“Ash is actually more dangerous than Zach. she’s the link between Kev/Pili to Zach” – GOD

POV Holder: Godfrey Next POV April 24
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: Sindy and Godfrey
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin.
Host is Sarah

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midnight Ketchup in and around the hot tub

12:02am Goblins and Sindy in the bedroom
Goblins come by to say goodnight.. they tells Sindy they’re roaming around changing batteries being weird
Sindy says to Ashleigh and Pilar “You silly goblins”

12:14am bathroom Bru and Bobby
Bruno – I’ll tell you one thing brother whatever you do I’m with you babe no matter what
Bobby – I don’t know what I should say with this veto thing
Bruno says worst case he goes into the DR comes out and tells everyone they took it from him because he told people.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-25 21-25-38-665

12:20am Willow massages bobby

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-25 21-22-27-149

12:22am HOH ASh, Pilar and Brittnee

Ashleigh saying the only thing Sindy has done to her since she’s been back was lie to her about the Jordan vote and throw her under the bus.
Ash – I really hope she has fun with him in Jury.. that is going to be awkward
Pilar says Jordan getting voted out was so unexpected
Brittnee says the scheming to vote out Jordan only really started the day of the vote it was ll very fast
Ash says voting Jordan out was a brilliant move on Sindy’s part.
They all agree the first 5 houseguests evicted sharing the same house and begin able to talk was a huge twist.
They question Bobby’s Veto. Ashleigh thinks it’s a lie.
Ash says she never found out about the veto from Bobby she found out from Willow “He never told me nothing”
Pili says if they put Bobby up he would stay they have the votes Sindy is going home.
Ashleigh tells her she bets her left hand Brittnee is safe this week

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-25 21-45-57-291

12:34am Willow and Sarah chating Have nots room
Willow and Sarah bring up conversations with Bruno.
Willow – he f***g hates JP
Willow – I just saw the real Bruno and was like I LOVE YOU
Sarah agrees (Sounds like they found out Bruno is not with the couples as much as the couples thinks he is)
Willow – can you make yourself cry
Sarah – ya
Willow – have you fake cried in here.. you have
Sarah – it’s not fake
Willow – did you do it on me
Sarah – no not you you specifically the whole group
Willow – you little shit
Sarah – SHHH it’s working.. I want to look weak in front of these people.
They both say how happy they are after talking to Bruno and finding out he’s after the Diapers.
Sarah says bruno’s crew and Zach’s side will start going at it . Sarah tells Willow they need to convince Ashleigh Bobby doesn’t have the veto.
Sarah – we need Bobby is that what you’re thinking
Willow – We need Bobby.. If Ashleigh wins she’s putting up Bobby and Bruno they are F***g pissed
Willow points out that she has different conversations with Ashleigh and Zach so she’s not sure what the eax t plan is on the other side of the house.
Willow says she wants to win HOH this week and put Zach up. “I want to just f***g give it to him”
Willow brings up how in the early weeks Zach was trying so hard to protect Kevin.
Brittnee joins them.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-25 21-40-18-206
12:39am Bruno and Bobby
Bobby tells him he’s starting to trust Sarah more
Bruno – Me to
They think they should cut a deal with Sarah they stick together to get rid of the showmances.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-25 21-54-49-400

12:42am Zach and Kevin Hot Tub
Kevin says he wishes he had studied this game more before coming in. Points out how much the dynamics of the house change from even to odd number weeks.
Zach – so there’s 8 people voting this week.. we gotta stay the course this week we can’t jump the gun at all .. puts us in too dangerous situation
Zach says if any of the girls win they will get rid of Godfrey “Even if willow wins she’ll get rid of God”
Zach – If we take a strike at Bobby then God is going to be ready to fire back with whoever survives
Kevin – you might be right
The Goblins join them.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-25 21-50-36-339

12:48am Black and Bru
Bruno says everyone is on the same page they’re targeting the couples specifically Kevin and Ashleigh going up. The only person they are unsure of is Brittnee they agree she sucks up to him.
Godfrey – She still thinks he’s cool..
Bruno – I dunno.. she’s still trying to get close to him
Godfrey – She needs to grow up.. this guy
Bruno says Zach and Ashleigh are the best pair to put up.
Godfrey – Absolutely .. Ash is actually more dangerous than Zach. She has Pili and She has Zach.. she’s the link between Kev and Pili to Zach.
Godfrey – Kevin/Pilis don’t give a f*** about Zach
Bruno – she’s a competition dud
Godfrey says ASheligh and Zach are the people stopping them from moving forward.
Godfrey – It’s coming down to the wire bro .. after this vote bro it only take 4 to win bro
God – Me you Bobby that’s 3 all we need is one more than we have the votes bro
Bruno – He put you up to go home.. when you stayed you see how surprised he was
Godfrey – he’s going up

1:20am have nots Sarah and Brittnee
Sarah says she’s trusting Willow and believes her when they talk. Sarah goes over her conversations with Willow and Willow conversations with Bruno.
Sarah says Bruno told Willow he can trust Sarah and Brittnee.

1:40pm Sarah and Willow
Talking about how they hope the next HOH is Canada’s pick. Sarah thinks they might pick her or Bruno.


There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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another name

have I fallen into a parallel universe? did bobby Bruno and sarah somehow start trusting each other? what did I miss? did everyone that failed a challenge get a concussion? please. anyone that knows how this happened inform me because I feel like I missed an entire post somewhere. did willow somehow become some sort of hg whisperer? has her sub-audible whisper hypnotized everyone??? whowhathow? seriously. I’ve gotten lost between who’s together and who’s playing each other today. help?

another name

i’m actually being serious. I missed hours of feeds. is there a video on here that shows how or when it happened that sarah/bobby/Bruno had a meeting of the minds? truly appreciative for any help.


Welcome to the Asylum!

another name

did they replace the producer with rod serling? definite twilight zone vibe in my head.


Sarah has been working Bruno and Zack for awhile
She has planting seeds of doubt in both their heads
Turning them against each other … Brit n Sindy have help
abit too oh and now she has Willow
So it’s not just one event.


It’s a combination of things that led to this, but today was the culmination based on a couple of specific things happening:

1) First with Godfrey winning POV the writing went on the wall for Sindy to leave. In a last ditch effort (and after she discussed with Sarah/Britt what to say) she went to Ash, Pilee and Zach to say Bobby was the one who all the evicted guests wanted gone and to plant seeds of doubt about the secret veto.

2) what ensued was panic from the Diaper alliance which led to several private meetings by the group to discuss if they should put up Bobby to flush the veto. Ultimately the couples decided it was a waste to do that b/c it would show their hand too early. Also, Bobby, Godfrey, Bruno and others kept catching them in their private hushed meetings verifying how tightly knit the couples are.

3) Sarah had been giving Bruno bits and pieces knowing he didn’t completely trust her but she finally decided to spill all and told Bruno about the Purple Cobra’s and Hexagon. Too many pieces of information she revealed CLICKED with Bruno as being on point and suddenly it all came together for Bruno.

4) Specifcally the main points which stood out for Bruno was how Zach/JP were pitting the two sides against each other and because Sarah gave “exact wording” Bruno realized Zach, JP & Kevin had been together long ago and were focusing Bruno on Sarah (and feeding into his mistrust of her). When she explained Zach/JP made it seem like Bruno was the one after them and they were protecting her it all clicked.

5) The final nail in the coffin was in a panic the Diaper alliance suddenly started trying to pull in Willow sensing a shift in momentum. The resulting effect back fired because Willow saw through their desperation coupled with the fact Sarah had already warned her this would happen. Suddenly the Zach/Ash were telling Willow things they had withheld from her and Ash/Pilee abrupt change in direction to make her “one of the group” appeared desperate and fake. Asking her to sleep with them etc. Sarah had warned for a week it was coming so when it did Willow played along, but she knows it’s bull.

6) Timing is everything in BB .. Sarah choosing the exact right moment to disclose all she knew allowed Bruno to see things clearly and now he knows why Sarah/Britt appeared a little sketchy b/c they were trying to be loyal to Zach/JP. He also recognized once Johnny left immediately after Zach/JP’s promise to protect them it made sense why she they no longer trusted the Purple Cobra’s and would want to abandon that alliance. Zach had been playing up Sarah being a flopper while using her to help them and now Bruno sees she is loyal and got shafted.

Combining this with Willow telling Bruno she believed/trusted Sarah/Britt pushed everything over the edge. In fact, the group of Bruno/Bobby/Godfrey and Willow are actually trusting Sarah more now than Britt for exactly the same reason they initially were mistrustful… her transparency.

Nothing like finding common ground to relate to.


It seems like Ashleigh and Zach are screwed. Whether they are on the block in the Triple eviction, or next week, people are gunning for them because they are the stronger alliance. Something tells me that Ashleigh might go before Zach, since she does a lot of his dirty work, and is kind of the glue to the Diaper alliance.

Sindy is definitely going home this week.


Zach was always going to be the target from day 1, he is just too good physically. Hence I don’t understand the hatred of Zach as that type of player doesn’t have many options. He can be as social as he likes but when it gets down to 8 people or so they always start getting out the big guns.


This makes me kind of hopeful that Sindy could stay. She deserves to be in the house more then Brit ( I love Brit but I just want sindy to stay). I think if B goes up, like Pili is planning, then if Bobby and Bruno are after the couples like it seems, Sindy may be able to strike up a deal and then Sarah, Willow, Bobby, Bruno, Godfrey all save sindy and they allign to get out the couples. Especially since Bruno is doubting Britnee, guess we’ll see what happens

Different players

Brit won an HOH. Got a big threat out. Has been on the block 3 times, a havenot 3 times and has not gotten evicted. Sindy is a great player. I love her. But she doesn’t deserve it more then Brit. Sindy was out of the game relaxing while Brit has been fighting for her life every single day in that house.

Again Sindy is a fantastic player, I wish people would have given her a chance. However it’s kind of unfair to say who deserves it or not. Every player is different and every single one of them has their challenges.


It’s always smart not to talk game. Just hoping the diapers don’t win!!


I’d like to petition for BB to introduce a new announcement: “Willow, please whisper louder.”
If they don’t want to put her on blast, they could just say “Willow, please fix your microphone” over and over again, she’d eventually get the message.
But they should still call it the “Willow rule” for posterity. That way, Willow WOULD actually have had some impact on the game. Only other BB player I can recall with a similar non-audible whisper was Danielle Murphree from BBUS14.

barely audible

i find willow so annoying because of her ‘whisper’ that is impossible to hear. she seems to forget that viewers need to be able to hear the conversations. not sure why production doesn’t tell her to speak louder. and then there is pili…that girl is so lazy that she can’t even open her mouth to speak properly, she just mumbles and whines about how her head hurts from thinking too much. can’t stand either of them, and never listen to them if possible.


Willow fucking pissing me off Canada put her up as a pawn if there is Canada hoh with zach


EVERYONE: BB hates Willow i hate said it before and woll say it again BB hates Willow its a fact they hate her she is never called to the DR, she is never on the tv shows.


I do not think BB hates Willow. To hate something we actually have to care. Willow doesn’t exist (or at least many wish she would just go away/cease to exist). Which is much worse.


Have the BB gods actually answered prayers, and open Bruno and Bobby’s tiny minds? They are starting to trust Sarah? It’s about freaking time! I can’t wait to see the couples start leaving the house and THEN Bobby.


so some promising turns tonight


Interesting perspective and promotion Godfrey. Perhaps Ash is the glue linking the diapers but is she really more dangerous? Her value is her strong connection to Pili. Beyond that what does she bring besides being the most attractive looking girl left in the bar at closing time? She is weak socially and physically. She has coaster written all over her. She is simply a vote for the next person she attaches to… dangerous? Really?

another name

Ashleigh is only dangerous as a bridge if she’s actually joining point a to point b. if you remove point a or point b she’s a bridge to nowhere. remove both pili and kevin or remove Zach and her threat is minimized while getting rid of someone that is more imposing in terms of challenge ability.

is this another lets go after the threat’s ally move? running theme this season. lets take out the comp ‘beast’/social ‘beast’. wait… lets take out their ‘weak’ friend and tell everyone they were the real threat. then we can align with the beast. that’ll teach them. it’s too early to make a bigger move. come on… it’s bigger move time. over half way done.