Pili- “it would be easy to put Sindy up because she’s already a target.. we want sindy gone”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 24
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

(There’s a lot going on tonight.. Text will be missing things but the videos are complete 😉 )
Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-22 20-22-04-003
11:21pm Brittnee and Godfrey
Talking about how relieved they are about the week
Brittnee says that Bobby said that deal they made was a one week deal. Godfrey says not to him it was, Godfrey thinks Bobby has something against Sindy.
Godfrey says now the play is simple they are going to put him up.
Godfrey points out that Zach has one guaranteed vote in the jury house now.
Bruno joins them and impersonates Zach and Jordan’s face. They start to retell the eviction. (Video worth a watch)

Bruno leaves.. Godfrey and Brittnee do some more game chatting..
Brittnee – I feel like it’s Zach’s HOH again
Godfrey – He’s got a second HOH
Brittnee thinks Kevin has some pull with Pillar she hopes he has an idea of who the real threats are in the house, “We’re beyond not getting blood on our hands”
Godfrey mentions that in pillar’s HOH letter it said “Dont get your emotions involved”
Godfrey says he’s with them and Sindy.
They question what Bobby was thinking getting Sindy out in the HOH contest.

11:25pm Willow and Sarah
Sarah thanks her for not being mad at her.
Willow – Obviously you didn’t trust me enough to tell me this

Willow says they are f****g pissed right now at Sindy
Sarah says she knew Jordan was trying to manipulate her and she knew she was right after she voted to evict Jordan and Canada cheered
Willow says getting rid of Jordan was a smart move she’s down with Bru and Sarah.
Willow points out that she’s not close with Zach.
Willow – I can’t be be floater no more.
Kevin joins them.
Willow asks her if Sindy talked to him.
Kevin says she did and she told her Willow voted to evict Jordan
Willow – I want to wring her neck.. what is her reasoning for getting rid of JP
Sarah – she talked to god and he made some good points that he’ll always be the target.
Bobby joins them.
Willow about Sindy – She’s literally throwing everyone’s name out there
Bobby says he doesn’t think anyone should be given two lives in big Brother that is why he picked her out in the HOH competition.
Kevin says it was a great move getting out Jordan.
Bruno joins them. Willow goes on about Sindy lying about her vote for Jordan. Bobby says it was her master plan and she cried after JP left.
They talk about how Jordan would talk game with a lot of people and they would always walk in on him .. he was a master at switching conversations.
They tell Willow and Kevin they didn’t evict Jordan to be nasty it was strictly game move he was a strong player. Jordan’s cockiness comes up as something that hurt his game.
Zach joins them. doesn’t talk much
(Bobby/Sarah are throwing Sindy’s name under the bus big time.. looks like the SSB alliance is over.. LOL)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-22 20-52-31-777

11:56pm HOH Bruno and Zach
Zach – I gotta regroup
Bruno says they will be closer now
Zach – I don’t have a choice man
Zach claims he was never targeting Bruno

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-22 20-58-43-25211:57pm Brittnee and Sarah
They agree Sindy is toast, “She’s f***g her herself over hard”.
Brittnee – I don’t know why she thinks it’s a good idea to lie about it
Sarah – I told her no one is going to believe her
Sarah says they are protecting themselves not Sindy, “Theres nothing we can do at this points” They agree Sindy is going to get put up for sure and if Veto is played one of them are going up.
Sarah says if it’s one of them against God they are going to send God home.
Sarah and Brittnee don’t trust Bobby but they like Godfrey and agree Bruno is smart
They agree to chill out this week, Sarah says it’s clear everyone knows they are together now.
Brittnee says she told Zach in the bathroom ‘It took 5 votes not just 2 to get JP gone”
Sarah – you drew the lines f*** off
Sarah and Brittnee claiming it was not their Idea to get Jordan out and Sarah says she had no idea who the 5th vote was.
Brittnee – I’m not putting my neck out on the line for her.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-22 21-11-34-061

12:10am HOh Pilar and Zach
Zach says there’s four people that will come after them right now, Sindy, B and Sarah, “Just based on them flipping.. they were the ones that really worked the flip”
Pilar – it would be easy to put Sindy up because she already a target
Zach – yup
Pilar says she’s going to put Sindy and a pawn “we want sindy gone”
Zach says whoever else they put up is the pawn.
Pilar doesn’t know who the pawn should be..
Pilar – Godfrey
Zach – me or Sarah or anyone out of those three


There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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OMG WHERE THE FU*K IS KEVIN? WHERE ARE ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE THAT KNOWS ABOUT THE CHOP SHOP? Sindy will blow up The Chop Shop big time if she’s targeted. This is exactly what I fear of moving forward. Chop Shop regrouping!


Now that JP is gone we need to start taking out Chop Shop, they talk about JP being cocky, they have been cocky the whole season, so Canada when we get to vote for 2 nominees to go up please vote for 2 chop shop to go up, it will be so boring if they go all the way, please lets break them up so Sara & Kev has a chance to get to the end


These people make and break alliances weekly. I don’t know one true alliance besides the showmances


Kevin will stay out of the drama and play Jordan/Zach’s game.


Wait did Zach really just suggest to Pilar that she should put God, Sarah or HIM up as a pawn against Sindy? But even suggesting himself?!
Because that worked out SO well for Jordan.


Maybe he is ready to self evict after looking like a complete fool on national TV…


Maybe Zach said to put him up as a pawn cuz he wants to leave now. I see Ashleigh is hanging out with Bobby now that Zach lost his power.


Maybe Ash is smart enough to see that Zach’s power is waning

another name

I think he said B.
funny. he didn’t name any of the chop shop boys. because he hopes he can get them back on his side.


Yes, he’s just said that. Probably Zach has caught the disease from Jordan LoL. Hopefully he goes next week because he is as “smart” as JP. The house cannot wait to see Zach put up on the block; Zack, sitting beside anyone, will get voted out 1000% and we will have another wonderful night in exactly one week for now 🙂


Well, maybe Sindy can win veto?


Wow, I actually liked Sarah before this… I thought her and Brit would be loyal to SSB. Anyways, Bobby needs to go. He’s like a headless chicken running around with absolutely no sense or logic.


The strategy talk with Pilar and Kevin is so freaking painful to the ear. What the hell. I’ve heard “you’re so smart” 100x for the past ten minutes. Ugh.


Please twisto twist give Canada the power to remove Pillar’s HOH…The live feeder are begging you…. no offense no more live feed for me, I will that pain task to Simon and Dawg.


Now that JP is gone we need to start taking out Chop Shop, they talk about JP being cocky, they have been cocky the whole season, so Canada when we get to vote for 2 nominees to go up please vote for 2 chop shop to go up, it will be so boring if they go all the way, please lets break them up so Sara & Kev has a chance to get to the end


Zach is as dumb as a doorknob. Were the votes not clear enough, that bruno and bobby want him gone! And Kevin who knows about Chop and knows that bruno and bobby wanted his head. But they still want public enemy number 1 Sindy gone!! Bruno is about to walk to the end. Global just sign the check right now. Theres a bunch of idiots in this house.


To me Sarah too has a huge chance to win it all and, even though i don’t swoon over her personality, I have to admit she’s very intelligent (game wise for now).


What you’re forgetting is Sarah, B and Cindy also want Zach gone. So you are gonna call him a dumbass for picking the best out of a bad lot to work with? I don’t think you understand the game to be honest. By your logic you would just spit the dummy and not try to work with anyone the second something bad happens.

Also don’t forget Godfrey was always publicly close to Bruno & Bobby, and so it’s much more ‘forgivable’ that they voted to keep him (from Zach’s point of view).

In summary if you are going to call people dumbasses then I think you need to make sure you’re not talking about a complex topic that has no correct answers.


There are a bunch of feeder idiots called Sarah fans! How you moving Bruno out the door idiots. Best player better positioned will be further better positioned next HOH.


Zach is the dumbest guy in Ontario right now. “Best case Ontario”. Dummy!


How did Bobby outsmart Zach? What a dummy. Zach’s dumb look on his face his pissing me off.


Sindy should just confess she was the vote, now noone can trust her… if she would have admitted it, she has 4 people to work with..


4 house guests eliminated (Given Sindy’s return) and the 5th of 16 becomes a member of the jury??? Wtf BB is planning a Survivor Style final 3 (where 9 jury members vote for one of 3 possible winners).
Not happy JP was gifted a spot on the jury.


Are we sure about thaf???…why couldnt be 10 jurors and a canada vote???…anyways, i agree that jordan shouldn’t be given a vote in the jury…if they wanted a larger jury, it should’ve now..the person that goes this week…


I sure hope Pili tells Kevin Zach suggested she put him on the block with Sindy. He volunteered! Wake up Kevin!!! You and Pili get together with Sarah, B and Godfrey and take out Zach, Booby & Bruno!


It s the first time since the beginning of the game when someone else than kevin is at the top of the poll and that s sindy. We owe it to her that this blindside happened. I pray that somehow she can be saved this week. Idiot Bobby needs to go!! His stupidity is too dangerous!


If Sindy had admitted honestly she voted JP out , the entire house would have gotten over it . She could say that JP played her all the time, he didn’t give a damn on her in reality and she did what she had to do. This way everyone would have understood her decision.


I pity Simon and Dawg this week. They’ll be listening for an hour of “hihihi”, “you’re so smart” and only 5 mins of game talk from Kevin and Pili.


Everyone in the house maybe with the exception of Britnee and Pilar knows about the Chop Shop, so Sindy blowing it up is really nothing. JP already told Sarah and Kevin about it earlier in the week. I do feel though that Bruno better hope they get rid of Bobby instead of Godfrey. Bobby is like a dog with a bone about the Chop Shop. Give it up asshole, there is no Chop Shop and hasn’t been for weeks. He can’t keep his yap shut when talking to Ashleigh and Zach. He treats them like Movie Stars.


Apparently there’s a theory that Canada will vote to nullify one juror’s vote for the final.

Side Show

Can’t wait when Zach gets evicted, and Peter goes: “You know what, I agree with you – I didn’t make a big move. But, I ain’t that dumb to send my biggest ally to jury.”


So disappointed in how the program was edited tonight. Really, if you read the spoilers there were so many awesome conversations this week and they show K/P kissing???? WTH. Hopefully, Canada will be able to take some out of jury … ha ha ha , that would be a good one. Sindy screwed up big time. Bobby is an idiot, God would throw his cat under the bus ….. some pretty dumb people this week. Bruno, Brit, and Sarah are going to need some help. I wanted so bad for the camera to be on Z & A when JP was evicted. Come BBC …. who is doing the editing. This is what everyone tuned into with anticipation all week!! And where is Marsha the Moose????


I expect a lot of downvotes on this comment, but I feel I should share this nonetheless. I kinda liked JP at the beginning of this game. He seemed to be one of us, one that is fan of this game that follows all of BB pretty closely. Wasn’t fan of how him and Zach acted last couple of weeks, but I still wasn’t totally against him.

Saying all this, as a BB fan, I loved the shock of being evicted. The smug speech right before was icing on the cake. This is why I love BB, for moments like these that have sadly been very few and far between this last couple of years on both US and Canada, IMO.

Future BB fans: NEVER be a pawn, NEVER throw a veto competition. If you are HOH: never put your closest ally on block, never leave him on block after veto, and NEVER change your plans due to any twist BB throws. Zach went from middle of pack, to HOH, to losing his closest ally, to being extremely lucky Pilar won: PILAR! otherwise he had to have won veto this week or was out.

Zach’s hoh wasn’t the normal hoh-itis that has plagued a lot of BB contestants over the years. I’m not into hyperbole, but this had to have been easily top 5 worst HOH of all time for someone in any season.


Now that JP is gone we need to start taking out Chop Shop, they talk about JP being cocky, they have been cocky the whole season, so Canada when we get to vote for 2 nominees to go up please vote for 2 chop shop to go up, it will be so boring if they go all the way, please lets break them up so Sara & Kev has a chance to get to the end


I think zach and kevin lost their mind when jp evicted and now are lost. They only think about revenge on the people who got jp which are sindy sarah and britt. He does not want to against the guys


Also, with JP being in jury now, are we all expecting an 11 man jury; with canada having one vote?


EPIC eviction and an even more epic audience reaction! It completely deflated Zach, deservedly so. Did anyone else notice that BB edited the eviction show to make it look like the plan to evict Jordan was all Godfrey’s idea and efforts, when it was actually Sindy’s?

another name

Glad the plan came together and lines were drawn. now if only they’d use permanent marker.
I do and don’t understand why cindy wanted to act like she didn’t vote out Jordan. he voted her out once, all’s fair. the target is there on your back. don’t make it bigger.
I don’t like how britt and sarah are saying well now she’s made the target bigger. i’m out.
even though I have admitted that unexpectedly I became a sarah fan, I admit i’m not a fan of that particular move from an ethical point of view. i’d disapprove of it if Zach did it, i’d disapprove of if Bruno did it. I won’t give her the pass I wouldn’t give them.
i’m not impressed with bobby saying (paraphrase) ok you helped me out but we’re not on the same side, that was a one time deal. but at least I respect it more than the Bruno move of saying (paraphrase) oh yeah, we’ve got to look out for one another, while at the same time thinking lets get kevin in and wipe out the girls, or lets smooth things over with Zach.
guess it’s a good thing I don’t judge the game morally, or i’d be left rooting for willow and pilar. one gets ten seconds of air time every five weeks. the other is pilar. nice girl, would find her to be a great person around if I needed a laugh or to hear a laugh for 6 hours straight, but not a strategic thinker.
it is so completely in character for this season. so much subterfuge that even after someone pulls the trigger, everyone still thinks let’s crawl back into the shadows. everybody is revealed. there are no more shadows.


As much as I dislike Zach and Ashleigh and their “untouchable” attitudes, I still can’t stand Sarah and want her gone next. She’s gross and I don’t respect anything about her.

Ariana Grande stinks!

That’s a nasty title! LOL

“You know what I mean?” is missing though 😉


Oh, and how much more FUN and FANTASTIC is eviction night when the person being evicted has NO CLUE they’re going home! And unanimous votes suck unless it’s for a downright horrible person.

Canada is TOO nice when it comes to feeling like they need to let the person know they’re going home.


I’m not so sure Sarah and B have turned on Sindy. They just realized it was a stupid move to lie. There were way too many votes to be able to successfully lie. 5-4? Come on.

If Kevin is any kind of streatgic player he would have Pilar BD a Chop Shop member. Kevin has to realize that without JP, Zach may drift more to the old CS.

Bobby leaving this week would be ideal. What a complete fool.


Now that JP is gone we need to start taking out Chop Shop, they talk about JP being cocky, they have been cocky the whole season, so Canada when we get to vote for 2 nominees to go up please vote for 2 chop shop to go up, it will be so boring if they go all the way, please lets break them up so Sara & Kev has a chance to get to the end


rrrocccccc I LOVE KEVIN wants aveto cracker haha ha

Risha's Tits

Pilar is the WORST. Let’s call her Pillow, because she may as well be one. She does absolutely nothing & puts me to bed. Zzzzzzzz

Sara or Bruno are my faves.

Ashleigh, Zach, Bobby gotta go.