CHOP CHOP “unexposed sh1t is how you win BB.. an Unexposed alliance is the way” -Bobby

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 24
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

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12:20am Godfrey and Bruno hammock

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-22 21-22-48-876

12:25am bedroom Sarah, Brittnee and Sindy
Sindy says Kevin, AShleigh and Pilar think Willow was the one that voted out Jordan.

12:18am Ashleigh, Bobby Kitchen
Bobby says him and Bruno are on the outskirts there the chop shops secret weapon.
Ashleigh – Sarah and B do they talk game with you guys
Bobby – they did only the last 20 hours
Bobby stresses that everyone in the house knew how close Zach and Jordan were, “You can’t be that exposed.. unexposed sh1t is how you win Big Brother.. Unexposed alliance is the way you have to do it.. Nothing against Zach it was just JP”
Bobby – it was the only way the chop shop can stay together 100%
Bobby says Jp and Zach were in the pantry until 4am talking game all the time says it was scary
Bobby – I want the CHOP to work so much
Ashleigh – I know you do i can see it
Willow joins them says she’s going to call Sindy out for telling everyone she voted out Jordan.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-22 21-28-00-762

12:27am Bruno and Godfrey backyard tossing the football
Bruno telling him nobody is going to get through to Pilar
They agree it’s time for them to start staying apart so people don’t think they are together.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-22 21-58-19-776
(Godfrey sindy yellow – Bru and Bobby green – blue/pink are the diapers – Orange is willow – Brittnee/Sarah purple )
12:33am Pilar and Kevin
Pilar says she’s going to do something that protect the Diapers “I can’t just think of myself.. whatever decision I make is for the four of us.. we can’t afford to lose anymore”
Pilar says she wants Sindy gone but is worried about the POV being played.
They pull out the candies to do some strategy talks. kevin stresses they cannot take this too seriously because they never know what will happen.
Pilar thinks maybe they should backdoor Sindy because if she is in the veto she’ll win it.
Kevin starts some cutie pie story about candy bunnies (Watch the video)

PIlar says if Godfrey wins he’s going after Zach, “Who flipped the house… is that true was it Sarah, B Godfrey and Bobby”
Kevin – Godfrey didn’t vote
Kevin tells her the 5 that votes were Brittnee, Sara, Bruno, Bobby and Sindy
Pilar heard that Brittnee and Sindy initiated the Flip.
Kevin says Britnee/Sarah, Bruno/bobby are the pairs.

After deciding Godfrey and Sindy are the nons Kevin grabs the candies and eats them all.
Kevin – Don’t worry have fun with it.. be honest you know what you are doing
They open the bottle of wine.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-22 21-46-14-531

12:36am Hot tub
Retelling everything that happened after the eviction. Godfrey says when they found out the person evicted was going to Jury Jordan whispered to him not to worry because you get paid in Jury.

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My head hurts.

Bobby still thinking about the chop shop. JUST STOP. that was ages. You probably have the least amount of alliances. Get with the flow of the game.


All hope I had about the game changing with Jordan leaving is now gone. Bobby is the biggest idiot in this game, I can’t deal with him. This Chop Shop crap is hella annoying. They got out JP, and yet both Bobby and Bruno know Zack was targeting them but they still wanna work with him? Why is everyone so up Zack’s ass, what the heck is so special about this guy? I’m so frustrated, gosh.


You have to understand that you can’t just cut people out in big brother, no matter how bad it gets. If you do that then you are just throwing away any chance you have of gaining extra power.

I don’t agree with Bobby’s decision to take out Cindy, I think it was clearly dumb. But this game is about working with people and continuing to socialize and build alliances, even when it seems like the battle lines are clear. And that is because the battle lines can and do change.


This is so frustrating.. when Bobby was HOH and heard that his name was apparantly brought up by Sindy, he is now forever gunning for the girl. But when Brit tells him he was going to be backdoored by Zach.. Nothing. Still sniffing Ash ‘s and Zach’s arse and still idiotically campaigning for the Chop Shop.


He’s worse than Beastmode was last year with the Bomb Squad.


Actually when Bobby heard about the backdoor plan it immediately made him go with the plan to vote out JP this week, so I don’t think it’s right to say that had no effect.


I was gonna boycott BBCAN if JP somehow wasn’t evicted this week.. Now i just wanna smash my computer cause Bobby’s such a dumbass with zero strategy. That guy can be blindsided and evicted right now and he’d still be head over heels for Zach and screaming “100% CHOP SHOP!”

Ariana Grande stinks!

Man, Kev and Pilar conversations — it’s literally UNBEARABLE! She did not string 3 cogent sentences together so far. Unbelievable!

With that being said, Bobby-the-smelly-pants is on my main shit-list, right after Zach-the-cocky-fin. I hope Bru is only being smart by playing along the Chop Shop garbage.


Sindy NEEDS to win POV.


I honestly can not believe that JP MADE JURY! So apparently, you just need to make it to day 35 to become a juror. That’s like a month! Who makes jury in just a month! If I was playing and destined to be a juror, I honestly would trade spot with JP right now. I mean, if most of the evictees are gonna make jury anyway, then why bother! It’s not like it matters that you fight your ass and go far then you earn your spot in the jury, you know, like IT USED TO BE. Plus, when money talks, we all get the same amount of stipends in the end anyway.

Last season they only had 6 jurors, now they almost double it. It’s literally insane. God! The things that BBCAN do that you just will never understand.


By the expression of Zach he is so pissed in himself for getting jp evicted. And is totally lost. I hope next hoh he is gone. He is probably thinking that all bbfans blogging or podcast about him as the dumbest player in the game. Hey bb tell me if bobby got a secret veto or was it just made up to buy for time.


I could understand her going after Sindy, but why Godfrey? He hasn’t won comps and for the most part he has always been on the outside of alliances. I would say get rid of Zach because of his arrogance the whole game but that wont happen this week. Bobby is being ridiculous, still bringing up the chop shop lol. But frankly he is harmless right now. Bruno is the brains behind that alliance for sure, I like him but for “The Diapers” (why that name?! lol) that might be their best bet. I actually forgot Willow was in the house, when I was figuring out the votes. Sarah is great, I don’t think Pilar would put her up. I could see her putting up Brittnee for like a pawn. I guess we shall see. But if they just use this HOH to get out Godfrey, then its a pointless week.


I think Peels wants to put Godfrey up because she is a fairly week player socially and wants a minimum of blood on her hands. She even wants to put Kev on slop for the same reason!


I think zach wants to take out godfrey for himself that guy was the reason for his number 1 gone.

another name

I don’t know. that sounds like too big a move to make at this point in the game. he might have to put up kevin and Ashleigh as pawns just to assure he doesn’t lose anybody’s trust.


#1 reason Zach’s #1 is gone is because Zach was a wimp and didn’t use the veto like he said he was. Zach is responsible for JP being evicted. Zach was too cocky and too worried about getting blood on his hands like bonehead Bobby.


omg !we have 24hrs of good bbc action and then they return to the boring morons that they were! I just don’t get it ! I am pretty sure that thousands of people applied to be on bbc and this is the group they pick ! Whoever is in charge of casting should be tossed out on their ass for such a horrid selection uuuuuggggghhhhh!


Anyone heard how the HOH comp ended up, as in who was left? I know Pilar ended up winning HOH, what worries me, is this kinda how things are going to go? I imagine noone tries to take her out and she finds a way to get to final two, similar to how this comp could be just eliminating biggest threats. My biggest fear is her and willow float to end and win somehow


pilar took out sarah then Ashleigh took out Britney finally pilar took out Ashleigh..


I forgot either Ashleigh or pilar took out willow before pilar took out Ashleigh..


In one of the videos on this page they were discussing it briefly. I think it is the 40 minute HOH convo with Peels & Kev.

Bobby took out Cindy with the first question as we all know. Then somewhere along the line Bobby threw it by answering quickly and got it wrong (I believe that’s what he was trying to do with the first question as well).

Then towards the end Peels took out Sarah, then also took out Willow, and then took out Ash for the win. I didn’t hear about any of the other eliminations.

During another conversation, I think by the hot tub, they said the order of elimination was very clearly along battle lines and showed the two sides of the house clearly.


Sounds like it came down to 5 girls: Pelee, Ashleigh, Sarah, Brittnee and Willow & that Pelee was the one getting almost all of the pics right.

Ash took out B
Pilar took out both Sarah & Ash (I think it came down to the 2 of them)
And I don’t know who took out Willow
Bobby/Bruno said they both threw it
God prob got taken out early by one of the girls.


So are we assuming an 11 man jury this year, with BBCan as one vote?! its only way to make sense right now. I’m not sure I like expanding the process farther and farther


Actually the way BBCan has gone this season I wouldn’t be surprised to learn there is some sort of competition eventually on jury to reduce them down in numbers

Ariana Grande stinks!

Nah! They are now 11 in the house. 9 of them will join Jordan in the Jury, so they will be 10 jurors voting in the final.

To avoid a tie, Arissa will be casting the Canada vote.


And finally, do we expect a double eviction next week? Arissa only talked about Sunday and Monday shows, with donny showing up from BB16 on sideshow. Never mention of next week. I would hope one week of BB is played normally this year, but if they can make it as fun as last 72 hours, i’m up for anything lol


Why do we need to see Donny on the SideShow? He acted like an old old man, came back into the house, scratched off Victoria’s name from the bathroom door, like a 12 yr. old would do, and went to bed early every night! Plenty of other fans would of wanted to be in his place to actually play the game. Just not a Donny fan, nope. Nope.


Wow bobby lied about having a veto. Bobby is doing something smart because nobody wants to target him because jordan told kevin and zach not target after the third week.


I’m starting to get the feeling that Kevin does not have the potential I originally thought he had. JP gave him HUGE information about the Chop Shop and what is he doing with one of the most clueless HOH’s in BB history? Giggling and making out. Are you serious?!

If Kevin were smart he would convicne Pilar to put up two CS members and slap another one up there if a Veto was used. Bobby (hopefully), Willow, or Bruno should be leaving this week if Kevin has any game.

Bruno and Bobby are something else. They put up two girls, and are still scared s**tless of them both. Unbelievable!

I hope Godfrey, Sarah, and Britt can survive this week. I hope Sindy can too, but I don’t know if I see I yet.


Now that JP is gone we need to start taking out Chop Shop, they talk about JP being cocky, they have been cocky the whole season, so Canada when we get to vote for 2 nominees to go up please vote for 2 chop shop to go up, it will be so boring if they go all the way, please lets break them up so Sara & Kev has a chance to get to the end. I am going to vote for Bruno & Booby when Canada gets to put up 2 so we can at least break up some of the idea of the Chop Shop, because if CS stays together they are going to take out Kev, Sara, B because Bruno and Bobby only voted with them this week now they are back up Zach and Ash arse. So lets put CS on blast or if we don’t they are going to coast to the end together.

another name

pillar’s game is so on point. she even asked the other houseguests who would like to volunteer to go up for nominations. she’s so thoughtful. and was shocked to learn nominations are tomorrow. i’ll have whatever she’s having. such a nice girl. so in over her head.
imagine the quantum universe where final two is pilar and bobby. who do you vote to win?


Same as last year … Zack, Ash, n Pili final 3 … Zack dumps Ash .. Zack Pili F2
I would vote for Pili … I would never vote for Zack, Bobby, or Bruno to win.

Kelly Bundy

I don’t think getting out Godfrey is a weak or wasted move at all. Especially since people should be getting out the floaters which forces the rest of the floaters to start playing the game. *Get a life jacket* lol. Even though Bobby is not so good at the game (poor bugger) at least he is trying and playing into whatever he thinks the chop shop is.I like that hes going hard about it, even if its not good game play. At least hes in it. Im glad Kevin can relax for a week, finally. I don’t think Zack is arrogant at all, I think he is just playing the game. Remember, hes not the one who calls himself “Captain Canada”. I still can not believe he didn’t save Jordon from the block. I was actually shocked because it was so dumb. Play and learn eh. I don’t mind Sindy with an S either. 🙂


Are kevin and pili aware of the chop shop? I really can’t remember if they were told or not


Yes JP. Told Kevin all about the ChopShop.


I have feeling that there is actually a secret veto in the vault but I do when it will appear. There way to many boxes so there is something it.


How quickly SSB turned on each other, what a joke.

Bobby is forever the loyalist, but easily manipulated. I could tell him I created water, and the sky is green and he would believe me.

If I was Zack, target Bruno, he controls the other side, Bobby will follow Zack like a lost puppy.

Godfrey only plays when he needs too..not a bad strategy. His social skills are lacking, lead to his demise.

Ariana Grande stinks!

They are now 11 in the house, 3 will be there on the final night (June 8?), so 8 should be evicted before that.

So there are 6 more Wednesdays to evict 8 people, which means either 2 doubles or 1 double + 1 surprise eviction.

Are we sure the final night will be on June 8?


Bobby reminds me of Beastmode Cowboy, in the fact that he was loyal to an alliance that was long dead…


great, so jordan leaving meant nothing. the house has reverted right back to where it was already. this season is truly the worst and this cast , minus a couple people is pathetic.

bobby is perhaps the biggest moron ever to play the game
pilar is a mindless puppet. incapable of an independant thought and with no actual game of her own
ashleigh and zach are very similar. egomaniacs who are terrible to watch or listen to
bruno is just..i dont even know how to word it
sindy , i love her for the flip but the fact that she is stuoid enough to believe that people dont know she was the 5th
willow is just so naive. she is almost as bad as pilar

hopefully one of godfrey, sarah, britnee or kevin win this game

nicholas bennett

so i see that nothing has changed. these idiots have reverted right back to where they were a couple nights ago. what is wrong with these people? . This season now officially is the worst. you dont make a big move than revert immediatley. Most of this cast is just such a joke .bobby and bruno are the biggest disappointments.

I hope that 1 of godfrey, kevin, sarah or britnee win


sorry for the double, thought my post didnt get through..if i could delete the 2nd one i would


anyone notice the way Bobby walked out of the diary room after he voted (last one to vote) last night? haha walking like he is king sh*t.


Glad JP. OUSTed…but Zach still in power this week!
As he will be controlling Pilar’s. HOH. Unfortunately…
I think JP. has been auditioning for title of worst moves in BB. History on purpose! Definitely auditioning to get a job like the Sideshow no doubt!