Jordan to Kevin “You’re more my speed. The way he is playing I know he would sell me out.”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV April 17
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 19
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: Godfrey and Jordan
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players Zach, Jordan, Godfrey, Sarah, ?, ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-18 09-58-27-423

1pm In the bedroom – Cindy says I had no idea if I would come back into the house being hated or.. Pilar says no!! Cindy says the only real person that hated me was Graig. There’s no reason why you would be hated. Ash says sequester was probably brutal. Cindy says it was every Wednesday I wondered if I would be going. Ash says and all the waiting around. The feeds switch to Zach, Pilar, Willow, and Kevin in the bathroom. Willow and Pilar are waxing. Kevin and Zach are tossing the football. Zach talks about a dream he had where he found vetos and put them in his butt. (back of his pants like BBCAN2 Allison)
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-18 10-04-28-417
In the kitchen – Sarah says its a scary move but I think what he is doing is even more scary. Jordan and Britt agree. Jordan says now we have to stick together. Brittnee tells Jordan You’ll be fine. Jordan says I hope so.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-18 10-18-39-981
In the bedroom – Zach talks to Cindy about being in the sequester house for the last two weeks. Cindy asks who’s your target between Godfrey and JP? Zach says you’re kidding right? Cindy says Godfrey? Zach says yes, we’re really close. Cindy says I’ve been out of the game so long I don’t know what’s going on. Zach says that he just doesn’t know where Godfrey’s head is at. Zach says I am not going to use the Veto. If I had any doubt that JP would go I would use it. We talked about it and he’s okay with me not using it. Its really ironic that he’s on the block and I’m HOH right now. Cindy says yeah but I guess if you have an agreement. Zach says the lines are going to start getting drawn and people will have to start choosing sides in the next couple weeks. Zach says did you want Godfrey’s head? Cindy says coming back in I more so wanted Graig.

Up in the HOH room – Jordan talks to Kevin. Jordan tells Kevin about the Chop Shop. Kevin asks “chop suey??” Jordan says The Chop Shop… its a terrible name. Jordan says that he told Zach if he is loyal to Bromuda then he has to go against the chop shop. Jordan says that Godfrey is an idiot. Godfrey told me if he stays he is going after the girls. Jordan says we have 24 hours, we have to do work. If we lose you (Kevin) then Zach is the next target. I need to sell it to him. We need Kevin! The longer the Chop Shop is in the game is bad for us. Jordan says I’ll be honest with you Zach and I made an alliance day 1. You’re more my speed. The way he is playing I know he would sell me out. He is only thinking for himself. Its not that much bigger a move to take out Bobby or Bruno. Jordan says its all about the Fortress! Kevin asks what Zach and Jordan’s alliance name is? Jordan says Newport. Kevin asks what that’s about? Jordan tells him about the tv show the OC and how it was in Newport California. Jordan says I love the guy but if he doesn’t do this then it shows his true colours. Its all about the Bromudas. I knew right away after talking with you .. this is my guy. I apologize for not telling you earlier. Kevin says I understand. Kevin says I’ll touch bases with him.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-18 10-33-19-347

1:55pm In the HOH bathroom – Zach, Jordan, Ashleigh and Pilar are talking. Zach says they’ll want to come after me if I backstab them. Jordan says but you have all of us if they do. Pilar tells Zach we’ll support in which ever decision you decide and we’ll all move forward with whatever you decide to do. Jordan comments that if its Canada’s HOH next week and Godfrey is here he would go up 100% .. if he isn’t here one of us would go up. Zach says I don’t want to bank on that. Jordan says fair enough. Its just good to have someone here that is hated. Jordan heads to the common bathroom and Cindy fills him in on the conversation she had with Zach. She says that Zach said you were just a pawn and that you won’t go home. Jordan and Cindy discuss studying so that she’s prepared if there’s a question comp about past events.

2:10pm – 2:40pm In the bedroom – Jordan is talking to Brittnee and Sarah. Jordan says if Zach pulls Godfrey off and tells him he is saving his life in this game he will owe him. Sarah says and Bruno and Bobby are coming after Zach. Have you expressed any of this to Zach? Jordan says I have and he’s not having any of it. Why not take the shot when you have the chance. We’re all supposed to have the balls. Brittnee says maybe we should just all find time to go talk to him. Jordan says I volunteered to go up because I was supposed to come off and now I’m still on the block. This is my game! Sarah says you’re supposed to take off the head of the snake not the way way way down part of the tail. Brittnee says Zach said going for Godfrey is better for his game and going for Bobby is better for Kevin’s game. Cindy joins them. Sarah tells her to stick with us.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-18 11-05-46-719
Cindy comments on getting social media questions. Sarah says the social media comments that stuck out to me were that “Willow sucks” Why would they say that attached to me? Right?! Britt and Sarah are surprised. “Asked if JP was a good kisser” “If you had a chance to compete to return what would you do differently” They weren’t allowed to ask follow up questions from the pre-approved questions.

Sarah tells Cindy you are a god sent to us! We shouldn’t make it too obvious. Cindy says what concerns me is why they would say that about Willow. Sarah says because she is the biggest floater in this house. You ask her things and she won’t say anything. Cindy says she was asked about what she thought about Zach. Sarah says that everyone loves Zach .. and Zach is playing every girl! Sarah leaves. Cindy says to Britt .. you, Sarah and JP were the only ones that consistently came to talk to me after everyone knew I was going. Cindy says I know I’m a number and people are going to have to talk to me. I want to stick with the 4 of you. If I were to win HOH I would target the big guys.. I don’t know who to put up that wouldn’t be obvious. I know Zach is only being nice to me now because he can’t play in the next HOH. I kind of want to put up Ash and Pilar…. then take off Pilar and put up Zach. Britt says Oh so have Ash and Zach up together?! Cindy says that way we break up the couple. I can’t put up Zach and Bobby right away. Britt says yeah you can’t do that right away because then they know you’re targeting them.

2:40pm – 3pm Up in the HOH room – Godfrey talks to Kevin while Kevin is on the toilet. He says that he thinks there’s a b@ckdoor plan. Godfrey asks are you close to Zach? Keivn says no not really. He is super close to JP. Godfrey and Kevin both say they think Zach will take JP off the block. Godfrey says if I hear anything about you I will try to defect it. Godfrey says I would hate it for you and I to be on the block.. we might have to throw someone else under the bus. Godfrey says he put up JP .. there definitely has to be a b@ckdoor plan. The fact that he isn’t telling me who the b@ckdoor is makes me nervous. Me, Bobby and Bruno are going to try and push for Sarah to go on the block. Godfrey says dude I’ve got your back! You’ve got to push for Sarah. I don’t want you or Bruno to go up. I’ve got your back. I see who people talk to around the house. and the only person I see you with is Pili so I know you’re not trying to get me out. We just have to make sure you or Pili don’t get on the block. Bobby joins Godfrey in the HOH room. Godfrey says that he is going to tell Zach to use the veto on JP because whoever goes up is going to be the target. Bobby says yeah you have to build trust. Build that trust. They leave the HOH room.




There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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oMG! JP is telling Kevin EVERYTHING. This is gonna be good!!


Whoops, looks like Zach is making a big mistake by leaving Jordan on the block. Newport isn’t looking so great to JP anymore.


I feel like hes just playing along at being mad at zach like he said he would earlier in the week


stooks, maybe it’s not looking so important to Zach.


Holy shit! I’m actually stunned Jordan told Kevin…. I was thinking Zach was his ride or die, but this made me so happy for some reason. I love Kevin, I want Kevin to win the game. I was thinking Jordan would eventually sell Kevin out, but this makes me like Jordan a lot more.

I guess I’m not surprised Sindy is back, she was good in comps. I think Zach should take Jordan off and put up Bruno, and have him evicted this week. I think that would be the best move for his game.


Zach has chosen sides.


Bet on it; Zach and Jordan will cut one another once the Jury stage is in. I think Ashleigh is Zach’s #1 ally, and Jordan is already planning to jump ship on a few weeks. It will be interesting to watch.


It’s interesting how Zach said few days ago that there is no way that POV won’t be used and now , having won POV himself, he wants to keep the noms the same.It’s also interesting how confident JP was few days ago about having almost entire house wrapped around his finger and now he feels jumpy. This proves again that the rule “never offer yourself to be but up as a pawn” still stands and, if JP gets evicted, the veracity of the same rule will be proven again.


as much as i don’t like jordan, he’s going to have the votes to stay
bruno would be unable to flip kevin against JP cuz the diapers/cobras have been playing bob, bru, godfrey the last week by saying that kevin is the target
jordan would have: kevin, pilar, asheligh, sindy, and willow’s vote for sure
5, thats majority, and he’s gonna stay no matter what sarah and brittnee do


But…what if Kevin goes to Zack and tells him that JP spilled the alliance beans with him…and that JP wants to get Zack before Zack can get him…now that would be something.


I LOVE IT! Sindy is playing dumb right now! When probably she knew the most out of everyone there LOL! Sindy is gonna strike when the time is perfect! Slay them with an S!!!


Honestly, I think she is waiting til after the POV to make her move…someone could be in big trouble…

Graig's Perspective

Wait, if Sindy is playing dumb with information she got from Graig then she’s not really playing (dumb).
Did Graig know about Newport or Diapers? I’m confused. & who would Johnny have ratted out?


Jordan is all about Fortress now that he see how Zach is a big p@$$y. Zach even called Bobby one but he is, he scared to death,this was the whole reason he needed to win hoh in the first place lol,another wasted one cause no one want to get blood on their hands


CHOP SHUEEEY is a far better alliance name LOL!!!


Another reason to like Kevin.

The Truth

Kevin’s mind is probably blown right now. He has got to be the luckiest person to have ever played Big Brother. Information is just falling in his lap! I hope Zach keeps playing the lead role of a p@$$y because I don’t want Bruno to leave. At first I wanted Jordan to go just to break up the Newport alliance but I am more than willing to sacrifice Godfrey if it means that Jordan will now side with Kevin who will probably cut him loose as well in the end. Kevin’s odds of winning this game continue to get better. I’m still rooting for Bruno but Kevin would definitely deserve the win at this point.


Zach should’ve thrown this HoH, I guess, he’s becoming public enemy ?1.


id like to see jp voted out but hes mafe soe good connections with enogh voters to stay like sindy…britt and sarah. teyf be enough to take him out but are any of them coming to talk to her or sarah or britt about it? nope.

based on the comp pic i saw it was clearly meant for cndy to win. naeha was possible but se had nt done anythng physical successfull so obviously it was designed for sindy. shes better overall on comps anyway so her cances of winning long enoug to stay past that crucial frst 2 weeks is really high hen she will stop being a target.

another name

imo if nomination stay the same:
a) bobby, Bruno, Willow are currently a voting block. they still chop at evictions.
b) kevin, Ashleigh, Pilar are currently a voting block.
Sarah, Brittnee and Cindy are currently a voting block that look to be going with the b side, but could be pulled away if they were socially engineered correctly. Problem: nobody on the a side is a good social engineer. Bruno can’t go to sarah and brittnee, because it looks like he already turned down the deal they offered last week, unless its all smoke and mirrors.
I would love to see Jordan go home on Zach’s hoh. LOVE it. but I don’t know how that can happen given the current state of the social game.
Brit and Sarah would have to learn that Zach sold out Britt to Ash with a revisionist history lie.
cindy would have to learn that Jordan put her down the moment she left. injure her ego so she flips from scorn.
could that happen?

another name

just realized: the sarah and britt offer a deal to godfrey and Bruno was on the night of the bbtv party that was blocked out. it was on the afterdark for that night. just in case anyone hasn’t seen that episode and wonders where I got the delusion that they’d offered a deal because it wasn’t on feed. 🙂


Is this when the pace of the season starts picking up?


It looks like Jordan is feeling a little bit of heat since he’s told Kevin about Newport, eh?


I am so glad that Cindy with and S is playing dumb! It was smart of her not to tell Zach about what the first five evicted have told her. She is smart to align with Sarah, Britt, (and surprisingly) Jordan. Jordan seems to be preparing to jump ship on Zach. This HOH might just be the downfall of Zach and the Diaper Alliance.

I am so glad I waited to see what Cindy with and S did before I judged her returning to the house. She was not my first choice, but her return may just be the shaking up that the house needs.


Wow Jordan just completely fucked himself. Not only did he just ruin his trust with Kevin by telling him he’s been lying to him the whole time and that Kevin’s really been at the bottom of their alliance, but he just gave Kevin ammunition to blow up his and zach’s entire game and get back on the good side of the house. Kevin is a smart guy, I think Jordan just sent himself home.