Sindy confirms she has a vote “You’re all in 100%.. lets do it.. DONE DONE” -BRU

POV Holder: Zach Next POV April 24
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: Godfrey and Jordan
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players Zach, Jordan, Godfrey, Sarah, Ashleigh, Pilar

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-21 19-14-20-322

10:05pm Kevin and AShleigh in the backyard Kevin sprinting from end to end in the backyard. Throwing the
football, Carrying cushions etc.. “If it’s just running it’s boring for me”
Pilar joins them.. AShleigh is complaining that everyone thinks that Zach and Jordan are close and they assume the 5 of them are together, “It sucks.. there’s nothing you can do about it.. just deny deny deny”
Pilar asks who is saying this. Asheligh says everyone
AShleigh wonders if Bobby and Sindy got something secret in there, “I feel like for something that big to happen Big Brother would want a outcome”
AShleigh – another thing that makes me super angry.. not angry but anxious.. willow going around saying that to people
Pili – what stuff
Ashleigh – Ohh the couples.. if you want to work with us stop throwing us under the bus.. she has to go sooner than later .. I’m just saying.. anyone who’s talking about the couples alliance’s got to go.. Godfrey, Willow, Sindy and brittnee got to go.

Ashleigh mentions Bobby was telling her Sindy was using goldfish crackers to strategize while in the Vault.. she was explaining to Bobby the alliances in the game, “She put me you Kevin and Zach together but she also put Zach with JP”
Pilar – why would Bobby tell you this
Ashleigh – Bobby trust me and Zac SO much
AShleigh says her asn Zach can get into Bobby’s ear.. “next week Bobby will put up Sindy, Sara or B.. Kev 100% will not be going up we made sure of that”
Ashleigh – I want to go back to slipping under the radar
Willow joins them

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-21 19-29-21-356
10:15pm Bedroom Bobby and bruno
bobby is on the fence what to do this week he’s thinking they should stick with Zach. He needs to know one big thing if Jordan knows about the Chop Shop, “That valuable piece of information will tell us everything we need to know”
Bobby – I’m thinking of hiding in the pantry all night (To listen in on some conversations)
Bobby – nothing protect us from the house ganging up on us
Bruno thinks the girls will come after Zach and AShleigh next..
Bruno points out that after next week it’s the him, Bobby and Godfrey
Godfrey rolls in says Brittnee still wants to talk to them.
bruno – we’re going to work it out I don’t want them to see us talking..
Godfrey leaves..
Brittnee walks in ..
Sindy – “I have confirmation I can vote”
Sindy Leaves

Brittnee approaches them about the vote, “Zach, ASheligh, Willow, JPO, Kevin, Pili all those people are close”
Bobby – yeah definitely.. I think they realize that
Brittnee – Zach is running the show.. he’s doing that thing that G did
Brittnee says jordan and Zach told her that Godfrey is throwing her name out there.
bruno and Bobby both have heard their names getting thrown out.
Brittnee – I’m telling you straight up you were supposed to get b@ckdorored this week by Zach..
Bobby – really.. interesting.. interesting..
Britnee explains the entire plan for the week how they tried to make Bobby think Kevin was the target.
Bruno – if we get rid of Godfrey we’re f*** ourselves..
Bobby says getting rid of JP balances things out better.
Bobby – that changes my mind if you’re telling the truth about Zach b@ckdooring me
Bruno says the entire week was so fishy he knew something was up.
Bobby and Britnee agree the nominations were weird.
Britnee – Why is Godfrey your number one target
They agree getting Jordan out this week is a BIG move.
Bruno – I’m in 100%
Bobby – we have to do it.. I have to do it
Bruno asks if the real backdoor plan came from a reliable source
Brittnee – Zach himself told me that was his plan and JP knew
brittnee – I’m not making this up
They count the votes they have enough to evict Jordan (Sindy, Sarah, Britnee, Bobby, Bruno)
Sarah joins them Start to explain Zach’s backdoor plans
Bobby – Zach’s playing too many angles
Bruno – You’re all in 100%.. lets do it DONE DONE
Sarah says she’s 100% voting Jordan out.
Sarah says Sindy is 100% it was her idea.. Sarah leaves.
They briefly talk about the chances of Sindy backing out and screwing them they don’t

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-21 19-31-34-069
10:30pm Bobby and Brittnee
Bobby is pissed that Zach was throwing his name out there as a backdoor. Says Zach should have came to him and told him even if Zach wasn’t serious about it.
Godfrey comes in Brittnee leaves.. Bobby tells him to put on his poker face.
Godfrey – is it looking good
Bobby – yup it’s just been decided.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-21 19-36-34-659

10:36pm Hot Tub Sarah and Brittnee
Chatting about Jordan going home..
brittnee – you’re OK with this
Sarah – 100%
Sarah adds that Jordan lied to her.. she’s proud of her self for doing this because other than Brittnee Jordan is the only other person she is close to. She’s sad because Jordan loves the game so much then points out so did Johnny and Naeha and Zach’s crew got them out. They agree Zach’s bunch of Diapers played everyone in the house.

Sarah says if bruno and Bobby were going to tattle they would have already “You can’t hold this in”
Sarah trusts them ‘Zach would be a idiot to go after us before he went after god”

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-21 19-50-17-380

Alive to sleep another day




There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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but… people are giving Godfrey too much credit
the people voting for him to stay were not influenced by Godfrey, they were influenced by eqch other


R u kidding me (i mean this in not an aggressive way lol)…. This Guy went to the people who he had never spoken game in 31 days and plead with them with facts…. He was constantly campaigning, and changed their mind. Godfrey didn’t lay down, and waited for a miracle, Instead he saw an angle and went with it…. Granted he is not the smoothest player but he is a good player, who convinced people it’s better to keep him for their game… For that I will give credit where credit is due.


Godfrey really is a sleeping giant he was in hibernation for the first 5 weeks but woke up and really went to work.
People severely underestimate this guy.. his strategy was to lay low and just sleep let the big shots take each other out he was not seen as a threat at all and when his life was on the line that’s when he went to work .. The fact that he was aware of where everyone stood in the house shows he was extremely observant he knew which people where aligned with who and whose votes he could swing. He was persistent and tackled 2 strategic minds in the house Sarah and Bruno and illustrated why it would benefit them to keep him. He knew sarah could influence the girls and Bruno could swing bobby. He put in the work and got rewarded .

The dude EARNED it and deserves to stay in this game. JP grew complacent and put all his eggs in the Zach basket and got burned. As a super fan how could you volunteer to be a pawn, pawns go home. History has shown this, a fan would know this. Where is the paranoia you are on the block you should fight to the bitter end while Godfrey is working JP is sitting around planning the next week. IDIOT. After Zach burned him if he had been more forthcoming with Sarah and told her about the chop shop he would be staying this week. But instead he just kept withholding info even when she blatantly told him to his face she knows. Zach dug a whole to bury Godfrey but will end up burying JP instead.

Zach took a swing and missed and it will cost him his #1. Godfrey more or less initiated a hail mary to take out one of the strongest players in the game at the hands of HIS BEST FRIEND. This will go down as one of the greatest blindsides in BB history. If Godfrey follows through and takes out Zach next week he will elevate himself to a whole new level. After that just go back to sleep let sarah and kevin go to war with Bruno and bobby and float your way to final 5. At that point wake up again make a few moves and if he makes it to final 2 sitting next to anyone other then Sarah, Bruno or Kevin he could win the game.


I don’t understand how BOBBY IS SUCH AN IDIOT. “One thing I need to know, did Jordan know about the chop shop” Umm bruh, wake up, he knew about that weeks ago. I cannot believe it even took them this long to convince Bobby. Like I’ve never seen someone so naive and clueless before.
Ashleigh: “I want to fly under the radar again”, Girl the broom in the closet is more threatening than you. Keep making out with your meat shield.


I largely agree with you except for the fact that Godfrey shouldn’t have thrown Bobby and Bruno under the bus when he told JP that Zach should replace God with one of them. Seeing Godfrey playing BB and finally talking game is commendable indeed.


Sarah approached Godfrey first, post gummy bear, to try and work with him because she seen him and her without anyone. This gave him hope even before he was on the block. If this and subsequent small talks with her had not happened we may not have heard the Sleeping Giant awake. Godfrey wanted to publically let the girls know he had their back if they worked for him and it worked.
Godfrey and SSB could make a formidable team.


I remember Jordan telling Zach early on in the season “the moment we get too cocky and confident is when we’ll crumble and lose” (not his words exactly but you get the point) and that’s exactly what happened. Very unfortunate for JP but he dug is own grave. Zach is going to realize how much of an idiot he is by not listening to JP and following the original plan.


Willow is the person will get the most benefit from this move. Willow will make jury at least.


All of the above! But especially volunteering to go on the block, which you should NEVER EVER do. That basically showed how secure and cocky he is. His bromance just made him feel so invincible.


“played too hard” is too cliche but I got the idea. I think all of them are true. The biggest one is throwing the POV. When he was put up on the block he was practically granted one of the 6 chances to fight for pov and he didn’t use it wisely


Come on JenGee, you don’t think JP actually threw that comp do you? There was no way he would have won.


JP and Z spent way too much time together, everyone noticed, even Bobby apparently.
He should be throwing way more shade on Z. Much like Sara is doing with B, it’s working right now.
He could have survived the block. He has a great social game.

So happy about this move! Cindy saves the season, who expected that?


All of the above! You forgot “got too comfortable” & “was blinded by a woman”. Who’s gonna be Zach s next shield?


To be fair to Zach (who seems to be unilaterally hated here), getting Godfrey out was actually pretty wise because, as shown in the diary room, Godfrey has been absolutely gunning for Zach the whole time. He is a major threat to Zach.

Zach’s mistake of course is leaving JP on the block, thinking it will throw people off about their alliance. It kind of did in a small way. I have heard houseguests questioning their alliance this week. But it’s not worth it at all as far as probability goes, as Zach will realize tomorrow.


all of the above.


As a player all of those contribute, but first and foremost he placed himself in danger by going on the block.

On a side note, I was torn between JP and Godfrey as I like them both. But when I heard JP speak to the live feeders and jump back on the Newport train i let go my mourning of his leaving the game. Like ripping off a bandaid.


Jordan was a generally terrible player. He had no redeeming qualities and peter will give him the smack down he ddeserves on the after show. His own showmance voted him out, that tells you how bad he was. The only people who voted to keep him were the ones all under zack’s thumb. Oh and Kevin, who is about the second dumbest player in the house. Jp was never smart, just over confident. Zack is a very good player. Jp’s plan never made any sense. Everyone sees him and zach together so him going on the block was suppose to accomplish what again? He didn’t even pretend to be mad but was smiling and laughing when he went on the block… so any plan to make it look like there was a distance was a complete fail. And recall he wanted Zack to pull him OFF the block as part of his plan, so how does that show they are not on the same side or too close?

JP, absolutely worse player in BB history. At least the pawns of the past had a reason for going up. His reason made no sense and really just revealed all his cards to the house (that someone else was suppose to get backdoored) but then zack being the better player realized no point in making more enemies for himself. Then JP went and sqealed like a pig around the house and relied on zack a player with no votes.

In fact even zack told him, if the house was playing without emotions they’d vote jp out for being close to zack. Which is what they did.

I am an economics major, and just like the economy, the BB house has an invisible hand. Sometimes it slaps you around, and sometimes it throws cold water in your face, and whenever you get too far out of touch with reality it grabs you on an eviction night and throws you out kicking and screaming.

Also Zack screwed JP’s game by telling half the house kevin and bobby were both the target. The fact that Kevin didn’t vote out JP was just pure luck. Had kevin not been so stupid as he was, he’d vote out jp too! the one saving grace for JP for the other weeks is that there are some really bad and really dumb players in that house with grossly inflated egos like bobby and more so kevin who think they are loved by everyone.


“alive to sleep another day” hahah thats great YO MAN!


Can someone fill me in on why Zach put up his #1 ally on the block? I thought Zach and JP were Newport.. dafuq!


Jordan was cocky, dumb, thought he had all the votes locked and volunteered to go up and Zach was dumb enough not to talk him down from the ledge.


Zach encouraged the move. They each wanted it to be epic. And it will be.


If Jp it would be good for sarah and britt game why because she could sit back and watch which was suppose to be for Zach and jp. This will give sarah extra shields on bobby, Bruno, godfrey and cindy. She could use jp act as a weak player. I feel this is where the pivotal point of the game. But I hoping jp leaves because it could give Bruno a chance to win. I love Bruno he is a straight up guy.


I’ve come to realize i’ve started to like Bruno as well. I’ve liked Sarah since the pre-season interviews. They are both big players in this game (secretly) and playing it very well!


Bruno and Sarah have been my faves since day one. You’re right, Bruno is a stand up guy, but it has been hard watching him struggle to get a grip on the game at times and overcome his rigid ness and fears. I knew he would eventually work through his issues this week, we will have to see how he does in the future. I know a lot of people are angry or disappointed that he didn’t use the double veto, but we all have to admit that Johnny (as much as some fans really liked him, including myself) was a real player and a real contender in this game. With that in mind, I certainly don’t think Bruno “wasted” his HOH. Could he have made a bigger move with the power we gave him? Totally, but at least he made “a” move and saw it through to the end. Sarah is totally switched on and committed to playing this game. I love it! I don’t care who wins, as long it is one of these two.


Godfrey really is an idiot!! But I’m happy JP is leaving, I hate that side of the house.


If he wasn’t so cocky and if Kevin was his #1 instead of Zach then I would want Jordan to stay, but he did this to himself. He volunteered to go up. NEVER VOLUNTEER TO GO UP, no matter how safe you may feel, that’s ridiculous. Pawns sometimes go home, and if he is such a superfan he should’ve known that.

Jesus & Nem

Agree 100%. Two big commandments in reality show competition 1. Thou shalt never give up your immunity idol and 2. Thou shalt never volunteer to be on the block.. History has proved that you break these commandments at your own risk. Peace & good bye JP


True! I still remember screaming at my television during Survivor Micronesia at Erik for giving his immunity necklace to Natalie.


Bruno is using the girls for one vote i think…i’d bet that next week he scoops up Zach and Ashleigh and takes a swipe at Sarah’s crew. Bruno really is the big beneficiary of JP getting the boot.


Really? against someone like Sarah who’s obviously less of a threat. I think Bruno would go for Kevlar first.


problem with Sarah is nearly all the males besides maybe Kevin are convinced she’s some sort of mastermind genius, Zach doesn’t trust her but JP supposedly having her on lock (which he never did) calmed him about her. Bruno is pragmatic enough to work with her for mutually beneficial goals but there is no way he wants to work with her long-term.

Kenneth Chow

The thing about your suggestion is that after this vote, Zach is gonna have a hard time trusting any of them at least this soon…and the house is probably gonna explode, so the lines would have been drawn already, so…even if Bruno may not trust Sarah and her crew, he may be almost forced to work together at least for the short term….

Jesus & Nem

Keeping Godfrey may seem genius in the short view. But in the long run, someone may have cost themselves some money in the end. As soon as someone realizes that if they take Godfrey to the end, they are guaranteed the victory. Because there is no way the jury would vote a “the sleeper” to win it all.


Godfrey needs to act like he’s going home still. I don’t want the other side starts catching on the plan

Jesus & Nem

Exactly! Godfrey.. Cmon Bruh. Stop sleeping, comb the Side-show Bob hair-do, put on your poker face, and start playing. Else the other side of the house will see straigh through your bluff!! Damnit man!


once Zach leaves sarah is going to try to bring in ash, kevin, pillar to work with. She is being smart about this. I think it could work.


If Britt wins HOH, put up Ashleigh and Pillar. Then Zach wins veto take Ashleigh off the block. Who do you think will end up on the block and go home?


Kevin, hopefully.


It seems like Jordan is going home, but I am still preparing myself for Godfrey to go home, so I won’t be disappointed. With flips like this, it is not uncommon for people to play safe out of fear.

Even if JP stays, Newport will NEVER have as much influence as they did before this week. Both Zach and JP’s game is forever tarnished thanks to this HOH.


Omg! I can’t believe how real s**t just got. I don’t want to hold my breath, but if it does!!! This will probably be one of the greatest moments in BB history for Can or US.

another name

Jordan’s BIG mistake IF he gets evicted (raised to an 80% chance… i’m a natural born pessimist so I don’t go much higher) is covered by one word: EGO. he volunteered to go on the block. cindy arrived before veto. he knew the plan might fold. he still threw veto. he campaigned for ten minutes. when confronted with lying, he tells 1/2 the truth to someone that said they know he’s lying.
if Jordan is evicted, Zach will be IKA’d, and Jordan curse of Alisoned. Alison came in with advanced knowledge, immunity, and a vote. Ika thought she’d be getting rid of Heather, Paul left instead. the situation if Cindy gets a vote follows an established paradigm from last season of big brother Canada.


Yesssssssssssss. Finally Bruno sets aside his Sarahphobia. Please BB God’s, don’t let them wimp out at the last minute. #byebyenewport


Britt/Sindy get the credit for this one. These to girls are there to play. Great job Britt she flipped Bobby


FU*K YESS! I hope this happens, this season is finally getting better! Players making big moves, ahhhh I’m so excited. They better not back down because Canada is anticipating this like MAD.


The biggest mistake of Zach’s game is to protect Kevin every week. Every week he tried to campaign a lot to keep Kevin off the block (like Sabrina campaigned for Andrew). Why does Zach come in the game to protect Kevin? Who knows? He should try to keep himself under radar instead of protecting Kevin. If Zach puts Kevin up on the block this week, no one even cares. Kevin might not go home since Sara wants to work with Kevin. No one gets mad at him. The house will be happy and no one will come after Zach except Pillar (maybe). Zach wants to win this HOH with the goal to keep Kevin safe by eliminating Bobby and Bruno. Why does Zach do the dirty work for Kevin I do not even know, If you read Kevin’s bio, you will see Kevin’s goal to come here not to win anything and let each other to fight. That is exactly what Kevin is doing. Sorry Zach, you are aligning with the wrong player. Now Sara’s fan wants Sara to align with Kevin with the hope Kevin will work with and protect Sara. Wrong! Please read Kevin’s bio. Maybe Sara’s fans want Sara to win comp and protect Kevin like Zach does.


I think his biggest mistake was aligning with everyone (but God). He painted himself into a corner, with no neutral targets to cover the floating. He then felt forced to leave his ally up to avoid detection.


I hope this doesn’t turn into another situation where in BB16 when we all thought Zach Rance was for sure going home and then on eviction day everyone changed their minds and voted out Jocasta instead, remember that?


I hope they all stick with the plan instead of getting cold feet and backing out last second. This will be a HUGE move if they get JP out.

I am mostly excited to see the look on both Zach’s and JP’s face when Arisa (hopefully) tells JP that he has been evicted from the house. I will have my own dance party in celebration to see that cocky bastard leave.


this is the first time an evicted HG will get to see their “good-bye” messages… what do you thinks Zach’s would be?… you’re not going to see this so…. Go Newport!!! i think it will be something dumb like that


JP we BBfans find you GUILTY of the following:
1) Not winning a HOH that was tailor made for you.
2)Volunteering to be put on the block.
3)Throwing a veto competition
4)Staying on the block and not campaigning
You are Sentenced to an early eviction,not making jury and LIVING with the fact that you cannot call yours a super-fan anymore.
YOUR GUILTY….you cocky dick.


And that is the truth! Well said, well said. I really want Jordan to go, it would be an epic move, rather than some of the epic failures we have seen thus far (twistos twists included). I am just really worried that he is going to start crying when he gets evicted and I don’t want to see that. When he told BB to F off and then cried, I cringed and felt really uncomfortable. His emotional pleas and excuses and reasoning this past epidode about Newport also made me cringe. I am not sure if I am bothered more by the idea that it was fake or real . . . .


OMG!!!! If this happens and goes through, I will officially be hooked on this season. This would have EVERYONE on their toes, this needs to happen! Sindy coming back was the best thing ever, and Godfrey for the love of God, be NORMAL, try and campaign, dont look cocky and dont spill secrets. PLEASE let this happen!!!!!!!!!


JP’ s a chump! He’s done everything wrong the last few weeks. All of what Simon said plus he got too comfortable and is being blinded by a woman. He’s not a physical or mental threat. Him and Zach always say the others are stupid but I think they are for not seeing this coming.


It’s official – Assleigh (because she talks out of her ass like she has power, influence and skill) has joined Jordan and Zach in the supreme arrogance department. She’s so conceited.

I’ve decided that a woman needs to win this season because the men are just too stupid to poop in a bucket. They’re massively paranoid, change their minds with every sentence they hear, and require the women to think out the most basic common sense strategies for them and then give the guys constant reassurance. In short, the guys are nothing but heads with their chickens cut off.

Thank God Bobby has an amazing physique to fall back on. I love the guy personally, but we have a saying back home for people like him, “That’s alright precious. Mama said you don’t have to be smart. You’re pretty.”


I didn’t like Ash when she said that Bobby is the only person she can say anything to without feeling herself embarrassed.


So Fred, who are you rooting to be in final 4 with SSB?


From what I heard and read I am pretty sure jp is going home. Bruno knew something was up but just needed confirmation. Bobby was being an idiot but finally seen the light. Wasn’t the plan to keep bobby close to B? Well that backfired. It was sack that screwed his and jp’s game. Should have went through with the plan. It probably would have been better for zacks game to let god won the hoh. He would have backdoored Kevin and would have put up 2 girls. Someone asked when protect Kevin, turn on jp? If he would have put bobby up that would have been better for his game. What dumb asses and they really think they are in control? So can’t wait for tomorrow. Hope god wins, sindy would be nice too. Put up ash and pil they won’t win veto chances will be slim for zack to play.


Volunteering to go up on the block “as a pawn”, throwing the HOH competition and , even worse, throwing POV competition while being on the block are JP’s capital sins.Let alone being cocky and mildly bully (especially toward Godfrey). He might consider himself a super fan, but he is just an amateur.Many people watch BB, but few master it.


Listening to pil talk is torture. She doesnt get anything. If zach really wanted to wing this game he would have aligned him self with a strong women (e/j). I think god is fricken hilarious!! It took ash longer to do the comp than it took to build it!! Frick literally lol. He said something else that was funny. Oh, I pvr my bob and the look on sacks face when g made his speech … Than in the diary room him saying he wasn’t scared. Well actions speak louder than words, if z wasn’t scared why didn’t he put up bobby?


My PC has been broken for the last couple of days. I missed whats going on in the house… Who are they planning on voting out? Like really, whats going on?


Hint…. lol, scroll to the top of the page and work your way down.


Definitely tried that… I didnt know asking for help was a crime.


Very first post pretty much sums it up and answers your question spot on.


Its been back and forth but its now not looking good for Jordan. Things could change but it looks like JP will be voted out tonight.


Would love to see Zack’s farewell go down the same way.