Big Brother 17 Week 4 Summary and Live Show Results Audrey Vs. JohnnMAC

Shelli and Liz won the HOH and Shelli retained the power for the week. Her initial nominations were JohnnyMac and Jason. The goal was to get Jason out but after a day the target shifted to Audrey. Vanessa won the Veto and used it to save Jason. Shelli’s replacement nominee was Audrey.
What can only be described as “blowing a circuit board” Audrey game went into a tail spin resulting in Audrey Vs JohnnyMac being a difficult position for Audrey to be in.

Audrey caught whiff of the plan to backdoor her on Sunday. She started campaigning Sunday night to James and Jackie. Unfortunately for Audrey she had very little trust remaining in the house. Even though she told James and Jackie useful information about the alliance controlling the house it did nothing to gain support. Audrey had been at the centre of too much, no amount of truth would buy back Trust and Allies. Meg and her ilk openly mocked Audrey’s warnings about the 6 person alliance nobody seemed to care they just wanted Audrey gone.

Sunday night there was speculation that Audrey was going to leave. She was camped out in the Diary Room/Have nots room for most of Sunday evening. Come Monday morning she goes into the Diary room and doesn’t come out for 5 hours. The entire game was on hold while Audrey received medical help for a panic attack/ mental breakdown. Upon her release from the Diary room she proceeded to hide out in the have nots. Draped in blankets, hoodie over her head, Glasses covering her eyes, death grip on a paper bag, Audrey set-up in the have nots for the long haul.

Audrey heavily medicated slept through the rest of Monday never coming out. Tuesday she wedged herself between the Dentist chairs and wall in the Have nots only to come out for Diary room sessions and a short bathroom visit. She was seen pacing in the have nots. She refused to talk to anyone in the house completely ignoring them.

On Wednesday she emerges to talk to Shelli. Trying to make Shelli feel like what shelli is doing is going down as the biggest betrayal of the season. After talking in circle for hours she goes back into the lair. The rest of Wednesday was spent practising her Eviction speech (AKA is this real musical) talking to James and VAnessa briefly and giving everyone a surprise visit dressed as Liz’ twin. She claims she was too heavily sedated to do much else.

Audrey’s time in the Big Brother house is over. She added crazy to the season and I personally enjoyed it. From a strictly goofball entertainment angle her leaving will be a hit to the season hopefully another houseguests will take her place. I’m sure they will.
Due to Audrey’s apparent “medical needs” she was granted special exemption / treatment from needing to attend the veto meeting, allowed to eat food while being a havenot and given permission to leave the lights off during the day.

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How did the week go down LINKS

  • Jeff is evicted from the big Brother house by a vote of 7 to 4.
  • Shelli and Liz win the HOH
  • Friday morning plan is to backdoor Jason
  • Liz nominates Jackie/James Shelli nominates Jason and JOHNNMAC
  • Friday After noon they start contemplating putting up Audrey
  • Jackie and James win the BOB dethroning Liz. Shelli is this week’s HOH
  • Friday Night Vanessa pushing for Audrey to be the target
  • Vanessa wins the POV
  • Sunday morning Clay, Shelli and Vaenssa “Gungo HO” with getting Audrey out
  • Audrey makes a final plea to Shelli but is turned down Here and Here
  • Audrey makes a final attempt to pull Jackie/james into an alliance but is turned down
  • Sunday night house meeting everyone wants Audrey out
  • Late Sunday night Audrey talks to Vanessa.. doesn’t work out in Audrey’s favour.
  • Audrey goes into hiding misses the POV ceremony, Audrey gets nominated
  • Jason, Meg, Becky, James, Jackie tell Shelli and Clay they are targeting Austin and want to keep the twins in the game
  • Audrey moves
  • Final chat with Shelli to tell her how betrayed she is
  • Audrey performs this is real to the live feeds locked up in the have nots
  • Austin tells Jason about suspecting theirs twins. Adds he doesn’t mind if Julia leaves wants Liz to stay
  • Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 18-13-56-601_jpg

    Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 18-18-51-420_jpg

    Summary of live show

    Vanessa votes to evict Audrey
    Judas votes to evict JohnnyMac
    Julia votes to evict Audrey
    Jason votes to evict Audrey
    Meg votes to evict Audrey
    Becky votes to evict Audrey
    Steve votes to evict Audrey
    James votes to evict Audrey
    Clay votes to evict Audrey
    Vanessa votes to evict Audrey
    Jackie votes to evict Audrey
    Audrey got on penalty vote by eating regular food while being a have nots

    Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 18-39-53-356_jpg

    Evicted Houseguest is Audrey

    Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 18-41-33-358_jpg
    New HOH’s are Vanessa and Jackie

    JAson vs Steve, Jason wins picks Johnny Mac and Austin
    Johnny Mac and Austin, Austin wins picks JAckie and Becky
    Jackie and Becky, Jackie wins picks Liz and Vanessa
    Liz and Vanessa , Vanessa wins picks JAckie and Meg
    JAckie and Meg, Jackie win picks Austin and James
    Austin and James, James wins picks Vanessa and Clay
    Vanessa and Clay , Vanessa wins picks James and Jackie
    James and Jackie, James picks and losses, Jackie is the first HOH
    Jason vs Jason, Vanessa wins is the second HOH

    New BBtakeover twist is (These twists are sh1t)
    Guest for BBtakeover is

    My predictions

    Audrey goes home
    My hope is there is some power shifts. Really scrub players need to go, enough of getting out these big personalities (Da, Audrey) start targeting the scrubs

    Top 3 Animated Gifs of the week

    Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 19-03-36-495_jpg

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    113 thoughts on “Big Brother 17 Week 4 Summary and Live Show Results Audrey Vs. JohnnMAC

    1. Stream is here ——————————————>

    2. Someone different needs to win HoH and not Shelli, Liz, Austin or Vanessa…or else this is gonna end up like last year which was super boring… Cheering for the outsiders….

      1. I totally agreed with you!!! Rather new ppl like Becky, JohnnyMac, Jason, or Meg to win hoh than Sixth sense Alliance.

      2. Not likely. Jason or Jackie may nominate the cool kids, but the rest will go after each other. Most will throw the comp.

        1. Nah ah…they all will go after Austin after what happened last night…as long as the sixth sense still out of power… They would want to separate Liz/Julia and Austin…but yes, I’m afraid most of them will likely just throw the competition….

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      First inductee is Rachel Reilly Villegas (BB12 & BB13)
      Second inductee is Simon & Dawg ( 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award
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      1. Cap, every week you do this hall of fame junk, and every week you overwhelmingly get thumbs down. How about the “You Gave It the Good Ol College Try” Hall of Fame:
        Inductee: You

        Now let it go my man. It never makes any sense, and I’m sure your reply to my post is going to confuse the shit out of everyone just like it did last week. Don’t try so hard and just have some fun and share your thoughts. The Hall of Fame needs to take some Ativan and go to bed.

        1. Dude! All the houseguests are impressive and excellent so!! We have do something for them. They deserve into Hall of Fame. Their legends. How you feel if you done something for HG’s and award you into the hall of fame!!!

        2. Dude!! I will inducted you as well!!! Come on man!! Simon did all the website. He got reward as the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT award. Ask Simon & Dawg!!!

        3. Wtfe, every week you do this hall of fame, and every week you overwhelmingly get thumbs down. How about the “You Gave It the Good Ol College Try” Hall of Fame:
          Inductee: You

          Now let it go my man. It never makes any sense, and I’m sure your reply to my post is going to confuse the shit out of everyone just like it did last week. Don’t try so hard and just have some fun and share your thoughts. The Hall of Fame needs to take some Ativan and go to bed.

    4. Hopefully the other side wins hoh tonight, i would like to see Vanessa and Clay up against Austin and Shelli to see will they be willing to throw the BOTB. It also would make them campaign against each other which could expose some alliances and sub alliances between that group which could lead to the 6th sense alliance breaking up.

      1. unlikely…. If there is a power shift tonight…(I hope there is)… Shelli and Clay are still unlikely to be nominated… For example, if Jason and James win HoH…it would be something like Liz and John on one side and Vanessa and Steve on the other side in the hopes of backdooring Austin …(they would ask JohnnyMac to throw it to Vanessa and Steve)…in the unlikely scenario that Austin wins Veto and saves Liz, the Shelli or Clay likely will go up…probably Shelli who already put them all up…

    5. Bat Girl (Audrey) is bat crazy! She feels betrayed but brought this all on herself. If you want to blame someone Audrey, look in the mirror.Da da da duh evicted……

    6. Ideally, Austin does vote to save Audrey, put that doubt of Steve into the group, then Jason and Meg win HOH and fuck this house up finally. Hopefully Shlay gets Slayed this week! :D

    7. So much BS from people criticizing Audrey. She definitely was wanting to regain her good name in the house and was now going with a loyal game play. She was now part of a new alliance (Sleeper Cell) and everything was going well until she had that conversation with Vanessa up in the HoH (they got called out by BB for having the light off). Vanessa clearly indicating that she wanted them both to work together (a new Chilltown) and suggest that Shelli and Clay needed to be split up sooner rather than later.

      What Vanessa didn’t know was that Audrey had become really good friends with Shelli and Clay (this friendship was significant for Audrey because she lives quite a lonely life at home) and was 100% on their side. Audrey being very loyal to Shelli and Clay tells Shelli about that conversation. But what Audrey doesn’t realize is that Shelli is a hyper-paranoid bitch who believes anything she is told and actually enjoys creating scenarios in her mind that involves Audrey backstabbing her.

      This was especially the case the night that John spoke to her and Clay up in the HoH room after Audrey and John had the long conversation on the hammock (7/7 at 6.40PM). The conversation between Audrey and John didn’t involve any game talk at all. Just personal stuff. But that’s not what John said to Shelli and Clay a few hours later. John was making stuff up and Shelli was making a bunch of direct assertions about what Audrey was supposedly doing (you can tell that Shelli really wanted to believe that Audrey was screwing her over, even though Audrey wasn’t) which John was responding to with very vague affirmative replies.

      Anyway, Audrey being a very perceptive person immediately notices that Shelli is responding differently to her not long after telling Shelli about that Vanessa conversation. Not only has Shelli gone straight to Vanessa and told her about what Audrey said but she’s also thrown Audrey’s name under the bus to Jason. Shelli begins to get seriously irate that Audrey is no longer completely trusting her and is super annoyed that Audrey is getting upset. I know, how dare Audrey act so human whilst being backstabbed by her friends.

      1. Okay Oddrey how did you get online already? Cause no one believes your lies, only you do. It’s so easy to make things seem that they happened the way you say when you conveniently leave out that Oddrey was a compulsive liar and had the trust of no one in the house. She was a target from week one and only lasted as long as she did because the people that “back stabbed” her we’re saving her ass..

        Wow I just saw the name used to post this and I have a primo from SB with the same name… Is that you to tonetone?

    8. I would like her to walk out to silence. No applause, no booing…nothing. Just deafening silence.

    9. Keeping my fingers crossed for Jason and Johnny Mac winning HoH.

      I’m hoping Clay, Austin, Shelli, and James are on the block this week and one of them goes home. >:)

    10. Thanks for all your hard work Dawg! I must say you have made me crack up with your reporting this season! Can you put Julia in the rankings ~ I want to see her put Austin up soon (and have Liz tell him “I knooooow, it suuuuucks, can’t we just, like, doooo something so you can stay?”).

      1. I’m surprised they revealed as much as they did, but the BB community is pretty savvy. We would have howled if they didn’t address it in some fashion. Now hopefully she will go and live a happy life. (See, I can be nice!)

    11. I don’t get why there is sad music and all this.. I hope she gets a penalty vote and show her disobeying Have-Not rules

    12. I’ll give the devil her due, she does look pretty tonight. Guess Grodner, Production, the Legal Dept, the staff doctors, etc told her to suck it up and go out with her chin up. Only 40 more minutes…

    13. Congratulations to Audrey, the first Ativan-American houseguest in Big Brother history! Our memories of you will always be chemically enhanced!

        1. They said they felt like she was left out and alone. She left herself out. No one made her exclude herself. If Butters were in that house and didnt play a FAIR game by eating slop and taking cold showers and sleeping with the lights on in the stupid chair, He would know I wasnt happy with his game play and so would America.

          1. Her family loves her, which is great, of course. Reading between the lines, it sounded like they acknowledge she can be difficult, i.e., “party of one”.

    14. At least she got a penalty vote.

      SO MUCH FILLER. TOO MUCH FILLER. They had LEGIT NO Post-Veto footage on the show. I guess it is a nice goodbye to Audrey.

      1. Has anyone else noticed they are not having any physical comps. The other side of the house would do well in physical comps. Maybe this is leaning towRds Vanessa to be the winner. If Jackie gets the back HOH room, that means Vanessa will be HOH. I hope Van does not talk her into putting up JohnnyMac, then Vanessa asking him to throw it. I just think everyone needs to play to win. Give a prize, then they will try to win and we will have a real game.

    15. I just threw up a little in my mouth – that edit was hideous! She’s in the game with ruthless savages?? seriously?

    16. I don’t get it, what is Austin hoping to accomplish by voting against the house? What is the purpose of it? He is so oily.
      That being said, I love the way BB negated that vote with the penalty vote.

      1. It’s an old trick from BB’s past way before all house guests voted as sheep. It’s a way to throw suspicion on other players. In this case he’s hoping to cast the doubt on Steve in hopes of making people think that there’s still an America’s Player in the game. Essentially he’s trying to get Steve booted.

      2. To frame Steve as America’s Player to get him out, because he is intimidated by Steve’s relationship with Liz -_-

      3. Austin voted against the house to make people keep suspecting that Steve is America’s Player and try to take the heat off the twins. Every week there has been votes out of wack. The first 2 weeks it was Audrey going against the house and it made people think their was an America’s Player. Last week it was Steve and Liz. Liz voted for James because she had a crush on Jeff, but we don’t know why Steve voted for James. Both Audrey and Steve have been suspected as being America’s Player and a target was put on both. Austin voted for John to keep the suspicion that Steve is America’s Player.

    17. Good bye train wreck… 10-1 with a penalty and creeper voting for her to stay.

      Holy shit I called Oddrey as an insult but that’s her Twitter name. Hahahahhahha

    18. Omg are people on here disgusted on Audrey’s game play everyone feels bad for her/him wtf she’s a joke its a pitty party that’s all she was hoping everyone would feel bad and keep her shes pathetic the more I saw her the agier I got watching her. I’m so happy she is gone wooooohooooooo bye bye Naaaaahhhh Nahhhhh Nahhhhhh Nahhhhhh Nahhhhhh Nahhhhhhh Nahhhhhhhhh Nahhhhhhhhh Naaahhhhhhh Hey hey hey good F N BYE Seeeeee Yaaaa

      1. yeah, they are a very interesting pair because I think Vanessa hasn’t read Jackie much and Jackie has actually got info on her through Jeff.

        I see that Vanessa felt she had to win if Jackie made it so good for her that she did, but she’s making herself a bigger target with one win each week. Too bad Austin got knocked out by James’ lucky guess…and Clay had no chance even if he won in place of Vanessa during their battle.

        1. It seemed vanessa wanted liz to beat her but liz took along time to answer, houseguest would have known she was throwin it to her.

    19. the edit is pretty much a continuation of last night’s storyline.
      still think the house meeting should not have been edited out as the ignition switch to the breakdown, but I get why they didn’t include it. I still disagree with the choice.
      Have to be honest, I truly disliked shelli’s goodbye message. Mostly because her self-serving emotional crap is audience manipulation in my book.
      knock out hoh. predictable way bb attempts to move to change the power. Not complaining about that. at all. anything but another letter from someone’s pet. the way people choose targets is usually pretty telling as a house barometer.
      Vanessa and Jackie. that’s an interesting pairing before this week. given the last 24 hours, not such a big deal. because everyone already knows where the game is heading for the week.

        1. You’re right. Andy was a bigger piece of crap. Primarily because he was there longer and won. However I’m sure you’ll agree you wouldn’t want anything to do or touch the person called audrey

      1. He gets the occasional good line in from what I’ve seen on AfterDark but for the most part,if ‘s in the scene he’s background. Or getting told he’s a pawn…

    20. Jackie target is Austin or Liz
      Vanessa is ? depends on who she puts up.
      The more hoh vanessa build up she is a target. She is playing the frankie type game with social and beastmode in the comps.

    21. Jackie and Vanessa are HoH… now Vanessa can split up Austin/ Liz or Clay/ Shelli like she wants to using Jackie.

    22. Brittany Haynes is so fine!

      And her pick to win this f**ker?

      NESSA bitches…lmmfao. That made some of you so mad! I LOVE IT!

      NESSA wins HOH lmmfao!

      Great show tonight.

    23. The edit was definitely lopsided. They glossed over her lies, backstabbing, and tantrums. Made it seem like played too fast for the other houseguests. Hopefully, we won’t hear about her again. Cynical me says she shows up on the show Julie hosts with those other women, The View/Talk. I’m not sure which if them it is.

    24. These kind of HOH competition lets each other know who side they are on for alliance and who they want knocked out.

    25. Vanessa is the smartest player in this game, but her emotions will be her downfall in this game. Jackie is a floater that can win a comp, she is one of my locks to get to jury.

    26. These kind of HOH competitions lets people know who’s side they are on when they knock each other out. Audrey looked like the Phantom of the Big Brother House.

    27. I´m OVER with the otherside!! Meg – Jason -James are three dumb´s. The way James throw the hoh was so ridiculous!! And Jason run is mouth because Vanessa chose him. WHAT you expected? WTF …

      GO JOHN!!

    28. The whole Audrey Ativan Breakdown was all a scam, she would not have been that put together come eviction night if it was real… she Scammed Big Brother and the fans.

      Jacke and Vanessa I hope Vanessa gives up the power hoping Jackie will split up Clay/ Shell or Austin Liz and ends up on the block next to one of them. Jackie really wants Vanessa out… so this should be an interesting HoH manipulation week.

    29. i think Jackie put up Austin an steve
      I think venassa put up james an becky or johnny mac
      Austin needs to go on the block so do clay an shelly

    30. I think Jackie will be tricked by Vanessa to put Johnny Mac up and make Johnny Mac throw the veto so the sixth sense alliance stays in power and Liz and Julia are reunited

    31. Hope they figure out Austin’s vote quickly. Those who have taken time with Steve won’t believe he did it. Come on Shelli…..get un Vanessa’s ear and get Austin out. They can let Jackie do the dirty work!

    32. Realistically, wouldn’t both HOH’S have to put two of their own people up to try and retain power, so that the BOB is not thrown? Then someone would have to be backdoored after VETO was played to presumably save your own people. There would be three people playing for the VETO, so the backdoor plan is realistic. Otherwise, if Jackie puts up Austin and Liz, then they might just throw it to keep Vanessa in power.

      1. That scenario leaves both Austin and Liz on the block. The veto will pull one of them to be replaced by another HG that wasn’t nominated. Whoever is left on the block would have to be comfortable with the alliance and sure they had the numbers to take the risk. This week there will be 9 votes which means 5 sends them home. It’s starting to get too dangerous to throw the BotB.

    33. Didn’t like Audrey but it was rather sad seeing her eating her lonely meal in the have not room. She could have gone so far in this game if she wasn’t always paranoid and throwing people under the bus. A good strategy is to just not say much. This season is so much better than the Ugly Deemandah season kudos BB on casting. Yeah not liking Austin and his stalker personality too much-hope that smug basterd is next to go.

    34. Does anyone think that the fact they didn’t show the twin twist to Audrey means that there is a chance she is coming back in the game? They’ve shown it to every other evicted HG.

    35. What was with Audrey’s goodbye speech to her “fans”? Get over yourself! And can
      Brittney H get any more unrecognizable? Plastic surgery/Botox/collagen, much? Gross!

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