Sarah “The tentative plan is to vote JP out and if you can’t vote then the plan is off.”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV April 24
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: Godfrey and Jordan
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players Zach, Jordan, Godfrey, Sarah, Ashleigh, Pilar

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-21 14-35-16-530

5:20pm Up in the HOH room – Sarah talks to Brittnee. She tells her that she talked to Bobby and said that I needed to talk to you. Brittnee says he should talk to me. Sarah says No one is 100% committing. He said that he would tell me right before the vote. Sarah says people don’t think we’re close. Brittnee says that’s good. Sarah says it’s going to kill me but.. Sarah leaves..

Sarah heads to the bedroom and talks to Sindy. Sarah tells Sindy “The tentative plan is to vote JP out and if you can’t vote then the plan is off.” Sindy says good. Sarah says what is sketchy is he won’t confirm until right before the votes. Sindy that’s fine we’ll all do it right before. Sindy says this is going to be the first time the votes go against the HOH. Sarah says I’m so happy you’re here!

5:30pm Big Brother puts the house guests on a backyard lock down. Bruno, Brittnee and Bobby head out to the hot tub. Willow and Zach are tossing the football in the backyard and the rest of the house guests are sitting on the backyard couches. Big Brother ends the lockdown and Zach Jordan and Sindy head inside. Sindy gets Jordan to rub A535 on her back. Before starting he reads the instructions “to make sure it doesn’t hurt me” Sindy rolls her eyes when he’s taking too long to start. Sindy says JP you spoil me. Jordan says well you’re a princess and hence you need to be spoiled like one. The make out on the couch. Jordan then carries Sindy to the bedroom and gets her under the covers. She tells him stop someone is going to come in.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-21 14-44-44-664

6pm Out in the hot tub – Godfrey tells Brittnee that Sarah and Sindy are going to vote for me to stay. Sindy is going to vote out JP she is just sticking close to him to keep him comfortable. Godfrey says I am coming after Zach. He put me on the block. He knows it, I know it. Brittnee tells Godfrey to get Bruno and Bobby to come talk to me and tell me they’re voting to keep you.

Backyard – Bobby, Willow, Zach and Ashleigh on the backyard couches. Bruno says she’s safe (Sindy) this week. Zach comments that she (Sindy) could have just robbed 10K and left now. But she wants to fight?! Bruno says yeah she’s a fighter. Next week we’ll just put her up and send her out if she doesn’t win the veto. Bruno says if she’s in the veto .. she’s a f**king beast!!

6:15pm – 6:30pm Willow says it was literally like we just told Godfrey that Santa isn’t real. The feeds switch to Godfrey campaigning to Kevin in the HOH room. Godfrey tells Kevin about how Kevin was the b@ckdoor plan. Kevin says oh wow, that’s the first I’ve heard of this. If he told you that I was throwing you under the bus… I never was. That was his plan you know. JP and Zach are like this and with Ashleigh that makes 3. Ashleigh is so far up Zach’s a$$ she can’t see sh*t! When you vote .. you vote what you think is going to take you farther. I made it clear I am going after him (Zach)! He knows it and I know it! I think they will go after Bobby or Bruno first but then they will go after you. We have a chance to flip this! I know you’re a gamer. I am telling you right now I have 5 votes. Kevin asks who? Godfrey says he doesn’t want to throw anyone under the bus .. but Sindy.. she’s here to play. I’ve got Sarah, Britt, Bobby and Bruno. Kevin says that’s 5. Godfrey says Bobby and Bruno know Zach is coming after him. If any of these dumba$$ girls make it to the end and you’re sitting in jury’ll be kicking yourself. Godfrey says that Ashleigh is laying up here in bed with him (Zach) .. she should be embarrassed with herself. Go talk to Bruno, Bobby, Brittnee, Sindy and Sarah, I am going for the one person that can actually beat us in this game. You might think you’re part of the clique but when your time comes they will kick you out. You’re not at the top with them. I don’t even care about winning! My number 1 goal is breaking up that showmance. Godfrey says looks how he treats his number 1 ally. Kevin says you really laied it all out there.

After Godfrey leaves .. Kevin laugh and says that was the worst speech of all time. This is the first time you’ve talked to me in 33 days and you want me to vote for you?!

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-21 15-15-17-624

Kevin then tells Pilar and Ashleigh about Godfrey’s pitch. “I don’t even want to win any more I just want to get rid of Zashleigh.” Ashleigh asks he actually said that?! I can’t wait for Zach to hear that. Kevin says this is the first time he’s talked to me in 33 days and he expects we have some kind of social trust?

6:35pm Godfrey fills Bruno in on his conversations.

6:50pm – 7:05pm Brittnee and Bruno are laying out on the backyard couch. Sarah, Sindy and Jordan are on the inside couches talking about random things and the others are having an ab workout class. Brittnee is talking about Bobby to Bruno. She says she likes him but doesn’t know him that well. She thinks he looks like Emmett but that’s not why I like him. I’m not that vein.

7:15pm Zach and Kevin help Pilar show off her cheer leading skills. Kevin and Zach then toss Pilar high up in the air and then catch her. Godfrey says he doesn’t want to be a part of it because he doesn’t want to be an accessory..




There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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I don’t get Britnee, why is she not even trying to put a good word in for Sarah to Bruno? Or at least ask him about how he would feel about voting out JP? Bruno keeps saying it doesn’t look good, what the heck does that even mean? You suck up your pride and go talk to Sarah, done end of discussion problem solved. I don’t understand why he’s being so douchey and anti-Sarah, when I don’t even what she’s done to him. And whoever said in the last post that JP gives a rapey vibe, I could not agree with you more, he creeps me out. I hope that by the end of today Sindy, Sarah, and Bruno can have a talk because it’s the only way something big will happen.


They can’t expose their relationship. There is an advantage in this but also a disadvantage.
Sarah is on the ‘couples side’ who is anti-Britnee, while Britnee is on the other side who is anti-Sarah. Sarah has been playing the I’m all naive and alone card all season but she has Sindy and Brit on her pockets.


RIP godfrey is going home
godfrey is campaigning to kevin


I knew JP would be voted out! I called it first!


I wouldn’t consider that a sure bet just yet. Godfrey spilling everything to Kevin is going to split the house and Sarah, Britt, Sindy, Bruno, and Bobby are going to have a choice to make. Unfortunately, the majority of those people either have no backbone or they are as dumb as a rock.


Okay this is just sad now. Whoever is trying to pretend to be me needs to stop. Make up your own name and post what you feel like. I’ve never called JP definitely leaving first. Ugh. Dawg and Simon is there anyway to do a log in on the sight?


Godfrey is going home, he’s telling kevin EVERYTHING


Loose lip Bobby is making me nervous. A lot could happen before tomorrow night. :/


The only way the house can flip is if BB allows Sindy to vote. It would be pointless for Bruno, Bobby, Sarah, and Britt to vote out JP since Zach is the HOH and he will break the tie. Trying to talk to Willow about the game would just be a lost cause at this point.

I do find it funny that Big Brother is waiting to tell them whether or not Sindy gets a vote. I bet production has been watching closely and will make their decision based on what would make the show more interesting (in this case, it would be allowing Sindy to vote).


You bring up a very interesting point. Never seen a BB where the person not eligible to be evicted got a chance to vote. Think I’m right on that including all BB USAs. My guess is it’s 8 voting and Cindy has no vote. But if production wants JP gone that’s a sure way to atleast give an opportunity for it to happen.
I truely hope this plan gets out and Sarah and B are exposed. I have no love lose for Newport anymore after the chicken chit Zack’s HOH. I do think JP can still go if Willow votes with Bruno/Bobby. Worst HOH in BB CAN history.

another name

Allison. bbcan2. one week immunity but allowed to vote in her first week. ika was hoh. she voted to evict paul with the guys and sarah.


JP going out will make this game so much more interesting?


Yikes…… It seems like Godfrey is ruining his chances all on his own. Isolating someone for 30 days, and telling Kevin WHO the 5 votes are? You never tell them that, especially if they are close to the HOH. I expect him to unanimously leave tomorrow, and now Ashleigh has even more reason to worry.


God to Kevin: “I won’t mention your name (as a potential vote for me) to anyone because that might endanger your game. Oh, by the way, the 5 people who’d vote for me are Bruno, Bobby, Sindy, Sarah and Brit. (I’m endangering their game by telling you about them. But that’s different because… um…)


even if Godfrey stays, Zach’s game is blown to shyte.He is most of the house is target.
Godfrey is the metaphor nail to his coffin. I know that all of us are pissed that god told Kevin about the votes, but it really does matter because he planted a seed in kevin and that is all we need to shake things up.

Just sayin'

I’m so glad that Godfrey is fighting to stay, I’m sick of people laying down and dying when they are on the block. As much as people say Kevin is a smart player I just don’t know, I think he thinks he is a smart player. Jordan basically told him that he has been playing him this whole time by having a “newport” alliance with Zach and making Kevin look like an idiot, and he still is thinking that Jordan is his number 1 guy? Godfrey is making valid points, and if Kevin was such a smart player than he would keep his mouth shut until he has considered all his options instead of running and telling the house.


But there’s nothing for Kevin to even consider from Godfrey!

Godfrey’s whole speech to Kevin was about Zach trying to backdoor Kevin this week. But Kevin knew about this fake backdoor the whole time, he was part of the planning earlier in the week! And so Godfrey’s speech just confirmed to Kevin that he is doing the right thing sticking with Zach.

Not to mention the awful gameplay and social play by Godfrey. Watch Godfrey’s pitch to Kevin that lasted 20 minutes. Kevin tries to actually say a few words but gets cut off by Godfrey 5 – 10 times. Would you really want to work with someone who wont even listen to you? Let alone with the power is switched.

Just sayin'

There is a lot to consider. Kevin now understands that there are lines being drawn in the house and he should have definitely thought about which side he wants to end up on. If he knows Jordan is getting voted out 5-4 already than switching his vote to cover his ass with that side of the house is a good idea. Plus with Jordan gone he knows that Zach is closer to all the girls than him, so really what kind of situation is he left in? I am not saying he 100% should vote one way or the other, I’m saying it is incredibly stupid to run over and tell the house everything before even thinking about it for 5 minutes. Real players have to adapt with the game and look and all the different angles before picking the best course, Kevin never does that.


You guys are flippoing out over nothing –

jp/zach told everyone in the house earlier in the week to just tell godfry he has their votes to keep him calm.

Kevin didnt even believe godfrys pitch and laugehd when he left the room.

Nothing will come out of that.

If anything it just made the blindside that much better


If I was Bruno or Bobby, I would tell SSB that we’re voting out JP but actually vote out God. With the 3 girls voting out JP it would force both sides to finally go against each other out in the open, and could buy themselves a couple of weeks to play the game JP and Zach have been playing so far.


Godfrey is an idiot for opening his mouth to Kevin. He’s blowing the game of people who are trying to save his ass.


This game is full of rats trying to sell everything and anything out to everyone.
When JP felt nervous, he sold out Newport to Kevin, even if that might actually have been a stupid move for his game (Kevin must have lost some trust in JP).
God sells everybody out to everybody in an attempt to get 1 (Kev) or 2 (+Pili) more votes because he knows some of the 5 that might vote for him are sketchy about it.
It’s like once the POV ceremony is over, the 2 people that are on the block act like they just had a brain aneurism. They sink their own ship out of paranoia (JP) or desperation (God).


Godfrey! Go back to Sleep! What part of “couples” alliance does he not understand?
So he goes and tells Kevin everything? What a train wreck!
He just fell past Pilar n Willow on my … your game play sucks list. Thump! to the bottom
Still hoping JP is evicted tomorrow.

The Truth

Why is Britnee trying to pretend to Godfrey that she and Sarah are not close? It makes no sense. You are fooling no one. This constant bullsh*tting is why neither side trust each other. Be real and just fess up to what you have said in the past and move the f*ck on. I want to see a major upset on Wednesday. I don’t even care anymore who benefits from said upset I just want to see something happen!

I also think that Ashleigh is probably more outgoing outside of the BB house. She reminds me of Rochelle. She probably came into the house thinking she would have more of a presence but soon found out that there were many other people with stronger personalities (ie, Sarah, Graig, Naeha, Britt,God..) Now she kind of blends into the background like wallpaper and waits to be told what is going on. Pili, while having a bubbly personality came in with no strategy and I think Ashleigh feels less threatened around her.


In her bio, Ash says Jon Party was a strategic player? LOL
Jon was a bumbling fool who got very very lucky. Neda drug him along and steered him.
Neda should of won that season! hundo!
I hope Neda is spending his winnings. lol


And this is why Godfrey is an idiot. He doesn’t know when to shut the freak up! Going after Kevin’s vote? One of the couples in the Couples Alliance? Utter stupidity! Godfrey, once again, you blew up every person who said they’d vote for you to stay. He does this ALL THE TIME, even when things are going his way! Everything he does is rooted in FEAR!

Given his lack of relationship with Kevin, spilling the beans to him, and throwing all of his supporters under the bus… if he’s evicted, he has no one to blame but himself and he would DESERVE it. How stupid can you get?

another name

saving grace: if no one on feeds would ever believe sarah and Bruno would ever agree on anything… why would anyone in the house.
Zach and Jordan believe that they have successfully steered Bruno to target sarah, and sarah to fear Bruno. why would they EVER believe those two would join forces. they also believe they have successfully turned Bruno against Godfrey. would they ever believe that their omnipotent super manipulation powers would fail?
with that in mind, would anyone buy Godfrey’s pitch when he names names?
Bobby is the one to worry about. he lacks guile to such a degree it’s mind boggling. It feels like an alliance with bobby would mean deprogramming and reprogramming him every time he saw something shiny or walked into the vicinity of another person.


although what godfrey did in talking to kevin was probably the stupidest thing, I don’t think kevin actually believed him at all, as he kept saying he wasn’t listening when re-capping with pilar and ashleigh


Well, that’s Klueless Kevin for you. Kevin’s strategy is believing in his feelings, which is no different than playing emotionally. If Kevin remotely thinks someone is honest, he goes whole hog and believes everything they say without questioning it. Case in point: Jordan. Jordan came up to him and basically said that his first loyalty was with Zach and Newport. But, Zach’s only playing for himself so I’ve decided to make my loyal alliance the one I have with you, “cuz you’re more my style and speed (yeah, slow!). And Kevin never thought to question Jordan’s allegiance to him and The Fortress?!

And Kevin has decided that Godfrey can’t be trusted, so, naturally, EVERY word that comes out of his mouth MUST be a lie, so don’t bother putting effort into listening, or using logic and reason. It’s all just lies.

Kevin is dumb. If I had a Twitter account, I’d start trending “Jordan and Kevin – #IdiotAlliance.”

another name

let me get this straight: they can’t say product names. they can’t touch the floater in the hot tub. they can’t talk about sex or m@sturbation. but they can toss a castmate into the air 15 feet without so much as a stop that. good to know the priorities….


kevin’s reaction made me more optimistic about potential damage of godfrey’s naming names. it did not make me optimistic about kevin’s futur potential in the game th lol. i am glad zach/jp told ppl to tell godfrey he is safe. that could be one more thing used against them that is about to backfire.

wht we need is jp out and a quick eviction eweek that gets couples on the block and one less of them around


JP we BBfans find you GUILTY of :
1) Not winning a HOH that was tailor made for you.
2)Volunteering to be put on the block.
3)Throwing a veto competition
4)Staying on the block and not campaigning
You are Sentenced to an early eviction,not making jury and LIVING with the fact that you cannot call yours a super-fan anymore.
YOUR GUILTY….you cocky dick.


WTF Godfrey?! Why would you tell Kevin who was voting for you to stay? Ugh. You and Bobby are a hot a** mess.


Sindy I seriously HART you….you brought life to a dead game 🙂


Hoping beyond hope that JP goes!!! For one I’d love to see that smug cocky look fall off their faces! (Zack and JP) secondly I’d love to see Kevin actually have to play the game instead of relying on his one and only Alliance member….who wasn’t loyal to him in the first place lol (I’m not even going to mention ashleigh and pill, they don’t count) can’t wait to see what kev does with JP gone. …play the game not your showmance


Godfrey may go home in a clean sweep because kevin will tell everyone and it willg et back to the others and they all get scared. On the other hand, they may all not believe these people are voting this way.. It is jsut so dynamic and unpredictable. Kevin is truly a terrible player. Perhaps the only one worse than godfrey. This is thethird person who told him that zach was trying to back door him and jp his closest ally member told him the same thing too. I can only conclude he is either totally spineless, or hoping by blowing up others games they all take each other out and he sails into the end with no trouble.