Big Brother Canada 3 Week 5 Summary, Eviction and HOH results


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What a week we just had, You can’t call Big Brother Canada 3 boring and predictable any more. A lot went on this week it was easily the best week so far for BBCAN3. I’ve tried to compile the complete week’s posts with all the videos enjoy :)

Summary of events


Results from the Show

Brittnee votes to evict Jordan
Sarah votes to evict Jordan
Bobby votes to evict Jordan
Ashleigh votes to evict Godfrey
Willow votes to evict Godfrey
Bruno votes to evict Jordan
Pilar votes to evict Godfrey
Kevin votes to evict Godfrey
Sindy votes to evict Jordan

Evicted houseguests will be the first member of the Jury.
Evicted houseguest is Jordan

New HOH is Pilar

The Vault task
24 hours in the vault. They have 5 minutes to press the button. If they press it they will get 10 thousand dollars cash and it come out of the winners 100K prize. If they take the cash they will leave the game that day.


There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide



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115 thoughts on “Big Brother Canada 3 Week 5 Summary, Eviction and HOH results

  1. Streams

      1. Must have either been some type of cheerleaders competition or a “who’s the most annoying wins hoh” type of competition. Or she was dragged to the end of the comp and Kevin just let her win. I honestly don’t see any other way she would win!

    1. Actually my sister noticed this a while ago, Pilar has been making it to the finals of almost every HOH this season, it was actually bound to happen that Pilar would win one.

  2. Please tell me that this broad does not win HOH. I CANNOT handle a week of her annoyancd getting extensive camera time and extensive DR sessions. I just cannot handle it.

  3. Thanks for the links and the updates :). I’m assuming the above posts are referring to a rumor that Pilar is the new HOH. I guess it could be true as I don’t know how “live” these live shows are, though I’m hoping it’s not as it’s a real buzzkill for the game.

    1. That’s good to hear, it would make for a boring week. Do you watch survivor also? The amount of blindsides this season has made it pretty enjoyable.

  4. Even if she is, Kev knows about The Chop shop so hopefully he is wise enough to use that info to run Pili’s HoH

      1. she asked two days ago what to do if she gets hoh. people laughed a bit and then discussed the strategy.
        the consensus I think was to go after cindy and a girl (b or sarah) in order to backdoor bobby.
        as told to her by Zach and Ashleigh with kevin in the bedroom.

        1. i hope the back door Bobby, what a stupid move taking out Sindy right after he heard the crowd cheer when he voted out JP

          1. this is before bobby broadcast he had a secret veto (99% sure its an adel fake veto). the idea could be to flush out bobby’s veto by attacking him directly. i’m confused by the nomination ideas that have floated. now that the “other side” has taken a direct shot, safe moves seem contradictory.

  5. i hope to god its not true. that would just mean another week of her and that moron ashleigh laughing and giggling feeling safe while zach struts around. all the progress made this week will be undone. much must the others have sucked if that useless lump actually won something

  6. lol ! lmao ! im litterally sitting here laughing my ass off at the header picture of this post omg lol ! jp doing his usual talking game 2 himself in the pantry vs godfrey passed out like a beach whale just sleeping away !!! hahaha. Thanx simon and dawg for the laughs you da best. OH AND BY THE WAY IF THAT RUMOUR OF PEEPEE WINNING HOH IS TRU I WILL NOT BE WATCHING FEEDS OR WATCHING THE SHOW TILL WEDNESDAY EVICTIN NIGHT!!! i will just come here for the occasional updates.

  7. Omg so Pilar is REALLY the new HOH? Wow the house must be a bunch of morons. Hhow doesPILLAR OF ALL PEOPLE beat all you guys at HOH?

  8. apparently its true. jordan goes out but pilar wins HOH. someone on twitter apparently had a friend who went to the live show. watch ashleigh convince her that britnee needs to go

  9. are they bringing in a double hoh this week? is it possible the bomb arissa was dropping on the house guests was this:

    2 hoh’s this week. 4 nominees and 2 go home?

  10. Am I the only one who doesn’t mind Pilar? Yea she doesn’t have a lot of substance as a game player, but at least she’s not an asshole like some past BB players have been.

    If she did win, this is basically Kevin’s HOH. And most likely the target is Bobby and Bruno. If it was Zach, that would be amazing. That guy needs a reality check from his cockiness and having alliances with everyone.

    1. i would love it if kevin turned on zach and convinced pilar to get him out but we know it wont happen. this week will just be zach wanting revenge and talking about his plans after he wins hoh next week

    2. Zack is done… other than Ash the rest are toast. And he has no one to blame but himself. He was a gutless coward with his HOH and lost his true running buddy. He has to know every vote in the 5-4 split. Diapers done, chop shop done, Kev can’t trust this spineless douche any more either. By far the worst HOH in the short time BB Canada has aired.

      note: I realize I was one of the few fans of Newport. Figured most of the swagger and arrogance was at the behest of production. And the strategy sessions were entertaining if nothing else. Putting up JP was just plain stupid. Not taking him off the block simply cowardly. Now the tough part who to root for.

      Rooting for no one but rather gonna root on folks getting evicted. Seems to be the norm for the site this year. Hope Pili is HOH and does the silly thing and noms B. Sarah is the snake and Sindy cancer. B has been playing pretty decent but is now exposed with that vote. It’s good after a blindside the underdogs win HOH.
      On pure strategy you should get Cindy, Bruno or Bobby out. Cindy because she’s a chit disturber. More on her in a moment. Bruno and Bobby both F2 threats. Bruno should suffer in the jury house a long time. That’s my wish this week. Gotta be up against Cindy or preferably Sarah. Sarah would get the votes to stay.

      Lastly about BB ethics. I remember BB can 1 a far bit of rule infractions and out right cheating.. A few weeks back God was finding letters for Bruno in an individual competition how was that fair? No one seemed to say anything. Now we have Cindy entering the house with info she gained in sequester. As far back as I can remember I always thought in BB USA folks with a chance of reentering the house weren’t permitted to share knowledge and no good bye messages, ect. Don’t think production has a lot of ethics left in the Canada show. Considering that AG runs the US version that’s a pretty low standard for BB Canada IMHO.

      Just an opinion but in all my years watching BB and my time here I’ve never seen a player less worthy of such high support as Sarah. I think the difference between polls on HG’s here and other sites versus comment/reaction here leads me to believe there is a lot of trolling for Sarah’s benefit. Mentioning this as I suggest one keep an open mind to what may very well be going on.

  11. There is a break between the show and aftershow… I wonder if BBCan knew about how big this eviction was, they forgone the break to not let any news out… because you can’t bring phones out when in the audience, they forbid it.

    Just seems weird how there is no info coming out.

  12. Simon and Dawg, Please, please, please upload the SideShow after it airs tomorrow! Now THAT’S going to be good TV!

      1. You’re allowed to post clips, as long as it’s not the entire program. Would you consider posting just the interview with Jordan?

  13. I shock that jp at least made jury wow at least he still not a failure of not making jury. And still has a chance for all stars since he is in jury. The biggest mystery is why the jury is 10, so I am guessing the 11th jury will be Canada.

    1. No kidding!!! Common sense should have told him to take out Pilar, Ashleigh, Kevin, or Willow, but obviously he doesn’t have any!!!

  14. bobby without anyone to guide him: I choose to eliminate cindy.
    all because he wants Bruno or Godfrey to win…. or does he still think he’s in chop shop?
    yup. that whole ssb and bros really lasted.

  15. Gained respect for Bobby since he helped flip the house, but lost it again by eliminating Sindy’s chances to become HOH…. wtf was this? Is Bobby really that scared of Zach that he didn’t have the balls to stick to his guns and take out Ashleigh or Pilar? You switched teams and voted out JP bro, you can’t just flip back on Zach’s side and pretend everything will be all good again. Damn dude

    1. Bobby (or Mr. Bendy-Legs as I like to call him) is such a meat-head he’s got pate where his brains should be and a vacuum where his personality personality should be. Incapable of having a deep thought, an original thought or an insightful thought. Painful to watch this guy try to play this game. What a waste of space.

      1. LOL @ bendy-legs…I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. Plus, his too close together eyes freak me out. That dumb-dumb needs to go. He’s playing the wrong game.

  16. well if we didnt think bobby was dumb before we should now. what in the hell was he doing eliminating sindy?. take out 1 of the 4 of the other side you fool!

  17. I wonder how Zach and kevin feels that now jp is evicted will they self evict or panic on who to nominate since he was the brains.

    1. Zach looked like he’d been crying (his face was all red and downcast)
      While JP just made a mad dash out of the house in literally 3 seconds!
      Quickest exit in BB history.
      You could tell JP was in shock. It was like everything was happening in slow-mo to him! ???? lol.

    2. JP left withou saying good bye to anyone & fully admitted to Arisia that he screwed up. The cameras quickly went on Zach & he had a WTF look on his face.

  18. now the question is who will pilar put on the block. Will it be bobby, godfrey, sindy, or Bruno. And how come they did not show bobby secret pov.

    1. lets see here’s a guess for you….. 3 in the finally! Yeh sounds absolutes stupid I know but BB Can trying new stuff. Maybe some genius had the idea for 3 in the final. Which by the way I think would be an epic fail.

    2. BBCAN be doing too much. S1 had a 7 person jury, last year had 6 people, and for this year we have 10? Not even an odd number? They need to stick with a jury number for the upcoming years.

    3. I think it’s because last year’s epic reading of the votes took ten seconds. and left about ten minutes of dead air time while they watched the houseguests hug each other.
      the production conspiracy theorist in my head has a whole different reason. but it would require candies. lots and lots of candies. and a sock puppet. who wants to see that whole production. yup. dead silence.

    1. possibly canada gets a vote again OR there is a final 3 with 9 jury members similar to the survivor format of having 3 finalists.

  19. How can Bobby be so clueless?? Does he not understand that when your playing an elimination game you get rid of the other side!!! What planet is he on??

  20. Live feeds came back for a few mins.
    Sindy said something like Godfrey and Willow should go up, so we can rule out that they won HoH

  21. What planet is Bobby on?? When you play an elimination game you get rid of the other side!!! Nice way to make your alliance lose trust in you!!!

    1. Booby keeps Zach in the house so that he is no longer a target of the house. Great Job Bobby. Keep staying in the shadow.

  22. i will honestly be shocked if pilar has a legitamate win. i bet she didnt press the button. more than likely she sat there and watched while everyone 3lse was eliminated. then whoever was left with her got it wrong and she won by default.

  23. I’m really pissed that PIllar won the HOH because Ash’s head/ ego will increase exponential… I’m sorry, I for one can stand that girl. Let’s see how this week will turn out because someone might surprise us or worst bore us to death, I hope its the former.
    Did you guys see JP face the shock(Priceless)…Question Simon/Dawg, do you think while the house guest were voting they could hear the crowd’s reaction???

  24. If JP made jury this is going to be one of the biggest ones ever. 10 people plus? Canada?

    I just got home. Do the links still work to watch the live episode?

    Sarah vs Pilar for the HOH?! Now that’s scary lol.

    I still can’t wait to see the reactions. Sounds like production was aware of how big this would be.

    1. They might show the episode when it airs on the west coast.. Honestly though the episode sucked the vote was like 2 minutes with the rest being mindless filler.

  25. That is exactly what I want. I hope the whole week for Pillar wins HOH this week. Because now Pillar and Kevin will show their cards which direction they are going. They cannot hide under the radar forever. Bobby played the great game to hide under radar to eliminate Sindy. Twist is happening all the time. Please Pillar put the other side as havenot so that they will find out the secret power in the havenot room. In addition, I will see how Sara flip-flops again to the other side. Sindy will have a clear picture who she can trust this week. The veto this week will also show who is true to whom. Great!

  26. Simon and Dawg – any word on any feed leaks? I am reading on another website that someone was yelling from outside the house?

    1. Ya I have them.. it’ll be in the next post you can’t hear what they are yelling though. Theres about 9 minutes of feeds.

      The Diapers don’t know Sindy was the 5th vote, they think Pili will nominate Godfrey and Willow.
      Diapers are sad, everyone is tired.

      1. why would they nominate godfrey and willow? they really have no choice but to keep her off the block

        lets say they do put up those 2. then britnee or bobby win veto and keep things the same. then come voting time bobby, sarah, sindy, britnee and bruno vote out willow while kevin, ashleigh and zach vote out godfrey. they then are out numbered 6-4

        its only smart if they put up 2 from the other side at all times

        1. What mindless idiocy is this? Pili isn’t putting up willow your a complete fool. Best guess is 2 of these 4 God Sarah, B and Cindy. My best guess is B (ty Ash) anf Cindy. The real target will be what Kevin puts in her ear. Think Kev says play it safe get rid of Cindy with an S. Ash will push for B. Comes down to the B/B who goes. Think the guys would like B to stay. We’ll see in 48 hours

    1. She’s not gonna put up either of them.
      She doesnt want to get on Godfreys bad side and she knows Brit isn’t a threat.
      She’s gonna nominate Bobby and Bruno, you’ll see

      1. She will nominate Britnee because Ashleigh doesn’t like her and Godfrey because she doesn’t like him. (This could all be meaningless if the diapers somehow believe that 5th vote to evict Jordan was willow and not Sindy.

  27. I wonder pilar will nominate she needs to think like for 2400 minutes. Wow that jp is a member of jury what something is fishy. And does bobby have a secret veto he maybe nominate for sure. This was a great episode. I hoping the next episode would be great. Newport and fortress goodbye and the chop shop too.

  28. Had so much hope for this episode. There was so much to air and they show K/P kissing? Frick, wanted Z to squirm this week .. don’t see it happening. Wonder what Kevin will get her to do. Put up the girls and backdoor G. I think Sindy and Britnee are going up with a backdoor. Girls are going to have to pull in Willow.

  29. Not watching till tonight, but I cant wait to see their faces when he gets evicted. I bet it was priceless. Also shocked that the spoiler that Pilar won HOH was accurate, how did she win?

    I really want them to take out Zach, but probably best at this moment for Kevin and her game is to go after Bruno.

  30. To me , from what i watched tonight,it seemed that JP is content with just making it to the jury. What a sore loser! I had wished to watch some “good bye” messages from the other HGs, but it wasn’t to be.

    1. goodbye messages are usually shown on sideshow, I think. that way they can cut to the beginning of the hoh comp.

  31. Here comes some thumbs down. I was happy for less than 2600 minutes, I feel that Brit/Sarah are screwed royally. Bobby has proved that he is still an uber moron and Captain Dumbass and his morons are still in control of the game, Ugh, so much wasted potential this week. I thought BBUS 16 was boring and predictable, I was WRONG,

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