Big Brother 17 Week 4 Top 10 Animated Gifs


We’re sitting here watching the Live Feeds 24/7 and find the houseguests doing some pretty funny things. We love animated gifs they’re a perfect way to show in a couple dozen frames how insane things can be in the Big Brother 17 house. We’ve compiled the best 10 from the week. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite.

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*** Presented in no order ***

Bonus gifs (Too many to pick from this week)

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Pinocchio Obama

Those were great Simon. Becky’s was my favorite.

Red Dead Redemption

Becky’s #1 for me bro

Jake K.

Shelli and Clay maybe have too much power so far this season. But overall, I really am enjoying this cast much more than the past couple years. I was hesitant at first seeing the age gap, but this really is a solid group of house guests. Go BB17!


A couple of hours princess whack job will be out of the house.
Let’s hope Meg , Jason , Becky , James win HOH and put people like
Austin , Clay ,Liz , Shelli on the block let them see what it like.


just further evidence how crazy Audrey is, anytime someone question her sanity they just have to look at that gif.


BB17 deserve a special edition in dvd. This cast are amazing!

EZ does it

Becky and her twins to the end !!!!!!!


Call me crazy, but Audrey kinda looked sexy in that blond wig.