Big Brother Canada 3 Nomination Results “Just tell her I’m a lesbian”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 17
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 19
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: Godfrey and Jordan
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-16 19-17-56-129

10:04pm HOH Bru, God, Bobby, Willow and Sarah
Playing some game with candies. Chatting about thinking Naeha was a Doctor.
Bobby gets really involved in the game “Sometimes I forget we’re playing Big Brother”
Sarah mentions how she was told Skin grows at night so she needs to take the bandages off her knees.
Godfrey – A lot of things grow at night”

(Just chit chat)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-16 19-12-25-585

10:06pm Kitchen Kevin, Jordan, Pilar, Ashleigh and Zach
Making playing cards with tissue, mustard, ketchup, BBQ etc.

They start talking about Zach’s nomination speech he told Godfrey “Nap time is over” Zach wonders if it was too much. Ashleigh doesn’t think so says Godfrey understood.
Zach – 7 is a gorgeous letter to draw
Ashleigh – I like the 3
Zach – do we get any f****g breaks on this job
Kevin asks if pilar’s suggesting they hair spray the cards for the ‘Crispiness”

Jordan comes back from the Diary room Zach asks him if they are shredding him for being put up.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-16 19-34-09-043
10:34pm HOH Bathroom Willow and Sarah Listening to Zach’s music.
(Diapers making Cards, Bru Crew playing Candy game, Sarah and Willow listening to music)
Willow seems down about the game. Willow – I hope I’m happy when I leave
Sarah – it will be a mix of all types of emotions
Willow – I wish I had a better mindset.. I’m going to rip myself apart
Sarah starts to rub Willow’s back says she wants this experience to help Willow “Teach you how amazing you are”.
Willow – this is so hard.. I want the backyard back so I can work out.
Sarah – you can’t beat yourself up for not winning the lottery
(Very hard to hear what they are saying)
Sarah is upset that she’s leaving the ones she loves and if she doesn’t win it was all for nothing. Points out theres people in this house that feel so comfortable and have someone.
Willow – I have you
Willow gets up to head downstairs gives Sarah a kiss on the forehead.
Sarah – just tell her I’m listening to music.
Willow – ‘Just tell her I’m a lesbian”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-16 19-55-30-662

10:55pm Storage room Kevin and Pilar
talking about how much fun they are having on Big Brother.



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Yay the feeds r back! anyone know what time the comeback into game comp is tomorrow?

Big Show

Boring season overall. I’m pretty sure with the way things are unfolding Kevin will be the winner of this season. But anyways thanks for updating us year in and year out simon and dawg!!! Really appreciate all the time and effort you put into this.


Simon/Dawg I went thru my tv guide and this is what I found for bbafterdark = fri 17 – yes
sat 18 -yes
sun 19-yes
mon 20-yes
tues 21-no wed 22-no
thurs 23 – yes fri 24 – yes sat 25- yes sun 26 – yes mon 27 – yes Tues 28 – yes Wed 29 – yes This is as of the schedule existing from Shaw Direct tonight – Thurs april 16


They might shut down the feeds
a) between the re-entry of the evicted player and the sunday show (18), as well as
b) the few days between an instant eviction and the wednesday show (21)?
But 22 and 23 wouldn’t make sense then… :/


I am lost so the person who is coming into the game is getting a week pass, so this week they cannot be nominated. I thought nomination was going to be after the person brought back. If it is craig, johnny, or naeha back the whole game would be different next week.


Little off topic, just watched the Side Show, saw Peter telling all the evicted house guests that they are failures, anyways, wondering how this guy is such an expert?? He didn’t win anything! He was basically a floater. Didn’t see him manipulate anyone with his game play. Was awesome to see Risha give it right back to him. Kinda wish we saw more of her and the attitude she just gave Peter! She’s already a hell of alot more entertaining than Kevin’s girlfriend.


I was in the audience and I can assure you the argument continued through commercial break. Risha stormed over to peters seat and towered over him, full attitude in check. The other houseguests were hovering ad well. Production let it go on for a min and then intervened. The staff took all houseguests back to sequester. Rules up the audience a bit too but it calmed down. Good times!


I was surprised Peter didn’t mention her attire. I am sure that spoke volumes on her potential gameplay.


I’m starting to think Pilar thinks she’s on vacation. The post about her and Kevin having so much fun got me thinking about her doing literally nothing to further her gameplay.


Pilar is incredibly annoying to listen to on the feeds, and as a BB fan I can’t help but regret this big waste of space on the show.
But as “gameplay” goes, she’s playing a decent 2nd place game, although probably not on purpose…
I’d love it if BB just gave her empty batteries for her mic on purpose since her cackling laughter isn’t cute anymore, and she never has anything interesting to say.
At this point, the best “GAME MOVE” she could make to further increase her chances of being dragged to F2 for anyone’s guaranteed win would be: breaking a leg.
That way, people won’t fear she might pull a win in the final endurance comp. With the crapshoot at the end, she would then actually get to decide who wins sitting next to her in F2.


Worst case scenario: Diaper alliance wins pov, JP comes off and bruno or bobby goes up.
Best case: the other side wins….I’m so looking forward to the pov comp, coz it will be a game changer. Crossing my fingers


Why did Zach put Jordan up?!?

Alec Tryhard Beal

Neda said on her show Jinja Ninja hooked up with Risha! Ya dogg..get some!! #604 #Propa


it would be funny if JP goes home.


I hope Jordan goes home 🙂 he gets on my nerves. And that mug he hold all day is like a phallic symbol 🙁


Sure would like to see that beard come off JP! He can’t seem to keep his hands off his facial hair and it’s almost as annoying as watching Andrew picking his nose last season!


I am not sure why people are disappointed in this season. I love this season so far! These people know how to play the game(of course Pilar, Willow not included in that statement) and still have class and are good people. I respect them for playing the game, but not degrading people while they do it. I also like how they have manners. No nose pickers or peeing in the hot tub. I disliked watching slobrina and that other girl.
Don’t get me wrong I like watching some drama in the house, but these people know how to play smart and not be out right jerks.


I got a lot of thumbs down for saying a fair number of players in the house can/are playing BB a week or so back. I still stand by that and agree with you. I think that puts alliances in flux. The talk centering around sending JP home depending on POV is great stuff. Even if it came from production and I actually think its Bruno him self. Very sauvy game player IMO. I don’t want Jordan gone but lord this was a bad idea.
Diapers win Jordan should come off. If Chop etal win who knows. Likely God off and POV holder safe. That would leave Bobby/Bruno who ever is not POV up versus Jordan. The way Bruno is talking my guess is he won’t take Jordan off in a so called backdoor scenario. I think the odds are 50/50 at best Jordan not on the block next eviction. Newport have a mess til POV played at minimum..


If Jordan ends up going home it will be one of the stupidest moves in BB history. 1. You never volunteer to be on the block! 2. If he is such a fan of this game he has to be somewhat nervous about being a pawn since sometimes pawns go home.

If somehow he left and his alliance is the one that put him there I would laugh so hard


Who are team maintenance yo? arry


Still Team Maintenance here. Hopefully someone who will rip apart everyone’s game gets back in.


Someone should shave that beard off of JP’s face. I am so sick of watching him picking at his facial hair! Almost as bad as watching Andrew pick his nose last year!