“She wants to tell me this is going out as the biggest betrayal of the season, She’s 1 of a kind”

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: JohnnMAC and Audrey
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-22 17-35-15-189_jpg

5:05pm A room Audrey and Shelli
Audrey says she’s learnt there was a plan to get her out before she outed sleeper cell. Shelli says that is untrue. (lie)
Audrey says she realized it was over so that is when she went on the meds. .. Feeds cut
Shelli tells her she turned on them so quickly she told everyone about Sleeper cell Shelli had no choice to put her up.

Audrey tells her to bear with her she’s on ativan. She explains what she told James. She forgets JAckie’s name says ”The girl with black hair” Goes over what she told Jackie.

Shelli – I’ve been told you were saying it’s time for Shelli and Clay to be broken up it’s time for Shelli to go up on the block.. you said you were working on the outside of the Austin, Liz, Vanessa, Shelli, Clay alliance.
Shelli – I know you had a final 2 deal with John, and the way you acted when I put John on the block solidified that.
Audrey – that’s not true I told him I would look after him.
Audrey adds Steve and John are working together.
Audrey says John is like Jesus nobody is going to vote him out.

Shelli accuses her of never telling the truth. Shelli says even before all this happened she found out that Audrey told Jackie Shelli and Clay knew about the stage fight with Jeff.
Audrey says she told jackie that in the have not room. (Sunday)
Shelli says she’s heard from a lot of people that Audrey was saying her and CLay should go up, “Trying to cast doubt on our group way too early”

Audrey says she’s going to stand by what she said and did and she knows the truth, “I just got screwed out of a chance for 50000 dollars about you got screwed out of 500000 dollars because you chose the wrong person to trust”
Shelli – it’s not only coming from her (Vanessa)
Audrey reminds her all these people were working with Jeff. (Jackie, James)
Audrey says she told them about sleeper cell she admits that.

Shelli says she was told before Audrey “exploited everything” that Audrey was telling people Shelli and Clay need to get broken up.
Shelil says she had to put Audrey up
Audrey – I am the only one that would have protected you and I would have protected clay and I would have been the sole target
Audrey warns her about Vanessa, “You guys are being way too naive about her”
(Talking in circles like only Audrey and Shelli can)
Audrey keep digging for information wanting to know who said what and when,.
Sheli says she’s still in the game she’s already given Audrey one name she’s not getting anymore.
Audrey claims she’s won’t starts any fights with people “I have so much Ativan in my system i’m literally numb”
Audrey wants names.
Shelli says she doesn’t think they can solve this on a game level. She’s not going to go through what everybody has said with Audrey to try and figure out what is real and what is fake.
Shelli claiming she never intended to pur Audrey up “I love you I care for you I’m extremely hurt I put you in this place.. I’m going to miss you I hope you leave with your head high.. I don’t want you to be hurting.. the game talk should be mute at this point”
Shelli wants to continue their friendship outside the house.

Audrey thinks she’s protecting Clay that is why she’s not giving names.
Shelli – excuse me.. you know it’s not clay.. you don’t go to Clay and say Shelli (as a target)

Audrey tells her she’s been incriminated for multiple weeks with no means to defend herself
Shelli – I gave you chances to defend yourself
Audrey – I don’t understand what is empirical that i’ve done to you prior to yesterday (Yesterday means Sunday in Audrey’s ativan world) that is what I’m trying to wrap my head around
Shelli – a lot of things came to me at once

Shelli wonders what point will this conversation be enough for Audrey.
Audrey says she’s spoke to eh psychologist sop she’s prepared to have this conversation

Audrey – I wanted to find out if you were my friend or if you were playing the game
Shelli – I am for friend
Audrey – You said to Jeff you’re the male Audrey that’s not what friends do that’s hurtful
Shelli – You’re right that is hurtful but I wasn’t saying it derogatory way
Audrey calls her out for telling Audrey at first she never told jeff that but she did.
Shelli denies it says she was saying “I never told that to jeff’s face.. I never told that to jeff I think it was clay. I told Clay why did you say that to Jeff”
Audrey says the therapist who has seen a lot of things validate “things” for her.
Feeds cut

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-22 18-13-32-880_jpg

When they comes back they are still talking in circles..
Audrey – I have a consistent pattern in my life were everything turns against me for some reason that’s the way nature goes
Audrey – I’m so weak I’m one person.. that is why I’m on Ativan it’s so overwhelming.. So many people could do this for 500 thousand dollars and not care”
Audrey tells her she has a panic attack it was the most embarrassing thing she’s every done, “It’s so overwhelming the people that you want to trust you won’t do it they are better liars”
Audrey – It’s been conformed to that I’m not going to get booed”
Shelli – you’re turning this and saying I’m giving you the biggest betrayal of the summer
Audrey says she’s not doing press day she’s been affect too much by this she;’s too hurt
Shelli – you’re telling me you are going to go out and paint me as the biggest betrayer of the summer.. Is that how they are spinning this

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-22 18-21-17-751_jpg

6:16pm HOH Shelli and Clay
Shelli “She wants to tell me this is going out as the biggest betrayal of the season, She’s 1 of a kind”
Shelli – She’s been speaking to a psychologist she’s on a lot of medication
Shelli adds that Audrey had a panic attack that is why she was in the DR for so long on Monday.

Feeds cut when we come back Shelli is crying about it
Shelli – If it gets spun that way I want out of this shouse
Shelli – She’s trying to say to me everyone was rooting for you me and her to make it to the end and this is the biggest betrayal of the summer.
Shelli says Audrey is trying to make her think Vanessa is the one they cannot trust.
Clay says he trust Vanessa Second after Shelli.
Shelli – how can what everythings been said to me be a lie

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-22 18-38-49-471_jpg

6:30pm Twin Switch Julia back in the game.
Austin gets called into the Diary room
Julia – Really.. really ..
(Austin usually spends a couple hours with the twins when they come back to fill them in”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-22 18-34-06-595_jpg

6:33pm Kitchen Jason tells James Jackie believes that there’s a twin now

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-22 18-36-50-223_jpg

6:35pm Have nots James and Audrey
Audrey – why you turn on me jaems
James – What are you talking about
Audrey – I told you that stuff to help you
James – why do you think it helps me
Audrey – Because there is an alliance you weren’t part of.. you think that was trying to hurt you
James – THere’s a lot of people saying otherwise .. why would they flip on you when you know all their stuff, I would never flip on my own alliance
Audrey laughs “are the people in the alliance telling you this”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-22 18-41-40-444_jpg

6:42pm Shelli, Clay, Jackie, James and Becky Talking about Audrey and how hurt Shelli is

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-22 18-48-23-356_jpg

6:47pm Kitchen Jason, JohnnyMac, Meg, Austin
Talking about James getting sucked into the Have nots to talk to Audrey. Austin thinks he’s being summoned
Austin – You ever see the movie pumpkin head
JohnnyMac – I have
Austin explains the pumpkinhead movie is like what is happening to james . Goes into depth about it
Jason has a issue that Audrey is up talking game and plotting yet she’s allowed to have the lights off in the dentist room, sleep on the floor and eat pizza.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-22 18-59-59-518_jpg
6:57pm Julia and Austin
Julia saying that James is so friggin annoying.
Austin – he’s been joking around with us a lot these past days… in a good way
Julia – He knew we switched, he just stares at my face…. dude I f****g hate you
Austin says he’s going to chat with Jason tonight that is his only play.

Austin says he will never admit the twins have come clean. Austin is going to tell Jason that Jason’s veto speech struck a chord with him because like Jason he’s been a fan since he was young. He almost turned down being on the show last year because of a girl.. Feeds cut
Austin says Liz really likes him and wants to work with him. Julia – really like him to
Austin is going to make a deal with Jason tell him if he wins HOH he’s not putting Jason up and he’s hoping that Jason will do that same. If they ever get into power Austin is going to ask JAson if they work together

Austin’s not going to throw anyone under the bus he’s going to be honest with jason.
Austin says Judas is going to make a deal and vote to keep Audrey “So they still think Steve is America’s player.. someone else might throw a vote too.. if someone is HOH they might have a doubt in their mind and not target you” (Target “America’s player)
Austin – If Jackie wins HOH and we’re f****d.. it’s worth a shot
Julia says she’s playing in the HOH tomorrow “I’m f****g ready”

Julia says Liz is playing in the BOB this week if they get nominated.

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Julia is definitely the bitchier one of the 2. I kind of like it. I hope she betrays that bullshit alliance and makes out with Johnny mac


While Audrey deserves to go home, in fact deserves to be booted for breaking the rules…Man, Shelli and Clay are just the worst. Can I get a thumbs up if you just can’t wait for these two to be on the block together. Vanessa as the replacement if one comes down, but hopefully one of Shlay still goes home.


Ewwwwwww! Why would anyone of Julia’s calibre make out with Johnny Mac? That’s just gross! Get real! Even Becky turned him down!
He resembles a lizard when he smiles… Maybe it’s those teeth.


Right on, with the Lizard description!
Dem Johhny Mac Fans are going to organize a lynch mob and head your way, you know?- can’t nobody say nothing about their sniveling, cowardly, loser dentist!


The edit they gave Audrey in the episode tonight made me mad. Left out so much :/


I am beyond disgusted by CBS for not painting the true picture of events. Audrey being the pathological liar that she is, trying to manipulate Shelli(who I am NOT a fan of)by saying the therapist validated her points of what was happening,as if by validating Audrey is true & she was wronged. Hell No! Let me explain something: as a person who majored in psychcology,psych therapy 101 is always to make the patient feel validated & to say back to the person/ patient,I hear that & understand how that might make you feel. No way for one sec do I believe pathological liar Audrey was told by therapist: you were in the right Audrey, Shelli was in the wrong(I am paraphrasing).
Seriously get this crazy, pathological, deeply disturbed individual out now! I am livid if in fact they do try to spin it to make it all land on Shelli. Don’t care for her but in no way does she deserve to have it portrayed like she brought on this chain of events that spun poor,victimized Audrey to full blown panic attacks! Bullshit! Audrey is manipulative, self entitled,disguising,& vile human being! This psycho has the audacity to accept no part in her actions,but loves to play the victim. Poor pathetic Audrey has no prob once again talking game.
CBS telling the audience not to boo her or that she does not have to do interview-wow! They are so trying to avoid this crazy bitch/law suit. She may not get boos but can’t wait for her to see what the majority of people who are smart enough, will not fall for her pathetic crap &how they really feel about her! Seriously disgusted…sorry for the vent but had to do it after reading that garbage Audrey just spewed out of her hole!


Umm, Audrey’s not the only one that needs meds. Geez… you seriously that worked up over a TV show. All I got from your diatribe was vile hate so yeah.. keep on talking about Audrey. The other Hamster watchers know that a lot of what Audrey is saying is actually true and that Shelli really is saving face. Meh… when you typed that I bet you were slamming your fingers down on the keys weren’t you.

Ian's lament

I’m glad Audrey’s mom was able to take time out of her search for mental institutions to comment.

Got Meds

Talk about someone spewing out of their hole. Sanctimonious much?

Which season is this?

Before the taping of every eviction the audience is asked not to boo the eliminated guest, something along the lines of “whether you like or dislike the guest, you have no idea of how much pressure they feel inside the house.” In only the most severe instances has a guest been booed, like Christine last season. Heck, even Frankie (in my opinion far worse than Christine or Audrey) was greeted with cheers.


Mango’s eviction was prerecorded because of something happening with production and the shift due to football. I’m not sure if the audience was staged or if it was regular people. Either way it was recorded the day before the episode aired.


All of this literally happened while the episode was playing. They had a lot to cover in a short amount of time, including the VETO ceremony. I’m sure they will be showing the rest of what happened during tonight’s episode.

All of that considered, I thought they did pretty well with the edit. I thought they portrayed Audrey fairly accurately. Was it perfect? No. But, last night isn’t going to be the end of what they show.

Misty Beethoven

OMFG – she is unbelievable! I’m on Ativan, I had a panic attack, I got screwed out of $500,000, I remember everything, I remember nothing….SHUT UP ALREADY! Any sympathy anyone might have had for you is quickly going away. And you were promised not to get booed? Well, that confirms it’s going to be a CBS family & friends audience. WTF?!


Much as I suspected with Frankie Famewhore……


The difference between her and Frankie is Frankie actually played the game and won comps and had a good social game! Audrey on the other hand is just physcho lol


I am here to say Bravo- glad to see you too are not fooled by Audrey’s b.s….Give me a break it’s NOT as if this chic is on lithium & is out of it. Funny how she can still focus on game & $$$ yet so wounded & victimized


Audrey shouldn’t have been allowed to even participate in big brother. Her mental health isn’t at a level that should allow her to be apart of this. She’s obviously had a rough life growing up dealing with probably a lot of negativity for choosing to be who she is and those insecurities and paranoia have been on full display. If she’s to the point where she’s heavily drugging herself and talking to shrinks on the show, than how the hell was she even allowed to participate? It’s painful to watch someone so delusional have a meltdown like that. It’s Audrey’s insecurities and mental issues that cause her to act this way. She isn’t a master manipulator because in all honesty, she may go down as playing one of the worst bb games in history. Who would do that purposefully? It’s cause she’s so messed up in the head, she doesn’t realize what she’s doing. Her insecurities cause her to lie so much that she doesn’t even know what’s real and what isn’t. It’s sad and shame on big brother for allowing someone so fragile to participate.


Seems like every other season now, there is a contestant on BB who is so mentally fragile no one understands how they got past a psych evaluation. I think everyone needs to calm down. I think that Audrey is an actress and she’s playing a part. I’d bet that someone who is a friend to the show, suggested her because she’s transgender; and it’s a hot topic right now.


Jackie/Steve/J-MAC give me 2 of 3…please…preferably Jackie and one of those 2 guys.

Nonon Jakuzure

Hope Austins next after Audrey he’s a creeper. He’s about as awkward as Steve, just repeats what other people say and follows Liz around like a pathetic puppy dog


Poor, poor, pitiful Shelli! Everyone needs to go and console her. I mean, she’s HOH again, she’s not a have not, and she did throw Audrey to the wolves. But she’s crying. Everyone go hug her!


Audrey is a manipulater, but Shelli is a better one.


Bingo. and Just like Audrey, Shelli got called out on it but was able to do damage control because of her boytoy.


Shelli is acutely aware of her image and she wants to be the ‘All American Girl’ that everybody loves. She’s only crying because Audrey planted the seed that the viewers won’t like her. The tears,much like most of anything she says/does are just as fake as Audrey’s breakdown. She’s as cutthroat as anybody else on the show, which is fine. Just own it and not try to pretend otherwise.


And she cries and cries but her make up is perfect!

B-bad owl

Dvr’d tonight’s episode and just finished watching it. I thought they did an excellent job building up the entire situation the entire show going into the last commercial break. My excitement level was at such a high thinking that they were setting up showing the rest of the fireworks tomorrow night. Only to have probably the most anticlimactic ending of an episode they have ever had. Anyone that only watches the edited program must be confused as hell.
Also half way through the show I was so convinced that Shelli had become Sainted that I grabbed my bible and started looking at the gospels at the beginning of the New Testament.
The gospel according to:
St. Matthew
St. Mark
St. Luke
St. John
St. Shelli………ummmmm, what? I thought for sure that was in there. You could almost see the halo above her head on the show.


I have to agree with you, think they did that to have some footage for the HOH episode tomorrow. I’m sure tomorrow will include Audry blowing up everyone’s game. They were probably scared there might not be any campaigning footage to show since Audry has basically been comatose since Monday. Pretty sure they will edit out most of the comatose state & the eating regular food while a Have not. (grrrr…….)

Nonon Jakuzure

I hope that they don’t let Audrey get away with all the crap she doing! She being a spoiled brat. And if they say she being terrorized she’s NOT! Being on the block is part of Big Brother get over yourself Audrey!


Audrey stop its over. Im actually feeling bad for Shelli having to listen Audrey.


That picture of Audrey without her sunglasses is surreal. I forgot what her eyes looked like.

Shelli gets on my nerves. She’s so worried about what people will think of her outside the house that’s she’s lettibg her game weaken (not that it was the strongest).

I’m really starting to like Jackie more. Jeff leaving has kind of been a boon for her, and if she continues to play a subtle, under the radar game she could go very far.

I so glad to see Jason getting into a better position in the house. With Day gone, I’d really like to see Jason go deep in this game without a partner (since this seems to be the season of partners, minus Steve).

The calmness in the house is like a calm before a storm, because this next HOH is going to (hopefully change everything. Here’s hoping people not in the silent six alliance win HOH.

While Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, and Austin are bigger targets I would try to BD Lizia so that the SS goes from 6 to 4 in one night without a DE.


Say what you want but Audrey will go down being hella entertaining. Somehow she makes Shelli be on the defensive and that is absolute gold.

Also James and all these other outsiders are idiots. Audrey is straight up telling you the alliance is ganging up to tell you it’s all lies about being in an alliance. These HGs man are plain dumb.


I agree. Say what you will about her, but I would be laughing in James’ face too.


I will say I’ve experienced a panic attack and it felt like the worst fucking thing, so I feel for Audrey on that, but for her to still be able to actively play yet the have not rules are bent, that’s not BB and I’m sure she’s not the first HG to have a panic/anxiety attack in the house
Everything she brought on herself
I feel like she must be super sheltered

Gordon Ramsey

Audrey better get booed. Production ruins everything cool.


The big brother take over this year is a fail. The phone call would have work on other seasons and different week but a fail this time….gronk parties get out of here and this week nothing ……total fail


The drugs and the psychologist it’s too much. She’s a mess and should not have been allowed to return. Big Brother has reached a lowest point for me. CBS should clean house. All new production please.

Dicky Byeby

Audrey is like the Korean water demon from the “Ring” movie.


That’s right Shelli, CRY BITCH CRY!!!! lol i love it




Audrey’s a lying piece of shit. She called Clay an ass when he told the truth. This is a travesty that production would spin it as if she’s the victim. She did all of this shit to herself, she played the game too hard too fast and I wish it wad unanimous. I wouldn’t be surprised if she got bood. Everything that Caitlyn Jenner is doing for the Transgender community, with the shit she put the other HGs and production though, she probably undid some of the work that Jenner did. I show her no pity and lost some respect for her. She is not ALLSTAR. She is the third girl in the bomb squad.Her and Devin will be great parents to Devin’s daughter. I’m needed to be blunt to get that off my chest. I wish someone would’ve walked in turn light on and told her she was better than that. I wish someone told her before her Drs that she needs to be better that. Be a role model, not a piece of shit.


Absolutely love ya for everything you just said. Feel the exact same. I am seriously outraged & disgusted by how they are making Audrey a victim. CBS may protect her but let her go out in the real world & let someone walk up on her & tell her all about her disgusting self. Reality Check!


Stick to criticizing the houseguests gameplay and quit attacking their families..why bring Devins daughter into it get a grip you fool Audrey and Devin both played a horrible game but that has nothing to do with their families.. morons like you give fans a bad name.


First, I didn’t talk about Audrey’s family and besides the bomb squad the only other thing Devin talked about last year was his daughter. He used her in his game. I actually think they have similar personalities and would be good together. that wasn’t a joke. Audrey brought her life into this game when she sweared on her life then lied. I remember devin swearingvon his daughter last year.




The thing is that Clay is an ass. He was constantly throwing the fact that they were keeping her safe back in her face. Basically telling her that she needed to be grateful and bow down to him and Shelli. Audrey is no angel but Clay is a bully.


As much as I dislike Clay, he was right. They were protecting Audrey at the risk to their game. Audrey still tried to paint a target on their backs while they shielded her from everyone else. You can’t play everyone against everyone when they talk to each other all the time. It’s the scorpion and the fox story…


I just saw Audrey be fun. That’s want I wanted to see. I don’t want her to have the same reputation as Devin. Most other houseguest don’t like him. I see she is a good person, with a horrible strategy, which was to lie, play both sides, and guilt people into feeling sorry for her, it would’ve worked if she was playing on the down low, being low key, and being less parinoid in the house.

Valentina Corleone

I’m not a fan of Shelli’s, but I have to hand it to her for enduring that conversation with the Phantom. And how desperate is the show that they will promise her a friendly audience, just to get rid of this whack job? Maybe this season will be the one that finally seals Allison Grodner’s fate and gets that incompetent asshat fired.


Agreed. It feels like the transgender thing is in vogue and she wanted to have her very own transgender person on the show, but as usual it was a big FAIL. Twin twist, FAIL (even if Julia comes into the house, one of them will leave within an eviction or two. I also can’t shake the whole Shelli cuddling with a guy who even she says looks like her twin brother ( don’t know why Clay didn’t get creeped out when she said that). And one of AG’s biggest flops is the BOB. No matter how many times they say it is a fan favorite, everybody knows it sucked last year and everybody is thinking WTF! It was such a fail last year, why would they bring it back? AG needs to be replaced and hopefully the show can recover some of it’s past greatness. There have been bright moments in Season 11 and season 14, but otherwise, there hasn’t been a season that measures up to seasons 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 and 10.


Shellie’s 3 month audition is awesome. Kudos girl!
Sympathy to the HG’s walking on eggshells. Swear if I bumped into Audrey in the bathroom of god forbid the dentist torture chair I’d scream in fear. These guys are cool cucumbers!


It gives me the sads that Big Brother put the kibosh on banner plane fly-overs. Can you imagine how fantastic some of those could be this year?


Johnny Mac sounds like Bob Goldthwait

Audrey is a self absorbed psychopath

I’ve been saying the same thing for weeks!


My hubby says that every episode! LOL


This is starting to look like last season. I bet the sleeper cell is going to dominate this season


I am wondering if the “fairies” haven’t done a number on the houseguest, getting them to throw Audrey a sympathy vote, or a “American Player” vote, which will keep Audrey, and send JohnnyMac out of the house. They have already allowed Audrey to break every rule, and I have not heard her get any penalty warnings.
Audrey seemed to be more lucid when she was talking to Jackie, then when she was talking to Shelli, she became more murkier, is this really meds, or is she acting???? She wanted to put Shelli on a guilt trip, I guess she thinks Shelli can make them vote to keep her. I hate the way the players are allowing HOH so much power, makes for a dull and redundant show.


I do not feel sorry for Shelli or Audrey. I doubt dr told Audrey she would not get booed. I hope she does. She is defiantly unstable and that alarms me. I hooe Johnny gets HoH and puts up Clay and Shelli


I don’t doubt that DR told her to not worry about being booed. They will just stack the audience with employees and alumni and families and to a taped “live eviction”. They have taped the eviction before, when Chima said that if the wizard power messed with her nominations they would have to put a whole aquarium of fish on her because she would get them in trouble with the FCC. I don’t get why Chima got expelled but Audrey gets special treatment. I am not buying that she is sick, drugged or suffering from anything serious. The network would not risk keeping her in the game if it was serious. I think they just didn’t want her to self evict because that would ruin yet another “twist” for production, it would mess with their production schedule, so they said please don’t leave, you can eat, you can sleep on the floor, you can skip POV and we will make sure nobody boos you when you leave. I can totally see AG doing this to cover up another failed “twist”. Seriously, I can’t remember the last time a twist didn’t fizzle or get blown up.


And I wouldn’t be surprised if they offered her extra money to stay through Thursday.


Which twin is the better competitor? Liz or Julia?


Side note: anyone remember david from season 15? He’s on MTVs dating naked. I’ve learned more about him than the one week he was on bb15.


I love Jason for saying what everyone is thinking: why is this whackjob Audrey here talking game, when in fact she does not have to abide by the rules:does not have to keep lights on & able to eat pizza when she is a have not?! So messed up & I would be going off in my DR sessions.

Butters Mom

BB should have given Audrey the stipulation that she could stay in that have not room all by herself and not talk any game at all until she leaves on thursday if she was going to not be a have not and not attend the veto ceremony. Her game was officially over when she came out of that dr. I dont understand why they even left her in the house… they could have showed exactly what they showed tonight and at the end of the program Julie could have let everyone know this is what led to Audrey self evicting. On to the next HOH. Loading the audience with a bunch of staff so Julie can get her sympathetic interview and show Audrey pitty is not what the audience wants to see… in fact I dont want to see her any more period. Let her leave out the back door. Her not playing the game and following the rules with have nots and attending ceremony is what has me so disgusted… I know lies are part of the game and I dont care about that.. its the rule breaking and production allowing it to go on that really has me mad.


Can someone help clarify, please?
I’m 100% ready for Audrey to leave after the way she has acted this week, BUT why did Shelli rat her out to Jason like that? The speech Shelli gave when she nominated Jason- she had to know he’d ask what was up? Why did she out Audrey… did she just forget, was she covering her own ass, or was she already planning Audrey’s backdoor at that point (can’t remember…. it seems forever ago now)?


Audrey – I have a consistent pattern in my life were everything turns against me for some reason that’s the way nature goes.

Ding Ding Ding!! Audrey you sabotage your own life and unless you change it you will be alone forever………..

Seek professional help, medication, religion I don’t care just go away!! I am so tired of you and the problems that you create in your sad little life. Best of luck now go away!!!


Shouldn’t be able to talk game if you aren’t playing by the rules of the game. Cannot wait until tomorrow when the Bitch is gone.

the coreys

So was austin saying he was on some sort of shortlist for last seasons big brother?

It’s that kind of crap that confirms that production manipulates the game by injecting the show with actors or fame seeking clowns.

Why should anyone apply for next season ig big brother is just gonna choose the 18 the didn’t make the cut this season.


The only broke rule was not showing up to veto but production probably told her not to show up.
Production pulled her off being a have on. Cant break rules if production is doing it


Nope. She blew off the Veto meeting, she is eating, she gets to sleep on the floor and she gets to turn the lights off during the day. What about the other have nots that have to look for their stuff in the dark, they can’t eat and they have to sleep in the chairs. That is against the rules!!! Nobody has done any of those things. Jen BB8 got a penalty vote for eating, Jeff got more days of slop because he wasn’t thinking and put some food in his mouth when he was a have not. Why is it that Audrey gets to eat and disrupt the house with impunity?


She wasn’t pulled off of Have Nots…..she’s still sleeping in the dentist chair!!! Allowing her to eat is wrong. Pulled her from the game if she can’t play by the rules! Not fair to the other players that signed up for this and playing by the rules. Audrey’s Poor Me act is over. I would be embarrassed to be her family right now with the way she is acting. But then again, her family probably allowed this behavior growing up and she got away with everything.


Can someone please explain to me what happened with Audrey and the psychologist??? My Tv is kinda broken so i didnt get to see the episode


Sunday/Monday before the veto Audrey flipped out. She holed up in the DR for 5 hours pouting about the fact she was probably going to be put up this week just because she tried to throw anyone and everyone under the bus since day one. I mean it wasn’t like she tried attacked the people who were trying to help her…well, she did that too. She spent the next few days playing Gollum in the Have Not room. She’s apparently been speaking to the show psychologist.


I’m not Austin I swear…. But is it bad I want Liz or Julia out so I can follow them on Instagram haha :$. Also #JOHNNYMACFORPREZ2016


I would love to see Audrey get 3 sympathy votes….shelli and clay’s heads would be spinning. I wish I could root for her to make a comeback but she didn’t follow the game rules and doesn’t deserve another opportunity.


This is exactly why people need to be treated as Individuals
Whenever you group or label people it divides all people
Especially when they give preferential treatment to one group
This is not a production problem … Production is only following orders from the
higher ups, social engineers … keep the people divided and the rulers keep doing as they please
I can assure you if someone like Steve did what Audrey did he would be gone.
Unfortunately we all are attracted to train wrecks … so I’ll keep watching


I thought CBS did a pretty good job in editing this episode. They showed how it all really happend. That Audry is a nutcase liar and proved her lies with multiple flashbacks. And that Shelly had no choice but to put her up. Of course they could have shown more of Audreys meltdown and hope that they show more on the next episode. But for a 60minute show w/ comercials its impossible to show everything thats wrong with Audry and still do veto/ceremony and have a long segment on the WACKSTREET BOYS!.


I don’t think the edit was good. There was so much gold on the feeds this week, but instead we see the stupid boy band “takeover”. What a waste of airtime. The episode didn’t show how she disrupted the whole schedule on Monday. Twins couldn’t switch, HGs waited all day for the POV ceremony and the show didn’t really show how things happened. But I bet her little song and dance makes the show tomorrow.


I kinda agree with Audrey, nobody put themselves in her shoes. The boring good looking prom queen and king had it easy all their lives. Being an outcast is probably a matter of fact for Audrey. She crumbles under the idea of Not being liked. Clay clearly wanted her out and created the situation, like he did with mama D. And Jeff… He’s a master manipulator without getting his hands dirty. But everybody over look him cause He’s good looking.


I am never one to hear people get booed, its rude. BUT I don’t think its fair to tell people not to boo her? What if people didn’t like her gaming? What the audience did to Christine(bb16) was unreal and people were behind the “booing and making her feel like shit for playing a good game. The audience of sensitive dinks were so hurt about the way Christine had treated all of them… OH WAIT it was about the game and how Christine played it and how she had a husband or Bfriend and the opinionated crowd felt entitled to boo this women acting like any of her actions affected them personally. How friggin horrible considering her anxiety issues but no one seemed to care about that.

Audrey however gets some sort of special treatment because of what again??? This is a joke right? Chima (bb11) was “expelled” for acting like a little biatch and throwing a Mic in the water (yes I know she did other things but we get the point) She wasn’t acting accordingly with the game rules and was embarrassed to have egg on her face after that “coup d etat” was used. She thought she had things in the bag and Boom, Big Brother acted like Big Brother and stuck in a twist hahaha. Point being, this is why she started to act like a jerk, because things stopped going her way.
Audrey is doing the same thing with more crazy added in. She should not get special treatment and she should have been asked to leave. She skidded by on slop which is sooo friggin unfair for the other poor SOB’s that have to eat that crap lols. The point of sleeping in that room on those terrible dentist chairs lols and lights on, well that’s the punishment. NOT pizza and comfortable sleep and bullshit. Jeez BB I am not one for not helping people but this special treatment of certain people is BS. You want to be treated like everyone else guess what….YOU’RE OUT !!
There is no solace in her leaving with dignity. That went out the window when this little fucker started to talk game AGAIN yet this was her whole problem to begin with?
I cant wait to see the game with out all this Audrey drama. I like the dramz don’t get me wrong but this kind of lame shizz has got to stop.


You have to be a really creepy like Austin to overtake Audrey in the comments… Austin has done it with his LOVE for LIZ when she shows NONE back…

another name

since about day three I haven’t been an Audrey supporter. I actually think she screwed herself enough week one that there was no way she would actually recoup back into the game. even if she pulled a bbcan 3 godfrey and went to sleep for three or four weeks, she was still never coming back into being a real game participant.
I guess I just don’t hate her as much as a lot of other people on here.
In the way I see things the plan has been slowly brewing to get rid of her since they saved her. Hey, that’s the game. she tried to play everyone, she got played. game move to get rid of Audrey, so cool. It wasn’t personal. it was game. all is fair.
However, this doesn’t mean I see shelli as the poor betrayed victim of the evil Audrey. She’s not. Shelli plays the emotional manipulation passive aggressive victim crap as a tactic. that’s shelli’s game. it’s not a game style I respect too much, but it’s a game style. knowing it’s the way shelli has chosen to play the game means I can’t exactly empathize since every emotional outpouring is for show in the game.
I’m not even convinced that Audrey is campaigning and playing the game right now. maybe she is. or maybe she’s going to the people that engineered her nomination and trying to figure out how her downfall happened and trying to put the fear of public reaction into them as a form of revenge knowing she’s leaving. Either way, what does it matter? She’s still going to be evicted.
so, if psych services directed her to take a high enough dosage of Ativan or any other part of the lorazepam/benzodiazepine family with the directive that side effects on an empty stomach can include nausea or the paradoxical agitation/anxiety reaction they should have removed her. why didn’t they? Given the edit, I get the feeling they didn’t remove her so that big brother could continue their storyline with the golden edits intact. I think they’ve struck a deal with her: you stay until Thursday and take your pills and we’ll make sure you are ‘compensated’.
So, bb left her in the game. bb has allowed rules to be bent and broken or broke their own rules themselves to keep her there. I can see complaining and laying blame on bb for this. I guess I don’t understand the blame for this being put anywhere other than on bb.


The only satisfying exit for Audrey is if she walked out of the Big Brother house and into a pit of molten lava. Then as she was exploding into flames and melting she could scream “I’m on Ativan” and the crowd would be silent until she vanished into a puddle and then finally, one person would clap and it would surge into a rousing standing ovation.

Then the house would play the HoH comp where everyone has to go back and forth on one of those slippery slopes until they fill up a brown paper bag with tiny pills.

is it just me

So sick of bleeding hearts who cry its not her fault she is ill. Why is ilness an excuse?
A few years bach here there was a guy who cut of some other guys head on a bus because he heard voices that told him to do it. Being ill he went to a nice cushy hospital and within 2 years he was taking supervised day trips in the community. Not long after they were discussing unsupervised trips since he is a model patient.
I buy that he could not control his actions due to illness ok but is his victim any less dead? I dont think the victims familiy gives a shit about him now being a model patient because their loved one is still dead. Im sorry but i feel zero sympathy because he is ill. Sometimes life gives you a shitty hand things are not fair. Im sick of people bending over backeards coddling such individuals.
My example is a bit extreme but the point remains the same. Illnes should not get you special treatment. Its not fair that some people are ill i agree but its also not fair that some people are poor while others are not. Life is not fair deal with it.


Of all the Big Brothers worldwide, Canada , UK, Australia… Etc…..the American version is the tamest, lamest, boringest…the after dark is so heavily censored that it’s almost impossible to follow the conversations….not to mention the constant commercial interruptions… The 24/7 live feeds keep timing out and I have to reset for my invalid mom…..this show needs to go to cable