Kevin – “It’ll be pretty ideal if Bobby/Bruno picked up this double” Pillar “YES YES”

POV Holder: Godfrey Next POV May 1st
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th ?
Nominations: Sindy and Brittnee Godfrey
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin.
Host is Sarah

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-28 20-39-04-355

11:40pm Storage room Brittnee and Zach

Zach saying he’s pretty sure it’s a double eviction

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-28 21-09-37-216

11:48pm Kevin, Zach and Pilar HOH
(This conversation is hilarious Zach is completely out to lunch with we’re the house is)
Zach – Bobby Bruno aren’t coming after us for sure..
Zach says even if it’s a double eviction Bobby and Bruno won’t come after them but Godfrey is he wants Godfrey out first, “He’s immediately on our radar”.
Zach – putting us up is a big move.. they are going to want to do it in 2 or 3 weeks.

Zach says the Bobby and Brittnee play (Nominated) is the safe play it’s the sexy play
Kevin says if Bobby/Bruno win they want Sarah?
Zach – they want Sarah
Pilar – the only person that can’t win tomorrow is Godfrey
Zach – ya
Zach – we have to get through the week through the double and not go into that next HOH straight guns blazing.. if we are we have Bobby and Bruno in that HOH.
Zach – if we can maintain the Bobby/Bruno relationship through tomorrow it’s the best move
Pilar – right
Zach – we still want to get through this game without us 4 doing all the work
Kevin – It’ll be pretty ideal if Bobby/Bruno picked up this double. Pillar YES YES
Zach – then we’ll lose Sarah.. which is fine
Zach – Ideally I would like to see God walk out that door tomorrow
Zach – he doesn’t have anyone in this game that he’s working closely with and we know that
Kevin says if he wins the HOH they’ll take out Godfrey what will prevent Bruno /Bobby joining with Brittnee/Sarah
Zach thinks Bobby/bruno are loyal to the chop shop
Zach says regardless what they do Bobby is going to survive tomorrow with the secret veto.
Kevin – Maybe they are that loyal (Bobby/Bruno)
Zach doesn’t think Bobby is a schemer
Zach wants them to send out Godfrey next.

Zach is 100% convinced Bobby/Bruno are not working with Sarah and Brittnee. He goes on to say if Brittnee/Sarah are on the block Bobby/Bruno won’t use the veto to save them.
Zach – we need willow off the block she’s going to vote with us right
Pilar – it’s true
Zach hopes AShleigh wins the HOH this week.
Kevin – Ashleigh would be ideal, Bobby/bruno would be good
Kevin thinks if they get rid of Godfrey the house is going to come after them. Zach isn’t sure he thinks Bobby/Bruno believe they are closer to Zach and Ashleigh than they are with Kevin/Pilar.
Kevin – you’re right
Zach – Bobby/Bruno will stay loyal for one more week.. Bruno really wants Sarah out
Pillar – I think they are going to throw it
Zach doesn’t think they will says if he sees them throw the HOH they will take them out.
Zach says Willow is too timid to go after their group of four, “She’s going to continue the ISO (Player without any allies) person.. we can kick her around till like sixth”
Zach thinks Sarah and Brittnee will strike at Bobby and Bruno because if they go after the diapers they’ll make 4 enemies but only 2 with Bobby/Bruno
Zach – Bobby/Bruno don’t like to talk game with other people
Zach says Bobby is going to use the secret Veto on Ashleigh. .

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-28 21-29-13-715
12:12am Sindy campaigning to Bobby and Bruno
Bobby tells Sindy good on her if she gets the votes to stay but the vote won’t be coming from him, “Sorry girl”.
Bobby tells her it’s nothing personal she wanted his honest answer.
Bruno goes and gives her a hug, Kisses her on the forehead. Sindy leaves

Bruno goes looking for Sindy to makes sure she’s not throwing them under the bus again.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-28 21-45-48-949

12:42am Sarah, Brittnee, Willow and Sindy
Sindy is upset. they try to make her feel better telling her she’s an awesome player she should be proud of herself.
Sindy – I feel like I’ve absolutely failed
Sarah – like Willow said you are the best player so far.. you did the only move in this game it’s all because of you.
Sarah says she won’t go after Bobby first but she’ll get there., “I’m going to try and win this for you.. and if I get further it’s all because of you.. I would have been gone this week.. ”
Sarah gets called into the Diary room. When she comes back she says it’s f***ed up the type of questions they are asking. (Sarah is possibly onto what production are trying to do with the story line around her edit)
Sindy says the sequester house did not like Willow they thought she was a snake and they thought she was playing Andy’s game (BB15)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-28 22-16-22-888

1:11am Sarah and Brittnee
Sarah is saying her and Willow talk a lot about home and stuff. Sarha – makes me feel comfortable when she tells me all the information she’s getting.. it makes us feel safer.
Sarah says they are with Bobby, Bruno and Godfrey right now they should get closer to Godfrey.
Sarah – I trust god so much.. he stuck up for us and kept us off the block.
Sarah – we have to be 100% open and honest with god.. that is a unlikely threesome
Sarah – I trust Willow in the sense I believe what she’s saying
Brittnee doesn’t trust Willow but she does believe her. They agree willow will go with the boys.
Brittnee says she cannot connect Willow on a personal level.
Sarah – I find her so endearing.. she’s been through a lot
Brittnee says if she goes home tomorrow she’s only hugging Sarah.
Brittnee – They (Diapers) are still sitting comfortable
Sarah – but not for long

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-28 21-48-44-919

1:19am HOH Kevin and Pilar
Pilar telling Kevin he doesn’t owe anything to Johnny because Kevin never asked him to use the Veto.
Kevin – I just feel bad because I really liked him
Kevin says he had to prevent Johnny from wining that POV
Pilar – it’s just a game kev we’re going to have to take each other down eventually.. it’s going to be hard but it’s going to happen.
Kevin – Thank you for calming me down
Pili – Anytime
Kevin “I care about you
Pili- I care about you a lot.. a lot. Sacred how much I like you
He gives her a back massage
Kevin – Good night gorgeous

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-28 22-56-52-931
1:56pm Sindy backyard
to one of the picture on the memory wall “AHHH I hate you so much”

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this fricking sucks. sindy is hands down the smartest player bb can has seen. AND she might be the strongest female PHYSICALLY as well. i am heartbroken that she is going home, especially under the circumstances she’s going home by. THAT VETO PISSED ME OFF SO HARD. She was winning, got set back to 0, was about to win, and then got eliminated. FRICK THIS OH MY GOD


Yes, that elimination card was a total BS thing to have in the POV game. I’m royally pissed it happened to Sindy however it was an overall douche bag feature any way you look at it.


I like Sindy too, and she’s definitely smart, but not perceptive enough. She did not get a good enough read on the house and over played her hand after the JP eviction.
I’ll be sad to see her go but she dug her own grave.


She’s smart, but she has no style. She’s like a Jehovah’s Witness, waking people up in the morning and talking until they hate her. They’ll vote her out just to get rid of the voice. If she really wanted to sway Pilar she should have smiled and broken out the nail polish like Bruno does.


Yep she was way too aggressive. The female version of Devon.

River De Nial

Zach and Kev can’t see past their showmances. GBBBS are screwing them too!


how amazing would it be if zach is still on the “dont want blood on my hand” phase tomorrow and let bruno win the hoh and he do, he’s putting him up and send him home


what do you mean by saying “sarah i possibly on to productions edit of her”? whats her edit?


To this date. Sarah edit is pretty good. Before she was called to the DR. Willow and Britt were called to DR as well. So i’m just gonna assume it’ll have something to do with the 3 relationships like who Sarah trust more things like that, considering its very likely that we’ll get Sarah x Willow segment sooner or later


Probably has something to do with her relationship with Willow.


It’s really sad that Sindy is leaving. She played with everything she had, and has fought to the bitter end. I respect her so much. Truly glad she’s the one who came back so we could all see her gameplay. Sindy, Naeha, Johnny, Sarah, Britt, Godfrey, and Bruno seem to be the only people who really came to play this season. You definitely deserve a spot on All Stars Sindy! Hopefully you’ll be able to play with a smarter and more pragmatic group of HG.

Guy From Canada

With Cindy screaming at the memory wall… she yelling at her own photo?



another name

watched willow’s introduction / strategy video on youtube: make people believe she has no strategy. make people believe she’s there for the experience, not to win. learn about people to figure out who to trust before actually truly committing to an alliance. be emotional to appear weak and oblivious while taking note of what people are doing around her.
all she had to add was come across as so emotional that everyone is afraid to nominate her and she’s following her plan. you mean she’s been this way intentionally?
somewhat worried by Bruno and bobby’s talk of getting out one couple and scooping up the other. worried but not surprised. it’s strategically sound, and psychologically expected. neither thinks of themselves as an actual underdog in the game. they think of themselves as alphas in a bad circumstance. too bad. long term they could be the big brother breakfast club with sarah britt willow and god. but as a back up plan, its not a bad plan.
so, Zach and kevin don’t want to win this hoh? they want Ashleigh bobby or Bruno to win? must be too early for a big move still. I don’t get it. would Zach and kevin throw it? if one is in the final two against someone that made a big move, wouldn’t it be harder to sway the jury with ‘I waited for someone else to take the shot hoping it would get me here’ than ‘I took the shot and it got me here’? the player that made the definitive moves would have my respect more than the player that said I waited for someone else to make the definitive moves. maybe I just don’t get it.


I really hope Bruno/Bobby are sticking with Sarah/B for a couple weeks until Kevin and Zach are gone.

Then I would like Bobby to leave 😀


That would be so great!! I’d really like Ashleigh gone too. Then Pilar and Willow. My ideal final 4 is Sarah, Britt, Godfrey and Bruno. I think they’ve been playing a good game and 3 of them have been underdogs the whole game (Sarah, Britt, God), I think it would be great to see.

team Britnee

Willow needs to stop being a little rat and actually make an alliance wth someone! Sarah needs to go already. I rather have sindy with an S stay then someone that complains all the time!!!!


I agree the complainer should go….. and right now, that’s Brittnee


I feel Kevin is playing everyone. He’s letting Zach take the heat. He’ll play himself back into the game, he was taking heat before he changed his game play. The only two I truly don’t like is Ash and Zach. It’s a good season. Also everyone has their own strategy, I’m tired of hearing and reading of everyone saying how stupid people are though. It makes you (the accuser) sound unintelligent.

Moronita Pilar

I absolutely LOVE Sarah and I truly hope she wins the whole thing (or God, or Bru).

Feel bad for Sindy. I admire her audacity, her courage and she will be remembered as a big competitor and super-relevant a player (even if strategically awkward).

Moronita and Ash must be among the Top-5 WORST player in the history of Big Brother, all continents combined. Why did they come to the house? To be happy on the leash? Moronita is clearly a major casting error. But Ashleigh! Was she cast just to play a blonde? Unbelievable!

The Truth

I’m not really sure but I think Zach really wants Godfrey out next.

another name

I have a feeling that bobby doesn’t understand the concept of jury management.
he can’t count on Jordan’s vote, Jordan didn’t respect him.
he’s not really winning a medal from cindy, I don’t think, compared to how godfrey willow sarah and britt have been with her in the last day. she would definitely be a bitter juror if he were final two.
was Jordan shown his goodbye messages or were they shown after he left the stage for sequester?


Goodbye messages were shown after Jordan left the stage, which is weird. But I was also thinking about how Bruno has just lost a jury vote should he get to the final 2. How dumb can he get??


If he drags Pills to F2, it won’t matter, he’ll still win.


Jordan’s goodbye messages were shown after he left the stage

another name

so… the goodbye messages are completely irrelevant.
only the audience is seeing them so far.
no last shot at jury management.
another second chance player re-entry? that seems incredibly unlikely.


I still feel that Bruno and Bobby will drop the ball on getting out Zach and Kev.


Sindy, maybe if you got onto pilar’ level of talking and used like stories and pictures, you wouldn’t have gone home


She needed to find an emotional argument.


I want Zach gone sooooooooooooo bad!! Can’t even stand to look at his arrogant face anymore and I know I am not alone. Captain Canada? oh hell NO
My Captain is NOT that guy!


So zach gets all cocky and confident thinking he’s sitting great and his best friend in the house leaves because of it. Yet here we are again and he’s acting the exact same way. What the hell is wrong with this douchebag? . Im getting a very good idea of what it must be like to be around this guy in real life. I have never seen someone so jaded and with their head so in the clouds. he has ZERO awareness of whats going on around him

as far as sindy goes..i dont buy here being some great player. she got a second chance and was able to use information she got in a sequester from 4 other house guests. the first time around she was awful at the game, she ran her mouth and she’s done it again. now her information she got has run out, its not useful anymore and she’s going home .


I want Sindy to stay because she’s good in comps and will make big moves, but her social game sucks and while she’s smart enough to figure out what needs to be done, her execution is terrible. All she had to do was own the JP move and not lie and cry about it. Then solidify an alliance with the 5 who voted with her (obviously with people as stupid as Bobby it would have been hard, but doable). But after lying, conniving and throwing people under the bus she basically lost trust from everyone in the house.


I agree. her game plan is sound but her execution is just terrible. The fact that she tried to throw bobby, bruno away and form an alliance with kevin and pilar as soon as jordan was gone is proof of that. in reality she should have done as you said and tried to solidify something with the 5 that voted out jordan.
I know why people want britnee gone, because she’s bad at comps but she does want to make big moves, she isnt playing scared. she’s proven it by initiating the eviction of graig and then voting out jordan.


Very difficult to rate your comment it is 2 separate ideas in which the first half deserves a ???????? but the second half deserves a ????????


My thumbs up and down didn’t show…I gave a thumbs up for first half of the comment and a thumbs down for the second


In a way i honestly cant blame these people for wanting her out. I mean..they arent going to get a second chance at winning this game and a lot of money so i understand if they are maybe mad that someone has been given a 2nd chance. I honestly think i might feel the same way if i was in their position and want a returnee right back out. Its really not fair.

Nauseated AKA SuZQ

Note to Bobby… you are an absolute ignorant d*ck, the way you told Sindy she was not getting your vote was way over the top and uncalled for. You certainly crapped your pantz and broke a sweat when she left the room and I hope she throws you under the bus, train, airplane and then into a wood chipper then to be used as fish food because you are a slimy parasite. I would love to see you in her shoes fighting for a lifeline as the minutes tick away and see how you like it.


It is annoying to watch someone who has played their heart out and been tested time and time again, be the “joke” to people who couldn’t even do half of what she has done. I’ve always wondered about that phenomenon. Makes you think the key to success might be glomming onto a strong guy and getting dragged to the end to bask in reflected glory. OMG! WHAT AM I THINKING!


What was I thinking! I have no patience, faith or trust in what has been set in motion. I feel that if I don’t push it, sell it and drive it home it won’t happen… but when I push it, sell it and drive it home I contradict myself, come across as untrustworthy and sketchy but instead of recognizing that I channel my inner JP and blame it on how stupid everyone else is. I play too hard and underestimate everyone else to the point I try to tell them what they would do if they were smart.


It’s the assumption that everyone is stupid if they don’t think as “you” that is “your” downfall. “You”, my dear, are a control freak. But don’t worry, Zach and Kevin are also victims of the same disease! LOL.


Perhaps I should have been realistic and, instead of giving the advice I was mentally giving Bobby about taking the 10K, I should have just taken the 10K and gone home. Honestly, I had absolutely no chance of winning BBCAN3. It could have been the ultimate ‘screw you’ to the entire house and the eventual winner (take 10k of their prize)… Ika Wong and I would be BFFs