Sarah “Are they f**ked? No one will ever vote for them over their boyfriends.”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 24
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: Sindy and Godfrey
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin.
Host is Sarah

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-24 08-25-18-354
11:20pm Up in the HOH room – Pilar, Brittnee and Sarah are chatting about what the POV competition will be like. Sarah received medication for her back pain. Sarah leaves and sits with Godfrey under the stairs. Willow says she hopes she wins her first veto today. Sarah heads to the HaveNot room to lay down. Zach, Bruno, Bobby, Godfrye an Willow are in the living room. Zach talks about crushing Brittnee in the soccer havenot comp yesterday. Bobby says I can’t wait to watch that one. Bruno says that will be a great one to watch.

In the bathroom – Ashleigh is trimming Kevin’s hair. He says that he really wants to win the veto.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-24 08-39-00-413

In the havenot room – Bobby says I don’t think anyone wants to use the veto. He says that he doesn’t have any alliances. You know everything about be. He says that he only talks game on Tuesdays. Sarah says and we don’t even have to talk game then. Bobby says oh yeah she’s (Sindy) going home unanimously. I would dismiss anything she says to me. I voted her out the first time. Sarah says I feel for her .. she was obviously going to try anything. Bobby wonders what the colours have to do with the comp. Why would they give that to us before and not when we get out there. Sarah says I just want you to know when she was throwing your name under the bus I left the room. And I don’t Pilar to trust her gut. Bobby says Pili made the no blood move its what anyone would do. Sarah tells Bobby. I don’t have many options so you can trust me. When Bobby leaves Sarah says I hate so bad having to talk bad about Sindy. I hate this, hate this, hate this.

11:45pm In the living room – Willow comments that Kevin goes into the diary room a lot. He might be America’s Player. Bobby asks what that is? Willow explains how Eric Stein from Big Brother 8 was America’s player and got tasks to do things like throw comps. Bobby says Oh I don’t care.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-24 08-51-27-756

11:55am Bruno tells Keivn and Zach … Great draw!! Kevin says we just have to get out there and get it done! Kevin says we’ll do whatever it takes. Bruno and Kevin head to the kitchen. Bruno tells Kevin that at home he has some very close friends and says that’s who Kevin reminds him of. Kevin and Bruno hug. Kevin says I’m so glad we’ve come together.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-24 08-58-21-795

In the storage room – Sarah says “Are they f**ked? Who would ever play to win second prize! No one will ever vote for them over their boyfriends.”

12:35pm The house guests get new BBCAN Basics faces on items in the storage room. They comment on how there are 3 new girls. Bobby says don’t worry I won’t cheat on you Jessica (One of the first BBCAN Basics girls) The dig out all the past BBCAN Basics don’t have Jessica they ask Big Brother if they can get her back.

1pm In the bathroom – Godfrey and Sindy are talking. Sindy talks about how she gave Bobby the exact same clues in the vault and he solved them faster than she did. And the fact that he can do a Rubik’s cube. Godfrey and Sindy talk about how she knows she is the target this week. She says even if I come down you’re not the target. The b@ckdoor is always the one that goes home. Godfrey says that he is still going to try hard for the veto. Sindy says if you win the veto and use it on me. Godfrey says you ligit saved me last week and I want to get a chance to repay you. Sindy says you don’t have to.. Godfrey says I misjudged you in the beginning.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-24 10-09-58-127
Under the stairs – Bruno tells Kevin that no matter what in a double evict or triple evict you are not going up by my hand. Bruno says that JP never once asked me for my vote. He would always talk as if he was here next week. Like talking about what he was going to eat tomorrow. He would always talk about how he was safe but never asked me for a vote. Kevin agrees and says that JP always though 2 or 3 weeks in advance. Bruno says I have never seen someone so co*ky. But he was like wow, wow well done!! Pilar joins them. Bruno talks about how JP was trying to get me out. He was getting in peoples ears, it wasn’t good. He would have gone all the way.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-24 10-14-34-877

In the havenot room – Brittnee and Sarah are talking. Brittnee talks about how Bobby is a di*k. Brittnee is annoyed with Bobby for talking about the BBCAN girls. Brittnee says that Bobby keeps calling the Jessica girl his girlfriend but he likes blondes. Sarah says whatever comp is coming up next I will kill myself to win it! If its one like that wall one I would throw myself into it a hundred times just to win it. I need it! It could change our game! Sarah says I feel like Godfrey feels like he has no one and feels betrayed by Bobby and Bruno. I think that he feels comfortable to the point where we won’t try too hard to win the veto because Sindy is going if she doesn’t win it.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-24 10-20-33-350

1:35pm Up in the HOH room – Ashleigh tells Bobby just win the veto. He tells her he will try but as long as Godfrey or Sindy don’t win the veto then no one will use it. I’m going to go hard at it.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-24 10-33-40-144


There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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Anyone get a good read on Willow? Most of the times i can’t hear what she’s saying while she’s whispering….Is she solid with Sarah or she still playing both sides and occasionally throw Sarah utb?


Nobody seems to trust her. Not even Zach who she seems 100% loyal to. Zach said some crappie stuff regarding her this past week…if she only knew than she wouldn’t be so quick to stay on their side


Willow is 100% Sarah. Her eyes have been opened this past bit and is now playing defense for Sarah.


Pilar and Kevin kissing with Mayonnaise ====



The only way this week could work out for my enjoyment is if Sindy wins POV and willow gets put up and voted out, that’s the only scenario that would please me right now, only because I keep forgetting she’s in the game so I won’t miss her.


BB jumped the gun and should’ve saved that double veto twist for this week. Those kinds of twist should be reserved for these boring garbage cannon fodder HOHs.


What would have been the point? I thought that whole double veto twist was a waste of time. Nothing changed Now, if the HOH had been forced to use it, than that would have been another story and definitely would have made for great TV. But, unfortunately, if Sindy doesn’t win that VETO, which I’m hoping she does, she’s going home. 🙁


“Zach talks about crushing Brittnee in the soccer havenot comp yesterday”

Zach is a jerkbag. Please get him out of the house! I hope he gets lots of booos!


Actually they are laughing about how “he slammed Sarah” and the poor girl can barely walk today, has been in pain the entire day and couldn’t sleep b/c of the back spasms. Nice one boys, that’ll surely win you over some fans. And it was Zach, Kevin, Bobby laughing (shockingly even Bruno). I guess anything is fair for game in there.


The guys in this house excluding Godfrey disgust me. They have reverted (or perhaps they are always like this) to f**king teenage punks. I can only pray that Sarah, Britt, of Godfrey win HOH in round two and put up Zach, Kevin, Bobby, and or Ash. Sadly Sindy is probably going to jury.


as a superfan willow does pretty bad job. tere is NO DOUBT in my mind she complained or ranted when watching feeds over HGs that block their mics or buried the sound by rustling clothing or sheets or banging on their bodies or MOUTH WHISPERING!!! that whispering that has no sound because basically all she is doing is mouthing the WORDS

Pete Venkman

Brit is so trying to push a showmance with Bobby and getting jealous over a girls picture on a ketchup bottle. I hope she gets her head back in the game.


So we’ll know the POV winner today. Likely means the rest of this “week” becomes predictable. No B or Sarah in POV… sweet. I take it bobby twice is Bruno and bobby for POV comp. Lets play devils advocate…..
This isn’t what you want to happen to improve your favs but what do you think will happen if Cindy comes down after winning POV. Two real options B/Sarah or Bruno/Bobby as renoms. I’m thinking Ash gets her way and B goes up. Logically she is gone if B/B save GOD. Think it’s gotta be a girl this eviction.
Please lord explain to these nublets the game rules. GOD wins POV saves Cindy he is still on the block and eligible for eviction. Lord it’s like BB clown college. At this point I’m comfortable saying B or Cindy leaving. Sarah is about to dodge a bullet. Unless she wins something Russian roulette will end as it always does.
Next HOH BBG winning doesn’t mean a girl goes. Think they’ll try to backdoor Zack’s stupid cowardly azz. Would be big stuff if they got Kevin to. That’s why going forward it’s more important for Zack or Kev to win HOH than the 2 likely remaining girls. Left over SSB may not go right away if BBG win HOH as I’m predicting. I think Zack(captain idiot) and Kev do not understand how vunerable they are.

This double after the 1st eviction another really stupid production idea. They could literally lose the very essence of a side of the house. SSB plus GGB vote whatever 2 they want out with HOH. Diapers would have 3 votes plus HOH then likely Willow with 3 on the block they decide which 2 go home. Ridiculous power with 10 left IMO. Wanna bet super BB genius Zack throws the most important comp of the season? All is not lost if your an SSB fan.


Follow up to last post (nope I was wrong it was Brittnee) but yesterday they were laughing about Sarah. I guess b/c she can’t walk today they moved on to laughing about Britt instead.


As a follow up to last post (nope I was wrong it was Brittnee) but yesterday they were laughing about Sarah. I guess b/c she can’t walk today they moved on to laughing about Britt instead.

BBC #boring

here’s hoping that either Sindy or Godffrey with the POV and somehow Pili is convinced to use Bobby as the replacement.. Then the house would know he was calling bluff… WAKE UP BBC3 WAKE UP!!!!!!


I’m glad that Godfrey and Sindy have mended their relationship. He did misjudge her in the beginning (most of us did). If only he could use the Veto on her and Bobby go up. Highly unlikely with a 5 year old in the HOH room though.