The “B-Headers” Bruno & Bobby plan to vote out Jordan – “you forced our hand”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV April 24
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: Godfrey and Jordan
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players Zach, Jordan, Godfrey, Sarah, Ashleigh, Pilar

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9:30am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Bruno and Bobby are in the storage room talking about voting out JP. Bruno says Zach was coming for us last week. The way he set up the nominations it was so obvious. Willow, Zach and Ashleigh. If we did this or not Zach is coming for us this week or next. He tried to this week. He knew he had to take a shot at us. We are the only people in our way. Bobby says we can say you forced our hand here. Burno says yup, you (Zach) put up Godfrey. Bruno says next week I am going for Zach or Willow. Bobby suggests going after the showmances. Bobby says what do you think of the “B-Headers?” Take off their heads. B like our names. Bruno says I love it.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-22 06-37-31-091

10am – 10:15am The house guests are getting ready in the bathroom. Jordan heads up to the HOH. Zach says the Sindy, B, Willow things is still in play. Its not going to be a cake walk either. Then all we have is Sarah. Jordan asks if Zach talked to Ashleigh about it? Zach says yeah and she feels safe. Jordan says if I was to win in the second one or the first one… And Sindy was wins the veto I could convince her to use it. Jordan says I could say to Bobby that the little Willow tree told me you have a power. I don’t know if its true or not so I have to throw you up. If he has it then its gone or if he doesn’t then he is gone. Jordan says I think everyone would want to flush it, wouldn’t they? Zach says I think so. If he has it that is a huge advantage in the game. Jordan says we just keep doing what we can with what we know.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-22 07-09-39-762

10:20am – 10:30am Kevin, Jordan and Zach are in the HOH bathroom. Jordan counts out his votes and says he thinks he has it. Jordan says next week I think everyone is going after Sindy. The odds of it being us is pretty slim I think. Willow joins them. Jordan and Willow leave. Kevin tells Zach you’re in a good spot. Zach says yeah Sindy is next. She just can’t win. We’re on here side right now because of JP. Kevin says the dynamics of B have changed so much. Zach says I don’t like her in this game. Zach says he is over Willow. Kevin says its just too much every time you see her. “Yes Willow you’ll find a husband” Kevin says I am just trying to chill and relax. A double evict is scary. Kevin says you have good relationships with Bobby and Bruno. I’m trying to build that. Kevin goes to leave and says we’ll talk again Wednesday night.

10:45am – 11am All the house guests are in the HOH on a lock down. Godfrey tells them about the movie “Training Day” and then the conversation turns to talking about Netflix and Shomi. Zach says he didn’t even get to watch his movie or show because it stopped working part way through and he hasn’t gotten it back. Bruno tells who ever is next to watch their show the first night in case that happens. He says when the battery would die on the ipod he would give it to them to charge and it would take 2 days each time to get it back.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-22 08-06-23-706
11am Bruno tells Godfrey we’ve got you bro. I’ve done work for you! Godfrey asks if he should confirm again with everyone. Bruno says I’ve confirmed with everyone. Bruno says if I go up I am going to need your help! Its you and Bobby! You’re my two main boys!

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-22 08-16-16-061
11:20am In the bedroom – Jordan tells Kevin about the secret veto Bobby has which he can use within the next 3 week. Zach doesn’t want me to tell you. Jordan says there was a number on the two beds. Sindy went to the bathroom and Bobby found a key that he used to open up a vault box that had a secret veto he can use for 3 weeks. Kevin asks how does Zach feel about it. Jordan says Zach thinks oh well. Best case scenario is Sarah or I win it the HOH.

11:25am – 11:35am
Zach and Jordan have likely one of their last Newport meetings:
Jordan says so not much noise eh?! Outside? Zach says no. Zach says lets let this week play its course. Sindy plays the next big week there for us. Jordan says YUP Big Fish! Zach says then lets just address where we can go. Then whoever wins the next HOH if we can veer them towards like a B or Willow .. then we’ll do that and then we’re 2 down. Then we’re still sitting okay and we’ve still got who we want. Worst case scenario we get into eighth and its a full out slugfest from there. Which will be great you’ll sit there and there will be a huge battle going on there in front of you. Jordan says or they’ll be so loyal to the chop shop that they’ll just finish the job and take me out. You know what I mean? Because they’re that stupid. Because if they were smart they would come after you and Ashleigh but they’re stupid so .. Or yeah maybe they’ll fight to pick me up to try and take you out. You know? They might be like hey lets go to war and take out Zach. Zach says yeah. Zach says if in then next two weeks we can get rid of 2 spares then we’re f**king laughing because then they’re down to 4. I think we’re going to be okay either way here. Jordan asks does Bobby know that Willow told Ashleigh? (about Bobby’s supposed secret veto) Zach says I don’t know. They talk about how Sindy knows too. Zach says If Sindy is on her way out she would BLAAA…(tell everyone) (See photos below)

11:35am Big Brother blocks the live feeds..

2pm The feeds are still blocked in preparation for tonight’s eviction episode..

2:40pm The live feeds are still blocked .. and no leaks yet…




There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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Rip in Jp and Zach. New sherriff in town and its Bobby. Lol. The kid game is looking up.


I CANNOT wait until Zach and JP discover they’ve been taken out and totally played by BOBBY!
This will be great!


Might be a dumb question but is Bobby’s secret veto actually a thing or did someone make it up to scare Jordan and then?


We don’t know for sure but I highly doubt he has a veto and is allowed to tell everyone about it. i suspect it’s a veto card and he’s pulling a Adel


the first video when Bobby comes out of the vault, where they are out my the hottub, he tells Bruno it’s fake.


Wow! These HGs come up with some ridiculous fake alliance names.


What a horrible name! Par for the coarse with Bobby.
Brunno needs to get over his illogical obsession with Sarah. It baffles me.
Sarah and Sindy bought his game some time. He should be thanking her.
At least the Girls (Sarah and Sindy) have the guts to make a move…
unlike the wimps (Bobby, Bruno, Zack) in the house.


I’m all for free speech but I think a name like ‘B-headers’ should be stopped by big brother. I mean you might as well call yourselves “The Rapists” or “The murderers”. It’s just not tasteful at all given the current climate.


That name won’t fly and it’ll never air on television.


How do you claim to support free speech, then advocate for censorship in the same freaking post?
I got a good laugh so thanks at least…


So you’d be happy for any name I could care to come up with? You seem to criticize my opinion without admitting that, pretty dishonest really.


How about “Ratman and Bobbin” for a new name for team Bruno/Bobby?
same bb time, same bb site, same wimpy non-moves … WHOOS! WHIMP! BLA! PUKE!


how about the BS Group.. since it was Sarah and Sindy who gave this maybe eviction some backbone .. Bobby, Bruno, Britt, for the B`s and Sarah and Sindy for the S`s… the BS Group.. without the S“s the B`s are nothing more then…

bring it on

Absolutely NOTHING could keep me from watching the eviction tonight with a big glass of wine! This is going to be hilariously awesome, it makes me wish the side show was on after so we could see Jordan’s reaction right away!


Insert JP crying in the DR gif here.

BB Obsessed

Off topic: Do you guys think there will be a double eviction soon?
I have a feeling that after this week, there will be one next week.


There will be 11 people left with 40 days remaining after tonight, unless there’s a double eviction. Assuming there will be 4 people left at the start of the final week, they will have to lose 7 people within four and a half weeks. I expect many more eviction twists to come.


I have to say, it is a bit embarassing for an overly cocky nominee to be planning for the next 5 weeks, having absolutely NO clue that they are getting evicted.

The funny thing is that Newport have NO ONE to blame but themselves. Production did not ruin anything for them, and no one put them on the block.

Them being called into the DR together is a HUGE sign that they are allies. They wander around together, always in the storage room, and hang out with one another more than their “alliance”, and they seriously thought people would not notice after a month?

They make the Four Horseman and Chilltown look humble.


That is the sweet irony about this whole thing. The only reason we “may” have the opportunity to watch this monumental blindside go down…is because JP thought that he had a mistake by celebrating when Zach won HOH and to correct his error, he volunteered to go on the block as a pawn. The idiot’s ego is so big, that it blinds him from seeing that house already knew how close him and Zach are (gee…they spend every spare minute together in the pantry…they must get hungry at the same time) and he volunteered for nothing.


Well if production didn’t throw Sindy back into the house, Zach and JP’s plan would’ve been successful. But I guess it is the game and nobody knows whats happening next, so goodbye Jordan, and Zach you’re next.


With everything that’s going on in the world, I highly doubt Big Bro is going to allow Bruno and Bobby to use the B-Headers name.


In poor taste – understated

Too Sensitive

I think B-Headers is a stupid name, sure. But to say its in poor taste because of actual events is a little overboard. They are on the “chopping” block. There has been lots of names, like detonators. Its people that make big deals from 6 degrees of separation that we end up with all these stifling rules. Everybody is always offended with something. Also, if you google b-headers it does not bring up an ISIS enrollment page.


Given your opinion, of my opinion….. I suppose they could have picked worse names like, suicide bombers, fun-duh-mentalists, cruise missiles, bunker busters, MOABs, etc.

An Actual Arab

It’s fucking embarrassing how PC you people act. Like they mean to offend, or ISIS being the first thing to come to mind. I’m from Palestine, and I don’t even think of ISIS immediately. Bunch of keyboard SJWS should not take offense to Bobby and Bruno calling themselves the B-Headers.




Welp, looks like I am choking my words down with my coffee this morning. I thought for sure that if Sindy came back in, she would partner up with JP and be the 6th in the diapers. I am so glad that I underestimated her. I don’t want to pull a JP and get too cocky…so I am not going to celebrate just yet…but it would be such an awesome sight to watch the look on their faces as The Wonder Twins power deactivates. To see JP’s smug, complacent face turn into shock (and Zach’s into fear), and to hear the blissful stunned silence…instead of JP’s constant spewing of quotes, deal-making, deal-breaking, diatribes, “you-shoulda, I-woulda, we got this”…will be so rewarding. Those tears in the DR were nothing but self-pity and regret. He should have known better than to offer himself up as a pawn and then throw the veto comp. For someone who claims to be so smart about this game, he has made one huge mistake after another. But that’s JP…all talk…and talk…and talk…and no action. (And with all that talking, he doesn’t even come up with his own veto speech.)

I can’t wait to watch him finger his beard right out the door. Oh, and I am fully rooting for Sindy now. Feels good to finally root for SOMEONE in this game. Hope she starts slaying…with an “S”.


I under estimated Sindy as well. Disliked her in the beginning
But now she is in my top two to win … Sarah n Sindy F2
(I like SSB but Brit is way to iffy, seems to be looking for a man to protect herself,
I wouldn’t trust her at all)
Jordan like many many intelligent people, seems to lack common sense
Lack of common sense and a huge ego never ends well.
Cheers! to all .. enjoy tonight .. How freakin great is this?


Brit has been really disappointing, I want to shake her and say “GIRL!! Have a little self respect”, she’s like a puppy in an animal shelter throwing herself up against the cage anytime a boy comes anywhere close to her cage! I feel like she would turn on her girls in a second at the whiff of a showmance.

It sucks because she is so strong and very smart but I do wish she had her girls’ backs a little more.


I was a bit annoyed with how Britnee is playing but she manages to secure her place as the fourth girl in Bruno’s team. If she is on the block with any other girl, those three meatheads will sure back her up.
It is the same case with Sarah, she is the sixth girl in the diaper alliance and in case she went up against Britnee (since during the early phases of the game they were linked together) they would vote to keep her.
They are actually playing a good fembots game, everyone in the house thinks they are really emotional and even if they are, they are able to support each other and make rational game moves.

As of now, no one is suspecting that the two of them are tight, Zach is the only one thinking about it but if Jordan really leaves this week he has more bigger fishes to fry before them. They will be able to fly under the radar. And even if Zach try to sell out the girls, I honestly don’t think that he can fix the bridges with Bruno, B, and Godfrey.


Everyone of you all make me sick, talking about Jp constantly. He never once said that he knew all the game, he is a baby, I am sure you knew it all at 21, the only one out of the diapers that acts older is Kev. If Jordan does go tonight I can’t wait for someone that you all root for go. Jordan is really smart yes but he has no sort of anything but book smarts, he has lived at home for 21 years so good bye jordan nice while you were here but now the only person I have to root for is KEv to take out Bruno and booby.


People are talking about Jordan constantly because his fate is the most current and relevant situation in the house right now. People are talking about him because he considers himself, in his own words, a superfan, the brain, a genius and a mastermind, and yet he made a series of serious, overconfident, and outrageous mistakes. What else do you propose people talk about in relation to the game? The weather in the hot tub room?

In addition to finding the rest of us sick, do you also find his denigration of his fellow houseguests sick? His constant referral to them all as idiots and morons? His insult to the online viewing community, calling us all a bunch of bitter and jealous old men?

You really need to check yourself and/or get checked 🙂


I am so glad JP is being voted out hopefully he doesnt make jury. He has been so cocky. Zachs reaction too. This is all JPs fault for volunteering to go on the block . As a super fan he shouldve known better. Way too cocky and comfortable now he is out the door. LOL.


I am hoping Zach also doesn’t make the jury … it would give me immense pleasure to see both of their cocky asses sitting on the “losers” side on the reunion show and not having any say in who wins this season!


Epic karma,

another name

do you get the feeling that the show will be hyping a Bruno versus Zach dynamic? afterall, the only two people in episodes to get nickname screencaps are captain Canada Zach and “big kahuna” Bruno (has anyone called him that. ever).
conclusion imo:
Zach will make jury. Bruno will make jury. One of the two will make top 6 unless one of them completely implodes.
I expect girls to drop like flies for two out of three weeks. the ssb/black&bru/bheads haven’t bothered to formalize an alliance. they just agreed to a plan. this isn’t what I want to happen, it’s what I perceive to be the trend coming. the guys will get it in their heads that they are outnumbered by women and need to get rid of them.


I don’t think they need a formal alliance. It sort of sets people up to be backstabbed and betrayed. Caution isn’t a bad thing. Jumping into a named alliance with just anyone/everyone makes you look like an untrustworthy jackass when word of your alliance(s) inevitably gets out (JP and Zach *cough*).

It’s not a bad idea to just make some quick deals and gain trust with key players.


Well even if the jury is 7 or 9 people Jordan certainly won’t make it. Zach might though. Usually with 16 people in the house the jury is 9 people I believe.


I’m actually from the same town as JP so I was definitely rootin for the CDale boy but over the course of one week he has gone from hero to zero. It has been a serious of crashes throughout the week for this kid. First nominating himself to go up, then THROWING the pov (idiot), then watching the look on his face as Zach broke the news he wasn’t using the Veto and now finally tonight as we watch his face as Arissa says ” Jordan. You have been evicted from Big Brother”
The kid actually DESERVES to be sent home as punishment for playing like a fool!
Please oh please Mr. Cameraman pan directly from Jordan to Zach so we can see his reaction too!
I love BBCAN!


Ann I live in Pitt Meadows and did not like Graig so I was pulling for JP but volunteering to be a nom is the most idiotic things I have ever seen. I am sad he was so stupid being a superfan and everything. I could not believe he did not try for the veto either. That was supercocky and the 2 biggest mistakes you can make in Big Brother yet he calls everyone else stupid or an idiot. Jordon proved to be the biggest idiot of all.


This is the first time this season that I am anxious to watch an episode. I can’t wait to see how this goes down. The only other time that I was even remotely excited, was after the live feeds went down…and I thought the house was going to have to split in voting either Naeha or Bobby out in the instant eviction. I was so frustrated and disappointed when after waiting out that long weekend, finding out it wasn’t Bobby…but Britt all along…and another dud twist.


Whoa Bruno … taking total credit for saving Godfrey?
It was Sarah n Sindy totally. Bruno was sitting by waiting in his
typical woosy way to vote with the house.


haha I was thinking the same thing… although a lot of people are rooting for Bruno and keep saying how great of a guy they think he is, something about him rubs me the wrong way… I’m really hoping if Jp is evicted tonight, that the Zach/Ashleigh/Willow/Kevin/Pilar crew go after Bruno/Bobby/Godfrey, and my favs Sindy, Sarah and Britnee can coast to the end…. Especially since it was their plan to take out JP not the idiot Bobby or misogynist Bruno…


True but smart move by Bruno, he’s playing a good game (As is Sarah).


You are right. It is a smart move by Bruno. But Godfrey knows it was Sarah and Sindy that made this happen. Godfrey is a very bright player and has proven to assess all info and info context and come up with a fairly accurate assessment. Last night Bruno revealed that Zach told him that Godfrey threw them under the bus….but didn’t believe it for a second. Godfrey is aware that this is the time frame that Bruno was avoiding doing anything to help him.
Godfrey will give credit where credit is do and he has hinted that Sarah and Sindy did the work.
But I agree. It was a good move by Bruno and Godfrey will read it as just that.


Wait till Godfrey finds out that his new best bud was totally in the chop shop
with boy wonder Bobby and they are aligned.
But then again with Godfrey … who knows what he will do next?
Godfrey goes from brilliant POV speech (it was great)
to telling Kevin the whole plan and ratting everyone out????(horrible move)
Godfreys other main problem that will sink him is that he seems to be a compulsive liar.
He constantly lies about everything for no reason.
As baffling as Brunos bizarro Sarah vendetta.


I am really liking this season now! Sooo excited to see JPs face…
I have seen every BBUS season and lately it hasn’t had a lot of serious gameplay,
especially the huge disappointment BB16 was, and it seemed that this season was going to be
played the same way, with the cocky, arrogant guys running the house and the stronger/tougher girls being evicted quickly (Risha/Naeha)…. But luckily Sindy, Sarah, and Britnee came together!!! Now I am seriously rooting for them… Not to cause offense, but it seems like Bruno is a definite misogynist,
I mean I know Bobby is an idiot, but Bruno is taking credit for a plan that the girls started, plus his constant “poison talk” about Sarah is strange lol
Team Sindy. Sarah, Britnee!!!


What do I think of JP? As a not so wise man once said…..”He’s an idiot”.


the obvious irony is too funny lol


Peter was his hero if I’m not mistaken eh? Lol


1. Yes Scindy can vote tonite..she earned it with immunity.
2. JP DESERVES to go! From Self proclaimed Superfan and know it all to SuperJoke! Broke the Golden Rule! (NEVER volunteer to go on the BLOCK!)
3. Lol real Jock. Tears we will be seeing from HOH-i-Tis..
ZACH! WOW the power sure went to his head.
4. BUT…..I think Sarah doesn’t have the balls so…this exciting game changing buildup might just not happen! Lol


Why? You guys really like Zach? ( the power didn’t go to his head?) — I liked Newport also before this…they screwed up their own game…not even twists to blame!
You guys think JP. Doesn’t deserve to be laughed at? How he laughs at fans and volunteered himself after claiming to know the game so well?


Point #4.


Ah I see ok…I will believe she does.


Bruno is getting on my nerves. After JP is gone (fingers still crossed) I hope Zach and Bruno are the first causalities of the first DE.

Bruno is seriously taking credit for Sarah and Cindy with a S’s work?! And he’s still calling Sarah poison! What is his deal? He is obsessed with her, and I can’t even remember her lying about something.

It’s like he put her up, and now imagines she’s going to stab him in the a** or something.


Bruno recognizes she is a good player and because she is weak in the physical comps she does not concern other HG’s as much. Her social game is a threat to his.


like others have said. I cannot stop smiling. I can’t wait to see their faces tonight. lol

Oh and can we stop with the dumb A$$ alliance names?


maybe being a SUPERFAN isn’t such an advantage afterall. LMAO (sorry I am still so happy) I just can’t stand cocky players (imagine if he was good looking how cocky this little weasel would be?)

Throwing a bye bye JP Party.


one more thing. The fact JP made fun of people that visit BB message boards. yeah smiling even more.

Some are just fans of the shows WITH LIVES that love to talk (type) about it, and we don’t live in our parent’s basements you little weasel. lol


Yep I agree because it’s true…I’ve also seen him make fun of fans of the show…
Hoping the HGz. Go 4 IT 2Nite!


I am positive he was one of us a few years ago.


Maybe JP. Should get a hair elastic from Zach and wrap it around his fingers to shoe us in the DR. before it’s too late.(peter)
Lol he jumped into Zach ‘ s arms on national TV.too!
Geeezus.! I am embarrassed for the dude!


JP did an impression of Graig telling the house he was a retired pro-baseball player…

strike one: JP gets over-excited, so thrilled Zach won HoH, he jumps into Zach’s arms like a lover.
strike two: JP feels the need to over-compensate by volunteering to go on the block (he actually thinks this will undo his stupid move that is the only clue anyone in the house has that he and Zach might be working closely together).
strike three: JP feels so secure in his Newport alliance partner that he actually throws the POV competition…
Annnnd you’re out!
Don’t worry mom and dad, I’m safe… soon, I will be sliding in to home…
No jury seat.
Congratulations on achieving your dream of competing in the big brother house. Do not worry about the haters, the facts speak for themselves. Even those who love and support you are shaking their heads in dismay. You called everyone else idiots on your way to blundering yourself out of the house… while being totally oblivious. Ah, if only the people you disparaged were actually as stupid as you wanted to believe… and if only you were as smart and aware as you think you are.


If everyone comes to goodbye Newport and fortress and I hate diaper alliance the chop shop had a better name

Young Veto

I hope this clown JP leaves tonight, just to see the look on Zack’s face

Breaking News

In a few hours, Jordan may be Danielled


So disappointed in the guys this season. All talk and no big moves. Then take credit for big moves that they didn’t even plan (Bruno). Thank God for Sarah and Sindy, this week is going to be awesome!!


Big Brother has unnecessarily blocked the feeds a lot so far.


When Big Brother blocks the feeds it makes it more exciting!


I really hope what we are all hoping for, happens tonight

Offensive Line

Zach is getting some good strategy experience on Big Brother that he could use in football.
Before his next game he should try screwing over his team’s entire offense and tell them it’s best for his game.
Zach you fixin to get sacked mofo.


lol… That is if he even plays this year. From the Regina Rams Team webpage he was Red Shirt the entire 2013 and 2014 seasons with a lower body injury. Joined the team in 2010 as a slotback was converted to QB when the Stater and backup both went down to injury.
I dunno Offensive Line… looks like you guys have a history of getting your QBs beaten up and ending their seasons.
On another note, BB bio et al says he is an aspiring doctor. He says he is in Chemistry, but the Rams Roster has him 4 years in the Faculty of Education. Hmmm.

another name

i’m agreeing with a lot of what i’m reading.
cindy arriving gave sarah the ally she’s been begging for the last few weeks. she’s literally been going all over the place trying to figure out if ANYone she’s aligned with is actually on her side. I think she really wanted it to be Jordan or Kevin, but Jordan really gave her the wrong details, and cut his own throat with her. Kevin’s just playing too slow to commit because he’s already made his deals.
it’s smart of Bruno to take credit for the godfrey save, considering he wanted to evict godfrey 48 hours ago. but really, saying to g. go out and get the votes/work man/I don’t know if I can talk to sarah she’s poison/maybe we can do this/you’re in ok i’m in is hardly work. HIs hardest task was convincing bobby. he wouldn’t have needed to convince bobby if he hadn’t turned bobby against g. to begin with. he didn’t even accomplish the task, britt got Bobby to turn around. i’m not hating on Bruno. i’m being an absolute realist.
I really want to know where the root of sarah is poison comes from. because every ally she’s made goes home? because she went to him to try to form an alliance no one would expect a week and a half ago? because week two he realized she was smart and playing the same game style as him (if episode d/r is to be gospel… big if)? or because of the stuff Zach, Jordan and Kevin have been whispering in his ear? I’ve never understood the animosity.
what we know:
Godfrey did sell out bobby and Bruno.
Bruno and Bobby were going to evict Godfrey.
Sarah, cindy and Britt actually did the work to make this happen.
Bruno and Bobby were the last on board with the plan.
Bruno still says Sarah is poison.
Barring intervention or a shiny object distracting bobby, Jordan will be evicted.


So true lol shiny object. I think Sarah or Brit. might back out tho….hopefully not.

another name

I really doubt sarah or britt would back out unless the entire ssb decides to back out and paint a big target on bobby and bruno.
Britt isn’t afraid of big moves. and of all the guys in hexagon, had the least interaction with Jordan. she thinks she’s safe with Bruno. she’s cuddling with bobby.
I read a lot of people saying sarah doesn’t have the guts. she openly went against the house voting naeha to stay instant eviction. she was pushing just as hard as britt to go after a big guy when britt was hoh (britt wanted graig thinking him the ringleader, sarah wanted bobby as the physical threat that she couldn’t get a read on). She was on board to make things happen this week the moment cindy re-entered the game before they even talked. I don’t think she’ll back out.
my fear has been bobby. when he was in the hoh with ash, Zach, and a couple of other people while Bruno and godfrey were having their talk last night my heart began to sink a little. the problem: the cam was votercam feed in hoh. the sound was coming from the bathroom mics. no idea what anyone was talking about. but I can tell you I think one of the hg’s should consider seeing a doctor for urinary retention.


Godfrey knows who did all the work and he has SSB’s back.


Do you know what’s never been done before in the History of Big Brother?
Twist at some point?

–I can see Canada trying that out in some facet…where the country is involved somehow…
–even a TRIPLE with an INSTANT RETURN!!!
That would be a “WHIRLWIND” SHOW! I really can see Canada BB. trying that.

Guy From Canada

A special 1.5 hour episode of that would be wicked!


Tonight could potentially be one of the best episodes of Big Brother ever. I can’t wait to see the look on Zachs face when he realizes he’s not running the house like he thought he was.


Bobby is starting to grow on me…get it bobby.


but bobby is too easily manipulated
like when brittnee told him that he was supposed to be the replacement nominee, he believed it right away.
he never talked game with her, and he believed her once she said it
for all he knows she could be lying to him, but he is not even considering that brittnee is lying to him just because they are sleeping in the same bed now


Bobby was pretty invested in the Chop Shop. He just needed some evidence that Zach was disloyal to the alliance. Britt comes across as pretty sincere and believable and she gave him the little push he was looking for.


If he goes thru. With it I agree….growing on me like a wart but…lol still is.


I really hope Bobby/Bruno/SSB aren’t lame enough to tell Jordan before the vote that he’s going home. Any sign/speak of this?


Another Name, Godrey knows who did all the work and he has SSB’s back.

another name

thanks anonymous. it isn’t godfrey that worries me.
Bruno, on the other hand…. sarah’s poison. sarah’s poison. c’mere bobby, you want a cinnislop boy? sic ’em bobby, now roll over. who’s a good bobby?

Ariana Grande stinks!

Yesterday was one of the best [most entertaining] days in the BB history 😉

BBCAN is SO MUCH better than BBUS. Cast is better, there are no 8 super-predictable weeks of cocky rulers and gutless wimps, the twists are legit and brings in a breath of fresh air. Absolutely AMAZING! Love Sarah, Queen-B and Cindy-with-an-S, and so glad Bruno didn’t chicken out.

Tonight it’s gonna be a BLAST!


I’m liking the atmosphere here, Jp go home now! but people should stop giving Sarah so much credit, she was just as hesitant as bobby, Sindy is the one who had to convince her that this is the only play they have. She really wanted to work with JP.
God threw bob n Bruno under the bus because his arse on the block n he is trying to increase his chances of staying, he is not part of the chop shop so what else could he have done lay down n died. Their was a small chance the Zach could have used it on him. The only person I’m giving total credit to is my girl Cindy w/ an S.


Finally, the first episode I am eager to watch since the first season of BBCA…

Bye JP…


JP being evicted will be especially satisfying as I’m remembering during one of Newports indulgent autofellating sessions about how INSANE it was how thoroughly they were controlling the game, grossly laughing how “stupid” everyone else was; how the idea of leaving this early pre-jury would “LITERALLY make them SICK” and “ACTUALLY VOMIT” on Arissa. Somebody better warn that Arissa…

PS: one of the lamest things i’ve heard bragged about- “DUDE! We’re were the only ones doing DR’s together!”.They have actually run out of things to compliment themselves with.

To the Curb

If all goes to plan, it will go down as one of the best, if not the best, blindside evictions in BB history. .. Sindy and Sara koodos to you both for resurrecting a season that was going to be labelled the most boring season ever…love my God…


This episode is going to rock. I hope Jp leaves. And godfrey changes my mind about him. Zach probably woke up the sleeping giant. If the plan goes 100% then this would be a top 5 episode of bbcanada


I was surprise that Kevin has told Jordan or Zach about the votes of Godfrey from conversation. I was wondering he did not believe him or was on deaf ear.


Kevin didn’t believe Godfrey because:
He just thought that Godfrey was blowing more hot air
He thought people were simply telling Godfrey that he was safe just to pacify him.
However the way Kevin and Ash were laughing about it/Godfrey …..
Tonight will be awesome!
BBCA needs a multi split screen so we can see all their faces tonight. LOL


I’ve actually got to hand it to Kevin if he manages not to say anything to JP and Zach. I think he’s just trying to find out where the cards lay without showing any of his own (heh, poker metaphor).

Kevin has the trust of both sides of the house right now, by keeping this information to himself he looks more trustworthy to Godfrey and the people voting JP out, while also being able to use Godfrey’s reputation as a shield. It would also benefit him if JP were to leave, not by his hand. Kevin has a pretty good grasp on what is going on. By getting JP out, it breaks the house into factions and weakens Zach, who is viewed as the biggest threat at this point. Kevin knows about pretty much every alliance in the house right now thanks to JP, so he must know that if Bobby and Bruno turn on JP that it spells the end of both the Chop Shop and the Newport alliance. Now he can easily pick off Zach or, if it becomes necessary, try to slip into JP’s position and use Zach as a meat shield.

By playing his cards close to his chest he can effectively play both sides of the house. He’s doing a great job of hanging back and letting the two sides go at each other and moving the target away from himself.

Or, if he just doesn’t believe Godfrey, by keeping quiet he’s keeping the trust of Godfrey and whoever Godfrey may be working with because no possible broken-telephone type of rumor will be traced back to Kevin. He’s good whether Godfrey was lying or not and has the info in his pocket to pull out if he needs it, especially if Godfrey’s claims actually are true. Information is currency in the BB house.

TL;DR Keeping quiet gives Kevin options.


Any chance the live feeds are down because there is some last minute stuff going down like maybe JP finding out about the flip and production wants to keep it as a shock factor? They don’t usually go down this early on eviction day do they?


Feeds are always down Wednesday during the day, I don’t expect them to change their vote.


Once JP leaves the house dynamic will change big time, he was an important piece in the first 3 weeks of game play.
Depending on who wins the HOH remnants of the diapers could be in power again and I doubt they’ll kill off one of their own again. (LOL)

I’m sure whoever wins the HOH Drama will come so from that aspect it really doesn’t matter.
If Ashleigh won and put up Brittnee/Sarah.. holy cat fight
What if Godfrey/Brittnee won slapped up Ashleigh and Zach
Willow wins puts up Bru/Bobby
Kevin wins puts up Sindy/Bobby

no matter how you slice it entertaining BB starts tonight!


Team Bru Crew (Bobby, Godfrey and Bruno), Why? Why not bro, yo
Team Diapers (Kevin, Pilar, Zach, Ashleigh), Why? for the ladies obvi
Team SSB (Sindy, Sarah and Brittnee), Why? they have balls
Team willow, Why? wildcard b1tches

another name

best wildcard strategy of the year: make yourself so incredibly annoying to everyone around you while you are safe, that they are afraid to nominate you because of how you’ll react.
if it’s intentional… wow.


I can’t wait until this season is over and I can go to the vapour lounge where Sarah works downtown Toronto and smoke a dube with her!!! 😀


I know I’m in the minority but I feel sorry for JP – he’ll be known as the loser who asked to be put up as a pawn and got the boot. He’ll be scarred for life !


Thank god the people in here are players! I needed a great season of big brother this time, due to bb16 being boring as fuck – I’m glad moves are actually being made! Tbh I think Sarah has this season on lock! No one is targeting her and everyone trusts her! After last week I don’t know how she did it but everyone is on her side and telling her secrets! She’s one to watch!


Oh Tobias, you are going to make Tuan a). cry b) freak completely out


Anyone know of a stream for tonights episode



Rumor has it Pille won HOH.


Really… they have a giggle competition for HoH?


Really Bruno? Willow????

Rosie Thorn

Wtf is Arisa wearing?! Her outfits are BRUTAL!