Big Brother Canada 3 POV Results “I’m literally going to punch you in the face”

POV Holder: Godfrey Next POV April 24
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: Sindy and Godfrey
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin.
Host is Sarah


11:32pm Feeds come back.. Looks like they had a KFC dinner that is why the feeds were off.

Willow gets to wear a costume

11:30pm Brittnee – You’re ass Stinks bro

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-24 20-41-21-765

11:30pm Sarah and Sindy
Sarah is coaching Sindy what she should say to Pilar “Lay it all on the line”
Sarah says “they” don’t like Bobby.. Ashleigh hates Bobby” they want to get Bobby put up.
Sindy talks about the POV and how Bobby Acted sounds like he was a douche.
Sindy – “I’m literally going to punch you in the face”
Sarah – When God uses it they’ll put up Bobby instead of me

Godfrey wins POV

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-24 20-52-35-183

Willow wears the ketchup for 24 hours

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-24 20-56-59-776

11:55pm Zach and Bruno

Talking about getting rid of Sarah this week.
Bruno – She’s f****g poison
Zach agrees
Zach says he wants to pull God, Bruno and Bobby in and form an agreement to get out Brittnee and Sarah.
Bruno – Buddy I’m telling you man the girls are coming for us
Zach – I agree

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-24 21-04-41-130

12:03am Have nots Sarah and B
Sarah wants Bobby to go up she thinks Zach and Ashleigh hates Bobby. Sarah wants them to flush the veto out get Bobby put up.
Sarah says they need people they need the numbers plus Sindy is good at comps. Sarah explains she told Sindy to be honest to Zach and tell him the reason why Bobby goes up. Sarah is certain they all hate Bobby.


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I am so happy Godfrey won and NOT Cindy with a C. No one deserves two chances in the house especially being in sequester with others and all the secrets about the house.


I like Bruno and I don’t take it seriously when people say he hates women…but why does he call Sarah “poison” every single time she’s mentioned in conversation!! Every. Single. Time.


She throws everyone under the bus left right and center to save her butt. She’s also good with her words and that is poison in the BB house.


Well then they’re all poison (of course minus Pilar, because as a lot of people mentioned she has the mind of teenager/5 year old)


And the other ones don’t?


Used to think the same but it’s clear that he has something against working with the girls.


He clearly has something against girls who think for themselves


She is poison because she throws up her so called alliance under the bus constantly, you just wait and see she will throw Britt under the bus next, no one wants to work with her because she will talk HOH in to putting her best ally up instead of her, she got mad because Z & JP didn’t try to talk BRuno into not putting her up but the truth is she don’t care who goes up just as long as it isn’t her. I used to like Sarah but as the days go by she really is poison. Sara and Britt don’t have a chance, they are going right behind Cindy with a C if they don’t win Hoh soon, they have 8 people against them


Bruno likes BelBivDevoe


He must love Bell Biv Devoe but that song never gets old to me either. LOL Now every time I hear Bruno say she is poison, that song is gonna play in my head.


It’s drivin’ me out of my mind!
That’s why it’s HARD for me to find
Can’t get it out of my head!
Miss her, kiss her, love her

That girl is poison

Bruno song to Sara the no butt & no titts & no nothing but a joint stuck in her mouth


WOOOO my man Godfrey. I love it. I love any underdog story and his is awesome so far. Even if he yo’s and bro’s way too much i’m still rooting for him


I hate all underdogs, pick winners not losers


I am also for God too, he is obviously the poorest one in there, I mean come on he told houseguests to save him fat off their meat for them to eat. He was raised up poor and taught not to waste food because they are others starving. He could obviously use the money in a wiser way than the others. Zach would get wasted go on vacations gamble it all away. Ash would give it to Zach. Kevin would gamble all away on poker, Pilly would give Kevin all of money. Bruno would raise awareness against women. Sarah would smoke all of it up, B would spend it traveling modeling. Bob would be too stupid to know what to do with a dime because Sindy and him either one should of took that 10 thousand dollars from the winner because they are leaving the game soon, they will never make it to final 2. Willow I don’t know what she would do with it because we haven’t even seen her whole game she might come out guns blazing but it will be way too late because she is floater don’t want to pick sides so that leave s God, he really really needs this money to buy food, housing and other important essentials that so many of us take for granted each day. I have said this and said this but after I have watched God on feeds, I don’t complain about near as much, cause for 1 I don’t want to sound all whiney and like the world owes me a living like sara and 2 God is really really dirt poor.


Big brother is not about handing 100K to the poorest person.


He is using it to pay off student loans like most his age need to do and fly his grandmother over from england. Hardly starving


The most racist comment I have ever read. Racism in its truest form masking as compassion.




Kiren…I think he calls her Poison because she doesn’t have a loyal bone in that poor little body of hers. She talks about everyone. She has turned on everyone in the house at one point or another, even threw “B” her best friend (supposedly) under the bus. I keep trying to like her, but as soon as I do, she does something again. She whines and bitches about absolutely everything. I don’t know who cries more, her or “B”.


She is like a 2 year old having tantrums every time something doesn’t go her way, which is almost always, except the getting JP out. If you ask me she needs to go to jury maybe they will let her smoke a blunt, she is most definitely having withdrawals every single day, whining and crying over something hurting, she obviously is all skin and bones, Zach probably brushed her shoulder now her back is broke lol


Yes pilar is clueless nevertheless her and cutie pie ke in are cute together. Bye bye windy Sarah Ashleigh willow brittnee. I like Bruno he is playing a great game


Too bad Pili has a brain of a 4 year old, if she was smart she would put up Bruno as a replacement nominee. Even Zach should figure that out.


Same goes for Kevin. If he were smart he would tell Pilar to put up either Bobby or Bruno and force Zach to pick a side. I really do not get why they still allow that guy to ride the middle. What the hell is the appeal?! Him and Ashley together have the charisma of stale oatmeal. If it comes down to 7 or 6 with the diapers+chop shop it will be Bobby/Bruno vs Kevin and Zach will be sitting pretty.


Must be the fin nose. Ashleigh is super fake pretending to be a nice virgin when in reality she’s man hungry and hates other girls who look better or smarter than her. She likes Pili because she looks so smart compared to the 4 year old brain .


A prime example of Sarah’s scheming about people she supposedly wants to work with is her tonight after the Veto was won by Godfrey, she promptly goes to Sindy and tells her to go and throw Bobby and Bruno under the bus, and try and get one on the block. Who wants to work with that? Now you know why no one wants to work with her, and calls her “poison”. If she would pick a side instead of flipping around she would have made herself an asset. As it stands right now she is a liability to anyone who associates with her. Its become blatantly obvious that she is a liar and spreads venom throughout the house.

another name

look at what Bruno is doing. exact same thing. look at what bobby is doing. exact same thing. or kevin, Zach, hell name one.
and yet everyone keeps describing bruno as loyal over and over. Bruno is described as a great player over and over. for doing the exact same things. he’s lying every time he speaks. no one says anything. don’t get that.
Bruno threw god under the bus this week. oh yeah, nominate godfrey. Bruno is playing godfrey consistently. has never told him the truth. lied to him repeatedly on the couches while they chatted for hours. only keeping him because he’s male and a bro-yo.
I just think it’s a raw deal to condemn one person, and never holding the others that do the exact same thing to the same standard.


Agree completely!

About an hour or so ago Bruno mentioned to Zach something about Sarah being a feminist and that making her poison or something. I couldn’t make everything out, but I’m pretty sure that was the gist of it.

So to me it seems like he’s scared of strong women and interpretes feminism as anti-male or something when in reality it’s about equality. And that really grinds my gears. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but just because of that I cannot root for him. To me the only one worth rooting for are Sindy and Sarah. Sindy will most likely be gone this week and Sarah won’t be far behind. All the others are “unrootable”


“I just think it’s a raw deal to condemn one person, and never holding the others that do the exact same thing to the same standard.”
AMEN!! Too bad you’re not looking at yourself in a mirror when you say this. (cough cough Zach)
This is so ironic, it’s hilarious.

another name

actually frenchie, I’ve said that Zach’s strategy has been very good. said I liked his start of game strategy.
said I hated how production promotes him
said I hated his personality.
I’ve been VERY consistent about that.

another name

i’m not holding sarah to a higher standard than the others when I say Bruno and bobby and Zach are playing the same style of game. i’m questioning why the comments about her for playing that way are not made against the others.
thanks for your response.


You’ve been very consistent at being highly offended when Zach was lying to someone and making deals with several people. Then you were highly consistent at praising Sarah and Brittney for lying to someone and making deals with several people. You just worded those things very differently, like “they had no other choice but…” where Zach was “showing his true colors by doing that”…
Yes, you’re very consistent.

another name

are we having a feud that I don’t know about or something? you seem much, much more interested in commenting about my character than the actual game we’re commenting on. oh wait, are you the one that insinuated I was a racist three or four weeks ago, and then commented that I misunderstood when I asked for an apology?
right. cool. how’ve you been?


You said everybody in the house should target Zach since “he’s obviously in the bro’s alliance, JUST LOOK AT HIM”.
I replied that you shouldn’t be so shallow and just base your decisions on clichés. As an example, I said “so you’d agree with Graig’s comments, that God and Brit would do poorly in a comp that involves water because they’re black?”
You understood very well that this had nothing to do with the level of your racism, but pointing out your stupidity. I explained this, but now you show that you chose to disregard the facts. As you seem to do on a regular basis.
You don’t answer my game related questions as to why you choose to call Zach a bully for talking to Sarah in what she called “he wasn’t shouting, I was”, but you’re cool with God and Graig ganging up on Sindy accusing her of destroying the camera. Then, you didn’t use words like “bully”.
Everytime I ask for an explanation to your biased opinions, I’m actually hoping there’s some sort of rational explanation. Everytime you’re unable to answer those questions with facts, and choose to give a smug answer instead, and in this case deviate by bringing up racism, you just kill that hope.
I have to come to terms with what kind of internet person you choose to be, and I’ll be ok from now on, I promise.
Good luck to you.

another name

btw, if you’re going to use quotation marks, be able to cite where you got them and the context. otherwise it appears that you are trying to prove your point through subterfuge. and truly, you can’t possibly be so interested in my opinions that you keep track of every comment I’ve made so that you can pull out quotes…. unless you are attempting to directly attack my character instead of commenting on the actual gameshow we are talking about.


He uses God as a meat shield, and like all the others in the Chop Shop he wants some one else to take the shot at a fellow Chop Shop member (Zach).

Sarah what?

Wasn’t Sarah throwing Sindy under the bus earlier? And now that God has won she wants Sindy to do the dirty work so she doesn’t go up on the block? I know Sindy is desperate and will do anything, but even if she stays, who can she trust? Who can she work with?


Zach is dumb Godfrey and bruno won’t do nom the girls are not comp beasts so the only person get to bruno or Godfrey to final is zach and kevin


Sindy needs to talk with zack and his posse (other than bruno or bobby) and convince them to nominate bruno or bobby. Explain to them that bruno is working with Godfrey which is why he voted out jp. Let them know that if Godfrey wins HOH, bruno will be voting however Godfrey asks him to. Bruno is to Godfrey as Jordan was to zach! Basically go tit for tat! They would have a better chance beating SSB in HOH knowing who their target is than to have Bruno/Bobby win and be completely blindsided!


No, Sarah has had to survive all through this game. I so want b/s to win. I’d like to see bobby/zack/Kevin on double eviction block. I bet zack takes the first hit against the strong guys. How can Bruno trust him when g is on the block? Come on, I hope he is just playing along. I want bobby out the most … Another celby , he should have took the money.


Yeah, Sarah, it totally makes sense for them to take out one of their allies atm instead of their targets *facepalm

no guts no glory!

Soon the house will be all guys. (exc Pili & Ashley.but they are not playing the game)


Do you realize that you outnumber the guys?


Maybe Sarah needs to leave to light a fire under Sindy and Britnee’s asses so that they win the HOH Comp for the Triple Nomination thing, and get Kevin, Zach, or Bobby out. If it worked when Naeha left, it will work when Sarah leaves! 😀


Too bad 3 of the girls don’t have brains and would rather serve food to the guys


Has anyone noticed that before POV Sarah was ‘injured’, yet shows no signs of that now?

another name

supposedly they gave her medication in d/r.

another name

Bruno calls Sarah poison because she is playing the exact same game style (social) as him. in order to draw attention away from himself he tosses out ‘sarah’s poison.’ he’s afraid of her.
subliminal manipulation. if you say it often enough, people will start to believe it. Zach has even said it twice without Bruno around. it’s working.
Bruno’s saying it now to make sure neither bobby nor him go on the block. well that and he REALLY has problems with women. when he said we have to get rid of the women because it’s not fair that we do all the work and they just coast behind us, he proved that.
as far as the sarah threw b under the bus comments: that was strategy. they said weeks ago that they had to make it seem like they weren’t working together. sarah was supposed to get closer to jp. b was supposed to get closer to bruno. she made B comments to through people off of the fembots. people were actually beginning to think they weren’t allied.
ERROR: sarah should have told cindy to go to kevin and pilar , then to Zach and Ashleigh. not Zach pilar and Ashleigh.


Sara needs to go already, BSS knew when they got rid of JP they were fu!@ed. She knew B & B was after them, she did them a favor by voting to get rid of Jordan, The truth is if Jordan had stayed he would of worked with Sara and Sindey, so their dumb a$$es voted them off to try to say oh I made a big move, in final 2 we can say we got rid of Jordan but they wasn’t thinking that they are going right behind him. THis is only my predictions but I see it this way, Sindey goes this week, B and SArah at the double when 2 go out. Then it is an all out blood war with Bruno getting Bob or God to take out Zach, then Ash getting god while Bruno and Bobby skate to final 2 unless Kev grows some balls take out Bruno then he has won. Kevin is the only one who will go after Bruno, if he don’t then no one else is going to because like JP said over and over no one is goin g to even nominate Bruno much less vote him out because he is a family man with kids and he has made relationships in the house to where Z, Ash, Pills, Will, Bob, or God isn’t going after him but Kevin will I hope, I see Kevin sitting in finals with either God, Ash or Willow and we know who is going to win KEvin my man. But don’t take this seriously, Bruno and Sara lovers, this is only my opinion. I hope he sits in finals with God only because God is really poor and could use the money more than anyone in this house. You know someone is poor when they tell others to save the fat off their meat for him to eat because he don’t want to see it go to waste, plus eating chicken feet, it is really sad how this man has had to live, I will never complain about stupid $hit again, hearing about his life. He didn’t even have any shirts until booby gave him some, so I really hope he at least wins something. All the others can go back home living with mom but God could probably make the money last for a very long time.

another name

oh, I think maybe the fact that I have said I have inexplicably become a sarah fan means I think she’s going to win. I don’t. I’ve been saying for the better part of a week that at least two, possibly three women will leave in the next three weeks in order for production to carry out their Zach vs. Bruno final 8 plan. not my favorite scenario, but the one I most think production is plotlining for.
it would make things much more highschool hero vs. underdog for godfrey sarah and britt to be around for a few weeks more. and for the havenot veto to be revealed to them. but I don’t think that’s how it will play. I still think the havenot veto is meant to save Zach’s behind. it won’t be revealed until he is imperiled, production has spent too much time promoting him. even the sideshow fall from grace on the player-meter is meant to promote the fall and rise to hopefully get the episode only viewers to root for him. listen to the peter gary predictions every week. production informs episode only viewers how things will fly.


I think Sarah & Brittnee should win some HOHs and make some big moves in the house or neither of them will make it very far in the game. Bruno, Zach, Bobby and Kevin will crush their dreams if Sarah&Brittnee don’t do it first to them.

another name

oops. the production conspiracy theorist thoughts in the back of my head leaked out. sorry about that.

I dont get the downvotes for this persons posts

Youre totally spot on about everything.
I wasnt aware about Godfrey’s family situation.
I am a Godfrey fan, but that personal stuff about him makes me root for him that much more.


Why are men afraid of smart women like Naeha, but totally cool working with smart men like JP?


Zach actually wanted to work with Naeha .


” Kevin – Godfrey is safe
Pilar – How do you know
Kevin – He won the veto ”

That’s a rad one.


I watched that one she really has a brain of a 4 year old. What a waste of space.

Canada's Fault

This HOH is purely Canada’s punishment for keeping Pili week 1


I do feel sorry for Sindy, but I’m glad for Godfrey. I hope for Pili to put up a bigger target on the block and Sindy to remain in the house , but it’s very unlikely.By the way, i think Pili is going to make it very deep in the game.What a shame…


I hoping the next hoh comp will be good and extremly hard since you have the opportunity to nominate 3 people or Canada votes for who to be hoh. Honestly the only good comps so far was the pov comp and the have not. I feeling one jury will be back because arisa did not show jordan videos of goodbye but I hope is that we vote I don’t want to see jordan back. And there could be a secret veto in the vault it like saving money for a rainy day so far I do not want to see diapers alliance in the game and willow she has not done anything game wise even if she has not been nominated. There is still a lot of game. It going to be hard for sarah and bruno if zach is still in the game he is stronger than both of them in comp. and if kevin wants to win he needs cut him before final 6 or he could win


This is not intended to be mean, but does Pilar have some sort of mental disability? Like maybe a mild form of autism because ash is so clueless right now, but Pilar is ash x 100. Idk just my random thoughts lol


seems like she is mentally handicapped. When Sindy talks to her she gets a head ache and can’t follow through. When she is asked a question it takes her literally a minute to answer and always use fillers “like” You know what I mean?” “right”? etc.


Best Twistos Twist! Pillar not allowed to talk for the rest of the season………..


Dawg and Simon both passed out from all of the excitement of today’s events or are there hidden updates somewhere?


Can’t Sindy ask sarah britt, god, bruno and bobby to keep her? i mean god owes to her for saving him shouldn’t they do the same to take out the other side of the house? it only makes sense lol


It would make sense, but Bruno (and all guys expect Godfrey) is afraid of women and Bobby is targeting Sindy.


bruno is suchh a looser