Zach “Willow is coming to our side, people are pulling away from them I can feel it”

POV Holder: Godfrey Next POV May 29th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: Sindy and Brittnee Godfrey
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin.
Host is Sarah

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Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-27 18-17-40-684

(please note video’s are taking an awful long time to process on youtube.. Sorry it’s out of our hands)

9:13pm Sarah and Bobby

Sarah wants to make sure Bobby is still sticking with the plan breaking up the Showmances. Bobby is 100% down.
Bobby says he’s been targeting Kevin all along he’s not coming after Sarah and B. Sarah mentions how Kevin was the only person Zach was adamant they keep in the game.
Sarah says what she had with the couples was a short term 1 week thing sounds like the guys had something more long term she would be pissed if she was them for playing them .
They shake on talking and working with each other moving forward.
Bobby says the best case is Zach goes home, Kevin, Ashleigh and worst case would be PIli.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-27 18-28-14-900

9:28pm HOH Bobby, Sarah and Willow
They laugh they should have a meeting while the Diapers are all outside exercising.
Bobby says Ashleigh still thinks he’s tight with them she thinks he’ll use the veto on them 9The Diapers)
Sarah agrees says Ashleigh told her today .

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-27 18-40-13-654
9:37pm Hot Tub Sarah and Brittnee
Sarah planning on throwing Willow under the bus if the Diapers win the HOH.
Sarah – We can just turn back on Willow.. right .. be like ya I was just going with the flow.. it was all her plan to go after the showmances.
Wondering if Bobby and Bruno are trying to trick them and keep their Chop Shop together. Sarah doesn’t think that’s the case but if it is at least they will go out trying to play the game.
Sarah – Bobby seems legit
Brittnee says Bruno seem pretty excited she thinks Bruno and Bobby are legit.
Sarah says once the couples start getting knocked out the three of them need to stay close (Sarah,Britt,Willow)
Sarah brings up that Godfrey apparently went up to Ashleigh and Piliar and tried to strike a deal.. “He’s just trying to cover his bases”
Zach comes in
Sarah – We’re just talking about you my friends
Zach – whats up
Sarah – I had a good talk with Ashleigh I think i know where your head is at
Zach says he’s targeting godfrey that is his number one priority. Mentions that Asheligh wants Bobby out BAD.
They wonder who knows about Bobby’s Veto. Zach thinks everyone knows about it.
Zach – “let’s be serious he’ll never use it one my… he would be a idiot to use it one me.. I have no idea where the kids head is at”
Sarah and Brittnee start bringing up clues about Bobby’s veto, telling Zach they think he has it.
Zach starts talking about this chick “She’s a little bit of a bad girl.. she’s got a history of being a bad chick” Zach adds her parents own all the dairy queens in regina.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-27 19-01-09-260

10:00pm AShleigh doing her punishment
She’s 2/3 complete only 100 laps to go. Her major complaints are her Legs feel like jello and her a$$ is like a “faucet” (It’s sweaty)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-27 19-19-31-162

10:19pm she’s a 224
Ash – “My boobs are coming out that’s good..”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-27 19-29-06-192

10:26pm Kevin and Zach bedroom
Zach – I think B and Sarah are ok.. They want Bobby out and Ashleigh has done some talking to Sarah..
Kevin doesn’t want to wait any longer to take a shot at Bobby/Bruno
Zach – “Bring in B and Sarah when we do”
Zach thinks Bobby’s Veto is legit
They call it the BV Scandal. Zach thinks it’s turned into a complete jokes.
Kevin starts showing him the fortress symbol. Asks Kevin if he was throwing up their newport symbol when he was doing his votes. Zach says he was.
Kevin – I must have been the only one doing the fortress in the Diary room
Kevin says Day 31 is when Jordan told him about his alliance with Zach, “he was really emotional”
Kevin adds that Jordan told him he loved the fortress “he spilled the Chop shop.. Spilled the newport.. I was his number two guy and you were his number one”

Zach says it sucks he was working with Jordan and he sent him out the door. Zach and Kevin agree they never thought the house would flip and vote out Jordan. Zach says he would never have put Jordan up if he thought there was any chance.
kevin says Blowing up the chop shop last week would have been too early there was too many people in the house with Sindy coming back in. Zach goes on to justify why he did what he did that resulted in Jordan getting evicted. (We’ve heard it a millions times)
Zach – the last thing I would ever expected was that.. I couldn’t even function the next day
Zach says Bobby, Bruno and Sindy all told him that Bobby/Bruno did not originate the plan to vote out Jordan. Zach mentions how Jordan was playing everyone in the house.
Kevin remembers telling jordan to stop playing so hard.
Jordan – hard game chatting everyone
Zach – it’s a fine line not talking enough so people are sketched out and talking too much
Zach says he’s been feeding sh1t to Bobby and Bruno to build up the 7 person alliance they formed.
Kevin is going to bro down with Bobby but it’s really hard because they are so much different.
Kevin – Gotta get Godfrey out here ASAP
Zach – I think Willow is coming to our side.. people are pulling away from them I can feel it
Kevin – Godfrey physically isn’t talented.. Bobby has endurance locked down..
Zach says Godfrey might put up AShleigh and Pili on the block then back door him.

(This conv shows how out of touch the Diapers are with the state of the house)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-27 19-55-32-525

10:53pm Bruno giving Godfrey a grappling lesson
Bruno – Oh shoot I think I ruined my nails (Pilar did his nails for him)
Bruno – Sorry peels.. I forgot they were drying

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-27 20-07-46-504

11:06pm Ashleigh almost done. Ashleigh says if she gets off and leaves Big Brother will make her start over.
Ash – oh my knees.. oh my bum
Zach – I’ll give you the best leg massages you’ve ever had tonight

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-27 20-15-32-800
11:16pm AShleigh completes her punishment 300 laps. They asks Big Brother if she is done.. Before we get an answer the feeds cut.
When teh feeds comes back other houseguests trying out the tricycle.


There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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Sindy has to be my favourite BB player of all time. She knows how the hell to play the game, and houseguests TERRIBLE game moves are at her expense. She should NOT have gone home. Everything she said to the houseguests was SPOT ON correct. There’s nothing she can do to change their minds because they’re all foolish… the only thing we can hope is she cracks a deal with people and manages to stay safe but honestly there’s no chance and it really sucks. We need more super smart/competitive/strong girls like Sindy in Big Brother. Not weak sheeps who think it’s the Bachelor.


I guess Sindy is the greatest player of BBCAN to never win. She was the only one gunning for it. Keepin the eyes ob the prize. Sucks she is leaving unless a miracle can happpen. Played like a champ with her cutthroat ways. Jeez these sheep need to stop being loyal and start backstabbing its BIG BROTHER! Lies and cheats are how you play. Loyalty can only bring you up so far until the one you were loyal to stabs you in the back hard.


She has lied and cheated too much. Playing too hard is a common mistake and she has truly made it.


Sindy is arrogant and thinks everyone should be playing for her. This game is a marathon and she’s tried sprinting the whole thing twice. I get what people like about her and I personally think she’s a good piece of casting but she’s clearly not the best big brother player ever. Bruno is a great player. he’s knows exactly what’s going on in the house. His game isn’t making desperate plays every morning then complaining when they don’t work.


Where is everyone today? I felt like a lot of stuff was solidified with the alliances today, I liked the episode on tv for once, and I really liked the tasks the HGs had to do. Just surprised that the forum is so quiet today. Is there a hockey game on tonight, lol? Anyway, in addition to the live feeds, I always look forward to the comments of the live feeders. I have found that this is the best place to get a real discussion going. Thanks Simon and Dawg!!!!

Maybe I should say something provocative, like “go Booby, go,” to get some people commenting, lol. For you literalists out there, I am just joking!


You think accidentally sending his closest ally home in one of the most idiotic uses of a HOH ever would really humble a person but Zach continues to show a level of arrogance and lack or social awareness that I just can’t wrap my head around. He is really setting himself up for a huge but satisfying downfall.


Well said….. the guy is as observant as a mannequin with a blindfold on. Should make for more delicious TV though. The past Wednesday night will certainly not be last we see of Zach’s “what in the hell is happening right now” face.


His bonehead move should be a huge red flag to his alliance that Zach is not the superior strategist they beleve him to be. He just had a huge misstep on reading the house yet they continue to follow his read of the house. And had Kevin had his head in the game instead of playing with PiLi while relying on Zach and JP to set up all his associations, kevin would see he is in for a whole lot of hurt.


Yeah Zach, you ‘feel’ everyone pulling away from the other side the same way you ‘felt’ Godfrey was going home last week, but got blindsided thinking the whole house was under your fingertips? The cockiness of this guy my goodness…


Is it cockiness? Sounds more like delusions of grandeur.


Sarah “If diapers win, I will throw Willow under the bus”…..and THAT ladies and gentlemen is the exact reason why everyone in the house thinks Sarah is poison. She has thrown EVERY SINGLE one of her allies under the bus to save her behind. Started with Sindy, then Brittnee, then Bobby and Bruno and now Willow.

Just sayin'

Ya, it’s called playing big brother to win.


As Sarah and Britt took the spots of JP and Zach from weeks ago. I LOVE IT!


Just a waiting game. Bet the comments pick up after Wednesdays show. So hope it’s Kevin and zack going home. Liked Kevin’s game before jp left. Kevin could have saved j last week? Didn’t he keep some vital info to himself ?


JP was critical for Kevin and Zach’s game and definitely was the better strategist of the three. Unfortunately Zach failed JP and sunk the Brumda triangles game in the process. But you will never convince Zach or Kevin of that.

another name

I was never sure how much of the Newport strategy was Jordan and how much was Zach. without the constant updates of what every hg is doing and saying 24 hours a day, Zach and his allies seem to have lost touch with the pulse of the house. that’s a really bad sign for all of them. they used to be much more suspicious. how does losing a member without filling the role make them less suspicious? is that willow’s new supposed role with them?

another name

I blame geography. they need to stop taking bubblebaths and go back to the pantry.


LOL…. good one ; )


But wouldn’t they need someone in the pantry?

another name

hey anonymous, I could be very wrong, but I believe more and more that they think willow is fulfilling Jordan’s role. what they are forgetting is that Jordan steered conversations to make people’s targets shift. willow is just listening and reporting (even though she’s reporting 1/2 truths and misdirection: she’s actually jordaning the diapers I think).


Yeah. I was implying that they need a good strategist with a keen social game. But I really enjoyed the geography comment.


It absolutely bobbles the mind how out of touch the Diapers are with the going ons in the house. JP was incredibly valuable to all their BB lives. They still believe that everyone in that house will do their bidding.

Please BB gods let Godfrey win, give a hilarious and epic speech and let us see Zach and Kevin walk out the BB house.

Are people still on Sarah for throwing people under the bus? Who in this house hasn’t done that? Practically everyone does it. Calling her specifically poison is wrong.

another name

hey simon, do you know what Ashleigh was punished for? was it least km logged in the cross Canada campout drive? I missed something I think.