Zach “This backstabbing is going to go so far into his back it’s going to come out the front”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 17
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 19
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-16 09-39-06-300

12:40pm Up in the HOH room – Zach talks to Ashleigh. Everyone feels the same way about me as they do about Sarah but not after this week. Zach says that Bobby is just so bad at this game. After this week everyone will still want him out. Zach says watch next week he wins HOH and gets me out. Ash says no he’s not. You’re so set up in this house. Zach says this backstabbing is going to go so far into his back it’s going to come out the front. He’s not going to see it coming he’s so loyal to us. Zach says Bobby has to get real close to you. Play him like a fiddle! …because we don’t want him coming after us next week.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-16 09-46-27-592

In the living room – Kevin, Bruno, Pilar, Godfrey, Zach and Brittnee are hanging out talking. Bobby says his longest relationship is 2 – 3 months. He says he thinks the reason he hasn’t had that long of relationships is because he’s been scared to pull the trigger. Pilar starts talking about her past relationships and a guy that was controlling.

1pm – 1:15pm Big brother opens up the storage room and the house guest find new BBCAN fan picks on the food. Bobby looks at the girl and says “Another beautiful girl!”

1:20pm – 1:30pm In the bathroom – Zach comes up to Ashleigh and asks “Have you put in any work?!” Ash “No, would you just chill!” Zach pretends to play a fiddle. As he walks out of the bathroom. Ash says trust in me a little. Ash tells Pilar this will be a good week. Pilar says because we’re safe. Ash says yeah and because there’s going to be some backstabs. I have to reel in Bobby for when Bruno goes. You know whos going up today right? Pilar says JP and Godfrey? Ash says yup. Then the veto will be played and then take JP off and then decide who would have more votes Bobby or Bruno. It’s going to be a bumpy ride so strap on your seatbelt.

Big Brother Canada 3 2015-04-16 10-25-46-462

1:30pm – 1:50pm Up in the HOH room – Jordan says if Godfrey gets house guest choice I will tell him to pick Bobby. Jordan says if I will just throw it. Kevin says I will just dog f**k it. That way they still think the backdoor plan is still in effect. (One side of the house thinks Kevin is the backdoor plan when in fact its really Bruno) Jordan says next week is operation Bob slop… we’ll put Bobby back on slop. Zach says he is so bad at this game. Kevin leaves. Zach says this week Ash has a guitar .. that guitars name is Bobby! Zach says I don’t see me losing many competitions. Jordan says it doesn’t matter at this point.. win every HOH. Zach says and if they put me up it doesn’t matter we still have the votes. Jordan tells Zach to just Frank it (Frank Eudy BB14). Zach says Bobby is horrible at relationships in this house. Godfrey just pisses everyone off. Zach and Jordan decide when Zach throws up Bruno then Jordan will tell Godfrey that Bruno was in an alliance with us and he said he was coming after me (Zach). Jordan lets just form another triple with me, you and Godfrey. Because then we can control him. Jordan says we’re in an alliance with everyone. Jordan says Bruno won’t even come after me because I sucked his d**k for three weeks. Jordan says if you can win the veto win it and pull me off. I am just going to throw it and so people can continue to think I am week and a dumba$$. Zach says I hope B and Sarah hope we’re with them … we need to make a final 4 with them. Jordan laughs. Zach says I don’t care. Jordan says my parents are going to kill me when I go home .. like why did you volunteer to go on the block! Zach says you’re 100% safe though. Jordan says now the fact that I volunteered we can convince Pili to go up as a pawn saying I did it. Zach says never again will being a pawn be this safe. Jordan says Ash is a huge asset to us. Zach says she is and so loyal. It’s our social games that make our games so good. Jordan says it’s time to make some moves.. its week five lets get it going! Zach says while we were sleeping we made the right moves. If even one of those people were in here it wouldn’t work.

Big Brother Canada 3 2015-04-16 10-34-43-532

In the havenot room – Ashleigh starts “playing Bobby like a fiddle”

2pm – 2:30pm Ashleigh heads up to the HOH room to tell Zach and Jordan all about the conversation in the above video that she had with Bobby. Ash says I could see him sigh with relief. If Kevin doesn’t go up he is going to start to question things. Zach says if Bruno goes up people are going to question it too. Ash says I told him that you (Zach) and I are too busy sucking face to talk game. Zach laughs. Bobby joins them and the conversation ends. Zach says his nomination speech for Godfrey will be “nap time is over, please take a seat!” Jordan asks what’s mine? Zach says I don’t know. I’ll probably just shred you for good tv. Bobby leaves. Ash says that next week if Bobby wins he would put up Britt and if Kevin wins (veto) he would put him up. It is going to be an awkward couple days after. Ash says from here on out I will say Kev, Kev, Kev… Ash and Jordan remember when Bruno was going to flip the votes on Bobby week 1. Jordan says post veto you have to bring that up. Godfrey was there. Ash says if Bobby comes up to talk to you, you need to tell him about how Bruno tried to flip the votes on him. Jordan says not until after the veto is played. Zach says that he’ll tell Bobby that B, Sarah wanted you up on the block this week but I didn’t do it because I trust you. Jordan says he’s an idiot. Jordan leaves and says I can’t wait for your speech. Zach says JP you’re a little slim. Ash says yeah just rip him. Bobby joins them. Bobby asks you still going for Kevin this week. Zach says yes. Bobby says if you keep me safe this week I’ll keep you safe. Zach says B’s pushing for you. Bobby says literally if you get Kev, I’ll do whatever you want if I get HOH. You can trust Bruno too. Zach says I know. Bobby asks so God and JP are going up? Zach says yeah. Zach says if Kev wins it we would have to put up B (Britt). Bobby says Bruno is ride or die. I’ll make sure he’s good because when you come off HOH you’re a little paranoid. Bobby says hopefully everything goes according to plan this week. Zach agrees. Bobby leaves.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-16 11-24-52-879

2:35pm – 2:55pm Ashleigh says I literally begged on my knees for him (Bobby) to not say anything to Bruno.” Zach says I don’t want him questioning anything like that right now. You shouldn’t have even brought up questioning Bruno. It’s in his head now. Ash says I want it (veto) to happen tonight. I don’t want him going and speculating with Bruno. I’ve never had to trust him before. Zach says you shouldn’t have put it in his head. F**K! Ash says Bobby is just so all over the place. Ash says this week is going to suck and next week will suck but regardless you’re still sitting pretty. You have to have moves under your belt. Zach says I want to win making big plays. I’m going to have to go beast mode in competitions. I just don’t want to get b@ckdoored next week if there’s a double eviction. If I walked out that door I would puke right on Arisa, I’d be so sick to my stomach. Zach says I just can’t have Bruno in that POV comp. Him winning is worst case scenario. Ash says if Bobby wins he would take someone off thinking you’re going to put Kev in their place and instead you put Bruno. Zach says yeah and that would hurt me even more. Ash says tell him to throw it. Zach says I’ll tell him I’m throwing it to Godfrey and JP. Ash asks Do you think if I tell him to throw it? Ash says I’m scared to talk to him (Bobby) any more… Zach says yeah you already did enough damage. Zach reveals to Ash that he’s also a chemistry major in school too. He tells her that he applied to med school. My heart really wants to be a football coach.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-16 11-52-47-655



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Why am I NOT surprised that Zach is having a power trip? On a personal game level he is insufferable and ridiculously arrogant. On a game level he canโ€™t keep his mouth shut. How does he expect to play a strong game when he, Jordan, and Kevin canโ€™t get out of the damn storage room? Itโ€™s like they live in there or something. Do they really think the house is blind? I would love Sarah forever if she flipped the house on Jordan and Zach.


I would love it too, but im afraid its too early for Sarah to make that big of a move…she needs to sit back and just wait to see which side comes on top until she makes a move…if she just flips like that…she will risk being a target as Zach is in control this week, she cant go against him so soon. ..the veto hasnt even been played which could change things…not to mention, someone is about to come back. ..lots still in play…sarah cant flip the house without getting in trouble…i think she is doing the correct thing right now…


BBCAninsider interviewed Johnny today.. He knows about the Diapers (But calls it the Couples) he knows about he Chop shop and claims if brought back in he’s going to blow Zach’s game up. He’ll expose all the alliance the second he walks in. It’s worth a read:

Also Johnny has compared notes with the other houseguest as they are staying together. He points out that Naeha will be blowing sh1t up to.

Team whatever blows up the alliances this season.


I wish all five could come back in and then i would root for their alliance. Even Graig lol


Sorry but this confirms me that Johnny should not go back to the house. He is blinded by his love for Kevin and will definitely not bring anything much to the table. He may blow up Zach’s game but him trying to align himself with JP is just preposterous and a waste of a week. I’m still rooting for Naeha to return, she has an idea of what is happening in the house and completely trusts Sarah who’ll spill all the beans to her.

another name

well I should hope he knows about the couples, otherwise what a complete waste of gummybears. if jonny got back in, sure he has all the alliances down. but what would he do? blow up Zach… that’s a soundbyte if ever I heard one. he would slide back in to his emotionally myopic kevin obsession. he can’t exactly get back in with britt and sarah. and winning one competition apparently makes everyone a beast these days, so he will be back in the same why do the cool kids hate me position he was in before he left. I say this mostly because I don’t want to hear any more of his baby voice affect in scripted d/r. his d/r edits were so annoyingly what if gary (from season 1) and heather (from season 2) had a baby.


Hey Simon, it would be just amazing if they allow the 5 voted out to all enter as a group in which the the HOH winner nominates groups for eviction and the POV can save an entire group. Just think what a game changer it could be in which 5 current House members have their group voted out in one week….. Outrageous


That would be crazy, I have no idea what sort of competition they will be playing… I’m really hoping for some sort of shake up this week hopefully the twist or Noms bring that.


As much as I don’t think it’s fair for people who are booted out of the house to be able to talk to the other house guest and compare notes…I would love to see Johnny blow the ish off the house…I’m tired of watching Zach and JP think they run the house and I want things exposed. Even Asheigh’s acting like she’s running the game when she wouldn’t know anything if Zach wasn’t feeding her ALL the information. She’s done nothing she has not influence and she is acting like she is making moves in the house.

Now Sarah actually knows what’s going on in the house and I would love to see her put her gummy bear plan into affect, but I think she has been sabotaging Brittney too much in the last couple of days…she’s doing a good job in taking the target off of her which is great for her game, but she really has no other allies because “they” the Diaper (such a dumb name) alliance is going to turn on her very quickly.

I’m rooting for Bruno and B at this point and I don’t even mind Kevin, but I’m tired of watching the Pilar’s and Ashleigh’s get carried.

Last year Neda was a player and was strategic she didn’t just let her showmance pimp her out.


I wonder who zack is planning on back dooring… Kevin or bobby???!


Looks like Bruno is toast ๐Ÿ™


Right now this plan to backdoor Bruno is fraught with Danger.. JP being a pawn, Zach/JP underestimating the house, Someone coming back in to skew the votes


if JP is still on the block when the evicted houseguest comes in to blow up zach and JP, it could be a wild week!!!


I so hope that the nominations are made before a HG returns, as that could change the plans. This is epic, BBC redeemed themselves on this one. Last night’s show sucked big time and I was one of those to stated even if you read the spoilers tune in cause there is something to watch. Last night was ridiculous. More secret missions. Poor, Bruno is so going to regret his decision!!!


In the past Big brother either returns the House guest with immunity for one week before the Nominations or no immunity after the nominations. Of late they have been returning with immunity before the nominations.


I agree, it is time for Zach and JP to come off their high horse. Btw, the more I look at Zach the uglier he becomes.


They are insufferable, all they do is talk game and now they are pushing everyone else as the reason for back dooring Bruno, if you’re going to do the blind side then own it!!!


It’s a shame BB shot their wad on the Canada eviction too early. They should’ve saved that for a later eviction, such as this one. Letting Canada evict someone after 2 days was way too soon.

I would love to see Jordan’s face drop if he’s still on the block after the veto and Arissa announces Canada will be the ones doing the evicting. Actually, Jordan’s arrogance knows no bounds; he will probably think he is safe and spend the next several days bragging to Zach about how much Canada loves Newport.


We would get another insufferable podcast, followed by a JP soliloquy to the feedsters informing us on what is happening. sigh.


bobby wants kevin out because of pilar.. he thinks that if kevin goes, pilar will give him a chance… bobby is inlove with pilar.

another name

but didn’t bobby wanted kevin out long before Kevlar?
imo bobby’s tunnel vision to get out kevin is because he targeted kevin and he missed. kevin didn’t go home. kevin has said he knew he was going home if he didn’t save himself. with bobby in the room. now all he sees is kevin because he thinks kevin will come for him if he doesn’t get kevin out first.
otoh, think of the babies bobby and pilar would make… maybe one of them could explain how to play big brother to their parents with a pop up book. (sorry, that was facetious, I’m sure neither is actually stupid, I think they’re both just in over their heads in the game).

another name

judging by every other week, nominations are usually Thursday or Friday early in the day. returning houseguests compete Friday for a return ticket. no chance of automatically nominating the returned. power of veto competition is usually Friday or Saturday. pov ceremony is usually on Sunday or Monday. why do I get the feeling the returning houseguest will go in on either Sunday or Monday?

just here

maybe because arisa literally told us the KFC challenge would be on sunday

another name

I thought she was saying it would be shown on Sunday’s episode.
sorry if i’m confused.


think they are competing friday, hence the feeds scheduled to be down.

no hate please

to be honest, it’s kind of unfair that the evicted houseguests get to live together
like if graig had not been sequestered with the rest, no one else could have known about the chop shop and this twist is too unfair to people who have played a good first half of the game


I am not sure how exposing the chop shop ruins Zach’s game. He has not hidden the fact that he has the Bros. trust, so he will just be shown to have been playing both sides from the middle. Most, except Bobby and Pillar and maybe B seem to to have him on there rada already.

It may blow up Ashleigh and Willows game, but that’s recoverable.

no hate please

even if the evicted houseguest goes back into the house and blows zach’s game up
it doesn’t really matter
kevin, jordan, pilar, ashleigh, and willow will still trust zach
sarah and britt already don’t trust zach
bruno and godfrey already don’t trust zach
bobby won’t really care since he is in the chopshop


Very true, but having it all out in the open will be more exciting and people will stop waiting for the time to be right to make a move.


I’m confused, so Parhar and Godfrey are going up, and if Zach/Kevin win pov they will pull Godfrey down and put up bruno?? Is that the new plan, can someone clear is up for me???


I haven’t been watching the feeds today (don’t start for another hour) but have been following what is going off the side of my desk ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Diapers assume they can convince the chopshop the plan is to Backdoor Kevin and they assume the girls are on board with backdooring (Bobby/bruno). There real plan is to backdoor bruno.

If a Diaper wins the veto expect Jordan to be saved and Bruno to go up in his place.
If Sarah, Brittnee, Willow win Veto it’s up in the air what they would do. (I’m going to go out on a limb here and say they will take a shot at the Diapers)
If the remaining BRU CREW wins Veto they will use it to save Godfrey.

I’ve said it a million times this week has all the makings to be fantastic and to go down in history.. If Jordan remains on the block Johnny/Naeha come back in and blow all the alliances up WOWZER finally something unexpected happens in BB.


Thanks makes sense ๐Ÿ™‚

2 real

Zach is going to letting ashley f**k his game up…


he has her on training wheels, so maybe not.