Brittnee “Be careful playing it safe this week, if I stay your boyfriend is going on the block!”

POV Holder: Godfrey Next POV April 29th (Twist ?)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: Sindy and Godfrey
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin.
Host is Sarah

(Godfrey will use the Veto to take himself off the block. Pilar is planning on putting Brittnee up as a replacement. Sindy is going to try and convince them to put Bobby up.)

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 13-00-10-478

4pm In the bedroom – Brittnee talking to Sindy about being told she is going up as the replacement. Brittnee says Canada this is what happens when you put pu$$ies in the house and they win HOH. Brittnee says she told Pilar Do you think that for one moment they wouldn’t hesitate to put you up as a pawn? When I get HOH I make big moves …not only for my game but for other peoples game! I can’t even be mad because honestly I love this game and want to play but its frustrating to play this game with people that honestly don’t even know how to play. These people are here for 100K and are willing to do anything for it… look at the end… look at the bigger picture! DO you think that your friend Ashleigh isn’t going to do whatever it takes to get to the end. She is going to be like move! Ashleigh’s game is she’s got a pretty face. This isn’t the bachelor if you’re here for that go to Russia! I came to play. Britt im here to play not take orders from QB1! (Quarterback #1 – Zach) I’m going to smile, I’m going to be fake as sh*t! Sindy says you don’t think I know already I’m the target. I know. Britt says Kevin wants to say he has no power! That’s bullsh*t! I’m excited to be on the block again .. I’m going to be like deja vu. Sindy says maybe there’s something I can say about what I heard in jury. Britt says she said she can’t put Bobby, Zach, Bruno, etc. Brittnee says be careful playing it safe this week because if I stay your boyfriend is going on the block! He might not go home but I’ll try. Godfrey joins them and Brittnee tells him she’s going up. Godfrey and Sindy discuss how to convince them to put up Bobby to flush out the secret veto. Sindy says I’ll say I know I’m going home but I want you to win. I want a couple to make it to the end. Sindy laughs.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 13-15-47-154

4:15pm Brittnee heads out to the hot tub room and tells Willow, Zach, Sarah and Bruno that I will be going up on the block again for the third time this week. Zach, Willow and Bruno tell her sorry to hear that. Brittnee says I am not too worried. I’m not overly confident because anything can happen but Sindy is that target right.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 13-16-59-442

4:25pm In the bedroom – Bruno and Godfrey talk about how co*ky Zach is being talking about what he’ll be eating on Wednesday for his birthday. Bruno tells Sindy not to give up! Never stop fighting. Godfrey might have a double veto and be able to pull both of you off.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 13-22-31-584

4:45pm Havenot room Brittnee tells Sarah about Pili telling her she’s going to be the replacement nominee. Brittnee says if I go home you better take these people down!! Sarah says you’re not going home. Brittnee says I know but you just never know! I am going to win that HOH! I’m going to sit on that block and be like deja vu!? Two of the same people sitting on the block under almost the exact same circumstances. If Pili was smart she would listen to me, not put me up and align with me.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 13-43-45-882

2pm In the bedroom – Sindy tells Ashleigh that she knows she is going home this week but I still want to help the people that I like … Like you and Zach. Sindy tells Ashleigh about going into sequester and how every single one of the first evicted said if they got back into the house they would go after Bobby. Sindy says Bobby hates that you’re with Zach and not him. He sits and stares at you. Ash says that Bobby always says winning his HOH was a curse. Sindy says my goal if I stayed is to go after Bobby. He is going to go after me and I’m going to go after him. He said he found the secret veto when I was in the diary room. How is that fair? Big Brother wouldn’t have done that if I didn’t have a chance at it. Sindy says you guys know that I’m going home but for your game and for Zach’s game you don’t want him to still have that power. Ash says it doesn’t make sense how he says he isn’t allowed to talk about it but with Allison she was told she would be evicted if she told anyone. Zach and Pilar join. Sindy starts all over again with her spiel… Sindy says Bobby is going to put you (Ash) and you (Zach) up

5:25pm – 5:40pm UP in the HOH bathroom – KEVIN has a TASK – he has to distract all the house guests long enough to get into the vault. Kevin says that might be it!!! I think that will work! Put bubbles in the bathtub and have it come out to here! Then when they all come up here I’ll slip into the vault! I love missions! I love these kind of pranks. If I mess up I better not be punished. I’ve got lots of time don’t panic! There are 11 people in the house and I need all 10 in here! ..but the vault isn’t that far away.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 14-21-19-572

5:20pm Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return Keivn is making a mess in the HOH bathroom.

5:50pm Kevin tells Big Brother change of plans ..can we do dish soap in the hot tub? He then breaks a glass & Pili find the mess. Keivn says he just wanted to make a lot of bubbles and have fun with it. Ash joins them. They start cleaning it up. Burno joins them and asks what happened?! Pili ends up cutting her hand and Kevin cuts his knee on the glass on the floor. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 14-49-23-725

6:19pm feeds blocked


There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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Finally a little bit of passion…or is that pu$$-ion? I never liked Brit and I hope she goes home over Sindy.


I have a feeling that hoh round 2 is that canada votes on who should be hoh. Because I don’t want an easy comp and they get to decide on three nominations. If canada votes please on godfrey he will make sure zach goes with kevin or ash. Ash and Pili are not strategic because they do have physical strength to beat zach in the end comps. If the girls and bruno and compare notes on who is loyal they will see that willow is just floating and could convince pilli to put up willow and she would be finally vote off. There is no reason not to put her up as pawn. If I was I would put up the physical strength and the person who has not been nominate once. In the game less nomination tends to win the game.


Well best thing for Cindy happened. B can get evicted and she starts shooting off her mouth could actually happen.. Diapers(3) plus Willow and Pili breaks the tie Cindy not completely dead yet. She needs the Diapers to change targets. Best for Cin’s game as It would be harder to get Sarah out as renom. Bobby is not going up better watch snake Cindy with an ssssssssss!


you know, i agree 1000% with brit.


Wow… Sindy is working it again. I think she’s doing a really good job.

The Truth

It’s kind of sad how they keep talking about the possibility of there being a second double veto. As much as they all throw each other under the bus I do feel that Bruno, Godfrey, Britt, Sarah and Sindy know that they need each other in order to get rid of the Diapers alliance. But I am not holding my breath. The best that I could hope for is that next week one them win and two people will be going home from the Diapers.

I would really hate to see that alliance make it to the end. The only person that has put in the work is Zach and I don’t like him. Kevin, “Meh”. But Pilar and Ashleigh are the worst. I want someone in the finale that has fire in their belly and their game is so lazy and uninspiring. Instead of the Diapers Alliance they should be called The Muppets.


I agree, they should be called the muppets. Ashleigh and Pilar are so pathetic to think they have a chance going against Zach and Kevin at the end. If Zach takes Ashleigh to final 2, she’s not going to win. Same with Kevin and Pilar. Have these girls never seen past BB seasons? They are so clueless to constantly assume they have the numbers even after what happened to JP, proves how clueless they are

If they are still contemplating whether bobby has the veto (um no), THEY SHOULD JUST FLUSH IT OUT. god their lack of knowledge about this game is pathetic


There is a secret power of veto in the vault in one of the locks. I think next hoh is that we pick who will it be and the person should be godfrey so he can take down zach and ash or even willow for good. IF zach is gone I think sarah bruno even godfrey has a chance to win the game. Hopefully who ever comes back is not jordan or zach please i hate their game. Jordan play the game way too fast and made too many deals like brian from bb10. Dan made a deal with memphis in week 3 and same goes for derrick with cody. He made an alliance in week 1 which could have cost him the game. And also he did not need to make deal with brittinee and sarah when they won hoh because they will not put them up. Zach was dumb going both sides. IF jordan was smart in the beginning only him with britt and sarah and zach only with the chop shop and that way nobody compares on them. What idiots. Plus not using the veto to save themselves boogie would allow will or frank on the block on a eviction night especially derrick and cody and dan and memphis. what idiots.


BBCAN needs to completely overhaul the entire production and casting teams. The live feed garbage is completely unwatchable. Simon and Dawg, you have done such an amazing blog for years and they are put through this crazy $#!%. 5 weeks of bleah. One week to give us all hope only to prove our hope was misplaced. Sending extra support for stimulants and therapy. Hopefully you guys are not permanently effected by the insane patience of waiting for the feeds only to endure mind numbing idiocy when they feeds are up, then down, then up, then down… Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


sent a paypal donation for each of you S & D


Thanks Sindy much appreciated! 🙂


Simon & Dawg, you are most welcome. Thank YOU for all that you do. You guys ROCK!


Pilar is such a waste of an HOH. She’s hasn’t been doing much gameplay and just sitting pretty. She’s playing it safe by putting up Sindy because everyone wanted her out before she came back in the game, so everyone is in agreement making it unanimous. Then potentially putting Brittnee up as a pawn. Like, was Pilar awake during Brittnee’s HOH? Brittnee is right, everyone is gunning for 100 grand and Pilar is making safe moves, that is not g


Fail. I posted my comment to early.

Basically what I was saying toward the end is the Pilar is making safe moves. If she makes it to final two, she wouldn’t win over the jury members.


Pilar has a chance to win but only with ash or willow and that is it. Everyone else could beat her.


Willow, Ashleigh and Pilar would be the worst final 3.


I understand Britnee wants to make big moves but the way she is going about it, is not the way she’s going to get those moves done. Especially shit talking all the girls in the house because she thinks she’s the strongest female in the house is not cool, Big Brother is not a game to put down other people and belittle others. If that’s the way Britnee wants to play the game that is NOT Big Brother.


“Big Brother is not a game to put down other people and belittle others.”

This is so true, unfortunately not many HG follow this rule. I’m not defending Britt’s s**t talking, but it’s not like she’s the only girl in the house doing it. And she has been having to fight the entire game whereas PIlar and Ash have done absolutely nothing but please guys. Ash was literally talking about Sindy because she’s made moves (like getting out JP).


I don’t plan to watch another season of bbcan after this one i think of giving up i am sick of the twists that only help SELECTED hgs, also i am tiring of SELECTED hgs being ignored on the tv shows even if i don’t like them while 1 or 2 hgs get 10 or more drs.


I know it’s hard Mike, but try not to give up. I’m upset how much Sindy, Sarah, Britt, and Godfrey have been having to fight this whole time. I’m sick of some of the HG, being a**holes. And most of all I’m upset that clueless people like Pilar, Bobby, and Ash were cast. But last week shows that good things can happen. And if nothing else, come here and enjoy the comments with the rest of us and the great updates from Dawg and Simon!


I cant handle watcing this anymore. This situation suuuucks! Im literally crying over this becuase sarah and b got the worst! From losing hoh, to getting hit by soccer balls out of spit, to becoming have nots, and to now getting put on the block, it sucks!!!!


BB should’ve known better to keep sharp objects away from children.


Lol Kevin freaking…he prob. thinks the secret Don veto Corrleone is in that vault!


Get Britnee outttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!


Is anyone else thinking something might be up in the have-not room? The floor sensors not triggering the siren and lights… If I were in the house I would be looking under those tiles. What is the worst that could happen… BB saying…. Sindy, stop that!

The Truth

Why would Big Brother allow Kevin to make an overflow of bubbles in the HOH room when all they do is complain about how the houseguests leave the water on and flood the house?? So far all of these tasks are a flop. Bursting the obvious. Sarah being sick…it was okay even if she acted bad until I saw them giving away the hiding place for every clue. Why even bother with clues? Sindy’s pagent challenge didn’t even make the cut and now this…….Whomever is in charge of coming up with these ideas needs a to go on a break till the season is over. Last season Arlie, Adel, Allison and John did a much better job.


why do people like kevin so much? Every single time I see him and Pili I fast forward.


I love Brittnee’s gumption, but she HAS been more talk than action. When she’s been approached about making big moves when she’s NOT the HOH, she’s very tentative and wants 100% reassurances that it will work first. That just doesn’t match her, “I’m here to make big moves, not just to be pretty” speech. Still, I hope she does it. I want Ashleigh, Bobby and Zach gone pronto.


In all seriousness, I’m so grateful for OBB, Simon and Dawg. Also for the regulars who comment here. It’s been the most enjoyable part of this whole season for me. It even beats the Live Feeds. When I vote in the polls, I only vote for two people – Dawg and the Hot Tub Maintenance Guy!

Simon and Dawg – would either of you ever want to go into the BB house?


Thanks Fred!

I would never play this game.

Moronita Pilar

Getting evicted by Moronita without hitting her in her dumb face — how humiliating is that!?


You sound like one of her sarcastic and cruel brothers. And, I am willing to bet that you are just that, since insulting Pili is all you seem to contribute to this forum.


This is the first season that I’ve invested any time into Big Brother and I love how seemingly bad players are still in the game (Pili / Bobby). The only certainty I see is that if your still in the house, you’ve played well enough to be where you are. And if you’ve been kicked out, despite how smart you or other people think you are (ie Jordan), your game sucked. Im rooting for everyone of the houseguests left and am pumped to see how it will all unfold.