“I had to win someone who I knew was putting me on the block was already HOH”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : ? Nominations 2: ?
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Jason with his chest of gold
Jason with his chest of gold

7:04pm Jason, Meg and Clay
Jason calling VAnessa a b1tch he’s pissed she took him out during the HOH and didn’t target Austin
Meg and Jason tell Clay they are scared now that VAnessa has the HOH. Vanessa was part of their conversations last night where they were talking about going after Austin.
Jason says they told Vanessa so much information.
Meg – I’m so pissed
JAson – You’re pissed I came in 3rd place.. that was my type of comp
Meg – No that was my kinda comp.. I was shaking in my shoes. .

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 19-09-07-755_jpg

7:08pm Clay and JAmes
Clay tells james the one vote to keep Audrey is going to drive them crazy. He mentions that Vanessa was playing in that comp at a whole different kind of level then they are. She heard lonely in eh song and knew it was POV becuase POV is an individual competition. Clay seems convinced America’s player is still in the game.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 19-19-43-114_jpg

HOH Winners.. Vanessa is thrilled

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 19-26-21-306_jpg

7:25pm James and Clay

James says he was just guessing. Clay again saying Vanessa was dissecting the songs he couldn’t beat her.
James mentions the only way to beat those people like Vanessa and Austin is to guess and play the odds.
James wonders why America laughs when him and Austin are together.
Clay – cause you all look alike

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 19-40-18-685_jpg

7:37pm All confused about who voted to Keep Audrey

Julia asks if they heard any boos because she didn’t she heard the crowd cheering.
Jason – she was the star of the show.. we’re going to be boring without her she made us run around like chickens with our heads cut off we’re nothing without her
Julia – Merry f****g christmas
They start wondering what ever happened to the takeover twist. (We all are)

They start talking about the alcohol the HOH’s will get. Vanessa says 1 bottle of port is worth 1.5 bottles of regular win that is why she put down POrt. Jackie says she’s going to get a chardonnay.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 19-53-14-561_jpg

7:51pm Clay, Austin, jmac and James
Joking around that the girls are killing it with the HOH. James says he’s got a gut feeling that a guy’s going home this week.
Clay says they are all just minions for the girls.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 19-58-35-370_jpg

7:57pm Steve and jmac
Steve – The rockstars live to see another day

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 20-00-43-598_jpg

7:54pm Bathroom Shelli and Vanessa
Vanessa – it’s not a great spot to be in
They hug.
Vanessa – F***, I don’t have a f***g clue what to do that’s the issue.. ya so there’s that
Austin joins them
Vanessa – I had to win someone who I knew was putting me on the block was already HOH .

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 20-00-41-597_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 20-03-33-085_jpg

8:01pm Storage room Jason and Meg
Jason complaining about studying with Vanessa points out that James is all buddy buddy with the boys he’s glad he never told him anything
She’s not going to take Austin out we have to make sure Jackie wins it

They agree Steve is America’s Player

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 20-08-10-915_jpg

Will she blow a fuse this HOH?

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the coreys

I’m really disgusted with James in that head of household competition. He deserve to go out if you can’t take the HOH seriously. You get what you deserve bro


Thumbs up if Austin is still as CREEPY as ever!!!


Thumbs up if Shelli is as FAKE as Audrey’s va-jj!!


He guessed bc he knew he had no chance of winning based on skill. He’s obviously just as clueless about musical cues as he is about patterns (the clothing match comp). He figured he can at least guess and possibly beat someone based on time, rather than stand there thinking without ever figuring out the answer.

the coreys

I find it how many people are down voting this maybe that’s why big brother sucks now cause they pander to a certain audience?

How does James not deserve to go on the block AGAIN and potentially finally go home if he’s NOT GONNA TRY to win keeping him self safe.

He has no idea what’s going on he thinks he’s safe he doesn’t believe there’s a twin, (think he finally came atound) doesn’t believe there’s a alliance controlling the house. This dude doesn’t have his head in the game.


If you looking for thumbs up just call Austin a CREEP! I mean who in their right mind would EVER be threatened by Steve and worried he will steal your girl.


Especially after hearing James yeast infection story he needs to go. I mean who makes that public on National TV?


I actually just think James figured that he was not going to beat anyone by actually guessing so did what he could do..since no offense but he’s not good at the “mental” comps at all…..but yes it was annoying to watch

the coreys

Here is my impression of every time austin or clay is in the DR. “I’m just really angry right now at…”


Wonder what Jackie will do? Go after the twins I imagine.

Harold. Wayne

Unless Nessy and Shelli try to bully her into not putting up Austin and Liz. I have a feeling everyone’s hero JohnnyMac will ONCE AGAIN help someone else’s game out and bow down to the nessy and mess the one chance for a power shift up.


Finally! A HOH who Vanessa can’t control.


Jackie. Please just pull this out. I can’t stand vanessa anymore.

Jackie Off

Vanessa is going to win the BoB, if for no other reason than that Jackie has no weak players to put on the block.

the coreys

Lop at Meg and Jason saying this was their kind of hoh comp when neither got a correct answer..

Lol at Jason saying he should be more angry cause he came in third… do these people have any preceptipn? Yes you came in third… because you wasn’t picked once to battle dude.

And is James aware that saying he was just guessing isn’t needed commentary? Wr know you was just guessing, frankly I’d say you was throwing it but that would imply you smarter than you are.

I’m really frustrated with tonight’s results. If vanessa wins how I’m gonna stick to this site instead of the show cause I already know how the rest of the season is playing out.


Jason got the first correct answer…

I'm sorry the coreys your answer is incorrect

Please have a seat with the rest of the house guests.


Meg’s kind of comp would be Cheeto eating.


She’d win a giggling school girl contest,hands down.


I really feel Jason had that last answer!! I think he threw it. The look on his face when vanessa was talking about it after…just looked like he knew it but knew he was safe for the week and wanted to save his HOH


Jackie put up Austin and clay

Vanessa I can see putting up James and johnny macaws yet a pawn again

the coreys

Except they wouldn’t be pawns, they’d be the targets since van wouldn’t want clay or austin staying on the block.


Jackie needs to put up Austin and a girl from her side and have her to throw it so she can stay in power.


Why is everyone worried about Austin? He’s seriously not even a threat right now.. He’s off in la la land with Liz right now.. They should be worried about Shelli and Clay playing both sides. They seriously remind me of Amanda and McCrae from season 15.. They are away to comfortable right now


Glad one from each side got hoh should make this week more interesting I hope Jackie gets to nom first and puts up jmac and liz. Vanessa will shit herself not knowing who to put up since shes aligned with everyone so I’m pretty confident shell do meg and Johnny mac since she already did them once and they may lose botb


Well that didn’t take long for Austin’s plan to work


Why is everyone worried about Austin? He’s not even a threat. He’s off somewhere in la la land with Liz. They should be worried about Shelli and Clay. They seriously remind me of Amanda and McCrae from season 15.. They are WAY to comfortable in there..


First week I have literally know idea whats going to happen as to whos likely to go home. Jackie will definitely target Austin/lizia, and Vanessa…who the hell knows but she definitely wont target those 2. Maybe Jason/James. Whatev-at least its not Clellie in power!!! Getting juicy…


Yes I’m so glad Audrey went home! Now I wouldn’t mind seeing Steve or Austin on the block.

Loch Nessa

How hard will Vanessa work to protect Austin? I think pretty she’ll do a good job of manipulating Jackie’s nominations. Not like Jackie had had an intelligent plan so far in the game.


Vanessa is in a bad spot. I am guessing that Vanessa will try to make a deal to throw the HOH to Jackie and let Jackie take out Austin or the twins in exchange for a one week deal. It really is her only safe move. If she wins HOH she has to be very careful. The house wants Austin or the twins, but she isn’t going to put them up. She isn’t going to put up Shelli or Clay ( I wish she would). Winning HOH bought her a week, but it hurts her long term game. I think she could have talked her way out of danger this week by throwing the twins and Austin under the bus. She knows that Austin is becoming a liability, and that Liz will always come first with him, she also knows that if Julia comes in, she is 3rd wheel, and she knows that it’s the same thing with Shelli and Clay. The last thing she wants to do this week is target the only people that can help her take out the stronger players in the house in a few weeks, like Jason, Steve, JohnnyMac, Meg or James. If she does that, she is burning a bridge she will need later in the game. She needs to make a deal with Jackie and let Jackie take out one of her “alliance”. It doesn’t matter who she nominates, she will be drawing a line and won’t be able to go back. I have been rooting for Jackie for a few weeks and I hope the girl doesn’t let me down. She did make a stupid pick in the HOH competition. You want to put up two people that you don’t want to win and that way you get one of them out of the competition. You don’t put up one of your own allies against a target, lucky for her James randomly won the round.

production rigged it

Vanessa is screwed either way because she would be the 3rd wheel in any alliance except for her and Steve because everybody else already has somebody. Clay/Shelly, Austin/Liz/Julia/, Jason/Meg, JonnyMac/Becky. In my opinion best her choice would be to talk Clay/Shelly into staying with the Sixth Sense Alliance and trying to somehow make it to final 6 and then worry about trying to get to the final 2 then.


This is gonna be a great week! Vanessa is totally going to lose her mind you can see it all over her already.


I don’t know how i feel about these two HoH’s…


This has the potential to be a very interesting week. I think the HOH who loses battle of the block will go on the block and potentially home. Im rooting for Jackie (for obvious reasons) I hope shes smart enough (wishful thinking) and she puts up liz & austin if veto is played she’ll put up vanessa. And maybe work a deal with clay and shelli & vanessa for her saftey of she went loses HOH. Im hoping Liz or Austin go. Vanessa or shelli should b the target but the girls got game! And I cant hate them even if theyre always power tripping, id like them to get a little bit further. If Vanessa stay HOH I think Jackies done. As long as 1 of sleeper cell members are on the block I’ll be happy. I want to see them finally sweat it out and see how “loyal” they are when thier back is against the wall.

the coreys

What is Jason thinking about backdooring liz? Where are those votes gonna come from? (On the bright side, at least thst would finally expose a bigger alliance if they tried and failed that option)

Also Jackie. Liz and Steve as your targets? Lol. She might as well be part of the 6th sense


Jackie needs to put up Austin and Meg. Then have Meg throw it!! Jackie stays in power.


This. It accomplishes 2 goals: Takes Austin out of the game, and makes Meg start playing it.


I know the target on Austin’s back has grown significantly over the past few days. But if Jackie can remain in power after the BOTB, this could be a perfect opportunity to backdoor Vanessa. She has proven to be rather good in mental comps. She could be a hard out the longer she stays in the game.


It’s nice to come home to someone outside of the Silent Six alliance win HOH. Go Jackie! I’m going to be praying that Jackie remains HOH, and Vanessa gets dethroned. Jackie should attempt to BD the twins and if they won veto she should BD Vanessa.


Vanessa is going to put up the dorky John who will be her puppet and throw the BOB. Why everyone likes him is beyond me…. he shouts all the time and seems way cornball. He never does his own thing and is a spineless follow block. So she will put him up and James and dethron Jackie. When POV is used she will replace with either Jackie (who was just lost her HOH), orJason or Meg. Or if POV not used James will go home.


If she put John and ask him to throw,Vanessa will be the oh dethrone


Actually if John throws the bob successfully then Vanessa would remain HOH. The HOH is only dethroned if the noms win bob.

Sick of Judas

Vanessa is such a smart player. Poker players man-theyre on a whole nother level. I’m loving this season with so many likable players. Very refreshing not to want to hurl things at the TV. This may be another season where its a battle of attrition not two sides hammering each other either way I like it.


I know Jackie gets no love but I like her. She’s been laying low while everyone makes ridiculous alliances with everyone else. I really hope she stays hoh so either vanessa, austin, or the twins go home. I’m glad Jason’s pissed so he can help her come up with a good plan. Obviously people are going to have to throw the bob… won’t it be interesting if both hoh’s can convince their nominees to throw it lol? It should be a good week at least. Also was it stated in the beginning that there would be a takeover every week? If so why no explanation as to why it’s stopped?


I hope Jackie gets HoH… but it won’t matter because she’ll probably be too afraid to do anything good.


What happen with the bbtakeover its seems producers made a mistake with that.


Whatever dummy picked Vaneesa and Julie/Liz to battle against one another was stupid. I think it was Jackie. She should not have picked the twin to battle the strongest person on the other side of your alliance. I would have picked one of my alliance member to play against Julie/liz because neither twins participated in every challenge so she will only know the music of the challenges where she was present. Duh!


Wow! You obviously have no clue how to strategize then. That move is exactly what you do in these types of comps. You never risk losing a person in you alliance. You put two ppl up who are in an alliance so you know for sure you knock out one of them.


Normally, I would agree, but you don’t put a Vanessa against the easiest person to beat. Julia/Liz did not attend every challenge. That was a giveaway for a strong player like Vanessa. At the end of the day chances are Vanessa going to end up going against your best person and win hoh. Jason would have beaten Liz/Julia.


Jackie targets are Austin or Liz
Vanessa I really do not know who will be the target she might go for john or becky or jason.


What a F’ed up week it’s going to be
I really dislike Jackie … She will most likely nom Liz n Austin
I want Austin gone but do not want to see Jackie or hear Jackie
Hopefully she will blend back into the wallpaper
Of course I want the twins to make it through the week
Van is in a bad spot … She will nom Becky and ? James perhaps
Van just needs to stay off the block n minimize any damage
Despite Vans mistakes she is still my fav


Nessa is such a bad ass! LoL

Britney: “I just love to watch her play”

We all do Britt! Except the haters here who are so mad:-)

Wait..do they hate me or Vanessa more? LoL

Oh wait…Idgaf!

#Nessa owns


It is past your bedtime.


Here we go again with Vanessa’s power trip. Hopefully Jackie is smart enough to de-throw Vanessa’s HOH on BOB and backdoors her, though I honestly don’t see that happening at all.


bbtakeover not this week again what is happening


I hoped and commented I wanted Jackie to win but didn’t know with who. Really hope Jackie wins. We need this power shift. Can the two work together to get Austin out? Fricken Johnny Mac !! Will he do it for Vanessa?

Sick of Judas

There’s only one player I dont want to win-Austin. Which means very low chance of me getting depressed at the end of this season.

Sick of Judas

MamaJoyce it’s ‘de-throne’ no ‘de-throw’.

Sick of Judas

Hollywood should scoop up Johhny Mac and put him in a sitcom-that dude is funny.

Judas Son

No he’s not, hes just a weird and awkward bloke who makes strange noises.

Sick of Judas

Dawg re your poll-who is ‘Jamse’?

Sick of Judas

Another TWIST!


I always root for the underdogs! I’m happy Jackie won and hope she stays HOH! Everyone says she hasn’t been playing the game but in my opinion it’s the quiet ones u gotta watch out for! She has a plan. She is not stupid she doesn’t fall for all the gossiping and telling everyone what she really is thinking, I think she will pull this out! Even though Vanessa and Shelli are getting on my nerves. At least the girls this year are dominating, the guys suck! I’m hoping for Jason, Jmack, James, Meg, and Jackie flip the fucking house! Becky is like a prop in the show! Clay and Austin are wack ass competitors, the girls are carrying them! Lol Jmack, Jason and Meg are my favs love their personalities!

another name

my thought: from last nights talk between shelli clay and vanessa, they will target Austin. using Jackie to do it.


I have a sneaking suspicion that this HOH might blow up in Vanessa’s face. The thoughts in the house was that it was going to be like a Before Audrey After Audrey type of house and that the slate was wiped clean. She spent all week repairing relations with Jason’s side of the house, and now she is forced into nominating two people who thought they were cool with her. An easy target would have been Jackie since she declined that deal Vanessa offered a few days ago, but she is the other HOH this week. She’s obviously going to want to stay in power this week so that she doesn’t risk getting dethroned and ultimately backdoored by Jackie. If she becomes paranoid or starts to trip with HOH power like she did last time, it could end very badly for her. Also, if she makes such a big scene again on finding a reason to nominate someone, that could also end very badly for her. I wouldn’t be surprised if Austin ends up being a target, but that all depends on if its an option. There’s a strong chance Austin will be nominated by Jackie this week, so if Vanessa is going to stay HOH that would mean Austin is safe after with the BOB. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing Austin go. He had some potential earlier in the season but is so blinded by his showmance with Liz now that he isn’t playing the game well. Him telling Jason, someone he is not closely alined with, that he wouldn’t mind if his showmance’s twin sister goes home will blow up in his face. Also, his Judas DR personality is totally lame. In regards to Jackie, I think it was a bad idea that she won HOH. Yeah, she might have gone on the block, but she wouldn’t have gone home. Going after her is a waste of an HOH. Now she is forced into publicly naming targets, and in doing so just increased the target on herself. I think Clay and Shelli are in very good spots in the game right now. Who inside of the house doesn’t like them right now? I don’t see them being nominated for a few more weeks. They have to remain diligent in remaining on good terms with everyone in the house though, which is a fine line because if everyone realizes they are friends with everyone, they will then become targets very quickly.

It’s been a very fun season so far, and ultimately, I think it’s going to be another good week inside the Big Brother house. There are two HOH’s right now from different respective sides of the house, so most of the houseguests could end up being the number one target this week. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a lot of people throwing other people under the bus, which will then set up the next few weeks after this one.


Somebody put up Austin and Liz.

Sick of Judas

People that try to throw others under the bus often get run over themselves.


DThe girls are clearly dominating the game so far this year. But based on numbers guys vs girls its a tie right now with 2 guys and 2 girls gone.


You mean 2.5 and 1.5 ….lol


Despite the fact that the girls are clearly dominating the game so far, in the old gender battle, its still a tie with each side down 2. Its also true that 2 of the strongest players right now are Shelli and Vanessa. But how often do all of the strong players make it the end. It happens from time to time (last example Dan and Ian). But usually one ends up getting betrayed and sent to jury (many examples) or not picked to go to the final 2 by the final HoH winner (like my girl Janelle not once but twice).