Jordan “I’m weak, I f**ked up, she’s manipulated me, she needs to go because she’s going to control me”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV April 24
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 19
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: Godfrey and Jordan
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players Zach, Jordan, Godfrey, Sarah, Ashleigh, Pilar

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-19 08-30-30-810
In the storage room – Godfrey campaigns to Cindy for her vote: Godfrey tells her that he already has 4 votes. (He thinks he has four votes but he doesn’t) He tells her that if he stays he would be the target next week and not her. She tells him that’s what she told him the week she was voted out and he didn’t vote for her to stay. Cindy says that she doesn’t even know if she can vote this week since she wasn’t allowed to compete.

11:30am Up in the HOH room – Zach says oh, yeah people do know. Jordan says Yeah that was me .. If anyone asks I am weak, I f**ked up, she’s manipulated me and that she needs to go because she’s going to control me and get me to do stuff. That’s a test, to see if I could trust her and its already leaked out. So I know we cannot trust her. Zach says Nice! Jordan says we can trust her with very minute details but nothing major because if we do the whole house will know. Sarah told me that she already told her and Willow. Willow is saying I’m dangerous because I’m telling Cindy stuff. Zach says we can’t trust her. You had to test her out. Jordan says obviously we can’t trust her. She’ll be going home next week. Zach says I know I’m f**king you by keeping you on the block buddy but right now with Bobby and Bruno in front of me .. keep two big targets in front of me. And they’re not coming after you. Jordan says with everyone knowing I’m the pawn this week, I’m going to end up there again next week. Zach says I won’t let that happen. You add too much to peoples game to let that happen. Bobby and Bruno were just talking about how huge you are to their game. Bobby joins them. Bobby tells Jordan that he will return the favor. You keep me off the block and I’ll do the same. Jordan says just so you know next week I am 100% on board with getting Cindy out. Bobby leaves. Zach says that was perfect. Bobby and Bruno really trust you so when we do backstab them you’ll take heat from it too. For now I think we can do our ride the middle stuff for the next 3 weeks. We can’t get comfortable but we can let the fire go back and forth. Zach says even Pili might take a shot at Bobby. She was just saying that the other day. Jordan says we need Willow out of here. Zach says she was in bed with me saying she would never put me up. How do you expect to win saying that to everyone.

Jordan says he’ll say in the veto ceremony “As a wise man once said Alec.. Zach why use the power on me? Because why not Bro! Tom Plant!”

11:50pm – 12:10pm In the HOH room – Jordan and Zach continue their conversation. Jordan tells Zach about how Cindy said one of the social media questions said Willow sucks. So if there is a Canada’s HOH she would go up. Zach says I think people hate Willow because she is so nuts. If I was watching I would hate that. Jordan says Willow is kind of like Talla (BBCAN1). Zach says I would like some of these girls on the side get picked off. Like B. They’re just votes if someone flips. I don’t think B will ever put me up. Zach says Bruno said someone got in his ear and flipped him. I said it was Sarah and he said it was Sarah. She’s got to go! Jordan says that’s perfect!! We just can’t let it get out that I was the one that planted the seeds.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-19 09-04-17-554

In the backyard – Kevin bench presses Pilar. She then tries to bench press him but can’t. She says I’m weak!

In the kitchen – Zach tells Godfrey I love JP but I need the big boys here. Godfrey says that he is going to campaign to the girls because they’re the ones that will vote me out. Zach says that everyone has been voting with the house and probably will continue to do that.

12:45am Godfrey heads out to the hot tub room and tells Brittnee he wants to talk to her. He says that Zach said he is keeping it the same. He says that he has 4 votes and asks if she’ll be his fifth. Godfrey says that Zach says that he wants me to stay. He doesn’t vote unless its a tie but why would he tell me that unless he is stringing me around. Bobby says he wouldn’t go out of his way to tell you that. Britt says lets just wait until after the veto ceremony. Britt leaves and runs into Bruno. Britt tells Bruno that if he every ended up on the block she would probably put a target on her back because she would never put his name down. Bruno tells her he wouldn’t put her name down either.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-19 09-52-44-990

Zach and Ashleigh talk in the middle of the backyard. She talks to him about her conversation with Pilar wanting to backdoor Bobby. Zach then talks to her about Jordan and Godfrey.

1:10pm – 1:35pm In the living room – Sarah and Brittnee talk. Sarah says I almost feel like being Evil Dick in this place and f**king everyone’s sh*t up. I kind of want to go on the block so I can call everyone out. If I go on that block people better watch out. Classy I didn’t come in here to be classy! Classy like not calling people’s sh*t out when you walk out the door. Cindy joins them. Sarah says there is no f**king way that Pilar is going to vote against Zach and Ashleigh. Cindy says I’m going to walk away (to not be seen talking) Sarah says I thought about the moment he said he isn’t going to use the veto. I know JP is lying he was planning on staying on the block the whole time. He threw that competition. He could have done it way faster. I was going to win it to take him off the block too. But I realize now that he would have put one of you up. Britt says this is exhausting. Sarah says they must be closer than we think. (Bobby, Bruno and Zach)

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-19 10-50-57-132
Godfrey and Sarah are in the backyard. They’re going to give em a sip of the same koolaid. Godfrey says JP, Ash, Zach, Willow. And then they bring in other people. Sarah says but Bruno and Bobby aren’t a part of that? Godfrey says no they’ve been telling me since the beginning to get them out. Godfrey says whatever the test was I think I failed. Sarah says well I’m next. JP knows that I don’t trust Zach. He pretended that he was mad at Zach. Godfrey says he’s not mad at Zach, they’re best friends. Godfrey says don’t worry they’re not going to come after you. I thought I was part of the clique, but I found out I’m expendable. I am telling you Bobby and Bruno’s heads are on the chopping block. Sarah asks so they’re not on to me and B? Godfrey says they are on to you. Sarah says I’ll talk to Bruno. Godfrey says Bruno will vote to keep me because he knows he’s next. Sarah says Zach is playing all sides. Godfrey says the only people games I’ll blow up are Zach and JP’s. Sarah tells Godfrey that if he can get the Bobby and Bruno to tell her they’re saving him 100%, she’ll vote for him to stay.

Up in the HOH room – Zach, Ashleigh, Bruno, Bobby and Willow talk game having a chop shop meeting. Bruno tells Zach and Ashleigh that he caught Jordan and Sarah talking a last night. He says they seemed so sketched. Bruno says they have to get Sarah out. Zach says let’s add her to the list. Bobby wonders who they should nominate next week. Zach says Cindy and Sarah and if one of them wins the veto ..then we put up Brittnee. Bobby says the magic number is 10! Once we make that we’ll get to the final 5!

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-19 11-01-40-974

2:10pm Out in the hot tub room – Sarah talks to Brittnee about her conversation with Godfrey. Sarah says we’re f**Ked!! Should we just blow up everything?!! Brittnee says how would that help us, it would be fun but.. We need to wait until the veto ceremony is over. Britt says no f**ks given! I would love to blow some sh*t up! Sarah says I want to try and talk to Zach. Brittnee says good luck he’s always surrounded by his posy.

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im sorry, but who is Jordan referring to in the title? Willow?


In that conversation with Zach, Jordan said… Bobby thinks he’s a genius and that perspective makes him believe JP is an idiot… hahahaha… Jordan projecting… he calls more people idiots than any person in BB history. HE is the one who thinks he is a genius and by comparison all others are idiots.

Perhaps the only reason Jordan has a reasonably comfortable position in the house is that he is nothing. No real threat, overly impressed with himself. Underestimating others while over estimating himself. You’ll stick around JPeee but not because you are a good player. You’ll stick around because you can be manipulated and trusted to run your mouth non-stop. P.S. most people know that when you repeat something more than once you are selling it too much and you are full of s$#!.


I really hope that JP goes this week. As I said before all Sarah needs to do is tell Bruno that she knows about the chop shop, lie and say Zack was the one that told her, and tell him that he was originally the target this week. JP is way too smug, and they probably won’t get another opportunity to get him out without wasting there own HOH on it. I like how Sindy hasn’t blown up Zacks game yet, but man I really hope she does after that POV and she convinces them that Zack/JP need to be split up. How funny would it be if the vote was 6-3 to evict JP on Wednesday? He would be so shocked. Then have Sarah/Sindy win HOH next week. Finally some excitement in this house, was becoming almost as boring as BB16..


Sarah is smart…I feel like she will do something after the POV ceremony… At least I hope…it will interesting to see what happens… And Sindy will do something soon too now that Zach has decided pretty much that the veto won’t be used…I’m just waiting til after the POV…Sindy knows, and probably Sarah too, but she doesnt do anything yet since she is still vulnerable to go on the block…


Anyone know the jury size this season? Is it 7 or 9?


The house would explode if Bruno and Sarah could just sit down and have ONE conversation.


Lucky for us, it looks like that is Sarah’s plan. As most of us here have said all along: if Sarah and Britt (and now Sindy) could get over their initial impression/dislike of Bobby, Godfrey, and Bruno and have real game conversations, then they could flip this game in a second.

Kenneth Chow

Its coming…hopefully at least…just give it the next 5-24 hours…after the POV ceremony…


What the hell is Bruno’s deal with Sarah? He is like obsessed with trying to get her out of the game. Little does he realize that if he sat down with her then they could blow the lid off the house.

JP must not know that Bruno saw him and Sarah. I’m not sure where Zach stands with Sarah, but thinking that her and JP are having late night convo’s cannot be making him happy.

If Kevlar, JP, Cindy with an S, Sarah, and Britt joined forces then they could chop the CS right out the house.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Oh YES, PLEASE let’s get JP outa that house!

another name

I find myself in a quandary. I like the Newport strategy. I dislike the Newport members. I liked watching Zach start to disintegrate yesterday. Jordan leaving would continue that disintegration, imo. in either case, if Jordan or godfrey leave I get the oddest feeling it would go back to business as usual. godfrey goes back to sleep and talking game only to men, Jordan goes back to coaching Zach (but planning to stab him later, always later).
I actually believe that godfrey would have been much wiser to actually commit to the deal with britt and sarah. the unexpected alliance. but Bruno would never commit to such a thing. not only is he myopic with the chop shop, but also way too distrustful of women in the game (not saying he’s sexist or misogynistic in real life, because I wouldn’t make that leap, but in terms of game play his anti-girl shtick is starting to get really obnoxious).
so who is the lesser evil to keep if the choices are between Jordan and godfrey? the known liar or the known liar? the supposed genius or the supposed genius?
I don’t know if either would stick their neck out to truly keep the game flipping. both would really want things to go back to how they were before. complacency is not good tv.

Kenneth Chow

Sarah is very close to blowing up Zachs game now…shes waiting til after the POV ceremony to do it…Omg. ..the house could potentially flip now…this could be good TV…do it!!!!…






Next week the diaper alliance will throw HOH. Bruno/bobby/willow will fight against sara/britt/sindy. Can someone explain to me how Sara is smart? Sara keeps pushing and targeting Bruno. The diaper alliance does not give a damn about Bruno. Does Sara know that? After Bruno is gone, she will be next. The diaper alliance will no longer need her. I think Sara is stupid since she does not have good observation.

another name

imo, sarah was pushing for Bruno for the same reason Bruno is pushing for sarah. each thinks the other is able to get into people’s ears and socially control situations or have social connections to a lot of players.
if she didn’t say Bruno Bruno Bruno after he nominated her, the rest of the people in the house would be wondering why she isn’t. it’s expected that the nominee that stays will hold a grudge if they aren’t approached and called a pawn before nominations. that’s why bobby fears kevin. he took a swing, missed, and fears reprisal.
is Bruno her real target… or is she pretending to be a good little hexagon? the hexagons “want” bobby and Bruno out. bobby doesn’t come across as smart or socially capable, Bruno does. the diapers “want” bobby and Bruno out. Jordan has been pushing for Bruno, she’s playing up to Jordan by pushing for what he wants.
she’s doing exactly what Jordan and zack have been doing. she’s doing exactly what Bruno is doing. she’s trying to socially maneuver the game to her benefit. so if she’s stupid, they must be stupid as well?


Assume Sara wins HOH next week. Sara’s HOH will be Jordan’s HOH because Jordan will push her to target Bruno/Bobby. if Bruno is evicted, the diaper alliance will throw HOH again. That means Bobby will end up winning HOH and target Sara. At the end the diaper will end up winning. Sara should think with her head now.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Can please someone evict Pilar?!

ZERO charisma, next-to-zero intelligence… Personality — annoying black hole.
Computer screens get frozen pic of her pops up. HORROR!



i did not know I missed people fighting to stay in the house until I saw Godfrey do it.
I’m a bb fan and to be honest it’s been a while both bbusa and the 2 seasons of bbcan.
There has been a lot of oh the house wants me out ,”i will isolate myself and leave quietly” thing going around . Seeing Godfrey Fight makes me so happy.
I don’t care if he leave (but I hope he stays ) at least he has made on bb fan happy 🙂


THE HICK REDNECK NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED! Sarah please don’t be disgusted by Bruno’s comb(more like gel)over and talk to that guy!! The season and your life depends on it! Get rid of the honky tonk hick next week you stoner pot head!!!!!


Sarah and JP’s convo right now! hahahah Sarah is making him panic and it is so fun to watch! I am loving Sarah right now, she is ready to blow up everyones sh*t.


It is starting…yay!!!…


“She needs to go because she can control me” LOL – How about YOU go because you are WEAK! The most interesting version of “blame someone else” I have seen in a long while.