“he volunteered to be the pawn shut up” -Ash “no way JP is going home” -Z

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 17
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 19
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-15 20-51-32-639

11:45pm Tickle fight 4 girls

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-15 20-51-54-843
11:51pm AShleigh and Pilar
Ashleigh pissed at Brittnee “Do you know what she keeps saying about me.. cut it out”
Pilar tell sher she’s got her back.
AShleigh – I want to be the one to get her out
Pilar mentions how Godfrey almost won the HOH.
Ashleigh – I have no idea what he would do.
Neither of them are on slop this week they are going to be eating buddies.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-15 21-04-09-953

12:04am HOH Kevin, Jordan and Pilar
talking about how close it was that Godfrey won. They mention how the diapers all looked so relieved when Zach won.
Jordan saying that the Nominations are tomorrow and to throw off the other side he should go up as the pawn with Godfrey.
Jordan doesn’t know who Zach wants to take out Bobby or Bruno. Mentions that the next HOH will be endurance and Bobby has a chance to win it. Jordan adds that Bruno is better at the game but Bobby will win the physical competition.
Kevin asks if the other side is happy.
Jordan explain they all think Zach is with them they are excited he won because they think kevin is going to be backdoored. Points Out that all the other side would talk about is backdooring Kevin.
Pilar leaves.
Jordan says as long as they keep winning everything will be fine. says they need to leave the girls to take out Brittnee.
They start talking about Brittnee and how much she likes Zach. Talk drifts to Graig. Jordan calls him a Moron. They consider Graig the worst player in Big Brother Canada History.
Kevin – the triangle is strong
Jordan – it’s so strong and nobody knows
Kevin – as long soon as Bobby goes pilar and Ashleigh nave endurance.
Kevin thinks Ashleigh is smart
Jordan agrees adds than he likes the Diapers more than the Purple Cobras.
Jordan – All Brittnee had to do was shut the f*** up .. eat your slop in your f***g corner
adds instead she got jealous with Zach and freaked out.
Kevin says that Johnny came into the house in 5th gear he needed to be in 2nd gear ,.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-15 21-33-26-542

12:33am Willow and Ashleigh

Willow telling her Risha called am a lesbian story (We’ve heard it before)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-15 21-40-42-812

12:28am The have nots. Ashleigh mentions that the have nots room is not bad becuase it’s 100% dark.
Bruno jokes that he should put his bed right ontop of the have nots light sensor.

12:50am HOH Godfrey, Jordan Zach
Zach tells them he wants to b@ckdoor somebody, he’ll put up two pawns.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-15 21-58-04-785

12:55am HOH Zach and Ashleigh
Zach – he’s like put me up
Ashleigh – he volunteered to be the pawn shut up
Zach – the whole side of the chop shop wants Kevin out and our side wants Bobby out there’s no scenario that Veto doesn’t get used..

Ashleigh – The veto gets used on JP
Zach – or god there’s no way JP is going home
Ash – that’s what you want to do
Zach – that’s what I have to do
He says the only other option it to put up is Britnee. Ashleigh says she wants to do that.
Zach says Willow is going to flip with them. Bruno will be devastated and there will be only two people on that side of the house.
Zach curses jordan says he was supposed to win that HOH so he could play in the physical one.
Zach – I had to show everyone how smart I am.
Zach warns that Bruno is going to pull in Godfrey and Brittnee once Bobby leaves. thinks Maybe Sarah will join them
Ashleigh doesn’t think Sarah will flip on them. ASh thinks Brittnee is going to nominate her.
Zach doesn’t think Brittnee will win a physical competition
Ash says Godfrey is smart but he’s easily manipulated.
Zach has a speech ready for Bruno when he b@ckdoors Bobby. He’ll mention how Bobby told AShleigh he’s coming after Zach.
Ashleigh can’t remember what he said
Zach says it doesn’t matter they’ll make up what he said.
Zach says the plan next week is for them to take out Brittnee but Pilar or Ashleigh have to do it. The guys will take out Bruno.
Zach says the funny thing Bruno and Bobby are the most loyal guys
Ashleigh – it’s so sad
Zach laughs – Its a dagger in my emotions… I came in here to form an two alliances on both side of the house.
Zach seem undecided who to back door. Ashleigh thinks Bobby should go.
Zach says after this week there will be a lot of blood on his hands
Ashleigh thinks he’ll have respect.
Jordan comes in.. they laugh at the chop shop still chopping.
Ashleigh – I chopped four times today
Jordan asks if anyone knows he’s going up yet.
Zach says not yet.

Willow and Sarah jump in for some random chit chat

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-15 22-41-51-925

1:32am Jordan, Ashleigh and Zach HOH
Zach doesn’t want Jordan to get too pissed off because Godfrey will feed on that. They need to tell Godfrey they are just pawns to b@ckdoor Kevin.
Zach says Chop Shop is super loyal to them and Brittnee isn’t, “if anything she should be going home”
Ashleigh ‘She (brittnee) Sucks”
Jordan thinks if Bobby leaves Bruno and Godfrey will come to him and try to pull him in.
Zach is worried Bruno will for an army, Bruno, Godfrey, Brittnee Willow and Sarah
Jordan – Sarah won’t
Jordan thinks they should get rid of Bruno that will break all the cohesion with the other side.
Jordan – at this point does it really matter if people know we are working together.
Jordan – does it make sense at this point.. Bobby Bruno..
Jordan proposes they blow up the chop shop with Godfrey so tehy can pull him in.
Ashleigh doesn’t think that will work because Godfrey is “DEEP IN” with Bobby and Bruno.
Jordan – Lets not f** around don’t put me up.. who are you going to put up
Jordan – you might as well put me up
Zach asks what do they do to handle Godfrey after he goes up
Ashleigh – Fill his butth*le with sunshine
Jordan – that’s what we are going to do Me and Godfrey
Jordan really wants Bruno to go.
Zach thinks they can backstab Bobby and keep Bruno.
Jordan – the plan is I’m going up Godfrey is going up
Before Jordan leaves he says Willow came up to him and said Bruno, bobby and Godfrey are in an alliance.
(They are going back and forth a billion times)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-15 22-35-19-201

1:36am Something is up…

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-15 22-55-43-210

1:54am Jordan tells Sarah him and Godfrey are going up as the pawn
Jordan – I’ll take one for the team and go up
They tell her there’s no chance the veto isn’t going to be used and if it doesn’t they have the votes to keep Jordan.
Jordan – We have kev we have you we have Ashleigh and Pilar.
Sarah warns them that Brittnee can sell them out to Bruno any second now.
Jordan keeps repeating “We have the votes”
(From this conversation Sarah want them to target Bruno)

2:12am AShleigh and Zach HOH
Zach is flip flopping who to take out Bobby, Bruno… maybe brittnee…
AShleigh says they keep Brittnee and bobby/bruno win HOH they will put up Kevin someone from the diapers.

AShleigh doesn’t want to get Bruno out. Doesn’t sound like Zach wants to either. Zach says the house will not care if Bobby goes home, Bruno might be pissed but he can deal with that. If Zach targets Bruno and Bruno goes home the house will care much more.
AShleigh – why does Bruno have to be so lovable why can’t he be more like G



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I really hope Jordan and Bruno/Bobby ends up on the final chopping block. That way lines will definitely be drawn come eviction and people will have to see who has loyalties to whom.

Votes to evict Bruno/Bobby : Ash, Pilar, Kevin
Votes to evict Jordan: Godfrey, Willow, Bobby/Bruno

Britnee, Sarah and the returnee will then have the control on who will stay and who will go. I’m still hoping it’ll be Naeha, she’s the only person who will be smart enough to jump ship to side with the meatheads and pull in Sarah with her.


That’d be so awesome if Naeha comes back and she, Britt, and Sarah are the swing votes. They’re gonna be the ones “riding the middle” moving forward.

It’ll be whatever remains from The Chop Shop+Godfrey vs The Diapers while the Fembots in the middle. They’re gonna be the new “Newport” lol


I think you’re really underestimating the sway Zach has over Willow. She’s not going to be on the opposite side of Z/Pilar/Ash.
And Sarah is snowed by JP/Zach at this point. She’s basically the unspoken sixth in the Diaper Alliance unless Naeha comes back and checks her.


If Bruno is on the final chopping block there is no way that Willow will be misted by Zach 100 percent. If Bobby gets the backdoor, Zach may potentially sway Willow.

I can support you on saying that Sarah is the unspoken sixth member of the diaper alliance, but her being a follower of Zach and Jordan couldn’t be so wrong. If I haven’t heard her gummy bears strategy, I would say that Sarah is far worst than BB16 Nicole [she blindly followed Derrick but tore up competitions]. However, Sarah is aware that as of now she is playing for fifth or six place and needs to change things up. After Naeha left, the house has Johnny and her as the major targets but within the span she was able to shift it from her to Brittany. And within this week with the chop shop and diaper alliance fighting it out, she can fade back quietly into the background without no one targeting her.



Kenneth Chow

It looks like they all have collectively decided to do that…


Pawns go home!!

Jordon “the mastermind” forgetting a BB basic. Hope this does not back fire and the POV winner leaves noms the same.
Britt maybe working her way out but what if Naeha comes back with Sarah that’s a serious 3rd alliance
Johnny comes back he just got stabbed by his friends.
Graig could be the swing vote to send Jordon home.

I really hate this idea of Jordon as a pawn.

another name

in the pawn handbook doesn’t it state that you should already have the confirmed number of votes to stay before you play the fool and volunteer? Jordan and Zach keep saying they have the votes. to sarah they say they have ash, kev, pil, and sarah. we have the votes. then say we can swing britt or willow. they need five. they say they have four. they can swing a fifth.
is this the new math all the kids keep talking about?


jordan…..if godfrey is as dumb as you claim whyy is it he almost got hoh and it serms you werent close…….and now you say you want to be the pawn….awesome.

even tho no one says anything on after dark i could tell who won hoh. based on who seems comfy and how they layup on the bed in hoh room…as in who is where. little obvious who needs to go home soon…zach…lol


I can’t wait to see the end of the HOH comp. Given the last days of studying the dates, that comp seemed to have “Jordan” written all over it. I wonder if he actually threw it…
He knows he’s noone’s target, so despite telling Zach and all his various alliances that this time he wanted to win, he might have thought otherwise… I think deep down he sees both Zach and Kevin as ultimate shields who’ll go before he does, so losing 1 of them would be a tolerable loss for him…
Either way, I’m rooting for Zach. He knows that getting rid of Bruno is the better game move , but his reluctance to b@ckdoor Bruno because of thinking he’s this nice, loyal guy seems genuine.
The only thing he’s mistaken about is thinking that Bruno is loyal to him when in reality, Bruno has been trying to convince Bobby and Godfrey to go after Zach asap.
I hope Zach sticks to his own judgement since Jordan and Ashleigh both tell him that Sarah won’t flip. We know she will/would. He’s right, and JP and Ash are wrong. As I have to say, I only see JP dragging Zach down. He’s way too cocky and always assumes that the other HGs are beyond stupid. JP said he’s a good actor, but imo he’s not at all. He’s like Ian Terry, trying to act cool as if he had read a book about “how to be cool and smug”, but his lack of social skills means the end result just isn’t convincing. His ideas are over the top and way too obvious. Seriously, if they really tell Bruno and Bobby that Zach “put him up as a pawn” without telling him first, noone will believe it.
Even if the POV gets used on God and Sarah/Brit flip and vote JP out, I think it would actually be good for Zach’s game. No more dead weight to screw his game up… Well, I guess there’s still Ash for that…


Jordan is obsessed with Brit. Talking about her looks and her obsession with Zack constantly. And is it just me or do other people not find Zack attractive? I don’t understand why Willow, B, and Ash are in love with him.


their obsession with Zach is simple…. it comes down to “lack of options” Bruno’s married, Bobby’s an idiot, Godfrey rubs them the wrong way, Kevin’s in Pilar land and Jordan only talks game and Zach talks to all of them about other things not just game talk, which was his plan going into the house

I noticed too

According to Willow, Brit, Johnny and himself. He tried to get with B in the wrap party. When Zach asked him did you kiss her. He said I wish. She turned him down. She also went for Zach (allegedly), Zach was the only HG who claims this. I’m not saying he’s lying. He told JP that and from then on, JP has been on the hate B train. He really doesn’t care if B hates Ash, he wanted her to so I don’t get it.

Sarah doesn’t help B out. She keeps on telling them she will flip. She wants Bruno out so bad she is using Brit as an excuse for them to do Bruno this week instead of Bobby. Don’t understand why she is doing this but she is dragging her down.

Potentially this could actually be a good week for JP. People like Brit/Sarah/Willow will feel bad for him for going up as a pawn. He might get them on his side 100%. I’d say it would guarantee if he was on the block with Zach. Zach is going home.

another name

last time the fembots talked together to plan, didn’t they say they had to make Zach and Jordan think they weren’t super tight, and had to play up being emotional and weak? I thought that was their strategy to get off the radar.
I think she’s using the Zach/brittanee situation to her advantage not to sell out britt, but to solidify their need to keep sarah, because they need britt for numbers and sarah can comfort and keep britt in line when she gets emotional.
I honestly think sarah is trying to get them to go after Bruno not because he nominated her, but because it will catalyze the rest of the house against z/j and the diapers. she already wen’t to Bruno and godfrey with britt to lay down the groundwork for the flip.
of course… I could be absolutely wrong. maybe she’s decided to play complete floater because she doesn’t trust any of her alliances.


Would it also not be better to have a beloved HG (Bruno) sitting next to JP should he remain on the block. It opens up the possibility of a blindside on the backdoor.

Sarah is working to keep options open.

another name

it seems to me that Jordan is intentionally trying to keep stirring the pot. in a way it isolates Zach so that his bromance with Jordan stays his strongest relationship.
example: Jordan says to willow we really have to look out for those couples eh? willow walks around talking about how the couples are going to be a problem. it gets back to Zach. he throws a f-bomb willow who does she think she is rant. Jordan plays the see man, i’m the one that has your back card.
example 2: drunk brittanee makes drunk comments. instead of letting calmer minds prevail with the whole ‘eaten for one week out of three and add alcohol to the mix so things go batshit’ justification, Jordan keeps pushing the what a bitch buttons. and tossing in the see she’s too emotional, not like you and me card.
he’ll be starting to push the equivalent of bros before… in regard to Ashleigh within two weeks. if he’s there.

Maintenance Guy

Kevin is sitting really pretty in the house right now. He will be safe this week, and once Zach’s HOH is over he will be enemy #1.

pu$$y alliances

Zach is the new Amanda, and JP is the new McCrae.


It would be soooooooooo sweet if Jordan went home on Zach’s HOH. Omg, please make this happen BB Gods.