Audrey “I want to go hit the button (Emergency Exit / Panic Button) in the storage room.”

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-20 01-16-07-935
12:10am Backyard – Jason says I was so scared to be up there. Now its even more up in the air. This week was really hard because there wasn’t a clear immediate target. Especially that she (Audrey) had gotten her way back in with people. There was no backdoor, I was screwed. Jackie says now we just need to sit on the block. Because if you’re on the block you’re like f**k you’re just sitting there. There are no pawns, there’s no nothing. Jason says there can still be pawns to backdoor people. If all else fails we can put up Audrey, we don’t have that any more. Jackie says she was always like use me as a shield. Jason says she’s been saying this the whole time and has she protected us, no. She wasn’t a shield for Jeff, She wasn’t a shield for anybody. She keeps getting her way through. Jason says I don’t need a shield, I’m here to play. Jackie says yeah I don’t need that sh*t. Becky joins them and they talk about the BOB competition. Jason thinks we’ll be safe next week. James says Vanessa told me she won’t put me up again. Its one of our times to win HOH. Jason says we’re so due for one. I’m praying this week is endurance. Hit me with a tongue, hit me with a meteor, hit me with whatever you want to hit me with.

12:25am Comic room – Julia and Austin are talking. Austin comments that we need to bring someone else in. Austin suggests telling Johnny Mac about the twins. Julia says that’s the only person I would tell. Austin says after Thursday you tell him. That after 4 evictions you’re allowed to tell people and that not until 6 evictions do you come in. Julia says I know if he won HOH he wouldn’t come after us. Julia asks if it would get out to Shelli and Clay. Austin says we would only do it if Johnny Mac won HOH. Julia says I had no idea he was so close to Jeff. Austin says I don’t know why. You were never a threat to him Johnny Mac of course he used you. He used you and spit you out. He used you like was using everyone else. He was as bad as Audrey. And he was slimy with the girls. He wouldn’t leave Liz alone and I wanted to break his neck! If you weren’t around I probably would have been friends with him.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-20 01-29-30-980

1:25am Big Brother calls Jason, Liz and Johnny Mac to the diary room. They come out and Jason says it was just a mid tour check in.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-20 02-04-46-349

1:35am – 2:15am Bedroom – Audrey comes to talk to Vanessa. She whispers really quietly. Audrey starts hyperventilating and crying. Vanessa says you’re going to be okay. Take a deep breath. This is just game. You have a life outside of this. You have family that loves you. You’ve played the best you can. There is no right way to do it. You did the best you could. You’re not a bad person. This isn’t a reflection of you as a person. This is just a game. There is a whole world out there. In the grand scheme of things this isn’t real life. Vanessa says that everyone in this house is a good person and no one is out to persecute you. This is not life. Everything is going to be okay. It seems like this is the end of the world but its not. Its just a game. Even the very worst things people have done in this show are soon forgotten. Everything is going to be okay. This will be a stepping stone to something greater. Audrey says I want to go hit the button in the storage room. (Emergency exit / panic button) Vanessa says you don’t want to do that. You don’t want to be the first person in history to do that. You don’t want to give up your stipend money. Don’t do that. Just play it out, just play it out. Is it possible for you to just have some levity of it all. Audrey says this is a mistake! Vanessa says you can’t undo what’s already been done. All you can do is change how you go forward. I wish you had made different choice in the game. This is a tough game. Audrey says I don’t care about the game. Vanessa says I know I’m just trying to calm you down. Audrey says the physiologist came come till tomorrow. Audrey is worried about keeping it private. Vanessa says well lets not talk about it. Why don’t you talk about .. Jason comes in and asks to turn on the light to do his laundry. James comes to talk to Audrey. He says let me see what I have in my rational box. Audrey you’re super strong. This is just a game, everyone loves you on a personal level. America is going to love you. That’s the point blank about that. Hopefully we can all be friends when we get out of here. I’m going to send you a facebook request. They shut off the light again. Vanessa tells Audrey that happiness is a choice.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-20 02-05-40-790

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Vanessa says There is this inspiring true story… There’s this guy from a Nazi concentration camp and every day they would give food but it was always very limited. And it got to a point where people were starving and fighting for that food and they would try and take it from each other. The Nazi’s were doing it on purpose to turn the people against each other until one day this one guy took his bowl of soup and stood up and said here have a piece and he started to share. That small act of kindness.. inspired that whole room of people to pass it around the room and share and stop doing what the Nazi’s wanted them to do. Which was to fight and turn against each other. I’m telling you this story because all these circumstances are against us in here and designed to create and magnify the smallest stresses. I’m trying to give you a little perspective.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-20 02-40-04-529

2:30am – 2:40am Backyard – Jason says that Audrey is crying up in Vanessa’s bed because she knows she is the one with the power… if she cries enough Vanessa might not use the veto and she won’t go up. Vanessa is just caring and trying to support her in this moment. If she didn’t have any power she would be upstairs. After tomorrow she will be crying up in the HOH room and not in Vanessa’s bed. Steve says wait the HOH power goes away at the same time. Jason says people still listen to what the HOH wants to some extent. If we think Vanessa is weaving about not using it then everyone needs to go to her and say no I think is best you use it. Jackie says she would look like the biggest idiot. Jason says the mouse trap finally got her. She just hopes someone shows pity and releases her from the mouse trap. She hasn’t shown pity on anyone else. She is here for herself and crying for herself. She isn’t here for anyone else’s benefit. Shelli isn’t a backdoor type so it takes a lot for her to get to this point.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-20 02-56-28-603

2:45am James cuddles up with Audrey while Vanessa sits in the other bed waiting for her bed back.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-20 03-14-33-071

2:50am – 3am Vanessa tells James she’s worried Audrey will get a penalty nomination if she falls asleep in her bed. James says they won’t just give her a penalty nom. They’ll warn her first. It happened to me and they just told me to stop that. Vanessa says okay and heads back to bed. She tells Audrey not to fall asleep. You dont want to get a penalty nom. Audrey asks about getting medication but Vanessa says it wouldn’t be available till the morning. Audrey then goes to get back into bed in the havenot room.

3am – 3:30am Backyard –
Jason, James, Becky, Jackie, Steve and James are talking. Jason asks if anyone was buying what Audrey was doing? James says no he was just comforting her on a personal level not on a game level. James tells them that when he was huddle up next to Audrey she said she wasn’t upset on a personal or game level. Jason asks she’s afraid of what’s on the outside. James says she unclipped my microphone and I don’t know what she meant by this but she said it was chemical… Big Brother blocks the feeds. Jason says if she had a serious chemical imbalance she couldn’t be in here. They talk about last season how Christine got Boo’d when she was evicted. They talk about the second group coming in a day later is a disadvantage. Jason says that the night before they came in he begged how do I get into the first group. Big Brother blocks the feeds. James asks so we have to do something with our stipend to pay taxes on it. Jason tells him yes. He says that Andy Herren BB15 tweeted his cheque and it looked like BB already took the taxes off. It was for 356K down from 500K. Jason says you can’t look at it like the government stole that money… it was never yours.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-20 03-28-37-048

3:45am The house guests get ready for bed. Steve waits for his laundry to finish.

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Biff Tannen

That was really tactful of Vanessa and James both, and an impressively relevant story from Vanessa. Audrey has been just the worst in this game, but I respect people who can so elegantly provide perspective.


You are right, although this is a very strange situation: Audrey threw her whole alliance under the bus, but still wants to be comforted by them. It’s like playing BB with a small kid.


Im so glad audrey will be leaving. I dont think production would do anything to save her like a coule de taut. They realize she’s a nut case.


“coule de taut” omg


Must be hard to be perfect.


Hahahhaha, great post


Sorry….Typo, Geez – Coup d’Etat


Jason really annoys me….as much as yes Audrey has put herself in this position, why is he bitching that she is working on Vanessa? and would work on the HOH to save herself if she goes on the block? like seriously this guy has been whiny since being on the block. Jason/Meg/Jackie/Becky/James are just sheep that have no clue what is going on, Audrey probably will leave but I hope she blows up like a bomb and does damage while leaving

Twistin' for the win!

He’s not bitching, he is staying obvious facts. Audrey is trying to manipulate Vanessa…that is the simple truth. Her game sins have come home to roost and she is trying to get out of it, once again. Put her ass on the next thing smokin’ out of that house and be done with it…finally. if she stays…it’s gonna be a nightmare.


is Jason surprised that its what Audrey is doing? its a game, Vanessa has the veto so of course she will try and convince her not to use it. We have so many idiots in that house that are not even bothering with the game…Meg/Becky/Jackie(who is too busy playing with her hair)James…I get Audrey lied, I get she manipulates people but she is alone, she is not a threat. If Audrey does go, in couple weeks I can guarantee you there are some people on that other side that will realize she was right


True, but it can also be said that if Audrey stays, the other side shouldn’t be surprised if Audrey does the same to them and outs them to the rest of the house. Audrey cannot be trusted by anyone, there isn’t a throat she wouldn’t slit to stay in the game. Audrey takes a grain of truth and exaggerates it. She is really good at making people say things, which she then uses against that person. She has something on everyone there. Not a bad strategy if you are not a hot mess, but Audrey isn’t pulling it off very well. She isn’t a very positive posterchild for the trans community. My concern is that the only one on the outside that seems to be targeting anyone in 6 sense alliance is Jackie. Jason wants Steve out??? WTF??? How can they not know that Vanessa, Austin, twins, Shelli and Clay are working together? They practically live in HOH, it should be pretty obvious. Feels like a repeat of last year.

Twistin' for the win!

Agree – I honestly believe once Audrey leaves these people will start connecting the dots. There have been several things that should have made some of them go “hmmmmm….” starting with Shelly’s nomination speech – “I am nominating you because I only have a SMALL pool of people to pick from…” – there are actually 11 other people to pick from! I would have caught on to that right away. This is all going to come to a head soon and hopefully they will strategize a Clay/Liz and Austin/Shelly nomination before the BoB ends.

As for Jason/Vanessa/Audrey – Audrey is a manipulator and tries to use her life and choices as a subtle feel-sorry-for-me-I’ve-been-through-alot as a means of getting sympathy. I totally get Jason’s frustrations – he’s gay. He has had his share of bad and hurtful experiences too I’m sure. Audrey should go press the button if that’s what she wants to do. She cries wolf about everything – I’ll be glad to see her sitting with Julie. I’m sorry the whole house has ganged up on her (that must be hard) but she brought it on herself and though this “gang-up” is a little harsher than the other two, she was on board when they were doing it to Day and Jeff. We reap what we sow…even in the BB house.


Because if he does not vent it out “the house” will not pressure Shelli and Vanessa to backdoor Audrey and it will be him that goes home. Austin and Liz are still on board on saving Audrey this week and get Jason out if Jason does not get the house to hate Audrey then he goes home. This is a form of campaigning, the same as Jeff “crying” to Shelli and “looking” out for Liz (which worked because he gained Liz’ vote). This is also a tactic that Jeda used to send Arlie home. Audrey is a good manipulator and if I were Jason I would rather villify Audrey to ensure that the veto is used before trying to form plans for next week (which could leak and make him target 1 again).
Jason actually did a good job this week, apart from Austin and Liz no one is targeting him directly. He is able to mend bridges with Clay and Shelli, start a working relationship with Vanessa and everyone likes him. He is still a chicken without a head but for someone who’s dead in the water, he did a pretty good job saving himself by pulling Audrey down.


“Austin and Liz are still on board on saving Audrey this week and get Jason out if Jason does not get the house to hate Audrey then he goes home.”

I really don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about here. The ENTIRE house wants her gone and it’s way too later for any of that stuff after everyone but Audrey met in the HoH room. Austin and Liz have never said anything since the blow up yesterday about keeping Audrey if Jason doesn’t generate enough hate for her.

free folk

you have to remember that this is not too long after audrey tried to get james to lie on jason to throw under the bus so vanessa would not use the veto. She really tried to get jason to go home baaed on lies from his friend,so I kinda give him credit for not being more bitter than he is.

BB Drafter

Sure hope Vanessa isn’t having second thoughts about using the POV.

Twistin' for the win!

Agreed. I don’t think so though because she would run the risk of ostracizing herself in the house and she’s to smart for that.

I do wish, however, that she would shower and wash her face. She looked damn dirty to me on last night’s episode. I wish she would let the green hat go…it isn’t a good look. She probably rocked the grungy ’90s because it looks like she is rocking them now. I’m not bashing her – I’m just saying – take a little pride in your appearance and clean up….damn.


Agree completely. Hate that hat & want to burn it lol! If you plan to wear a hat switch it up. Those glasses don’t do justice to Van either. Seen pictures of her done up & she looks good. I know a lot of the girls over do it on BB but Van can definitely do something to come across less raggedy.


I have a question. I’m not trying to be mean by asking this, I am concerned. Audrey said “chemical.” Is she referring to a chemical imbalance in the brain like Bipolor Disorder or another mental illness? Or is she referring to a chemical imbalance in her body from her hormone pills? Transgenders have to take meds to maintain their transition. So does she want transition meds or mental health meds? If she is mentally ill they need to remove her from the show, because stress can cause a mentally ill person to commit suicide. I’m hoping for her sake, that this is a hormone issue and not a mental health issue.


In her case, its probably both.


Of course I don’t know 100% if this is what she means, but I do recall in the past audrey making a comment about having to take the hormone pills and how it affects her behavior. So I’m thinking that’s what she is talking about.


I think she was talking about the hormones. A few nights ago she also said something to James along the lines of, “remember, I’m taking pills that make me emotional”.

Twistin' for the win!

Who can believe anything she says? If she has mental issues then someone needs to pay attention because she has made mention of killing all the HGs and how she would be wearing Clay’s flesh. Words like this coming out of mouth in a head that houses a deranged mind is scary. If her meds make her problematic, she should never have been a HG. She’s full of shit. CBS is not going to risk a law suit by putting someone in there who has legitimate concerns about his/her chemical make-up.

Pack your shit Audrey – there will be no more curtain calls.


I don’t know why but I really do feel this season is going to repeat BB16. Like, the 6th sense has pretty good competitors there and almost all people of this alliance try to throw comps. And the other side doesn’t try to get them out whatsoever even Jason says that he’s gunning after Steve. -_-


I agree!!! again this week, voting out Audrey for me its a personal vote its not a strategic vote especially not for the Becky/Steve/James/Meg/Jason/Jackie side of the house. When Meg says that she does not care there is a 6 person alliance she just wants Audrey out…as a fan of this game I just want to bang my head on the wall. She does not care there is a strong alliance of 6 that has been in power 3 out of 4 weeks, she does not care that the votes on her side of the house are going down? really? ….It was the same with the week Da went home, you keep Meg someone who is useless but you evict someone that wanted to go after Shelli-Clay/Austin? makes no sense.


It’s a great strategic move for the Jason/Meg/James side to vote out Audrey. If they didn’t, they’d have to be either voting out Jason, JMac or any other replacement. And that replacement would probably come from their own side. So keeping Audrey would be stupid for them. But not at least considering what Audrey’s saying would be even stupider. And throwing the next HOH would be the stupidest, but I hope that none of them are considering that.


Audrey’s not a reliable vote for either side. She’s blamed Jason, James, Becky, Austin, Clay, Vanessa, Jeff, John, Steve for things she’s done at different times to different people. It seems her strategy was to keep the house stirred up against each other but once they realized it was all Audrey it was just annoying. Keeping someone who will actively move against you at any time is like keeping a skunk in the yard, you can probably ignore it and be fine but if you misstep it might spray you.


Or how about you just wait to watch and see what happens instead of assuming that it will happen, god damn.


The BOB forces strong competitors to allign together. It’s the only reason I like the BOB. Otherwise you’d have survivior like last season…all the strong threats would go home early and production would be left with a bunch of competitors that might not be able to complete a comp.


ITS nice to see that James & Vanessa can separate real life from the game. a lot of BB players can’t do that they would have thought James & Vanessa was trying to come up with a reason to keep her off the block.


I hope that “the other side” are just blowing smoke up Vanessa’s and Shelli’s asses. I know that Audrey doesn’t have much credibility and that it’s largely her own fault. But if they don’t at least realize by now that Shelli, Clay and Vanessa are in an alliance, they are dumber than I thought.

I hope it’s an endurance comp and Jason and Jackie/Becky/James win for once and that they kick Austin to the curb.

Eric CA

Everybody in the House knows that Shelli/ Clay, Vanessa, Austin/Liz/Julia are in an alliance. Everybody know that Steve floats between Johnny Mac/ Becky and the mega alliance in the house. Everybody knows Austin is obsessed with Liz. Everybody knows about James/ Jason/ Meg. Everybody knows about Johnny Mac/ Becky/ Jackie. They should know that everybody knows. I have to say that this is the gabbiest house I have seen in years. You shouldn’t worry about Audrey kicking you under the bus… she has already and so has Vanessa, Austin, Liz/Julia, Shelli, Clay, James, Steve, Meg and Jason. There is only three out of the remaining 13 that can keep their yaps shut (Jackie, Becky and Johnny Mac.). The rest OMG stop talking…. everybody knows already… everybody.
In one respect it works better than when people are more covert and get caught… that gets really hurtful. In the case of Audrey, yes she did what a huge percentage of houseguests have already done. I will be perfectly honest… it isn’t the backstabbing and crap talk that is getting Audrey put on the block…. It is really the emotional vampirism and the wearing people down. I think Shelli and Vanessa just needed to have a reason to evict Audrey, because reassuring her and her constant and overbearing presence combined with all of the nurturing etc…. is draining the crap out of them and in some ways it is creeping them out, combine that emotional vampirism (Audrey feeds on Shellis compassion and Vanessa’s.) and the backstabbing the people that kept her safe… a lot of people throw that up on players but in Audrey’s case Vanessa and Shelli really did stick their game necks out for her. Shell could have just put up Audrey over Da’Vonne easily and would have a great serene first HoH… minus the Audrey melt down.


YES!!! “…it isn’t the backstabbing and crap talk that is getting Audrey put on the block…. It is really the emotional vampirism and the wearing people down.” That’s exactly why I don’t like her too. She just can’t keep quiet for a second and goes on and on and on.

skeptical onlooker

Audrey is away with the fairies. This is a tragic-comedy at best. What makes Audrey so unlikeable is that she has no conscience…no empathy for others. It’s all about her. I understand back stabbing..lies and deception. That’s part of the game. BUT…she enjoys crushing dreams. She really revels in creating wedges and destroying relationships.
You’d think she’d be a bit of a happier person…becoming a woman…realizing that dream. I would have really liked to root for her..but she is just an awful person.
In any event..I find Becky’s story more compelling. Audrey had a going through the transformation. Becky came close to death…underwent enormous pain..and handles what happened to her with grace.
I don’t understand how Audrey got on to the show. .She is seriously off.

Twistin' for the win!

I’m giving your post a standing ovation!!!!!!! Well said and you are spot ON!


Austin is the worst. He is such a hypocrite. Saying that Jeff was slimey and always all over Liz… but in the same breath saying that he would have been friends with him, had Liz not been in the house… LMAO!
He is so delusional that he thinks that his “showmance” with Liz/Julia will be more beloved than Jeff&Jordan, mind you that I wasn’t a fan of that either. You can’t make up the idiotic things that come out of his mouth.


Audrey crying to Vanessa is like an assailant asking their victim if they could massage their wrist as it got sprained while he was stabbing them in the back

Why in the world would she think to try and get sympathy from the person she tried to throw under the bus the hardest. I must be a terrible person because in the same situation i would have told Audrey to grab a phone and call someone who cares.


What is with BB letting people in who are on medications season 12 Kathy was on meds then 13, Shelly was on meds 15 Aaryn GM Katelyn on Adderall plus Ashley now Audrey people ON ANY MEDICATION SHOULD NOT BE ON THE SHOW.


Are you sure? I could have sworn that everyone in Aryn’s season was taking medication


Rob your correct half the cast on Aaryn Season was on meds look at Ashley she was out of it a lot on her season. This should not be allowed


What about diabetics? Some people have terrible sinuses or allergies and take medications. Many people who take medication for bipolar, ADHD and other mental disorders can function quite well with medication. The trick is to make sure the individual is able to handle the stress of the show and as long a their doctor says they can handle it they should have a chance.
Audrey’s problem isn’t that the meds can’t cope but rather that she’s trying so hard to manipulate and control the game and it all blew up in her face. She doesn’t know how to fix it so she’s pouting.


A bipolar person should NEVER EVER EVER be put on Big Brother. The Big Brother House is an emotional pressure cooker that amplifies stress into turbo drive on steroids. In the Big Brother House, the houseguests lie, stab each other in the back, deceive, manipulate, ect. The houseguests prey on each others emotions and weakness trying to outsmart and beat each other for the grand prize. The houseguests say rude and hurtful things and reject those they have targeted for elimination. The game is designed to mess with people’s heads in an emotionally exhausting mental “hunger games” type of situation. A healthy person would have a hard time functioning under those extreme conditions without punching someone in the face. If you put a Bipolar person in that situation it would be a disaster. It could trigger a nervous breakdown or psychotic episode that could result in them violently harming themselves or someone else.


Bipolar Disorder is a spectrum disorder, meaning one can have just a little trouble with mood regulation, or one can have a lot. Not all people with Bipolar experience psychosis, for instance. For instance, some people may experience “rapid cycling” in mood, meaning they can go from euphoria (mania) to bleakness or anger (depression) within hours, and sometimes even without a cause. For many I know, Bipolar Disorder is always a consideration: they need to manage stress, sleep, exercise, and diet much more rigorously than average. But they lead your average life: work, family, all that stuff. So, in theory, why not Big Brother too? But, I agree, I think the BB lifestyle (terrible sleep, sketchy diet, and all that social stress) would be a HUGE challenge with Bipolar Disorder.


Danielle M was also on medications some of the house guests from the past 6 yrs have some have been on some form or meds or another didn’t austin say that Van was off her meds the other day if these people are on meds they should not be contestants on a show where their locked away for 3 months. Bi polar, Ptsd, or any other chemical imbalance disorders should not be on this show.


Absolutely agree that is cool the hg can remove themselves & distinguish between the game & personal. The thing that really irritated me is how unkind, cruel & evil Audrey’s replies/comments are to people & about them. Jason hit the nail on the head with how Audrey only cares about herself. She has never went out of her way or made connections or done nice things. I am not trying to come off nasty because someone’s mental health is no joke but honestly Audrey appears to have a mental tick. You heard her several times making contents & the one she made to James(regarding this post) before the feeds cut out. BB is Disgusting if in good conscience they put Audrey on knowing she has a history just to say they had a transgender on tv. I look at the way Audrey stares people down…it’s creepy!


Audrey is batsh*t crazy but she is right about Vanessa working all ends and having deals with everyone (which is not a bad move if you can get away with it) She is right Vanessa does not plan on being loyal to Shelli and Clay to the end (It would be stupid of her to anyway since they would be more loyal to each other. Steve and John or Becky maybe would be better for her as a final 3 with each taking her to the final where she can say hey I carried this person through the game. If Audrey had kept her cool she could have flown under the radar this week for sure. Now I think her fate is sealed. Unless CBS has a Catlin takeover this week and he declares all trans safe from elimination 🙂


OMG! CBS please don’t bring “Caitlyn” on. I have had enough of this media push.

Nonon Jakuzure

Oh for the love of god, Vanessa shut up!!!! De-thrown her. Her and Shelli have too much control,the guys have to wake up & start making moves!


I think they wanted a Trans person in the house this season and found one but also got a person with some other issues. Audrey keeps talking about seeing the psych thats on staff for Big Brother and this makes me wonder if she isn’t under special watch with a diagnosed mental illness which I think would be wrong to have her in the house just cuz u wanted a Trans person in house and looked past the mental illness and thought it could be dealt with meds and the psych.


We found out on last night’s show why Liz voted for James and it had nothing to do with strategy. Shocker! She has crush on Jeff, and doesn’t think anyone will find out. Of course, then she goes and tells Julia. Then she tells Julia to continue pretend to like Austin because he can protect take them and take them far in the game. I was rooting for the twins, but now I just can’t stand them. Liz is a hypocrite. She gets mad at Austin manipulating her about Jeff all the while she is encouraging him to have feelings for her. Now, she wants him to do her dirty work. I would love to see both of the twins’ expressions when they finally see the video of Jeff and the stain on Julia’s shirt. I really dislike women who flirt with men, are haters to other women(Jackie), and refuse to use their brains!


I appauled Liz’s game play. It’s smart of her to keep Austin as her shield. She came to play!


My issue is Liz being a hater & trashing another female(jackie) because Austin loves playing the hero to Liz & Jackie. Jackie does not need nor want creepy Austin up on her. Liz has been clingy to Austin from day 1, so I won’t hate on her desperation to keep clinging but clearly Liz wants all the attention & continue to control Austin without interference from Jackie. Liz is just insecure & feels the need to throw shade.


Liz is playing, but not playing smart. She can use and lead on Austin, but she doesn’t realize that Vanessa is the 1 -2 punch coming at her when she figures out Liz’s game. She is also using Vanessa to protect her too.


At this point after last nights “make fun of audrey” crap.
I am hoping jonnymac wins he was silent and taking everything in.
The other side is just too stupid to release the will lose if they dont do anything.

Also having people that need to take pills is a ratings thing. More drama higher ratings. Not cool but still


Taudry is really turning it on! I hope this crying game does not work. Oh pity me, you don’t know what I’ve been through. Now, if this isn’t an act, she needs to be pulled immediately out of this venue. ASAP

Ariana Grande stinks!

I kinda feel sorry for Audray.

Yes, she played the game very hard and got lost in her own mess… and realistically deserves to be evicted. HOWEVER, I cannot not feeling sorry for her as a person, knowing what she must have endured in her life to get to where she is now, and fail only one week before the jury. I cannot not to admire her courage to come and participate in the show… 🙁

Twistin' for the win!

I felt sorry for Cerci when she had to take the Walk of Shame, for about two seconds…until I was reminded of what a terrible person she is.

Audrey’s gotta go. The end!


I love how people are differentiating her insanity as being completely unrelated to her being a transsexual. Because we’ve become “open-minded” enough to think that restructuring your fucking sex organs is PERFECTLY consistent with mental health. It’s fucking mass delusion.


By the way I totally disagree with those people that said “no one on meds should be in the house period” People take meds for all sorts of reasons..not just a mental illness. And furthermore no one here knows the reason anyone in the house is on meds. So please stop pretending that you do.

So tired of this blatant hate speech.

Psych 101. Those that constantly try and cut on others are really talking about themselves.


Yup agree. I’m sure some of the women are on the birth control pill, which would be a daily med obviously.


They need to get Audrey out, because she is not trusted by either side (even if this time what she is saying is true about the alliance of 6). She has thrown everyone under the bus at some time or another. I hope Austin goes next, as he is way too clingy and thinks he is the King of the house. Clay has also really done nothing, but ride Shelli’s HOH’s. James is a pervert and pretty much grosses me out, but is tolerable to an extent. Meg and Jackie really need to start playing the game. JMac needs to stop being “okay” with being the pawn, as the other HG’s are connecting the dots to him “throwing” comps (and I really like him too, so stop being everyone’s door mat – strategy or not, and I get it’s better to play in the BOB and POV in order to save yourself). I do want to see what happens with Julia and Liz in the house, even if there time there together may be short. Vanessa and Shelli are running this game and it is up to the other houseguests to wise up. Steve is pretty much flying under the radar right now IMO. Anyway, good-bye Audrey. You overplayed this game and it is your time to go (fingers crossed!).


Who knows if Audrey is being real or trying to get sympathy to stay. Although it’s interesting that this house as a whole wants to get her out now as for some of them it’s not in their best interest. Anyone who is not in the 6 person alliance getting her out doesn’t really help.


It’s a mob mentalality ..I think its disgusting how vile Clay and Shelli are


Getting Audrey out does help those not in the 6 alliance. If Audrey is not put up as a replacement nom then someone else has to go home. SOmeone who may help get rid of the 6 alliance, who is able to keep their trap shut, and someone who won’t twist your words around.


Getting Audrey out does benefit everybody with respect to gaining some clarity and stress reduction. Nobody “needs” her. She’s not helping anybody’s game. She’s been a total distraction for everybody. PS – I’m with the crowd who wants Austin out next week.


Austin can’t even wash his hands after using the bathroom. I guess he just sniffed his hand and said nah I’m good. Then went to change his batteries or mic or something. Clay pissing in the shower. (pissing in your own shower that you clean is one thing to those who say everyone pissed in the shower before) but pissing in A) a public shower that B) you don’t clean (does he even wash dishes or cook or does mommy Shelli do that for him?) that is down right gross! He doesn’t care that other people may not want to stand in a puddle of his piss. Note to future players. Bring shower shoes and get your shots before entering.


I watched the Audrey confrontations, all the under the covers crying and her DR disappearance on the feeds. I watched everyone’s reaction to the “exposure” of the sixth sense alliance. I watched the damage control , the realizations, that boring game of charades and every one speculating and hoping Audrey the house nemesis finally goes home this week. But strangely enough, all I could care about was JohnnyMac who looked amazing in his boy band gear and showed some unexpected dancing ability. I liked how excited he became everytime they had to perform. I also appreciated how he was pretty much the only person in the house who stayed out of the Audrey fray. I finally get his appeal. I don’t completely understand his strategy , but if the house consensus is he is the only one who can be OTB w/ Audrey b/c she has nothing on him that’s saying a lot about his game.


Get rid of her. She needs help. Next Austin who really thinks he’s gods gift to women. What a stupid guy. Hopefully when he leaves he put a shirt on.


I do think that they think the 6 person alliance exist or at least parts of it exists…Jeff told them already to not trust Clay and Shelli etc…, the problem is that they have to play along since the Power of Veto has not happened. As far as Audrey goes, she has dug herself so deep of a hole that even if these people cared that the 6 person alliance is intact, they feel like they don’t even need Audrey to attack the other side and as a player, you would be thinking that she is untrustworthy and can easily flip flop… And I hardly believe Audrey is done… She has a history of mouthing off and talking non stop, so she will keep pressing and campaigning…whether Meg, Jason, James etc. want to use her is another story, but there is still time and Audrey is going to campaign harder than anyone that is presumed going home (aka keep talking)….

Valentina Corleone

At this point I just want her out before she has a complete breakdown. I think she’s a horrible player and want her gone, but if she truly does have mental health issues, this is not the place for her.


Wow I went back and just watched the Audrey Clay and Vanessa fight . CLAY is just a bully and and has a scary temper. He doesn’t belong around women.. He’s crazier than Vanessa and Audrey put together.


Really? I’m pretty indifferent to Clay, but it seemed to me like Audrey just wouldn’t stop saying the same thing over and over, and he just couldn’t take it anymore. She gets into these long drawn-out conversations that no one (except her) wants and never really listens to what the other person is saying. It’s like when someone is talking, she is just thinking of the next thing she wants to say. To win BB, you have to know when to just be quiet. If she would’ve done that this week, she would’ve been golden.

Butters Mom

Im pretty sure Audrey can stick up for herself when it comes to Clay. He’s an over confident toddler and he hasnt mastered self control of the mouth yet. I think he comes from a good place over all and wants to play a respected game. He’s mentioned several times that Shelly guides him towards a moral compass in the game and reminds him not to mess up his future outside of the game with his actions inside. I dont think he is a physical threat to women at all. He can be douchy at times… but Audrey brings out the worst in everyone.

another name

okay. I was a little disgusted last night with the non-six so eager to buy what the six was selling. I’m not saying they should hold up Audrey as a paragon of truth (that’s not going to happen, and shouldn’t). But while sitting in the kangaroo court convicting in absentia, they should look at what is going on beyond the obvious group dislike for Audrey.
example: the six are denying that they have an alliance. if that’s the case Jackie should be wondering how shelli knows what Austin has been thinking. she should also be questioning why shelli is pushing for Jackie to get closer to vanessa.
similar occurrence between vanessa and james before the not a persecution meeting. As vanessa was revising history to james she threw a lot of “we never” and “we didn’t” and “you were never out target” in there. who is the “we” if there is no alliance? is vanessa now using the royal we?
heck, just watching vanessa and shelli tag team the group should have been suspicious. they got a lot more animated when confronting one of Audrey’s lies than they did when confronting one of the truths. they just tried to brush those under the rug. they got more heated about the little things than the big elephants in the room. that should raise a flag.
add what da’vonne said to what jeff said, add what Audrey said (jeff wasn’t present for what da said, Audrey wasn’t present for what da and jeff said). when added together, you come up with the premise that there is something hinky; there’s something fishy going on that half of the house doesn’t know about. get suspicious and get out of summer camp.
believing there is no large alliance in week four? that’s just dumb.
Evict Audrey, but question the other five moving forward, stop throwing the hoh, and do something about it.
Unless they’d rather believe Clay’s interpretation of what big brother is all about: play the games, enjoy the people, make memories : ie don’t think about the money, don’t suspect me, keep me here.


We need power to shift on Thursday. Should have happened this week.

Twistin' for the win!

Simon – so agree with you. There has to be a shift so the other side can start eating their own. I don’t really have a preference who (James, Jason, Meg, Jackie, JM or Becky) but we need someone with some guts who is going to get some shit done!!!

another name

simon, I so want to agree but i’m apprehensive.
even if a non-six wins, who are they going to target?
most likely each other, because they foolishly want to work with clay and shelli, and most have side deals with vanessa liz and Austin. they don’t believe there’s an alliance.
until someone wakes up, I fear a power shift would just be the same game.


Put your big girl panties on Taudry! Get to steppin’!
Why on earth did she ever come on this show? Had she never seen it before?


Wake em’ up Simon!!! Get those nut jobs out of bed! Today should be a basket full of cra cra!


I don’t trust Jackie i think she throw her closest friend Becky under the bed and the problem Becky needs someone
to tell her what is going in the house but Jackie isn’t telling her.


America loves Audrey? Weird because we feel the opposite about her up in Canada. It’s really sad that it was more important to BB production that they recruit the first trans-gendered houseguest, than that person be emotionally healthy and capable of assimilating with others. No kids, Audrey is not a good example of the trans community. She’s a good example of what happens when you lie and manipulate others however. Bye bye Audrey. Get some help please.