Bobby “It was fake. The second I saw it I was like how can I use this.. memorize the numbers”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV April 24
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: Godfrey and Jordan
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players Zach, Jordan, Godfrey, Sarah, Ashleigh, Pilar

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Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-21 08-21-05-212

9:50am- 11:20am Big Brother blocks the live feeds. The vault room countdown would have run out around 10am. At 11:20am the feeds return for only a few seconds. Out in the hot tub – Bruno and Bobby are talking. Bruno says I didn’t know it was fake. Bobby says yeah it was fake. Bruno says good. Bobby says The second I saw it I was like how can I use this.. memorize the numbers.. Big Brother cuts the feeds.

In the kitchen – Willow says the good logic. You know. Kevin says Strong people. Willow says strong people. Godfrey says exactly YO! Willow comments we did really good! Jordan says Yup, good work team! Godfrey says we made a smart choice. Jordan says good work… Big Brother blocks the feeds.


11:20am Big Brother cuts the feeds
12:25pm The feeds are still blocked…

1:10pm Still blocked..

2:35pmNothing yet..
3pm No other leaks yet…

3:30pm The live feeds return.. With Sindy’s birthday celebration




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Feeds down again …uuuuhhhh!
Between the frustration with the feeds
Twist flop after twist flop
Gutless players (“it’s too early” and “I don’t want blood on my hands”)
and I really can’t seem to find any cast members I really like …
I’m quickly loosing interest in this season of BBCA


AGREED! I have NEVER watched less feeds out any season of Big Brother. I just come here and if something interesting is going on (which 90% of the time there is not), I’ll turn ’em on. I just feel bad for Dawg and Simon – they must be bored out of their minds.


It’s brutal… They really need to communicate with us better. We would love to be able to go do something during these feed outages instead of sitting around watching the orange screen.


The worst thing is during this long feed outage yesterday they wouldn’t even let you rewind to watch previous times. They replaced all DVR video with the orange screen. Stupid.

Guy From Canada

Says the server is down with an error message……


There is listeners and there is talkers. I love how Kevin listens, stays in the background and processes information. He is a smart dude! Go Kev


I hope when the time comes that it’s Kevin who takes Zach out!


I hope the time comes sooner than later


it won’t happen!!

Bruno or Sarah/B/Sindy are the only ones who can take Newport out, but the problem is Bruno is allied with an idiot, and is way too concerned about Sarah which is fucking ridiculous but I won’t get to that
if a miracle happens, and Bruno and Sarah happen to pair up, they could do some serious damage!
oh and Kevin lol he’ll just be again a lost puppy looking for an alliance, he will never bust a move unless it’s evicting his own allies, like Pilar (his only legit ally left).. because it’s the only good thing he’s good at


kevin is super selfish though remember what he did to Johnny? He has no allegiance whatsoever, all of them are pure selfish and looking out for themselves . There’s not one single person to root for and Willow and Pillar are just eye sores.


This isn’t a team sport.


Well, they’re all there to win the money for themselves and not to help others win it.


Honestly, the selfish and emotionless players are usually the best game players, which is why I tend to root for them. Go Kev!


I don’t think the issue at play with Johnny was selfishness as much as not being able to do anything because you have no numbers to make any difference … as opposed to Zach who had the numbers to do what the plan was but still left JP hanging and wussed out on completing anything significant with his HOH


still cant get my mind around why people like kevin. kid has had NO clue about what was going on for half the season so far. him and pilar are kind of nauseating, and him not aligning with johnny who took him off the guy has no clue im sorry i really hope he leaves soon. this season is such a DUD! so disappointing, i think risha staying first week, may have changed the trajectory of the show completely.


Exactly kevin is most likely as dumb as pillar .


agreed Kevin is selfish, and it’s true that this isn’t a “team sport” however, when Johnny was on the block.. Kevin did NOT campaign for him stay, he did not give a shit , his head was so far up Newport’s ass that he just followed whatever they were saying
he’s basically Cody from BB16, someone who had to vote his allies (Britney/Amber/Christine) just to satisfy someone else’s gameplay ..

if he had more balls he would have fought for the guy to stay, I mean WTF Johnny used a veto on himself, and it was clear that Johnny wasn’t going to evict him anytime sooner, seriously it just shows that Kevin is a fucking idiot, he doesn’t have the potential like Bruno or Sarah to be a good player, he’s just a puppet


Johnny was a sinking ship. If Kevin had tried to bail him out, it would dragged them both down.


are you kidding me ?
what has Kevin done so far?

the guy is getting played by Newport, he’s only a number to them, so far he hasn’t done shit! aside from being a clueless idiot showing his “sheyld gesture” on eviction night LOL ! I haven’t seen any game move from him yet, he’s Newport’s little bitch, and Jordan is playing him like a fiddle

Once JP or Zach gets evicted now will be the time to see what Kevin has to bring.. but so far he hasn’t done shit, I’d rather be Willow someone who’s working her social game with everyone and isn’t on anyone’s radar, than a clueless idiot who believes certain people have his back


I hate when people say it’s too early to make a move. In 75% of those situations, if you aren’t making a move then someone else is and that will be the end of your game.

Also, does Zach own the floral hat that he wears all the time? Copying Hayden from BB16 is just another thing I can add to the list of things I don’t like about him.


This is almost a reminiscent of BB16 last year.

Nicole = Bruno (person you want to root for and shows potential in winning competitions but is blinded by Zach)
Derrick and Cody = Zach and Jordan (playing the game well by manipulating others but is such a turn off for being arrogant and obnoxious)
Donny = Sarah (has an idea on what is happening in the house but does not have a strong pull on people)
Jocosta = Pili (barely even there)


Sara is Donny? Are you out of your mind? Sara flipflops like crazy whereas Donny stays loyal to his team. Sara lies a lot whereas Donny rarely lies. Sara did not win a comp yet whereas Donny is comp beast. Sindy told Sara about the Chop Shop. She did not know anything about diaper alliance yet. She is clueless about Kevin. Sara sold her alliance members (Johnny, Britt, Jordan and Zach) out in a second whereas Donny did not. Sara is not trustworthy whereas Donny is.
Tell me one thing they are in common? Seriously, I know you like Sara but your comparison is out of chart.

another name

tuan, you’ve stated numerous sarah slurs without once providing any evidence to support your claims. this time it’s sarah is a flipflopper.
Britt allows Bruno to think graig’s eviction was all sarah’s fault.
hexagon does nothing before or when she and jonny are nominated. they say sucks for you, but lets talk about next week. bromuda sold jonny and sarah down the river.
jonny sells her out to hopefully save himself.
she tries to save herself by making a new alliance. it doesn’t work because Bruno is Bruno.
she tries to play weak and defenseless yes-girl to the people that she knows have sold her out, hoping something will happen so she can yet again try to save herself.
Since when is being sold out by your alliance and being flexible enough not to lie down and die a characteristic to be disparaged as a flip flopper.
not once have you said Bruno is a flip flopper. he’s in chop shop. he was after Zach, then he’s Zach’s buddy, then he’s after Zach, then he’s Zach’s buddy. Flip. Flop.
for that matter Zach is the biggest flip flopper in the game. do you insult and admonish him? no. so what’s up with that?


1. Noone allows anyone to think. Does your parents allow you to think or you think for yourself.
2. Remember, the game is up and down. If she is a loyal person, everyone in her alliance will see it, stick to her. She does not need to do anything, they still come to her. For example, if your friend thinks you are trustworthy, they will hang out with you and share you their information. Remember things do not work out not because of other people, you should take the blame for not working and fix it. That is the right way to do. Johnny tells Sara’s alliance what Sara thought about to flip to the other side. Did you remember it? Sold out = work with other members other than her alliance. Johnny did not sell her out. Even Sara’s alliance knows she is flip-flopper, did he put her on the block? They did give her a break there.
3. When you try to work with other side of the house = sold out. For example when you work with your alliance ‘s enemy to take out your alliance member, what you call it? flip-flop. Look up the definition of flip-flop. If your friend hang out with your enemy and talk bad about you, what do you call it?
4. When your boyfriend tries to save his interest in other girl by hanging out with her, is he trustworthy?
5. Zach is playing both sides from the beginning but his loyalty is always with the diaper alliance. I did not say Zach is trustworthy.
6. It is nothing wrong to be untrustworthy in this game. If Sara decides to play the game like that, it is okay with me. It is just not right to compare Sara = Donny. That is out of chart.
7. Ask yourself, if you are in the game, will you put your game life in Sara’s hands? For me, not. That is it.
8. I do not have any problem with you like Sara and the way she is playing the game. It is up to her and you.
9. For example, Kevin is trustworthy, that is why everyone in the house keeps sharing information to him even he does not need to ask anyone. Even though Kevin is not my favorite either but I have to give him the word “trustworthy”. For Sara, it is a “NO”

aother name

I respect your right to express your opinion. i’m asking you to provide evidence to support your claims instead of just hurling insults as self-evident truths.
I have read your argument.
I’m not saying not to think and express your opinions. if someone asks you to explain yourself, either ignore them or do them the courtesy of showing how you come to your conclusion. if point one was meant as a personal insult toward me: epic fail.
in counterpoint to most of the body of your argument:
Jonny and Sarah agreed that their alliance were not faithful to them and had another agenda. they agreed the other members were using them and were going to toss them away. there is no ‘prove yourself’ to them when you have proof you are the lamb being led to slaughter. THEY WERE.
You know, as a viewer that Bromuda were using hexagon, just like they were using chop shop in order to save their real priority: the diapers. Jonny and Sarah figured that out too. you can’t sell out an alliance that isn’t actually faithful or real. the only people that thought it WAS an alliance were sarah and jonny. Jonny admits to selling her out. multiple times in the days before his eviction.
In saying that Zach’s strategy is to be disloyal to everyone, so you can’t fault him for it: I don’t. I’ve stated time and again that his strategy is good. But a spade is a spade. He’s disloyal to everyone. riding the middle means you are intrinsically flipping from one side to the other. what I am saying is that if one person is to be demonized for doing so, another person should not be canonized. example: if two people commit the same crime, they should both be held accountable. you seem to criticize sarah, but ignore or excuse all others.
therefore, I have to disagree with you.
Since I don’t thumbs up or thumbs down comments, I felt that I owed you the respect of asking you to explain how you have come to your conclusions, even if I worded it flippantly. i’m not trying to shame you, or insult you: I am merely expressing that I disagree.

No experience

Based on what you mentioned above, I think you would hope ashleigh or pilar or even bobby (who is really naive) to outlast sarah (smh)

2 & 3. Of course sarah would go to the other side, the odds of her winning big brother against her own alliance is so slim that she’s most likely gonna be evicted in a few weeks. Btw, Johnny DID sell Sarah out (watch the hangout video – he specifically mentioned that he had to tell sarah’s plan). It’s not a sell out if your own alliance members throws your name under the bus just to suck up to the hoh. The point is to win the money, not lose the money. What’s the point of an alliance if you’re the only one fighting for yourself? (its not a flip-flop, its called a betrayal. get it f***** right)

4. the word “boyfriend” is irrelevant because this is “BIG BROTHER” NOT “THE BACHELOR.” They’re here to win money, not to get laid (eg. jon/neda – jon elimated neda for the money. and neda would’ve done the same thing. Where’s the “trust”?). LOL

6 & 7: The fact that you have so much judgement on Sarah and not on everyone else makes me think you are very f**** biased. Btw, if I was her, i would probably do the same thing as her (with a few adjustments – eg. talking to bruno)

9. I wouldn’t say Kevin’s trustworthy cause he’s playing both sides of the house (like zach, but is willing to get out strong competitors, compared to zach).

I agree that sarah would represent donny, and the fact that majority of your posts are bashing sarah proves that you’re just a hater (just say you’re not a fan of her, no need to bash her)


Have you been duped by sarah before? Or are you Bruno typing inside the house who is very anti-sarah for unknown irrational thinking? I’ve noticed you always reacts negatively when it comes to Sarah. Anyhow, to each their own. :]

Going back, have I compared and mentioned Donny’s loyalty to Sarah’s loyalty? Nope but everyone of them has been playing for themselves.
I have only stated that Sarah is the only person inside the house who has a clear grasped on the lines drawn inside the house. She knows that the meatheads (Bruno, Bobby and Godfrey) are tight, she knows that Zach is part of the meatheads by association of Bruno and Bobby in the Chop Shop, she is aware that Jordan and Zach are working together and extremely close, she is also aware that ash and Zach are not so loyal to the Chop Shop. As for the diaper alliance? seriously? Only Bobby and perhaps willow is unaware of it inside the house, Sindy has also confirmed to her that she was invited to the couples alliance.

As of now, her only blind spot is Kevin who seem to be only loyal with JP.

If that doesn’t answer your question on how she is similar to donny when it comes to the knowledge of the house dynamics then it is really pointless to argue with you.


It is not me seeing things about Sara. It is up to the houseguests seeing things about Sara. Don’t you ever take a moment to think why no houseguests want to put their trust in her? Remember not everyone have the same view as you do. Don’t get offensive, when someone states their own views.


I’m not being offensive. I’m just saying your argument from the very beginning is flawed. You lambasted Sarah on my comparison on how they are similar with Donny in terms of they are the most aware of how the dynamics of the house just because they are different on other traits. Here’s a simpler analogy what i said was ‘apples is similar to orange because both are delicious fruits’ and your return argument is ‘apple is not delicious because it is red and orange is orange’.


Oh i agree..Sarah is smart, but zach and jp have done a better job at building relationships in the house. They are somewhat comparable to chilltown, but not as smart. Bruno is no Nicole, he is smarter and has a better social game.


Maybe production should take a hint and force the twist on the game. Otherwise this will be the season of flops instead of twist.

Has Bruno gotten over his Sarahphobia yet? Godfrey’s probably going if he hasn’t.


Probably not, but who knows since they block off the feeds for hours on end….


I am betting Sarahphobia is still strong. And now Bobby is out of the vault and the Bruno/Bobby hot tub strategy sessions will proceed.
Bruno! Stay OUT of the hot tub! Bobby is freezing your brain!


guys help, fill me in please, whos going this work jordan or godrey, havnt been keeping up this week. work is frying my brain.

thanks much appreiciated

Other Doug

There’s been lots of “flip the house” talk but right now Godfrey is going home.


To be honest, I see the Feeds being down as a good thing FOR ME. I know it’s frustrating for most everyone and I’m sorry you guys aren’t being treated right. But, personally, it’s sooo frustrating to watch them anymore. 90% of the time, they might as well be on a loop because these people are constantly saying the SAME DAMN THINGS and it’s not only boring, but moronically stupid.

Ashleigh (and Pilar): “We really need to win HOH. If I win, I’m putting up Sindy and Britnee.” Seriously? I think Sindy and Britnee are 100% safe from the two of them! These are the two most useless people I’ve ever seen in this game. Even Talla, Victoria and Risha were better at it. Ashleigh said, “I have faith I won’t be as bad as I was in the past two comps. If I am, I’m a joke.” That’s the only thing she’s gotten right in the house so far.

If the house votes Godfrey out, especially unanimously, then this year will go down as the most cowardly and poorly played game in Big Brother history… of any country. Every chance to make a “big move” has been run from. These people take ALL of the Big Brother game and have taken them as strategy. For example, “I don’t want to get blood on my hands.” As a result, no moves are made except to manipulate everyone else to make them for you or to “vote with the house” to “stay under the radar.” They grab hold of these cliches and cement their games play to them.

I figured out the reason WHY this season ANGERS me so much. This show only comes on once a year. We look SO FORWARD to it with a lot of anticipation, only to get a house of idiots that stomp all over that excitement and waiting we’ve endured.


What is wrong with the SSB crew?
They want to evict JP … that would be Great! Do the freakin work!
As far as I have seen … which isn’t much … thx bbca
Sarah won’t talk to Bruno Vice Versa
Sindy spends 24 hrs w/Bobby … As far as I know not a word about getting JP out
Brit hangs out with Bruno … not a word about getting JP out or backing up her crew?


Only they may be doing it right now, but they turn down the feeds for how long… And Sarah tried, apparently… But Bruno has been the one that is being a baby about it…I’m sure that they all know that Sarah and Bruno working together would have to be in a completely different universe…they can still get JP out, but it would not be due to either of them working together… It would be because SSB would want to throw 3 votes to create paranoia and Bruno and Bobby sticking with Godfrey since Bruno tells Bobby what to do anyways…if that happens, JP goes and the house explodes that way…that could just force them together… But it would not be because Bruno decided to talk Sarah out of nowhere….


Godfrey, Bruno and Bobby should actually be the first to approach the SSB and not the other way around.

Jordan leaving is harmful to SSB in the long run because then the diapers will control the house but as for next week it will be an advantage for them. It will be four to six people vs Bruno and Bobby
Jordan (who will be throwing this comp anyway), Kevin (who knows that Bobby wanted him out week 1), Pilar (kevin will most likely think for her)., Sarah (who’s rival is Bruno) and Sindy (who’s main target is Zach but Bobby is secondary)

I do understand why the SSB is threading the waters lightly, they got so much more to lose than gain. Which is also the mentality why Bruno is not talking to Sarah. They think that if one of them ratted the other person out that person becomes the house target number 1. The problem is, Bruno and Bobby are unaware that these people or most of all are already gunning for their head, they believe that they are relatively safe because they think that Chop Shop is tight and that Sindy is the target for next week. Sarah actually is taking the biggest blow if Bruno threw her under the bus (the couples believe that he’s under control by JP which is far from the truth) because apart from Bobby and Bruno she is not a target of anyone yet.


Simon/Dawg. Do you still have a recent comments section? If not, is it possible to get one. It was very useful on your previous site.


I might be able to add it in again.. If feeds are down tonight I’ll work on rigging something up.


All of you dirty rats complaining about the show but if the show gets cancelled you would be crying in a corner wanting it back! It’s not always supposed to go the viewers way! It’s a social experiment!!!!!!! Not every season is the same.


yes it is a social experiment however casting would do well to choose people who aren’t socially challenged , I feel a few more older / life experienced people are needed in this house . Also someone with a personality like evil dick could liven this house up. He didn’t give a rats ass what he said and it made for awesome viewing !