Big Brother 17 Week 3 Summary and Live Show Results Jeff Vs. James


Week 3 is DONE. Another great week for this season.

Vanessa and Austin won the HOH in a crapshoot competition. After the Battle of the block Vanessa retained the Head of Household position her nominees were JohnnyMac and James. Vanessa was worried about having too much blood on her hands so she wanted the POV to not be played and for the house to vote out James. JohnnyMAC wins the Power of Veto and yes uses it on himself. Jason, Jeff, James, Meg, (to a degree Becky/Johnnymac) want her to nominate Audrey but are unable to give a convincing reason. The other side of the house, her allies, (Audrey, Austin, liz/Julia, Clay, Shelli, Steve) pressure Vanessa to put up Jeff. Jeff was playing most of the sides trying to cause divisions

Vanessa develops a convoluted scheme to reveal Jeff’s “Loose Lips” and expose him for doing the same thing Audrey was doing week one. They had the nickname for Jeff “The Male Audrey” (Funny a side last night they were calling Audrey the Female Jeff.. lol)
Vanessa was able to pull her scheme off and caused a huge blow up destroying Jeff’s game. Unfortunately for her it was too complicated and seemed staged, her and Austin took a fair amount of collateral damage. People outside vanessa’s alliance are now suspecting something is up between Austin/Vanessa/Audrey and Liz/Julia.

Vanessa is the first HOH this year to lose their mind with the power, Her paranoia reached an all time high. Some things she was believing, Clay has a twin, Audrey is America’s player, Liz can’t be trusted, Clay/Shelli can’t be trusted, Austin is sketchy, Audrey has to go etc…etc… etc.

Vanessa overplayed her HOH but she did enough to get her alliance’s main target out. Jeff ran out of salesman tricks and couldn’t get the votes to stay against James.

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How did the week go down

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 18-40-01-716_jpg

Summary of live show

JohnnyMac votes to evict James
Austin votes to evict Jeff
Liz votes to evict James
Jason votes to evict Jeff
Meg votes to evict Jeff
Becky votes to evict Jeff
Steve votes to evict James
Audrey votes to evict Jeff
Clay votes to evict Jeff
Jackie votes to evict James
Shelli votes to evict Jeff

Evicted Houseguest is Jeff

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 18-50-27-439_jpg

HOH Competition
Winners are Liz and Shelli

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 18-51-39-434_jpg

New BBtakeover twist is
Guest for BBtakeover is ??????
they don’t mention the bbtakeover at all… wtf

My predictions
Jeff goes home

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 19-03-56-441_jpg

Feeds are up !!!

Top 3 Animated Gifs of the week

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Bye Jeff. Don’t let your DUDE hit your BRUH on the way out!

What it is

I’m not saying I’m a fan of clay or anything, but was it just me or did the Chenbot just blow up Clay’s game a little bit by saying he was football player at A&M when he kept it a secret?????


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Fourth inductee is Jordan Lloyd (BB11 & BB13)
Fifth inductee is……………Joshuah Welch (BB9) congrats to inducted into Big Brother Hall of Fame a Class of 2015


Next week will inducted the next hall of fame class of 2015.


Welcome to the Trying Too Hard Hall of Fame!
Inductee: You


Sorry, I’m not Qualify to inducted!!! Hey, you should be inducted into trying so hard hall of fame!!


Welcome to trying too hard Hall of Fame!
Inducted: you


What the fuck is this? Is this a joke? HAHAHAHAHAHA


We are inducted into hall of fame. This year Simon & Dawg will be inducted into hall of fame. Simon & Dawg promo this site for many years. We will honor Simon & Dawg 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Simon & Dawg, any last thoughts


Mine was clearly a joke, but now I’m starting to feel bad for making it because I think Captain may need help. Not sure how else to explain those replies of his… Weird. Just, weird.


I agree, Wtfe needs help after all.

Julia's Bad Tooth

I can’t watch after dark while this current group runs the house. I can’t believe it’s week three and how nuts it is.
Vanessa-Talking far too much, making it obvious she’s the Queen moving Pawns.
Austin-Just as obnoxious as Jeff, and getting tired hearing Nerd Herd every day.
Liz/Julia-vapid, high school cheerleader nonsense.
Shelli-Control freak
Clay-talking far too much and playing far too many angles.
Steve-too socially awkward to not catch himself screwing up with what he says.
Who thought this was a smart move to get these people in a room together? Oh, yeah Vanessa. While I do think she created quite the meat shield with all these people; far too many of her own alliance members are tactical and she’s a clear target next week. If the other side of the house could get their act together!


Nerd alert!


Please let JohnnyMac win the hoh so he get his revenge!!!!!

Captain Crunch

I wonder if Austin was there when JMac and Liz kissed lol? I can imagine his reaction either acting like it doesn’t bother him or staring a hole in JMac plotting on how he can get him out next.


What? How do you know Jeff was evicted? It’s only 830pm? You said it in an above paragraph…awe..


is there a live stream link for tonights eviction somewher?


Any links for the live stream tonight??


Thank you!!!

April in Paris

J-Mac and Meg are best in the DR right now! Fun stuff! The scence of entitlement players need to go on the block, except there’s only 4 spots for that.


Peace out Jeff!!!


Simon and Dawg, your site just gets better every year! Thanks so much for all the work you do, I get all of the real scoop here, nowhere else. Making my donation now!


Johnny Mac for the win!

Nessa is aMessa

Man I used to like Vanessa, Austin, she’ll I and Clay even Audrey! But damn they are the most annoying people! Austin is desperate and paranoid, Vanessa is a paranoid mess! Clay and Shelli are in love already yea right! Audrey is crazy but she keeps it interesting! Oh and liz/julia are the new Victoria!


Week 4 is probably going to decide the course for the rest of the season for better or worse but atleast its been amazing so far.


I like big brother 17 cause everybody do what they want not what others want like the last to years to me big brother 17 is a upgrade from the last two years


Thank you season gods for continuing to not have a unanimous vote

the house

why do these people not vote with me. don’t they know who I am?


Steve has just painted a red target on his back and maybe liz too that was soo wierd with the votes. Steve and Audrey are in big trouble because everyone thinks they are america players. I wonder what is going to happen tonight its going to be wierd. I think vanessa will be piss maybe to liz and steve for voting the wrong way when she says don’t.


There’s no solid house votes so far! 😀 This season is showing to become one of the best so far. Jason and Meg just needs to win this time, a shift is just badly needed to keep the paranoia and momentum going.


I think steve and liz are going be getting a pepped talk by vanessa tonight or was it planned tonight the feeds will be good. Or was it an idea to blame jason and meg for voting for jeff.


How did Jeff manage to get 4 votes?


Easy, Liz screwed over her alliance.


I think Liz wants Audrey blamed for the fourth vote to justify getting her out.


So liz a backstabber.
Julia loyal. Liz not. Never trust a flirt

Team Edward

No mention of Audrey during Jeff’s interview……hmmmmmmmmmmmm


Probably targets for this weeks is james, jason, and audrey.


OMG the worst 2 people are HOH : Shelli and Liz. Another boring week coming up with the same people in power. Rinse and repeat with pawns being used and promising to backdoor Audrey and then it ends up being someone from the other side of the house. I guess it’s another week of me not watching the show.


The thing is you can’t tell if some people are throwing the comps to just float by. I was really hoping for someone other than that mess of an alliance to win this HOH.


nooo dont like the HOH’s


Liz and Shelli…. I am torn as to whom I want to remain HOH

Ionlyspeakfrench aka Gamewise

F**** HOH!!!!!because of my nerves im not gonna watch bb this week! i simple cant stand this six sense anymore!!! BYE


wheres the takeover


It may be 90’s theme this week

another name

i’d be interested in seeing if liz tells Julia she voted to keep jeff.
perfect plausible deniability since they switch tomorrow if liz doesn’t tell Julia.
I get the feeling both steve and liz are trying to create a ‘who were the two vote betrayals’ paranoia. either that or bb prod as the invisible houseguest got two people to switch votes for the ensuing drama.
any bets who will take the fall on that one?


Audrey & Clay


Couldn’t be more disppointed in hoh this week. Going to be a long and boring week with Austin calling Liz’s shots. Be nice if Julia puts him up and he throws comp and gets voted out. I’m guessing Audrey will get blame for voting to save Jeff and maybe that will get her put up.


I HATE SHELLI! I was hoping to see her or Clay go home this week.


did Liz just screw up and accidentally say James?? I’m so confused. The goodbye messages says we voted you out…. Liz is the one who was flirting with Austin, right?


I caught that too. They previously record their goodbye messages though. So who knows what happened between then and now. BB probably convinced her to vote to keep Jeff for drama and ratings. I don’t put it past them.

Angela M

Maybe because Liz wanted to keep Jeff all along and doesn’t want Julia to know what she did.

really people

you can’t stand the sixth sense anymore? I don’t get it. you want people to play the game, they are playing the game. you all really think watching Jason with an HOH would be better? really though? I hope he goes this week. Jason or James this week.

but I don’t get the Vanessa hate. yeah Austin is a douche, yeah Vanessa overplayed a bit because her allies suck and do shady stuff…OK, lets see how she does back down from the HOH room.

I am happy because J-Mac and maybe Steve are safe, and I am rooting for Jackie because she is going to go far and she always dresses nice for the live show….its the small things with this cast.

Ionlyspeakfrench aka Gamewise

Go watch the fashion tv. And Jason can articulate something if you actually saw the live feeds.

oh shut it

I can talk about the game just like anyone else

don’t tell me what to go do, not quite sure who the heck you think you are.

I have watched Jason, I stick by my comment, I can’t stand the kid.


Well, it looks like it will be business as usual in the head of household room, with Shelley and Liz winning. Austin, Clay, Vanessa and Audrey will be firmly ensconced up there again all week. Same old sh#t.


sleeper cell this week again they took over I like it

Ariana Grande stinks!

Oh the creepster Austin saying “No one stand between me and my twins!” was SUPER lame! All that Judas shit is also beyond annoying. And so Austin falls to the bottom of the BB tree. Clayhole and Smelli are unbearable to watch too.

Twins OTOH grew immensely tonight. LOVED the unexpected vote for Jeff (although I am glad that Jeff got evicted ;))



Same old same old week coming
Same people probably going up.
So John ,Jason ,Steve , maybe Meg or Jackie.


Feels like a repeat of last week and the week before that. Let me guess. Jason, Meg, Steve and James on the block, with the option of back dooring Audrey.

Butters Mom

It wouldnt be tradition if Johnny Mac was put up and asked to throw the bob


JohnnyMac will kill it again. Winning pov will make Shelli look stupid!!!


As much as I hate the Sixth Sense (or whatever iteration of loosely aligned alliance mess exists), I can’t blame them for grabbing power. It’s really not so much of them grabbing it as it is being handed to them. Too many people are playing the strategy of throwing comps and being used as pawns.

And two things need to go immediately: 1. The pretense that Audrey is somebody’s target and 2. Nobody knows that there are twins switching in and out of the game. Neither of the two of these things anybody is moving to act on any time soon.


Oh I wanna see Austin face 7 he finds out Liz prefers Jeff
Obviously lol…she didn’t stand by her man…Austin will cry lol…like the teen schoolgirl he’s been acting like


Here’s to hoping Liz stays HOH and can finally break free of Austin and Vanessa and think for herself!!! Shelli and Clay get on my nerves but perhaps they’ll take things in a different direction with their game play. Austin needs to be put up this week. His game play sucks since all he’s concerned about is getting Liz, Julia, or Jackie. He’s so desperate! Still waiting for the others to finally catch on to what’s going down and start playing the game. Really hope this turns out to be an interesting week.


Ughh this group in power is so unlikeable I can’t with them. Seeing them on the show makes my eyes roll.

Eric CA

Holt crap Liz/Julia and Steve voted to keep Jeff… WTF. Could this be an Audrey frame up or are the twins going rogue before the the fifth eviction… This will be the fourth eviction. Bad move Liz if you went rogue this week. You may be the 1/2 HoH but if you pair does not loose the BoB… you may be screwed.

The other 1/2 is Shelli Power… meaning the Queen and her Prince might be back in the HoH…. this weeks target for Shelli/ Clay hmmmm my guess it will be Jason… or it could be Liz/ Julia post PoV if Shelli is still in power. Who knows if Liz/Julia even hints at the possibility of betraying the Alliance… Al I know is that Sunshine Boy Clay is Safe.

Liz/Julia… Wild Card. The thing about twins in the game is that you never know their targets. I know we think we know…. but do we?… Vanessa and Austin could find themselves on the block hoping to free themselves of Austins smothering ways… or she might try to buy another week safety by being the one that takes out Audrey… that could buy Liz/ Julia some safety that Vanessa and Liz are in need of. Remember Liz vote was to keep Jeff, that isn’t what her team wanted for sure NOT Vanessa.

Twistin' for the win

Ok…the look on the twin’s face in the have not room when Austin was having a hissy fit was not a good one. She looked genuinely scared to me. I don’t like that. Austin is the new Caleb and if I were the twin, I would back door his ass, cry to the clan and tell them I was afraid and send his ass packing. Austin’s gotta go…sooner than later.

HOH….just why? I has such high hopes for this week’s wins. I still think there’s gonna be some good gaming but definitely have zero ideas how it’s gonna pan out.

Valentina Corleone

Yep, I think Austin just stuck a big ol’ target on his back with his behavior this past week. I initially liked him, but his high school behavior with Liz is just uncomfortable to watch. And if Vanessa is smart, she’ll keep her mouth shut and ears open, especially around Audry.


So the 5 are in charge again. Really wanted a break from Austin and Vanessa controlling
things. I hope “Liz” (Julia goes in tomorrow) kicks Austin out of HOH at night. In his mind he probably thinks he will be able to make his move with “Liz” as HOH.


Totally agree with you, Austin’s probably salivating and rubbing his hands together over Liz being in HOH. Although I do get the feeling that she’s starting to get tired/creeped out by him so I hope she switches up and runs from him and Vanessa and does her own thing. The way she voted tonight was a start I hope! Unless she said James accidentally. In any case I’m interested to see what this week brings.


Liz and Steve are in big trouble tonight!!!! I think steve want to make audrey was the third vote and did not calculate that liz will also do the same. So basically it backfired on liz and steve to purposely accuse audrey. So basically the targets is audrey, james, or jason for the week and maybe becky or johnny mac for everyone who thinks have loyalty to jeff.


Oh my goodness!!! Not again. The same side winning. I already know who they are going to put up…. Meg, Jason, Jackie and James. They are going to say they are trying to backdoor Audrey but instead do something different. BORING!!!!!!!! To the 10th power!!!!!!


Does anyone have a link to tonight’s show? I missed it :\


No words on hoh winners. Let’s just hope they shake it up!!


liz nom meg an Jackie
shelly nom steve an johnny mac


I wish u were wrong but that’s prob what will go down. Didnt Clay and Shelly say they would once again put up JohnnyMac if hey had HOH. I’m tired of them using him. Can’t these people play a game where they actually get blood on their hands.