godfrey is comedy.


Well, yeah, it was the most braindead thing he could do, and that apparently sealed his fate. But sure, it was funny to watch for us.
BB haqs turned into something completely different. I’m flabbergasted. Its like watching a chess game and all people are waiting for is to see the players perform a striptease. Otherwise it’s boring.


Now Let’s get the firework started 🙂


i seriously doubt that what sindy just did will make any difference at all. if anything it just gives them more of a reason to put them up. does anyone really see kevin and pilar turning on zach and ashleigh?

i might be a smart move but no way it happens. it only works if kevin buys this because pilar will do what he tells her to


I can’t see her turning on Zach and Ashleigh, but if her and Kevin decide to go with Sindy I can see Bobby/Bruno/Willow being in the line of fire and possible nominations.


JP told Kevin about the Chop Shop. Now that it’s in the open, it is the perfect time to put up Willow and Bobby with Bruno as a Backdoor plan. It would be stupid to get rid of Sindy or Godfrey because then it would be 5 CS members and 5 non-CS members in the house. That doesn’t bode well for the non-CS.

Kevalr wouldn’t be going against Zach and Ash, they would be looking out for themselves. Something Zach just did during his HOH.


I must admit that I feel Sindy has a totally unfair advantage here. She got an extra life in this game, and came back with knowledge that no one else had. I think she should have been told that she could use that information for HERSELF but to keep her mouth shut as far as telling other houseguests. I realize the show is all about the drama, but gee this is becoming too much.


i totally agree. it destroys the game with outside information and influence. She told them about the Side Show and who got cheers and so on. And It’s not like the Chop Shop has been the only alliance in the house. How about all the other ones?


well why would she spill about the other alliances in that moment when , for what she is trying to do the chop shop is the only one they needed to know about. she did spill about zach and jordans final 2 deal

another name

who would have told cindy about the other alliances so that she could spill the beans on them? risha knew nothing. naeha most likely said her theory that she used to convince kevin (alliance of bobby, graig, Bruno, godfrey, with bobby also having his bobby’s angels of pilar, ash, and willow) and said who was against them, graig told about the chop shop and their plan to get close to one person non chop to gather info, and jonny knew about the couples, but most likely downplayed kevy wevy’s involvement (second nature to look out for kevin). common denominator to each of the stories: Zach. her big target.


totally 100% agree. being locked up with other guests that have been punted out of the house and finding out the information is bogus. BBCAN ruins some peoples games with too many twists…. Just like season 1, when Gary got back in with all that information given to him in jury house… having said that, Zach and JP were idiots to put JP on block and then Zach was an idiot for not taking him off….


Zach might feel bad on a personal level, but having JP leave the game at this point was GREAT for his game.
JP’s lack of self-awareness and unbelievable acting skills were constantly putting a target on their backs. JP didn’t add any value to their alliance since he never won any comp and just used Zach and Kevin as expendable meat shields.
Plus, having JP gone will relax Bruno a little about Zach.
Now we get to see Kevin and Zach work together, the 2 guys who actually carried JP all this time. I love that Kevin told Zach about knowing about Newport.


you kn8w whats hilarious though is that now that sindy did what she did the chop shop might actually have to reform


In the words of Sindy, I want to slap Godfrey across the face for spilling about knowing the ChopShop.


I know right? I want to slap him too! This guy can’t be trusted for a second to keep his dang yap shut, someone needs to stuff it with chicken bones and tape it closed. He is his own worse enemy.


I guess but it in his defence he doesn’t see keeping that secret beneficial. Bruno is his number one, he sees a target moving to his boy so he needs to blow that shit up. It also might move the target away from him and back onto Sindy.



People please, if you are going to do any kind of analysis here, try to look from the player’s perspective. Even if you hate the player, try to analyze how it affects *their* game!


“people please” ??? who are you to direct your unsolicited instruction to us…. the people?


So any chance for an underdog team to be formed might have all gone down the drain cause effing Godfrey was too much of a dumbass to fathom the thought that there actually might be a secret alliance called the ChopShop.


It was doomed from the start. Kevin knew about the chop shop and if you watch closely you”ll see he was tortured for an hour having to listen to Sindy’s theory. He couldn’t leave because Pillar (the idiot, although I love her) was just sucking it all up like the poor game player that she is.

I’d also add that Kevin is a pro poker player, and after playing a lot of poker myself I have mad respect for the pro’s. They operate on such a high level of “you know X, but I know you know X, but i know you know I know you know X” etc.. Even without knowing about the chop shop, I can guarantee Kev would’ve sniffed out Cindy’s BS in an instant.


How has Godfrey become the only person I like this season??


Ummm….. I have an idea but I’m sure you wouldn’t like it.


i don’t blame Godfrey one bit to be fair. His closest allies are still Bruno and Bobby and those people he trust more than the other ones. He is loyal to Bruno most of all. I hope Bruno appriciates it.


ask Johnny and Jordan where loyalties will get ya, high time he crawl out from under his rock and get a clue.


I wanted a core alliance of Bruno/Godfrey/Sarah/Brittnee. Hopefully Sindy goes home this week and that can still happen. Does she actually believe that the Chop Shop is still a thing after Bruno and Bobby both teamed up with her last week?


Of course she doesn’t but it’s good leverage and a good story. But with Kevin’s prior knowledge of the CS and the flip it might not fly. Sindy thinks she’s the only one with the knowledge.

another name

bobby and Bruno already dismissed that plan late last night. they considered s/b or go with chops but keep god around. they decided to stick with chops because………. sarah’s poison. sarah’s poison. (give polly a cracker already).
maybe bobby and Bruno should have been thinking ‘wow, that was the first time anyone has cheered us in the game last eviction. and they cheered naeha in that hoh…. maybe the audience sees/knows things we don’t.’ I know popular opinion means nothing in terms of winning the game. but it should be an indicator of how they’ve been playing so far.


watching the Live Feed it is painful observing Pilar. Is she for real??? Why is she on Big Brother?


She’s a poor player both mentally and maybe socially, but I think it’s great that BB has been adding ‘normal’, quiet women over the past few years. For example Danielle from BB14 and a few others that I enjoyed watching.

It’s great to have outgoing females but I also like to watch females that I would actually enjoy dating in real life, and aren’t attention whore’s like Willow or fake ass b1itches like B .


I am glad Sindy blew up the Chop Shop…but she made the mistake of letting them know it came from Graig. She SHOULD have implied that Bruno, Bobby or Willow told her…to cause friction within that group. Now they will just band together…instead of accusing each other…since they know Graig is the one who spilled. If Pilar had a brain, she should wonder why Ash never told her this. Of course Kevin knows as well, but he doesn’t have to reveal it. Ugh, Bobby’s stupidity is too much to bear sometimes. “We can just deny it”…yep, that should work for you!


Never will P go against Ash and Zach. …Scindy should have known better than trying this move. This is really Kevin and Zachs. HOH anyway!
I can’t find anywhere here..does anyone know how Zach reacted to JPz. Eviction at all?


I think Sindy’s campaign is going to work (again).

Pilar mentioned she isn’t sure if she can trust Ashleigh anymore. Kevin was also informed by JP that the Chop Shop is real so he knows it’s not a lie created by Sindy.


Sindy and Godfrey are going to be the two nominated.


I noticed on the BBCAN website, that the predictions have a slot for Week 6 – round 1 and Week 6 – round 2. I don;t remember seeing that last week. Has there been any confirmed talk that this week will include 2 evictions? Do you think that’s what it means?


It’s actually 3 total . Did you see the spot where it shows 2 evicted from the 3 noms? And that’s all after the 1st round eviction! Gonna be whirlwind for sure!
Be 1st time 2peole. Leave the house together at same time


HOLY CRAP! I just went to check it out and you’re right! Not only that, but in 2nd round of wk 6 it has HOH nominating 3 people and 2 people being evicted. So 3 people are getting evicted this week!!! OMG, shiz just got real!!!!


It means 2 evictions in one week. It could be a double , instant or just evictions 2 different days in one week.


3 total evictions. It’s shown plain as day. 1 leaves then 2 leave at the same time after all the fasttrack. The 2 that leave together are the result of 3 on the block together too!


Why does everyone hate Ashleigh…in the poles?

another name

I would hazard the guess that beyond being in a showmance, Ashleigh suffers the same fate as pili. adds nothing to the motion of the game. if you removed ash and pili, and replaced them with cutouts of Ashleigh and pili with word balloons saying ‘yes dear’ would anything at all change in terms of strategy sessions?


Because she’s an idiot, blinded by her stupid showmance. Zach leaked info to JP, but she thinks Bruno and Bobby did (I know it was Graig who told Sindy, but still). Zack would turn against her if his game required him to, but she just thinks he’s a god, and will follow him around like a puppy. I’m sick of these stupid girls going on BB to make out, and to be manipulated by these guys, who are actually there to play. Kudos to Sindy for voting out JP, her showmance partner, because it benefited HER game, good for her, seriously, at least she has a brain.


Perfect timing Sindy! Great way to hold onto valuable information until just the right moment. I was afraid she was going to be the target this week, but things have hopefully changed. The Chop Shop has been exposed, and now the house may divide into two sides. The underdogs (Sindy, Sarah, Britt, Godfrey, Kevin, and Pilar) needs to take apart the Chop Shop this week and take another on out during the Double Eviction.

Willow and Bobby should be nominations with Bruno as a Backdoor plan. Hopefully Bobby leaves first, and if it’s a DE Zach or Bruno joins him.


Double next week and 2nd HOH puts 3 ON THE BLOCK!!!
full of twists this year for sure!


So 2 go home at the same time!


UGH…. well it certainly didn’t take long, the “dumb ass stupidity hot potato” has apparently found its way back to Pili as she sits there telling Ashleigh everything.
Is there anyone in there with the ability to think for one mere second before opening their mouth??


Yeah it’s crazy that someone would tell her closest ally secrets.


Yeah… it worked out well for Johnny and Jordan huh? Minutes before that she wasn’t feeling so trusting towards Ashley.


I had thought that Jordan already told Kevin about the Chop Shop. Is he just playing dumb right now or did I just imagine it?


Did Kevin already know about the Chop Shop from Jordan?


He knew about it and was dying for 5 seconds alone to warn Pili not to get sucked in by Sindy’s plan. If you watch you can see the agony on his face every time Pili says “oh you are so right Sindy”.

Sindy was smart enough to realize Kevin wasn’t buying it and as soon as Kevin left she jumped directly over to Peels to confirm some stuff. She is like a rabid dog. Good player but playing way too hard and pushy.

another name

so. chop shop knew about chop shop.
Jordan knew about chop shop. Jordan told kevin and sarah.
cindy knew about chop shop.
the only people that this is a revelation to are godfrey, pilar, and maybe brittanee.
pilar is far too moldable by Ashleigh kevin and pilar.
bad feeling cindy’s big reveal makes cindy’s target bigger; especially since godfrey kept it in for about as long as it would take him to eat a chicken.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Wow, Sindy is hitting again — GOTTA LOVE HER!
BUT, Pilar is stupid and Kevin has no balls, so I fear the worst…


wtf I really like Sindy now. She was the perfect person to return. wow


why does everyone hate Ashleigh ?

She sucks and is a floater FINAL ANSWER :p


You can tell that she’s fake too. The innocent blonde girl seems to be an act.


Sindy did what she had to do given the information she have AND the situation she is in. She definitely showed she has more guts than one like, say Zach.


Kevin and pilar, the worse duo in BB history. Likely will nominate whoever will further Zack’s game because they have no mind’s of their own. Zack is a sinking ship. If they had brains, they’d jump of the sinking ship and give the house what they want, zack and ashleigh on the block. What is Zack going to do, win veto, throw up willow. Zack has about 6 people gunning for him, there is literally no downside to nominating him, and all the downside for keeping him.