“I’m going to gun sling my way out of this game.. like 8 onward” -Zach

POV Holder: Zach Next POV April 24
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 19
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: Godfrey and Jordan
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players Zach, Jordan, Godfrey, Sarah, ?, ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-18 14-53-52-462

(Just a heads up a lot is changing in the house. Cindy coming back in actually has changed a lot more than I thought.. Enjoy 🙂 )
5:52pm Hot Tub Brittnee, Cindy and Sarah
Cindy saying she wants to target Zach but doesn’t want to backdoor him, Thinks she sho9uld put up Bobby and Willow.
Brittnee and Sarah thinks Willow is emotional they might lose her if she goes up.
Willow joins them.. followed by Ashleigh… chit chat

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-18 14-53-25-590

5:52pm HOH Kevin, Jordan and Zach
Jordan goes over his conversation with Godfrey. Zach is shocked how out to lunch with the state of the house Godfrey is. Zach doesn’t think Godfrey can beat him in competition Zach doesn’t think keeping Godfrey around benefits him. Jordan calls Godfrey a lost dog, a lost puppy.
Jordan brings up Godfrey saying that he can beat Zach physically, “He’s not that scared.. he said he’s not worried about Zach turning on him”
Jordan points out Cindy is going fo Godfrey so there’s two people that are clearer going after each other .
Jordan – also He’s a idiot .. He’s a f****g idiot.. we’ll never get a clean shot with backdooring these two.. Bobby and Bruno”
Zach says there’s 12 people ij this house “I don’t want to backstab them” points out he’s working with Bobby and Bruno
Jordan – If you don’t use the veto I could easily go home if you don’t use the veto on me.
Jordan says Bobby is going after Kevin
Zach – I just heard Bobby say he’s going after Cindy, Brittnee, Kev and Sarah
Zach is worried about Willow and Sarah getting close

Jordan really pushing for Bruno to go in his place. Jordan says once Bruno goes people will scatter they’ll gain Sarah, Brittnee.
Zach points out theres 11 people still in the house they are not all going to join up with them they will move to where the power is.
Jordan thins all the girls love them they don’t have to worry, “Willow is in love with you she’ll do whatever you say”

Zach says if there was 10 people in the house he would take out Bruno 100% .. “there will be lost of times to take a shot”
Zach – I don’t want you to fee i’m copping out on you
Jordan – I volunteered to go on the block cause I thought I was coming off
Jordan – You take the shot we got you you don’t take the shot we got you
Jordan leaves.
Zach – JP really wants it eh
Kevin – ya
Kevin thinks it’s a good play for him to but he understands that it’s not the best plan for him.
Zach knows for a fact if Bruno and Bobby win the HOH next week he can get them to target Cindy

Kevin says he supports Zach whatever way he goes 100%

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-18 15-19-15-415

6:10pm Hot Tub Sarah, Cindy and Brittnee pt 2
They know Zach, JP and Ashleigh are together. Sarah says she trust them all 100%
Sounds like They have formed an alliance trying to figure out the name is the SSB “Like a ship”
Cindy – Like a torpedo
Sarah – and there’s no captain on this ship
Sarah says they’ve really been struggling before Cindy came.
Sarah points out that Zach and JP were supposed to have Johnny’s back and the very next week her and Johnny were up on the block. Z/JP said nothing. This is why they don’t trust them.
Cindy – it’s going down
Brittnee leaves. Cindy tells her she was sequestered with the other evicted houseguests. Naehe told her to trust Sarah. Cindy doesn’t want Brittnee to know. Brittnee comes back
Cindy and Sarah head to the storage room.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-18 15-15-49-412
6:15pm Bedroom Jordan and Kevin
Jordan says he threw the veto because he thought Zach would win it and use it.
Jordan tells him they’re good is Sarah or Brittnee wins.
They agree Zach is going to leave the nominations the same.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-18 15-35-50-794
6:25pm HOH Ashleigh and Zach
Zach – I feel I would be jeropdizxing my game for Kevin
AShleigh – Don’t do it
AShleigh doesn’t want Bobby/Bruno to be backdoored it’s too big of a risk for Zach’s game.
Zach – it’s too early
Ashleigh – don’t do it
Sounds like they both want to keep the nominations the same and take out Godfrey.
Ashleigh – Godfrey scares the crap out of me, Godfrey’s got to go
Zach – Bobby and Bruno aren’t gunning for me
AShleigh says if Jordan wanted Bruno out so bad he should have won the HOH like was the plan.
Zach – I can’t make a play this early for them
AShleigh – there’s only 4 people gone
Zach – There’s 12 people left I can’t turn ion a loyal alliance
Zach – Kevin hasn’t helped me at all
Zach – I’m not going to use the veto it’s not good for my game
Zach tells her he’s worried about Sarah she’s the male Bruno set up with alliances all over the hose.
Zach says all the girls are talking about getting them out that is why they need Bobby and Bruno.
Ashleigh wants Brittnee out
Zach says if he won the next HOH he would take out Brittnee.
Zach – He’s not setup in the house.. bobby
Ashleigh – it’s because he put all this time and energy into something that isn’t there anymore.. it’s kinda sad.
Zach – Sarah, B Sindy they are working together No doubt about it
Zach explains with Bobby or Bruno gone that’s one less shield in front of him.
Zach – I should almost take Godfrey off the block and put a girl up
AShleigh is worried about Bruno Godfrey going after kevin next week.
Zach thinks the bru crew will go after Cindy.
Ashleigh – we can’t lose Kev right now.. Kev’s a fricken beast.

Zach – I’m exhausted mentally..
Z – I’m just going to win every comp I can..
Z- If people want to take me out they’ll have to take me out.. They have to hope i’m not in the POV
Z – I’m going to gun sling my way out of this game.. take 2 weeks off then comp out… I’m going to Comp the whole way down
Ash – just go nuts
Z – Just go f***g nuts from like 8 onward
Zach is tired of the social game
Zach says he should have just allied with 4 dudes and powered out the comps
Zach he wonders if he should go heavy on the comps with Bobby and Bruno “Just go heavy on the comps”

(Holy cow bbcan3 is getting good)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-18 15-46-20-512

6:54pm Hot Tub

Talking about Johnny falling first in the HOH competition.
Cindy joins them..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-18 15-56-23-680




There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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Oh Snap!!!!!!


GO SSB <333


to be honest, i used to LOVE zach as a player
he used to have an amazing social game, flew under the radar, but he won the HOH
and he’s looking out for HIS OWN game TOO early, and if he doesn’t do what his alliance members want to do, then what’s the point of having an alliance
he went from top 3 to bottom 3 in three days in my books

Emma Vaughn

Your exactly right, JP and Kevin won’t forget this, has Zach forgot that the whole other side of the house could take Chop Shop. He should be loyal and do what Jp wants, Zach keeps trying to be both physical and mental but JP is the smart one. He could of won the mental comp but he let Zach do it that is why he helped him study for so long. Jp will put Zach on the block make him sweat a little tell him he is going to be safe then chop him right on out the door with Ash right behind him/ all Jp has to do is go to sarah, sindy, britt, kev, pillie and god to confirm to them what sindy can back up, that they were an alliance made day whatever that consists of 5 players left in the game, Zach, Ash, willow, Bruno and bobby with Graig but he got evicted and those 7 need to take them out before chop shop chops them out. Best plan ever.This Hoh shows how smart Zach is, you don’t go against 7 or more people wanting Bruno or Bobby backdoored to do what is loyal to stay with chop shop, please jordan let him go before he cost you the game bud.


if JP get it through this week, jordan and kevin look pretty good


zach is the biggest flop of game player so far. make up ur mind.


the canadian cody should be his new nickname


Zach will be slinging alright. He’s slingshot-ing himself out of the game next week! Anyone who DOESN’T target him, to use Jordan’s favorite phrase, “is an idiot.”

This season taught me that, if I were ever to go into the house, I would have the following strategy: BBUS 3 like Jason and Danielle. I’d find a smart woman I could trust and align with her as Final Two right away, loyalty at all costs. Then, don’t spend a whole lot of time together to keep the alliance the house’s biggest secret. In goal of the alliance would be to do like Zach and Jordan did, just not to the extreme, of getting on people’s good sides and hearing what they have to say about the game and who they’re targeting, etc., THEN, get together with my alliance member while doing dishes or playing a game (Jason and Danielle played chess) and comparing notes to see who in the house they could trust. If someone was feeding the two of us different information, not knowing we were close, then we would know not to trust them. Socially, that’s the way to work the house strategically.

Doing this would have exposed Zach and Jordan weeks ago.


That’s an interesting strategy Fred, though you would potentially have two flaws like what happened to Danielle/Jason or Jon/Neda happen where one of you turns on the other or somebody in the final 3 with you two (if you guys got that far together) takes whichever of you is least liked to the final 2.

In addition, there is there is a slight chance that a secret alliances could turn on one another because of paranoia. However, I think if you picked the right person, you could go far together.

Thanks for sharing. I kind want to hear others people’s strategies as well!

I think I have an idea of how I would play the game.


Goddamn. Ashleigh and Zach are idiots


It’s great that the house is heating up (and Zach’s popularity in the house is cooling off), but it’s too bad it happened after I lost any good feelings I had about any of them. It’ll be interesting to see what happens, but I still don’t care who wins anything anymore.

I’m just hoping against hope that all of Jordan’s talking gets back to Zach, or that Jordan loses it and lets loose on Zach, and the vote gets flipped to get rid of Jordan! Please let Jordan stay on the block!

another name

in a way, this is the thing I have been waiting to see.
Zach has been pretty much playing the middle with an alliance with everyone in the house. sitting pretty.
Now that he can’t sit in the middle and actually has to make a move… his paranoia and fearfulness of being an overt target are making him scramble.
I worried a couple of hours ago that he would replace jp with sarah. I still have that worry to a lesser degree. only because other people and Zach himself were throwing her name out there a little too much for comfort in conversations. yeah,i didn’t really realize it until now but I think I’ve become team sarah. I dislike her emotional outbursts but find her to be one of the most uniquely human members of the cast… emotions and all. and she seems to have the best grasp on the rest of the house so far.
if he keeps nominations the same he loses trust of jp and kevin. he alienates Bruno and bobby a little as well.
if he removes jp and doesn’t backdoor kevin or Bruno or bobby, he has broken his word to one of his alliances and possibly turned another against him.
if he removes god, he loses Newport and bromuda most likely, and may cause a diaper split (that sounds wrong)
if he puts up b, fortress will think he’s playing Ashleigh’s game for her, losing their trust.
if he puts up sarah, he makes Jordan and kevin wonder why because they think they have her locked down.
so…. I guess this is the problem when you make an alliance with every single person in the house. who do you stab? I think back to last week with Zach saying next week we declare war. now he’s trying to placate every member of the house. guess it’s harder to take part in a game if you don’t have a coach telling you which play to run.


So Zach’s true colours are showing. He’s a scared disloyal arrogant d*ck! Jordan is taking Zach’s about-face rather well. What’s the point in having an alliance if you go back on a plan so quick. And Kevin keeps going on about how loyal he is after he turned so hard on Jonny. Give me a break!!!!


Finally, things are getting good. It’s an odd combination, I admit, but I’m rooting for Sarah and/or Bruno. I hope the rest of the house implodes!


Wooow! Zach has already gotten tired of too much social game…Wooow…So early? 🙂 I had expected a little more from him.


Very interesting! Rip JP


It’s outrageous how Pili is coasting through the game worry-free every week regardless who is HOH or POV winner just talking trivialities and cuddling with Kevin all day long. She’s vapid as hell and i don’t see why the producers pick people like her to be there.


Pilar is defintely a Coaster, although now she’s “in” an alliance so she’s turning into a Coat-Tail Rider. She can do well in comps (which reminds me of Alison BBUS 4), but has almsot no gameplay otherwise. I guess some producer found her pretty enough to cast.


I really hope Zach keeps the noms the same. It is interesting that he thinks he has certain people (Bobby, Bruno, Willow, Kevin, etc), when really everyone except Ash and maybe Pilar are starting to want him out. It sucks that he knows about Sarah, Britt, and Cindy with an S (SSB). However, he cannot play in the next HOH and might not be pulled for POV, leaving himself open for being backdoored.

Things are changing so fast since Cindy with an S came back! BBCan 3 is starting to pick up now! I think if God goes this week that next week may just be the start of an all out war (which may be a boom for Coasters like Willow).

Zach and Jordan’s mistake is that they tried playing a Floater’s game, but one of them won HOH. A strategic Floater would never win HOH so early because you cannot play all sides and put two people up for eviction at the same time

I am glad to hear Zach say that he plans to go for every comp because it will make great TV, and earn him an early spot in the jury house!


I feel so dumb right now, but who is Jp, is it Jordan? lol


Yep.Jordan has a lot of nicknames in the house. Jp, Jipper, Parhar, Jip, etc.


what world is Zach living in? He’s scared that the house is going to go after him for using the veto when the house is lobbying for him to use it?? and it honestly amazes me at how people in this house, where everyone is friendly except for Ash and B (which isn’t even game related…zzzz), are scared of people “coming after them” when they all just seem to ambiguously pick some player in the house to target, not even discretely. theres no suspense or planning in this house. ugh. i miss the good old days of early BBUS


I hope Bobby gets Zach out next week 🙂


If Dawg and the Maintenance guy had a final 2 I’d be all about that alliance! For now I’m waiting to see how it all plays out now that Zach is turning on one of the only people who is actually loyal to him. Hope the house sees they can easily blow up Zach’s game by voting out JP.


I’d rather see JP stay & Zach be the target next week.