Jordan “As a pawn I think he should put me up.. I have the votes no matter what”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 17
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 19
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-15 19-12-46-008
10:07pm HOH Zach won HOH you can tell from the HOH basket
Willow, Ashleigh and Pilar talking abut who should get the next HOH’s. Willow says Sarah should get won so she get’s a letter from Scott.

Bobby comes in and nervously asks if they are sticking with last weeks plan. AShleigh listening to music doesn’t reply Willow says yes. Pilar and Brittnee come in. PIlar starts to try to twerk, “How to you move your a$$ without you hips… I think I can twerk on the wall”

Zach comes in Brittnee, Asheligh, Pilar and Willow tell him it’s the best ipod music ever. Brtittnee says it’s the same tunes she listens to at home.

Willow calls Zach “honey” when she suggests he put the beer in the fridge.
Pilar, Willow, Ashleigh are on the HOH bed gyrating around to the music. Brittnee is on teh chair everyone figuratively s*cking Zach *ff.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-15 19-33-48-453

10:33pm Kitchen Chit chat about the double eviction and the possibility of someone coming back into the game.
They wonder if Canada will have a HOH. Jordan seems convinced there will be.
Pilar comments on how quiet the house is now. They all agree all the Houseguests who are “Catalysts” are gone. The ones that start “stuff”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-15 19-44-23-600

10:40pm HOH Bobby, Willow and Ashleigh
Bobby saying he cares more about the Chop Shop something they’ve created since day 3 than winning the money. He want to go down in history. Says it sends shivers down his spine thinking about it, “We could be one of those brigades that everyone talks about.” when Bobby leaves willow whispers to Ashleigh “I Love him when he’s like that”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-15 19-46-51-954

10:50pm HOH Zach, AShleigh and Willow
Talking about HOH competition Sounds like it was either Zach or Godfrey. Sounds like Pilar made it far then was boasting she guessed with all the answers.
Willow mentions that Pilar hadn’t even ‘Locked in’ her answer and they just kept going with the answer.

Zach – thank god Brittnee didn’t win again
Wilow -I know
Zach – B’s definitely going after you girls.. I don;’t know who she’s loyal to she’s going to flip flop this whole game
Willow – whose your target B
Zach – She’s a waste of HOH
Zach wants to targets someone that can rally the other side someone with power
Willow -someone that can flip the other side
Zach – so we have a good group of people.. I’m going to Nominate Jordan and Godfrey.. b@ckdoor someone.
Zach thinks the next HOH will be a physical. AShleigh hopes it’s endurance not mental endurance because she can’t win those. .

Jordan the fortress
10:57pm Jordan and Kevin
Jordan says Zach should put him up as a pawn it’ll fool the house, “I have the votes no matter what”
Jordan says he’s going to act mad at Zach tell everyone he hates them. They are going to sell to Bruno’s group that the plan is to b@ckdoor Kevin.
Kevin says that Brittnee told him she’s targeting Zach and Jordan
Jordan about Brittnee – She’s so f*cking stupid”
Jordan – She (Britnnee) sucks
Jordan starts to impersonate Godfrey.
Kevin – we have the best shot of winning this game.
Jordan wants to get Bobby and Bruno out these next two week “Oh my gosh man we’re so good”
Kevin – Could Sarah and B ever rally with Godfrey
Jordan – F*** no Sarah hates Godfrey.. B hates Godfrey
Jordan bring sup talking with Godfrey where he said he’s putting up Sarah and Britnee. Jordan believes it thinks Godfrey is stupid.
Jordan brings up that Zach is loyal to them so lets keep him around use him as a shield.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-15 20-08-01-388

11:08pm Bathroom Zach and Pilar

11:20pm Diapers talking about b@ckdooring someone this week either Bobby or Bruno but making them think the target is kevin. The pawns will be jordan and Godfrey



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He definitely seems like he knows what he’s doing- but volunteering to be on the block is never smart. I get his point, but just no. And imagine if the houseguests see through the plan and send him packing? LOL!

Canadian Guy

Last time I recall that happening was in BBCAN1 with a certain blonde 😉






Jordan is gonna go home because he puts his trust into Sarah and Britt too much


Sarah is his blind spot he thinks she is way to emotional to think logically


I would NEVER EVER EVER volunteer to be the pawn in the BBCAN house. Twistos twist will twistedly twist your twisted self out of the house. TOO MANY TWISTS!! Let them just play the game LOLOL


If Jordan pawn himself and goes home that’d be hilarious lol

King Silva

Jordan is really dumb to volunteer to be a pawn.

Everyone knows that Zach and him are super close so what is the point?

There is too much risk so if he is smart he will reconsider and they can still backdoor Bobby or Bruno.

Biff Tannen

Canadians might be too friendly to play Big Brother. I wish they’d twist some drama into this house. Willie-style.

another name

lmao… this has the makings of potentially overtaking marcellas Reynolds as the dumbest move in big brother history.
while I see chances of it happening as about 10-15%, if the game master gets himself evicted due to his own arrogant sense of superiority… I think i’ll poop my pants laughing.


Lol or who knows he could pull a lawon exum since the hg all have nailed it that there is a buy back

another name

I missed large portions of a few seasons when I worked vampire hours. I had to look up lawon exum. you could be right.
it’s telling that at 1:45/2am, after Jordan has gotten all the adulation from his alliance mates for taking pawn role, Jordan is subtly trying to convince Zach to go directly after his two targets and take the blood and bullets, since it’s not really worth Jordan playing upset and trying to double agent if they are declaring war anyway. I get the feeling it’s just more waiting for godot big talk from Jordan. but then, he and his boys have taken credit for every eviction so far.


This is too good. The Wonder Twins of Blatancy actually think that they have the house fooled? How can there be anyone left in there that doesn’t know Zack and JP are working together? In fact, Kevin should be getting a little worried…being this supposed observant poker player and all.

OK JP, act mad at Zach when he puts you up as a pawn. No one will guess it was planned. Maybe they will even throw the veto comp to you because they feel so bad for you. Once again, production has cast what they think will be the next Ian…and instead of a sweet, endearing, nerdish super fan…we get another cocky, egotistical, know-it-all, a-hole who never stops self-congratulating or constantly auditioning for a future side-show gig.

I tried to root for Newport in the beginning…but JP has just progressively gotten on my damn nerves…and I was hoping instead that both sides would turn on their asses. There is no doubt, that JP’s complacency is going to be his demise in this game. But, if JP somehow goes this week…while his wonder twin’s power is activated…I would finally feel some excitement and entertainment this season!


“constantly auditioning for a future side-show gig.” – BINGO!

I think he wants to be RHAP’s partner or at the very least wants Rob’s approval for a future gig! I am soooooooooo sick of JP. Want to see him walk out with no chance for return. I hope this pawn scheme backfires HUNDO!


it would be nice. Of course several people will be trying to win veto to take jp off. I hpe Godfrey wins and JP is still on the block. It will be interesting to see if people will be able to resist voting him out. Intentionally or not, Zach has already highlighted to Ashleigh that both JP and Sarah are threats for winning the game since everyone trusts them and they are not comps threats.


How amazing would it be if Jordan went home after volunteering to go the block? I might be wrong since I have not been watching the feeds lately but it seems jp and zack have gotten a little to comfortable. There are all sorts of cracks forming but their egos are to large to notice them. I am seriously hoping that if jp is stupid enough to volunteer to go the block that he goes home.


Also can I add that being a pawn usually only works if the person is useless in the game or not a theat….and Jp is on quite a few people’s radars


If Zach goes through with pawning Jordan, he will put so much voting power on The Fembots. If Jordan remains on the block after the veto and The Fembots flip on him then HE’S GONE!
Think about it! Let’s say Bobby and Jordan are on the block after the VETO,
VOTES TO KEEP JORDAN : (The Diapers) Kevin, Pilar, Ashleigh
VOTES TO KEEP BOOBY : Willow, Bruno, Godfrey
SWING VOTES: (The Fembots)
If Britt and Sarah are smart enough to realize this they will have so much to bargain with.
If Newport are smart enough to realize this they would put Britt on the block


I forgot to put returnee’s vote into the account but it won’t matter cause 5 votes is still the majority


That is the dumbest move because he could go home pawns go home. The best way to nominate is Bruno and bobby so that at least one of them goes.


Jordan is tryng to play Dan’s mist with this move. Sorry JP – we’re just not that into you…