Kevin “It could be the best birthday or the worst birthday ever!” Zach “We got this! Hopefully”

POV Holder: Godfrey Next POV May 1st
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: Sindy and Brittnee Godfrey
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin.
Host is Sarah

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-29 06-43-24-766

9:30am – 10:35am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Kevin gets up and gets the new batteries for everyone. Kevin says look at me doing batteries. Pilar says I know! Who are you right now?! Bobby, Willow and Sarah curl up in the same bed. Bobby says Happy Birthday Zach! Bobby and Willow head to the bathroom. Willow hide by the stall to scare Sarah when she comes out. Willow asks have I gotten farther with a woman than you have? Bobby says no, I’ve touched things. Willow says that she hears the projector going up in the backyard. Ash asks they only started building now right? Willow says yup. Bruno says this is one sandwich I’d like to get in on! Bruno lies with Willow, Sarah and Brittnee. Willow says I’m going to need a closed curtain shower now. They talk about Bruno back being inflamed. Willow asks is there anything else inflamed that you would like me to check out? Bruno says well actually.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-29 07-22-08-036

10:35am Brittnee heads to the kitchen to make Zach an omelette for his Birthday. Ashleigh jokes and tells Brittnee did I mention it was my birthday tomorrow. All the house guests are in the kitchen chatting and eating breakfast. Brittnee finishes the omelette and Zach tells her she is the omelette queen!! Willow says I volunteer as tribute (havenot) if I’m not HOH. WIllow says I’m in a house with some weird a$$ people, I’m sexu@lly frustrated and I’m on my period.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-29 08-02-46-660

11:10am – 11:25am Up in the HOH – Kevin and Pili are hug and kiss. Kevin says goodbye to her family and friends as he picks up one of her HOH photos. He picks up her family photo and points out their names. He gets half of them wrong. They pack up their things and leave the HOH room. Pili asks Kevin if he wants to sleep over tonight. He says yeah. She tells him to win HOH.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-29 08-28-19-082

11:30am – 11:40amKevin says it could be the best birthday ever or the worst birthday ever! Zach “Yeah!” Kevin says we’ve got this! Zach says I think so! Hopefully! Meanwhile in the bathroom. Willow says I’m nervous. Ash says it would be weird if you weren’t. Willow says I was talking about nervous about waxing. Sarah says she’s nervous about the HOH too. They talk about how it could be Canada’s HOH. Ash says I could go up because I’m not that exciting. Sarah says that’s not why people go up. Rachelle and Heather didn’t go up last year. Sarah says it won’t be a before/after comp .. they literally just did that. They talk about how the guys pee on the floor. “It’s disgusting”

11:55am In the bedroom – Zach and Willow talk about the possibility of it being a double eviction. Willow says if I win it I probably won’t have time to talk to anyone. Zach says yeah but you’ve already talked about what you would do. Big Brother announces that there are 4 hours till the live eviction.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-29 09-08-51-820

12:10pm – 12:20pm In the bedroom Kevin has constructed “The Fortress” sign out of paper towel rolls and string. Kevin holds it up and says He’ll (JP) get it! He’ll know what it is… kind of looks like 2 pen!ses though. Kevin goes to the kitchen to get scissors and modifies it and then puts it back in the drawer of the bed. (I think he’s going to give it to Sindy to give to Jordan)

Under the stairs – Kevin tells Pili I miss Jordan but its okay. Its coming to an end soon. I don’t want it to me over. Pili says me either. Kevin asks Pili if she was ever bullied in school. Pili says no not really. He tells her that he was a bully. Pili

Brittnee finishes Bobby’s hair cut and tells her its one of the best he’s ever gotten. He thanks her. Kevin and Pili tell him it looks really good. Brittnee then cuts Bruno’s hair.

1pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.
4:50pm The live feeds have been blocked for the taping of the eviction episode

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Go Godfrey!!


I agree 100%


Just watch, Zach will win HOH and we’ll have to put up with another week of the same ol’ thing. I’m hoping for anybody outside of the diaper alliance to win, but I’m not going to set myself up for disappointment, gotta see what happens and I will celebrate or throw a tantrum later :)


Do the live evictions usually start this early (3:00 EST)? I thought it always took place at like 6 or 7. I wonder if the earlier time means that there will be a double eviction.


They record the “LIVE” evictions. People that go to be in the audience say it takes about 4 hours for them to record the 1 hour show.


I realized that you meant they started taping earlier than usual. My mistake. As to that…. I don’t think they would miss the opportunity to advertise the triple eviction. The whole point of the show is to get ratings, so doing it without milking it for extra ratings seems like a bone-head move.

But….they have been making some production mistakes this year, so I guess its possible.

Or, they could be announcing it at the end of the episode and make it, yet another, cliffhanger. (Which would be extremely annoying.)


Brittnee cutting Bobby’s hair… I hope the guide falls off and she does a jack ass buzz.


Scindy…pretty well “?ead man walking” eh? Too bad…hope that glimpse of 3 evictees. We saw last week is still on! It was taken down from website as soon as word spread extreme about it…that was the plan to get everyone to tune in tonite with eager anticipation…great PR. Stunt!


Kevin please stop, the Fortress is demolished.


Is it possible Kevin plans on JPing Zach? If not this week then next? Or jury management?


I can’t see Kevin doing the same to Zach. He solely relies on the Diaper alliance as he hardly takes what others are saying seriously and often does not even consider the possibility of working with other people aside from those in his alliance (which will probably crumble soon).


Unless Kevin is trying to use Zach as a meat shield, using him to take the heat and take out most of the bigger players then swinging the other way but I just don’t see that. He hasn’t said anything about crossing Zach in the DRs we’ve been shown, and any scheming against Zach would be extremely beneficial to production’s “Kevin the mastermind” narrative, so I think his allegiance to Zach is pretty genuine at this point. Kevin also hasn’t really reached out to many people outside of his own alliance from a game standpoint, so it doesn’t seem like he’s set himself up for much.

I’ve tried to be generous with Kevin but I don’t think he actually has much game.


I completely agree with everything you’ve said and thats why I find the edit he is getting on the show extremely frustrating. Even for this past HOH, I felt Ashleigh had way more influence on Pilar regarding the nominations, yet I don’t even think she was shown more than 30 seconds in the last episode.


I think he is sending a message to JP that Kevin was more alligned to JP (the Fortress) than Zach was true to Newport and the Bromuda Triangle. Zach said a lot of things to Kevin that dissed JP’s game. Zach also refused to take responsibility for the eviction. Kevin knows that JP was legitamitely distraught that Zach would not remove JP from the block.
So if Kevin and Zach were F2, then Kevin may want to communicate to JP to secure JP’s vote for Kevin.


The person I least want to win is Willow, this sounds terrible but I don’t want her to feel validated by some lucky HOH, she does suck and she can’t be the power move in this whole flip because she’s the Britta of BB… that over the top enthusiasm bout EVERYTHING drives everyone in my family crazy. We all groan when we see her now.


I forget what season was britta?

River De Nial

“Willow and Sarah talking about Bruno being a little loose lipped around Kevin. Sarah wonders why he feels so comfortable around asks if it’s because the thinks Kevin is “Kinda a idiot”. Willow thinks so.”
Too funny! And I thought Kevin was trying to be an idiot by as


I’m actually kind of floored by Kevin, I mean, Godfrey spilled EVERYTHING to him and he was still clueless as to what happened after the blindside last week.

River De Nial

Willow and her one-liners actually provide a bit of comic relief in that boring house. Her game is actually coming to life now too.


I will be incredibly disappointed if only one houseguest is evicted this week. I want to see scrambling…a few blindsides…maybe a few tears. I despise all of this cautious gameplay. If at least half the jury isn’t bitter and cursing your name, you didn’t play the game hard enough.


How sweet would it be if Bobby were to lose the game because of Sindy’s vote? She’s going to jury Bobby, wake up! That said, I really want him out ASAP


That would be sweeter than maple sugar. But Bobby will never make it further than jury and the sooner he goes… the better.


Ashleigh saying she is not very interesting has got to be the understatement of the season.


We must give her a tiny bit of credit for having some of the self-awareness that the rest of her alliance is TOTALLY lacking.






Nothing better than to keep on posting as me? This is old.


Can someone explain to me how Zach and Kevin are so deluded into thinking that Bruno/Bobby are not going after them?
Like does Zach not realize that it took 5 people to vote out his best buddy, two of those votes coming from Bruno and Bobby.

River De Nial

* And I thought Kevin was trying to be an idiot by as*ociation (with pilar). I like Pilar’s sweet earnest personality. I just wish she would buck these diapers off her back.

River De Nial

I’m one of those who wants Zach to stick around just for the aesthetic appeal. I’ve given up on admiring him for his game.

Jeff Probst

He ain’t cute, he crunchy.

Moronita Pilar

Kevin is BY FAR the most annoying houseguest — and that after excluding Moronita and Ashleigh! Zach comes across as a nice guy in comparison with Kevin who will remain the biggest BB disappointment since 2001 — when I started watching BB.

LOVE you Sarah, B, Bru and God!


I would love for Kevin to stab Zach in this game…nice backdoor. :)

In the meantime Go Godfrey!!


Want a natural double next week. Don’t care which 2 go just 1 from diapers and 1 from BBG. I despise Sarah but better she and B stay and the numbers get cut to 2 3 2 and Willow. Don’t want 2 to go from any alliance the game will become unbalanced. If you really like a reshuffle evict Bruno and Zack. Boy would the house Dynamic change.
Don’t think there gonna due 3 up 2 go home. I truely hope they rethought that one. Just 2 regular evictions in a week 1 from each.

What I think happens…
If Diapers win Sarah/B go up with GOD the renom. BBG win Zack/Kev up or Ash and the renom Kev Ash. That’s the 1st HOH. Second if diapers again Sarah or B/GOD. BBG go Diapers no matter what. For Zack to Survive he better win POVs or diapers HOHs. Votes there to evict him for sure.
Ah what if B/Sarah win HOH? Up go diapers same as BBG. After diapers gone where do Sarah/B go to get F3? I think it’s a bad strategy personally. Not saying Diapers better but weaker folks than BBG. Willow will follow the house.
Only excitement is Zack up wins POV and now know BBG where gunning for him all along. Best for BBG is Sarah/B HOH and nominate diapers. Zack is so stupid it’s incredible!


If I was Sindy and Kevin gave me the fortress/penis looking thing to give to JP. I would ask him to give me his vote and I might just deliver to JP, but if he doesn’t I would break that stupid thing in half and throw it in his face during eviction. How you like them apples, fortress out.


You just made me think of Jodi! And Wil’s song for her. “I ain’t nobody’s mama! Jodi out!”


hoping for either a britnee, sarah, godfrey or bruno HOH win tonight


Rip in Zach, if don’t win any power tonight you are screwed. You will be screwed too Kevin for aligning with him. At this point, Bruno and Sarah are the ones to watch out for in the house. Sarah’s social game has improved, and Bruno is strategically strong.

I still find Bobby incredibly cute when he thinks he is so smart when that is not the case. Willow is nothing but a rat floater.

another name

given number of people in the house vs. how many weeks are left, perhaps bb will change the nomination voting structure for every week until final four hgs. three nominees, veto, vote not to evict, but to save one of the three. would explain the structure of the shown then removed prediction box.

another name

sorry for double post. thinking about 10 person jury. bbcan 2 reading the vote took about 60 seconds. at most. they didn’t even pull the Canada vote key to announce the winner if I remember correctly. I guess their solution is either larger jury with a Canada vote to make 11 vote jury, or ten person jury with a Canadian vote to nullify the choice a particular juror or jurors to get back to the seven person jury.


Very smart observation I must say. 1 vote to save rather than 2 to evict. Yeh this makes perfect sense. I really hope it doesn’t happen for reasons I’ve stated on other threads. Thanks for a great comment.


Willow’s statement about Jews in concentration camps got more respect than Zach has shown to her during this game……… Was in extremely poor taste (as the grand-daughter of a man who helped free the prisoners at Dachau) imo.


With one comment Willow can go from a mediocre BB player to detestable in my opinion.


I want Bruno to win this HOH and I want to hear his speech so bad. Boo to the “Diapers”- Big Brother, please stop putting whiny babies on the show! They need some older smarter people in there. I think the age range should be 25-50 then we can really see some game play because they won’t be just a bunch of young idiots- they will have smart strategies and actually have something to play for (family etc.) that is why Bruno is so interesting and why Derrick was so interesting last season.


No one wants to watch that. Derrick’s game was perfect, sure, but SO BORING.
I want him to pay *me* money for making me watch that..


I’d definitely want to watch that! People with a more interesting background than “student in college” and zero life experience would be nice to see.


Or more people, rather. We get like 1-2 people a season that are older who are awesome (Donnie!) I just want to see more of that and based on the fact that he was America’s favorite house guest last year makes me think I am not the only one :-)


They was older houseguest but people voted her because there didn’t want see her big boobs and there rather have pilar.


What’s the latest? Is Scindy still going? Still got time to predict on website…anyone?


Derek was good the whole cast rather boring…CBS gave alcohol but they would barely drink it. They recruited The Brady Bunch….because they were so scared to get real people like they got on the year before…lol…the year of controversy ! (But real people)


1 hundo % right! I am! Derek season was mostly ALL recruitment because they didn’t want a repeat of controversy … therefore boring individuals to feeders that want the action and shit!


Kevin tells Pili he became a bully in High School because he was nerdy in Junior High. If anyone needed a mental image, here it is: