“I’m going to nicely scare the shit out of f***ing little JP” -Sarah

POV Holder: Zach Next POV April 24
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 19
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: Godfrey and Jordan
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players Zach, Jordan, Godfrey, Sarah, Ashleigh, Pilar

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-19 14-59-44-809

6:00pm Brittnee, Sindy and Sarah
Talking about keeping Godfrey. They agree it’s going to be tough. Sarah – “We’re going to do it”
Sindy leaves.. Sarah thinks they can talk to Bruno convince him to vote out Jordan but for now the need Sindy to do their dirty work.
Brittnee – we gotta lay low
Sarah – It’s a smart move.
Brittnee – everyone knows it’s a smart move
Sarah says Zach, Bruno and Bobby have been together from the beginning.
Sarah – I’m going to nicely scare the sh1t out of f***ing little JP
She’s going to tell him Bobby and Bruno may be resentful because of Jordan/Zach’s relationship. They may be voting him out and Godfrey is certain he has their vote.
Sarah and Brittnee agree Sindy is trustworthy.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-19 15-03-05-982

6:02pm Storage room Sindy and Bruno
Sindy trying to talk Bruno into keeping Godfrey. Bruno thinks they should talk to Bobby because he’s the one they need to persuade to evict Jordan. Bruno agrees with Sindy that Godfrey staying is better for both their games. Sindy says they can hide who voted it can be 5/4.
Sindy – we can play dumb afterwards.. who voted for JP
Bruno thinks it’s a good move to get out JP BUT at the same time is stresses it’s a tough move. Bruno has doubts about Sarah he tells her he just trusts her and Bobby.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-19 15-10-53-853
6:10 Hot Tub Ashleigh, Bobby and Bruno
Chit chat

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-19 15-28-53-842

6:27pm HOH Pilar, Kevin, Zach and Willow
talking about the POV Ceremony.
Zach talking about the line he messed up “ I’m going to give you a chance to tell me why I should use the power of veto on you “
Zach – Just tell me why I should use the power of veto on you. (LOL)
Godfrey told Zach that he woke a sleeping giant and “I want your (Zach) blood on my hands”
Kevin thinks production is pressing the twisto twist button too much. They agree that was the best Power of Veto Ceremony to date.

Don’t use the power of veto I want your blood on these hands. Godfrey also said Zach should use the veto on JP.
Kevin – “that is when I lost it”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-19 15-34-08-000

6:34pm Storage room Sarah and Sindy
Sindy gives her the rundown with Bruno. Bruno is down with getting rid of Jordan, “He wants to keep Godfrey for numbers to get Zach out but he’s worried about you”. Sindy adds that Bruno is going to talk to Bobby but is worried about Sarah he thinks she’s going to want Jordan to stay. Sindy told Bruno if Jordan stays he has Zach, AShleigh, Kevin, Pilar, but if Godfrey stays he’s with them.
Sarah – Are you sure he’s not lying (bruno about getting rid of Jordan)
Sindy doesn’t think so but she’ll ask him again she adds that Bruno told her he only trusts her and Bobby.
Sarah says if Sindy can get 100% confirmation from Bobby and Bruno to keep Godfrey they are going to roll with the plan.
Sindy thinks even if the four of them are together (Chop Shop) they have to get rid of Zach eventually.
Sarah – they are resentful for Jordan swooping in
Sindy says Graig started the Chop shop day three.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-19 15-45-23-330
6:44pm Kevin and Zach bathroom
Zach saying that Kevin is off the radar of the chop shop he’s good for next week.
Zach – We’re still going to move forward.
Zach warns that Joprdan has the best social game in the house he’s good with everyone he’s safe this week.

6:49pm Work out area.
Zach saying that Jordan is going to stay with a unanimous vote. They have such a good social game they have everyone brainwashed that keeping them in ads value to their games. Zach says they are both sitting pretty good.
tell him it f****g suchs that he’s on the block.
Jordan – you did what you have to do.. I volunteered for it

Jordan – As soon as godfrey went outside everyone went inside.. I feel awful for him.. It”s game but he’s a nice kid.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-19 16-01-51-230

7:00pm Zach, Jordan and Sarah
(Prior to Zach coming in)
Sarah tells Jordan that Godfrey thinks he’s got the votes, ‘He’s pretty sure”
Jordan brings up just talking to Godfrey and he said he thinks he’s done.

Sarah didn’t know Zach was so close to Bobby and Bruno. Zach tells her he’s not going to run deep into the game with the guys. Zach explains he didn’t use the veto because given what is happening in the house with the 12th player it was too early, “There still SOOOO much game left.. SOO much game.. there’s only 4 f****g people gone”
Jordan mentions on Wednesday they are almost 1/2 way done and still have 11 people
They bring up Willow, Zach can’t trust her. Jordan finds her annoying.
Sarah leaves. Zach calls Willow a rat mentions how she’s told him something about every person in the house.
Jordan – she’s a nuisance she’s a thorn in my side.
Jordan – I’m like G now I look at her and she’s so annoying..
Zach – She’s talking shit about Bobby to Sarah.. and She’s in the chop shop
Jordan – what is she doing.
Zach – Is Sarah OK
Jordan – She’s 100%
Jordan isn’t worried about Sarah in the least.
Jordan says he’s going to throw the next HOH because he doesn’t want to be the person to take Cindy out. Zach wants targeting Willow to be a priority.
Jordan thinks Brittnee will back door Bobby but they can convince her to take out Willow. Zach wonders if he should be the one to take out Willow. Jordan – it’s a waste.

(Video uploading. The first bit is Sarah, Jordan and Zach the last Half is Jordan and Zach one on one)




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ahh, poor jpach. they are so delusional it is kind of tragic 😉

it is not too soon for sarah to try to talk to bruno and try to repair his illusions maybe the only way to undo the damage caused by zach to godfrey.


I hope this happens! I love a good backstab. Especially when they’re so cocky.


YESSS Sindy was playing dumb the whole time THANK GOD. All that Jordan kissing was for show – and she knows what she’s doing. If Bobby doesn’t roll with this he’s an idiot. Him and Bruno were in hot water this week and luckily got saved. Bruno already screwed up a shot last week they should not pass this one up. Getting Jordan out helps everyone as he’s sneaky and is in good with everyone, and is Zach’s side kick. If he goes this week I’m going to lose it laughing.


I really hope Jordan doesnt go home! i was really rooting for him ):
I hope some how they find out and campaign


JP deserves to go home this week if not because he has been so cocky so far, than for the simple fact that, as a BB superfan, he should have known already that volunteering to go up as a pawn is one of the worst things one can do in this game.


Can’t wait to see JP front-doored by his own choice to be put up.


omg Zach and Jordan are way to cocky… Jordan should be at least somewhat nervous about being on the block, I would! Everyday the game changes and he should know that if he is such a superfan. I still think he will end up staying this week, I think SSB will realize that its to quick to make that kind of move, but if he does LOL!


i feel that ssb’s mistake would be not saving jordan


Jordan is Sarah’s male version of character; both are untrusthworty and, if the other HGs see it, they have to boot both of them out of the game.


if sarah start a new alliance with godfrey, bobby, bruno, brittney, sarah, and sidney. She could win the game only if they get rid of JP then zach, kevin, then ash. If bruno and bobby are smart taking out godfrey is a total waste they should start think take out the person who is really close to zach.


There is literally NO way that SSB could take on Bruno, Bobby, and Godfrey at the end. Cindy with an S is the only physical competitor in SSB whereas BBG has three physical competitors and one mental competitor. Moreover, even if those were the final six, Bruno would play even harder to take Sarah out and let Bobby take out Britt and then try to knock Cindy with an S out in the final four.

SSB has a chance of beating Kevlar + JP in a final six. It is much smarter gameplay to keep JP around, milk him dry of usefulness, and THEN cast him aside. There are too many ways that SSB knocking out JP could go wrong.


ohhh the game is getting good 🙂 This back stab will be SO GOOD for this season, since its been so slow. SO GLAD Sindy came back muhahaha


I don’t think SSB + Bruno/Bobby is going to work. Bruno has 0 trust in Sarah, and she likely doesn’t trust him much. Maybe I’m missing something, but I see no benefit to keeping Godfrey. He can actually do well in comps. Jordan? I’ll admit that he has good social game and is pretty good being sneaky, but I don’t think he’ll do much better in comps than Sarah has (even when he starts trying). At least not physical comps.

If SSB got rid of Jordan they would lose their connection to Zach and Kevin. Bruno/Bobby could turn on them in a second and they would have the CS, Godfrey, Kevlar, Ash, and Zach against them. Bruno already had a shot at Zach, JP, Kevlar, and Ash, but didn’t take it. And he seems hell bent on taking Sarah out.

Don’t do it girls! I think you may all regret it. Sarah is right about needing to scare JP, but she needs to scare him more her way. I hope SSB either gets smart or chokes out of this plan. As much as I want to see JP getting taken out they need to milk him till he dry and then discard him.


I’m afraid there is nothing to be milked out of Jordan as there is nothing to be milked out of Sarah.So far both of them have proven that neither of them has nothing to offer to the others , but only to take from them.


I disagree Alex. They can offer each other numbers.

Think about it. If Zach is the first victim of a DE night then the only way for Sarah and JP to retain majority would be to join forces. Neither can turn to Bruno/Bobby. SSB, Kevlar, and JP makes six against what would be left of the CS (Bruno, Bobby, Ash, and Willow).


I totally agree with your rationale, except for the fact that … I’m not a fan of SSB, Kevlar, and JP/Sarah, but rather one of the “other side”. Besides, the risk of being screwed up by JP/Sarah outweighs by far the improbable benefit of having of just on single vote “just in case” . Just my 2 cents.Peace.


Yes please!!!!! I love a healthy serving of flipping back-stabbing. I hope this really happens.

No shade!

ohhhh how I wish/will for Jp to be evicted ..you don’t even know..YOU DONT EVEN KNOW !!!


LOOOL ‘how you will for JP to be evicted?”


Jordan could be this year’s Arlie…cocky super fan voted out early. Too much airtime for Pili…yawn.


Sarah has waaay bigger balls than Zach!


First of all, Sarah you do not have the social skills to rally the troops in the house. Dont get me wrong, I think she is smart, but her social game is not as strong. Brittnee only needs Zach to kiss her and she will kiss SSB goodbye, Thats why she has been wearing his hat all day. Bobby is so cute when he thinks he is a mastermind.


JP thinks he has Sindy wrapped up around his finger , but it seems it’s rather the other way around.Wooow! Now i have to recant what i said about Sindy coming back into the house that is the worst option.It looks like the game is heating up!


Ohhh how I wish/will for Jp to be evicted.you don’t even know …YOU DONT EVEN KNOW!!!!!!!


Oh I know! Lol everyone else don’t even know lol


does sindy trust jp?


she doesn’t trust him because he is too close to zach.


It would be extreeeemely hilarious if JP leaves on Zach´s HOH by iniciative of Sindy (showmance) and Sarah (He has her “on lock”)


I would rejoice to hear Peter calling Jordan at Sideshow “you are an idiot” just as Jordan did to almost all the house guests.


I honestly think Bobby will see this plan as the girls teaming up and trying to take a hit on the guys, and this ultimately back fire on Sarah, Sindy, and Brittnee.


I agree Scott. Bruno/Bobby are so worried about a girls alliance they are blind to practically all else in the house. SSB needs to stop while they are ahead. None of them are on the block and they can use JP moving forward.

Down with Newport

Man I hope Sarah & Sindy can find a way to get JP out of the house, he is so annoying with his super-inflated ego. JP literally runs all around the house telling people lies & calling people idiots; I would love to see him go home after volunteering to go on the block now that’s an idiot.


This is a time where Sarah needs to keep her emotions in check and be a “Fembot.” If you can tell when JP is lying to your face then that is a GOOD thing. And you made him confess! Sarah needs to think long term. There are still going to be 11 people in the house next week.

If one of SSB (hopefully Cindy with an S) win HOH and put up Ash, and Willow as pawns and win the veto they could BD Zach! Once Zach is gone JP will be forced to join them because Bruno does not trust him almost as much as he doesn’t true Sarah. If JP goes to SSB then so will Kevlar. Pick off the CS (Zach, Bruno, Bobby, Wilow, Ash) one by one.

Plus next week is definitely going to be a DE. SSB, Kevlar, and JP could take out Zach, Bruno, and or Bobby in one week.

I know everyone wants to see cocky Zach and JP go (I know I do), but SSB can use JP for more of the game.


can you post the link for today episode stream


Oh my giddy aunt! There’s actually a chance Jordan could go! Hallelujah! I can’t wait to see the look on his face! “With a vote of 5 to 4, Jordan, get the freak out of the house and go home!” I really disliked Sindy before but I am LOVING her right now for this! Sarah had better go talk to Bruno and appease him so this plan works!

I can’t stand Peter Brown but, if Jordan leaves and Peter DOESN’T rip into him, I’m going to send him a message on his YouTube channel letting him know exactly how useless he is. He had a crap alliance that played a crap game and calls crap predictions that are always wrong. If he doesn’t rip into Jordan, it’s just further evidence that he STILL doesn’t know how to play the game himself.


I think Sarah won’t go through with it and might sell them out–I hope not. Also don’t think Brit. Will either


I just thought of something. If Sindy and Sarah can get enough votes to save Godfrey, they NEED to go to Godfrey and tell him EXACTLY what the plan is and who is voting to save him. If they don’t, and Godfrey stays, you KNOW Zach will claim to be one of those votes that saved him and claim he “worked” to get the other votes. He’ll make up a story about not trusting Jordan because he was being swayed by Sindy, who “said” she was going to come after the guys. Zach will twist it further than any Twistos Twist to save himself.

So, hopefully, Sarah or Sindy will have the foresight to tell Godfrey BEFORE the vote EXACTLY who is voting to save him.


Zach is HOH, so he doesn’t vote.
(assuming Cindy gets to vote, it’ll be 9 ppl voting, so no tie possible. If she isn’t, there might be a 4-4 tie, but then Zach’s tiebreaker would be public anyway)
Godfrey publicly said he wanted Zach’s blood on his hands during the POV ceremony, so it’s not likely Zach would try to sell to anyone that he’d rather have Godfrey in the house than JP.


Ain’t gonna happen….You can tell Britnee is not on board — the nonverbals….also I don’t think after this morning Bobby will keep Godfrey either.


I think instead of canda hoh have a comp where the winner would be hoh and they will be offer $10000 if they put who canada would love to be nominated.


Sindy with a F%*KIN ‘ S!!!!!!!!! Shake it up!


I meant way to go Scindy!!!


Please, for the love that all is Julie Chen, let JP leave the house… I want to see him cry like a kid that dropped his ice cream cone then promptly kicked in the nuts


Wait till Zach gets back doord. Tòo…we will see “jocktears”


At the end of the week, Sara will vote to keep Jordan because she cannot work with Godfrey. She will blame the vote on Sindy, Brittnee, Bruno and Bobby. This is not the first time she did it. She did it to Johnny and Brittnee last week. She will do it again so that she can stay in the middle and let two sides take out each other. That is why nobody in the house trusts Sara. Bruno keeps saying he does not trust Sara. If I am in that house, I cannot trust Sara either. She flips one side to another like crazy.


Even Zach gets backdoored next week. He might have the vote to stay.


Ya think?

another name

how to get to bruno and bobby:
get britt to say to Bruno ‘good thing Cindy came back, because i heard it was either you, bobby or kevin going up, and i could never vote you out.” add “sarah said she tried to warn bobby he had to win the next hoh, but thinks he doesn’t trust her so she didn’t push.”
get cindy to say to Bruno ‘jp told me about the pact. he said i’m safe cus we’re in with the other couples, first target Bruno, second target bobby, then sarah.’
get sarah to keep quiet until they ask her a question. they don’t trust her.
if they wanted to work bobby and Bruno… that would play on their already existent Zach doubt. only way it could actually work.
chances bobby and Bruno would ally with three women: same chance of Jordan never saying, ‘he’s an idiot” again.


Plausible strategy for planting the seeds of doubt in those boys. I am not sure SSB would come up with this, primarily because Britt doesn’t seem sold on ousting JP.
Britt is SSB’s Bobby.


Jp awkwardly and creepily (is that a word?) rubbing Cindy with an S’s leg during game talk…LOL ,…No wonder why she gaming so hard to vote him out…LOL


In order to get JP out, either Sarah or Bruno need to suck it up and have just ONE conversation. These goofs dont realize that they are on the same page. If and when they do that it will not be hard to get the votes. Bruno, Bobby, Sarah, B, and with a little convincing Willow will vote JP out! I am a superfan just like JP, but im sick and tired of listening to his stupid Paul impression.