Power Of Veto Results! Cindy is back in the house & Zach Won the Veto!

POV Holder: Zach Next POV April 17
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 19
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: Godfrey and Jordan
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players Zach, Jordan, Godfrey, Sarah, ?, ?

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In the kitchen – When the feeds return – Zach is in the kitchen wearing a red one-piece body suit with antenna. They were ants. He has the Veto around his neck. Sarah is also wearing a bug costume. The talk about the veto competition. Sarah says I can’t believe I came in second in a power of veto competition! Bruno says that was a close competition! Willow says it was like 45 seconds. Cindy is back in the house. Cindy says this episode was all about me.
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Early in the morning – Up in the HOH room. Zach and Ashleigh are up in the HOH room. Zach says we just have to keep playing on peoples emotions. You keep playing Bobby. The best thing is she won’t go after you. They think Cindy will be going after Bobby. All the competitions before this I’ve been just dog f**king around. I didn’t care or try at all. I didn’t give a sh*t. I am so happy I won that. Think if Godfrey had won it. I told JP that I have to keep the nominations the same. I said the only way I could make that happen is if he and Godfrey threw it. Zach says this house has put me through a roller coaster. Ash says I don’t know what the heck is going on with Bobby and Bruno. Zach says B said that I go after Bobby and Bruno and told me she would go after you and Pilar. Ash asks she said me? Zach says its no secret she’s coming after you. Zach says just like Johnny says she’s jealous. Zach jokes that she (Ash) killed him in early comps that I threw. You’re going to kill me in endurance comps. You and Pilar are going to kill it in endurance comps. We’re sitting pretty good ..we’re sitting okay right now. Ash says I honestly don’t know what the worst case is .. for winning HOH next week? Would it be B. Zach says yeah because she would put you on the block, you would still be safe though. Actually she probably wouldn’t put you up right away if she’s targeting you in a couple weeks. Zach says I told Godfrey I was going to use the veto on him. He doesn’t deserve to make it to jury. He hasn’t made any alliances, he doesn’t talk to anyone. He’s just slept.

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10am – 11:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests and then blocks the feeds again..

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11:20am – 11:35am The live feeds return – Jordan, Bobby and Bruno talk about playing more cards today. Bruno comments to Jordan – Your girl is back. Jordan says yeah. Bruno asks Jordan how hard the competition was. Jordan says I took 20 minutes. Ash took 45 minutes. He says that everyone else just smoked us. Bruno talks to Godfrey about needing to talk and figure out the votes. Cindy lays down with Bruno on the couches. She says that it feels like I never left. Like I took a 2 week vacation and now I’m back!

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11:40am – 11:50am Up in the HOH room – Godfrey and Jordan are talking. Jordan says you have my vote and I would have your if either came off. Godfrey says I don’t want to get behind your back and say use it on me. I want to discuss it with you. Zach joins them. Jordan says Godfrey wanted us to come in together so that we don’t campaign against each other. Jordan says Zach uses it on me or you and hypothetically Zach puts up Kevin. If you won HOH next week hypothetically what would you do? Godfrey says ideally I would say Sarah. She has had way more time to make connects than Cindy. Godfrey says if I stay on the block Cindy will vote for me for sure because I yelled at her. I know if she won HOH she would be after me. Jordan says I don’t want you to go Godfrey I love you. Obviously its Zach’s decision. What can we do here? How can we spin this? Jordan and Godfrey agree to give Zach time to think about it and talk again later.

12pm – 12:20pm Big Brother blocks the feeds. The house guests are put on an HOH lock down due to another leak in the kitchen. Zach asks Jordan if he’s ever been to “rippers” in Vancouver? Jordan says no, I’ve never been.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-18 09-24-00-241
12:25pm In the bathroom – Brittnee tells Sarah “I am so frigging bi-polar in this house” “I just feel… lonely.” Sarah hugs her. Brittnee starts crying. Sarah says you can get through this. Britt says its just so hard. I feel so fake.

12:35pm – 12:50pm Meanwhile in the storage room – Zach, Kevin and Jordan are talking. Jordan says that Godfrey is sweating it. He said he is going after the girls next week if he stays and wins HOH. He’s going after Cindy. He knows she’s coming after him. Zach says I am just not ready to blow it up. Kevin says if you’re not ready to blow it up yet I will just take a little more heat next week. That’s fine with me. Kevin says that JP’s mind is really going. I think we should sit down and crush some situations. Zach questions going after Bruno.. I know if I put the knife in his best friends back .. there is no way he would trust me. Kevin leaves. Britt joins Zach. Britt asks if the plan is still on. Zach says that he isn’t sure. Britt says this is your HOH. Zach says If I’m making a move for Kevin then I would go after Bobby. Bobby has said he is going after Kevin. Britt says Bobby is going to stay loyal to Bruno. Zach says that’s why I don’t know if I want to blow one of them up with 12 people still in the house. If I’m doing my play for my game its Godfrey. If I’m doing it for Kevin it would be Bobby.

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52 thoughts on “Power Of Veto Results! Cindy is back in the house & Zach Won the Veto!

    1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS IM SO HAPPY SINDY RETURNED but >_> @ the fact that she’s probably going to just get evicted again anyway.

  1. SO is Zach targeting Godfrey now? because that will just result in another boring week. Cindy coming back won’t do much she’ll go back with JP and coast for a week or two and be sent out again. I just want someone to expose Zach so he can feel some pressure and start scrambling.

  2. So with an S is back in the house eh…let’s hope she doesn’t “Suck” with an S…hopefully she teams up with Sarah and Britt and they compare notes and figure out just how big of a slime ball Jordan is and send him packing.

  3. so, now he is going to keep the noms the same and get godfrey out…i cant…so many things can go wrong…first, you are not going after the big target, but you are gonna make them mad by getting ally out and make them come after you anyways…and second, you are leaving jordan vunerable for eviction…so, it would perfect time for Sindy to pick up some of these middle people like Sarah, Willow and Britnee to blow up his game….i realize she likes Jordan, but if she sticks with the agenda of blowing up big players game…she could very well try to get him out to get some momentum to build alliances…if that happens, thats could be 6 votes which is all they would need…

  4. I think it will be game over for Godfrey this week but it’ll be extremely stupid of Zach to think he will get away with not changing the nominations. Zach has been telling the Chop Shop members that he’s targeting Kevin and considering that he won the veto, it is pretty telling that he is aligned with him. I really hope that Bruno wakes up this week and does not get dragged by Bobby.

    The way things are going I don’t see Sarah flipping to vote out Jordan, Parhar is her only ticket to the diapers and if she severs that tie it’s game over for her. As much as I would like it if she flips, Bruno has closed his options for other alliances and is determined to to get the girls out (which is a shame because I really like to root for him).

  5. Right on..here is better than feeds 4sure! So it’s Scindy! She always been a comp. Threat..proves it again! I think it’s a coincidence ? Showing Scindy not working out or preparing for a comp. 2 return…lol coincidence? I hope Jordan goes! Golden rule–Never volunteer to be on the block…for a superfan…will become the actual dumbest in history? Ya think?

    1. Wow, it is absolutely amazing how everyone gets fooled into thinking I am a competition threat… the truth is… in the POV competition I won I was dead last to finish the physical part of it (even old lady dead tired Risha got all of her pieces before me). Bobby wondered if he was allowed to copy Kevin because that would be so easy… Booby was next to Kevin on the right and I was next to Kevin on the left. Kevin finished the puzzle and I simply copied him. At the final stage of the competition Kevin should have already won the competition but he was too smart for his own good (poker handicap) figuring out there were only 64 possible combinations he went about finding the combination in a systematic elimination of all the combinations… talk about the slowest method possible. I won because I had a spot right beside Kevin who solved the puzzle – and I copied him – and no one else could finish it before me even though they all completed the physical part way ahead of me and then Kevin self destructed while I used the listen for the click method most kids learn in primary school… dial locks are so easy to ‘pick’…

      Amazing how a win and major self promotion actually convinces others to believe I am a competition threat. (granted I won a second chance but we still aren’t sure if it was anything really challenging or just a fluke).

      1. As for being in the last 2 with Bobby in the endurance HoH comp… I am tiny with tiny feet. The ledge that was so small for everyone else was wide enough for half of my foot. The comp simply gave small people with small feet and low body weight an advantage.

          1. You were right to include the $ sign ’cause my amazing butt is MONEY… I’m beautiful… the more times I say it, the more true it becomes. Of course, being ASIAN I am even smarter than I am beautiful… Hard to believe, I know.



  7. So I’m baaack. Watch me suck up and prostitute my vote to stay around as long as I can… only to become a juror. I have to admit it would have been better for the drama to have Graig the one to return given how much of his ‘boys’ are still there to support him.He would have lasted the longest. Would like to have seen Naeha return but her talk of taking Bobby’s head demonstrates she is not really willing to do what it takes to win. Rather she is an emotional player who would be voted out again very quickly. Hope you enjoy BB Canada 3 as it is all about meeeeee, Sindy With an eSse. Let the puking begin

  8. If They (Bruno, Bobby, Willow, Sarah, n Brit) Don’t take Jordan out …. they are fools!
    They better pull their heads out of the sand! n stop being a bunch of spineless wimps … it’s to early … I’m so sick of hearing that!
    If you’re playing chess n ur opponent places their Queen in a spot to be taken out … you don’t say ..gee they will be upset if I take their queen ..”I don’t want any blood on my hands” (bunch of wimps!) … you will loss as you should!
    If Jordan stays n Godfrey goes then it will be 3 couples (Sh!#y Diaper alliance)
    They .. the Sh!#y Diapers will plow through the house … freakin fun fun fun ..boring season

    1. I agree …its no longer week 2…its week 5…its half way through the game…they all know that jordan and zach is controlling the game and does nothing about…this is the best chance they will get to get jordan out of here…bruno needs to rally these girls (Willow, Brit, Sarah, maybe Sindy too) to flip the house on Zach…these girls should do it flip the script now cuz afterwards Zach will be so mad at bruno…he really will be after him and vice versa…they could be well protceted afterwards…with these alpha males going after each other…the time is now…no better chance to do it…i dont see the problem at this point…

    2. Here’s the thing, Godfrey will put up Sarah and Brit if he wins the next HOH.
      Jordan will put up Bruno and Bobby if he wins the next HOH.

      It is extremely stupid of Sarah and Britanny to flip at this moment, especially that Bruno’s team is in lala land and is oblivious/doesn’t care that there are houseguests who are coupling up. The best move for the two of them is to keep Jordan safe and wait for who will be the next HOH. I don’t see the move as being spineless, it is just at the moment more beneficial for them to vote out Godfrey and watch for the aftermath.

      If Zach manages to escape this HOH blood free, I would say that he is definitely one of the good players in the house.

  9. im really really really tired of everyone playing it safe. these people suck. i dont even think anyone has major secrets or anything.


    Even father Dan Gheesling were not that smug to leave Memphis on the block!!!

  11. I so wanted Naeha to come back. I can’t stand listening to Cindy with a freakin C!
    If Jordan is gone Cindy will go where she gets the most attention.
    Thats not with the couples. Their to busy locking lips.

  12. Sindy won’t go anywhere, since she is a number for Zach and the showmances. If Jordan stays, I am sure it will be the 6 of them, for at least a week or two. Sad that Godfrey has to go home.

    If Jordan does go home this week (1% chance of that happening), than it will easily be the best moment of BBCAN, for this to happen on Zach’s HOH reign.

    1. Agree 1Hundo! If Jordan goes that will make the season for me! Superfan to Superjoke! (will feel sorry for him tho) lol

  13. The side show was funny with Peter/Risha. thing lol
    Should Risha actually in all reality be wearing high-heels?
    Glad the self proclaimed Coug. didn’t make it back!

    1. apparently (according to tweets on arisa’s page), risha didn’t stop during the commercial break, she went right in face to face on peter like a mountain cat cornering its prey, and had him backing up and intimidated. the staff let it go on for a little bit and then ushered her back to her place. since peter comes off as so holier than thou, I would have enjoyed seeing that.

      1. I just checked a few weeks ago … There is no set date yet.
        They haven’t even announced if there will be a new season.
        I hope there is though.

  14. OMG i already can’t stand listening to her…. “this episode is going to be all about ME” UGH, although i like that Jordan is sweating a little

  15. Ohhh Gawd : /
    Went to the feeds before checking in here…… BIG MISTAKE on my part!!
    Last “thing” I wanted to see was u know who, my eyeballs are bleeding.
    That’s a big ol UGHHHH with a U

  16. Aw FRACK!
    Now I’m torn; do I continue to watch while Cind-ding-a-ling makes the whole thing out to be her plan because she is the queen and SO BEAUTIFUL (it even hurts typing that!), or, do I just read Simon, Dawg et al. and the witty repartee until the deluded ding-dong is gone yet again?

  17. the fact of the matter is, cindy doesn’t have to do a damn thing to stir up the house. the fact that someone/anyone is coming back has stirred them up enough that their paranoia is going to get them.
    godfrey and Bruno are going to be gung-ho gotta get a girl out. cus those all-girl alliances are historically deadly(??!? too sarcastic?) Zach and Jordan are going to start to overthink. if they have 5 votes as they think they do, they should take out the leadership of the other side. laying low and manipulating behind the scenes has become too much of a habit. they’ll chicken out of the idea of a direct assault. stupid of them imo.
    so what does Zach do? he potentially weakens his own alliance standings by lying to Ashleigh and saying B said she would put up pilar and Ashleigh. Zach said that. the conversation was Zach saying he’d take out Bruno so she wouldn’t have to, and B could take out Ashleigh so he wouldn’t have to to reassure B he was loyal to the hexagon. if Ashleigh talks to pilar and sarah, it gets back to B and she flips sides immediately. he no longer has his five votes. he can’t count on willow.
    so, I don’t think it matters who came back. a return in and of itself could derail Newport by making them out-think themselves.

  18. Love meeeeee. I’m beeeautiful & (wait for it) I’m Asian. Don’t waste your time with Big Brother, let’s just talk about me. (let the puking continue)

    1. every one of the evicted houseguests did the rounds to a couple shows, and did interviews from pre-approved questions. mostly the questions were what do you think you did wrong, who did you like, who did you hate, what would you do differently. no alliance names or memberships were mentioned. beyond reading and answering pre-authorized or pre edited questions, they had no external information. of course, that goes out the window when you consider that the evicted houseguests shared notes.

  19. Willow is the most annoying cast member EVER!!!! I can’t stand seeing her face lol I’m shocked I havnt read any comments about her. She acts like she’s 10 yrs old , desperately needs attention , doesn’t know when to shut up or get the hint to leave.. Bye girl ;) can’t wait to see you go!

  20. Willow is the most annoying cast member EVER!!!! I can’t stand seeing her face lol I’m shocked I havnt read any comments about her. She acts like she’s 10 yrs old , desperately needs attention , doesn’t know when to shut up or get the hint to leave.. Bye girl ;) can’t wait to see you go!

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