First 5 are Fighting to Return “They’re playing to come back!!” They agree to a “TOP 11”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 17
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 19
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: Godfrey and Jordan
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players ?

2:10pm All of a sudden the house guests start screaming as they see the First 5 evicted house guests on the living room TV screen. The all run over to the living room screaming. WILLOW screams “They’re playing to come back!!!” “I TOLD YOU!!”

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-17 12-29-03-832

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-17 11-09-53-863

Big Brother blocks the live feeds. The live feeds return and all of the house guests are in a circle in the living room. They all agree to a top 11 alliance where if any of them come back they’re booted right back out the door.

Big Brother Canada 3 2015-04-17 11-19-06-123
Up in the HOH room – Bruno, Bobby, Zach and Godfrey agree that this doesn’t change a thing. They agree the person that comes back will go right back out the door. Bobby comments how they need Graig to come back. “They’ve been standing up there for awhile.” (Sounds like the first 5 are competing in an endurance competition) Willow says she’s going to stand right at the front door and close-line whoever comes back in the house. Godfrey wonders if the person that comes back will be the head of household. Zach says we might not even know until Wednesday who comes back.

In the storage room – Zach, Jordan and Sarah second guessing the plan to backdoor Bruno. Jordan thinks they should still stick to the plan. Zach says If I blow up that side of the house and then someone comes back.. I don’t know. Jordan says who is going to go to that side? If G saw your goodbye message he is coming after you. If Cindy comes back no, if Naeha comes back no, if Johnny comes back no. Honestly I think Cindy will come back. Brittnee joins them. Brittnee is really worried about her goodbye messages. Jordan says if Risha comes back .. she is in love with Zach. Jordan says we’ll be okay. we’ll be okay. Sarah says the thing is Bruno is 100% coming after you no matter what!! Brittnee says you’re sitting pretty because no one got blood on their hands. Jordan says I think Cindy is the best! If Johnny comes back that would be the best. Sarah says and Johnny looked so f**king strong up there! Britt says I would prefer Naeha over Cindy because my message to her wasn’t the greatest. If G comes back I’m f**ked. Ashleigh joins them .. she gives her opinion of who will drop out in what order and ends with Cindy. Cindy is coming back. Sarah says f**k this! F**k this!! Britt is really worried about her goodbye messages. Sarah says it’ll make you think twice about being a sassy pants wont it!!

Up in the HOH – Willow, Bruno and Jordan are talking. Jordan says we just wasted a week. Willow says that the two girls weren’t shaking yet. They were good. Zach asks do you think Arisa was standing there for 5 and a half hours? Willow says no she just come in there for that clip. Bruno says as a house we have to stick together. Zach says they have to be immune this week. Bobby says its unfair! Pre-jury man! Jordan says its unfair you only deserve 1 life in the big brother house. Bruno says we all said it before if anyone gets evicted.. Willow says they know when they come in they’re going to have to make those relationships again. Zach says if they come back after a Double Eviction that is such bullsh*t! Bruno says there is no way they saw the goodbye messages.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-17 11-42-44-834

2:55pm Big Brother orders all the house guests to the HOH room. Bruno thinks its to move the couches around. All the house guests pile into the HOH room. Sarah wonders if they’ll have to play out the week not knowing who’s returning

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-17 11-56-23-775

3pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

4pm The live feeds are still blocked and likely won’t come back until later today as Big Brother tweeted that the feeds will be down for most of the day due to multiple competitions taking place…

6:15pm Still blocked.

11:04pm Feeds still down..
12:33am Feeds still down..
1:33am no feeds never
3:00am no feeds for you (Vote Dawg Or Maintenance) #Pentacut
4:48am no feeds never

10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. The feeds returned early in the morning only to show all of the house guests sleeping.

*** Spoilers report that Cindy won the competition to return and that Zach won the veto

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-18 07-10-06-037




There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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oh man I was hoping the person would come back after the pov ceremony, like on sunday. This makes it so easy for them to get backdoored.


They most likely will have immunity for the week.


And will most likely “find” a clue to the hidden power in the have-not room.


They will probably get immunity… they should’ve made the First 5 comp. an HoH and that would’ve totally been amazing.

But nope… predictable season is predictable.


Best case scenario;
All 5 minus Graig come back in and replace Ashleigh Pilar Bobby and Godfrey :):):):):)


The returning HG did not play in HOH comp it’s 99% likely they will be immune or simply don’t return until after the POV ceremony which effectively is the same as immunity as they cannot go on the block the rest of the week. The 11 alliance will be 10 before the returning HG is in danger.


Whoever runs this site–great job! Thanks for up to the minute updates!


Thanks! The bloks that run it are Dawg and Simon


Come on Naeha!!!
You got this bitch <3333


Not shocked at all. Everyone in the house are weak and like the unanimous vibe, so the returnee will leave as soon as they return.

Don’t get your hopes high with this twist people.


Agreed, sounds like it will just be another dud twist, waste of time and $$ spent to accommodate these evicted house guest, UNLESS… they come in with some immunity which won’t last forever.


Whoever comes backs try deserve to be there more than Pilar and Ashleigh. What a waste of space those 2 are

Totally Disagree

Who came in and let you decide if they were worthy or not to be in the house?
They both deserve to be in the house because they both made the cast and to date have not been voted out. Anyone who thinks that they are a waste of space sounds jealous that they arent on Big Brother themselves.

They are both playing a under the radar game. Maybe it looks like theyre at summer camp but, Ashleigh was part of the Chop Shop alliance since day 3. Pilar started playing the game when she got brought into the Diaper alliance. They dont have very big personalities but they are still playing Big Brother.

Last time I checked, its the ones with the biggest mouths that get you out.
Graig-Naeha-Sindy and Johnny to a certain degree.


Asheligh has some game.
Pilar hasn’t shown much game yet, not sure if she will.


I’m not a Pilar advocate… however:
In the HOH Bobby won she was the third last person to go down and it sounds like in this last HOH she was also the third last out (leaving Godfrey & Zach to duke it out)
That’s one physical and one mental.

As per social, she has Kevin and Ashleigh on lock and isn’t on most people’s radar as a need to nominate/boot so while she may not be strategizing she has positioned herself behind a strong guy and the one girl in every alliance who loves her and will protect her. I feel she is more likely to win an HOH than almost any of the other girls based on how she’s performed and she’s tiny which bodes well for endurance.

Ashleigh is able to sway Zach who based on convo’s with her is showing he’s starting to lean toward her more than JP given he told her he is a chemistry major and wants to be a doctor. (Don’t believe he told JP that.. did he?) And the fact Zach told Ash JP/Sarah are the 2 most likely to win is the seed of a growing thought in his mind. Since JP so adamately defends Sarah all the time is Zach now worried Sarah/JP could overtake Zach/Ash as the power couple in the house? Ash is surrounded by people who all trust her and want to protect her including 2 guys who want to work with her right to the very end. The fact Zach turned on B so quick has a lot to do with her jealousy & his relationship with Ash. B didn’t pull that out of her ass Zach was flirting with her and now he’s backed off and she is a thorn in his side. It just speaks to how much he is startin to care about Ash though. If things don’t change a lot, I see Zach eventually looking to take out JP and keep girls with him (with Ash being his #1).

Sarah is doing the best job sociallye as she has JP, Britt and Ash believing whatever she tells them and now she is working on Willow (in their ever evolving …I can’t tell if this is a friendship or a semi shomance thing). When the blindside happens (either Bruno//Bobby… sounds like Bruno now) Willow will be ripe to bring completely on board by Sarah who then will have her locked for the duration with JP/Zach not able to completely win her back.

Regardless of what they say the returning house guest WILL NOT automatically be the target b/c if it’s Johnny/Naeha/possibly Sindy then Sarah/Britt/Willow and possibly God/Bobby will align to take out the Bromuda Triangle. If it’s Graig who knows b/c he didn’t even know and if it’s Risha it she’ll align with the boys b/c that’s her M.O. (though Sarah could get to her possibly).

The other factor with the returnee is based on the quick hits we got Graig told them ALL about the Chop Shop and Johnny may tell them all about the gummy bear strategy which could either work to benefit or hurt certain parties (namely Zach/JP & Sarah). I think it’s more likely Newport will be under major attack the minute the house guest returns since there are so many people unaware of all the alliances Zach is in. The timing also hurts Zach b/c he’ll be turning on the Chop Shop so Willow/Bobby or Willow/Bruno won’t trust him again and if Naeha or Sindy return they’ll likely have shared the alliance that included Zach/JP/Kevin/Naeha/Johnny and Sarah which shows Newport aligned every which way.

Zach is right to be concerned, but he screwed himself by his nominations leaving no room to back out of them and just take out an easy “floater” target (namely one of the females). Sure he can put up Britt or take out God but he’s too invested in his plan to back track now. Either Bruno or Bobby appear to be his target and Sarah has already planted in his ear that Bruno is coming after him plus JP wants Bruno out bad, recognizing his strong social/physical/mental game as being the most direct threat to himself.

While Newport don’t know what Godfrey will do it appears he also wants Zach gone b/c he is a direct threat to him since his removal could allow God to win more comps of any kind. He is definitely loyal to Bruno but more or less a free agent on the whole.

Bobby is IMO useless b/c he never reads the current situation well and isn’t perceiving any danger to himself or Bruno which could have been avoided had he not talked Bruno out of making a move last week. Every time someone close to Bobby suggests a move that could vault him/his alliance forward he stops it from happening sinking himself but more importantly his alliance. If Bruno leaves this week it will predominantly be b/c he listened to closely to Bobby.

Once again, I’m not getting my hopes up for huge changes based on how nothing has panned out (so far), however I suspect the returning house guest will be one of Sindy, Naeha or Johnny (since it was an endurance comp by the sounds of things) I’m PRAYING it’s Naeha (or Johnny if not Nae) b/c she’ll do the most damage if she returns. Sindy will run to JP hence why I’m not getting my hopes up.

Either way the Chop Shop will be exposed when the house guest returns with much of Zach’s game exposed.

I’m looking forward to seeing how:
1) Bobby/Willow respond to the blind side, Zach’s alliance with the pentagon
2) Ash/Pilar respond to Zach/Kevin being in the Pentagon w/o them
3) Godfrey learning how many alliances there actually were (Bobby/Bruno not being completely forthcoming with him)
4) Sarah/Britt learning of the Chop Shop

Great for TV: (i.e. best potential for payback moments)
1) Naeha returns as HOH and puts up Newport with Kevin as the re-nom option
2) Johnny returns and takes out Kevin
3) Sindy returns and takes out JP
4) Naeha or Johnny return and align the girls to take down Bobby/Zach/JP/Kevin
5) Naeha/Johnny return either with safety or HOH title & Newport is targeted with one of JP/Zach leaving immediately followed by a double evict with the remaining member or Newport & Bobby on block with one leaving

Personally I want Bobby out b/c he annoys me so I hope Bruno plays POV and wins so it’s Bobby leaving instead and I want to see Newport broken up just so the season has more drama moving forward. From the onset I loved Naeha (although circumstance made her play too hard too fast) and Sarah who continues to impress me by her social/strategic game.


OMG, well said!! You pulled every thought I had out of my mind and explained it much more precisely than I ever could. I am hoping for the same scenarios. Thanks for laying it all out so well!


I agree, both Ashleigh and Pilar are sitting pretty right now. I don’t see why people give them flake for it.


Wow thank you for the novel! I definitely care what your opinion is…. Sike 😉
They’re lame and useless, end of story. You can go shave your back now 😀


The way we see it yes Ash and Pilar don’t really bring much to the game. But to the people in the house they are beneficial. Those two are only good for being able to sway them into getting votes they need to evict someone. Will any of them be in the final 3? Probably(or hopefully) not. If they don’t step it up, they are just going to be dumped when they are not needed anymore.


BBCan 3 production cannot be seriously putting whoever wins back in the house before the POV Ceremony. Are they trying to make all their twist flop?

Why the hell are they all agreeing to a top 11? Even if they immediately got rid of whoever came back, it wouldn’t change the dynamics of the house.

People worry about making big moves “too early”, but if you don’t make them quick enough somebody else will. People need to keep their eyes, ears, and minds open to pivotal moments. Bruno already missed one. If the house can’t get Jordan out this week, they’ll have missed another.


The fact that everyone agreed on a top 11 alliance is too funny since the returning houseguest knows more information than they do and yet they want to get rid of them. Hope the returning houseguest is immune for a week.


have those 5 seen goodbye messages on the sideshow?


I love this…everyone is friggin out and scrambling now…maybe soon good TV this week…

Bruno's Thinning Hair

I hope Graig comes back. All the Naeha lovers obviously didn’t watch the sideshow where she freaked out and said she would go after Bobby. She is extremely emotional and annoying and talks over everyone. I cant stand listening to her for 30 seconds on tv, imagine living with her 24 hours a day! She is far too emotional and would be a waste to come back. Graig is methodical and will take out Newport. Sindy and Risha will join Newport and Johnny will probably go back to his Kevvy Wevvy after some social engineering by Kevin. Graig is the best choice for a house shakeup!


Sindy/Risha coming back in are my worst case scenarios in terms of game play.. I’m happy with Graig, Naeha or Johnny but really just want a shake up in the house.

If I want copious amounts of Nip/lip slips then Risha is the fav 🙂

Risha's fake cans make me gag

Ew, she can keep those jugs in the fridge, thanks very much. At first, I thought she was a man, and, talk about a cold fish. Sorry I can’t agree with you here, Simon.

I Agree . . . But . . .

I agree with you and I have actually agreed with most of your previous comments, however, your tag/name really detracts from your arguments. It’s hard to take a bully (someone who picks on other people, including their personal appearance) seriously. I’m assuming that you are a perfect 10 in every aspect of your being, without any insecurities of your own?

I am sure that I am not the only person that gets grossed out every time your name pops up. Not because of Bruno’s hair (he has an incredible, stand-up personality to compensate for it), but because of your shallow online personality.

Downtown PeterBROWN

LOL point?ng out that Bru’s hair is thinning is not bullying, do you even watch the show? His combover is faker than Alec Biel!


It’s endurance so Graig won.t make it. He’ll probably be the first to fall off. Well maybe after Risha. I forgot aout her, poor thing.

another name

imo graig’s injuries, although he has recovered will make him ill-suited for endurance comps if the goal is to stay balanced in one position, whereas if the comp is a standing and balance comp risha has an edge on him given that she has spent years in the service industry as a waitress (unless implants affect balance… yeah bad joke). but I think both of them are less capable of such a comp than jonny naeha and cindy. the boys in the house kept saying the comp requires upper body strength… if it is standing and balance men rely more on upper body strength for such things because their centre of gravity is higher, women feel less strain as quickly in such endeavors due to their centre being lower. i’m giving the edge to cindy and naeha.


Awesome ……… love now that there aren’t comfortable. I sure hope that someone doesn’t come back just to be put up if the veto is used and sent home. LOVE IT!!! Hey, nothing in BB is fair ……… super fans. ha ha ha


Simon or Dawg, I guess live feeds will be off till the TV Episode airs with the House Guest returning , right?

thanks again for having the BEST capsules of Big Brother in the Country.


Thanks Bohratom! I have not idea how long these feeds will be off.. I wish BBCAN would give us a schedule so I don’t sit in my cave watching that orange screen for 10 hours.


I noticed that BB After Dark is not on Slice tonight.


Hey Simon,
I noticed that BB After Dark will not be on tonight but it is on for tomorrow night.


Thanks Rocky! I also noticed it’s not on the 21st-22nd

This year is really bad for blocking


Wait, I totally thought they saw the goodbye messages? And please please let them have immunity, or there’s no real reason to bring them back.


Just watched the side show and Peter Brown is so unbearable. He’s just as much a failure as they are. Ugh can’t stand him.


Where do you watch the Side Show? I haven’t been able to find a place where I can watch it. Any links you can help with? Thanks!

I don’t like Peter Brown either, but I HOPE with all my might that he rips Zach and Jordan to shreds when they get evicted. After Jordan’s called everyone else an idiot, he deserves to hear it said about himself to his face from someone like Peter.


If Jordan gets evicted the Side show will have the biggest ratings in that shows history. Even I will watch it.

You can try the global site


I tried watching it on the Global site, but it isn’t even working even with the Hola extension.


Side Show is on Slice channel on Thursday night at 10 pm and it may be repeated on Saturday nights but not sure what time.


I agree Candace. He is the not even a good big brother player. He thinks he is some grand player. I really hated how he made sure that everyone knew he “got with ” Rachelle. If I were her I would be so embarrassed having anyone know that fact. I wish they would take him off the sideshow and put on a more likable character as there are many to chose from. Many that are much better at the game. I don’t understand why he is on the show at all.


I didn’t know he “got with” Rachelle.. That’s kinda rude he made it public.

I’m by no means a Big Brother expert I just watch the feeds, identify patterns and type what I hear. Before I put anyone down that ever was on the show I don’t believe I would do any better. With that said he was not very entertaining and didn’t seem to hold a lot of influence in the house. He talked BIG. I think he plays a character for the side show cause that’s what pays the bills, one on one I would imagine he’s a different person.

If Jordan gets evicted I’ll watch that episode of the side show other than that I stay clear of all that stuff.


tastyjane/simon Peter is a complete a$$ for sure. He indeed did tell the world about him and Rachelle on the side show week 1 – time – 10:20 10:45 for anyone who wants to witness his narcissism. Keep in mind peter born in 1986 and Rachelle in 1993 (and yes i googled this lol ) So this stellar man bragging about banging a young gal is all I need to know about his character, or lack of ! He is a d**k !


Now that Ashleigh is wanking off Zach, she’s becoming a monster. Just like the high school cheerleader and the football quarterback.


They won’t be back today—just filming for Sundays show


JP s gotta be scared now


So this is the 100th alliance created in this house? It sucks that everyone in the house is determined to quickly take out the person who comes back in. If they can only see the flops and the snooze fest that’s going on in the viewers point of view.

Also, I like that the 5 evicted house guests are competing to go back into the house rather than an online vote.


Of course they will all agree in front of each other to do that, might be a different story once they’re back with their “alliances”….hopefully anyways


Great, now we get to put up with all the, “It’s NOT FAIR for someone to come back into the house!” “You should only get one life in BB!” First, they wouldn’t feel that way if it was THEIR chance to come back in. Second, it’s childish. Third, it’s BB! They KNOW someone always comes back in! Or, at least, to expect the unexpected. “Fair” has no part in how BB is played.

But I AM laughing at them! All those people who said, “Oh, no! I’m worried about my goodbye message to this and that person…” aren’t very smart. Once they learn that the returning house guest DIDN’T hear the goodbye messages, someone is bound to tell them, “Before you came back in, Brittnee (for example) was saying she was worried about her goodbye message to you. Apparently, it wasn’t very nice…”

I WISH BB hadn’t told the house guests that someone would be returning to the house just yet. They should have let this week play out and then, after the eviction, announced it.


C’mon Fred! “Expected the Unexpected” is BBUS’s line. This is Canada, “Predict the Predictable” is what they seem to be running with.


“Predict the Predictable?” I haven’t heard anyone say that. I’ve heard them say “Expect the Unexpected” a few times. Still, as obsessed as they are with talking about BBUS, the sentiment applies. Everything is fair on Big Brother. You’re promised nothing but one winner. What’s funny is that past house guests have admitted to saying, “It’s not fair!” but, when they watched BB from home and heard people saying that, they would shout at their TVs, “It’s Big Brother! What did you expect?”


Agree shouldn’t have told them—but then wouldn’t have the willow/Sabrina footage saying “I told you” 100X.


I won’t watch the side show because of Peter Brown


Maybe Jordan will get the spot next year..


Yikes! o_0
Don’t say that Simon, the show will run 24/7 cause he’ll never shut up!! And….. we’ll have to listen to survivor stories again! ; )


This F -in. Site ROCKS! Thx. Again!




Nothing says thank you better than a donation to keep this great site running. Simon and Dawg do an amazing job to make this the best BB spoiler site on the web.


The sideshow is so harsh lol. Peter and Gary ripped Jonny but at least Jonny thanked them for being honest and listened to them kind of so it wasn’t so awkward to watch but I wish I had seen the risha/peter fight.

And I love Godfrey now for telling the girls who are saying “it wasn’t fair” that BB can do whatever they want and its not meant to be fair. Yes!!! This made me like him so much more.

another name

I scanned through the sideshow… I can’t sit and watch an entire episode without wanting to do harm to myself and others.
I thought they were honest with jonny, and a LOT nicer to him than they were to the others. seriously peter was one million times more harsh and agressive on cindy. at one point when he was going off on her I thought she was going to cry. his voice tone was less attack dog on jonny for sure. I think it just seemed harsher because gary was actually meaner to jonny than peter was.


I’m not sure if anyone had posted this before but I just wondered, what if the returning house guest is the POV holder? That would shake things up. Although the pessimist in me thinks “S” indy would come back and save JP 🙁


side show is first on slice on tursdays at 7pm PST. it appears multiple times on slice diff days and times after that and appears at least once on global on Saturday nigts.

i wish they hadnt told HGs about the comeback but i guess they wanted their reactions of watching the comp. any alliance who does not see this as an opp to increase their winning and votiing powers are idiots and really should stick focused on getting them out. it could be their downfall and that will be entrrtaining. hy fail to think that whoever gets in just succeeded at a physical challenge which maked them a great team member. plus under the radar and unexpected if it was someone they worked to evict. hat would be the smart thing for the returnee to do as well.

i am ready to see the end of britt even before pilar just because she doesnt seem to be doing anyhing oher than worried and isolating herself by loking for people t reassure her rather than working on socially connectin.

sarahvand kevin should align but kevin wont because he believe the fortress is real. dumb.


IMO while they were in a group setting the smart thing to say is “lets stick together” while in their minds they’re thinking “i hope….. comes back”


i wish BB didn’t let them know someone was returning till after the Veto ceremony, now Zach will probably do a “safe” move rather than a “big” move


Naeha back. Bruno leaves. Would be my ideal scenario. And i think JP will leave on a double eviction which probably next week


It’s so ridiculous watching JP and Zack be tighter than ever, and not even hiding it. Z put JP on the block!!! Where is the fake outrage/sadness? He is a ´superfan´ so should be devestated… And Kevin is like all cool about it… This is nuts.


Did BBCan tweet stuff like “the feeds will be back soon” in the past in such conditions?
I just don’t see why they wouldn’t let us know there’s no point “watching the orange screen for hours” as you put it… Why so rude, BB?


They tweeted on the 14th “Feeds will be down for the better part of the day on Friday, but will remain up over the weekend”

After dark is not on the slice schedule for tonight.. So.. we’re here scratching our heads again looking at the orange screen.


I’m so excited about someone coming back…let the games begin,or in this case the back stabbing, and lying…..


Has no one thought about the eviction this week – someone is gone as a previously evicted person returns. Any thoughts on if the next evicted players MAY have a chance to come back as well. Hmmm……..


I just watched the Sideshow, I like the idea of the side show but maybe with different people because Gary doesn’t really input much, and Peter, well he is just a dick to pretty much everyone. Has anyone seen Peters Hang Outs on Youtube about BBCAN2 and BBCAN 3? He is much more down to earth and much less hateful, why can’t he be like that on the Sideshow? Arlie would be great on the Sideshow, and maybe Emmett, who I thought was a great player socially and physically, Andrew would be good for comic relief. It’s time to give Peter and Gary the old heave ho. They should change the panel every year. This year should have been Arlie and Neda, next year Kevin and Johnny or Sarah maybe?


I was watching it too n I agree with u they should shuffle past house guest so that we can hear what they have to say ….Peter sounded bitter when he said ur all failure..this.coming from the original failure(yes peter ur guilty lol). Sometime i actually agree with him, I just don’t like when he goes out of his way to be a dick.


Peter mentioned on the first episode, believe, that production wanted him to be more “ARHG!” at people this year. He was much tamer last year. Slice production is creating a monster.


Pillar saying we should get rid of Godfrey instead of Bobby because Bobby is easy to manipulate is hilarious .. She is such a waste of space. and big brother should just so us all a favor and remove her mic


They all think Godfrey is an (To Quote Jordan) Idiot. He’s far from it. He’s just not running the game like Newport is. Considering all the manipulation that is going on around him he’s got a pretty good idea of what has to be done. The same goes for Bruno.

Bobby on the other had is drowning.


This conversation is pretty important for anyone wondering where Sarah and Brittnee’s head is at.


I couldn’t really hear them..are they think jordan? That would be funny! So I am hearing it is Scindy. That won–any truth to that?


It is so much fun watching these people acting like fools especially willow. It is great to see Zach sweating and his cockiness being shot down! It is also great seeing Ashleigh sweating because this game was so boring with Z/Jp/Ash/pillar and Kevin walking around so smug. It’s about time BB gave the viewers something to watch! Now give the return player HOH and really shake up the house and force everybody to play the game and stop playing “vote with the house game” . It’s about time thus game got interesting! GO Naeha! Cause some chaos!!!


I love how JP’s dad is dealing with whatever the hate he gets on twitter.. pretty funny. Apparently JP said something negative about Frankie (Good grief) and twitter attacked him. He handled it nicely, I feel sorry for the families.


That’s exactly what I’m hoping for, too. The only problem is, Zach would put up Bobby and Bobby would DEFINITELY get voted out EMOTIONALLY because most people in the house don’t even like him and see him as a physical threat. They’d keep Jordan simply because they like him better.

Zach, on the other hand, has BIG reason to be sweating bullets. He’s the #1 target next week and he can’t even compete to win HOH. Would LOVE to see him and JP on the block together, after the POV is played out. I’d squeal like a tween girl at a Bieber concert.


It took a lot of digging, but I found an upload of the most recent SideShow where they interviewed the five evicted house guests about who they wanted to go after. I no longer want Naeha to go back in because she’s playing emotionally by going after Bobby because he was happy she left. Sindy agreed with Bobby. Graig said he’s definitely going after Zach, big time. Risha would be a waste because wants to blow up Willow’s game. (???) Johnny refused to say because he hasn’t had a chance to compare notes with the others yet. (Naeha refuses to share all of her info. Why? What could it possibly hurt now?)

I never thought I’d be saying this but I’m hoping it’s Graig or Johnny that go back in. It would be wasted on Naeha or Risha. And Sindy just seemed clueless, so it would be wasted on her, too.


I would love to see the returning player returns for the eviction ceremony and then casts the one and only vote to evict.


Breaking News: The last Twistos Twist scheduled to take place on the BBCan3 season has been revealed:
when the final HOH comp is complete and we know who WOULD BE standing in the Final 2, BBCan will ask Canada to vote:
“would you like Gary Levy and Peter Brown to replace those 2 in the Final 2 chairs?”
Surprise: Canada votes “yes”. Statement from BBCan: “it wasn’t us. Canada voted, so it was Canada who did it.”
Gary wins BBCan3 and some hardcore fans ask themselves why they watched the entire season given what happened in the BB House this entire time didn’t matter at all. I hope some of you catch the cynicism in what is essentially an accurate description of what has become of BB. The original concept was: put people in a closed environment, let them compete with a set of rules, and let the best win.
Now, it’s “the best is too good, so let’s shoot him in the leg and offer the worst player a handgun since we believe it’s the worst player that should win.”
I’ve seen the very first seasons of BB in Europe around the year 2000, and it was AWESOME!


@BigBrotherCA: We haven’t forgotten about you. It’s still a very, very busy day in the house. #BBCAN3

HURRY UP, We want to see the drama, not people sucking face and sleeping


also on the twitter page the photo of the cast, johnny is in colour.. don’t know if they didn’t change it yet or it is because he is back…


Darn I wish I would have checked before.. I bet they haven’t updated it yet.


Facebook update cover photo has Greg in colour… are they playing with us??? Are they ALL coming back in????


If it’s Graig that comes back, my dreams for this season being saved are crushed.






Haven’t seen the feeds in the past couple days…mainly since they never seem to be on so thank you Dawg and Simon if it wasn’t for your recaps and videos I might have been completely done with this season. Is it only me or does it seem like every year there is more censorship on the bbcan feeds? If it keeps going this way we are going to end up like the bbau and bbuk with non – existing feeds and a production edit. I just wish they could go back to the basics and realize the thing that makes bb special is it’s like you get to watch 2 shows, the live feeds then wait to see the diary rooms to see who is screwing who over. Not sure if it’s the move to global but this season so far has really been a giant f u to the loyal fans who have made the show a success for so long and I hope they get their shit together. ..end rant…*pours another glass of wine*


So BB Canada’s facebook picture has been changing throughout the night. Showing graig’s picture in colour then switching back to black and white… How wild would that be if Craig comes back in.. So many people on twitter will explode.

Another number for the bru crew


Completely not bbcan3 related but is anyone else seeing the epic meltdown Judd is having on twitter right now?


no, what happened?


He is not happy to say the least..calling out past bbcan guests for trying to ride bbus hgs coattails..just a super possibly (not try to start a rumor) rant


*Possibly a drunk rant.*

another name

someone at a computer in production is having a laugh and saying, “this will keep them from complaining about lack of feeds” changes twitter pic. changes facebook pic. prolly the same one that thought lets tell them they broke a camera.


Okay this has nothing do with anything but .. if someone is doing well at the have not comps then do shit on HOH/POV comps wouldn’t be obvious that they are throwing it ? I don’t know it just seems obvious .. I’m surprised some people haven’t caught on to that I feel like people never catch on to that scenario .. if I was in the house and saw someone doing extremely well at the have not comps then they all of the sudden “suck” at the HOH/POV comps I would definitely notice. for example Kevin has done remotely well at have not comps then he all of the sudden sucks at the HOH/POV comps ? .. it would seem so fishy


Zach is ugly


Yuck ! And full of himself