Nomination Ceremony! “If she doesn’t win the veto her only argument is I’ll be a bigger target”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 24
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: Sindy and Godfrey
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 20-43-12-333

9pm – 11:45pm Big brother tells the house guests to go to the head of household room. When the live feeds return we learn that as Head of Household Pilar nominated the two house guests she said she was going to put up – Godfrey & Sindy.

Hot Tub – Willow, Brittnee, Sarah, Zach, Bobby, Ashleigh, Bruno, Bobby and Godfrey. Bobby tells the house guests just a heads up if Sindy doesn’t win the veto her only argument is going to be keep me around because I’ll be a bigger target. Don’t buy it. Zach asks do you think this veto will be a how bad do you want it because she’s up against the wall. Ashleigh says probably.

In the kitchen – Kevin and Pilar are making something to eat. Kevin asks Sindy how she’s doing? Sindy says she’s fine. Kevin and Pilar head into the storage room. Kevin is holding a large jar of mayo. They start making out and he dips his fingers in and feeds it to her while they make out. (LOL)

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 20-49-30-794

12pm Ashleigh and Godfrey are in the hot tub talking about how he needs to win the veto. Godfrey says its 6 against 1 (Umm more like 5 against 1). Ashleigh says Sindy’s been doing good in challenges.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 21-05-32-282

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-23 21-09-31-115

12:03am Willow and Sarah
Willow tells her her name was not brought up this week.
Willow – it was smart you guys going up there.. you see what they are trying to do.. I hat I can’t talk to you for 5 minutes.
Willow – I f***g lied you should hate me more than you do..
Sarah – I don’t give me a kiss
Willow says she knows there’s still a couples alliance because they won’t let her “Sleep over”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-23 21-07-56-773
12:08am Bathroom Willow and Zach
(Hard to hear what they are saying)
Zach – the truth is something you only get from a couple people. Willow says Sarah told her she heard from JP theres a couples alliance.
They mentions something about them being 7 strong right now and off the radar for a couple weeks. Willow mentions how Sarah isn’t talking game to her anymore.


There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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ewww why i can’t deal with these two

Alec Tryhard Beall

Because they aren’t bringing the brilliance and BB skills the way the Sheyld did.


Alec cried more than a girl would in bb house. He also couldn’t take a joke so he cried some more.


Vote out Bruno and play the game you muppet


You are right, they are letting Bruno slip right through. If I were in the house if he wasn’t on my side, I would be going at him first, he is the ringleader and running the show right now. JP was right about one thing, no one is going to nominate Bruno, he is father, husband nice guy to everyone. Sindy also made a good point to Bruno he needs to get a new ally stay away from booby he is a loaded gun ready to blow up. The only way I see Bruno going on ix to work with Kev, whomever is with Kev is going a long way, he is waiting on the sidelines until it comes his time being so so patient,the n he is going to swoop in a;nd take all th emone y form all of them by thaking dummy pilly with him to final lol


Bruno is the ringleader … really? lol
Bruno has missed opportunities to further his game in a positive way time after time.
I was expecting more from him. Bruno aligning himself with two of the worst BB players
on earth does not make him a mastermind. Kinda like Derick from BBUS. He was an ok game player, but if there were real players in the house he would of never won. Kind of like Zack seems to be doing. In a room full of midgets …. even a average man looks big.
Kevin is a disappointment .. he is clueless. I would play against him in poker any day.
After Sindy divulged all .. Kevin apparently can’t do basic math and he choose to align with
Zack after Zack just back stabbed his alliance member. Then Zack has the nerve to say to Kevins face that he is all about the triangle alliance??? Hello! Kevin he just destroyed their alliance to save face with his chop suey alliance. Yep Kevins great too


Dear Kev Haters

He was an early target these days not so much. Must be doing something right. Fact is that Pili makes him look like a non player by association. Brilliant strategy or pure luck I have no idea. In a season marked by mediocre play most weeks he’s about middle of the pack. That’s the problem with spending all day working Pili’s assets. 😛 He’s not building relationships only accepting the ones he has. Think he goes up he is in big trouble.


If I ever fed a girl with my dirty fingers mayo while making out, I would get slapped.


Aaaaaand Willow just told Zach that Sarah told her about the couples alliance from JP. What’s up with this girl?? Sarah clearly cares for Willow as a person/gamer more than anyone else in the house and she’s selling her out?

Feeds cuts of right after that


No, Willow has flipped to Sarah. That info is two weeks old, and she blaming it on JP. What Willow needs to do is convince Bruno, she is done with the couples and wants to go with him.


yeah you’re right. willow is still playing for both sides though, but she still withholds information to zach to protect sarah.


her comment about sarah told her about the couple alliance will makes coward zach paranoid and he might grilled poor naive cluleless pili to put sarah up on the block…..i’m worried about that


These people are just fucking ridiculous. Why did you even set foot in the casting room if you weren’t going to play the game and just let Zach coast to the final 2. It’s really upsetting to watch Pilar and Ash. Does Pilar honestly think putting up God and Sindy will even qualify her to get votes from Jury? She hasn’t been playing, the least she could do was come up with some sort of strategy, maybe a back door. All Ash does is bicker on about people being deceitful and being Zach’s hug buddy. Um Ash….urggh. This shit really grinds my gears. I could rant on forever.

As a super fan this is where I might just check out from the whole franchise. I use to love the gaming spirit this show had.

Jasmine H

Here! Here! My sentiments exactly! I could keep hitting that thumbs up button!!

(On a side note what does Zee short for? Is it a name? I knew someone with that nick! Or I s it simply just an alpha nick?


Your assumption that Pili is thinking about jury votes is flawed.
Pili has no clue about the game. zero … minus zero
Pili has no strategy besides taking her Mothers advice to be in a showmance.
Sounds kinda pimpy to me. Obviously she has been taught to use her body and not develop her brain…. very sad!
She doesn’t even get the hint(she is being played … get your head in the game) that her family warned her about. Can’t put a square peg in a round hole.
She definitely will know what a goat is when Zack drags her to F2 …


The mayo makeup session…. pure disgust.


Soooo Godfrey has never been my favorite but I wanted him to stick around just because he’s entertaining. But, now gotta love Godfrey and to an extent Bruno. So Godfrey-Bruno for F2.
Sarah/Britt voting JP out didnt make sense to me. They want to make moves but, aside from their one HoH, they havent held any actual power.
Unfortunately, I have to admit that Kili was my favorite because theyre cute. Kevin is no gameplayer. And the slight glimmer of hope that Pili would be a player has become extinguished after seeing her HoH. Girl really is too naive for the game.


You’ve got to be sniffing something


Zach has manipulated Kevin. He has manipulated Ashley. Both Kevin and Ashley are manipulating Pilar as to Zach’s wished. Zach has manipulated Bruno and Bobby. Zach thinks he can manipulate Sarah and Britney. He also thinks he can get Bruno and Bobby to manipulate Britney for him. Sindy and Godfrey are the only people he can’t manipulate, so he gets Kevin and Ashley to convince Pilar to put up Sindy and Godfrey. Which everyone knows is against Pilar’s best interest.


Each year I ask myself .. WHY do these females bother to come and play big brother when all they ever do is grab and hang off some males parts and play their (males) game .. It was nice to finally see a female play the game ie; Sindy .. now back to these poor excuses right from the 1920`s… geesh give them the red lipstick and nailpolish and put their hair in a bun and might as well throw on the apron . No back bone from most of these females.. mainly Pili , Ash , and Wil …


I agree completely Marianne. It’s sad to watch these girls be cast, and do nothing other than depend on a man to take care of them. Sarah, Sindy, Britt, and Naeha are the only women from this season that I have any respect for.




You have to see some of my other post Jesus. I harp on the boys too.

Bruno is borderline misogynist. Him always calling Sarah and liar or poison, and rubs me the wrong way. He’s always trying to get girls out instead of bigger threats.

Bobby as a player gets on my last nerve. I guess in his head he truly does believe he’s this great player, but in reality he’s in the same boat as Pilar and Ash in terms of self awareness.

Zach is arrogant, cocky, and it blew up in his face. Plus it sounds like he hurt Britt in the Have not competition.

Kevin is a huge dud. He’s all talk, and has literally done nothing for a few weeks now. Besides making a horrible instant eviction decision and betraying Johnny he has literally been sucking face the whole time. Even if he picks up at the end, I’m kind of over him. That’s just lazy gameplay like Jordan BBUS 11 and 13.

Godfrey I like mostly, but he needs to learn to keep his mouth closed sometimes.


you are right about some of the boys when it comes to big moves .. BUT.. how many of the girls won any comps that where not handed to them because the boys DONT WANT TO GET BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS.. LMFAO .. that is such a BS line … and yet the boys say it all the time .. YET the bottom line is the guys USE the girls to keep the other girls in line and the girls do what they are told .. ENOUGH already… I am cheering for the BS`S .. group .. Brit , Sarah, and Sindy ..two have some back bone and one has total backbone .. Go girls ..


Only Production is to blame here.They are bad at picking the right people. In my opinion they should pick only people who know the game in and out so that we have something of quality to watch.


No 1920’s in there at all. It’s the exact opposite and the way society is NOW! For the newer generations sex rules – doesnt matter who, what, where or how. No morals or self-respect and the dumbing down of the youth is what the underlying issues are


self-respect has no correlation with the amount of sex/partners someone has. you do actually sound like you’re from the 1920s.

Jasmine H

When will the game actually start. Safe votes, safe noms, safe thing to do ..blah blah! This year is set up to be such a great game but NO ONE is willing to go for the big kahunas! I want more guests playing the game rather than the -go with the flow- fearfully or hastily made noms, and no one willing to go for some great plays that were offered up on a silver platter! Of all things the so called, “sleeping giant” awoken and the beast arose! Better than the lack luster, rather dull and cowardly play Zach made or the safe noms by Pillar or the cowardly played moved by Sindy! Oh yeah by the way she voted JP out not me (IE Look at me trying to pull the wool over you because that has never been done before right?!). Isn’t it usually the person who makes a whole spectacle the one who is guilty! Oh my god your diversion tactics sucked! I like a lot of these folks but game wise, snooooooze! They have set up the game so well but if the players aren’t playing than is it really a game? Hey Canada vote for this awesome twist that no one bothered with etc. Don’t hate the game, hate the players plays (or lack of …) ug! Maybe I am graving one of those big brother breakdowns!


Sarah is very affectionate. She kisses everyone straight on the lips

Jasmine H

Such Irony – GOD vs SIN! LOL!


I get you, we both have sick and twisted humor lol


Pilar and Kevin, Zach and Ashley, piss and puke!!! The move of the season is followed by the puke and gag of the season! Pilar HOH and then the mayo makeout (gag!!!!)!!!! This is literally making me nauseous.

I hope Black and Bru dial up the pressure next HOH – would love to see Kevin, Pilar and Zach as noms!!!!!


dont get your hopes up if bruno wins. bruno is so goddamn lame if he wins it’ll be sarah/britnee again woo what a big move!!!!…….(zzzzz) praying for god/sarah/sindy to win next week (assuming they make it out of this week alive…unlikely….zzzzzz)


This is just a sad excuse for casting. I can understand having one clueless person on a season, but a house FULL of them? They might as well end the season early, hand Zach a check, and shove all these clueless puppets completely up his a**.

Willow wtf are you doing? You have come to the realization that the couples do not trust or like you, and yet you throw the closest person to you in the house under the bus. Willow is a prime example of a Coaster. She wishes she was a Floater, but has no mind for strategy, poor social game, and no manipulation (influence) over other HG.

Production in Canada and America need to step it up. The competitions have been fun to watch, but that’s about it. Find people who actually understand the game (at least basically) and who actually want to PLAY Big Brother!


every year..ppl bitch and moan about the game getting boring when their favorites are in trouble. watch the game unfold and enjoy and if you no longer enjoy stop watching…


For me (and I’m assuming some others) it’s not about my faves being in trouble. It’s about people some of the types of people being cast on the shows. If you don’t know how to play the game (at the very least basically) then don’t apply to be on the show (Pilar, Ash, Bobby, Willow). If you don’t plan on making moves and taking risk then don’t apply to be on the show (Zach, Bruno, Kevin). There are so many people who are true fans who would kill to be on the show, but sure enough every year there are useless and clueless people cast.

This season seems to be worst than most. Very similar to BBUS 16 (who saving grace was Zach Rance). I liked JP a LOT more after he was evicted because he was a fan of the game, and thoroughly impressed that the house flipped and voted him out.

I’m not saying the houses have to be stocked full of superfans, but people who apply and are accepted should know the show, know the game, and be ready to play. Period.


Nail….. Meet Head… Enough Said!


When is Canada going to become HOH? Hopefully for the Triple eviction this week! That’s the only thing that will shake up the game besides whatever is inside the Have not room. Canada will nominate (hopefully) Zach, Bobby, Ash, or Bruno. I think of any of those combinations. Zach would get voted out as well as Bobby.

Then it’s Ash, Pilar, Kevin, Bruno? vs. Sindy/Godfrey, Britt, Sarah with Willow Coasting inbetween. There should be 8 people left by the end of the week then.

We hate you Moronita Pilar!

And finally the imbecile woman did her imbecile job and nominated Sindy and God. 🙁

Kevin is the biggest disappointment this year and I hope he gets evicted in the double.
As for Moronita… no, I won’t tell what I hope for her in the future…

another name

had to actually turn off the feed once bobby gave the executive order for nobody to buy anything cindy says.
only reason: the whole ego I run things do as I say spiel coming from the mouth of a moron makes me retch. he may just as well have said, I did it last week, but don’t you think you can do it. yeah. vote with the house and be a good little brainless sheep because the chop is back in business. going to forego the feeds for the night and catch up tomorrow. oi vey.


Omg thats hella hot, guys take tips that how you treat a lady.


every girls dream


Is it just me or does Bruno seem to be a cast pick molding Adel and Jon together, with his constant use of the word ‘Bud’ and his recent ‘Let’s play Canada’?


Just gonna lay it out there…. At what point did the females in BB decide that they needed to be in a showman to protect them because they were too idiotic to play the game for themselves… Become a staple of the game?


Although I don’t support it, and I could be wrong, but I think it might come from the guys doing the stereotypical “Gotta get the girls out, they are in a girls alliance! They are evil, then we massive muscles and brains can play a good game! Cause we are just so spectacular that it isn’t a fair fight with women in it! Grunt, fist bump, grunt! (AKA – we can’t get beat by a girl, our egos would implode!)


So Yo yo’s back on the block again! Poor dude.