Zach – “we should rally up something for the diaps.. three in a row”

POV Holder: ? Next POV May 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-29 19-08-20-148

10:05pm HOH Kevin and Pilar
Kevin’s stuffed pig gets to stay with him in the Big Brother house for 7 days. Kevin also got RC car.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-29 19-06-30-041

10:06pm Hot Tub Bobby, Zach and Bruno
Bruno saying it worked out to be a good week. Bobby is pissed it was another crap shoot competition.
Zach says he was very close to winning.
Brittnee says he was just numbers off. Sindy was the tiebreaker and picked Kevin.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-29 19-08-42-417

10:07pm Godfrey and Willow
Godfrey tells her she’s not going to go up. Willow is so sure. She’s upset for not winning any competitions and she heard someone boo her in the audience.
Godfrey gives her a pep talk
(Someone was yelling they hated Willow and she was a piece of sh1t she also heard booing)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-29 19-20-36-903

10:19pm Hot Tub Brittnee, Bobby and Bruno
They show Brittnee the chop shop signal. Brittnee tells them about the purple cobra’s hand signal
Trying to figure out who Kevin is going to put up. They seem to think Godfrey is in trouble. Bobby is worried he’s going up with Godfrey. Brittnee and Bruno tell him he’s got their vote.
Bruno telling them they have to stay tight adds that the competition was a total crap shoot.
They bring up the one guy in the audience that was yelling things out at them. Bruno heard him saying things about a bunch of them.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-29 19-31-06-902

10:27pm HOH
They get to make a cake for Zach on his birthday all the ingredients are included.
They get 4 beers as well

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-29 19-39-52-071
10:36pm Making a cake

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-29 19-41-40-224
10:41pm Storage room
Zach – “we should rally up something for the diaps.. three in a row”
They agree to do a late night “Seash” and talk about nominations.

Sarah joins Zach in the storage room. Tells him that Bobby was sure not trying to throw that competition.

10:45pm Godfrey, Bruno and Bobby Hammock
Godfrey says Britt and Sarah are going up and he’s going to get BAckdoored, “100% I guarantee you”
Godfrey hopes one of them doesn’t go up beside him. Bruno says it’s going to be two of them three.
Godfrey – I don’t see him putting up Bruno
Bruno – 2 of us three if one of us saves our-self the other one goes up

10:52pm Bruno and Sarah
Talking about they thought you weren’t allowed to change your answer but Zach was telling Bruno they were.
Bruno tells her as long as they don’t turn on each other. Bobby and Sarah agree.
Sarah tells them the Diapers don’t know they talk they think the house is divided.

(Video coming)

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I think it will be Britnee and Willow nominated. I don’t think he’s going to nominate Sarah. But I definitely predict Bobby getting evicted at the end of it all no matter what.


Is it fair to assume that BB waited to see who won HOH before deciding if the new HOH gets to evict 2 people or just 1?
During the entire episode, I never saw Arisa specify if next week’s triple was “2 evicted (under Kevin’s HOH), then 1 (under the new HOH)” or “1 evicted, then 2”. (but I had a lot of buffering going on, so maybe I missed it?)

Watching the cockroaches squirm, kiss major butt and throw all their ‘allied’ (lol) cockroaches under the bus (even more than usual) the entire week would be really entertaining. But I’m afraid BB won’t let the diapers evict 2 cockroaches…
If it had been Sarah or Bruno winning HOH tonight, my guess is they’d have handed them the double eviction… Since it seems BB is really having a hard time coming up with a comp that a cockroach can do well at… They just said on the feeds that the final 2 in this HOH were Zach and Kevin. LOL.

Any news on the BBAD schedule for this week? I really hope BB won’t block the feeds for days… 🙁


HA! You caught that too!


I love to see the cockroaches squirm, hope he nominates bruno and sara hope they both go, i can’t stand to watch them anymore, they are so cocky and kiss a$$ sickening willow, i am glad they all know how we really feel now, diapers are dominating the comps, those on the other side don’t want to win because when they show their cards they are no going back but i hope kev sees how scared bruno and sara are of him winning so he can get a hint to throw them up feed them to the dogs lol

Guy From Canada

The leaked photo from last week sums it up. One of Kevin noms goes home. Then they do an HOH live, 3 noms go up. POV is played, 3 noms are left. 2 people are voted to be evicted (don’t know how). Then another hoh is started and the show cuts, and you have to wait till Sunday to find out unless Dawg/Simon help us out 😉


How could there have been a leaked photo from last week when yesterdays eviction was taped yesterday afternoon?


Arissa announced the triple eviction before the HOH comp, not after.


FYI. What Arisa says really doesn’t matter. When Canada voted for one of two veto options she never once described the nature of the second option incorrectly twice on the show and once on the side show. Seems production switches it up on Arisa as well even after she has broadcast it to the entire audience numerous times.


Yes, Arisa announced the triple HOH from the start.
But they left the door open to have
a) Kevin evicts 2 HGs, then the new HOH evicts 1 more or
b) Kevin evicts 1 HG, then the new HOH evicts 2 more.
That’s what I was talking about.


Umm why does everyone hate Zach lol all the other house guests are equally annoying besides God and maybe Bruno.


Bruno and Sara are the most annoying to me, I really wish they would both leave on the same night so jp can laugh at them lol


True. For me Zack’s arrogance and cockiness took center stage and has been consistent. The others have their moments of being annoying and then not so much.


Willow she sucks at least Andy in his season won comps she totally useless. Zach will cruise if he gets rid of bobby. It piss me off that non showmance did not win hoh. Next hoh make a hard comp they are giving easy comps.


So how many more minutes before Sarah sells out either Willow, Bobby, Bruno or Godfrey? Start the countdown! Sarah fans are gonna be pissed at me but trust me it’s inevitable.

ps. how pathetic was BB’s attempt to justify Sarah drinking wine while being a havenot. The entire show she was doing scripted DRs. Also it was Willow and Ashleigh that hit Marsha the moose, so shouldn’t they both get the wine, why only Willow? Plus it was a complete BS because Willow didn’t get the wine at all. It was Sarah who went in the DR and requested wine and then picked it from storage room but the show tonight made it seem as if Willow got the wine and chose to share it with Sarah. I swear this entire season’s DRs are scripted and being done to appease the public. This has to be one of the worst seasons EVER right up there with BB16.


I only watched the last 15 minutes or so of the show…
Sick of watching the diapers suck face and sound like broken records
I for one will not be going to Globals BB website this week
F@ck voting till it really counts … got my 10x platinum already


It is not fair that sara got that wine as a havenot but it would be so funny if this week she has to be a havenot again because of it plus i hope bb puts it on the big screen for everyone to see lol i am dying for everyone to see the real sara


Willow might be the most annoying houseguest I’ve seen watching live feeds before. She’s like a 15 year old.


Kevin is HOH for a 2nd week in a row.

Some Name

Willow needs to be evicted without a studio audience and sent home not to jury she is in need of counseling.


Watching Willow and Sarah’s conversation by the hot tub was mind numbing.


I think this is the first time in history that a house gues (zach) has been HOH 3 weeks in a row


I can’t believe Kevin won HOH (this is like BBUS 16) but maybe this won’t be so bad after all. Hopefully Kevin backdoores Bobby successfully and the someone from the nomances finally wins in part 2 and gets out 2 Diapers.


Yeah, I’m not convinced Kevin is full team Zach. JP’s eviction resonates very strong with Kevin and he knows Zach’s reluctance to remove JP from the block is ultimately what put JP in peril. Kevin may not target Zach during this HOH, but he may want to keep someone that is openly targeting Zach.


How is it possible that with an alliance of 6 people versus 3, they still manage to lose?


I don’t understand the willow hate? I am glad she picked a side. I love Sara she had to play hard all season unlike the cheerleaders.


She sulks constantly to seek for attention, pretty darn annoying.


Wow I just realized this is exactly what happened in week 2 where Brittnee and Sindy were on the block, Sindy was evicted and Kevin won HOH. Dejavu to the max.


Are there people still whining about Sarah while praising the Diapers?

Production gave her the wine. They obviously didn’t care as much as any of you do. While I and others may not always agree with their edits (Kevin a mastermind? That’s laughable), production is trying to piece together a show.

Sarah is not the only person to throw people under the bus. Get over it. I can’t even think of a winner who never has. At least Sarah is smart about who she does, and who she does it to.


Diaper Alliance needs some props, they suck for not realizing the house has turned against them but they are killing it! I didn’t think they had a chance this week but not only did Kevin win but Zack was runner up! I’m really curious about what Kevin is thinking right now, did he feel he needed to win?


Really Guyz?! I leave y’all here to hold down the fort while I’m at work and I come home to discover “Kevin”??? has won HOH??? Ughhhh
Just kidding… this is BBCan 3 pffffttt… disappointment is par for the course eh.


Interesting…. apparently both Kevin and Zach changed their answers after being told they were NOT allowed to and it led to them being the final 2. Both Sarah and Bruno wanted to but didn’t because they thought they would be disqualified. Zach was laughing about it afterwards because it allowed Kev and him to come 1 and 2.

Funny how the first season they disqualified players who didn’t follow the rules, but this season they are letting a lot go. Of note, I’m definitely a non Diapers fan, but I also recognize the Powers That Be have also allowed things to slip by on the no-mance side as well.

Just find it interesting how much the game has changed since season one.


Yuup, things sure have changed. Even using the gummy bears, M&M’s and then the twistos to study dates. Not that I could see what the issue was in using visual aids but last season when they tried with pieces of paper towel they were told to “stop that”. The comps seem to be permitting double standards all the time.
Maybe BB should have called this season BBCan3 “the special addition”…. like the special olympics.


* Edition
correction before Hann finds this lol


I know it’s still way into the future but I would love to see a Bruno/Godfrey/Sarah/Kevin final 4. They are my favorite players this season. So Kevin, don’t screw it up for me this week! Get out Zach or Bobby. (Most likely Bobby, unless he wins veto)

Oh and PS Kevin, just saw the video of you and Pili making out and mayo was involved, please don’t ever do that again. That was really gross…